Disney World to Host Major Independent Inventors Conference and Exhibit Co-Sponsored by Commerce Department

Press Release

Richard Maulsby
Maria Hernandez

The Commerce Department's Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) will co-sponsor the 26th Annual Inventors Expo and Conference March 11-14, 1999, at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center, showcasing the works of 60 major independent inventors who received patents in the last 24 months.

"The American drive to create solutions to life's puzzles-large and small-is the foundation of this nation's economic success," Commerce Secretary William M. Daley said. "Independent inventors are a unique American resource, representing an industrial bench-strength that other nations don't possess," Daley said.

"The Inventors Expo and Conference, which PTO is co-sponsoring with the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) is one way in which the Clinton administration recognizes the tremendous asset America's independent inventors are to an economy that is the envy of the world," Daley added.

Among the exhibits will be a new computer keyboard and a vehicle fuel nozzle safety device. Inventors attending the conference will participate in a series of sessions on topics ranging from "PTO Practice and Procedures" to "Commercializing and Marketing Your Products, Ideas, and Technology." Participants will also hear from James Fergason, inventor of the liquid crystal display.

"The Inventor's Expo and Conference is a time to recognize the high priority that we have put on the relationship with the independent inventor," said Q. Todd Dickinson, acting commissioner of patents and trademarks. "This exciting event clearly reflects the respect and admiration that we have for independent inventors and their contribution to the economy," said Dickinson. Dickinson will give the keynote address at the conference on March 11, 1999 at 9 a.m.