NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

E I du Pont de Nemours and Company: See--
Dhawan, Rajiv; Hargis, Annalisa; and Ritter, Joachim C 08580910 Cl. 528-186.
Hung, Ming-Hong; Ameduri, Bruno; and Kostov, Georgi 08580897 Cl. 525-326.3.
Peng, Sheng; Yake, Allison Mary; and Iaconelli, Cheryl Lynn 08580715 Cl. 507-205.
Zahr, George Elias 08580386 Cl. 428-413.
Zhao, Ruofei; Yin, Guangjun; and Ye, Changming 08580377 Cl. 428-336.
E Ink Corporation: See--
Walls, Michael D.; Feick, Jason D.; and Whitesides, Thomas H. 08582196 Cl. 359-296.
e-Vision Smart Optics, Inc.: See--
Blum, Ronald D.; and Kokonaski, William 08579435 Cl. 351-159.39.
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company: See--
McBride, Kevin E; Lassner, Michael W; Looger, Loren L; and McGonigle, Brian 08580556 Cl. 435-252.3.
Russell, William Richard; and Schultz, John Anthony 08580915 Cl. 528-395.
E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company: See--
Kourtakis, Kostantinos 08580389 Cl. 428-532.
E.G.O. Elektro-Geraetebau GmbH: See--
Egenter, Christian 08581137 Cl. 219-100.
E2 LLC: See--
Grau, Buket; Gale, David Robert; Musgrave, Sam Anne; Perkins, George McGee; Edhouse, Mark Jeffrey; Graham, Marc; and Kadamus, Christopher 08579849 Cl. 604-9.
Eadon, George: See--
Kolovski, Vladimir; Wu, Zhe; and Eadon, George 08583589 Cl. 706-55.
Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC: See--
Preston, Dan Alan; and Lutter, Robert Pierce 08583292 Cl. 701-1.
Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.: See--
Arita, Yasuhisa 08579297 Cl. 277-551.
Eames, Andrew: See--
Mirtich, Brian V.; Eames, Andrew; Phillips, Brian S.; Tremblay, II, Robert J.; Keating, John F.; and Whitman, Steven 08582925 Cl. 382-309.
Earnshaw, Mark; Heo, Youn Hyoung; Datsen, Margarita; and Cai, Zhijun, to BlackBerry Limited Handling physical uplink shared channel transmissions 08582522 Cl. 370-329.
Earnshaw, Mark; Fong, Mo-Han; Cai, Zhijun; Xu, Hua; and Heo, Youn Hyoung, to BlackBerry Limited System and method for channel state feedback in carrier aggregation 08582638 Cl. 375-240.
Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC: See--
Theodore, Marcus G. 08580122 Cl. 210-719.
East Carolina University: See--
Virag, Jitka A. I.; and Dries, Jessica L. 08580739 Cl. 514-16.4.
Easterbrook, Kevin B.: See--
Thomas, William L.; Ellis, Michael D.; Easterbrook, Kevin B.; Reichardt, M. Scott; and Knee, Robert A. 08584184 Cl. 725-91.
Eastman Chemical Company: See--
Kuo, Thauming; and Hall, Phillip Bryan 08580872 Cl. 523-501.
Eastman Kodak Company: See--
Hoff, Joseph W. 08579425 Cl. 347-86.
Pitas, Jeffrey A.; Luther, Richard G.; and Regelsberger, Matthias H. 08583008 Cl. 399-114.
Rapkin, Alan E.; and Sherwood, Walter B. 08582988 Cl. 399-24.
Rudolph, Paul; Bartley, Russell L.; Piatt, Michael J.; and Duke, Ronald J. 08582156 Cl. 358-1.15.
Suchy, Donna P.; and Herrick, Diane M. 08580331 Cl. 427-58.
Xie, Yonglin; Yang, Qing; and Jech, Jr., Joseph 08579427 Cl. 347-89.
Eat Dirt, LLC: See--
Monaco, Dean; and Santo, III, John 08579172 Cl. 224-666.
Eaton Corporation: See--
Fox, Matthew George; and McMillan, Patrick John 08579752 Cl. 475-88.
Maloney, James Gerard; and Samuelson, Eric Alan 08582279 Cl. 361-652.
Ebadollahi, Shahram; Hu, Jianying; Kohn, Martin S.; Lee, Noah; Sorrentino, Robert K.; Sun, Jimeng; and Wang, Fei, to International Business Machines Corporation Mining temporal patterns in longitudinal event data using discrete event matrices and sparse coding 08583586 Cl. 706-53.
Ebara Corporation: See--
Kobayashi, Yoichi 08582122 Cl. 356-630.
eBay Inc.: See--
Ferrandiz, Josep M. 08584122 Cl. 718-101.
Gadiyar, Vivek; Singh, Jogender; and Zenzin, Oleg 08579731 Cl. 473-407.
Granbery, John Hastings 08583933 Cl. 713-179.
Normile, Tom 08579187 Cl. 235-375.
Sundaresan, Neelakantan 08583633 Cl. 707-723.
Ebdon, Deren George; and Peterson, Robert W., to Lipari, Paul A. System and method for managing an object cache 08583871 Cl. 711-125.
Ebe, Hirofumi: See--
Ishimaru, Yasuto; and Ebe, Hirofumi 08581110 Cl. 174-260.
Eberhard, Franz: See--
Baur, Johannes; Härle, Volker; Hahn, Berthold; Weimar, Andreas; Oberschmid, Raimund; Guenther, Ewald Karl Michael; Eberhard, Franz; Richter, Markus; and Strauss, Jörg 08581279 Cl. 257-98.
