NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

F-Secure Corporation: See--
Niemelä, Jarno 08788653 Cl. 709-224.
F.F. Seeley Nominees Pty. Ltd.: See--
Gilbert, Robert William 08783054 Cl. 62-304.
F.I.A.M.M. S.p.A.: See--
Aliberti, Roberto; and Cazzanti, Silvia 08788142 Cl. 701-34.4.
F5 Networks, Inc.: See--
Gilde, Robert George; and Harms, Steven Lee 08788665 Cl. 709-226.
Masters, Richard R. 08788640 Cl. 709-223.
Faasen, Joel Van: See--
Chou, Cheng-Lung; Soccoli, Paul; Klamer, David; Duckworth, Paul; Stannis, Gordon; and Faasen, Joel Van 08786137 Cl. 307-116.
Faber, Henry B.: See--
Ritchey, Nicholas S.; Faber, Henry B.; Grusin, Nathaniel Kelley; Rains, James K.; Austin, Gene Edward; Schwägli, Tobias; and Ricci, William M. 08784425 Cl. 606-96.
Fabiole Nicoletto, Silvia: See--
Giuliani, Andrea; Pirri, Giovanna; and Fabiole Nicoletto, Silvia 08785399 Cl. 514-21.3.
Fabre, Christian; and Bignolais, Alain, to Airbus Operations S.A.S. Fluid ejection device with reinforced seal 08783372 Cl. 169-9.
Fabre, Sylvain: See--
Pasquier, Frédéric; Fabre, Sylvain; and Garnier, Bruno 08787441 Cl. 375-240.
Fabricant, Robert: See--
Pickelsimer, Lisa A.; Patil, Anant; Musick, Joshua; Fabricant, Robert; Werner, David; and Zeldis, Andrew 08789102 Cl. 725-42.
Fabrizius, Martin A.: See--
Streit, Leon G.; Fabrizius, Martin A.; and Roach, Michael T. 08785734 Cl. 800-312.
Facchini, Diana: See--
Victor, Jared J.; Erb, Uwe; Tomantschger, Klaus; Nagarajan, Nandakumar; Facchini, Diana; and Neacsu, Mioara 08784713 Cl. 264-220.
Faccin, Stefano: See--
Zhao, Fan; Damle, Ameya; and Faccin, Stefano 08788826 Cl. 713-171.
Facebook, Inc.: See--
Bridge, Henry; Luu, Francis; and Borror, Nathan 08787888 Cl. 455-415.
Ellis, David C. 08788262 Cl. 704-9.
Fish, Edmund J.; Eichler, Allen J.; and Herold, June R. RE045040 Cl. 463-42.
Granito, Jennifer; and Franco, Alexander 08787932 Cl. 455-456.1.
Granito, Jennifer; and Franco, Alexander 08787940 Cl. 455-456.3.
Michael, Amir Meir; Furuta, Steven J.; and Wittig, Michael 08787012 Cl. 361-679.37.
Papakipos, Matthew Nicholas; and Popov, Lev 08787939 Cl. 455-456.3.
Schultz, Alexander Paul; and Alison, Thomas 08788340 Cl. 705-14.53.
Stout, Ryan Allen; Hua, Ming; and Yan, Hong 08788487 Cl. 707-722.
Tuttle, Timothy D.; Beguelin, Adam L.; and Kocks, Peter F. 08788488 Cl. 707-723.
Fadell, Anthony; Hodge, Andrew; Schell, Stephan; Caballero, Ruben; Dorogusker, Jesse Lee; Zadesky, Stephen; and Sanford, Emery, to Apple Inc. Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device 08788838 Cl. 713-186.
Fadell, Anthony Michael: See--
Warren, Daniel Adam; Fiennes, Hugo; Dutra, Jonathan Alan; Bell, David; Fadell, Anthony Michael; Rogers, Matthew Lee; Smith, Ian C.; Satterthwaite, Jr., Edwin H.; Palmer, Joseph E.; Erickson, Grant M.; and Mucignat, Andrea 08788103 Cl. 700-276.
Fadell, Anthony Michael; Rogers, Matthew Lee; Rogers, Kipp Avery; Ishihara, Abraham K.; Ben-Menahem, Shahar; and Sharan, Rangoli, to Nest Labs, Inc. Occupancy pattern detection, estimation and prediction 08788448 Cl. 706-52.
Faehler, Sebastian; Thomas, Michael; Heczko, Oleg; Buschbeck, Joerg; and McCord, Jeffrey, to Leibniz-Institut fuer Festkoerper-und Werkstoffforschung Dresden E.V. Construction element made of a ferromagnetic shape memory material and use thereof 08786276 Cl. 324-244.
Faeth, Holger: See--
Frankenstein, Dirk; Faeth, Holger; and Boening, Ralf 08784076 Cl. 417-373.
Fahmy, Hossam Aly Hassan: See--
Eldeeb, Tarek; Fahmy, Hossam Aly Hassan; and Hassan, Mahmoud Y. 08788560 Cl. 708-495.
Fahrenkrug, Matthew F.: See--
Charles, Eric J.; Fahrenkrug, Matthew F.; and Gorisek, David E. 08783028 Cl. 60-605.2.
Fahrenkrug, Scott C.; Carlson, Daniel F.; and Geurts, Aron M., to Recombinetics, Inc. Methods for producing genetically modified animals using hypermethylated transposons 08785718 Cl. 800-25.
Fair, Christopher L.; and Koltz, Jr., Michael L., to Medtronic Xomed, Inc. Electric ratchet for a powered screwdriver 08786233 Cl. 318-434.
Fair Isaac Corporation: See--
Byrnes, John; and Rohwer, Richard 08788701 Cl. 709-238.
Fair, Paul; to Thule Organization Solutions, Inc. Gripping feature D0709432 Cl. D12-412.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation: See--
Challa, Ashok; Lee, Jaegil; Jung, Jinyoung; and Jang, Hocheol 08786045 Cl. 257-490.
Konstantinov, Andrei 08785945 Cl. 257-77.
Yedinak, Joseph A.; Rexer, Christopher L.; Lee, Jaegil; Yilmaz, Hamza; and Yun, Chongman 08786010 Cl. 257-328.
Faircloth, Brian O.: See--
Zediker, Mark S.; Bergeron, Henry A.; Clark, Philip V.; Faircloth, Brian O.; Moxley, Joel F.; Deutch, Paul D.; and Rinzler, Charles C. 08783360 Cl. 166-361.
Fajardo, Jose C. Protective device for covering the tip of a beam on which air conditioning equipment is installed 08782980 Cl. 52-301.
Fale, Casey: See--
Harkins, Michael T.; and Fale, Casey 08786400 Cl. 340-5.2.
Falk, Alan: See--
Mateski, Christopher J.; Falk, Alan; Mott, Darrin; and Hart, Julie A. 08787401 Cl. 370-431.
Falkinham, Joseph O.: See--
Schmidt, Eric W.; Falkinham, Joseph O.; and Jeffs, Peter W. 08785376 Cl. 514-3.6.
Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc.: See--
Brazelton, David M.; and Wagner, Adam L. PP024661 Cl. PLT-157.
Brazelton, David M.; and Wagner, Adam L. PP024662 Cl. PLT-157.
Brazelton, David M.; and Wagner, Adam L. PP024663 Cl. PLT-157.
Fallin, Thomas Wade; Sinnott, M. Mary; and White, Patrick Michel, to Smith & Nephew, Inc. Orthopedic guide and method 08784427 Cl. 606-96.
Falling, Stephen Neal: See--
Barnicki, Scott Donald; Falling, Stephen Neal; Kanel, Jeffrey Scott; Kline, Robert Sterling; Mackenzie, Peter Borden; and Vetter, Andrew James 08785686 Cl. 562-579.
Fallon, Kevin P.: See--
Amos, Michael S.; Baker, Brian D.; Baudouin, Alexandre; and Fallon, Kevin P. 08782928 Cl. 36-102.
Falotico, Robert; and Zhao, Jonathan, to Cordis Corporation Local administration of a combination of rapamycin and cilostazol for the treatment of vascular disease 08784860 Cl. 424-423.
Falta, Ronald W.: See--
Blount, Gerald; Siddal, Alvin A.; and Falta, Ronald W. 08783371 Cl. 166-402.
Falta, Steven R.; Pechtold, Rainer; Di Fiore, Daniel C.; Keskula, Donald H.; Lang, Matthew A.; Leykauf, Michael; Lovria, Joseph N.; and Maier, Oliver, to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Fuel cell operation with a failed open injector 08785071 Cl. 429-444.
Faltys, Michael A.: See--
Levine, Jacob A.; and Faltys, Michael A. 08788034 Cl. 607-2.
Falzon, Brian G.: See--
Caro, Colin G.; Watkins, Nicholas V.; Falzon, Brian G.; and Birch, Philip L. 08784476 Cl. 623-1.17.
Fan, Guojiang; Yu, Feng; Fang, Yi; Belnap, J. Daniel; and Cariveau, Peter T., to Smith International, Inc. Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with engineered porosity and method for manufacturing such cutting elements 08783389 Cl. 175-433.
Fan, James; Chen, David Fenglin; and Lam, Jennifer K., to AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Implementing a network of intelligent virtual service agents to provide personalized automated responses 08787553 Cl. 379-265.09.
Fan, Jiahua; Chandra, Naveen; and De Man, Bruno Kristiaan Bernard, to General Electric Company System and method of optimizing a representation of dual energy spectral CT images 08787519 Cl. 378-5.
Fan, John D.: See--
Friesenhahn, Dustin; Crockett, Sterling J.; Fan, John D.; Harmetz, Adam; and Krishnamoorthy, Savitha 08788463 Cl. 707-662.
Fan, Junfa: See--
Bui, Minna; Conlon, Patrick; Cuervo, Julio H.; Erlanson, Daniel A.; Fan, Junfa; Guan, Bing; Hopkins, Brian T.; Jenkins, Tracy J.; Kumaravel, Gnanasambandam; Lugovskoy, Alexey A.; Marcotte, Doug; Powell, Noel; Scott, Daniel; Silvian, Laura; Taveras, Art; Wang, Deping; and Zhong, Min 08785440 Cl. 514-235.8.
Fan, Min: See--
Wen, Xiaofang; Wu, Yiliang; Wang, Yefei; Yang, Zhiyu; Fan, Min; Wang, Yujiao; Fang, Xiaochun; and Lu, You 08785597 Cl. 530-350.
Fan, Shou-Shan: See--
Jin, Yuan-Hao; Li, Qun-Qing; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08785218 Cl. 438-19.
Wang, Jia-Ping; Jiang, Kai-Li; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08785053 Cl. 429-238.
Zhu, Zhen-Dong; Li, Qun-Qing; Zhang, Li-Hui; Chen, Mo; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08785221 Cl. 438-29.
