Office of Program Administration Organization


The Office of Program Administration Organization (PAO) is responsible for the management of the overall USPTO IT program. The Office provides the major points of contact for OCIO customers, specifically Patent, Trademark, Corporate, Policy and International accounts. The Office maintains a working knowledge of clients missions and business functions, and manages interactions with customers to ensure that requirements are met. The Office is responsible for registering work requests, project planning and monitoring, updating the project repository and tracking issues and risks, and recommending or directly applying corrective actions when necessary to enforce OCIO processes and standards, address status issues, and respond to customer concerns. The Office communicates with customers throughout the project life cycle and is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction with both the process and the end product.

The Office is also responsible for ensuring that appropriate budgetary, contractual, and human capital resources are in place to support the planned OCIO investments. The Office will develop, maintain, and oversee the OCIO budgets and ensure compliance with guiding fiscal regulations, policies, and procedures. The Office manages the acquisition life cycle for IT and services, and drives workforce strategy, planning, development, and support programs for internal OCIO resources. The office consists of four divisions: Program Management, Financial Resources Management, Acquisitions Management, and Workforce Management.