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Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
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7. An image forming system comprising:
an image forming apparatus which forms an image on a sheet; and
a sheet processing apparatus, wherein the sheet processing apparatus includes:
a holding portion which holds a booklet containing a two-folded sheet;
a pressing portion which presses to deform a spine of the booklet into a square shape during movement along the spine of the booklet held by the holding portion;
a changing portion which changes a pressing force of the pressing portion to be applied to the booklet spine during the movement of the pressing portion along the booklet spine so as to decrease or release the pressing force within a predetermined area of a moving range in which the pressing portion moves along the booklet spine, the predetermined area including one end portion of the booklet spine where the pressing portion starts pressing the booklet spine; and
a controller which controls the changing portion so that the changing portion changes the predetermined area corresponding to the one end portion based on information about a size of the booklet to be pressed by the pressing portion.