Zhu, Zhen-Dong; Li, Qun-Qing; Zhang, Li-Hui; Chen, Mo; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08785955 Cl. 257-98.
Fan, Shunan; Chen, Guoqiao; Wang, Lei; Dong, Ting; Zhang, Huiping; and Yang, Jian, to Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Method and apparatus for sending a push content 08788608 Cl. 709-207.
Fancelli, Daniele: See--
Brasca, Maria Gabriella; Amici, Raffaella; Fancelli, Daniele; Nesi, Marcella; Orsini, Paolo; Orzi, Fabrizio; Roussel, Patrick; Vulpetti, Anna; and Pevarello, Paolo 08785448 Cl. 514-253.
Fang, Chong-Yang; to Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. Display device and backlight module thereof 08786791 Cl. 349-15.
Fang, Jianmin: See--
Lin, Yaojian; Chen, Kang; Fang, Jianmin; and Feng, Xia 08786100 Cl. 257-774.
Fang, Peng: See--
Zhou, Wentao; Banerjee, Raj; Proano, Eduardo; Li, Ji; Wang, Yinli; Fang, Peng; Bolanos, Nelson; Thambynayagam, R. K. Michael; Grove, Gregory P.; and Spath, Jeffrey B. 08788252 Cl. 703-10.
Fang, Qingyin; to Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Method for managing a switch chip port, main control board, switch board, and system 08787365 Cl. 370-388.
Fang, Shenqing: See--
Chen, Chun; and Fang, Shenqing 08785275 Cl. 438-259.
Fang, Xiaochun: See--
Wen, Xiaofang; Wu, Yiliang; Wang, Yefei; Yang, Zhiyu; Fan, Min; Wang, Yujiao; Fang, Xiaochun; and Lu, You 08785597 Cl. 530-350.
Fang, Yi: See--
Fan, Guojiang; Yu, Feng; Fang, Yi; Belnap, J. Daniel; and Cariveau, Peter T. 08783389 Cl. 175-433.
Fanning, Lev T. D.: See--
Binch, Hayley; Fanning, Lev T. D.; Hurley, Dennis; Sheth, Urvi; Silina, Alina; Yang, Xiaoqing; Botfield, Martyn; Grootenhuis, Peter D. J.; Van Goor, Fredrick; and Numa, Mehdi Michel Djamel 08785640 Cl. 546-126.
Fanning, Michael C.; Lucco, Steven Edward; and Mameri, Frederico A., to Microsoft Corporation Statically derived symbolic references for dynamic languages 08789018 Cl. 717-123.
FANUC Corporation: See--
Iwashita, Yasusuke; Niwa, Masakazu; and Yamamoto, Kenta 08786239 Cl. 318-503.
Nagatsuka, Yoshiharu; and Takeda, Toshiya 08788081 Cl. 700-97.
Sakakibara, Shinsuke; Morioka, Masahiro; and Adachi, Satoshi 08788093 Cl. 700-245.
Takayama, Yuusake 08783210 Cl. 118-683.
Far Eastern New Century Corporation: See--
Chiou, Da-Ren; Hung, Wei-Che; Lin, Shih-Yueh; Chen, Chiu-Fang; and Chen, Tzu-Ying 08784930 Cl. 427-74.
Faragher, Stephen; Fox, Jamie; and Mears, Darren John, to Obrist Closures Switzerland GmbH Child-resistant closure 08783483 Cl. 215-224.
Farah, Jeffrey J.; and Palazzo, Richard, to AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P. Customized caller ID based upon called party number 08787542 Cl. 379-142.06.
Faraj, Daniel A.: See--
Davis, Kristan D.; and Faraj, Daniel A. 08789067 Cl. 719-313.
Faraj, Daniel A.; to International Business Machines Corporation Constructing a logical, regular axis topology from an irregular topology 08788649 Cl. 709-223.
Fargeaudou, Yann: See--
Mebazaa, Alexandre; Gayat, Etienne; Resche-Rigon, Matthieu; Morel, Olivier; Fargeaudou, Yann; Rossignol, Matthias; and Payen, Didier 08784313 Cl. 600-371.
Farha, Omar K.: See--
Ryan, Patrick J.; Farha, Omar K.; Broadbelt, Linda J.; Snurr, Randall Q.; and Bae, Youn-Sang 08784536 Cl. 95-127.
Faria, Flavio Marcio de Lima; Simoes, Marcus de Castro Carvalho; and Pessoa, Antonio F., to Vale S.A. Process for obtaining potassium chloride 08784755 Cl. 423-184.
Farmer, Bennett: See--
Abeywardane, Asitha; Farmer, Bennett; Farrow, Neil Alexander; Gao, Donghong Amy; Heim-Riether, Alexander; Smith Keenan, Lana Louise; Mugge, Ingo Andreas; Taylor, Steven John; Xiong, Zhaoming; Yu, Yang; and Zhang, Qiang 08785489 Cl. 514-415.
Farmer, Christopher R: See--
Epperson, Joseph W; Carlson, Kurt M; and Farmer, Christopher R 08788326 Cl. 705-14.1.
Farmer, Damon B.; Franklin, Aaron D.; Han, Shu-Jen; and Tulevski, George S., to International Business Machines Corporation Self-aligned carbon nanostructure field effect transistors using selective dielectric deposition 08785262 Cl. 438-158.
Farmer, Damon B.; Franklin, Aaron D.; Han, Shu-Jen; and Tulevski, George S., to International Business Machines Corporation Self-aligned carbon nanostructure field effect transistors using selective dielectric deposition 08786018 Cl. 257-347.
Farnan, Robert C.; Olson, Scott A.; Jung, Elizabeth; Dusbabeck, Andrew J.; and Hudgins, Robert G., to Circulite, Inc. Transseptal cannula, tip, delivery system, and method 08784291 Cl. 600-16.
Farnworth, Warren M.: See--
Watkins, Charles M.; Kirby, Kyle K.; Wood, Alan G.; Akram, Salman; and Farnworth, Warren M. 08786097 Cl. 257-774.
Farooq, Amir: See--
Jones, Gordon A.; Douce, David S.; and Farooq, Amir 08785843 Cl. 250-281.
Farquharson, Keith David: See--
Guo, Tianle; Lam, Tony M.; and Farquharson, Keith David 08783643 Cl. 251-1.3.
Farr, Deborah L.: See--
Farr, Scott K.; and Farr, Deborah L. 08785824 Cl. 219-497.
Farr, Scott K.; and Farr, Deborah L. Boiler regulation system for ensuring hot water is priority 08785824 Cl. 219-497.
Farrar, John Martin; Jackson, Andrew Clive; Mahon, Margaret; and Oberholzer, Martin, to Clariant Finance (BVI) Limited Storage stable solutions of optical brighteners 08784612 Cl. 162-162.
Farrell, Barbara L.: See--
Li, Xing; Yao, Meng; and Farrell, Barbara L. 08787653 Cl. 382-149.
Farrell, Brian: See--
Streeter, Richard; and Farrell, Brian 08785778 Cl. 174-72A.
Farrell, Colm: See--
O'Sullivan, Patrick Joseph; Zimmet, Carol Sue; Chakra, Al; Farrell, Colm; and Harpur, Liam 08788309 Cl. 705-7.16.
Farrell, John F.; and Hoffman, Henry, to Saebo, Inc. Splint assembly for positioning of the hand 08784348 Cl. 602-21.
Farrell, Laura-Lee; and Johnson, Chad E., to Cook Medical Technologies LLC Methods for producing ECM-based biomaterials 08784890 Cl. 424-484.
Farrell, Timothy P.: See--
Biles, David M.; and Farrell, Timothy P. D0709622 Cl. D24-221.
Farrow, Neil Alexander: See--
Abeywardane, Asitha; Farmer, Bennett; Farrow, Neil Alexander; Gao, Donghong Amy; Heim-Riether, Alexander; Smith Keenan, Lana Louise; Mugge, Ingo Andreas; Taylor, Steven John; Xiong, Zhaoming; Yu, Yang; and Zhang, Qiang 08785489 Cl. 514-415.
Farrow, Stuart Neville; Kaptein, Allard; Kitson, Jeremy David Alistair; and Winder, Alison J., to Glaxo Group Limited Method for inhibiting binding to B-cell receptor 08784814 Cl. 424-139.1.
Farwaha, Rajeev: See--
Confalone, Philip; and Farwaha, Rajeev 08785714 Cl. 604-359.
Faryar, Alireza: See--
Liu, Cheng P; Faryar, Alireza; and Huber, Kurt 08787331 Cl. 370-338.
Fathalla, Diaa: See--
Kruse, David M.; Fathalla, Diaa; Pinkerton, James T.; George, Mathew; Prahalad, Prashanth; and Jolly, Thomas E. 08788579 Cl. 709-203.
Fattal, Shahar: See--
Yellin, Daniel; Erell, Adoram; and Fattal, Shahar 08788918 Cl. 714-790.
Fattori, Daniela: See--
Bartoli, Sandra; Cipollone, Amalia; and Fattori, Daniela 08785664 Cl. 549-407.
Fauci, Mark A.; Ma, Yinghao; Poppe, Craig; Hee, Thung-Han; and Agrawal, Rahul, to GEN-9, Inc. Tracking activity, velocity, and heading using sensors in mobile devices or other systems 08788193 Cl. 701-411.
Faulkner, Eric Anthony; and DiBiase, Mary Diana, to Biogen Idec MA Inc. Method for delivering interferon-β 08784399 Cl. 604-403.
Faurecia Innenraum Systeme GmbH: See--
Schaefer, Frank 08784964 Cl. 428-57.
Faust, Hans Uwe: See--
Müller, Harmin; Faust, Hans Uwe; and Schäfer, Martin 08785540 Cl. 524-457.
Faust, Volker: See--
Horres, Roland; Linssen, Marita Katharina; Hoffmann, Michael; Hoffmann, Erika; DiBiase, Donate; and Faust, Volker 08784862 Cl. 424-423.
Faustini, Antony Azio: See--
McColl, William Finlay; and Faustini, Antony Azio 08788928 Cl. 715-219.
Favors, Karla D.; Ringold, Clay E.; Luo, Yuping; and Hagiopol, Cornel, to Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC Polyamidoamine-epihalohydrin resins, method of manufacture, and uses thereof 08785593 Cl. 528-480.
Favre, Christine; Auguet, Michel; and Chabrier De Lassauniere, Piere-Etienne, to Ipsen Pharma S.A.S. Therapeutic use of at least one botulinum neurotoxin in the treatment of pain associated with diabetic neuropathy 08784841 Cl. 424-247.1.
Favuzzi, John: See--
Feingold, Gordon; Key, Marc; Favuzzi, John; and Welcher, Rosanne 08788217 Cl. 702-32.
