NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

E-Collar Technologies, Inc.: See--
So, Hosung; Min, Bongki; and Van Curen, Greg 08887670 Cl. 119-720.
E I du Pont de Nemours and Company: See--
Allgeier, Alan Martin; Corbin, David Richard; De Silva, Wathudura Indika Namal; Korovessi, Ekaterini; Menning, Carl Andrew; Ritter, Joachim C; and Sengupta, Sourav Kumar 08889912 Cl. 564-480.
Allgeier, Alan Martin; Corbin, David Richard; De Silva, Wathudura Indika Namal; Korovessi, Ekaterini; Menning, Carl Andrew; Ritter, Joachim C; and Sengupta, Sourav Kumar 08889922 Cl. 568-862.
Anderson, Albert Gordon; and Scialdone, Mark A. 08889038 Cl. 252-389.53.
Carroll, Alan Frederick; Hang, Kenneth Warren; Laughlin, Brian J.; Mikeska, Kurt Richard; Torardi, Carmine; and Vernooy, Paul Douglas 08889979 Cl. 136-256.
Carroll, Alan Frederick; Hang, Kenneth Warren; Laughlin, Brian J.; Mikeska, Kurt Richard; Torardi, Carmine; and Vernooy, Paul Douglas 08889980 Cl. 136-256.
Drysdale, Neville Everton; Madeleine, Dennis Gerard; and Nederberg, Fredrik 08889256 Cl. 428-364.
Fallon, Robert D. 08889601 Cl. 507-201.
Glicksman, Howard David; Ehrman, Sheryl; Langrock, Alex; Peabody, V, George Lee; and Zhong, Kai 08888889 Cl. 75-343.
Helberg, Lisa Edith 08889094 Cl. 423-492.
Johansson, Gary A.; Smith, Eric Maurice; Chesterfield, Reid John; Howard, Jr., Michael Henry; Park, Kyung-Ho; Radu, Nora Sabina; Rossi, Gene M.; Gentry, Frederick P.; Gehret, Troy C.; Lecloux, Daniel David; and Fennimore, Adam 08889269 Cl. 428-690.
Kraiter, Daniel C; Diebold, Michael Patrick; and Bell, Timothy Allan 08888956 Cl. 162-164.6.
Lecloux, Daniel David; Fennimore, Adam; Gao, Weiying; Radu, Nora Sabina; Wu, Weishi; Rostovtsev, Vsevolod; Howard, Jr., Michael Henry; Meng, Hong; Shen, Yulong; Merlo, Jeffrey A; and Smith, Eric Maurice 08890131 Cl. 257-40.
Lima, Avelino F; and Wood, Barbara Ann 08889781 Cl. 524-514.
McKeen, Laurence Waino; and Wang, Ying 08889779 Cl. 524-501.
Spinelli, Harry Joseph; Williams, Tristan; Wolfe, Michael Stephen; and Zakheim, Howard 08888264 Cl. 347-100.
E Ink California, LLC: See--
Yang, Bo-Ru; Lin, Craig; and Kang, Yih-Ming 08891156 Cl. 359-296.
E Ink Corporation: See--
Danner, Guy M.; Patry, Shamus Ford; Honeyman, Charles Howie; Whitesides, Thomas H.; McCreary, Michael D.; and Duthaler, Gregg M. 08891155 Cl. 359-296.
E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd.: See--
Chen, Stephen 08891027 Cl. 348-837.
e Mellon, Marcus Dutra: See--
Verma, Akshay; Zhan, Bi Zeng; He, Zunqing; Zhou, Zhen; e Mellon, Marcus Dutra; and Yeh, Sheila 08888993 Cl. 208-236.
E-Radio USA, Inc.: See--
Wang, Jackson Kit 08892064 Cl. 455-158.4.
E.C.L.: See--
David, Stéphane 08888156 Cl. 294-197.
EADS Deutschland GmbH: See--
Bichler, Bartholomaeus; Dornwald, Jochen; and Wedekind, Gerhard 08888038 Cl. 244-53B.
Eames, Andrew; Mirtich, Brian V.; and Silver, William M, to Cognex Technology and Investment Corporation Method and apparatus for configuring and testing a machine vision detector 08891852 Cl. 382-141.
Eames, Patrick J.: See--
Floyd, Joseph F.; Hadley, Brent L.; and Eames, Patrick J. 08887993 Cl. 235-375.
Earl, Brian D.: See--
Byrd, Christopher M.; Sanford, Adam H.; Earl, Brian D.; Claypool, Jody L.; Brown, Jeffrey D.; and Pendleton, John E. 08888856 Cl. 623-20.14.
Earnshaw, Mark: See--
McBeath, Sean; Fong, Mo-Han; Vrzic, Sophie; Earnshaw, Mark; Novak, Robert; Cai, Zhijun; Xu, Hua; and Heo, Youn Hyoung 08891378 Cl. 370-236.
Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC: See--
Theodore, Marcus G.; and Gong, Terry R. 08888890 Cl. 75-392.
Earth Tool Company, LLC: See--
Crane, Robert F. 08887833 Cl. 175-53.
East China University of Science & Technology: See--
Guo, Yun; Lu, Guanzhong; and Zhang, Zhigang 08889227 Cl. 427-294.
East, Jr., Loyd Eddie; Lindsay, Sharlene Dawn; and Gardiner, Nicholas Hubert, to Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Multi-interval wellbore treatment method 08887803 Cl. 166-250.01.
Easterbrooks, Tina: See--
Frasier, William J.; Pavento, Nicholas; Dziedzic, Sara; Easterbrooks, Tina; Mahoney, Michael; and Stad, Shawn D. 08888819 Cl. 606-264.
Eastgate, Martin D.; Bultman, Michael S.; Chen, Ke; Fanfair, Dayne Dustan; Fox, Richard J.; La Cruz, Thomas E.; Mudryk, Boguslaw M.; Risatti, Christina Ann; Simpson, James H.; Soumeillant, Maxime C.; Tripp, Jonathan Clive; and Xiao, Yi, to Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Methods for the preparation of HIV attachment inhibitor piperazine prodrug compound 08889869 Cl. 546-113.
Eastman, Briton T.: See--
Cliff, Michael J.; Wood, Jr., Robert L.; Eastman, Briton T.; and Ganapathi, Poongundran 08887880 Cl. 188-264D.
Eastman Chemical Company: See--
Clendennen, Stephanie Kay 08889373 Cl. 435-44.
Eastman Kodak Company: See--
Ciminelli, Mario Joseph; and Petruchik, Dwight John 08887393 Cl. 29-890.1.
Kasiske, Jr., W. Charles; Piatt, Michael Joseph; Muir, Christopher M.; and Hryhorenko, John Leonard 08888240 Cl. 347-42.
Marcus, Michael A.; and Panchawagh, Hrishikesh V. 08888256 Cl. 347-76.
Rider, Christopher B. 08889983 Cl. 136-259.
Werner, Saija; Baumann, Harald; Dwars, Udo; Simpson, Christopher D.; and Draber, Axel 08889341 Cl. 430-302.
Eaton Corporation: See--
Densel, David Scott; and Haunhorst, Gregory Alan 08887762 Cl. 137-614.06.
Lefere, Robert Michael 08888138 Cl. 285-109.
Savolainen, Ari Heikki; Totterman, Eric Mikael; and Paatero, Esa Kai 08890373 Cl. 307-151.
Eaton, David: See--
Lind, Jr., Richard Charles; Grant, Daniel Thurmond; and Eaton, David 08888035 Cl. 244-13.
