Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality

  • Commissioner for Patents
    Local: 571-272-8800
    Fax: 571-273-0125

The Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality is responsible for optimizing the quality of patent products, processes and services to build a culture of process improvement and enhanced patent quality for the Patents organization. This office provides support and services to improve quality throughout the Patents organization by:

  • prioritizing improvement initiatives in alignment with the organization’s strategic plan and shaping cross-organizational teams to develop the most valuable programs to address those initiatives,
  • continually pursuing process improvements and monitoring those improvements to facilitate the replication of best practices,
  • providing training for continuous improvement at all levels of patent examination and IT infrastructure,
  • routinely evaluating and reporting quality in all products and services and providing detailed feedback for improvement,
  • providing consistent customer service across technologies and
  • working together as a quality management team and coordinating with other areas of quality enhancement around the organization.

This Office is comprised of the Office of Quality Management and staff focused on developing and implementing the Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative.

The Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality is Valencia Martin Wallace.

The Office of Quality Management is comprised of four divisions focusing on process improvement, training, quality assurance, and customer service:

Office of Process Improvement (OPI)

  • Supports and Instructs Process Improvement
  • Performs Process Reviews
  • Advises on Process Improvement Implementation
  • Analyzes Trends
  • Defines Standards/Metrics

Office of Patent Training (OPT)

  • Provides Comprehensive Legal, Practice and Procedure Training
  • Provides Management and Leadership Development Training
  • Provides Education and Technical Training
  • Reviews and Analyzes Trends in Training
  • Provides Leadership for the Utilization of a Learning Management System
  • Ensures Quality Management System Compliance

Office of Patent Quality Assurance (OPQA)

  • Performs Quality Reviews and Provides Feedback
  • Assists Technology Centers in Their Reviews and Training
  • Performs Case Studies and Analyzes Results
  • Ensures Quality Management System Compliance
  • Analyzes Trends
  • Defines Standards/Metrics

Stakeholder Outreach and Patents Ombudsman Program (SOPOP)

  • Implements External Partnering and Engagement
  • Performs Incident Management
  • Handles Complaints
  • Provides Internal/External Feedback
  • Analyzes Trends
  • Defines Standards/Metrics