Winther, Lars; Key, Marc; Buchanan, Kristopher; Favuzzi, John; and Guggenheimer, Benno 08784735 Cl. 422-67.
Fawzy, Abdel; and Bobotas, George, to GlaxoSmithKline, LLC Coating capsules with active pharmaceutical ingredients 08784886 Cl. 424-463.
Fayetteville State University: See--
Singletary, Steven 08782949 Cl. 47-57.6.
FCI Americas Technology LLC: See--
Buck, Jonathan E.; and Rengarajan, Madhumitha 08784116 Cl. 439-55.
Ngo, Hung Viet D0709455 Cl. D13-147.
FDK Twicell Co., Ltd.: See--
Kihara, Masaru; Endo, Takahiro; Sato, Toshiki; Saguchi, Akira; Wada, Satoshi; Mugima, Isao; Nakamura, Tomomi; Asanuma, Hideyuki; and Tamura, Masanori 08785019 Cl. 429-94.
Fecher, Dana B.: See--
Gullapalli, Subhash B.; and Fecher, Dana B. 08787987 Cl. 455-570.
Federal-Mogul Corporation: See--
Okano, Takashi 08783692 Cl. 277-593.
Federal-Mogul Ignition Company: See--
Burrows, John Antony 08786392 Cl. 336-90.
Federal Mogul S.A.: See--
Henin, Pierre; Jandion, Patrice; and Coos, Eric 08782844 Cl. 15-250.201.
Federal-Mogul Wiesbaden GmbH: See--
Garnier, Thierry 08783954 Cl. 384-286.
Rittmann, Stefan; Aubele, Thomas; and Bresser, Karsten 08783956 Cl. 384-322.
Fedi, Roberto; Clausi, Antonio; and Cinti, Giovanni, to Italcementi S.p.A. Apparatus for the production of clinker from raw meal and relative process 08784097 Cl. 432-15.
Fedigan, Stephen J.; Jochalson, Daniel S.; Kridner, Jason D.; and Hayes, Jeffrey S., to Texas Instruments Incorporated Multi-stream audio level controller 08787594 Cl. 381-104.
Fedorchuk, Andriy; and Hoxha, Alban, to Webtech Wireless Inc. Multi-protocol vehicle diagnostic interface device and method 08788139 Cl. 701-31.5.
Fee, Michael: See--
Ambroladze, Ekaterina M.; Blake, Michael A.; Fee, Michael; Huynh, Hieu T.; Meaney, Patrick J.; and O'Neill, Arthur J. 08788891 Cl. 714-708.
Feeney, John Joseph: See--
Dressman, Marlene Michelle; Feeney, John Joseph; Licamele, Louis William; and Polymeropoulos, Mihael H. 08785492 Cl. 514-469.
Fegg, Martin: See--
Gaisbauer, Rainer; Bannach, Heinz; Kadavanich, Vikron; Fegg, Martin; and Wagner, Christian 08783183 Cl. 102-336.
Fehn, Gregory M.; to Bank of America, N.A. Container with recycled plastic 06479115 Cl. 428-36.6.
Fehrer, Dirk-Oliver: See--
Böhm, Ingo; and Fehrer, Dirk-Oliver 08786944 Cl. 359-368.
Feichtinger, Konrad: See--
Teegarden, Bradley; Xiong, Yifeng; Strah-Pleynet, Sonja; Jayakumar, Honnappa; Dosa, Peter I.; Feichtinger, Konrad; Casper, Martin; Lehmann, Juerg; Jones, Robert M.; Unett, David J.; and Choi, Jin Sun Karoline 08785441 Cl. 514-236.5.
Feingold, Gordon; Key, Marc; Favuzzi, John; and Welcher, Rosanne, to DAKO Denmark A/S Information notification sample processing system and methods of biological slide processing 08788217 Cl. 702-32.
Feinstein, Elena; and Erlich, Shai, to Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Compositions and methods for reducing or protecting against delayed graft function (DGF) 08785408 Cl. 514-44.
Feinstein, Joshua L.: See--
Kramer, Glen; Feinstein, Joshua L.; and Hirth, Ryan E. 08787758 Cl. 398-58.
Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.: See--
Lu, Zhou; and Yu, Huazhang 08789166 Cl. 726-18.
Feldman, James Anthony: See--
Armenta-Pitsakis, Jesus Humberto; Clark, Valerie Jean; Feldman, James Anthony; George, Jacob; Halder, Amit; and Terwilliger, Brett Alan 08782921 Cl. 34-256.
Feldman, Nelly; and Catalano, Stefano, to STMicroelectronics S.r.l. Testing system for integrated circuits including components for receiving clock signals corresponding to different clock domains 08788895 Cl. 714-726.
Feldtkeller, Martin; to Infineon Technologies Austria AG Runtime compensated oscillator 08786375 Cl. 331-111.
Fellowes, Inc.: See--
Matlin, Tai Hoon K.; and Gach, Eric 08783592 Cl. 241-36.
Fels, Eric; and Schmitt, Hubert, to Thyssenkrupp System Engineering Method for dynamically checking the teeth of a part and checking device using said method 08783100 Cl. 73-162.
Felt, Michelle: See--
Relyea, Don; Roberts, Brian; and Felt, Michelle 08787579 Cl. 380-278.
FemPulse, LLC: See--
Haessler, Alexandra 08788040 Cl. 607-39.
Feng, Chen: See--
Havens, William H.; Feng, Chen; Gannon, Colleen P.; Li, Jianhua; and Wang, Ynjiun P. 08783573 Cl. 235-462.22.
Feng, Chunmei: See--
Moreno-Castañeda, Veimar Yobany; Feng, Chunmei; Knight, Jeremy Stephen Prevost; and Webb, Richard Stuart 08787048 Cl. 363-67.
Feng, FuJen; and Chow, Ming, to Cisco Technology, Inc. Topology discovery of a private network 08787207 Cl. 370-255.
Feng, Guoying; Du, Yongzhao; and Zhou, Shouhuan, to Sichuan University Circular common-path point diffraction interference wavefront sensor 08786864 Cl. 356-521.
Feng, Paul C. C.; and Brinker, Ronald J., to Monsanto Technology LLC Methods for weed control using plants having dicamba-degrading enzymatic activity RE045048 Cl. 800-300.
Feng, Xia: See--
Lin, Yaojian; Chen, Kang; Fang, Jianmin; and Feng, Xia 08786100 Cl. 257-774.
Feng, Xiaomei; Li, Jin; Li, Dong; Li, Guangming; Zhang, Zhenmin; Wang, Jiacai; Zou, Jian; Ma, Yongqiang; and Hou, Jun, to China Enfi Engineering Corp. Device making phosphorus by thermal process 08784744 Cl. 422-198.
Feng, Yuan-Yuan: See--
Chang, Hsin-Pei; Chen, Wen-Rong; Chiang, Huann-Wu; Chen, Cheng-Shi; Sun, Dai-Yu; Feng, Yuan-Yuan; and Wang, Yu-Qiang 08784981 Cl. 428-306.6.
Feng, Zhong Disposable self-destructive syringe 08784374 Cl. 604-110.
Fenistein, Denis Philippe Cedric: See--
Brodin, Priscille; Christophe, Thierry; No, Zaesung; Kim, Jaeseung; Genovesio, Auguste; Fenistein, Denis Philippe Cedric; Jeon, Heekyoung; Ewann, Fanny Anne; Kang, Sunhee; Lee, Saeyeon; Seo, Min Jung; Park, Eunjung; Contreras Dominguez, Monica; Nam, Ji Youn; and Kim, Eun Hye 08785452 Cl. 514-259.1.
Fenster, Aaron: See--
Downey, Donal; and Fenster, Aaron 08788019 Cl. 600-424.
Ferber, Roman S.; Tsang, Hing Wah; Liu, John; Juhasz, Andrew S.; Riley, David; and Stephens-Wells, Jenna, to RFA Brands, LLC Battery case for a mobile device D0709439 Cl. D13-103.
Ferdman, Sela: See--
Touboul, Shlomo; Ferdman, Sela; and Yusim, Yonathan 08789202 Cl. 726-27.
Ferguson, Andrew M.; Loving, Stanley W.; McKinley, Bryan F.; and Norman, Dale, to Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc. Methods and devices for one trip plugging and perforating of oil and gas wells 08783338 Cl. 166-55.2.
Ferkel, Stephen P.: See--
Luck, John A.; and Ferkel, Stephen P. 08785817 Cl. 219-132.
Fermann, Martin; to Imra America, Inc. Compact, coherent, high brightness light sources for the mid and far IR 08787410 Cl. 372-6.
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Flipboard, Inc.: See--
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Florentaise: See--
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Floricultura: See--
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Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation: See--
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Florida Foundation Speed Producers, Inc.: See--
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Focaltech Systems, Ltd.: See--
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Focante, Francesca: See--
Resconi, Luigi; and Focante, Francesca 08785575 Cl. 526-160.
Foell, David S; and Bjerke, William M, to PolyOne Corporation Concrete fillable wall formwork assembly with interconnectable formwork elements 08782984 Cl. 52-439.
Foerstel, Joseph W.: See--
Wright, Adam J.; Foerstel, Joseph W.; Banke, Mark Andrew; and Ito, Ken A. 08786301 Cl. 324-754.03.
Fogarty, Matthew John; to Mindjet LLC Automated market maker and related methods and improvements 08788386 Cl. 705-35.
Fogel, Yulia: See--
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Fokin, Ivan: See--
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Folch Cortés, Diego: See--
Vera Villares, Enrique; Arévalo Rödríguez, Elena; Pina López, José Maria; Cabeza Huertas, Javier; and Folch Cortés, Diego 08783618 Cl. 244-131.
Folden, Thomas Irvin: See--
Plahey, Kulwinder S.; Hedmann, Frank L.; Klatte, Stephan; and Folden, Thomas Irvin 08784359 Cl. 604-29.
Foley, Sean C.; and Fulton, Mike S., to International Business Machines Corporation Dynamic scheduling feasibility analysis of event-driven applications based on reducing tasks of overlapping events 08789059 Cl. 718-102.
Folkes, Adrian: See--
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Follmer, Brett: See--
Corvi, Tim; Boyd, Stephen; Follmer, Brett; Stine, John G.; Snow, David W.; and Doud, Darren G. 08784333 Cl. 600-564.
Follows, Thomas James Dunning; and Courtney, Stephen Benjamin, to Dyson Technology Limited Cleaner head 08782851 Cl. 15-383.
Fomenko, Vasiliy V.: See--
Yoder, R. Craig; Akselrod, Mark S.; Dillin, Kent J.; Fomenko, Vasiliy V.; Johnson, David F.; Tatsumi, Yoshikazu; and Lo, Tse-Min 08785887 Cl. 250-484.2.
