Office of Organizational Policy and Governance


The Office of Organizational Policy and Governance (OPG) provides the management and oversight of enterprise Information Technology (IT) strategies, guidance, policies, and agency-wide cybersecurity . The Office implements and assesses the organizations compliance with enterprise IT processes and standards. The Office serves as the primary coordinator for the OCIO strategic planning efforts to maximize process efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the development and deployment of quality products and services to OCIO customers, in accordance with USPTO strategic objectives. The Office is responsible for the institutionalization and governance of quality practices throughout OCIO through planning, quality assurance, education and training, and formal technical reviews The Office performs reviews of OCIO processes and methods, and coordinates all review activity, translating findings and recommendations into action plans to improve quality. The executive of OPG serves as the focal point for IT security and ensures USPTO adherence to United States laws and polices The office consists of four divisions: Policy and Standards, Strategic and Investment Planning, Process Improvement, and Cybersecurity.

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