Intellectual Property Series for Beginners - Introduction to Intellectual Property

The USPTO will provide a series of programming regarding intellectual property at the Denver Public Library. The first part in the series will focus on an introduction to intellectual property, and the attendee will learn about the different types of intellectual property that exist.  From there, a focus will be on patents and how to research inventions on line to make a determination whether or not it’s something new. Additionally, the advantages of filing a provisional application vs a regular patent application will be discussed, as a quick and inexpensive means to get a filing date of an invention.  

The topics covered will also include 

  • Intro to IP
  • Provisional’s vs Utilities/Designs/Plants
  • Basic Searching (PTO website, vs Google and the like, vs PubEast) and the role of the Patent and Trademark Research Center

If you have questions, please contact the Rocky Mountain Regional Office or call 303-297-4600.

Register for the event, the Rockwell Room is limited to 36 seats.