Eberhard, Wilfrid: See--
Martin, Gerhard Hermann; Eberhard, Wilfrid; and Ummer, Bernd 08583334 Cl. 701-51.
Eberheim, Andreas; Nagel, Thomas; Thieme, Andre; and Zeun, Hendrik, to Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik mbH + Co. KG Conductivity sensor with switching between transmitting and receiving coil 08581575 Cl. 324-204.
Eberle, Michael J.; to Vascular Imaging Corporation Optical imaging probe connector 08583218 Cl. 600-478.
Eberle, Thomas: See--
Pan, Junyou; Eberle, Thomas; and Buchholz, Herwig 08581262 Cl. 257-77.
Ebersole, Garrett: See--
Stopek, Joshua; Elachchabi, Amin; Broom, Daniel; Ebersole, Garrett; and Witherell, Ryan 08579924 Cl. 606-151.
Ebert, Detlef; and Hummel, Michael, to Poly-Clip System GmbH & Co. KG Displacer FCA Y 08579682 Cl. 452-48.
Ebert, Todd; Kimmel, Keith D.; and Laurello, Vincent P., to Siemens Energy, Inc. Particle separator in a gas turbine engine 08578720 Cl. 60-806.
Ebihara, Shun-ichi; Ishida, Tsutomu; Koyama, Shoichi; and Matsui, Norio, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Recording sheet surface detection apparatus and image forming apparatus 08582116 Cl. 356-600.
Ebihara, Shunichi: See--
Ishida, Tsutomu; Ebihara, Shunichi; Matsui, Norio; and Koyama, Shoichi 08582990 Cl. 399-45.
Ebihara, Tomoyuki; Moriguchi, Kazuma; and Hayashi, Keiichi, to Yanmar Co., Ltd. Mower deck lifting device of ride-on mower 08578687 Cl. 56-17.1.
Ebinuma, Ryosuke: See--
Kagoshima, Kazuhiro; Yanagida, Hiroshi; and Ebinuma, Ryosuke 08579279 Cl. 271-185.
Eby, William H.; to Monsanto Technology LLC Soybean cultivar S110134 08581056 Cl. 800-312.
Eby, William H.; to Monsanto Technology LLC Soybean cultivar 08351577 08581057 Cl. 800-312.
EchoStar Technologies, L.L.C.: See--
Martch, Henry Gregg; Bazata, Michael John; and Mauser, Benjamin Raymond 08583969 Cl. 714-57.
McCarthy, III, Bernard A. 08584178 Cl. 725-80.
Moran, William Norris; Cavanaugh, Michael; and Menon, Anand 08584173 Cl. 725-59.
Taxier, Karen Michelle; and Coburn, Matthew 08582957 Cl. 386-291.
VanDuyn, Luke 08584167 Cl. 725-45.
Eckenberg, Dax: See--
Le Chevalier, Vincent; Geiger, Charles F.; Desai, Rahul Ravindra Mutalik; Joshi, Ashit; Eckenberg, Dax; Richardson, Joshua; and Tworetzky, Brent 08584259 Cl. 726-28.
Eckhart, Lewis V. Golf putter with adjustable head 08579716 Cl. 473-244.
Eckhof, Stephan: See--
Marnay, Theirry; Bertagnoli, Rudolf; Magee, Frank; and Eckhof, Stephan 08579978 Cl. 623-17.15.
Eckhoff, Doug: See--
Finn, Todd; Burdick, Gale; and Eckhoff, Doug 08579539 Cl. 403-390.
Eco Creation International, Inc.: See--
Jeon, Ki Jeong 08581015 Cl. 585-241.
Eco Oxygen Technologies, LLC: See--
Clidence, David A.; and Speece, Richard E. 08580125 Cl. 210-758.
Ecolab USA Inc.: See--
Man, Victor Fuk-Pong; DeNoma, Michael Charles; Killeen, Yvonne Marie; and Lentsch, Steven Eugene 08580727 Cl. 510-340.
Wolf, Boyd; Hohl, Beth; and Leuchten, Elke 08578545 Cl. 15-118.
ECS Holdings, Inc.: See--
Malyala, Rajashekharam V.; and Golden, Stephen J. 08580216 Cl. 423-239.1.
Eda, Yoshie: See--
Chino, Takashi; Gomi, Satoshi; Miyashita, Koichi; Nagasawa, Minoru; and Eda, Yoshie 08581153 Cl. 219-446.1.
Edamitsu, Takashi; Chosokabe, Satoru; Terasaki, Masaya; and Tanaka, Kazuhiro, to Minebea Co., Ltd. Illuminator allowing a wide luminous intensity distribution 08579489 Cl. 362-606.
Edan Instruments, Inc.: See--
Yin, Xin; Yan, Binbin; and Xie, Xicheng 08583203 Cl. 600-340.
Edel, John: See--
Moore, Randall P.; Jackson, Kevin; Baloga, Stephen; Chen, Bobby I. T.; Halley, Berani A. C.; and Edel, John 08580214 Cl. 423-210.
Edelman, Gerald M.: See--
Fleischer, Jason G.; Szatmáry, Botond; Hutson, Donald B.; Moore, Douglas A.; Snook, James A.; Edelman, Gerald M.; and Krichmar, Jeffrey L. 08583286 Cl. 700-259.
