NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG: See--
Goodacre, Simon Charles; Lai, Yingjie; Liang, Jun; Magnuson, Steven R.; Robarge, Kirk D.; Stanley, Mark S.; Hsiao-Wei Tsui, Vickie; Williams, Karen; Zhang, Birong; and Zhou, Aihe 08486950 Cl. 514-256.
F2G Ltd.: See--
Thomson, Samantha Patricia; Davies, Rhian Teresa; Allanson, Nigel Mark; Kuvshinov, Alexandre; Davies, Gareth Morse; and Edwards, Philip Neil 08486962 Cl. 514-299.
Faatz, Heinz-Werner; Stanke, Thomas; Staas, Ernst; Wache, deceased, Robert; and Wache, legal representative, Rosie, to Black & Decker Inc. Method of assembling a drilling and/or hammering tool 08484827 Cl. 29-596.
Fabrikant-Tara International LLC: See--
Shlakman, Jeffrey D0686102 Cl. D11-26.
Fabris, Lorenzo: See--
Cunningham, Mark F.; Fabris, Lorenzo; Gee, Timothy F.; Ghebretati, Jr., Frezghi H.; Goddard, James S.; Karnowski, Thomas P.; and Ziock, Klaus-peter 08487993 Cl. 348-135.
Facchini, Diana: See--
Victor, Jared J.; Erb, Uwe; Tomantschger, Klaus; Nagarajan, Nandakumar; Facchini, Diana; and Neacsu, Mioara 08486319 Cl. 264-220.
Facebook, Inc.: See--
Coughlin, Stephen J.; Meisels, Adrienne C.; and Greenberg, Steven E. 08489329 Cl. 701-465.
Frank, Jonathan H. 08490166 Cl. 726-6.
Sobotka, David C.; Austin-Lane, Christopher E.; and Eranti, Vijay K. 08489738 Cl. 709-224.
Facemire, John W.: See--
Moore, Keith A.; Heasley, Ralph A.; Greiwe, Jeffrey S.; Facemire, John W.; and Modest, Jason D. 08487005 Cl. 514-574.
Fachhochschule Kiel: See--
Es-Souni, Mohammed 08486484 Cl. 427-2.24.
Factor, Michael E.; and Meth, Kalman Z., to International Business Machines Corporation Efficient loading of data into memory of a computing system 08489799 Cl. 711-6.
Fadell, Anthony M.; Rogers, Matthew L.; Sloo, David; Matas, Michael J.; and Plitkins, Michael, to Nest Labs, Inc. Thermostat user interface 08489243 Cl. 700-277.
Fadler, Franz: See--
Ziegler, Christian; Franke, Jörg; Dirauf, Franz; and Fadler, Franz 08488739 Cl. 378-65.
Fagg, Russell J.; to QUALCOMM, Incorporated Divide-by-two injection-locked ring oscillator circuit 08487670 Cl. 327-118.
Fagundes, Luciano Godoy; Moran, Tommy; Yamanappa, Veeranna A.; Khan, Mohammad; Desai, Dhaval; Kohler, Joylee E.; Flockhart, Andrew D.; and Steiner, Robert C., to Avaya Inc. Grouping of contact center agents 08488772 Cl. 379-265.05.
Fahrendorff, Anders; Murchison, Ian James; and Sinclair, Todd Nelson, to Research In Motion Limited Electronic device shell D0686199 Cl. D14-250.
Fai, Anthony: See--
Wakrat, Nir Jacob; Fai, Anthony; and Byom, Matthew 08489907 Cl. 713-324.
Fai, Anthony Y S; to Apple Inc. Projected display shared workspaces 08490002 Cl. 715-753.
Fain, Romy; to Romy Fain Apparatus and method for harvesting energy 08487514 Cl. 310-339.
Fair, Paul; and Kummerfeld, Jamie, to Boppy Company, LLC, The Multi-use seat liner 08485601 Cl. 297-219.12.
Fairbanks, Brent A.: See--
Mendel, David W.; Fairbanks, Brent A.; and Xue, Ning 08488729 Cl. 375-354.
Fairchild, Jonathan D.: See--
Gudgel, Judson Mannon; Fairchild, Jonathan D.; Moon, Martin Alan; and Oppenheimer, Reed Jules 08487755 Cl. 340-539.1.
Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.: See--
Lee, Young Sik 08487602 Cl. 323-285.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation: See--
Chadbourne, Peter; Maher, Gregory A.; and Siulinski, James A. 08489782 Cl. 710-15.
Kinzer, Daniel M.; Sapp, Steven; Wu, Chung-Lin; Jeon, Oseob; and Dosdos, Bigildis 08487371 Cl. 257-330.
Faist, Fridolin; and Wettlin, Martin, to VEGA Grieshaber KG Internet-based fill-level measurement value and diagnostic information polling system 08490170 Cl. 726-10.
Faith, Patrick: See--
Hammad, Ayman; and Faith, Patrick 08489506 Cl. 705-44.
Falchuk, Benjamin W.; and Lai, Ming-Yee, to Telcordia Technologies, Inc. Method and system to manage wireless communications of high-occupancy vehicles 08488522 Cl. 370-328.
Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC: See--
Higgins, Michael 08485216 Cl. 137-247.29.
Falkl, John Anthony: See--
Chang, Kyusun; Dasari, Jagadish; Falkl, John Anthony; and Mendoza, Alfredo V 08489465 Cl. 705-26.1.
Falkner, Phillip C.; Bonde, Eric H.; Seeley, Dale F.; Senarith, Patrick P.; Waldhauser, Steven L.; and Yasger, Kendra, to Medtronic, Inc. Introducer for lead delivery 08486089 Cl. 606-129.
Fallah-Rad, Mehran: See--
Zhu, Haoqin; Petropoulos, Labros; Schellekens, Wayne; Saunders, John; Lang, Michael; and Fallah-Rad, Mehran 08487615 Cl. 324-307.
Fallon, Joan M.; to Curemark LLC Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of the symptoms of addiction and method of diagnosing same 08486390 Cl. 424-94.61.
Falola, Dolapo M.: See--
Chalasani, Nanchariah R.; Chong, Quddus K. W.; Falola, Dolapo M.; Wesley, Ajamu A.; and Yanik, Andrea R. 08489741 Cl. 709-226.
Faminial, Julie: See--
Kivits, Peter; Faminial, Julie; Ballares, Jake; and Temmerman, Jents 08488424 Cl. 369-44.29.
Fan, Chung Shing: See--
Ironstone, Joel; Wang, David; Zhang, Frank; Fan, Chung Shing; Altmejd, Morrie; and Smith, Kenneth Carless 08487686 Cl. 327-318.
Fan, Eugene: See--
Wong, Chi-Huey; Yu, Alice L.; Yang, Wen-Bin; Fan, Eugene; Hsu, Hsien-Yeh; Lee, Peishan; Tu, Tseng-Rong; and Hung, Chin-Chung 08486914 Cl. 514-54.
Fan, Huai-Chih: See--
Kuo, Tien-Ting; and Fan, Huai-Chih 08489713 Cl. 709-220.
Fan, Jintu; Szeto, Yu-cheung; and Sarkar, Manas Kumar, to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Fabric simulating the plant structure for moisture management 08486847 Cl. 442-205.
Fan, Qinbai; and Stanis, Ronald, to Gas Technology Institute Batteries, fuel cells, and other electrochemical devices 08486567 Cl. 429-234.
Fan, Shou-Shan: See--
Liu, Peng; Chen, Pi-jin; Guo, Cai-Lin; Du, Bing-chu; Liu, Liang; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08484932 Cl. 53-400.