Fomenkov, Igor V.: See--
Ershov, Alexander I.; and Fomenkov, Igor V. 08785892 Cl. 250-504R.
Fonality, Inc.: See--
Lyman, Christopher M. 08787548 Cl. 379-207.02.
Fong, Robert; and Reed, Geoffrey, to Thomas & Betts International, Inc. Magnetic actuator 08786387 Cl. 335-179.
Fong, Robin: See--
Becker, Nathaniel T.; Braun, Ryszard; Christensen, Jr., Robert I.; Ekbom, Stefan; Fong, Robin; and Schuler, Alexandra 08784662 Cl. 210-636.
Fongher, Federico: See--
Del Biondi, Stefano; and Fongher, Federico D0709272 Cl. D2-923.
Fonseca, Jeremy Jose: See--
Parker, John F.; and Fonseca, Jeremy Jose 08784039 Cl. 415-121.2.
Fontaine, Michel; Lasfargues, Léandre; and Albisetti, Nicolas, to L'Oreal Dispenser for dispensing cosmetic product onto a receiving surface, dispensing device and associated method 08783519 Cl. 222-162.
Fontanot, Paolo; to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Method and a system for executing a scheduled production process 08788082 Cl. 700-100.
Fontenot, Nathan D.: See--
Arges, Christopher J.; Fontenot, Nathan D.; Grimm, Ryan P.; Schopp, Joel H.; and Strosaker, Michael T. 08788763 Cl. 711-152.
Fontenot, Shevaun M.; Fried, Eric P.; Mishra, Rajeev; Russell, Lance W.; Tovcimak, Stephen J.; and Vaddagiri, Murali, to International Business Machines Corporation Notification of configuration updates in a cluster system 08788465 Cl. 707-687.
Food Industry Research & Development Institute: See--
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Foot, John; Heddle, Richard Geoffrey; and Webster, Michael James, to BP Exploration Operating Company Limited Determining fluid rate and phase information for a hydrocarbon well using predictive models 08788209 Cl. 702-12.
Foote, Evan Michael; to Thomson Licensing Visual cue for programs in an electronic program guide 08789099 Cl. 725-39.
Foote, Keith D.: See--
Sobecki, Justin E.; Foote, Keith D.; and Deuel, Eric S. 08786401 Cl. 340-5.72.
Foote, Keith D.; Benthem, Kevin P.; and Lynam, Niall R., to Donnelly Corporation Vehicle mirror assembly with wide angle element 08786704 Cl. 348-148.
Forbes, Leonard: See--
Ahn, Kie Y.; and Forbes, Leonard 08785312 Cl. 438-591.
Forbes, Leonard; and Ahn, Kie Y., to Micron Technology, Inc. Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator 08786006 Cl. 257-325.
Forbes, Martin L.: See--
Watson, James A.; Burns, John; Forbes, Martin L.; Fuller, Matthew A.; and Smith, Mark V. 08783463 Cl. 206-710.
Forbis, Charlie L.; and Kernan, Grant, to Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation Nestable ramps 08782839 Cl. 14-69.5.
Forcier, Matthew Paul: See--
Are, Narendra; Walker, Roger Clayton; Ferslew, Matthew Ryan; and Forcier, Matthew Paul 08784061 Cl. 416-198A.
Ford, Byron D.; to Morehouse School of Medicine Neuregulins for prevention and treatment of damage from acute assault on vascular and neuronal tissue and as regulators of neuronal stem cell migration 08785369 Cl. 514-1.1.
Ford, Daniel E.; and Dolkas, Gregory D., to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Switch that monitors for fingerprinted packets 08787176 Cl. 370-241.
Ford Global Technologies, LLC: See--
Brevick, John Edward 08783433 Cl. 192-70.12.
Christen, Urs; Kees, Markus; Burgio, Gilberto; Busch, Rainer; Rambow, Thomas; and Gussen, Uwe 08784266 Cl. 477-171.
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Hoffman, Donald Edward; and Janson, David Allen 08784258 Cl. 475-278.
Kubinski, David John; and Upadhyay, Devesh 08783018 Cl. 60-286.
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Leonardi, Franco; Canini, Dean Richard; and Degner, Michael W. 08786223 Cl. 318-400.02.
Leone, Thomas G. 08783231 Cl. 123-520.
Lu, Jianbo; Filev, Dimitar P.; Hrovat, Davor; Tseng, Eruc Hongtei; Hoffmann, Uwe; Baales, Simon; and Seemann, Micheal 08788146 Cl. 701-37.
Lucas, Marc 08786418 Cl. 340-439.
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Vigild, Christian Winge; Kuske, Andreas; Roettger, Daniel; and Stief, Juergen Karl 08783029 Cl. 60-605.2.
Yopp, Wilford Trent 08788176 Cl. 701-96.
Ford, John; and Lund, Douglas, to Heat Wave Technologies, LLC Self-heating systems and methods for rapidly heating a comestible substance 08783244 Cl. 126-263.09.
Ford Motor Company: See--
Mays, J C.; Callum, Moray S.; Piaskowski, Joel; Behmer, Darrell; and Curic, Kemal D0709415 Cl. D12-187.
Mays, J C.; Callum, Moray S.; Piaskowski, Joel; Behmer, Darrell; and Curic, Kemal D0709416 Cl. D12-187.
Mays, J C.; Callum, Moray S.; Piaskowski, Joel; and Curic, Kemal D0709412 Cl. D12-173.
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Platto, Gordon M.; Richards, Bradley A.; Callum, Moray S.; Piaskowski, Joel; and Howard, Richard D0709414 Cl. D12-187.
Forehand, David M.; Lewis, David; and Kinman, Jr., James W., to Safe-T-Arms, L.L.C. Caution and warning barrier system for danger of electrical arcing 08782935 Cl. 40-600.
Forest, Thomas M.: See--
Peirce, Kenneth L.; and Forest, Thomas M. 08788731 Cl. 710-105.
Foret Plasma Labs, LLC: See--
Foret, Todd 08785808 Cl. 219-121.43.
Foret, Todd; to Foret Plasma Labs, LLC Plasma whirl reactor apparatus and methods of use 08785808 Cl. 219-121.43.
Foringer, Jason: See--
Mayfield, Jerrold W.; Kasee, George; Foringer, Jason; and Kim, Sameul 08786189 Cl. 315-76.
Forkl, Alexander: See--
Hilsenbeck, Stefan; and Forkl, Alexander 08785837 Cl. 250-225.
Formtek, Inc.: See--
Hill, Donald R.; and Gafkowski, James A. 08783082 Cl. 72-192.
Foro Energy, Inc.: See--
Zediker, Mark S.; Bergeron, Henry A.; Clark, Philip V.; Faircloth, Brian O.; Moxley, Joel F.; Deutch, Paul D.; and Rinzler, Charles C. 08783360 Cl. 166-361.
Zediker, Mark S.; Bergeron, Henry A.; Clark, Philip V.; Moxley, Joel F.; Deutch, Paul D.; Underwood, Lance D.; Rinzler, Charles C.; De Witt, Ronald A.; Kolachalam, Sharath K.; and Grubb, Daryl L. 08783361 Cl. 166-361.
Forrest, Randall G.; to Rexam Beverage Can Company Can end 08783495 Cl. 220-269.
Forsberg, Kevin: See--
Wood, Gennamin; and Forsberg, Kevin 08787549 Cl. 379-210.03.
Forsberg, Mikael; Balla, Laszlo; and Andersson, Hans, to Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Publ) Outgoing communication barring service in the IP multimedia subsystem 08787162 Cl. 370-230.
Forstall, Scott: See--
Lemay, Stephen O.; Williamson, Richard; Forstall, Scott; Blumenberg, Chris; and Omernick, Timothy P. 08788954 Cl. 715-763.
Forster, Ian James: See--
Selgrath, Bernd; and Forster, Ian James 08786443 Cl. 340-572.8.
Forster, Ian James; to Avery Dennison Corporation RFID antenna D0709483 Cl. D14-230.
Forster, Magdalena; Schmut, Katharina; Goller, Bernhard; Zieger, Guenter; Sorger, Michael; Schweizer, Philemon; and Sternad, Michael, to Infineon Technologies Austria AG Lithium battery, method for manufacturing a lithium battery, integrated circuit and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit 08785034 Cl. 429-163.
Forster, Richard Llewellyn Sydney: See--
Watson, James D.; and Forster, Richard Llewellyn Sydney 08784795 Cl. 424-85.1.
Fort, Dana A. Restraint apparatus 08782836 Cl. 5-655.
Fort, Tucker: See--
Marina, Carlos Hernan; Fort, Tucker; Katz, Paul; Pamborg, Jacob; and Xydis, Christopher R. D0709387 Cl. D9-738.
Forth, Kathryn Anne: See--
Carden, Brian A.; Forth, Kathryn Anne; Corbin, Thomas C.; and Stephens, Paul A. 08785733 Cl. 800-312.
Fortinet, Inc.: See--
Xie, Michael 08788650 Cl. 709-224.
Xie, Michael 08789183 Cl. 726-24.
Fosha, Robert M.: See--
Choi, Mike S.; Fosha, Robert M.; Janus, Scott R.; Leatherman, Aaron F.; Rowe, Scott M.; and Thompson, Wade M. 08786583 Cl. 345-204.
Fossati, Lorenzo: See--
Villa, Roberto; Pedrani, Massimo; Ajani, Mauro; and Fossati, Lorenzo 08784888 Cl. 424-474.
Fossum, Jerry G.; and Lu, Zhichao, to University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. Floating-body/gate DRAM cell 08787072 Cl. 365-154.
Foster, Arthur J.: See--
Clark, Bryan A.; Haasl, Benjamin J.; Schmidt, Brian L.; Foster, Arthur J.; Foster, Daniel J.; and Meyer, Duane T. 08788062 Cl. 607-116.
Foster, Daniel J.: See--
Clark, Bryan A.; Haasl, Benjamin J.; Schmidt, Brian L.; Foster, Arthur J.; Foster, Daniel J.; and Meyer, Duane T. 08788062 Cl. 607-116.
Foster, Francis Stuart: See--
Courtney, Brian; Munce, Nigel Robert; Thind, Amandeep Singh; Yang, Victor Xiao Dong; and Foster, Francis Stuart 08784321 Cl. 600-463.
Foster-Miller, Inc.: See--
Malone, Joseph Vincent; Baird, Nicole Jean; Albin, Scott Robert; and Holmes, Jr., Robert G. 08783156 Cl. 89-36.08.
Streeter, Richard; and Farrell, Brian 08785778 Cl. 174-72A.
Fotheringham, Susan: See--
La Thangue, Nicholas B.; and Fotheringham, Susan 08784806 Cl. 424-130.1.
