NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company: See--
Sebastian, Andries Don 08720450 Cl. 131-334.
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company: See--
Rodgers, Gordon 08720768 Cl. 229-92.1.
R2 Design Lab, Inc.: See--
Jack, Robert C. 08720833 Cl. 248-99.
R2 Semiconductor, Inc.: See--
Brown, James E. C.; Dobkin, Daniel; Galbis, Pablo Moreno; Severson, Cory; and Burns, Lawrence M. 08725218 Cl. 455-571.
Raaf, Jeremy W.: See--
Raider, Kenneth W.; and Raaf, Jeremy W. 08720933 Cl. 280-515.
Raba, Raivo: See--
Puusaag, Jaan; Raba, Raivo; and Lauringson, Taavi 08720954 Cl. 285-331.
Rabbany, Farhad; and Yadegari, Faramarz Expandable mattress cover 08719977 Cl. 5-500.
Rabey, Roy Audio/visual annuciator for marking points of interest 08723670 Cl. 340-539.13.
Rabinovich, Andrew: See--
Pillai, Anand; and Rabinovich, Andrew 08724910 Cl. 382-225.
Rabitsch, Jimmy: See--
Reinhart, Pat; Mix, Richard; Pupkiewcz, Rick; and Rabitsch, Jimmy 08720491 Cl. 138-98.
Rack, Michael: See--
Menges, Frederik; Gebhardt, Joachim; Rack, Michael; Keil, Michael; Klima, Rodney F.; Cortes, David; Leicht, Robert; Zech, Helmut; and Schroeder, Jochen 08722893 Cl. 546-274.1.
Rackspace US, Inc.: See--
Rinke, Jordan 08724322 Cl. 361-699.
Radanovic, Gregory: See--
Hurst, William; and Radanovic, Gregory 08720974 Cl. 296-186.1.
Radecker, Joerg: See--
Thees, Hans-Juergen; Kronholz, Stephan; and Radecker, Joerg 08722479 Cl. 438-197.
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh; to Bank of America Corporation Method and apparatus for emergency session validation 08726339 Cl. 726-1.
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh; to Bank of America Corporation Apparatus and method for expert decisioning 08726340 Cl. 726-1.
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh; to Bank of America Corporation Apparatus and method for determining resource trust levels 08726341 Cl. 726-1.
Radhakrishnan, Rakesh; to Bank of America Corporation Method and apparatus for token-based attribute abstraction 08726361 Cl. 726-9.
Radigan, Steven J.; Raghuram, Usha; Dunton, Samuel V.; and Konevecki, Michael W., to SanDisk 3D LLC Methods for protecting patterned features during trench etch 08722518 Cl. 438-467.
Radke, William H.; to Micron Technology, Inc. Fault-tolerant non-volatile integrated circuit memory 08725937 Cl. 711-103.
Radman, Anthony J.: See--
Krajenke, Gary W.; Lange, Richard J.; Radman, Anthony J.; Bowles, Thomas F.; Standard, Alvin N.; and Granger, Todd A. 08720007 Cl. 16-240.
Radovanovic, Branislav Scalable data storage architecture and methods of eliminating I/O traffic bottlenecks 08725906 Cl. 710-2.
Radumilo-Franklin, Jelena: See--
Lawson, Randall Scott; Bergan, Sean; Smedley, Joseph Dexter; Musto, Paul S.; Neal, Brett Allen; Woodward, Jr., Richard Allen; Radumilo-Franklin, Jelena; Farmar, Frank; and Horlick, Gregory M. 08726222 Cl. 716-135.
Raether, Thomas; Nelson, Benny; and Niccum, Jared, to Donaldson Company, Inc. Filter assembly; components therefor; and, methods 08721757 Cl. 55-521.
Raeymaekers, Bart; and Sinha, Dipen N., to Los Alamos National Security, LLC Method to manufacture bit patterned magnetic recording media 08722155 Cl. 427-601.
Raff, John; Myers, Scott A.; and Stringer, Christopher, to Apple Inc. Electronic devices with flexible displays having fastened bent edges 08724304 Cl. 361-679.21.
Rafi, Aslamali A.; and Piovaccari, Alessandro, to Silicon Laboratories Inc. Rotating harmonic rejection mixer 08725099 Cl. 455-209.
Rafii, Abbas; to Imimtek, Inc. Two-dimensional method and system enabling three-dimensional user interaction with a device 08723789 Cl. 345-156.
Rafizadeh, Bijan: See--
Poss, Joey Martin; and Rafizadeh, Bijan 08724244 Cl. 360-46.
Ragan, Bryant G.; Rau, Brien G.; Lagneaux, Jason; and Pertuit, Jr., Wayne A., to Laitram, L.L.C. Conveyor belt apparatus including magnetically actuated rollers 08720668 Cl. 198-449.
Raghavan, Palayakotai R.; to NanoRx, Inc. Policosanol nanoparticles 08722093 Cl. 424-489.
Raghavan, Praveen; Novo Bruna, David; Catthoor, Francky; and Krithikakou, Angeliki, to IMEC Method and system for improving performance and reducing energy consumption by converting a first program code into a second program code and implementing SIMD 08726281 Cl. 718-101.
Raghavan, Vijay; to MathWorks, Inc., The System and method of using an active link in a state programming environment to locate an element 08726233 Cl. 717-113.
Raghunathan, Gopalan: See--
Almagro, Juan Carlos; Anderson, Glenn Mark; Chi, Ellen; Martinez, Christian; Raghunathan, Gopalan; Swanson, Ronald; Teplyakov, Alexey; Tse, Kam-Fai; Wu, Sheng-Jiun; and Zhou, Hong Mimi 08722044 Cl. 424-133.1.