Meng, Chui-Zhou; Liu, Chang-Hong; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08488300 Cl. 361-502.
Zhu, Zhen-Dong; Li, Qun-Qing; and Fan, Shou-Shan 08487320 Cl. 257-79.
Fan, Shunan: See--
Zhang, Huiping; Chen, Guoqiao; Yang, Jian; Wang, Lei; Fan, Shunan; and Dong, Ting 08489983 Cl. 715-229.
Fan, Simon: See--
Yao, Li-Ho; and Fan, Simon 08485050 Cl. 73-862.31.
Fan, Zhigang: See--
Clark, Robert Alan; and Fan, Zhigang 08485517 Cl. 271-105.
Fandrick, Keith R.; Gao, Joe Ju; Li, Wenjie; Lu, Zhi-Hui; and Zhang, Yongda, to Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Synthesis of inhibitors of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 08487094 Cl. 544-96.
Fanelli, Gregory C.: See--
Steiner, Anton J.; Knight, David I.; Mulhauser, Paul J.; Kirk, III, Karl D.; Cosenza, Richard J.; and Fanelli, Gregory C. 08486074 Cl. 606-79.
Fanfelle, Robert James: See--
Mittal, Millind; and Fanfelle, Robert James 08488618 Cl. 370-401.
Fang, Hai: See--
Shi, Yifan; and Fang, Hai 08490132 Cl. 725-42.
Fang, Hsin-Fa; Hsieh, Ming-Churng; Chen, Chung-Liang; Yuan, Ming-Chen; Tsao, Cheng-Si; and Peng, Kang-Neng, to Atomic Energy Council-Institute of Nuclear Energy Research Computerized chart recorder 08488167 Cl. 358-1.15.
Fang, I-Le; Chen, Wei-Jen; and Li, Ming-Tsung, to Sunowealth Electric Machines Industry Co., Ltd. Led lamp incorporating fan and heat sink assembly 08487517 Cl. 313-35.
Fang, Lieyi: See--
Zhang, Yunchao; Cao, Yaming; Huang, Xiaomin; Zhang, Xiuhong; and Fang, Lieyi 08488342 Cl. 363-21.16.
Fang, Sheng; and Signorelli, John A., to Baker Hughes Incorporated Performing downhole measurement using tuned transmitters and untuned receivers 08487625 Cl. 324-338.
Fang, Shenqing; Xue, Gang; Li, Wenmei; and Kang, Inkuk, to Spanion LLC SONOS memory cells having non-uniform tunnel oxide and methods for fabricating same 08487373 Cl. 257-333.
Fang, Ting-Yi: See--
Lien, Ching-Hohn; Zhu, Jie-An; Xu, Zhi-Xian; Huang, Xing-Xiang; and Fang, Ting-Yi 08488291 Cl. 361-126.
Fang, Wenkui K.; Wang, Liming; Corpuz, Evelyn G.; Chow, Ken; and Im, Wha Bin, to Allergan, Inc. Phenyl oxadiazole derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor 08486918 Cl. 514-92.
Fanger, Jonathan P.; Bartish, Jr., Charles M.; Kwak, Seungkyu Daniel; Andrie, Matthew J.; and LaSota, Douglas R., to DePuy Synthes Products, LLC Modular multi-level spine stabilization system and method 08486112 Cl. 606-258.
Fanghänel, Karsten: See--
Schlarb, Uwe; Baeuerle, Stefan A.; Thimmel, Bernhard; Lehr, Matthias; Fanghänel, Karsten; Haselberger, Johannes; Jacobi, Anne; and Vielsack, Bertram 08489640 Cl. 707-792.
Fann, Jenn-Yeh: See--
Pan, Chao-Chi; Fann, Jenn-Yeh; Chiou, Chung-Fan; Chien, Hung-Chi; and Chen, Hui-Ling 08486630 Cl. 435-6.11.
Fannie Mae: See--
Flaxman, David R.; Tantoco-Hobbs, Minerva L.; Kobus, Anne M. Murphy; Koch, Michael W.; Packer, Daniel; Plofchan, Peter G.; and Pomeroy, Richard C. 08489498 Cl. 705-38.
Fantoft, Rune: See--
Cunningham, Christopher E.; Fantoft, Rune; and Hollingsaeter, Terje 08487493 Cl. 310-90.5.
Fantozzi, Gilbert: See--
Blanchard, Laurent; Fantozzi, Gilbert; Pelletant, Aurélien; Reveron, Helen; Chevalier, Jérôme; and Vitupier, Yann 08486851 Cl. 501-97.1.
Farach-Colton, Martin: See--
Kuszmaul, Bradley C.; Bender, Michael A.; and Farach-Colton, Martin 08489638 Cl. 707-790.
Farag, F. Aziz Panel-sealing and securing system 08484916 Cl. 52-235.
Faraj, Daniel A.; to International Business Machines Corporation Data communications for a collective operation in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer 08490112 Cl. 719-313.
Farchy, David: See--
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David D0686098 Cl. D10-78.
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David D0686256 Cl. D15-139.
Farhoodfar, Arash: See--
Do, Viet Linh; Fu, Wei; and Farhoodfar, Arash 08489664 Cl. 708-530.
Faries, Jr., Durward I.; Heymann, Bruce R.; and Hendrix, David, to Medical Solutions, Inc. Method and apparatus for securely storing medical items within a thermal treatment system 08487738 Cl. 340-5.2.
Farina, Pietro; to Sovema S.p.A. Plant for the electrochemical formation of lead-acid batteries 08484834 Cl. 29-730.
Farinacci, Dino: See--
Moreno, Victor; Farinacci, Dino; Bellagamba, Patrice; Grover, Hasmit; and Rao, Dhananjaya 08488491 Cl. 370-254.
Farizon, Frederic: See--
Theillez, Boris; Chanzy, Nicolas; Farizon, Frederic; Adam, Philippe; Philippot, Remi; Favre, Eric; Limozin, Rodophe; Provost, Gilles; Doycinovich, Serge; and Camilleri, Jean-Philippe 08486151 Cl. 623-22.31.
Farjalla, Marcelo: See--
Leung, Yiu-Ming; Liang, Rui; Shao, Yu; Farjalla, Marcelo; Zhang, Li; Solano, Danilo Perez; and Osobov, Sergei 08490119 Cl. 719-328.
Farmak, A.S.: See--
Hradil, Pavel; Kvapil, Lubomir; Grepl, Martin; and Novotny, Jan 08487113 Cl. 548-127.
Farmer, Luc J.; Perni, Robert B.; Pitlik, Janos; and van Drie, Jr., John H., to Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease 08486989 Cl. 514-411.
Farooq, Mukta G: See--
Andry, Paul S; Farooq, Mukta G; Hannon, Robert; Iyer, Subramanian S; Kinser, Emily R; Tsang, Cornelia K; and Volant, Richard P 08487425 Cl. 257-698.
Farrag, Khalid A.: See--
Kinast, John Arthur; Farrag, Khalid A.; and Todres, H. A. (Alan) 08485024 Cl. 73-84.
Farrell, James; and Krause, James, to Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Controlling markets during a stop loss trigger 08489488 Cl. 705-36R.
Farrell, Terry C.; to Channellock, Inc. Firefighter tool 08485074 Cl. 81-415.
Farres, Marina Ferran: See--
Tormo, Ana Maria Cardells; Farres, Marina Ferran; and Soria, Juan Uroz 08485655 Cl. 347-102.