Fountain, Gaius Gillman Jr.: See--
Enquist, Paul M.; Fountain, Gaius Gillman Jr.; and Tong, Qin-Yi 07485968
Fournier, Bernard: See--
McCavit, Kim Irwin; Ray, Robert Hutton; Fournier, Bernard; and Jensen, Bradford Brian 08783888 Cl. 362-96.
Fowler, Jeffrey M.; and Hart, Steven C., to Xerox Corporation Continuous manufacturing process for coated-core cleaner blades 08784946 Cl. 427-512.
Fox, David; to Vodafone Group PLC Telecommunications networks 08787233 Cl. 370-312.
Fox, Jamie: See--
Faragher, Stephen; Fox, Jamie; and Mears, Darren John 08783483 Cl. 215-224.
Fox, Kevin David: See--
Tong, Darick M.; and Fox, Kevin David 08788593 Cl. 709-206.
Fox, Michael; Mushtaq, Faisal; Arya, Ashwani; and Garrison, Ron, to Allot Communications Ltd. Method and apparatus for session bandwidth estimation and rate control 08788695 Cl. 709-231.
Fox, Richard T.: See--
Vo, Van-Chau; Fox, Richard T.; Griffin, Warren H.; Gordon-Duffy, John; Hood, Lawrence S.; and Smith, Roy E. 08785510 Cl. 521-98.
Fox, Russell L.: See--
Graham, Geoffrey Ian; Carlone, Jr., Mario Rosario; Fox, Russell L.; and Helland, Sara Jane 08785749 Cl. 800-320.1.
Fox, Stephen E.: See--
Querel, Gilles; Rukmani, Sandhya Jayaraman; Jeevanantham, Muthu; McNeal, Kelley; and Fox, Stephen E. 08784521 Cl. 51-309.
Foy, Robert James: See--
Daum, Wolfgang; Kumar, Ajith Kuttannair; Shaffer, Glenn Robert; Noffsinger, Joseph Forrest; Foy, Robert James; and McKay, David Lowell 08788135 Cl. 701-26.
Frail, Paul: See--
Whitekettle, Wilson Kurt; Tafel, Gloria Jean; Zhao, Qing; Wang, Linna; Reynolds, Dorothy; Frail, Paul; Jiang, Juan; and Polizzotti, David M. 08784659 Cl. 210-606.
Fraley, Mark E.: See--
Beshore, Douglas C.; Dudkin, Vadim; Garbaccio, Robert M.; Johnson, Adam W.; Kuduk, Scott D.; Skudlarek, Jason W.; Wang, Cheng; and Fraley, Mark E. 08785481 Cl. 514-359.
France Brevets: See--
Laaksonen, Miika; Laine, Hannu Ensio; and Ekberg, Jan-Erik 08787575 Cl. 380-270.
France, Robert Brent: See--
Atri, Sunil; France, Robert Brent; and Allen, Walter 08788740 Cl. 711-103.
France Telecom: See--
Amonou, Isabelle; Pateux, Stephane; Cammas, Nathalie; and Kervadec, Sylvain 08787685 Cl. 382-232.
Dussaume, Philippe; Guillot, Yvon; and Cheviet, Jean-Louis 08787387 Cl. 370-395.3.
Franchet, Jean-Michel Patrick Maurice; and Klein, Gilles Charles Casimir, to SNECMA Method for producing a metal insert to protect a leading edge made of a composite material 08782887 Cl. 29-889.71.
Francischelli, David E.: See--
Stewart, Mark T.; Skarda, James; Francischelli, David E.; and Mehra, Rahul 08784412 Cl. 606-41.
Francisco, Paul A.; and Petschauer, Frederick J., to Taxvantage LLC Point of sale tax reporting and automatic collection system with tax register 08788351 Cl. 705-19.
Franco, Alexander: See--
Granito, Jennifer; and Franco, Alexander 08787932 Cl. 455-456.1.
Granito, Jennifer; and Franco, Alexander 08787940 Cl. 455-456.3.
Francoise Giannetti Rouzaud, Entreprise personelle commercant: See--
Rouzaud Giannetti, Françoise 08782932 Cl. 40-124.05.
Frank, Colin: See--
Krishnamurthy, Sandeep; Frank, Colin; and Stewart, Kenneth 08787510 Cl. 375-350.
Frank, Colin D.: See--
Silverman, Shmuel; Ekl, Randy L.; Frank, Colin D.; Pandey, Aparna; Rotstein, Ron; and Ware, Christopher G 08787300 Cl. 370-330.
Frank, David J.: See--
Dubourdieu, Catherine A.; Frank, David J.; Frank, Martin M.; Narayanan, Vijay; Solomon, Paul M.; and Theis, Thomas N. 08785995 Cl. 257-295.
Frank, Glenn E.: See--
Frank, Glenn E. 08788392 Cl. 705-36T.
Frank, Glenn E.; to Frank, Glenn E. Mortgage and education financial optimization 08788392 Cl. 705-36T.
Frank, Gregory F.: See--
Caputo, Scott A.; Frank, Gregory F.; and Lafky, Ernest M. 08784181 Cl. 463-20.
Frank, Hans-Joerg: See--
Ungerechts, Herbert; Frank, Hans-Joerg; Scholten, Dieter; Janssen, Juergen; and Hagedorn, Markus 08783465 Cl. 209-137.
Frank, Kristine E.: See--
Wishart, Neil; Argiriadi, Maria A.; Calderwood, David J.; Ericsson, Anna M.; Frank, Kristine E.; George, Dawn M.; Goedken, Eric R.; Friedman, Michael; Josephsohn, Nathan S.; Li, Biqin C.; Morytko, Michael J.; Voss, Jeffrey W.; Wang, Lu; Breinlinger, Eric C.; Mullen, Kelly D.; Somal, Gagandeep; and Hoemann, Michael Z 08785639 Cl. 546-82.
Frank, Martin M.: See--
Dubourdieu, Catherine A.; Frank, David J.; Frank, Martin M.; Narayanan, Vijay; Solomon, Paul M.; and Theis, Thomas N. 08785995 Cl. 257-295.
Frank, Robert; Bahrenberg, Gregor; Christoph, Thomas; Schiene, Klaus; De Vry, Jean; Saunders, Derek; Sundermann, Bernd; and Lee, Jeewoo, to Gruenenthal GmbH Vanilloid receptor ligands, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, process for making them, and use thereof to treat pain and other conditions 08785474 Cl. 514-311.
Franke, Hubertus; Inglett, Todd A.; Park, Yoonho; Penner, Hartmut; Rosenburg, Bryan S.; and Wisniewski, Robert W., to International Business Machines Corporation Method to embed a light-weight kernel in a full-weight kernel to provide a heterogeneous execution environment 08789046 Cl. 718-1.
Frankel, Michael Y.; to Ciena Corporation All-optical regenerator and optical network incorporating same 08787771 Cl. 398-175.
Frankel, Timothy L.: See--
Rosenberg, Steven A.; Morgan, Richard A.; Frankel, Timothy L.; and Peng, Peter 08785601 Cl. 530-387.3.
Frankenstein, Dirk; Faeth, Holger; and Boening, Ralf, to BorgWarner Inc. Disk spring for a turbocharger 08784076 Cl. 417-373.
Franklin, Aaron D.: See--
Farmer, Damon B.; Franklin, Aaron D.; Han, Shu-Jen; and Tulevski, George S. 08785262 Cl. 438-158.
Farmer, Damon B.; Franklin, Aaron D.; Han, Shu-Jen; and Tulevski, George S. 08786018 Cl. 257-347.
Franklin, Aaron Daniel: See--
Chen, Zhihong; Franklin, Aaron Daniel; Han, Shu-Jen; Hannon, James Bowler; Saenger, Katherine L.; and Tulevski, George Stojan 08785911 Cl. 257-29.
Franklin, Allan Craig: See--
Lindahl, Michael; Yew, Andre; Green, II, Mallory Morgan; Johnson, Michael; Franklin, Allan Craig; O'Dowd, Daniel; and Puthuff, Neil 08789023 Cl. 717-129.
Frank's International, Inc.: See--
Sinclair, Edward; Hustinx, Guy; and Sibille, Patrick Neil 08783339 Cl. 166-77.52.
Franz, Roland; to Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH Portal re-positioning device for large-area glass plates 08788086 Cl. 700-218.
Franzke, Axel: See--
Baumann, Robert; Biel, Markus Christian; Franzke, Axel; Heidenfelder, Thomas; Klingelhoefer, Paul; and Oftring, Alfred 08785685 Cl. 562-526.
Franzmann, Elisa: See--
Maison, Wolfgang; Khalil, Faiza; and Franzmann, Elisa 08785641 Cl. 546-140.
Fraser, John Douglas: See--
Petruzzello, John; Fraser, John Douglas; Zhou, Shiwei; Dufort, Benoit; and Letavic, Theodore James 08787116 Cl. 367-181.
Fraser, John K.: See--
Alfonso, Zeni; and Fraser, John K. 08784801 Cl. 424-93.7.
Frati, Nicole: See--
Bricout, Denis; Cambourieux, Helene; Cappola, Michael L.; Frati, Nicole; and Patel, Piyush R. 08785418 Cl. 514-64.
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V.: See--
Neuendorf, Max; Kraemer, Ulrich; Nagel, Frederik; Disch, Sascha; and Wabnik, Stefan 08788276 Cl. 704-500.
Zink, Alexander; Prosch, Markus; Korte, Olaf; Kellermann, Christian; and Linz, Bernd 08788693 Cl. 709-231.
Fraunhofer, USA, Inc.: See--
Sauer-Budge, Alexis; Sharon, Andre; Kalashnikov, Maxim; and Wirz, Holger 08785148 Cl. 435-32.
Frazier, Rachel M.: See--
Spear, Scott K.; Daly, Daniel T.; Frazier, Rachel M.; Rogers, Robin D.; and Haque, Anwarul 08784691 Cl. 252-500.
Frazier, Timothy R: See--
Chi, John N; Mulloy, John M; Popuri, Sriram S; Frazier, Timothy R; Books, Martin T; Rajamohan, Divakar; and Brahma, Indranil 08783030 Cl. 60-608.
Frazier, W. Lynn Composite cement retainer 08783341 Cl. 166-128.
Freddy Hirsch Group (Proprietary) Limited: See--
Le Roux, Anton Schutte; Johnston, Roy Andrew; Schultz, Hermann August; Roux, Daniel; and Uys, Taylor 08783169 Cl. 99-404.
Fredericks, Robert A.; and Agulnik, Anatoly, to Motorola Solutions, Inc. Method and apparatus for admitting a request for allocation of wireless connection resources in a communication system 08787286 Cl. 370-329.
