Mark Powell

Deputy Commissioner for International Patent Cooperation

Mark Powell is the Deputy Commissioner for International Patent Cooperation for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In this recently created, senior position, Mr. Powell leads international cooperative efforts with an aim to improve the international patent system in terms of certainty and cost reduction for intellectual property stakeholders, work‐sharing, improvements to the PCT system, and other harmonization matters. Prior to holding this position, Mr. Powell served as Special Advisor to the Commissioner for International Patent Cooperation Matters.

Mr. Powell began work at the USPTO in 1986 as a patent examiner in the area of highenergy physics, and became a senior examiner in high‐definition television technology. In 1994, he became a supervisory examiner in what is now the main IT examining sector at the USPTO overseeing user‐interface, artificial intelligence, source‐code management, and computer graphics examination units. Mr. Powell served as a Technology Center Director from 2003‐2011 in the telecommunications area, managing some 1,200 patent examiners, all while participating in international patent matters on behalf of the agency.

Mr. Powell holds a B.S.E.E from Clemson University and a Certificate in Advanced Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.