Farys, Vincent; and Audran, Stephanie, to STMicroelectronics (Crolles 2) SAS Method for determining a grey level etch mask 08490028 Cl. 716-51.
Fasen, Donald J.; to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Sensor position adjustment with media velocity relative sample timing 08488267 Cl. 360-73.12.
Fassett, Douglas L.: See--
Weber, Jeffrey A.; Wolf, David I.; Blomstrom, John K.; Fassett, Douglas L.; Martus, Paul J.; and Ippel, David J. D0686031 Cl. D6-708.23.
Fasshauer, Peter: See--
Kandziora, Thomas; and Fasshauer, Peter 08487905 Cl. 345-174.
Fattori, Daniela: See--
Bartoli, Sandra; Cipollone, Amalia; and Fattori, Daniela 08487122 Cl. 549-407.
Faure, Bruce: See--
Letertre, Fabrice; Faure, Bruce; Krames, Michael R.; and Gardner, Nathan F. 08486771 Cl. 438-149.
Faure, Frederic: See--
Charbonnier, Emilien; and Faure, Frederic 08488787 Cl. 380-200.
Faurecia Autositze GmbH: See--
Gumprecht, Michael; and Frank, Thomas 08485548 Cl. 280-730.2.
Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Germany GmbH: See--
Danner, Tobias; Keesser, Thorsten; Linde, Thorsten; Huth, Christine; and Ranalli, Marco 08485314 Cl. 181-282.
Favichia, Frank R.: See--
Bosch, Peter; and Favichia, Frank R. 08488553 Cl. 370-331.
Favre, Eric: See--
Theillez, Boris; Chanzy, Nicolas; Farizon, Frederic; Adam, Philippe; Philippot, Remi; Favre, Eric; Limozin, Rodophe; Provost, Gilles; Doycinovich, Serge; and Camilleri, Jean-Philippe 08486151 Cl. 623-22.31.
Favuzzi, John A; Martin, Merritt M; Sweda, Jonathan R; Bland, Lauren; Lathrop, Robert L; Van Bosch, John E; and Buchanan, Kristopher S, to DAKO Denmark A/S Reagent delivery system, dispensing device and container for a biological staining apparatus 08486714 Cl. 436-180.
Fayet, Pierre; Olofsson, Torsten; Tiller, Hans-Jurgen; and Richter, Thomas, to Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A. Method and device for coating a polymer film with an oxide layer 08486488 Cl. 427-255.5.
Fazeel, Hajee Mohammed Shuaeb; Amirkhany, Amir; Srinivas, Gundlapalli Shanmukha; and Huang, Chaofeng, to Rambus Inc. Methods and circuits for calibrating multi-modal termination schemes 08487650 Cl. 326-30.
FCI Americas Technology LLC: See--
Burns, Thomas K.; Croasmun, Dale A.; and Salas, Francisco 08485848 Cl. 439-595.
Fealy, Steven: See--
Hill, David Ian; Moldoveanu, Nicolae; and Fealy, Steven 08488409 Cl. 367-16.
Feblowitz, Mark D.: See--
Bouillet, Eric; Feblowitz, Mark D.; Liu, Zhen; Ranganathan, Anand; and Riabov, Anton V. 08490049 Cl. 717-106.
Fechtel, Stefan: See--
Carbonelli, Cecilia; and Fechtel, Stefan 08488690 Cl. 375-260.
Fechtel, Stefan; and Menkhoff, Andreas, to Infineon Technologies AG Weighting circuit for a multi-carrier signal receiver 08488687 Cl. 375-260.
Fedder, Ronald J.: See--
Gauthier, Michael T.; Braganza, Austin R. S.; Jeutter, Dean C.; Gauthier, Stacy A.; and Fedder, Ronald J. 08485075 Cl. 81-479.
Federal-Mogul Burscheid GmbH: See--
Zinnabold, Michael; Matz, Marc-Manuel; and Kennedy, Marcus 08484843 Cl. 29-888.07.
Federal-Mogul Ignition Company: See--
Anderson, James B.; and Robbins, Brent H. 08485680 Cl. 362-101.
Fedich, Robert Basil: See--
Siskin, Michael; Mozeleski, Edmund John; Fedich, Robert Basil; and Wang, Frank Cheng-Yu 08486183 Cl. 95-235.
Fedorova, Alexandra: See--
Small, Christopher A.; Fedorova, Alexandra; and Nussbaum, Daniel S. 08490101 Cl. 718-103.
Feero, Brett Stanley: See--
Jalal, Jamshed; Werkheiser, Mark David; Feero, Brett Stanley; Filippo, Michael Alan; Prasadh, Ramamoorthy Guru; and Mannava, Phanindra Kumar 08490107 Cl. 718-104.
Feese, James J.; and Wartluft, Bruce A., to Hauck Manufacturing Company Three stage low NOx burner system with controlled stage air separation 08485813 Cl. 431-9.
Feeser, Reiner; to KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH Cooling channel piston for an internal combustion engine and method for the production thereof 08485088 Cl. 92-186.
Fehse, Meike: See--
Pampus, Christian; Urban, Werner; Fehse, Meike; Herder, Bjoern; Knoblauch, Marco; and Seifarth, Soenke 08487782 Cl. 340-932.2.
Fei, Xiang: See--
Chan, Chi Keung; Zhang, Zhi Kuan; Lau, Yue Kwong; Fei, Xiang; Liu, Hao; Sheng, Ju Zuo; and Emerson, David Todd 08487326 Cl. 257-91.
Feigenbaum, Marvin; to Acolyte Technologies Corporation Lighting device D0686354 Cl. D26-24.
Fein, Gene; and Merritt, Edward, to Tajitshu Transfer Limited Liability Company Rotating encryption in data forwarding storage 08489687 Cl. 709-205.
Feisthammel, Egon; Holzer, Petra; and Rosmann, Dieter, to BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH Drive mechanism for a down draft vent system 08485177 Cl. 126-299D.
Feiweier, Thorsten; Kim, Tony Hyun; and Porter, David Andrew, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to reduce distortions in diffusion images 08487617 Cl. 324-314.
Feland, III, John M: See--
Reynolds, Joseph Kurth; Dattalo, Tracy Scott; Trent, Jr., Raymond A; and Feland, III, John M 08487788 Cl. 341-33.
Felciano, Ramon M.: See--
Chen, Richard O.; Cho, Raymond J.; Felciano, Ramon M.; Holley, Bret; Patel, Viresh; Richards, Daniel R.; Selvarajan, Sushma; Steward, Keith; and Schneider, Sara 08489334 Cl. 702-19.
Feldermann, Horst: See--
Pazidis, Alexandra; Zaczek, Christoph; Feldermann, Horst; and Huber, Peter 08488103 Cl. 355-67.
Feldman, Brian: See--
Goree, John; and Feldman, Brian 08485085 Cl. 89-41.17.
Feldman, Haim; Morgenstein, Boris; Naidis, Roman; and Baer, Adam, to Applied Materials Israel, Ltd. Inspection system and method for fast changes of focus 08488117 Cl. 356-237.2.
Feldman, Howard: See--
Hutton, Michael L.; Baker, Matthew Charles; Gass, Jennifer Mae; Rademakers, Rosa; Eriksen, Jason; Pickering-Brown, Stuart M.; Mackenzie, Ian Reid Alexander; Feldman, Howard; Kumar-Singh, Samir; Broeckhoven, Christine Van; Cruts, Marc; and Cannon, Ashley Diane 08486635 Cl. 435-6.12.
