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As general guidance, a complete search of U. S. patents in this art area will include the following:

  1. A classified search of the original classification class and subclass for the subject matter and the other highly relevant art areas in the US patent documents
  2. A text search of the US patent documents; patents, PG PUB, and OCR databases:
    • Broad text search for the general inventive concept(s), not limited by classification
    • Narrow text search for the specific claimed invention
    • Boolean text search employing the relevant inventive terms

The resources listed below are internal USPTO search tools. However, the information that they cover is available either commercially, on the USPTO web site, or in the Public Search Facility on the USPTO Headquarters campus and the Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries.

EAST Coverage: 1971 - present, Full Text: 1971 - present
WEST Coverage: 1971 - present, Full Text: 1971 - present
Full text patent and inventor searching.

EAST is used for class/subclass and text searching. A fast flip rate and quality images make this resource highly relevant for searching and viewing images. This resource is used to determine the appropriate utility counterpart to the design.
BRS Search/USOCR Database
EAST Coverage: 1920 - 1970, Full Text: 1920 - 1970
WEST Coverage: 1920 - 1970, Full Text: 1920 - 1970
Full text of U.S. patent grants.

EAST is used for text searching.
PALM (Patent Application Locating and Monitoring)
USPTO Coverage: - Current, Full Text: - Current
Pending patent applications, recent patents, and abandoned files.

The Patent Application Locating and Monitoring (PALM) system is a large database system that maintains records for each patent application. PALM is designed to provide on-line access to information on all pending applications, as well as most recently patented and abandoned files. Useful for inventor name searches.
EAST Coverage: 2001 - present, Full Text: 2001 - present
WEST Coverage: 2001 - present, Full Text: 2001 - present
U.S. published applications.

EAST is used for class/subclass and text searching. A fast flip rate and quality images make this resource highly relevant for searching and viewing images.


Searched separately from the U.S. Patent Search. These databases consist of abstract documents. Text searching abstracts requires the use of different search logic e.g. the use of broad Boolean and/or operators instead of narrow proximity operators.

Derwent World Patents Index and the contents of the EPO Abstracts and JPO Abstracts are available commercially.

Derwent World Patents Index, Classification and Text Search
EAST Coverage: 1963 - present, Full Text: - N/A
WEST Coverage: 1963 - present, Full Text: - N/A
English abstracts database of patent documents from more than 40 patent-issuing authorities.

This database may provide relevant art.
Hague Express (Designs) Search
WIPO Coverage: - , Full Text: -
WIPO Intellectual Property Digital Library design search site.

This resource may provide relevant art.
UK Patent Office - Designs
UK Patent Office Coverage: - , Full Text: -
British designs image search service.

This database may be searched by class, subclass, and sub subclass. Many images can be viewed simultaneously. This resource frequently provides highly relevant art.


The resources listed are those that USPTO staff have found consistently yield the most relevant search results. Commercial databases available through a single vendor can generally be searched simultaneously, although it is preferable to search full text and bibliographic databases in separate groupings. In addition to the use of subscription databases and public Internet sites, it is recommended that books, manuals, standards and specifications be considered in the search for prior art.

Design Library
Coverage: - , Full Text: -
Print collection of design resources.

The D13 collection in the Design Library houses useful information. Personal collection of sources used, and other examiners are often consulted to provide expertise.


An Internet search should be considered when a search of the resources listed above fails to locate relevant prior art. A preliminary Internet search may be performed to obtain an overview of the technology, and to identify additional search terms and related product information.

Google Catalogs
Google Coverage: - N/A, Full Text: - N/A
Mail-order catalogs online.

Used to search on-line mail order catalogs. This resource can be used to date catalogs.
Google Image Search
Google Coverage: - N/A, Full Text: - N/A
Image search engine.

Used for searching images.
Google TM
Google Coverage: - N/A, Full Text: - N/A
Internet search engine.

Used to locate web sites.
Internet Archive
Internet Archive Coverage: - N/A, Full Text: - N/A
Provides permanent access to historical collections that exist in digital format.

Wayback Machine used to obtain web site posting dates.

Public Comments on the Search Templates

Public comments on the search templates are invited. Comments should address the points enumerated in the Criteria for Evaluating Recommended Search Resources. Comments can be submitted via the Search Template Project e-mail link on each template page or by mail addressed to:

Mail Stop Patents Search Template Comments
Commissioner for Patents
P.O. Box 1450
Alexandria, VA 22313-1450
Electronic submission is preferred. The Office will respond to comments in writing.

Submit general comments and suggestions to Search Template Project
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