US D685,775 S
Handheld electronic device
Joseph Michael Hofer, Kitchener (Canada); Todd Andrew Wood, Toronto (Canada); Di Tao, Toronto (Canada); Roman Rak, Waterloo (Canada); Anders Fahrendorff, Ottawa (Canada); Cortez Corley, Waterloo (Canada); Ingve Holmung, Toronto (Canada); and Alison Phillips, Toronto (Canada)
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Filed on Sep. 24, 2012, as Appl. No. 29/432,975.
Application 29/432,975 is a continuation of application No. 29/417,052, filed on Mar. 29, 2012.
Term of patent 14 Years
LOC (9) Cl. 14 - 03
U.S. Cl. D14—247
OG exemplary drawing
We claim the ornamental design for a handheld electronic device, as shown and described.