Edelson, Lawrence H.; Daly, Michael P.; and Roessig, Trey, to Analog Devices, Inc. Adaptive phase offset controller for multi-channel switching power converter 08581440 Cl. 307-82.
Edgar, Albert D.; Iglehart, David C.; and Yeager, Rick B., to TCMS Transparent Beauty LLC System and method for applying a reflectance modifying agent to change a persons appearance based on a digital image 08582830 Cl. 382-115.
Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.: See--
El Dokor, Tarek; King, Joshua; Cluster, Jordan; and Holmes, James Edwards 08582866 Cl. 382-154.
Edgecast Networks, Inc.: See--
Kim, Hayes; Peters, Robert J; Ruiz, Sergio Leonardo; and Segil, James 08583763 Cl. 709-218.
Peters, Robert J.; Elazary, Lior; and Sakata, Jayson G. 08583769 Cl. 709-221.
Edgenet, Inc.: See--
Clippard, Ric; Kommineni, Rajesh; Rudolph, Brian; and Rudolph, Scott 08582802 Cl. 382-100.
Edgeworth, Jonathan P.: See--
Unwin, Patrick; Macpherson, Julie; Dumitrescu, Ioana; and Edgeworth, Jonathan P. 08580104 Cl. 205-792.
Edholm, Christer; and Göransson, Bo, to Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) Activation of code multiplexing 08582595 Cl. 370-441.
Edhouse, Mark Jeffrey: See--
Grau, Buket; Gale, David Robert; Musgrave, Sam Anne; Perkins, George McGee; Edhouse, Mark Jeffrey; Graham, Marc; and Kadamus, Christopher 08579849 Cl. 604-9.
Edie, Jason A.; Cooper, Lloyd Guyton Bowers; Dawson, John Caleb; Walker, II, Don Byron; and Windham, Jerrod Bradley, to Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc. Expandable intervertebral spacers and methods of use 08579979 Cl. 623-17.15.
Edilson Sedra B.V.: See--
Van Der Houwen, Gerrit Marinus 08580177 Cl. 264-259.
Edison Junior, LLC: See--
Siminoff, James; and Modestine, John 08578652 Cl. 47-62C.
Edmiston, Daryl R.: See--
Linder, Richard J.; Edmiston, Daryl R.; Johnson, Steven W.; and Schlegel, Karri L. 08579957 Cl. 623-1.11.
Edmonds, Chris: See--
Harding, John; Farley, Thomas; Goone, David; Crowley, Chris; Edmonds, Chris; Rowell, Mark; Sprecher, Jeffrey; Ivanov, Stanislav; and Sternard, Donald F. 08583542 Cl. 705-37.
Edmunds, Andrew: See--
Jeanguenat, André; Hall, Roger Graham; Loiseleur, Olivier; Trah, Stephan; Durieux, Patricia; Edmunds, Andrew; and Stoller, André 08580785 Cl. 514-243.
Edwards, David L.; Kemink, Randall G.; Olson, David C.; Pizzolato, Katie L.; and Torok, John G., to International Business Machines Corporation Customized thermal interface to optimize mechanical loading and thermal conductivity characteristics 08582297 Cl. 361-708.
Edwards, III, Earl E. Portable vehicle roof snow and ice removal apparatus 08578542 Cl. 15-97.3.
Edwards, John K.; Lewis, Blake H.; English, Robert M.; Hamilton, Eric; and Corbett, Peter F., to NetApp, Inc. Extension of write anywhere file system layout 08583892 Cl. 711-203.
Edwards Lifesciences, LLC: See--
Mortier, Todd J.; Schweich, Jr., Cyril J.; Vidlund, Robert M.; Keith, Peter T.; Paulson, Thomas M.; and Kusz, David A. 08579798 Cl. 600-37.
Edwards Limited: See--
Huntley, Graeme 08579596 Cl. 417-87.
Effrat, Jonathan J.: See--
Paskin, Mark A.; Poon, Kelly; Lim, Yew Jin; Wiley, Jon M.; and Effrat, Jonathan J. 08583672 Cl. 707-765.
Egalax—Empia Technology Inc.: See--
Chang, Chin-Fu; Lee, Cheng-Han; Tang, Chi-Hao; and Ho, Shun-Lung 08583401 Cl. 702-150.
Yeh, Shang-Tai; Chen, Jia-Ming; and Ho, Shun-Lung 08581604 Cl. 324-691.
Egami, Shinji: See--
Kinoshita, Hiroaki; Goto, Atsushi; Akiyama, Daisuke; Suga, Takeshi; Egami, Shinji; Tanabe, Makoto; Miyata, Akihito; Takechi, Takuya; and Akai, Masao 08579803 Cl. 600-182.
Egawa, Hiroyuki; and Shimizu, Masahiko, to Fujitsu Limited Communication device and control method 08581791 Cl. 343-703.
Egemo, Robert P.: See--
Shi, Yanwei; and Egemo, Robert P. 08583253 Cl. 607-62.
Egenter, Christian; to E.G.O. Elektro-Geraetebau GmbH Method for operating a heating device of an electric heating appliance having a plurality of heating devices 08581137 Cl. 219-100.
Eggebrecht, Detlev: See--
Diekmeyer, Heinrich; Eggebrecht, Detlev; and Feyerabend, Konrad 08583339 Cl. 701-70.
Eggeling, Christian: See--
Hell, Stefan; Belov, Vladimir N.; Kolmakov, Kirill; Westphal, Volker; Lauterbach, Marcel; Jakobs, Stefan; Wurm, Christian; Eggeling, Christian; and Ringemann, Christian 08580579 Cl. 436-546.
