Patent Technology Centers 3600 & 3700 Customer Partnership

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) periodically hosts Mechanical & Medical Device Technology Partnership Meetings to bring industry stakeholders and patent examiners and directors from Technology Centers 3600 (TC 37600) and 3700 (TC 3700) together to share ideas, experiences, and insights on best practices in advancing prosecution and provide a forum for discussion on how the agency can improve and expand its relationship with the medical device technology community.

Some of this the past topics have included subject matter eligibility, compact prosecution, after final practice, the America Invents Act (AIA), advancing prosecution, interview best practices, 35 U.S.C. 112, 6th paragraph guidelines, and new Board of Appeals rules and pre-appeal/appeal conferences.


Title: TC 3600 & TC 3700 Technology Fair & Partnership Meeting

Dates and Location:

Technology Fair Tuesday July 12, 2016 (8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.), Various Conference Centers, 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA 22313

          **Please note: In the interest of confidentiality, technical presentations may be for examiners only and not open to the public.


Partnership Meeting Wednesday July 13, 2016 (8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.), the USPTO MADISON AUDITORIUM, Concourse Level, Madison Building, 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA 22313.

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If you would like to present a topic or would like to suggest a topic for future meetings contact the
customer partnership team at Customer_Partnership_and_Technical_Training_TC3600 & (link sends email).




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    Program Agenda

           Medical Device Partnership USPTO Presentation 6-2-15

           Patent Eligibility (Presentation Version)

           101 Workshop Examples 3 and 5

           Examples for Medical Device Partnership Meeting 6-2-15

           After Final Practice 6.02.2015

           Michele Frank Compact Prosecution Slides MD Symposium 6.02.2015

           Update on Case Law Related to Functional Language


Previous Presentations

America Invents Act (AIA)

35 U.S.C. 112, 6th paragraph guidelines

Advancing prosecution

New Board of Appeals rules and pre-appeal/appeal conferences

Interview best practices