Feldmann, Björn: See--
Klein, Günter; Feldmann, Björn; Holtschulte, Sabine; Hottenbacher, Silke; Poppe, Andreas; and Clausen-Meiring, Ulrike 08486539 Cl. 428-480.
Feldmeier, Fritz; to Paul Mueller GmbH & Co. KG Unternehmensbeteiligungen Torsional vibration damper and spindle 08485909 Cl. 464-83.
Feliciano, Mary Josephine: See--
Wijerama, Roshan; Wade, Azhelle Ashley; Feliciano, Mary Josephine; and Valdez, Jr., Emmanuel Riego D0686253 Cl. D15-66.
Felix Calls, LLC: See--
Metz, Brent D.; and Caffrey, Kevin 08488755 Cl. 379-100.06.
Feng, Chung-Chih; Yao, I-Peng; Wang, Lyang-Gung; Hung, Yung-Chang; and Tsai, Chao-Yuan, to San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Polishing material having polishing particles and method for making the same 08485869 Cl. 451-527.
Feng, Dongqin; Chu, Jian; Zhang, Han; and Jin, Jianxiang, to Supcon Group Co., Ltd. Fault processing method, system and exchanging device based on industry ethernet network 08488475 Cl. 370-242.
Feng, Kesheng; Kapadia, Nilesh; Castaldi, Steven A.; and Ganjei, John Nickel-chromium alloy stripper for flexible wiring boards 08486281 Cl. 216-13.
Feng, Kuo Feng: See--
Ho, Mon Nan; Tu, Hsiu Wen; Feng, Kuo Feng; Chiu, Yung Sheng; Liu, Joe; Yeh, Nai Hua; Chen, Wen Chuan; and Chen, Allis 06565008 Cl. 235-492.
Feng, Ming-Cheng; Kong, Dan-Cheng; Wong, Chang-Ming; and Yeh, Shu-Ling, to Industrial Technology Research Institute Oriented white polyester film 08487044 Cl. 525-165.
Feng, Shulan: See--
Chang, Junren; Li, Yajuan; and Feng, Shulan 08488560 Cl. 370-331.
Feng, Weishi; Tang, Hsiao; Hu, Guorong; and Hsu, Yungping, to Marvell International Ltd. System and method of selecting antennas based on signal-to-noise ratios and signal quality values 08488727 Cl. 375-347.
Feng, Xiaogen; Wang, Nongyue; Mao, Xiaohui; Yu, Ruibiao; and Cheng, Qianwen, to Jiangsu Sinorgchem Technology Co., Ltd. Falling film evaporator 08486223 Cl. 159-49.
Fenton, Jim L.: See--
Hermanns, Klaus; Fenton, Jim L.; Yarlagadda, Venkateswara Rao; Buduguru, Chandra S.; Pullagura, Chandrahasa C.; Raghunarayan, Rajiv; Greene, Barry L.; and Dobbins, Ellis R. 08488488 Cl. 370-254.
Fenwal, Inc.: See--
Cork, William H.; and Calhoun, Daryl Richard 08485828 Cl. 434-262.
Fenyvesi, Gyorgyi; Poladi, Raja Hari; and Sunkara, Hari Babu, to E I du Pont de Nemours and Company Methods and compositions for extracting flavor and fragrance compounds and solubilizing essential oils 08486458 Cl. 424-725.
Ferber, Christoph: See--
Boehme, Aiko; Bald, Heiko; Balzer, Dirk; and Ferber, Christoph 08489274 Cl. 701-34.4.
Ferenz, Michael: See--
Thum, Oliver; Ansorge-Schumacher, Marion; Wiemann, Lars; Ferenz, Michael; and Naumann, Matthias 08486677 Cl. 435-176.
Feri, Lorenzo: See--
Linnartz, Johan Paul Marie Gerard; Penning De Vries, Hendricus Theodorus Gerardus Maria; Feri, Lorenzo; Colak, Sel Brian; and Damink, Paulus Henricus Antonius 08488971 Cl. 398-118.
Feris, Rogerio S.; Otto, Charles A.; Pankanti, Sharathchandra; and Tran, Duan D., to International Business Machines Corporation Object segmentation at a self-checkout 08488881 Cl. 382-173.
Fernandez, Facundo M.; and Harris, Glenn A., to Georgia Tech Research Corporation Direct atmospheric pressure sample analyzing system 08487245 Cl. 250-288.
Feron, Marc: See--
Jarry, Vincent; and Feron, Marc 08486763 Cl. 438-113.
Ferrada, Angela: See--
Rahmouni, Miloud; Ferrada, Angela; Soulhi, Fouzia; Gervais, Sonia; Sant, Vinayak; Smith, Damon; Duffayet, Frederic; Rustom, Shams; El-Jammal, Ali; Ndong, Jean-Michel; Boursiquot, Bobby-Ernst; and Bichara, Ali 08486448 Cl. 424-464.
Ferran Farres, Marina: See--
Lopez Rodriguez, Juan Luis; Ferran Farres, Marina; and Esterri Pedra, Pere 08487647 Cl. 326-22.
Ferrazzini, Axel; Anza, Diego; and Chauvaud, Pascal, to France Telecom Security method and device for managing access to multimedia contents 08488786 Cl. 380-200.
Ferri, Lino Gabriel: See--
Stull, Sr., Gene; Ferri, Lino Gabriel; Auer, Robert Thomas; Russo, Mark J.; and Stull, Jason D0686073 Cl. D9-447.
Stull, Sr., Gene; Ferri, Lino Gabriel; Auer, Robert Thomas; Russo, Mark J.; and Stull, Jason D0686077 Cl. D9-447.
Ferrigni, Max Mobile product retail system and methods thereof 08485285 Cl. 180-2.1.
Ferring B.V.: See--
Moore, Keith A.; Heasley, Ralph A.; Greiwe, Jeffrey S.; Facemire, John W.; and Modest, Jason D. 08487005 Cl. 514-574.
Ferrone, Soldano; and Wang, Xinhui, to University of Pittsburgh—Of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education Monoclonal antibodies for CSPG4 for the diagnosis and treatment of basal breast carcinoma 08486393 Cl. 424-130.1.
Ferry, Matthew M.: See--
Basu, Kohinoor; Chua, Angel Barnachea; Ferry, Matthew M.; and Roberts, Scott Arthur 08489455 Cl. 705-14.4.
Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.: See--
Poole, Leslie B.; King, S. Bruce; and Fetrow, Jacquelyn S. 08486642 Cl. 435-7.1.
Fetzer, Peter E. Surgical instrument support 08486090 Cl. 606-130.
Feuerabend, Andrea; Van Oeffel, Antoinette; Van Leeuwen, Marco; and Van Het Hof, Theo M. M., to Biocartis SA Diagnosis apparatus for laboratories D0686335 Cl. D24-216.
Feuersänger, Martin; Löhr, Joachim; and Wengerter, Christian, to Panasonic Corporation HARQ process management 08489953 Cl. 714-751.
Feutrill, John Thomas: See--
Burns, Christopher John; Donohue, Andrew Craig; Feutrill, John Thomas; Nguyen, Thao Lien Thi; Wilks, Andrew Frederick; and Zeng, Jun 08486941 Cl. 514-235.8.
Fevergeon, Matthew D.: See--
Sakurai, Seiya; and Fevergeon, Matthew D. 08484894 Cl. 49-163.
Fewster, Paul; to PANalytical B.V. Diffractometer 08488740 Cl. 378-79.