Eggert, Thorsten: See--
Michels, Andreas; Pütz, André; Maurer, Karl-Heinz; Eggert, Thorsten; and Jäger, Karl-Erich 08580549 Cl. 435-197.
Eglin, Paul; Queiras, Nicolas; Barraco, André; and Malburet, Francois, to Eurocopter Method of controlling and regulating the deflection angle of a tailplane in a hybrid helicopter 08583295 Cl. 701-4.
Eguchi, Hiroshi; Higashi, Toshikazu; and Eguchi, Tatsuya, to Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Image forming apparatus with multi-view display 08582152 Cl. 358-1.15.
Eguchi, Ken: See--
Nakakubo, Toru; Eguchi, Ken; and Watanabe, Mitsuhiro 08580458 Cl. 429-512.
Eguchi, Tatsuya: See--
Eguchi, Hiroshi; Higashi, Toshikazu; and Eguchi, Tatsuya 08582152 Cl. 358-1.15.
Eguchi, Yoshiaki: See--
Fukatani, Takayuki; Yamamoto, Yasutomo; Kawaguchi, Tomohiro; Takada, Masanori; and Eguchi, Yoshiaki 08583883 Cl. 711-161.
Yamamoto, Yasutomo; Iwamura, Takashige; and Eguchi, Yoshiaki 08583864 Cl. 711-112.
Egued, Nelson Alfonso Slow humectation container 08579107 Cl. 206-213.1.
Ehira, Masaya: See--
Takagi, Katsutoshi; Ehira, Masaya; Iwasaki, Yuki; and Goto, Hiroshi 08580093 Cl. 204-298.13.
Ehlinger, James C.; Gilboy, Christopher P.; and Gudelis, Marius J., to AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P. Method and apparatus for implementing a high-reliability load balanced easily upgradeable packet technology 08582568 Cl. 370-386.
Ehrenberg, Rainer: See--
Westhof, Frank; Hoewelmeyer, Uwe; Loddenkoetter, Manfred; Ehrenberg, Rainer; Kruempelmann, Martin; and Gunschera, Frank 08578850 Cl. 101-247.
Ehrman, John R.; and Greiner, Dan F., to International Business Machines Corporation Parsing-enhacement facility 08583899 Cl. 712-208.
Ehsani, Farzad: See--
Huang, Jun; Kim, Yookyung; Billawala, Youssef; Ehsani, Farzad; and Master, Demitrios 08583416 Cl. 704-3.
Eichelberg, John W.; to Amazon Technologies, Inc. Integrated ventilation system for electronic equipment 08582292 Cl. 361-679.49.
Eichelberger, Kevin D.: See--
Brinkman, Mark J.; Dragonuk, Michael; Eichelberger, Kevin D.; Eichhorn, Chris; Gehlhar, Sarah; Holland, Gregory J.; Josephs, Michael A.; Lubich, Daniel J.; McElroy, Jeffrey L.; Peters, Laron L.; Potrzeba, Duane A.; de Leon, Hector Ramirez; and Souder, Christopher L. 08581080 Cl. 800-320.1.
Eichen, Elliot G.: See--
Olshansky, Robert; Eichen, Elliot G.; Mitsumori, Derek; and Sporel, Eric R. 08582724 Cl. 379-45.
Eichenberger, Alexandre E.: See--
Bondhugula, Uday Kumar; Eichenberger, Alexandre E.; O'Brien, John Kevin P.; Renganarayana, Lakshminarayanan; and Zhao, Yuan 08584103 Cl. 717-136.
Eichenberger, Alexandre E.; Flachs, Brian K.; Johns, Charles R.; and Nutter, Mark R., to International Business Machines Corporation Runtime extraction of data parallelism 08583905 Cl. 712-241.
Eichhorn, Chris: See--
Brinkman, Mark J.; Dragonuk, Michael; Eichelberger, Kevin D.; Eichhorn, Chris; Gehlhar, Sarah; Holland, Gregory J.; Josephs, Michael A.; Lubich, Daniel J.; McElroy, Jeffrey L.; Peters, Laron L.; Potrzeba, Duane A.; de Leon, Hector Ramirez; and Souder, Christopher L. 08581080 Cl. 800-320.1.
Eichhorn, Marc: See--
Pichler, Alexander; Raymond, Pierre; and Eichhorn, Marc 08583575 Cl. 706-15.
Eichhorn, Ole; and Brumme, Anne, to Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc. Viewing digital slides 08582849 Cl. 382-128.
Eichler, Ben; Wroblewski, Douglas R.; and Tripodi, Joseph, to Zurn Industries, LLC Vandal-proof floor sink strainer 08578523 Cl. 4-292.
Eickmann, Juergen: See--
Buschjohann, Thomas; Eickmann, Juergen; and Kauert, Heiko 08579307 Cl. 280-124.109.
Eid, El-Sayed: See--
Stam, Joseph S.; Pierce, Mark W.; Bechtel, Jon H.; Spence, William R.; Turnbull, Robert R.; and Eid, El-Sayed 08583331 Cl. 701-49.
Eida, Mitsuru: See--
Mizuki, Yumiko; Yabunouchi, Nobuhiro; and Eida, Mitsuru 08580393 Cl. 428-690.
Eidenberger, Robert; Grundmann, Thilo; and Zöllner, Raoul Daniel, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Decision making mechanism, method, module, and robot configured to decide on at least one prospective action of the robot 08583284 Cl. 700-246.