Frederickson, Franklyn L.; and Johnson, Michael D., to 3M Innovative Properties Company Microneedle array applicator device and method of array application 08784363 Cl. 604-46.
Frederiksen, Jeffrey E.: See--
Côté, Guy; and Frederiksen, Jeffrey E. 08786625 Cl. 345-589.
Fredricksen, Eric Russell; Schneider, Fritz John; Dean, Jeffrey Adgate; Ghemawat, Sanjay; Provos, Niels; and Harik, Georges, to Google Inc. System and method of accessing a document efficiently through multi-tier web caching 08788475 Cl. 707-705.
Freedman, Barney; Amit, Gad; Hoshino, Yoshikazu; Crisp, Thomas; and Etgar, Inbal, to Akida Holdings, LLC Air purification device D0709605 Cl. D23-355.
Freedman, Steven Jay System for non-repudiable registration of an online identity 08787627 Cl. 382-115.
Freedom One Mobility LLC: See--
Underwood, Travis 08783392 Cl. 180-9.52.
Freeman, Beverly: See--
Hurt, Clarence R.; Lingappa, Vishwanath; Freeman, Beverly; Atuegbu, Andy; and Kitaygorodskyy, Anatoliy 08785434 Cl. 514-224.8.
Freeman, Dominique; Alden, Don; and Briggs, Barry Dean, to Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH Body fluid sampling device with a capacitive sensor 08784335 Cl. 600-583.
Freeman, James Vincent: See--
Sahakian, Niver Panosian; Campbell, Bruce A.; Lin, Spencer Hsiang-Hsi; Freeman, James Vincent; Liao, Qimu; and Evangelista, Ramon A. 08785603 Cl. 530-388.1.
Freeman, Lance: See--
Winfield, Charles B.; Harris, Stephen N.; and Freeman, Lance 08785877 Cl. 250-395.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.: See--
Choy, Jon S. 08786374 Cl. 331-57.
Dyba, Roman A.; Su, Wen Wu; and Deng, Hongyang 08787561 Cl. 379-406.08.
Pelley, Perry H. 08786350 Cl. 327-333.
Frehr, Carsten D.: See--
Arnold, Todd W.; Dames, Elizabeth A.; Frehr, Carsten D.; Kelly, Michael J.; Kerr, Kenneth B.; Kisley, Richard V.; Rossman, Eric D.; and Smith, Eric B. 08789210 Cl. 726-31.
Frei, Robert; Hefner, Corbett; Landertshamer, Friedrich; and Mueller, Alan, to Volm Companies, Inc. Open mesh material and bags made therefrom 08784967 Cl. 428-109.
Freitas, Jr., Robert A.: See--
Hogg, Tad; and Freitas, Jr., Robert A. 08787115 Cl. 367-137.
Freitas, Ulla: See--
Rodriguez, Bryan; Owen, Kevin Q.; Freitas, Ulla; and Udani, Jay 08784844 Cl. 424-278.1.
French, Marc C.: See--
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Frenette, Gerry; and Frenette, Richard Post footing device 08782978 Cl. 52-296.
Frenette, Richard: See--
Frenette, Gerry; and Frenette, Richard 08782978 Cl. 52-296.
Fresco, Zachary M.: See--
Boussie, Thomas R.; Dias, Eric L.; Fresco, Zachary M.; and Murphy, Vincent J. 08785683 Cl. 562-515.
Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH: See--
Becker, Michael 08784079 Cl. 417-476.
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH: See--
Fislage, Rainer; and Raiko, Igor 08784664 Cl. 210-645.
Maierhofer, Andreas; and Gross, Malte 08784353 Cl. 604-6.1.
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.: See--
Beiriger, Michael J 08784668 Cl. 210-744.
Plahey, Kulwinder S.; Hedmann, Frank L.; Klatte, Stephan; and Folden, Thomas Irvin 08784359 Cl. 604-29.
Freund, Ari: See--
Biran, Ofer; Freund, Ari; Hadad, Erez; Hazanovich, Evgeny; and Moatti, Yosef 08789043 Cl. 718-1.
Freyer, Stephan: See--
Boy, Matthias; Freyer, Stephan; and Brodersen, Julia 08785154 Cl. 435-71.1.
Freyre, Carlos V.: See--
Kuru, Murat; and Freyre, Carlos V. 08783665 Cl. 261-76.
Frias, Kristen R.: See--
Hyman, Jacob A.; Gerber, Marcel; Frias, Kristen R.; Breen, Jr., Anthony A.; Niles Peretz, Samuel R.; and Tirrella, Terence M. 08783553 Cl. 234-2.
Frick, Cynthia Ann: See--
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh; Frick, Cynthia Ann; Marian, Radu; Barbir, Abdulkader Omar; and Badhwar, Rajat P. 08789143 Cl. 726-4.
Fricke, Marc; and Elbing, Mark, to BASF SE Porous gels based on aromatic and cycloaliphatic amines 08785512 Cl. 521-163.
Fricke, William Bryce: See--
Zaharchuk, Walter S.; Courtney, Brian Michael; Fricke, William Bryce; Howe, William H.; Majewski, Timothy S.; and Spira, Joel S. 08786236 Cl. 318-468.
Fridman, Alexander: See--
Cho, Young I.; Fridman, Alexander; Gutsol, Alexander F.; and Yang, Yong 08784657 Cl. 210-269.
Fried, Eric P.: See--
Fontenot, Shevaun M.; Fried, Eric P.; Mishra, Rajeev; Russell, Lance W.; Tovcimak, Stephen J.; and Vaddagiri, Murali 08788465 Cl. 707-687.
Friedhoff, Richard Mark; Smith, Casey Arthur; and Maxwell, Bruce Allen, to Tandent Vision Science, Inc. Color analytics for a digital image 08787666 Cl. 382-167.
Friedland, Eric Mitchell; and Annett, Mark Shaffer Tongue depressor with a force/pressure sensing element 08784341 Cl. 600-590.
Friedlander, Gil; and Lubovsky, Amit, to Tawkon Ltd. Method and a system for controlling and tracking radiation emitted from mobile phones 08787996 Cl. 455-575.5.
Friedlander, Robert R.; and Kraemer, James R., to International Business Machines Corporation Detection of pipeline contaminants 08788222 Cl. 702-56.
Friedman, Michael: See--
Wishart, Neil; Argiriadi, Maria A.; Calderwood, David J.; Ericsson, Anna M.; Frank, Kristine E.; George, Dawn M.; Goedken, Eric R.; Friedman, Michael; Josephsohn, Nathan S.; Li, Biqin C.; Morytko, Michael J.; Voss, Jeffrey W.; Wang, Lu; Breinlinger, Eric C.; Mullen, Kelly D.; Somal, Gagandeep; and Hoemann, Michael Z 08785639 Cl. 546-82.
Friedrich, Stefan: See--
Reichenbach-Klinke, Roland; Pfeuffer, Thomas; Schmidt, Kati; Ostrowski, Thomas; Leyrer, Reinhold J.; Fogel, Yulia; Friedrich, Stefan; Gaeberlein, Peter; Orleans, Andrea; Schuhbeck, Manfred; Guzmann, Marcus; Rösch, Marcus; and Langlotz, Bjorn 08783356 Cl. 166-305.1.
Friesenhahn, Dustin; Crockett, Sterling J.; Fan, John D.; Harmetz, Adam; and Krishnamoorthy, Savitha, to Microsoft Corporation Flexible electronic records management 08788463 Cl. 707-662.
Frigg, Robert: See--
Overes, Tom; and Frigg, Robert 08784419 Cl. 606-71.
Frinak, James C.: See--
Gallagher, Kevin; Shortt, Robert; Ballou, Daniel; DeCamp, Ronald; Thoni, Mark; and Frinak, James C. 08783458 Cl. 206-320.
Frings, Carsten; and Cros, Christophe, to Airbus (S.A.S.) Method for moving an aircraft along the ground 08788117 Cl. 701-2.
Frisch, Gerhard: See--
Heck, Wolfgang; Roesicke, Bernd; and Frisch, Gerhard 08783102 Cl. 73-431.
Fritz, Claudia: See--
Korfhage, Christian; Wilmer, Friederike; Loffert, Dirk; Himmelreich, Ralf; Fritz, Claudia; and Rieske, Kathleen 08785120 Cl. 435-6.1.
Fritz, Jörg: See--
Buschle, Michael; Habel, André; Fritz, Jörg; Prinz, Karin; and Lingnau, Karen 08784837 Cl. 424-204.1.
Froehlich-Schlapp, Michael: See--
Ramezanian, Houman; Kramer, Claus; and Froehlich-Schlapp, Michael 08786388 Cl. 335-196.
Froehlich, Steven E.; Hack, Michel H. T.; Meng, Xiaoqiao; and Zhang, Li, to International Business Machines Corporation Techniques for improved clock offset measuring 08788689 Cl. 709-230.
Frohberg, Kai: See--
Huisinga, Torsten; Heinrich, Jens; Frohberg, Kai; and Feustel, Frank 08786088 Cl. 257-758.
Froissard, Laurent: See--
Marini, Solomon; Martinson, Paul A.; Froissard, Laurent; and Stanley, Glen E. 08783862 Cl. 351-114.
Frome, Andrea: See--
Wu, Bo; Bissacco, Alessandro; Smith, Raymond W.; Cheung, Kong man; Frome, Andrea; and Urbach, Shlomo 08787673 Cl. 382-182.
Fromm, Jeff W.: See--
Allen, Clinton R.; Crofts, Paul M.; and Fromm, Jeff W. 08787554 Cl. 379-265.09.
Frommer, Joshua: See--
Sankrithi, Mithra M. K. V.; and Frommer, Joshua 08788122 Cl. 701-3.
Fromson, Howard A.; and Ryan, William J., to Anocoil Corporation Method of developing a lithographic printing plate including post heating 08785109 Cl. 430-302.
Frontier Wind, LLC: See--
Zalusky, Leigh; Green, Thomas Jay; and Karch, Joshua P. 08784059 Cl. 416-146R.
Frosien, Juergen; Winkler, Dieter; Weigel, Udo; and Grimm, Stefan, to ICT Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft für Halbleiterprüftechnick mbH Ultra high precision measurement tool 08785849 Cl. 250-309.
Frosien, Jürgen; to ICT Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft für Halbleiterprüftechnik mbH Electron beam wafer inspection system and method of operation thereof 08785879 Cl. 250-396ML.
Fructus, Olivier; and Mathieu, Nicolas, to Axess Vision Technology Instrument for an endoscope 08784298 Cl. 600-104.
Frysz, Christine A.: See--
Stevenson, Robert A.; and Frysz, Christine A. RE045030 Cl. 340-539.12.
FTEN, Inc.: See--
Cole, Lee Arthur; Kittelsen, Douglas Guy; Lafever, Malcolm Gary; and Myerson, Ted Nathan 08788396 Cl. 705-37.