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Fidlock GmbH: See--
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Fiedler, Joachim: See--
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Fiedler, Stefan: See--
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Fieldson, Gregory T.: See--
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Figovsky, Oleg: See--
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Figueiredo, Rob: See--
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FIH (Hong Kong) Limited: See--
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Filippo, Michael Alan: See--
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Filippov, Andrey V: See--
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Filor, Lutz: See--
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Finch, Michael: See--
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Finch Paper LLC.: See--
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Finishers LLC: See--
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Finkielsztein, Sergio: See--
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Finlay, Deborah Ruth: See--
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Finlay, Nathaniel: See--
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Finnegan, John: See--
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Finnerty, Carolyn J.: See--
Gieseke, Steven Scott; and Finnerty, Carolyn J. 08486174 Cl. 55-498.
Finnketju Invest Oy: See--
Tuomikoski, Pekka 08485368 Cl. 210-519.
Fintel, William V.: See--
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Fiorani, David N.: See--
Mathy, Jr., John M.; and Fiorani, David N. 08485810 Cl. 425-182.
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Fiorello, Ron: See--
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First Solar, Inc.: See--
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Fischer, Reiner: See--
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Fisonic Holding Limited: See--
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Fitl, Amy Majella: See--
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Fitl, James Jeffrey; and Fitl, Amy Majella Play mat backpack D0685989 Cl. D3-216.
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FitzGerald, Cary W.: See--
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Fitzgerald, Keif: See--
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Fiusco, Ricardo John: See--
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Fixler, Dror: See--
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Flagsol GmbH: See--
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Flaherty, J. Christopher: See--
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FleetCor Technologies Operating Company, LLC: See--
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Fleischmann, Jeff: See--
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Fletcher, Mark: See--
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Fletcher, Sue: See--
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Flextronics AP, LLC: See--
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Flinn, Michael A.: See--
Driscoll, James Joshua; and Flinn, Michael A. 08486341 Cl. 422-177.
Flip Technologies Limited: See--
O'Dea, John; and Bambury, Eoin 08486011 Cl. 604-99.03.
Flockhart, Andrew D.: See--
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Flohr, Alexander: See--
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Flooring Technologies Ltd.: See--
Braun, Roger 08484924 Cl. 52-588.1.
Flowers, Paul; and Allard, Jochen, to Grohe AG Faucet D0686299 Cl. D23-238.
Flowers, Paul; and Allard, Jochen, to Grohe AG Faucet handle D0686303 Cl. D23-252.
Flowers, Paul; and Allard, Jochen, to Grohe AG Faucet handle D0686304 Cl. D23-252.
Flowers, Paul; and Allard, Jochen, to Grohe AG Handle D0686305 Cl. D23-254.
Floyd, Brian Harold; to Aptus Power Semiconductor Temperature-stable CMOS voltage reference circuits 08487660 Cl. 327-72.
Floyd, Brian Harold; to Aptus Power Semiconductor Load switch system driven by a charge pump 08487689 Cl. 327-536.
FLSmidth A/S: See--
Schantz, Dwayne R. 08484824 Cl. 29-505.
FLSmidth Sioux City, Inc.: See--
Gebhart, Walter M. 08485052 Cl. 73-862.49.
Fluharty, Jay Wendell: See--
Fluharty, John Walter; Fluharty, Jay Wendell; Quackenbush, Karl D.; and Hahn, Richard A. 08484866 Cl. 37-352.
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Fluke Corporation: See--
Jiang, Long; and Tai, Charles 08489679 Cl. 709-203.
Flybikes S.L.: See--
Hsu, Ching-Chung 08485598 Cl. 297-215.15.
Flynn, Daniel L.; Petillo, Peter A.; and Kaufman, Michael D., to Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, LLC Cyclopropane amides and analogs exhibiting anti-cancer and anti-proliferative activities 08486951 Cl. 514-256.
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Flynn, Judson John: See--
Huber, Kurt Donald; Flynn, Judson John; and Mansfield, William Gordon 08490156 Cl. 726-2.
FM Marketing GmbH: See--
Maier, Ferdinand; and Weitgasser, Erwin D0686194 Cl. D14-218.
FMC Corporation: See--
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FMC Technologies, Inc.: See--
Cunningham, Christopher E.; Fantoft, Rune; and Hollingsaeter, Terje 08487493 Cl. 310-90.5.
FMP Technology GmbH Fluid Measurements & Projects: See--
Durst, Franz; and Uensal, Buelent 08485121 Cl. 118-300.
FMR LLC: See--
Mahalaha, Anil; Tonelli, Daniel L.; and Berk, Barry 08488774 Cl. 379-265.13.
FMT International Trade AB: See--
Anderberg, Nils-Erik 08484786 Cl. 14-71.5.
Foamix Ltd.: See--
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Folch Cortes, Diego: See--
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Foley, Amanda: See--
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Foley, Jeffrey: See--
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Foltin, Eckard: See--
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Fondelius, Johan: See--
Johansson, Johanna; and Fondelius, Johan 08485530 Cl. 277-373.
Fong, Mo-Han: See--
Cai, Zhijun; Hu, Rose Qingyang; Yu, Yi; Earnshaw, Andrew Mark; Song, Yi; and Fong, Mo-Han 08488514 Cl. 370-315.
Novak, Robert; and Fong, Mo-Han 08488634 Cl. 370-509.
Foo, Teck Wee: See--
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Foo, Tun Keat: See--
Sim, Wong Hoo; Foo, Tun Keat; and Tan, Jeng Khim 08489991 Cl. 715-723.
Forbes, Steven John; Arthey, Spencer James Robert; and Iles, Jean-Paul Mark, to Dyson Technology Limited Cleaner head 08484800 Cl. 15-384.
Force Mos Technology Co., Ltd.: See--
Hsieh, Fu-Yuan 08487372 Cl. 257-330.
Ford Global Technologies, LLC: See--
Flanigan, Cynthia Mowery; Bayer, Laura Dillon; Klekamp, David William; and Rohweder, David Scott 08487014 Cl. 521-84.1.
Jennings, Mark John 08486574 Cl. 429-430.
McCormick, John Phillip; Ross, Gunnar; and Crombez, Dale Scott 08484961 Cl. 60-397.
Ford, John P. System and method for prioritization and display of aggregated data 08489544 Cl. 707-602.
FormFactor, Inc.: See--
Eldridge, Benjamin N.; Grube, Gary W.; Khandros, Igor Y.; and Mathieu, Gaetan L. 08485418 Cl. 228-179.1.
Fornoff, Peter: See--
Thiel, Frank; and Fornoff, Peter 08488113 Cl. 356-73.
ForNova Ltd.: See--
Rubanovich, Michael; and Babitsky, Dmitry 08489643 Cl. 707-794.
Forrest, Earl David; and Graff, Andrew James, to Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp. Latch assembly for adjustable legs 08485488 Cl. 248-408.
Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH: See--
Baumann, Stefan; Serra Alfaro, Jose Manuel; Meulenberg, Wilhelm Albert; Buchkremer, Hans-Peter; and Stoever, Detlev 08486184 Cl. 96-11.
Forsey, Stephen Edward Methuen: See--
Greubel, Robert; and Forsey, Stephen Edward Methuen 08485719 Cl. 368-324.
Forsman, Lars; Rundberget, Peter; Eriksson, Magnus; and Ligovic, Mario, to Volvo Lastvagnar AB Tether for a vehicle seat 08485600 Cl. 297-216.17.
Forson, Henry M.: See--
McDaniel, James T.; and Forson, Henry M. 08490130 Cl. 725-38.
Forsström, Göran; to ABB AB Flexible control panel 08487737 Cl. 340-3.1.