Eidson, Mark: See--
Goff, Lonnie Calvin; Conley, Michael; and Eidson, Mark 08581548 Cl. 320-116.
Eiffler, Juergen: See--
Tirtowidjojo, Max M.; Au-Yeung, Patrick H.; Chakraborty, Debashis; Eiffler, Juergen; Groenewald, Heinz; Hirsekorn, Kurt F.; Kokott, Manfred; Kruper, Jr., William J.; Luebbe, Thomas U.; Meemann, Holger; Sexton, Shirley S.; Wenzel, Peter; and Wobser, Marcus 08581012 Cl. 570-160.
Tirtowidjojo, Max M.; Chakraborty, Debashis; Eiffler, Juergen; Hirsekorn, Kurt F.; and Kruper, Jr., William J. 08581011 Cl. 570-159.
Eifrig, Robert O.: See--
Wang, Limin; Yu, Yue; Eifrig, Robert O.; Zhou, Jian; Baylon, David M.; Panusopone, Krit; Fang, Xue; and Luthra, Ajay K. 08582652 Cl. 375-240.16.
Eisai R&D Management Co., Ltd.: See--
Ono, Yuichi; Nakagawa, Yasuko; and Nakatani, Tomoya 08580523 Cl. 435-7.1.
Eisenberg, Andrew Lawrence: See--
Knox, John Michael Page; Landry, David Matthew; Ibrahim, Samir; and Eisenberg, Andrew Lawrence 08582790 Cl. 381-314.
Eisenhandler, Jon; Averill, Richard F.; and Goldfield, Norbert I., to 3M Innovative Properties Company Medical diagnosis derived from patient drug history data 08579811 Cl. 600-300.
Eisensehr, Markus: See--
Aurnhammer, Andreas; Eisensehr, Markus; Hagenauer, Andreas; and Huttenhofer, Manfred 08583285 Cl. 700-255.
Eiting, Thomas: See--
Barreleiro, Paula; Eiting, Thomas; Taden, Andreas; and Erpenbach, Siglinde 08580726 Cl. 510-330.
Eiza, Chie: See--
Shimada, Hirokazu; Toyoda, Yoshimi; Yoshitome, Hideki; Maeda, Satoshi; and Eiza, Chie 08582494 Cl. 370-315.
Eiznhamer, David A.: See--
Zembower, David E.; and Eiznhamer, David A. 08580834 Cl. 514-406.
Eken, Yalcin A.; and Katzin, Peter J., to Hittite Microwave Corporation Logarithmic mean-square power detector 08581574 Cl. 324-140R.
Ekkizogloy, Luke M.: See--
Dybsetter, Gerald L.; and Ekkizogloy, Luke M. 08583395 Cl. 702-119.
Ekkizogloy, Luke M.; Hahin, Jayne C.; Hosking, Lucy G.; and Dybsetter, Gerald L., to Finisar Corporation Inter-transceiver module communication for firmware upgrade 08582974 Cl. 398-135.
Ekkizogloy, Luke M.; and Daghighian, Henry M., to Finisar Corporation Logging mechanism for an intelligent transmitter module 08582978 Cl. 398-182.
Ekladyous, Albert; Kiedaisch, Kevin William; Kumar, Arun; Partch, Thomas William; Wilds, John Wesley; Glasgow, Candace Carolyn; and Abdelnour, Sleiman, to Ford Global Technologies, LLC Vision-based headlamp aiming 08582091 Cl. 356-121.
El Dokor, Tarek; King, Joshua; Cluster, Jordan; and Holmes, James Edwards, to Edge 3 Technologies, Inc. Method and apparatus for disparity computation in stereo images 08582866 Cl. 382-154.
El-Maleh, Khaled Helmi: See--
Mahadevan, Vijay; Pillai, Brijesh; El-Maleh, Khaled Helmi; Shi, Fang; and Raveendran, Vijayalakshmi R. 08582660 Cl. 375-240.25.
El-Moussa, Fadi; and Tay, Hui Min June, to British Telecommunications public limited company Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal traffic in a network 08584236 Cl. 726-23.
Elaasar, Maged E.; to International Business Machines Corporation Computer method and apparatus for chaining of model-to-model transformations 08583413 Cl. 703-22.
Elachchabi, Amin: See--
Stopek, Joshua; Elachchabi, Amin; Broom, Daniel; Ebersole, Garrett; and Witherell, Ryan 08579924 Cl. 606-151.
Elaydi, Abdul: See--
Krishnamoorthy, Ravishanker; Yang, Yun; and Elaydi, Abdul 08582227 Cl. 360-69.
Elazary, Lior: See--
Peters, Robert J.; Elazary, Lior; and Sakata, Jayson G. 08583769 Cl. 709-221.
Elbe, Hans-Ludwig: See--
Dunkel, Ralf; Elbe, Hans-Ludwig; Greul, Jörg Nico; Gayer, Herbert; Seitz, Thomas; Dahmen, Peter; and Wachendorff-Neumann, Ulrike 08580971 Cl. 548-374.1.
Elbert, Lev: See--
Avila, J. Albert; Elbert, Lev; Estes, Andy; Famiglio, Mark; Johnson, Brian; Sackett, Jason; Saul, Russ; Worthington, Norman; Juckett, Baird; Lincoln, Rob; Ruth, Don; and Stipe, Michael 08583430 Cl. 704-235.