Fu, Christina; and Wnuk, Andrew, to Red Hat, Inc. Server-side key generation for non-token clients 08788811 Cl. 713-156.
Fu, Chung-Min; Chen, Wen-Hao; and Chen, Dian-Hau, to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof 08786094 Cl. 257-773.
Fu, Guoyi; to Seiko Epson Corporation Gyro mouse de-drift and hand jitter reduction 08786549 Cl. 345-161.
Fu, Jason Q.; to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Tire tread D0709437 Cl. D12-585.
Fu, Jenn Hwa: See--
Yu, Tz Chiang; Fu, Jenn Hwa; and Huang, Hsin Hsiung 08785219 Cl. 438-22.
Fu, Jia-Qi: See--
Zhang, Guang-Yi; Fu, Jia-Qi; and Qiu, Wei 08784054 Cl. 415-213.1.
Fu, Jianping: See--
Han, Jongyoon; and Fu, Jianping 08783466 Cl. 209-155.
Fu, Kuo-Sheng: See--
Jen, Kuo-Kuang; Fu, Kuo-Sheng; Huang, Ying-Sun; Gong, Ywh-Ming; and Chang, Zen-Shan 08786215 Cl. 315-307.
Fu, Shih-Chin Washing container assembly 08783491 Cl. 220-23.89.
Fu Tai Hua Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: See--
Ge, Hai-Qian 08782853 Cl. 16-354.
Wang, Hua-Yong 08783450 Cl. 206-45.2.
Yang, Chun; Shen, Chien-Hung; Lu, Liang-Yi; and Li, Chao 08784137 Cl. 439-620.28.
Yang, Li-Jun 08783797 Cl. 312-223.2.
Yu, Qi-Long; Chuang, Tsung-Jen; Zhang, Jun; Zhang, Jun-Wei; Wong, Shih-Fang; and Zhou, Jian-Jun 08786296 Cl. 324-710.
Fu, Zice: See--
Du, Xiaohui; Fu, Zice; Houze, Jonathan B.; Jiao, XianYun; Kim, Yong-Jae; Li, Leping; Liu, Jinqian; Lizarzaburu, Mike Elias; Medina, Julio C.; Shen, Wang; Turcotte, Simon; and Yu, Ming 08785468 Cl. 514-275.
Fuchs, Andreas: See--
Van De Kerkhof, Marcus Adrianus; Van Der Schaar, Maurits; Fuchs, Andreas; and Coogans, Martyn John 08786825 Cl. 355-67.
Fudaba, Nobukazu: See--
Nagatani, Kazuo; Ishikawa, Hiroyoshi; Fudaba, Nobukazu; and Utsunomiya, Yuichi 08787487 Cl. 375-272.
Fuentes, François: See--
Saulnier, Bernard; Tranier, Jean-Pierre; Fuentes, François; and Deschodt, Sophie 08782888 Cl. 29-890.031.
Fuergut, Edward; Mahler, Joachim; Hosseini, Khalil; and Timme, Hans-Joerg, to Infineon Technologies AG Semiconductor packages and methods of formation thereof 08786111 Cl. 257-790.
Fugerer, Robert: See--
Best, Shawn R.; Fugerer, Robert; VanderSluis, Donald; Puccio, Daniel; and LaCorte, John 08783906 Cl. 362-249.02.
Fugett, Jack Collapsible mounted bracket D0709358 Cl. D8-380.
Fugier, Sébastien: See--
Pineau, Jacky; Bonnamour, Matthieu; and Fugier, Sébastien 08783313 Cl. 152-209.28.
Fugikawa, Leslie M.: See--
Boudreaux, Chad P.; Timperman, Eugene L.; and Fugikawa, Leslie M. 08783540 Cl. 227-175.1.
Fugono, Akira; and Sakamoto, Hiroshi, to Kobe Steel, Ltd. Copper alloy sheet excellent in strength and formability for electrical and electronic components 08784580 Cl. 148-435.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.: See--
Maruyama, Kouji; Toba, Akio; Ichinose, Ayako; and Tamate, Michio 08786314 Cl. 326-127.
Takahashi, Kiyoshi 08787019 Cl. 361-690.
Tamura, Takahiro; and Onishi, Yasuhiko 08786015 Cl. 257-339.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha: See--
Ohtomo, Yosuke 08786253 Cl. 320-109.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd: See--
Tano, Daisuke; Ono, Masato; Sugimoto, Tsutomu; Kojima, Noriaki; Tanaka, Kei; and Takahashi, Yoshinori 08787813 Cl. 399-350.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.: See--
Inoue, Hiroshi; Ikeda, Hiroshi; Yui, Toshitake; and Ageishi, Kentaro 08783853 Cl. 347-103.
Kinoshita, Taku; Kondoh, Yoshinao; and Ohno, Seiji 08786646 Cl. 347-130.
Kishimoto, Yasunari 08786626 Cl. 345-591.
Koujiri, Tetsunao; Fukuhara, Taku; and Miyamoto, Yoko 08787788 Cl. 399-101.
Kurashima, Satoshi 08786653 Cl. 347-237.
Matsui, Haruki 08788537 Cl. 707-797.
Miyamoto, Yoko; and Funayama, Yasuhiro 08787784 Cl. 399-66.
Noguchi, Takeshi 08786911 Cl. 358-474.
Saegusa, Hiroshi; Yoshizawa, Hisae; Miyahara, Tomoko; Anazawa, Kazunori; and Torikoshi, Kaoru 08785564 Cl. 525-326.3.
Sato, Shuji; Sugitate, Atsushi; Takahashi, Masaru; and Takahashi, Shotaro 08785094 Cl. 430-108.3.
Takahashi, Masaru; Sugawara, Atsushi; Kadokura, Yasuo; and Ninomiya, Masanobu 08785098 Cl. 430-109.4.
Takebe, Yoshifumi; Ishii, Akira; and Tsuchibuchi, Kiyotaka 08786870 Cl. 358-1.13.
Tanaka, Eiichi 08787676 Cl. 382-197.
Yamano, Yuko; Yamamoto, Shinya; Iwasaki, Masahiro; Yamashita, Takayuki; Saito, Yohei; and Korenaga, Jiro 08785090 Cl. 430-58.35.
FUJIFILM Corporation: See--
Endo, Hiroshi 08786676 Cl. 348-46.
Inoue, Naoki 08785917 Cl. 257-40.
Isozaki, Makoto D0709543 Cl. D16-218.
Kamiya, Takeshi; Kitagawa, Yusuke; Ohta, Yasunori; and Nakatsugawa, Haruyasu 08787528 Cl. 378-102.
Katayama, Takeshi 08786898 Cl. 358-1.9.
Kodama, Kunihiko; and Kodama, Kenichi 08783823 Cl. 347-28.
Kurokawa, Shinya; Tagawa, Yoshiharu; Sawada, Hirokazu; and Uesugi, Akio 08783179 Cl. 101-459.
Li, Yuanzhong 08787642 Cl. 382-131.
Masumoto, Jun 08788288 Cl. 705-3.
Mizutani, Kazuyoshi; Yokoyama, Jiro; and Sugiyama, Shinichi 08785104 Cl. 430-270.1.
Nakashima, Taeko; Shimada, Kazuto; and Odagiri, Shuichi 08785087 Cl. 430-7.
Oda, Yasufumi 08785863 Cl. 250-366.
Ohzeki, Tomoyuki; Matsumoto, Jun; and Ikoshi, Masao 08783829 Cl. 347-47.
Shimamura, Satoshi; and Ichihashi, Mitsuyoshi 08784684 Cl. 252-299.61.
Takasaki, Yuta; and Sasaki, Daisuke 08785088 Cl. 430-7.
Tanaka, Seiji; and Imamura, Kenshi 08786738 Cl. 348-272.
Fujii, Hirokazu; Ueno, Daijiro; Takahashi, Hiroki; and Yamanaka, Tatsuya, to Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. Image reproduction apparatus including a waste toner assembly 08787795 Cl. 399-120.
Fujii, Hiroshi: See--
Maruyama, Tatsuya; Yamada, Tsutomu; Yanagihara, Norihisa; Yonemoto, Shinji; Iwaki, Takashi; and Fujii, Hiroshi 08788735 Cl. 710-261.
Fujii, Takayuki: See--
Suzuki, Shingo; Tokizaki, Kazumi; Seno, Yoshihiko; and Fujii, Takayuki 08783335 Cl. 165-176.
Fujii, Tetsuo: See--
Sugiura, Kazuhiko; Fujii, Tetsuo; and Yokura, Hisanori 08785231 Cl. 438-51.
Fujii, Tomoharu; to Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. Wiring substrate and semiconductor package 08786099 Cl. 257-774.
Fujii, Tomohiro: See--
Tsugihashi, Kanako; Takahashi, Ryutaro; and Fujii, Tomohiro 08788564 Cl. 709-200.
Fujii, Toshiro: See--
Hirano, Takayuki; Yamada, Kazuho; Sowa, Masato; Fujii, Toshiro; Nasuda, Tsutomu; Shiromaru, Katsutoshi; and Suzuki, Fumihiro 08784087 Cl. 418-206.5.
Fujii, Yuji: See--
Kucharski, Joseph F.; Kapas, Nimrod; Fujii, Yuji; Pietron, Gregory Michael; and Yanakiev, Diana 08788166 Cl. 701-60.
Fujikawa, Takuya: See--
Komiya, Atsushi; Honda, Hiroyuki; Fujikawa, Takuya; and Morofuji, Akihiko 08784957 Cl. 428-35.7.
Fujikawa, Wataru: See--
Saitou, Yukie; Fujikawa, Wataru; and Shirakami, Jun 08784956 Cl. 428-32.34.
Fujikura, Hajime; Konno, Taichiroo; and Oshima, Yuichi, to Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Nitride semiconductor crystal producing method, nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer, and nitride semiconductor freestanding substrate 08786052 Cl. 257-615.
Fujikura Ltd.: See--
Tada, Hiroyuki; Kawashima, Tsuyoshi; and Yamaguchi, Atsushi D0709453 Cl. D13-147.
Usui, Hiroki; Tanabe, Nobuo; Matsui, Hiroshi; Ezure, Tetsuya; and Yanagida, Shozo 08785765 Cl. 136-252.
Yamamoto, Satoshi; and Hashimoto, Hirokazu 08785791 Cl. 174-264.
Fujimaki, Hiroshi: See--
Kashiwabara, Mitsuhiro; Yamada, Jiro; Fujimaki, Hiroshi; Fujioka, Hirofumi; and Asaki, Reo 08786185 Cl. 313-504.
Fujimori, Kenichi: See--
Munakata, Hiroki; and Fujimori, Kenichi 08784187 Cl. 463-22.