Förster, Andreas; to ZF Friedrichshafen AG Adjustable damping valve device 08485224 Cl. 137-614.11.
Forster, Richard Kyle: See--
Panda, Biswaranjan; Shatzkamer, Kevin; Grayson, Mark; and Forster, Richard Kyle 08488519 Cl. 370-328.
Forte, Steven L.: See--
Sampson, David E.; and Forte, Steven L. 08485527 Cl. 273-149R.
Forthofer, Marsha R.: See--
Colman, Charles W.; Forthofer, Marsha R.; Majors, Mark B.; and Hasha, Dennis L. 08486427 Cl. 424-404.
Fortin, Michael: See--
Iyigun, Mehmet; Bak, Yevgeniy M.; Fortin, Michael; Fields, Mahlon David; Ergan, Cenk; and Kirshenbaum, Alexander 08489815 Cl. 711-118.
Fortin, Michael R.: See--
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Fortte, Rocco: See--
Parham, Amir Hossain; Kroeber, Jonas; Gerhard, Anja; and Fortte, Rocco 08487300 Cl. 257-40.
Fosburgh, Nancy Ironing board D0686384 Cl. D32-66.
Foster, Michael Harvey; Smith, Kenneth Wayne; Duos, Bronwyn; and Guidotti, Elizabeth Claire, to Environmental Business Specialists, LLC Bacterial cultivation system for growth of substrate specific micro-organisms for use in industrial wastewater remediation 08486266 Cl. 210-610.
Foster, Phil: See--
Speldrich, Jamie; Beck, Scott Edward; Foster, Phil; and Wang, Ru 08485031 Cl. 73-204.22.
Foster, Philip G.: See--
Kim, Kevin W.; Foster, Philip G.; and Myers, Matthew D0686290 Cl. D21-759.
Foster, Philip G.; to Callaway Golf Company Golf club head D0686291 Cl. D21-759.
Foster, Thomas: See--
Hooper, David M.; Foster, Thomas; and Henson, Noel 08486342 Cl. 422-186.07.
Foundation For Research and Technology—Institute of Computer Science ‘FORTH-ICS’: See--
Griffin, Anthony; Mouchtaris, Athanasios; and Tsakalides, Panagiotis 08489403 Cl. 704-500.
Fountain, Jordan Robert; Sundaram, Sathish Andrea; and Wagenknecht, Bryan E., to Whirlpool Corporation Dishwasher with rotating zone wash sprayers 08485205 Cl. 134-180.
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Framo Engineering AS: See--
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France Reducteurs: See--
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France Telecom: See--
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Fraser, Robert W.: See--
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Wilcoxen, Kyle R.; and Fraser, Robert W. D0686086 Cl. D9-703.
Wilcoxen, Kyle R.; and Fraser, Robert W. D0686087 Cl. D9-703.
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Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH: See--
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Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership: See--
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Frissora, Anthony: See--
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Fritchie, Patrick P.: See--
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Frito-Lay North America, Inc.: See--
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Fritz, Seth; to Masco Corporation of Indiana Faucet bridge D0686301 Cl. D23-249.
Froger, Josy: See--
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Frommer, Jane Elizabeth: See--
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FTEN, Inc.: See--
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Fu, Wei: See--
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Fudan University: See--
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Fuerst, Dan: See--
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Fuest, David J.: See--
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Fuh, Germaine: See--
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Fuhu Holdings, Inc.: See--
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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd: See--
Soyano, Shin D0686174 Cl. D13-182.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.: See--
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Ishikawa, Takamasa D0686146 Cl. D13-102.
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Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.: See--
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Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha: See--
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Fuji Seal International, Inc.: See--
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Fuji Shoji Co., Ltd.: See--
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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.: See--
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FUJIFILM Corporation: See--
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Fujiishi, Yusaku: See--
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Fujikoshi Machinery Corp.: See--
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Fujikura Ltd.: See--
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Fujimoto, Hiroshi: See--
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Fujinawa, Nobuhiro: See--
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Fujisato, Toshiya: See--
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Fujita, Takashi: See--
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Fujita, Yusuke: See--
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Fujitake, Yoshinori: See--
Mitsutani, Noritake; and Fujitake, Yoshinori 08487636 Cl. 324-538.
Fujitsu Component Limited: See--
Kurashima, Shigemi; Yuba, Takashi; Yanagi, Masahiro; and Arita, Takashi 08489471 Cl. 705-28.
Yanagi, Masahiro; Kurashima, Shigemi; and Arita, Takashi 08487825 Cl. 343-767.
Fujitsu Limited: See--
Akiyama, Masaki 08489126 Cl. 455-456.6.
Awad, Yassin Aden; and Nakamura, Michiharu 08488520 Cl. 370-328.
Eguchi, Susumu; Shimamori, Hiroshi; and Fujiishi, Yusaku 08488332 Cl. 361-803.
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Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi 08488702 Cl. 375-267.
Hata, Akihiro 08488630 Cl. 370-474.
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Imura, Hidekatsu 08490106 Cl. 718-104.
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Kawasaki, Takeshi 08488525 Cl. 370-328.
Kikuchi, Shinji 08490108 Cl. 718-106.
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Lee, Michael G. 08487428 Cl. 257-723.
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Murata, Miho 08488452 Cl. 370-230.
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Umnov, Alexander 08488959 Cl. 398-16.
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Fujitsu Mobile Communications Limited: See--
Maehara, Kazuo; and Kosaka, Tomohiro 08489211 Cl. 700-94.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited: See--
Asano, Shigetaka 08489910 Cl. 713-500.
Konishi, Kenichi; and Miyazaki, Hiroshi 08487649 Cl. 326-27.
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Uemura, Taiki 08488371 Cl. 365-154.
Fujiwara, deceased, Yasushi; Fujiwara, legal representative, Tsuneo; Fujiwara, Etsuko; Ishida, Kei; Suzuki, Noboru; Miyauchi, Yoshihiro; and Kondo, Tomohiro, to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Fixing device 08489007 Cl. 399-329.
Fujiwara, Etsuko: See--
Fujiwara, deceased, Yasushi; Fujiwara, Etsuko; Ishida, Kei; Suzuki, Noboru; Miyauchi, Yoshihiro; and Kondo, Tomohiro 08489007 Cl. 399-329.
Fujiwara, Joji; Tsurunari, Tetsuya; and Nakamura, Hiroyuki, to Panasonic Corporation Acoustic wave resonator and acoustic wave filter using the same 08487720 Cl. 333-195.
Fujiwara, Kazuhiko: See--
Shinto, Keisuke; Sakiguchi, Takayuki; and Fujiwara, Kazuhiko 08486997 Cl. 514-474.
Fujiwara, legal representative, Tsuneo: See--
Fujiwara, deceased, Yasushi; Fujiwara, Etsuko; Ishida, Kei; Suzuki, Noboru; Miyauchi, Yoshihiro; and Kondo, Tomohiro 08489007 Cl. 399-329.
Fujiwara, Masanori: See--
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Fujiyama, Kenichiro: See--
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Fujiyoshi, Kunitaka: See--
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Fukada, Hiroshi: See--
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Fukada, Yasuaki: See--
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Fukagawa, Mitsuru: See--
Toda, Masayuki; Kusuhara, Masaki; Umeda, Masaru; and Fukagawa, Mitsuru 08486196 Cl. 118-726.
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Fukata, Takuya; to Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. Image forming apparatus storage files with file attribution table having deletion date and flag 08488178 Cl. 358-1.16.
Fukaya, Ritsuo; Okai, Nobuhiro; Miyahara, Koki; and Wang, Zhigang, to Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Method for controlling charging of sample and scanning electron microscope 08487251 Cl. 250-307.