ELC Management LLC: See--
Bickford, William R. 08578948 Cl. 132-317.
Cheng, Jing; Chen, Chia-Wen; Schnittger, Steven Francis; and Lu, Ming 08580319 Cl. 424-725.
Elce, Edmund: See--
Knapp, Brian; Elce, Edmund; Bell, Andrew; Burns, Cheryl; Kaiti, Sridevi; Kocher, Brian; Ng, Hendra; Patel, Yogesh; Sakamoto, Masanobu; Wu, Xiaoming; and Zhang, Linda 08580477 Cl. 430-270.1.
Eldering, Charles A.; to Empire Technology Development, LLC Elastomeric wave tactile interface 08581873 Cl. 345-173.
Eldesouki, Munir; Deen, Mohamed Jamal; and Fang, Qiyin, to King Abdulaziz City Science and Technology High-speed analog photon counter and method 08581172 Cl. 250-214A.
EldoLAB Holding B.V.: See--
Welten, Petrus Johannes Maria; and Saes, Marc 08581521 Cl. 315-312.
Electricfil Automotive: See--
Raquin, Stéphane; and Duault, Frédéric 08579634 Cl. 439-31.
Electro Industries/Gauge Tech: See--
Banhegyesi, Tibor 08581169 Cl. 250-208.4.
Electrolux Home Products Corporation, N.V.: See--
Bohac, Jiri; Stahlmann, Rolf; and Lampe, Hansjörg 08578951 Cl. 134-113.
Electrolux Home Products, Inc.: See--
McCollough, Thomas W.; Watts, Russell; Ducharme, David R.; and Maxie, Gerald 08578721 Cl. 62-73.
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute: See--
Choi, Chang-Ho 08582575 Cl. 370-392.
Chung, Yun Su; Jung, Sung Uk; Lee, Yongjin; and Moon, Ki Young 08582833 Cl. 382-118.
Hong, Seung Eun; Kim, Kyeongpyo; Kim, Yong Sun; and Lee, Woo Yong 08582603 Cl. 370-474.
Jang, Eun Hye; Cho, Young Jo; Lee, Jae Yeon; Chi, Su Young; and Chun, Byung Tae 08579838 Cl. 601-35.
Jang, In Sung; Lee, Moonsoo; An, Kyoung Hwan; Min, Kyoung-Wook; and Kim, Ju Wan 08583365 Cl. 701-426.
Jeong, Se-Yoon; Choi, Hae-Chul; Seo, Jeong-Il; Beack, Seung-Kwon; Jang, In-Seon; Kim, Jae-Gon; Moon, Kyung-Ae; Jang, Dae-Young; Hong, Jin-Woo; Kim, Jin-Woong; Ahn, Chang-Beom; Oh, Seoung-Jun; Sim, Dong-Gyu; Park, Ho-Chong; Lee, Yung-Lyul; and Jeon, Su-Yeol 08582657 Cl. 375-240.2.
Kim, Hyuk; Jeon, In San; Kim, Seong Min; and Koo, Bon Tae 08583975 Cl. 714-748.
Kim, Won Young; Choi, Won Hyuk; Hur, Sung Jin; and Choi, Wan 08583816 Cl. 709-231.
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Elefant, Dan: See--
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Element ID, Inc.: See--
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Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc.: See--
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Elkem Solar AS: See--
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Ellis, Jeffrey T.: See--
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Ellsworth, Pual P.: See--
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Elmo Company, Limited: See--
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Elmore, Steven W.: See--
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Elonsson, Martin: See--
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Elpida Memory, Inc.: See--
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Elter, Matthias: See--
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Elwha LLC: See--
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EMC Corporation: See--
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EMD Millipore Corporation: See--
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Emerson Electric Co.: See--
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Emmert-Buck, Michael R.: See--
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Emmons, Clifford L.: See--
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Empire Technology Development LLC: See--
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Eldering, Charles A. 08581873 Cl. 345-173.
Ma, Yuchen 08579543 Cl. 404-95.
Miller, Seth 08580479 Cl. 430-270.1.
Seike, Aya 08581426 Cl. 290-1R.
Sjong, Angele 08580337 Cl. 427-203.
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Emura, Fabian; and Torres, Rodrigo Systematic chromoendoscopy and chromocolonoscopy as a novel systematic method to examine organs with endoscopic techniques 08579800 Cl. 600-117.
EMW Co., Ltd.: See--
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Enami, Tsugutomo: See--
Isozu, Masaaki; Enami, Tsugutomo; and Kawano, Shinichi 08584007 Cl. 715-239.
Enbuske, Henrik: See--
Moberg, Peter; Linstrom, Magnus; Englund, Eva; and Enbuske, Henrik 08582514 Cl. 370-329.
EncoreSolar, Inc.: See--
Basol, Bulent M. 08580603 Cl. 438-95.
Endert, Gerold: See--
Essler, Frank; Panzner, Steffen; and Endert, Gerold 08580297 Cl. 424-450.
Endo, Jun; Nakashima, Tetsuya; and Takenaka, Atsuyoshi, to Asahi Glass Company, Limited Glass for substrate, and glass substrate 08580411 Cl. 428-846.9.
Endo, Kyoko: See--
Iida, Koichiro; Endo, Kyoko; Li, Yanjun; Okabe, Kazuki; and Yabe, Masayoshi 08581241 Cl. 257-40.
Endo, Makoto: See--
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Endo, Noboru: See--
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Endres + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft für Mess-und Regeltechnik + Co. KG: See--
Mikkelsen, Hakon; and Bernhard, Ralf 08581194 Cl. 250-339.07.