Eaton Industries (Netherlands) B.V.: See--
Nitert, Gerhardus Leonardus; and Lammers, Arend Jan Willem 08890009 Cl. 200-16C.
Ebara, Kenichi; to Lenovo Innovations Limited (Hong Kong) Communication terminal having email transmission functionality, method for transmitting email, and computer-readable recording medium 08892669 Cl. 709-206.
eBay Inc.: See--
Kolluru, Raju Venkata; Kleinpeter, Michael Dean; Lynch, Liam Sean; Kasten, Christopher J.; and Kanungo, Rajesh 08893242 Cl. 726-6.
Lanahan, James W.; Howard, Dane M.; and Williams, Brian F. 08893015 Cl. 715-747.
Lu, Su-I; and Liu, Deborah Yee-Ky 08893029 Cl. 715-762.
Nuzzi, Frank Anthony 08893229 Cl. 726-2.
Paulson, Jedediah H. 08892756 Cl. 709-230.
Ebbinghaus-Kintscher, Ulrich: See--
Heil, Markus; Heilmann, Eike Kevin; Sudau, Alexander; Kapferer, Tobias; Mühlthau, Friedrich August; Jeschke, Peter; Voerste, Arnd; Görgens, Ulrich; Raming, Klaus; Ebbinghaus-Kintscher, Ulrich; Drewes, Mark; Adamczewski, Martin; and Becker, Angela 08889878 Cl. 546-339.
Eberhard, Jeffrey Wayne: See--
Schmitz, Andrea Marie; Wise, Gerald Bowden; Denvir, Michael Dermot; and Eberhard, Jeffrey Wayne 08891731 Cl. 378-62.
Eberhardt, Angela; Wirth-Schoen, Joachim; and Poesl, Ewald, to OSRAM OPTO Semiconductor GmbH Radiation-emitting component with a semiconductor chip and a conversion element and method for the production thereof 08890140 Cl. 257-43.
Eberle, Joseph Cole; Masiwchuk, Jeffrey B.; Bruce, Mitchell V.; Smith, Brian L.; and Scarniac, Thomas R., to PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Foam window mount having an electric conductive layer over a light blocking layer 08889218 Cl. 427-123.
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH & Co. KG: See--
Kohberg, Carsten; and Schulz, Marko 08888059 Cl. 248-201.
Eberst, Christof; to Convergent Information Technologies GmbH Method for the automated programming and optimization of robotic work sequences 08892255 Cl. 700-253.
Ebersviller, Matthew Robert; to Google Inc. Dynamic selection of parameter sets for transcoding media data 08892764 Cl. 709-231.
Ebner, Adrian: See--
Eliasen, Kenneth Arden; Tallarida, Steven J.; and Ebner, Adrian 08888844 Cl. 623-2.36.
Ebner, David: See--
Bhattacharya, Samit; Cameron, Kimberly; Dowling, Matthew; Fernando, Dilinie; Ebner, David; Filipski, Kevin; Kung, Daniel; Lee, Esther; Smith, Aaron; and Tu, Meihua 08889730 Cl. 514-419.
Ebrahimi Tazeh Mahalleh, Masoud; Heo, Youn Hyoung; and Harrison, Robert Mark, to BlackBerry Limited Orthogonal resource selection transmit diversity and resource assignment 08891353 Cl. 370-208.
Ebrahimi Tazeh Mahalleh, Masoud; Harrison, Robert Mark; Jia, Yongkang; and Xu, Hua, to BlackBerry Limited System and method for improved control channel transmit diversity 08891496 Cl. 370-336.
Ebrary: See--
Warnock, Christopher M; Holzgrafe, Richard M; Santos, Tom J; Nolan, Jay C; and Abrams, Ken 08892906 Cl. 713-193.
Eby, William H.; to Monsanto Technology LLC Soybean cultivar S120120 08889960 Cl. 800-312.
Eby, William H.; to Monsanto Technology LLC Soybean cultivar 27120191 08889961 Cl. 800-312.
Echigo, Masatoshi; and Hayashi, Hiromi, to Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. Cyclic compound, process for production of the cyclic compound, radiation-sensitive composition, and method for formation of resist pattern 08889919 Cl. 568-717.
EchoStar Technologies L.L.C.: See--
Beals, William Michael 08892675 Cl. 709-209.
Eckart GmbH: See--
Schmidt, Ulrich; Kruger, Peter; Gerstacker, Michaela; Kurz, Sonja; and Mendler, Barbara 08889107 Cl. 424-61.
Eckelbarger, Joseph D.; Schmitzer, Paul R.; Yerkes, Carla N.; Boebel, Timothy A.; Satchivi, Norbert M.; and Whiteker, Gregory T., to Dow AgroSciences, LLC. N-alkoxyamides of 6-(substituted phenyl)-4-aminopicolinates and 2-(substituted phenyl)-6-amino-4-pyrimidinecarboxylates and their use as selective herbicides for crops 08889694 Cl. 514-256.
Eckhoff, Philip A.; Hyde, Roderick A.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Kare, Jordin T.; Leuthardt, Eric C.; Rivet, Dennis J.; Sweeney, Elizabeth A.; Wood, Jr., Lowell L.; and Wood, Victoria Y. H., to Invention Science Fund I, LLC, The Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject 08888761 Cl. 604-890.1.
Eckstein, Axel; Merkle, Regina; and Becht, Bernd, to Paul Hartmann AG Tube-fixing plaster 08888748 Cl. 604-180.
Ecolab Inc.: See--
Stolte, Roger L.; Dziuk, Michael P.; Meinke, Melissa C.; Porter, Matthew C.; and Besse, Michael E. 08889048 Cl. 264-71.
Ecolab USA Inc.: See--
Hart, Paul R.; Nuebling, Lee E.; Cleary, Robert R.; Little, Virgil T.; and Beetge, Jan H. 08888362 Cl. 374-45.
Kraus, Paul R.; Mehus, Richard J.; Sanville, Katherine M.; and Rustad, Thomas C. 08889900 Cl. 562-6.
Ortmann, Nathan R.; Erickson, Anthony; and Mohs, Thomas R. 08888922 Cl. 134-22.11.
Silvernail, Carter; and Miralles, Altony 08889613 Cl. 510-475.
Silvernail, Carter; Olson, Erik C.; and Besse, Michael E. 08888924 Cl. 134-25.2.
Ecole Centrale Paris: See--
Paragios, Nikos; Sotiras, Aristeidis; and Alchatzidis, Stavros 08890862 Cl. 345-418.
Leal Diaz, Gonzalo; Ruiz Escobar, Juan Diego; Toscano Rodriguez, Jorge Alberto; and Latorre Cortes, Guillermo 08892378 Cl. 702-65.
ECPE Engineering Center for Power Electronics GmbH: See--
Marquardt, Rainer; and Michels, Nikolaus 08890465 Cl. 318-800.
Edamatsu, Shigeki: See--
Sato, Yoshikazu; and Edamatsu, Shigeki 08887673 Cl. 123-41.72.
Edel, Joshua B.: See--
Stavis, Samuel M.; Edel, Joshua B.; Samiee, Kevan T.; and Craighead, Harold G. 08890323 Cl. 257-774.
Eden, J. Gary; Park, Sung-Jin; Kim, Taek-Lim; and Kim, Kwang-Soo, to Board of Trustees of the University of Illnois, The Microcavity and microchannel plasma device arrays in a single, unitary sheet 08890409 Cl. 313-586.
Eden, Uri T.: See--
Wagner, Timothy A.; and Eden, Uri T. 08892200 Cl. 607-3.