Fukazawa, Norimasa; and Jin, Ren-Hua, to Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research Organic/inorganic composite coating film, structural color film using the same, and preparation methods thereof 08486494 Cl. 427-385.5.
Fukuda, Atsushi; Okazaki, Hiroshi; and Narahashi, Shoichi, to NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Multiband matching circuit and multiband power amplifier 08487713 Cl. 333-32.
Fukuda, Chie; to Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. Semiconductor laser 08488637 Cl. 372-20.
Fukuda, Kazuhiro; Mamiya, Chikao; and Arita, Hiroaki, to Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. Gas barrier film, gas barrier film manufacturing method, resin substrate for organic electroluminescent device using the aforesaid gas barrier film, and organic electroluminescent device using the aforementioned gas barrier film 08486487 Cl. 427-255.23.
Fukuda, Kazunori: See--
Yabuta, Hisato; Kaji, Nobuyuki; Hayashi, Ryo; Watanabe, Masatoshi; Mukaide, Taihei; and Fukuda, Kazunori 08487266 Cl. 250-370.09.
Fukuda, Masashi; and Fukushima, Masatoshi, to Show Denko K.K. Continuous casting device and molten metal pouring nozzle 08485244 Cl. 164-437.
Fukuda, Takashi: See--
Chiba, Norikatsu; Miseki, Kimio; Kanishima, Yasuhiro; Saito, Kazuyuki; Yamamoto, Toshifumi; and Fukuda, Takashi 08488807 Cl. 381-94.1.
Fukuda, Toshihiro; to Sony Corporation Light emitting device, illumination apparatus and display apparatus 08487335 Cl. 257-98.
Fukuda, Yasuko: See--
Kanegae, Tohru; Nakahara, Masanori; Sawabe, Takao; Koda, Takeshi; Takakuwa, Nobuyuki; and Fukuda, Yasuko 08488947 Cl. 386-332.
Kanegae, Tohru; Nakahara, Masanori; Sawabe, Takao; Koda, Takeshi; Takakuwa, Nobuyuki; and Fukuda, Yasuko 08488948 Cl. 386-332.
Fukuda, Yasuyuki: See--
Yamaguchi, Masao; and Fukuda, Yasuyuki 08487526 Cl. 313-501.
Fukui, Suguru: See--
Sono, Takahiro; Hatatani, Teruki; Fukui, Suguru; and Nishikawa, Takayuki 08487258 Cl. 250-338.3.
Fukuma, Yasufumi: See--
Chan, Kinpui; and Fukuma, Yasufumi 08488126 Cl. 356-497.
Fukumori, Sadahito: See--
Takeda, Tetsuma; Fukumori, Sadahito; Yamanaka, Tetsuji; and Shimada, Hiroki 08485498 Cl. 251-129.04.
Fukumoto, Eri: See--
Terai, Yasuhiro; Fukumoto, Eri; and Arai, Toshiaki 08486774 Cl. 438-157.
Fukumoto, Shinpei; Takeuchi, Satoru; Kojima, Kazuhiro; and Tsunekawa, Norikazu, to SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Image processing device, image processing method and electronic apparatus 08488840 Cl. 382-103.
Fukumoto, Takashi: See--
Sato, Junko; Nakayama, Osamu; and Fukumoto, Takashi 08486606 Cl. 430-270.1.
Fukunishi, Hirotada; Suzuki, Rikako; Sato, Kiyoshi; and Suetsugu, Masaru, to Shiseido Company, Ltd. 4-alkylresorcinol derivative and external preparation for skin containing the same 08486919 Cl. 514-107.
Fukuoka Prefecture: See--
Taniguchi, Yoko; Makino, Akihisa; Fujiyoshi, Kunitaka; Arimura, Masashi; Ueno, Shuji; and Koga, Mitsui 08486529 Cl. 428-402.
Fukushima, Akio; Ikeda, Masakazu; Hirose, Koichi; and Nishimura, Koichiro, to Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. Information recording medium, address generation and detection method, and reproducing and recording apparatuses 08488437 Cl. 369-275.3.
Fukushima, Makoto: See--
Yasuda, Hozumi; Togawa, Tetsuji; Nabeya, Osamu; Saito, Kenichiro; Fukushima, Makoto; and Inoue, Tomoshi 08485866 Cl. 451-288.
Fukushima, Masato: See--
Yamane, Akira; Sakawaki, Akira; and Fukushima, Masato 08486486 Cl. 427-127.
Fukushima, Masatoshi: See--
Fukuda, Masashi; and Fukushima, Masatoshi 08485244 Cl. 164-437.
Fukushima, Norihito; Iizuka, Akihiro; Tsurumi, Yosuke; Yamashita, Takahiro; Anno, Shintaro; and Hashimoto, Yasuaki, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Carrier for developing electrostatic charge image, developer for electrostatic charge image, process cartridge and image forming apparatus 08486600 Cl. 430-111.32.
Fukushima, Shinichirou: See--
Higaki, Hiroyuki; Fukushima, Shinichirou; Aikawa, Makoto; Honzawa, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Yuuichi; and Kishida, Akira 08489352 Cl. 702-82.
Fukuzawa, Shoji; and Tanaka, Yoshiyuki, to Icom Incorporated Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, relay device, and wireless terminal device 08489017 Cl. 455-7.
Fulghum, Brad: See--
Mickey, Benjamin L.; Ramsperger, David C.; Fulghum, Brad; and Chapa, Miguel 08488306 Cl. 361-679.04.
Fullagar, David: See--
Yevmenkin, Maksim; Fullagar, David; Newton, Christopher; and Koller, Jeffrey 08489750 Cl. 709-227.
Fuller, Brian Anthony; Volling, Michael T.; and Cox, Kenneth Brian, to Sensys Networks, Inc. Sensor nodes acting as inductive loops for traffic sensing 08487781 Cl. 340-928.
Fulop, George: See--
McGuigan, Kimberly A.; Maldonato, Debra A.; Qian, Qingshan; Andrews, Kurtis W.; Bradbury, Keith J.; Fulop, George; and Boscarino, Joseph A. 08489416 Cl. 705-2.
Fulton, Michael: See--
Fisher, James; Burkholder, Alan; and Fulton, Michael 08486115 Cl. 606-286.
Fumitake, Mieno; to Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai) Corporation TFT MONOS or SONOS memory cell structures 08487366 Cl. 257-324.
Funabiki, Makoto: See--
Ikeda, Shinkichi; Kumazawa, Masayuki; and Funabiki, Makoto 08488486 Cl. 370-252.
Funada, Masahiro; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Display apparatus, method and computer readable medium that avoids failure in an automatic adjustment of an effective image area and dot clock 08487925 Cl. 345-213.
Funada, Tomomi: See--
Seki, Masaki; Kachi, Takashi; Funada, Tomomi; Irie, Takaaki; Konishi, Katsunari; and Hanazaki, Tetsuya 08485452 Cl. 238-18.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.: See--
Okamoto, Kenji 08488427 Cl. 369-53.19.
Funayama, Yoshitaka: See--
Ishii, Tsutomu; Funayama, Yoshitaka; Ito, Yumi; Ooya, Yasumasa; Sakai, Ryo; Nakagawa, Katsutoshi; Takeuchi, Hajime; and Shirakawa, Yasuhiro 08487330 Cl. 257-98.
Funayose, Yusuke: See--
Hasegawa, Makoto; Takamura, Toshiaki; Yonehana, Atsushi; Taniguchi, Yoichi; Yoshinaga, Masao; and Funayose, Yusuke 08485300 Cl. 180-220.