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik mbH + Co., KG: See--
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Pfauch, Thomas; and Wunderlich, Ingrid 08578798 Cl. 73-866.5.
Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG: See--
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Pfau, Axel; Kumar, Vivek; and Badarlis, Anastasios 08583385 Cl. 702-47.
Ener1, Inc.: See--
Hartzog, Chad 08581549 Cl. 320-118.
EnerG2 Technologies, Inc.: See--
Costantino, Henry R.; Feaver, Aaron; and Scott, William D. 08580870 Cl. 523-309.
Energy Recovery, Inc.: See--
Oklejas, Robert A.; Terrasi, Kevin V.; and Oklejas, Michael P. 08579603 Cl. 417-407.
Eng, Lindsay; and Pipkin, Charlie, to BSH Home Applications Corporation Accessory for dishwasher 08579121 Cl. 211-41.9.
Engel, Brett H.: See--
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Engels, Michael: See--
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English, Paul: See--
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English, Robert M.: See--
Edwards, John K.; Lewis, Blake H.; English, Robert M.; Hamilton, Eric; and Corbett, Peter F. 08583892 Cl. 711-203.
Englund, Eva: See--
Gunnarsson, Fredrik; Bergman, Johan; and Englund, Eva 08583974 Cl. 714-748.
Moberg, Peter; Linstrom, Magnus; Englund, Eva; and Enbuske, Henrik 08582514 Cl. 370-329.
ENI S.p.A.: See--
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Perego, Carlo; Baldiraghi, Franco; Abdo, Suheil Fares; Marker, Terry Louise; and Sabatino, Luigina Maria Flora 08581014 Cl. 585-240.
Ennis, Damien C.: See--
Bigelow, Jr., Robert F.; Ennis, Damien C.; and Khamis, Michael P. 08579699 Cl. 463-21.
Enomoto, Hiromi; to Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Liquid crystal display device 08582065 Cl. 349-137.
Enomoto, Katsumi; and Maeda, Yasuhiko, to FUJIFILM Corporation Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including liquid ejection head 08579418 Cl. 347-71.
Enomoto, Shintaro: See--
Mizuno, Yukitami; Amemiya, Isao; Hirao, Akiko; Takasu, Isao; Sugizaki, Tomoko; Amano, Akio; Shinjo, Yasushi; Sawabe, Tomoaki; and Enomoto, Shintaro 08580403 Cl. 428-690.
Enos, Emily: See--
Dixon, Eleri; Enos, Emily; and Brodmerkle, Scott 08583766 Cl. 709-219.
Enphase Energy, Inc.: See--
Rotzoll, Robert R.; Kapur, Rajan N.; and Patil, Suhas S. 08581441 Cl. 307-82.
Enpulz, L.L.C.: See--
Bennett, James D. 08583612 Cl. 707-694.
Bennett, James D. 08583621 Cl. 707-709.
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.: See--
Chang, Richard Rugin; and Xiao, Deyuan 08580587 Cl. 438-22.
Enright, Jeffery M: See--
Miller, Willis; Zaugg, Matthew R; Block, James; Graef, H Thomas; Ramachandran, Natarajan; Enright, Jeffery M; Douglass, Mark A; Scanlon, Michael; and Blackson, Dale H 08579192 Cl. 235-379.
Enright, Thomas E: See--
Chopra, Naveen; Enright, Thomas E; Chrétien, Michelle N; Keoshkerian, Barkev; and Vanbesien, Daryl W 08581000 Cl. 560-254.
Enriquez, John Mark: See--
Ford, Preston R.; Filipski, Paul D.; Dubois, Christian A.; Enriquez, John Mark; Russel, Robert J.; and Sorber, Kevin K. 08583544 Cl. 705-37.
Ensure Medical, Inc.: See--
Ginn, Richard S. 08579934 Cl. 606-213.
Enthermics Medical Systems, Inc.: See--
Hansen, William J.; Van Essen, Adam; and Smith, Terence T. 08581152 Cl. 219-406.
ENTrigue Surgical, Inc.: See--
Larson, Michael C. 08579179 Cl. 227-177.1.
Entropic Communications, Inc.: See--
Wu, Zong Liang; Lee, Ronald B.; and Ozturk, Yusuf 08582576 Cl. 370-392.
Entry Point, LLC: See--
Peterson, C. Robert; and Herbert, Thomas F. 08582580 Cl. 370-395.5.
Environment Recovery Equipment: See--
Hines, David 08580123 Cl. 210-744.
EnvisionIT, LLC: See--
Wood, Mark Andrew; Preston, Kevin Russell; and Weiser, Douglas 08583519 Cl. 705-34.
EOSpace, Inc.: See--
Thaniyavarn, Suwat 08582927 Cl. 385-2.
Epaud, David; and Lesbats, Fabrice, to Faurecia Sièges d'Automobile Vehicle seat 08579374 Cl. 297-334.
Epcos AG: See--
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Leidl, Anton; Pahl, Wolfgang; and Wolff, Ulrich 08582788 Cl. 381-173.
Epistar Corporation: See--
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Epizyme, Inc.: See--
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Epler, John E.: See--
Dupont, Frederic; and Epler, John E. 08581229 Cl. 257-13.
Epp, Anton: See--
Kuhl, Larry; Epp, Anton; and Bentz, Greg 08583176 Cl. 455-557.