Edenborg, Michelle: See--
Chesley, Jody; Edenborg, Michelle; Gedlinske, Mark; Kirkeby, Doyle; Maryanovich, Shawna; and Miller, Doug 08892895 Cl. 713-179.
Edens, John R.: See--
Mercer, Kevin B.; Edens, John R.; and Douglas, Jonathan David 08887518 Cl. 62-225.
Eder, Joseph; Nezhat, Camran; and Nordell, II, Benjamin Theodore, to Aesculap AG Apparatus for tissue cauterization 08888770 Cl. 606-34.
Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.: See--
El Dokor, Tarek 08891859 Cl. 382-159.
Ediga, Sanjay: See--
Kuchibhotla, Balasubrahmanyam; Dias, Karl; McKerley, Matthew Stephen; Sanklecha, Shachi; Vale, Anupama; Pramanik, Sumankumar; Ediga, Sanjay; Klein, Jonathan D.; and Choudhury, Supratim 08892712 Cl. 709-223.
Edin, Christopher Andrew: See--
Hed, Steven Arthur; and Edin, Christopher Andrew 08888195 Cl. 301-95.104.
Edinger, Benjamin Booth; and Roetman, Jeffrey Dennis, to Herman Miller, Inc. Self-tensioning drive belt system 08887644 Cl. 108-42.
Edler, Brad; Mehta, Viral S.; Tognetti, Lawrence; and Williamson, Christopher, to Caterpillar Inc. Electronic high hydraulic pressure cutoff to improve system efficiency 08887499 Cl. 60-431.
Edmonds, William M.: See--
Austen, Christopher H.; Brey, Thomas M.; Edmonds, William M.; Franke, Jeffrey M.; Klodnicki, Edward J.; O'Connor, James A.; and Williamson, Nicholas M. 08892714 Cl. 709-223.
Educational Testing Service: See--
Sheehan, Kathleen Marie; Kostin, Irene; and Futagi, Yoko 08888493 Cl. 434-169.
Sheehan, Kathleen Marie; Kostin, Irene; and Futagi, Yoko 08892421 Cl. 704-9.
Edwards, Christopher Lane: See--
Iverson, Benjamin John; Loghry, Ray; and Edwards, Christopher Lane 08887806 Cl. 166-285.
Edwards, Curtis; LaDuke, Thomas; and Beaumont, Daniel, to Disney Enterprises, Inc. Reflective surface tensioning and cleaning system for pepper's ghost illusion 08888295 Cl. 353-60.
Edwards, deceased, Stuart D.; Gaiser, John W.; Utley, David S.; West, Scott H.; and Qin, Jay, to Mederi Therapeutics, Inc. Methods for treating the cardia of the stomach 08888774 Cl. 606-41.
Edwards, Eric; and Manowitz, Neal, to Sony Corporation System and method for efficiently transferring data from an electronic camera device 08890965 Cl. 348-211.1.
Edwards, Gregory; and Van Vleck, Paul, to AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Serial programming of a universal remote control 08890664 Cl. 340-12.23.
Edwards Limited: See--
Seeley, Andrew James; and Wakefield, Andrew James 08888900 Cl. 96-52.
Edwards, Richard D.; and Katz, Stanley A., to Greendot Technologies, LLC Vapor-tight lighting fixture 08888315 Cl. 362-223.
EFB, Inc.: See--
Zahedi, Karim 08889079 Cl. 422-171.
Effenberger, Jr., Andrew J.; Scott, Jill R.; and McJunkin, Timothy R., to Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC Apparatus, system, and method for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy 08891073 Cl. 356-72.
Efficient Power Conversion Corporation: See--
Lidow, Alexander; Beach, Robert; Nakata, Alana; Cao, Jianjun; and Zhao, Guang Yuang 08890168 Cl. 257-76.
Egalax—Empia Technology Inc.: See--
Chang, Chin-Fu; Lee, Cheng-Han; Tang, Chi-Hao; and Ho, Shun-Lung 08890821 Cl. 345-173.
Egan, Corey: See--
Bora, Swapnil; and Egan, Corey 08890435 Cl. 315-292.
Eggler, Thomas: See--
Cadeo, Angelo; and Eggler, Thomas 08887751 Cl. 137-92.
Eglsäer, Christoph: See--
Steiner, Benno; Eglsäer, Christoph; and Janko, Wilhelm 08887969 Cl. 222-591.
Eguchi, Shingo; Monma, Yohei; Tani, Atsuhiro; Hirosue, Misako; Hashimoto, Kenichi; and Hosaka, Yasuharu, to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Peeling apparatus and manufacturing apparatus of semiconductor device 08889438 Cl. 438-26.
Eguchi, Shinichi; Kawashima, Hajime; Kanamoto, Kouichi; Hasegawa, Shohei; Kobara, Katsutoshi; and Yabuki, Maki, to Fujitsu Frontech Limited Form recognition apparatus, method, database generation apparatus, method, and storage medium 08891871 Cl. 382-177.
Eguchi, Takahiro; and Fukuda, Toshihiko, to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Control system for vehicle 08892316 Cl. 701-54.
Eguchi, Yoshiaki: See--
Saito, Hideo; Eguchi, Yoshiaki; Yamamoto, Masayuki; and Yamamoto, Akira 08892840 Cl. 711-165.
Ehrenkranz, Joel R. L.; Turbeville, Pamela J.; Yoon, Jeong-Yeol; and You, David J. Device and method for performing a diagnostic test 08889424 Cl. 436-164.
Ehrensperger, Marie-Virginie: See--
Allano, Jean-Luc; Ehrensperger, Marie-Virginie; and Abensour, Sylvie 08890133 Cl. 257-40.
Ehrhardt, Arnd: See--
Krauss, Bernhard; Waffler, Michael; Ehrhardt, Arnd; Schreiter, Stefanie; and Beier, Steffen 08890393 Cl. 313-10.
Ehrhardt, Stephan; and Maier, Bernd, to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Method for cleaning inking units in offset printing presses 08887635 Cl. 101-483.
Ehrlund, Göran Electro acoustic transducer 08891345 Cl. 369-174.
Ehrman, Sheryl: See--
Glicksman, Howard David; Ehrman, Sheryl; Langrock, Alex; Peabody, V, George Lee; and Zhong, Kai 08888889 Cl. 75-343.
Ehrsam, Andreas; and Schreier, Thomas, to Alstom Technology Ltd Method for starting a combined cycle power plant 08887481 Cl. 60-39.182.
Eibeck, Peter: See--
von Benten, Rebekka; Eibeck, Peter; Heckmann, Walter; Kurikov, Jordan; and Pulbere, Mariou Sorin 08889768 Cl. 524-84.
Weber, Martin; Minkwitz, Rolf; Choi, Nok-Young; and Eibeck, Peter 08889769 Cl. 524-97.
Eibl, Johann; to Bio & Bio Licensing SA Thrombin-free composition containing freeze-dried, virally inactivated FXIa and serpins and/or kininogen 08889624 Cl. 514-13.7.
EICES Research, Inc.: See--
Karabinis, Peter D. 08891645 Cl. 375-260.
Eick, Olaf: See--
Markowitz, H. Toby; Campbell-Massa, Sean; Falkner, Phillip; Fleming, Ioana; Giese, Chad; Karamanoglu, Mustafa; Kryger, Michael; Nowak, Karl Evan; Mehta, Pooja; Steeves, James; Phillips, Lane A.; Zhang, Shangqian Peter; Waldhauser, Steven L.; Scanlon, David A.; Craig, Brian Houston; Warman, Eduardo N.; Michels, Koen; Smith, Marie P.; Hurtig, Noelle Christine; Eick, Olaf; Receveur, Rogier; Larik, Vincent; Chelgren, Brent; and Interrante, Victoria 08887736 Cl. 128-899.