Fujimoto, Akihiko: See--
Aikawa, Fujito; and Fujimoto, Akihiko 08783434 Cl. 192-221.1.
Fujimoto, Shin-ya: See--
Ueno, Shigehiro; Hashimoto, Keisuke; Okada, Masato; Take, Seiji; Taguchi, Yosuke; Kano, Masataka; and Fujimoto, Shin-ya 08785921 Cl. 257-43.
Fujimoto, Shuichiro; to Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Inspection device and inspection method 08786306 Cl. 324-762.03.
Fujimoto, Tamiji; Hirai, Fumiyasu; and Furuyoshi, Shigeo, to Kaneka Corporation Bacterial toxin adsorbing material, method of removing the toxin by adsorbing, and an adsorber formed by filling the adsorbing material therein 08785141 Cl. 435-7.33.
Fujimura, Yoshio: See--
Kawai, Shuhei; and Fujimura, Yoshio 08786348 Cl. 327-298.
Fujinawa, Yoshiaki: See--
Katsuki, Koji; Hirao, Konomu; Nagakawa, Kenji; Okamoto, Masashi; and Fujinawa, Yoshiaki 08784624 Cl. 204-403.14.
Fujioka, Hirofumi: See--
Kashiwabara, Mitsuhiro; Yamada, Jiro; Fujimaki, Hiroshi; Fujioka, Hirofumi; and Asaki, Reo 08786185 Cl. 313-504.
Fujioka, Soichiro: See--
Furusawa, Seiji; Sugimoto, Noriko; and Fujioka, Soichiro 08789106 Cl. 725-46.
Fujirebio, Inc: See--
Hotta, Yoshiyuki 08785199 Cl. 435-404.
Fujisaki, Koichi: See--
Kambayashi, Toru; Kasahara, Akihiro; Matsukawa, Shinichi; Sakamoto, Hiroyuki; Kato, Taku; Sukegawa, Hiroshi; Hirose, Yoshihiko; Shimbo, Atsushi; and Fujisaki, Koichi 08788907 Cl. 714-763.
Fujishima, Kenzaburo: See--
Tamaki, Satoshi; Kuwahara, Mikio; Fujishima, Kenzaburo; Linwong, Pinai; and Tsunehara, Katsuhiko 08787146 Cl. 370-210.
Fujishima, Kenzaburo; and Taira, Masanori, to Hitachi, Ltd. Broadband wireless communication resource assigning method, base station apparatus and terminal apparatus 08787321 Cl. 370-332.
Fujita, Masashi; to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Memory circuit 08787083 Cl. 365-185.08.
Fujita, Masato: See--
Kawasaki, Taishi; and Fujita, Masato 08784976 Cl. 428-212.
Fujita, Naomi: See--
Furutani, Toshiki; Komatsu, Daiki; Kunieda, Masatoshi; Fujita, Naomi; and Takahashi, Nobuya 08785255 Cl. 438-125.
Fujita, Norihito; to NEC Corporation Network communication system, node device, routing method and routing program 08787257 Cl. 370-328.
Fujita, Shigeo; Soga, Masahiko; Tanaka, Hideaki; Ueda, Yuji; Okada, Tomohiro; Ohtsu, Takayoshi; Kimura, Wataru; and Maruyama, Yohji, to HGST Netherlands B.V. Head-slider including thin-film magnetic-recording head having reduced thermal protrusion 08786986 Cl. 360-235.1.
Fujita, Shigeru: See--
Nagamori, Hiroyasu; Fujita, Shigeru; Umetsu, Kiyonori; and Tsukada, Akira 08785530 Cl. 524-186.
Fujita, Shin: See--
Horikawa, Yuhei; Fujita, Shin; Yoshida, Kenichi; Abe, Hisayuki; Orikasa, Makoto; and Seike, Hideyuki 08787028 Cl. 361-767.
Fujita, Teizo; Schwaeble, Hans-Wilhelm; and Stover, Cordula Margaret, to University of Leicester Genetically modified non-human mammals and cells 08785717 Cl. 800-18.
Fujitsu Component Limited: See--
Yanagi, Masahiro; Kurashima, Shigemi; and Yoda, Hideaki 08786501 Cl. 343-702.
Fujitsu Limited: See--
Abiko, Yukihiro 08787631 Cl. 382-124.
Arao, Hideaki 08787770 Cl. 398-166.
Ezaki, Takato 08787857 Cl. 455-226.1.
Ghosh, Indradeep; and Prasad, Mukul Ranjan 08789054 Cl. 718-100.
Goto, Kuniyasu; Tanaka, Takanori; Honda, Ryoji; Yamamoto, Kazuyasu; and Taniguchi, Akihiko 08787891 Cl. 455-418.
Hama, Soichi; Fukuda, Mitsuaki; Aoki, Takahiro; and Jo, Yuka 08787624 Cl. 382-115.
Iikura, Fumi; and Matsumoto, Yasuhide 08789044 Cl. 718-1.
Ishii, Kenji 08788430 Cl. 705-76.
Jeong, Seok-Hwan 08787713 Cl. 385-32.
Kai, Yutaka 08787757 Cl. 398-58.
Kan, Ryuji; Unno, Hideyuki; and Kitamura, Kenichi 08788561 Cl. 708-505.
Kawasaki, Kenichi 08786304 Cl. 324-762.01.
Kazama, Satoshi; Nakashima, Yoshiyasu; Shibata, Seiki; and Tamura, Yuki 08786134 Cl. 307-104.
Liu, Ling; Tao, Zhenning; and Tanimura, Takahito 08787437 Cl. 375-232.
Liu, Yu 08788992 Cl. 716-106.
Miyatake, Tetsuya 08783971 Cl. 385-93.
Nagatani, Kazuo; Ishikawa, Hiroyoshi; Fudaba, Nobukazu; and Utsunomiya, Yuichi 08787487 Cl. 375-272.
Ohbitsu, Toshiro 08787466 Cl. 375-240.26.
Ohta, Yoshiaki 08787173 Cl. 370-236.
Ohta, Yoshiaki; Tajima, Yoshiharu; Kobayashi, Yutaka; and Obuchi, Kazuhisa 08787956 Cl. 455-509.
Okamoto, Hiroshi 08788752 Cl. 711-114.
Ono, Takatsugu; and Shimizu, Takeshi 08788856 Cl. 713-320.
Shiraishi, Takashi 08786821 Cl. 349-196.
Shirakawa, Miyuki; Suzuki, Masanao; Makiuchi, Takashi; and Tsuchinaga, Yoshiteru 08788275 Cl. 704-500.
Sun, Jun; and Naoi, Satoshi 08787674 Cl. 382-182.
Suzuki, Takashi 08786086 Cl. 257-758.
Tachikawa, Tadanori 08787026 Cl. 361-752.
Takeshita, Hiroto 08785009 Cl. 428-826.
Tamura, Naohiro; Iwatani, Sawao; and Miyamoto, Kaoru 08788636 Cl. 709-221.
Tokuhiro, Noriyuki; Takahashi, Noriyuki; and Aiso, Shinya 08788780 Cl. 711-167.
Tsuji, Kentaro; Segawa, Eigo; and Morihara, Takashi 08786699 Cl. 348-135.
Watanabe, Masaki 08787622 Cl. 382-115.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited: See--
Goto, Seiji 08788840 Cl. 713-187.
Katakami, Akira; and Aoyama, Takayuki 08786022 Cl. 257-369.
Matsuura, Katsuyoshi; Asano, Masayoshi; Ogawa, Hiroyuki; and Lee, Myounggoo 08785274 Cl. 438-253.
Tanaka, Takuji 08789002 Cl. 716-132.
Fujiwara, Hiroki: See--
Hojo, Takuma; Yamamoto, Kyoko; Fujiwara, Hiroki; Atsumi, Kazuhiko; and Mitsudo, Take-aki 08785582 Cl. 526-282.
Fujiwara, Junichi: See--
Sumiyoshi, Yoko; Fujiwara, Junichi; and Watanabe, Yosuke 08786992 Cl. 361-111.
Fujiwara, Kazunari; Tanabe, Takumi; and Ayaki, Yasushi, to Panasonic Corporation File transmitting apparatus, file transmitting method, file receiving apparatus, file receiving method, and file transfer system 08788697 Cl. 709-232.
Fujiwara, Makoto: See--
Yokota, Kaoru; Katsura, Akihito; Nemoto, Yusuke; Torisaki, Yuishi; and Fujiwara, Makoto 08787582 Cl. 380-286.
Fujiwara, Takashi: See--
Toso, Yoshiyuki; Yoshikawa, Shoichi; Sekioka, Tadayasu; Oomoto, Noboru; Fujiwara, Takashi; and Miyagawa, Naoki 08787793 Cl. 399-116.
Fujiyoshi, Kentaro: See--
Mochizuki, Chiori; Watanabe, Minoru; Ishii, Takamasa; Kawanabe, Jun; and Fujiyoshi, Kentaro 08785873 Cl. 250-370.14.
Fukada, Akira: See--
Yamagata, Akihiko; Arisawa, Shigeru; Nakada, Kenji; Fukada, Akira; and Morita, Tadashi 08788717 Cl. 709-250.
Fukai, Taku: See--
Ugajin, Makoto; Nemoto, Eriko; Fuse, Makoto; and Fukai, Taku 08784546 Cl. 106-31.26.
Fukami, Shunsuke; Ishiwata, Nobuyuki; Suzuki, Tetsuhiro; Nagahara, Kiyokazu; and Ohshima, Norikazu, to NEC Corporation Magnetic memory and method of manufacturing the same 08787076 Cl. 365-158.
Fukanuma, Hirotaka; to Plasma Giken Co., Ltd. Nozzle for cold spray system and cold spray device using the nozzle for cold spray system 08783584 Cl. 239-132.
Fukasaku, Izumi; Hirano, Koki; Kobayashi, Masahiko; and Hiruta, Akihiro, to Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Photoelectric composite wiring component and electronic apparatus using the photoelectric composite wiring component 08787764 Cl. 398-116.
Fukasawa, Miyuki: See--
Hayakawa, Kazuhisa; Maruyama, Naosuke; and Fukasawa, Miyuki 08784883 Cl. 424-451.
Fukatani, Juichi; and Hatta, Bungo, to Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass 08784992 Cl. 428-436.
Fukaya, Kazuyuki: See--
Nedachi, Yoshiaki; Tsukada, Yoshiaki; Ozeki, Takashi; Kojima, Hiroyuki; and Fukaya, Kazuyuki 08788169 Cl. 701-68.
Fukaya, Mamoru; to Konica Minolta, Inc. Fixing device including fixing members for applying pressure on a conveyed sheet 08787808 Cl. 399-333.
Fukaya, Naoyuki: See--
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