USPTO Will Update Plan to Remove Paper Search Files

Press Release

Brigid Quinn

The Department of Commerce's U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is revising its plan for providing public access to its patents and trademark registrations. Before finalizing the transition to electronic search systems for public researchers, the USPTO is reviewing its systems to ensure that paper files are removed only when doing so will not negatively impact the public.

"USPTO remains strongly committed to our investment in and reliance on electronic government. It is consistent with the goals of the Bush Administration and our 21st Century Strategic Plan to be a cost-effective, market-driven, e-commerce-based government agency," noted James E. Rogan, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property.

A revised plan detailing the migration from paper to electronic public search systems is currently being prepared. In the meantime, the USPTO will be updating the paper files, beginning with files from July 26, 2002, to ensure that there is no gap in the paper records.

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