Eickhoff, Holger; and Lowenheim, Hubert, to EMC microcollections GmbH Aminoalkyloxazole and aminoalkylthiazolecarboxylic acid amides as regeneration-promoting substances for sensory organs and post-mitotic tissues 08889723 Cl. 514-374.
Eiermann, Rüdiger; Jerg, Helmut; and Nannt, Hans-Peter, to BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgaraete GmbH Dishwasher comprising a drying apparatus 08887742 Cl. 134-107.
Eifler, Martin: See--
Schulz, Gerd; and Eifler, Martin 08887726 Cl. 128-206.21.
Einam, Jeffery: See--
Gutsmann, Volker; Böcker, Thomas; Nentwig, Günther; McBeath, Justin; and Einam, Jeffery 08889725 Cl. 514-397.
Einav, Omer; to Motorika Limited Gait rehabilitation methods and apparatuses 08888723 Cl. 601-32.
Einziger, William L.: See--
Jiang, Longzhi; Havens, Timothy J.; Scaturro, Jr., John; Einziger, William L.; and Kidane, Tesfaye K. 08890529 Cl. 324-318.
Eis-Hübinger, Anna-Maria: See--
Roggendorf, Michael; Eis-Hübinger, Anna-Maria; Krauss, Jürgen; Schneweis, Karl Eduard; Arndt, Michaela; Krawczyk, Adalbert; Exner, Evelyn; and Däumer, Martin P. 08889137 Cl. 424-159.1.
Eisai R & D Management Co., Ltd.: See--
Oda, Yoshiya; and Katayama, Hiroyuki 08889423 Cl. 436-161.
Eisele, Andreas; Wolst, Oliver; and Schmidtke, Bernd, to Robert Bosch GmbH Optical distance measuring device with calibration device 08891068 Cl. 356-6.
Eisenbraun, Michael Dale: See--
Champion, Brian Robert; Contillo, Jr., Leonard Gabriel; Eisenbraun, Michael Dale; Fraser, James Downey; Hawkins, Julie Jia Li; Merson, James Richard; Pierce, Brian Gregory; Qiu, Xiayang; Ullah, Jakir Hussain; and Wyatt, David Michael 08889144 Cl. 424-197.11.
Eiterman, deceased, Alvin; Eiterman, legal representative, Carolyn D.; and Kornish, Dwayne J., to Overhead Door Corporation Reset mechanism for stored energy emergency barriers 08887791 Cl. 160-305.
Eiterman, legal representative, Carolyn D.: See--
Eiterman, deceased, Alvin; and Kornish, Dwayne J. 08887791 Cl. 160-305.
Eitouni, Hany Basam: See--
Balsara, Nitash Pervez; Eitouni, Hany Basam; Gur, Ilan; Singh, Mohit; and Hudson, William 08889301 Cl. 429-300.
Ejima, Naoki; to Panasonic Corporation Repeater being utilized between a source and sink device for Lip-syncing in an HDMI system 08891013 Cl. 348-515.
Ejima, Takayuki: See--
Nishida, Yoichi; Ejima, Takayuki; Miyazaki, Akihiro; and Sato, Yasunori 08892909 Cl. 713-300.
Ejiri, Seishi; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Data communication system 08891137 Cl. 358-434.
Ekas, Paul B.: See--
Wong, Zhi Y.; Lee, Albert; Loke, Keen Yew; Tan, Kia Leong; Ekas, Paul B.; and Lam, Siew Leong 08892793 Cl. 710-60.
Ekberg, Christian; and Mecklin, Tomas, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) Transferring messages in a communications network 08892138 Cl. 455-466.
Ekbote, Ashish: See--
Rowlette, Jr., John R.; Ekbote, Ashish; and Harris, Michael James 08890414 Cl. 315-113.
Ekkert, Len; to Phoenix Closures, Inc. Closure for use in hot-fill containers 08887936 Cl. 220-232.
Ekkert, Len; to Phoenix Closures, Inc. Hot-fill cross cap with vents 08887937 Cl. 220-256.1.
Ekonen, Todd; and Bradley, Douglas, to Magna Powertrain of America Inc. Two-speed power take-off unit with mode clutch 08888647 Cl. 475-221.
Ekstrom, Henrik: See--
Lundblad, Anders; Ekstrom, Henrik; and Jonsson, Eric 08889307 Cl. 429-429.
El-Bakry, Amr S.: See--
Budiman, Benny S.; El-Bakry, Amr S.; and Morehead, Hubert Lane 08892407 Cl. 703-2.
El Baradei, Mostafa M.: See--
Wanas, Nayer M.; Ashour, Heba M.; El Baradei, Mostafa M.; Morsy, Ahmed A.; El-Saban, Motaz A.; and Ammar, Waleed A. 08893024 Cl. 715-753.
El Dokor, Tarek; to Edge 3 Technologies, Inc. Method and apparatus for spawning specialist belief propagation networks based upon data classification 08891859 Cl. 382-159.
El-Gomati, Mohamed: See--
Hayn, Armin Heinz; and El-Gomati, Mohamed 08890444 Cl. 315-379.
El Husseini, Ahmad Mahdi; and Meenakshisundaram, Meyyappan, to Microsoft Corporation Metadata driven flexible user interface for business applications 08892585 Cl. 707-758.
El-Moussa, Fadi: See--
Jover Segura, Xavier; and El-Moussa, Fadi 08893246 Cl. 726-7.
El-Rashidy, Ragab; to Genix Therapeutics Group, LLC Treatment of Huntington's disease 08889125 Cl. 424-94.1.
El-Saban, Motaz A.: See--
Wanas, Nayer M.; Ashour, Heba M.; El Baradei, Mostafa M.; Morsy, Ahmed A.; El-Saban, Motaz A.; and Ammar, Waleed A. 08893024 Cl. 715-753.
El-Sayed, Hassan; to Sira Consulting Limited Automatic termination circuit and method 08890637 Cl. 333-22R.
El Wardani, Ladd: See--
Monk, Anton; Bernath, Brett; Gurantz, Itzhak; El Wardani, Ladd; Porat, Ron; Ozturk, Yusuf; Lee, Ron; Goh, Wee-Peng; and Berggren, Magnus 08891544 Cl. 370-419.
Elangovan, Rangasamy: See--
Vian, John L.; Mansouri, Ali R.; Elangovan, Rangasamy; Borumand, Mori M.; and Abdel-Motagaly, Khaled 08890480 Cl. 320-132.
Elayappan, Kamalam P.: See--
Dang, Dean V.; Saram, Philip Bernard; Cohn, Robert S.; Brunnett, Donald; and Elayappan, Kamalam P. 08891192 Cl. 360-75.
Elbers, Joerg-Peter: See--
Fuerst, Cornelius; Elbers, Joerg-Peter; and Faerbert, Andreas 08891965 Cl. 398-49.
Eld, Mattias: See--
Saros, Jakob; and Eld, Mattias 08890661 Cl. 340-10.5.
Elder, Danny: See--
Merrill, Joshua; Dai, Huida; Zhu, Jiang; Kapur, Sukhdev; Banerjee, Subrata; Elder, Danny; Ganesan, Ashok; Zhang, Shujin; and Medved, Jan 08892708 Cl. 709-223.
Eldredge, Richard D.: See--
Lowe, David Mark; and Eldredge, Richard D. 08889007 Cl. 210-617.
