Cancer Moonshot Challenge - Info Session

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Join us Aug. 25 for an informational session about our Cancer Moonshot Challenge taking place Aug. 22 - Sept. 19. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our challenge to the public to create rich visualizations that leverage our intellectual property data, often an early indicator of meaningful R&D, and combine it with other economic and funding data (i.e. SEC Filings, FDA reporting, NSF grants vs. philanthropic investments, venture capital funding). This is your chance to ask us questions and learn more.


We are playing an important role in the National Cancer Moonshot, a Presidential initiative we blogged about earlier this summer, to speed up cancer advances, make more therapies available to more patients, and improve the ability to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage.

Through the Cancer Moonshot Challenge we are challenging you to develop interactive visualizations and stories that can help reveal new insights to guide public policy and research to achieve the goal of doubling the rate of progress toward a cure.

Through these visualizations, we hope to  illuminate trend lines for new treatments and empower the federal government—as well as the medical, research, and data communities—to make more precise funding and policy decisions based on the commercialization lifecycle of the most promising treatments, and maximize U.S. competitiveness in cancer investments.

This workshop will answer your questions about the challenge and the data set we provided/generated for the challenge. The workshop is free and open to all via webinar.


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