Office of Information Management Services


The Office of Information Management Services (IMS) delivers quality information products and services to meet USPTO, public, and intellectual property community needs and ensures the quality and integrity of the intellectual property data. The Office provides access to collections of patents, trademarks, and related information through multiple nodes, and promotes dissemination of information to the public on the use of patent and trademark information systems. The Office provides support across the USPTO with software, hardware, network, desktop, and Web services that support access to the USPTO's IT assets. The Office monitors the electronic access and dissemination of the USPTO's products and services and proactively responds to impending or existing disruptions in services through communication, coordination, and escalation as needed until the problem is resolved. The Office maintains the content and context configuration item data of the Agency's information technology infrastructure assets and services.

IMS consists of the Public Information Services Group and four divisions: Customer Support and Monitoring, Collaborative Services, Enterprise Configuration Management, and Data Management.