Fung, Adonis: See--
McMillan, John; Pedron, Jr., Serafin P.; Powell, Kirk; and Fung, Adonis 08486762 Cl. 438-111.
Fung, Hingsum F.: See--
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Fung, Sin Yee: See--
Lee, Noel; and Fung, Sin Yee D0686196 Cl. D14-223.
Funk, Mark R.: See--
Anand, Vaijayanthimala K.; Funk, Mark R.; Kunkel, Steven R.; Srinivas, Mysore S.; Swanberg, Randal C.; and Young, Ronald D. 08490094 Cl. 718-100.
Funk, Merritt: See--
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Funke, Christian: See--
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Furlan, John: See--
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Furman, William N.: See--
Nieto, John W.; and Furman, William N. 08488719 Cl. 375-316.
Furniture of America, Inc.: See--
Yang, Lei D0686014 Cl. D6-509.
Fürst, Jens: See--
Boese, Jan; Fürst, Jens; Maschke, Michael; and Sprenger, Frank 08488737 Cl. 378-62.
Furue, Nobuki: See--
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Furuhashi, Tomohiro: See--
Sugiyama, Keisuke; Furuhashi, Tomohiro; Tamura, Masahiro; Nagasako, Shuuya; Shibasaki, Yuusuke; Nakada, Kyosuke; Yamamoto, Kazuya; Suzuki, Junya; Konno, Kazunori; Niikura, Yasuo; Hoshino, Tomomichi; Kunieda, Akira; Watanabe, Takahiro; Yoshizaki, Tomohiro; and Goto, Kiichiro 08485514 Cl. 270-58.09.
Furuhashi, Tsutomu: See--
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Furui, Gen: See--
Kodama, Takashi; Furui, Gen; and Honda, Makoto 08488079 Cl. 349-64.
Furui, Gen; Iwata, Yukimitsu; Kodama, Takashi; Nishimura, Yoshihiro; and Mikami, Koichi, to Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Method for producing optical layered body, production apparatus of optical layered body, optical layered body, polarizer and image display device 08485673 Cl. 359-601.
Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.: See--
Takahashi, Keisuke; and Hasegawa, Yoshikatsu D0686159 Cl. D13-147.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.: See--
Imai, Suguru; Takaki, Keishi; Iwai, Norihiro; Tanabe, Kinuka; Shimizu, Hitoshi; and Ishii, Hirotatsu 08488644 Cl. 372-46.01.
Furukawa, Kengo: See--
Moriya, Katsuhiro; Azuma, Ryoji; and Furukawa, Kengo D0686244 Cl. D14-489.
Furukawa, Masanori; to Fujikoshi Machinery Corp. Double-side polishing apparatus and method for polishing both sides of wafer 08485864 Cl. 451-41.
Furukawa, Takuji: See--
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Furukawa, Toru: See--
Suzuki, Yasufumi; Nakashima, Hisayuki; and Furukawa, Toru 08488038 Cl. 348-333.01.
Furukawa, Yumiko: See--
Kubota, Osamu; Nishiyama, Yoshihiro; and Furukawa, Yumiko 08488410 Cl. 367-110.
Furuki, Motohiro: See--
Ito, Tatsumi; Kakuta, Masaya; Imanishi, Shingo; Nitta, Nao; Futamura, Koji; Takashimizu, Toru; Ashizaki, Koji; and Furuki, Motohiro 08487273 Cl. 250-458.1.
Furumoto, Haruhisa: See--
Kimura, Masaharu; Katsura, Norichika; Fukada, Yasuaki; and Furumoto, Haruhisa 08485523 Cl. 271-220.
Furuno Electric Company Limited: See--
Kubota, Osamu; Nishiyama, Yoshihiro; and Furukawa, Yumiko 08488410 Cl. 367-110.
Furuno Electric Company, Ltd.: See--
Asada, Yasunobu 08488412 Cl. 367-126.
Furusawa, Kentaro; Mizutani, Natsuhiko; and Kuroda, Ryo, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Optical tomography apparatus with timing detection element including optical resonator having variable resonator length 08488125 Cl. 356-479.
Furusawa, Masayuki: See--
Shimizu, Seiko; Furusawa, Masayuki; Ishikawa, Taro; and Futakata, Toshiyuki 08488585 Cl. 370-350.
Furusawa, Takeshi: See--
Kunieda, Masatoshi; Yoshikawa, Kazuhiro; and Furusawa, Takeshi 08487192 Cl. 174-255.
Furutani, Koji; Yoshida, Daisuke; and Takematsu, Yuji, to Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Duplexer module 08487714 Cl. 333-132.
Furuya Industrial Co., Ltd.: See--
Nakano, Makoto; Sugahara, Toshio; and Furuya, Takeshi 08486122 Cl. 606-322.
Furuya, Takeshi: See--
Nakano, Makoto; Sugahara, Toshio; and Furuya, Takeshi 08486122 Cl. 606-322.
Furuyama, Noboru: See--
Aoki, Takayasu; Imamiya, Koji; and Furuyama, Noboru 08487972 Cl. 347-179.
Aoki, Takayasu; Noda, Yasuhito; Imamiya, Koji; Itou, Tsuyoshi; and Furuyama, Noboru 08486598 Cl. 430-109.4.
Fuse, Hidetaka; to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Internal combustion engine 08484951 Cl. 60-286.
Fuselier, Christopher Scott; Dougherty, John James; Fisher, Joseph John; Digate, Thomas A.; Carpenter, Richard Alan; and Anger, Bernardo, to General Electric Company Methods and system for providing context sensitive information 08489607 Cl. 707-739.
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Fusion-io, Inc.: See--
Flynn, David; Atkisson, David; and Aune, Joshua 08489817 Cl. 711-128.
Fuss, Arthur: See--
Diaz, Daniel; Hoffman, Carlos; Fuss, Arthur; Kourany, John E.; and Zornig, Scott 08489462 Cl. 705-26.1.
Futa, Yuichi: See--
Matsushima, Hideki; Takayama, Hisashi; Ito, Takayuki; Haga, Tomoyuki; Futa, Yuichi; and Sato, Taichi 08489873 Cl. 713-150.
Futakata, Toshiyuki: See--
Shimizu, Seiko; Furusawa, Masayuki; Ishikawa, Taro; and Futakata, Toshiyuki 08488585 Cl. 370-350.
Futamura, Koji: See--
Ito, Tatsumi; Kakuta, Masaya; Imanishi, Shingo; Nitta, Nao; Futamura, Koji; Takashimizu, Toru; Ashizaki, Koji; and Furuki, Motohiro 08487273 Cl. 250-458.1.
Futoransky, Ariel: See--
Sarraute Yamada, Carlos Emilio; Futoransky, Ariel; Richarte, Gerardo Gabriel; and Lucangeli Obes, Jorge 08490193 Cl. 726-23.
Futschik, Hans-Dieter; Lesnik, Robert; Leutz, Volker; and Wagener, Gorden, to Daimler AG Front bumper for a vehicle D0686119 Cl. D12-169.
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Fux, Vadim; Elizarov, Michael G.; and Kolomiets, Sergey V., to Research In Motion Limited Text disambiguation in a handheld electronic device with capital and lower case letters of prefix objects 08489383 Cl. 704-1.
Fyke, Steven Henry: See--
Griffin, Jason Tyler; Fyke, Steven Henry; Pasquero, Jerome; Adams, Neil Patrick; and Brown, Michael Kenneth 08490178 Cl. 726-19.