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Airway anchor suture to prevent airway stent migration
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1. In combination, an airway stent and an integral anchor, comprising:
a stent body having a cylindrical shape, and proximal and distal ends;
a suture anchor secured to said stent body, said suture anchor comprising a length of suture, a T-bar element secured to a distal end of the length of suture and said T-bar element placed within a hollow interior space of the stent body, and said length of suture extending through a wall of the stent body;
a pad having an opening to receive the suture;
a plurality of studs disposed on an exterior surface of said stent body and selectively spaced along said stent body for improving frictional engagement of the stent within the airway;
at least one of a clamp or knot securing an end of the suture against the pad;
wherein said suture is of a sufficient length to further extend substantially horizontally through a neck of a patient, and said pad being positioned externally against the neck of the patient.