ElectraLED Inc.: See--
Thomas, James; Lynd, David; Gatesman, Gary; Mosier, Jim; and Warner, Bryan T. 08888306 Cl. 362-92.
Thomas, James; Lynd, David; Gatesman, Gary; Mosier, Jim; and Warner, Bryan T. 08888325 Cl. 362-249.02.
Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.: See--
Goding, David J. 08887643 Cl. 105-82.
Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute: See--
Choi, In Kyeong; and Lee, Sok Kyu 08891643 Cl. 375-260.
Electronics and Telecommunications Research: See--
Lee, Chul-Woo; Kim, Deok-Jin; Han, Byoung-Jin; Bae, Byung-Chul; Park, Sang-Woo; Lee, Man-Hee; and Yoon, E-Joong 08893233 Cl. 726-3.
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute: See--
Bae, Ji Hoon; Park, Chan Won; Park, Hyung Chul; Chae, Jong Suk; and Pyo, Cheol Sig 08890658 Cl. 340-10.1.
Cho, Han Jin; and Bae, Young Hwan 08890570 Cl. 326-41.
Choi, Choon Gi; Choi, Muhan; and Choi, Sung-Yool 08890767 Cl. 343-909.
Jeong, Byung Jang; Seo, Bangwon; and Ahn, Jae Young 08891662 Cl. 375-284.
Kim, Hyun-Tak; Kim, Bong-Jun; Yun, Sun-Jin; and Kim, Dae-Yong 08890574 Cl. 326-104.
Kim, Jee Hoon; and Song, Hyoung Kyu 08891690 Cl. 375-340.
Kim, Soon Choul; Ha, Jeoung Lak; Kim, Jung Hak; Kim, Seung Chul; Choi, Bum Suk; Jeong, Young Ho; and Hong, Jin Woo 08893176 Cl. 725-37.
Lee, Moon-Sik 08892044 Cl. 455-59.
Lim, Jeong-Mook; Kyung, Ki-Uk; Shin, Hee-Sook; Lee, Dong-Woo; and Lim, Yo-An 08890667 Cl. 340-407.2.
Park, Pyung Koo; Hong, Sung Back; Lee, Kyeong Ho; and Jun, Kyung Pyo 08891551 Cl. 370-466.
Sim, Dong-Uk 08890101 Cl. 250-515.1.
Son, Ji Yeon; Lee, Jihyun; Lee, Hark Jin; Kim, Jeu Young; Son, Young Sung; and Park, Jun Hee 08892950 Cl. 714-37.
Yeo, Geon Min; Kim, Young Il; and Ryu, Won 08891429 Cl. 370-312.
Youn, Doo Hyeb; Choi, Choon Gi; and Chung, Kwang Hyo 08890197 Cl. 257-98.
Electronics and Teleommunications Research Institute: See--
Park, Noh-Sam; Park, Sang Wook; Ko, Eun Jin; Kang, Hyun Chul; Han, Mi Kyong; Jang, Jong Hyun; and Park, Kwang Roh 08891892 Cl. 382-238.
Electronics for Imaging, Inc.: See--
Cong, Lianhui 08889232 Cl. 427-487.
Elegoët, Jean-Yves: See--
Germain, Etienne; Elegoët, Jean-Yves; and Dhainault, Patrice 08887511 Cl. 60-796.
Element Six Limited: See--
Twitchen, Daniel James; Geoghegan, Sarah Louise; and Perkins, Neil 08890091 Cl. 250-492.1.
Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.: See--
Luetkens, Jr., Melvin L.; and Cohen, Steven A. 08889932 Cl. 585-240.
Murphy, Timothy A.; and Aufdembrink, Brent A. 08888908 Cl. 106-251.
Elfster, Inc.: See--
Imburg, Peter 08892654 Cl. 709-204.
Elgersma, Ronald Christiaan: See--
Beusker, Patrick Henry; Coumans, Rudy Gerardus Elisabeth; Elgersma, Ronald Christiaan; Menge, Wiro Michaël Petrus Bernardus; Joosten, Johannes Albertus Frederikus; Spijker, Henri Johannes; and de Groot, Franciscus Marinus Hendrikus 08889868 Cl. 546-113.
Eli Lilly and Company: See--
An, Zengyun; Chen, Liang; Chen, Shuhui; Defauw, Jean Marie; Holmstrom, Scott Dale; Hu, Ping; Tang, Chongzhi; White, William Hunter; Wu, Wentao; and Zhang, Yang 08889710 Cl. 514-301.
Beck, James Peter; Green, Steven James; Lopez, Jose Eduardo; Mathes, Brian Michael; Mergott, Dustin James; Porter, Warren Jaye; Rankovic, Zoran; Shi, Yuan; Watson, Brian Morgan; and Winneroski, Jr., Leonard Larry 08889856 Cl. 544-48.
Elias, Arie: See--
Kardashov, Timor; Kovalenko, Maxim; Elias, Arie; and Ray, Guy 08893143 Cl. 718-104.
Elias, Oren Shlomo: See--
Shacham, Lanir Naftaly; Elias, Oren Shlomo; Ukelson, Jacob; Somech, Sam; and Bolotinsky, Anton 08892726 Cl. 709-224.
Eliasen, Kenneth Arden; Tallarida, Steven J.; and Ebner, Adrian, to Cardiosolutions, Inc. Heart valve implant 08888844 Cl. 623-2.36.
Eliaz, Amir; and Reuven, Ilan, to MagnaCom Ltd. Nonlinearity compensation for reception of OFDM signals 08891701 Cl. 375-346.
Elimelech, Aryeh: See--
Baltsan, Avikam; Sarid, Ori; Elimelech, Aryeh; Boker, Aharon; Segal, Zvi; and Miller, Gideon 08891873 Cl. 382-181.
Elina, Ollila: See--
Arrasvuori, Juha; and Elina, Ollila 08890818 Cl. 345-173.
Elio CAVAGNA S.r.l.: See--
Cavagna, Attilio 08887607 Cl. 83-482.
Eliot, Andrew C.: See--
Donaldson, Gail K.; Eliot, Andrew C.; Flint, Dennis; Maggio-Hall, Lori Ann; and Nagarajan, Vasantha 08889385 Cl. 435-160.
Eliseenkova, Anna V.: See--
Mohammadi, Moosa; Goetz, Regina; and Eliseenkova, Anna V. 08889426 Cl. 436-501.
Mohammadi, Moosa; Goetz, Regina; and Eliseenkova, Anna V. 08889621 Cl. 514-9.1.
Elizondo-Decanini, Juan M.; to Sandia Corporation Neutron generators with size scalability, ease of fabrication and multiple ion source functionalities 08891721 Cl. 376-191.
Elkin, Ilyas; Yang, Ge; and Alben, Jonah, to Nvidia Corporation Clock gating latch, method of operation thereof and integrated circuit employing the same 08890573 Cl. 326-98.
Ellem, Gary Kenneth: See--
Strezov, Lazar; Osborn, Steven Robert; Herbertson, Joseph George; and Ellem, Gary Kenneth 08888962 Cl. 202-85.
Ellens, Douglas C.: See--
LeBlanc, Thomas G.; Solheid, James J.; and Ellens, Douglas C. 08891927 Cl. 385-135.
Eller, Martin; Brichzin, Volker; Friedrich, Christian; and Inclán, Tobias, to Tenneco GmbH System for introducing fuels into the exhaust tract of a motor vehicle, and fuel vaporizer for the same 08887494 Cl. 60-303.
Ellingboe, Albert Rogers; O'Farrell, David; and Michna, Tomasz, to Dublin City University Plasma source electrode 08890412 Cl. 315-111.21.
