PTO to Open Site-to-Site Videoconferencing Facility

Press Release
PAT 95-23

Office of Public Affairs
(703) 305-8341

On Tuesday June 27, 1995, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Sunnyvale Center for Innovation, Invention and Ideas in Sunnyvale, Calif., will celebrate the opening of a site-to-site videoconferencing facility with a live demonstration.

As part of the ongoing effort of the PTO to reach out to its customers, the PTO will begin opening videoconferencing facilities throughout the country. The first videoconference between an examiner and a patent application will take place on Tuesday, June 27, 1995 to be followed in the evening with a live demonstration. Bradford R. Huther, associate commissioner and chief financial officer, will be hosting the videoconferencing demonstration at PTO headquarters. Members of the European and Japanese Patent Offices will also be joining Associate Commissioner Huther at the PTO. Philip G. Hampton, assistant commissioner for trademarks, will host the demonstration in Sunnyvale and will be joined by numerous public officials from the Sunnyvale area. Deputy Secretary of Commerce David Barram is scheduled to make an appearance.

The demonstration will begin at 8:30 p.m. and last about one hour. The address is 2121 Crystal Drive, Crystal Park 2, Suite 0100. Please call Andrew Hirsch at the Patent and Trademark Office, Office of Public Affairs (703) 305-8341 if you plan to attend.