Under Secretary of Commerce Jon Dudas Returns to China

Press Release

Brigid Quinn


USPTO Offers Technical Assistance to Reduce Piracy and Counterfeiting

Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Jon Dudas returns to China this week as part of a U.S. delegation led by Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans. While there, Under Secretary Dudas will announce USPTO's new plans for intellectual property technical assistance and cooperative programs with China's intellectual property agencies.

Commenting on his trip, Under Secretary Dudas noted that, "Secretary Evans has a strong message about the need for China to show real progress in reducing piracy and counterfeiting. To help achieve this progress, we will offer the USPTO's active assistance."

The visit coincides with U.S Ambassador Clark Randt's third roundtable on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Beijing. Under Secretary Dudas will deliver an opening speech and Secretary Evans will be the luncheon keynote speaker during the roundtable. Over 250 government officials and business and industry representatives from the United States and China, as well as Europe and Japan, are expected to participate in this year's roundtable. Topics will focus on criminal enforcement of IPR, a review of Chinese IPR enforcement activities, as well as on industry presentations on market access and standards issues expected to be prominent in the coming year.

USPTO and China's intellectual property agencies have pledged to work together on issues such as protection for industrial designs and pharmaceutical test data, promulgation of new trademark examination guidelines, protection of U.S. well-known marks in China, and copyright protection on the Internet. A USPTO-sponsored seminar on criminal copyright enforcement will be held in Guangzhou in the week following the roundtable.

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