Elliott, David J.; to Flo-Dynamics, Inc. System for delivering frac water at high pressure 08887760 Cl. 137-565.3.
Elliott Kaulback, Vicki S.: See--
Yue, Henry; Yao, Monique G.; Gandhi, Ameena R.; Baughn, Mariah R.; Swarnakar, Anita; Walia, Narinder; Sanjanwala, Madhusudan M.; Thorton, Michael; Elliott Kaulback, Vicki S.; Lu, Yan; Gietzen, Kimberly J.; Burford, Neil; Ding, Li; Hafalia, April J. A.; Tang, Y. Tom; Bandman, Olga; Warren, Bridget A.; Honchell, Cynthia D.; Lu, Dyung Aina M.; Thangaveln, Kavitha; Lee, Sally; Xu, Yuming; Yang, Junming; Lal, Preeti G.; Tran, Bao M.; Ison, Craig H.; Duggan, Brendan M.; and Kareht, Stephanie 08889833 Cl. 530-388.2.
Ellis Design Associates Limited: See--
Ellis, Peter 08887709 Cl. 126-9R.
Ellis, Frampton E. Computers or microchips with a primary internal hardware firewall and with multiple internal harware compartments protected by multiple secondary interior hardware firewalls 08892627 Cl. 709-201.
Ellis, Joseph K. Abdominal muscle exercise machine 08888661 Cl. 482-72.
Ellis, Michael D.: See--
Baumgartner, Joseph P.; Carpenter, Jr., Kenneth F.; Ellis, Michael D.; and Gaydou, Danny R. 08893194 Cl. 725-80.
Ellis-Monaghan, John J.: See--
Amoah, Yoba; Ellis-Monaghan, John J.; Kuo, Roger C.; Leitch, Molly J.; and Zhang, Zhihong 08890557 Cl. 324-750.3.
Ellis, Peter; to Ellis Design Associates Limited Foldable fuel burner 08887709 Cl. 126-9R.
Ellis, Richard; Leming, Matthew; and Ward, Timothy, to International Business Machines Corporation Dynamic application provisioning in cloud computing environments 08892740 Cl. 709-226.
Ellis, Robert: See--
Crawford, Jamieson; Ellis, Robert; Wilkinson, Bradley M.; Bartfeld, Benjamin; Newby, C. Mark; Tan, Chee Leong Alvin; Moh, Jon; Sim, Stanley; and Chia, Neville Yu Leng 08888713 Cl. 600-576.
Ellis, Robert W.: See--
Higgins, James M.; Ellis, Robert W.; Darragh, Neil R.; Olbrich, Aaron K.; Kankani, Navneeth; and Sprouse, Steven 08891303 Cl. 365-185.1.
Elo Touch Solutions, Inc.: See--
Aroyan, James L.; Lau, Francis; and Kent, Joel C. 08890852 Cl. 345-177.
Elomari, Saleh: See--
Hommeltoft, Sven Ivar; Lacheen, Howard S.; and Elomari, Saleh 08889934 Cl. 585-250.
Elron, Rami; Garmiza, Ehood; Helman, Haim; and Nitzan, Assaf, to International Business Machines Corporation Synchronization for initialization of a remote mirror storage facility 08892512 Cl. 707-610.
Elwha LLC: See--
Holman, Paul; Levien, Royce A.; Malamud, Mark A.; Stephenson, Neal; and Young, Christopher Charles 08892249 Cl. 700-233.
Em, Ho Seok: See--
Ahn, Chang Yong; and Em, Ho Seok 08891323 Cl. 365-201.
Emam, Ossama S.: See--
Sainath, Tara N.; Kanevsky, Dimitri; Caskey, Sasha P.; and Emam, Ossama S. 08892864 Cl. 713-100.
EMC Corporation: See--
Chopra, Shelesh; Reddy, Krishna; and Nallasivam, Subramanian 08892947 Cl. 714-32.
Dwyer, III, Thomas J.; Wijayaratne, Ravi; Muntz, Daniel A.; Noveck, David; and Veeraswamy, Sairam 08892507 Cl. 707-609.
Jayaram, Harish 08893269 Cl. 726-21.
Krishnan, Sriram; Bauer, Andreas L.; Laporte, Russell R.; and Lazar, Gregory W. 08892750 Cl. 709-228.
Natanzon, Assaf; Cohen, Saar; and Bromling, Steven 08892835 Cl. 711-162.
EMC microcollections GmbH: See--
Eickhoff, Holger; and Lowenheim, Hubert 08889723 Cl. 514-374.
Emerson, David Todd; Garner, Robert Allen; Bergmann, Michael John; Brown, Keenan Carlyle; Pennington, Michael Allen; and Coleman, Thomas Goldthwaite, to Cree, Inc. Restricted radiated heating assembly for high temperature processing 08888917 Cl. 118-725.
Emerson, Thomas James: See--
Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer; Emerson, Thomas James; and Cui, Lun Ted 08892541 Cl. 707-706.
Emery, Doug: See--
Haeberle, Brad; DeHart, Michael; Wisniewski, Karen; Emery, Doug; and Ahmed, Osman 08893006 Cl. 715-736.
Emery, James M.: See--
Jarzombek, Joyce Ann; Emery, James M.; Cierpial, Philip Damian; Host, Ray; Ladner, Eric Garner; Wade, Robert Andrew; and Khalil, Emad 08887496 Cl. 60-320.
Emigh, Aaron T.; and Roskind, James A., to Radix Holdings, LLC Hybrid challenge-response 08892673 Cl. 709-207.
Emmons, James D.: See--
Serrago, Daniel F.; and Emmons, James D. 08890036 Cl. 219-390.
Emms, Richard David: See--
Harpur, Ian G.; Wilsher, Michael John; Emms, Richard David; and Judd, Derek William 08892008 Cl. 399-263.
Emory University: See--
Joshi, Harish C.; Aneja, Ritu; and Vangapandu, Surya N. 08889705 Cl. 514-291.
Yang, Lily; Mao, Hui; Nie, Shuming; and Gao, Xiaohu 08889430 Cl. 436-526.
Emoto, Keiji: See--
Sato, Hitoshi; Sasaki, Yasuhito; and Emoto, Keiji 08891054 Cl. 355-30.
Empire Technology Development LLC: See--
Casasanta, III, Vincenzo 08890354 Cl. 290-55.
Chalasani, Sreekanth H. 08889394 Cl. 435-199.
Fein, Gene S.; and Merritt, Edward A. 08893232 Cl. 726-3.
Kruglick, Ezekiel 08888590 Cl. 463-31.
Kruglick, Ezekiel John Joseph 08892931 Cl. 713-340.
Kusuura, Takahisa 08890665 Cl. 340-407.1.
Ma, Xudong 08891296 Cl. 365-185.02.
Matos, Marvi A.; Carlson, William B.; Vesely, Ivan; and Gu, Yansong 08889403 Cl. 435-286.5.
Miller, Seth 08889472 Cl. 438-99.
Mizusawa, Atsushi 08889262 Cl. 428-532.
Oki, Eiji; Yamanaka, Naoaki; and Arakawa, Yutaka 08892731 Cl. 709-224.
Schattke, Nathan C 08888987 Cl. 205-775.
Yamaichi, Eiji 08891146 Cl. 359-32.
Yin, Xuefeng 08891347 Cl. 370-203.
Emseal Joint Systems Ltd.: See--
Witherspoon, Bill 08887473 Cl. 52-741.3.
