Office of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations


The Office of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations (IEO) provides day-to-day operational support for the USPTO automated information systems.  The Office maintains the USPTO data center facilities, production hardware, and telecommunications infrastructure.  The Office leads the definition and evolution of the architecture for the USPTO-wide IT infrastructure, ensuring the proper development of that infrastructure, enforcing controls for new systems and applications, implementing necessary upgrades, and integrating applicable new technology.  Principal focus areas include controlling the migration to an established system architecture, developing common infrastructure components, establishing and enforcing adequate security measures, upgrading the performance and reliability of infrastructure components, selecting IT and electronic commerce standards, leveraging Internet technologies to support USPTO business functions, establishing remote access capabilities, providing pre-production acceptance testing, and performing capacity planning and performance management of the USPTO's computer resources. Additionally, the Office has primary responsibility for the Federal Enterprise Architecture activities for the Agency and in that role serves as the documenting and governing body for all Architectural activities accomplished throughout the OCIO.

The Office consists of six divisions:  Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Services, Technical Services, Network Technologies, and Production Verification Testing.