Eppendorf AG: See--
Alexandre, Isabelle; Koehn, Heinz; Remacle, Jose; and De Roeck, Sven 08580499 Cl. 435-6.1.
Epple, Klaus: See--
Reitan, Oeyvind; and Epple, Klaus 08579858 Cl. 604-151.
Epshteyn, Lev; Lloyd, Zachary Erik; Tunali, Haluk Burcin; Belomestnykh, Olga Sergeyevna; and Saviano, Steven, to Google Inc. Javascript application programming interfaces for independently compiled javascript binaries 08584105 Cl. 717-140.
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Equinix, Inc.: See--
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Equiza, Maria Alejandra: See--
Francko, David; Wilson, Kenneth G.; Li, Qingshun Quinn; and Equiza, Maria Alejandra 08580708 Cl. 504-118.
Erceg, Vinko: See--
Fischer, Matthew James; Amini, Peiman; Erceg, Vinko; Lauer, Joseph Paul; and Kim, Joonsuk 08582485 Cl. 370-312.
Erdodi, Gabor: See--
Kennedy, Joseph P.; Erdodi, Gabor; and Kang, Jungmee 08580900 Cl. 525-453.
Eren, Rachel: See--
Dagan, Shlomo; Eren, Rachel; Misra, Hemant Kumar; Gowan, Jr., Walter G.; and O'Connor, Sandra 08580256 Cl. 424-130.1.
Erickson, Mark K.: See--
Cho, Yong K.; Erickson, Mark K.; and Zielinski, Todd M. 08579824 Cl. 600-483.
Ericson, Mårten: See--
Hannu, Hans; Ericson, Mårten; and Synnergren, Per 08582451 Cl. 370-252.
Ericsson Television Inc.: See--
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Eriksson, Anders; to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) Method and arrangement for delivering electronic state message information 08583826 Cl. 709-245.
Ermolov, Vladimir: See--
Pasanen, Pirjo; Ermolov, Vladimir; Oksanen, Markku Anttoni; Voutilainen, Martti; and Seppala, Eira 08581672 Cl. 332-115.
Erneta, Modesto: See--
Jamiolkowski, Dennis D.; Erneta, Modesto; and DiLuccio, Robert 08580307 Cl. 424-489.
Erno, Daniel: See--
Lokhandwalla, Murtuza; Haran, Kiruba Sivasubramaniam; Erno, Daniel; and Zirin, Robert 08581464 Cl. 310-156.12.
Ernst, Alexander: See--
Wallner, Herbert; Ernst, Alexander; Haug, Jens; Freyhardt, Sabine; and Woessner, Stefan 08581458 Cl. 310-68B.
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Ernst, Holger; Femmer, Uwe; Heitmann, Sonja; and Kruempelmann, Thomas, to Miele & Cie. KG Control method for a cooktop and cooktop for carrying out said method 08581159 Cl. 219-622.
Erol, Berna; Berkner, Kathrin; Hull, Jonathan J.; and Hart, Peter E., to Ricoh Co., Ltd. Methods for scanning, printing, and copying multimedia thumbnails 08584042 Cl. 715-838.
Erpenbach, Siglinde: See--
Barreleiro, Paula; Eiting, Thomas; Taden, Andreas; and Erpenbach, Siglinde 08580726 Cl. 510-330.
Ertle, Thomas D.: See--
Ma, Songtao; Toepke, Eric; Ryan, Mike R.; Jenkins, Randall W.; Ramachandran, Natarajan; Ertle, Thomas D.; Crews, Tim; Miller, Willis; Billett, Nick; Shepley, Steven; Krzic, Dave; and Cogan, Victor A. 08579191 Cl. 235-379.
Ervin, Eric N: See--
White, Henry S; White, Ryan J; and Ervin, Eric N 08581605 Cl. 324-693.
ESAB Group, Inc., The: See--
Severance, Jr., Wayne Stanley 08581139 Cl. 219-121.59.
Esaka, Naoki: See--
Tanizawa, Yoshimichi; Esaka, Naoki; and Shibata, Tsutomu 08583794 Cl. 709-225.
Esbensen, Peter K.; to Hartford Fire Insurance Company Code generation based on spreadsheet data models 08583530 Cl. 705-36R.
Escarpit, Olivier; to Airbus Operations S.A.S. Device for blind fixation 08579567 Cl. 411-43.
ESCO Corporation: See--
Ollinger, IV, Charles G; Snyder, Chris D; and Kreitzberg, John S 08578637 Cl. 37-453.
Eshedkaner, Rotem: See--
Nemet, Yaron; Eshedkaner, Rotem; and Brand, Ephraim 08579193 Cl. 235-383.
Eshita, Yoshiyuki: See--
Isobe, Tsutomu; Eshita, Yoshiyuki; Kato, Kazuhiko; Wakasa, Masanobu; Manago, Kenji; Nakanishi, Kuniyuki; and Tanji, Noriyuki 08580234 Cl. 424-57.
Esko-Graphics Imaging GmbH: See--
Sievers, Wolfgang 08578854 Cl. 101-467.
Eslambolchi, Hossein: See--
Croak, Marian; and Eslambolchi, Hossein 08582590 Cl. 370-401.
ESM Technologies, LLC: See--
DeVore, Dale Paul; and Long, Frank Daniel 08580315 Cl. 424-581.
Espasa, Cesar Fernandez: See--
Rodriguez, Jose Miguel; West, Matthew James; and Espasa, Cesar Fernandez 08581600 Cl. 324-539.
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