Emulex Corporation: See--
Hirata, Kenneth Hiroshi; and Nixon, Robert Harvey 08892733 Cl. 709-224.
Hofer, Larry Dean 08892602 Cl. 707-790.
LeMire, Steven Gerard; and Nguyen, Vuong Cao 08892823 Cl. 711-138.
Emura, Atsuhiro; Kuwayama, Kazuya; and Inoue, Kenkichi, to Shimano Inc. Front derailleur 08888620 Cl. 474-80.
emz-Hanauer GmbH & Co. KgaA: See--
Schenkl, Johann; Baumer, Johannes; Sorgenfrei, Michael; and Signorino, Manfredi 08888929 Cl. 134-56R.
EnBio Limited: See--
O'Donoghue, John Gerard; and Haverty, Donncha 08889212 Cl. 427-2.1.
Endo, Masami; and Ohmaru, Takuro, to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Integrated circuit, method for driving the same, and semiconductor device 08891286 Cl. 365-149.
Endo, Takayoshi; and Takeda, Takuya, to Dai-Ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. Press-fit type connector terminal 08888541 Cl. 439-751.
Endo, Yuta: See--
Sasaki, Toshinari; Noda, Kosei; and Endo, Yuta 08890150 Cl. 257-59.
Endocyte, Inc.: See--
Vlahov, Iontcho Radoslavov; Groaning, Michael; Kleindl, Paul Joseph; Santhapuram, Hari Krishna R.; You, Fei; Wang, Kevin Yu; Xu, Le-Cun; Stanford, Katheryn Marie; Ritter, Allen; and Leamon, Christopher Paul 08889880 Cl. 548-146.
Endoh, Kazuaki; to Sony Corporation Active material, battery, and method for manufacturing electrode 08889034 Cl. 252-182.1.
Endoh, Tetsuya; and Honda, Keisuke, to Ichikoh Industries, Ltd. Vehicle door mirror 08888341 Cl. 362-494.
Endres, Silvia I.; Fouchet, Bernard; Michalski, Eva-Maria; and Seiler, Ursula, to Dow Global Technologies LLC Crosslinkable polymer dispersion 08889784 Cl. 524-556.
Endresen, Lars Petter; to Cisco Technology, Inc. Filter process in compression/decompression of digital video systems 08891629 Cl. 375-240.17.
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft für- und Regeltechnik mbH + Co. KG: See--
Kathe, Ulrich; Gross, Andrea; and Gerlinger, Anja 08889070 Cl. 422-68.1.
Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG: See--
Rieder, Alfred; and Drahm, Wolfgang 08887555 Cl. 73-54.27.
Engholm, Kathryn A.; Matos, Soraya J.; and Torin, Shigetsune, to Tektronix, Inc. Phase transient response measurements using automatic frequency estimation 08890507 Cl. 324-76.52.
Englbrecht, Erich; Hinz, Walter; Palsherm, Thomas; and Spitz, Stephan, to Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Writing operating data into a portable data carrier 08892678 Cl. 709-213.
Engleman, Jerry H.: See--
Lu, Jianbo; Hrovat, Davor; Pilutti, Thomas E.; Engleman, Jerry H.; Tseng, Eric H.; and Filev, Dimitar P. 08892304 Cl. 701-37.
English, Eoin Edward: See--
O'Donnell, Alan J.; Iriarte, Santiago; Murphy, Mark J.; Lyden, Colin G.; Casey, Gary; and English, Eoin Edward 08890285 Cl. 257-528.
O'Donnell, Alan J.; Iriarte, Santiago; Murphy, Mark J.; Lyden, Colin G.; Casey, Gary; and English, Eoin Edward 08890286 Cl. 257-528.
English, Jerald W.: See--
Wohl, Michael A.; Richardson, Thomas L.; English, Jerald W.; and Wisherd, David S. 08892065 Cl. 455-316.
Engstrand, Bradley W.; to Phaedrus, LLC System and method for obtaining, transmitting and/or providing freight transportation information 08892270 Cl. 701-1.
Engstrom, G. Eric: See--
Salman, Majeed D.; and Engstrom, G. Eric 08890719 Cl. 341-22.
Engström, Stefan; and Werner, Peter, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) Inter-base-station interface enhancement for multi-operator core networks 08891488 Cl. 370-331.
Enhanced Geographic LLC: See--
Busch, James David 08892126 Cl. 455-456.1.
Enjalbert, Jerome; and Maleyran, Marianne, to Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Voltage switching circuitry, integrated device and integrated circuit, and method of voltage switching 08890606 Cl. 327-543.
Enjet Co., Ltd.: See--
Byun, Do Young; Kim, Ji Hoon; and Tran, Si Bui Quang 08888249 Cl. 347-55.
enLighted, Inc.: See--
Mohan, Tanuj; and Gentry, Zachary 08890418 Cl. 315-151.
Enokida, Suguru: See--
Matsuoka, Nobuaki; Miyata, Akira; Hayashi, Shinichi; and Enokida, Suguru 08888387 Cl. 396-611.
Enomura, Masakazu; to M. Technique Co., Ltd. Method for producing nanoparticles 08889885 Cl. 548-453.
Enovation Controls, LLC: See--
Guglielmo, Kennon 08888544 Cl. 440-84.
Enplas Corporation: See--
Hayakawa, Kenji 08888503 Cl. 439-68.
Enpulz, L.L.P.: See--
Bennett, James D. 08892588 Cl. 707-763.
Entellus Medical, Inc.: See--
Drontle, John R.; Harris, Chad G.; Hanson, Anthony J.; Gauvin, John A.; Lesch, Jr., Paul R.; Petrick, Timothy B.; and Ressemann, Thomas V. 08888686 Cl. 600-121.
Entropic Communications, Inc.: See--
Monk, Anton; Bernath, Brett; Gurantz, Itzhak; El Wardani, Ladd; Porat, Ron; Ozturk, Yusuf; Lee, Ron; Goh, Wee-Peng; and Berggren, Magnus 08891544 Cl. 370-419.
Petrovic, Branislav; Hancock, Dale; Goldblatt, Jeremy; and Bargroff, Keith 08892026 Cl. 455-3.02.
Wu, Zong Liang 08891363 Cl. 370-229.
Entwicklungsges. Frank Mohr U. Gerhard Kreger, Jun.GBR: See--
Mohr, Frank; and Krüger, Gerhard 08889002 Cl. 210-205.
Envision Industries, Inc.: See--
Weaver, Vern 08889067 Cl. 422-5.
Eny, Elad; to Marvell Israel (M.I.S.L) Ltd. Hardware based detection of factory reset request 08892859 Cl. 713-2.
Eom, Ki-wan; Han, Chang-woo; Kang, Tae-gyoon; Kim, Nam-soo; Hong, Doo-hwa; Lee, Jae-won; and Lim, Hyung-joon, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Front-end processor for speech recognition, and speech recognizing apparatus and method using the same 08892436 Cl. 704-235.
Eom, Sung-Shik: See--
Choi, Jae-Hui; Ko, Dong-Hyun; Kwon, O-Hak; Eom, Sung-Shik; Hong, Moo-Ho; and Yang, Hye-Won 08889916 Cl. 568-454.
Epcos AG: See--
Tikka, Pasi; Block, Christian; Przadka, Andreas; Zeller, Gerhard; and Hagn, Peter 08891412 Cl. 370-278.
Epistar Corporation: See--
Huang, Chien-Fu; Chen, Chao-Hsing; Yao, Chiu-Lin; Liu, Hsin-Mao; and Chung, Chien-Kai 08890178 Cl. 257-88.
