Office of Patent Quality Assurance

1-571-272-8800 and 1-571-272-7244

The Office of Patent Quality Assurance (OPQA) provides assessment and analysis of quality at the USPTO through work product reviews for compliance, clarity, and best practices; defining and standardizing quality metrics; and providing feedback to technology centers regarding their reviews and training.

OPQA focuses on accurate measures of patent quality, defining patent quality metrics, and identifying new metrics to gain a more thorough understanding of our work products and processes. Reviews for statutory compliance and clarity are completed on a random assortment of work.

OPQA performs case studies and administers internal and external quality surveys to assess the perception of the quality of patent examination. Results from such surveys are compared to statutory compliance and clarity statistics to ensure the perception of our quality is aligned with our metrics. In addition to patent quality metrics, the reviewing done in OPQA permits statistical analysis to better identify training needs. Our statisticians perform trend analysis on statutory compliance and clarity assessments to pinpoint which technologies need more guidance in applying patent law and which technologies can provide best practices to share.

More details about OPQA are provided on our site.