Lo, Wu-Tsung; Yang, Yu-Chih; and Lee, Rong-Ren 08889436 Cl. 438-24.
Yen, Sheng-Horng; and Hsu, Ta-Cheng 08890114 Cl. 257-13.
Epstein, Jonathan A.: See--
Gruber, Peter J.; Epstein, Jonathan A.; and Abdullah, Ibrahim 08889742 Cl. 514-619.
Erb, David: See--
Grove, Daniel D.; Bershad, Brian; and Erb, David 08892677 Cl. 709-213.
Erb, Randall M.: See--
Studart, André; Erb, Randall M.; and Libanori, Rafael 08889761 Cl. 523-115.
Erben, Michael: See--
Thiel, Michael; Ulbrich, Hermann; Zwicklowsky, Martin; Erben, Michael; Rapp, Michael; Künkel, Stefan; and Herrmann, Udo 08890709 Cl. 340-815.67.
Erceg, Vinko: See--
Kent, Mark; Landau, Uri; Catreux-Erceg, Severine; Erceg, Vinko; Kong, Ning; and Roux, Pieter 08891606 Cl. 375-232.
Erdely, Laszlo T.: See--
Cruz, Anthony; Thaxter, Gwendolyn Mahon; and Erdely, Laszlo T. 08891024 Cl. 348-734.
Erdmann, Christophe: See--
Lowney, Donnacha; Erdmann, Christophe; and Cullen, Edward 08890730 Cl. 341-120.
Erdodi, Gabor: See--
Kennedy, Joseph P.; and Erdodi, Gabor 08889926 Cl. 570-201.
Erhart, Georg: See--
Grassi, deceased, Stefano; Erhart, Georg; and Saccardi, Giovanni 08887783 Cl. 156-560.
Erich Jaeger GmbH + Co. KG: See--
Hachadorian, Gary 08888515 Cl. 439-142.
Erickson, Anthony: See--
Ortmann, Nathan R.; Erickson, Anthony; and Mohs, Thomas R. 08888922 Cl. 134-22.11.
Erickson, Carl P.: See--
McArdle, James L.; Moris, Alice B.; Hawkins, Ann M.; and Erickson, Carl P. 08888561 Cl. 451-59.
Erickson, Terrianne: See--
Gettelman, Craig A.; Wan, Dadong; Pogula, Ankur; Reierson, Ben; and Erickson, Terrianne 08888721 Cl. 600-595.
Eriksson, Anders Bo: See--
Berglund, Mats; Eriksson, Anders Bo; Wedin, Erik; Lindgren, Jan; Ramkvist, Mats; Bertilsson, Stina; and Brunstrom, Tina 08890005 Cl. 174-650.
Eriksson, Bengt; Backman, Jan; Gabrielsson, Karl; and Bäckvik, Ralf, to Ovivo Luxembourg S.år.l Assembly with multiple hydrocyclones, method for assembling multiple hydrocyclones and support structure for multiple hydrocyclones 08889014 Cl. 210-788.
Eriksson, Erik Johan Gunnar: See--
Bergstra, Michiel Friso; and Eriksson, Erik Johan Gunnar 08889793 Cl. 525-240.
Erisken, Selman Z.: See--
Hedrick, Brian W.; McGehee, James F.; Erisken, Selman Z.; and Qafisheh, Jibreel A. 08888992 Cl. 208-92.
Erlenbach, Marc Tool caddy for automobile lift 08887929 Cl. 211-70.6.
Ernst, Anko; Sander, Udo; Dittmann, Mario; Niessner, Werner; and Schenk, Alexander, to Federal-Mogul Ignition GmbH Spark plug for a gas-operated internal combustion engine 08890396 Cl. 313-141.
Ernst, Johannes: See--
Thimm, Alfred; Ruska, Jürgen; Ernst, Johannes; and Stolz, Stefan 08889273 Cl. 428-702.
Ertugay, Osman N.: See--
Gatta, Srinivas Raghu; Srinivasan, Kamalavasan; Ertugay, Osman N.; Thaler, David G.; Anipko, Dmitry A.; Vanturennout, Jeroen; Rahman, Mohammad Saifur; and Gaddehosur, Poornananda R. 08892710 Cl. 709-223.
Erwin, Richard J.: See--
Proeber, Brian Christopher; Wilcox, Timoth A.; Schaffter, Barry; Kennedy, Michael E.; Erwin, Richard J.; Horstman, Nathan; and Meegan, Robert 08887412 Cl. 37-197.
Esaki, Sana: See--
Fukuda, Kenichi; Naruo, Masahiro; and Esaki, Sana 08890429 Cl. 315-224.
Esch, Michael; Filipowicz, Miroslaw; Subramanian, Kumaran; and Nickisch, Dirk, to Intel Mobile Communications GmbH Cell transfer controller and method for selecting a radio cell 08892106 Cl. 455-450.
Eschbach, Reiner: See--
Fan, Zhigang; Eschbach, Reiner; Marlett, Calvin John; Fuss, William A.; Low, James R.; and Wang, Shen-ge 08888010 Cl. 235-494.
Eschmann, Friedrich: See--
Möller, Manfred; Eschmann, Friedrich; and Simoes, Jean-Paul 08889060 Cl. 266-156.
Eshel, Noam; and Weisman, Roman, to Pixim Israel Ltd Device and method for amplification and noise compensation 08890987 Cl. 348-300.
ESI-Pyrophotonics Lasers Inc.: See--
Panarello, Tullio; Rekow, Mathew; and Murison, Richard 08890025 Cl. 219-121.69.
Eskin, Eleazar: See--
Honig, Andrew; Howard, Andrew; Eskin, Eleazar; and Stolfo, Salvatore J. 08893273 Cl. 726-23.
Espinoza-Ibarra, Ricardo Ernesto: See--
Warnes, Lidia; Calhoun, Michael Bozich; Carr, Dennis; Lee, Teddy; Vu, Dan; and Espinoza-Ibarra, Ricardo Ernesto 08892942 Cl. 714-8.
Esposito, Mark; to Phil Durango LLC Tourniquet and method of use 08888807 Cl. 606-203.
Esser, Gregor: See--
Altheimer, Helmut; Becken, Wolfgang; Esser, Gregor; Uttenweiler, Dietmar; and Welk, Andrea 08888280 Cl. 351-159.75.
Altheimer, Helmut; Becken, Wolfgang; Esser, Gregor; Uttenweiler, Dietmar; and Zimmermann, Martin 08888281 Cl. 351-159.76.
Essien, Marcelino; and King, Bruce H., to Optomec, Inc. Multiple sheath multiple capillary aerosol jet 08887658 Cl. 118-300.
Essilor International (Compagnie Generale d'Optique): See--
Pophillat, Olivier; and Gueu, Stephane 08891072 Cl. 356-51.
Estakhri, Petro: See--
Abedifard, Ebrahim; Mozaffari, Mahmood; Estakhri, Petro; and Keshtbod, Parviz 08891326 Cl. 365-210.1.
Estkowski, Regina I.; Whitley, Ted D.; Baumeister, Richard; and Fulton, Neale Leslie, to Boeing Company, The Aviation advisory 08892349 Cl. 701-301.
ETA SA Manufacture Horlogére Suisse: See--
Altenhoven, Thierry; and Bettelini, Marco 08888359 Cl. 368-190.
Kaelin, Laurent; and Moulin, Julien 08891339 Cl. 368-220.
Etchegoyen, Craig S.; to Uniloc Luxembourg S.A. Computer-based comparison of human individuals 08892642 Cl. 709-203.
ETH Zurich: See--
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Ethersms, LLC: See--
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