Raghunathan, Smitha: See--
Rivera, Stephanie; Brown, Hilbert; Raghunathan, Smitha; Bates, Gregory; and Gayzik, Caroline 08721586 Cl. 604-93.01.
Raghuprasad, Puthalath Koroth Oral transmucosal drug delivery device 08721331 Cl. 433-80.
Raghuram, Usha: See--
Radigan, Steven J.; Raghuram, Usha; Dunton, Samuel V.; and Konevecki, Michael W. 08722518 Cl. 438-467.
Ragunathan, Ravichandran; Seikh, Attaullah; and Giridharagopal, Rajini Bala, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Discovery of network services 08725856 Cl. 709-223.
Rahaman, Mohammad Ashiqur; Schaad, Andreas; Plate, Henrik; and Roudier, Yves, to SAP AG Comparing encrypted documents having structured data 08726151 Cl. 715-255.
Rahman, Shamim A.: See--
Rudolf, Marian; Dick, Stephen G.; Hunkeler, Teresa J.; and Rahman, Shamim A. 08724541 Cl. 370-318.
Rahman, Sheikh Habibur: See--
Glick, Michael; Pusch, Reinhard; Menzies, David; Rathod, Reshma; Pavlovic, Slobodan; and Rahman, Sheikh Habibur 08721374 Cl. 439-752.
Rahn, Frank: See--
Becker, Ole; Lindauer, Christiane; and Rahn, Frank 08720463 Cl. 137-2.
Rai, Abhay Kumar; and Brosnan, Michael John, to Pixart Imaging Inc. On-chip power-down generation for LDO-based mutual capacitance touchscreen controllers 08723855 Cl. 345-212.
Rai, Smita: See--
Bulusu, Shekher; Sane, Sanjay; Rai, Smita; Ramachandran, Gayatri; and Desai, Ronak 08724517 Cl. 370-256.
Rai, Sudhendu; to Xerox Corporation Workflow scheduling method and system 08725546 Cl. 705-7.12.
Raider, Kenneth W.; and Raaf, Jeremy W., to Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. Foot actuated hitch pin assembly 08720933 Cl. 280-515.
Raiford, Kimberly Gheysen: See--
Siddiqui, Junaid Ahmed; and Raiford, Kimberly Gheysen 08722569 Cl. 502-304.
Raikhlin, Pavel: See--
Foisy, Stephane; and Raikhlin, Pavel 08723671 Cl. 340-540.
Raikhman, Rostislav: See--
Amit, Jonathan; Lidor, Amir; Marenkov, Sergey; and Raikhman, Rostislav 08726039 Cl. 713-189.
Raikman, Alexander: See--
Kilbane, Stephen M.; and Raikman, Alexander 08726257 Cl. 717-162.
Rail Pod Inc.: See--
English, Brendan 08720345 Cl. 105-141.
Raines, Ronald T.; and Binder, Joseph B., to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Biomass hydrolysis 08722878 Cl. 536-124.
Raines, Stacey H.; Mazzocchi, Nicholas A.; and Smith, Latasha N., to Ford Global Technologies, LLC Active bolster with protected weld for bladder 08720948 Cl. 280-752.
Rains, Jack: See--
Ramer, David; and Rains, Jack 08723205 Cl. 257-98.
Raissinia, Alireza: See--
Raleigh, Gregory G.; Raissinia, Alireza; Sabin, Michael; and Lavine, James 08725123 Cl. 455-414.1.
Raitses, Yevgeny: See--
Diamant, Kevin David; Raitses, Yevgeny; and Fisch, Nathaniel Joseph 08723422 Cl. 315-111.41.
Raj, Balbir; Eapen, Saji; and Linley, Ezra, to Alere Switzerland GmbH Assay device 08721990 Cl. 422-420.
Raja, Asad K.: See--
Stevenson, Duncan I.; and Raja, Asad K. 08724130 Cl. 358-1.13.
Rajagopal, Karthik: See--
Suzuki, Shingo; Rajagopal, Karthik; and Tang, Bo 08726216 Cl. 716-122.
Rajagopalan, Gopalakrishna: See--
Wesson, John P.; Milton-Benoit, John M.; Guo, Changsheng; Irish, James R.; Rajagopalan, Gopalakrishna; Yu, Xiaomei; Ma, Jun; Lamm, Foster P.; and Hawkes, Justin R. 08721949 Cl. 264-279.
Rajagopalan, Raghavan; Dorshow, Richard B.; and Neumann, William L., to Medibeacon, LLC Pyrazine derivatives and uses thereof in renal monitoring 08722685 Cl. 514-255.06.
Rajala, Gregory J.; to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Apparatus for bonding ribbon in a nonlinear pattern to a web 08720518 Cl. 156-440.
Rajaniemi, Jaakko Matti; to Nokia Siemens Networks Oy Activating location based service applications 08725177 Cl. 455-456.3.
Rajaram, Senthil: See--
Starks, John A.; Green, Dustin L.; Harris, Todd William; John, Mathew; and Rajaram, Senthil 08725782 Cl. 707-822.
Rajaram, Shyam Sundar: See--
Forman, George H.; Scholz, Martin B.; and Rajaram, Shyam Sundar 08725660 Cl. 706-12.
Rajasekaran, Vijay; to Aptina Imaging Corporation Imaging pixels with dummy transistors that reduce reset charge injection 08724002 Cl. 348-308.
Raje, Hrishikesh S.: See--
Rangarajan, Rajasekaran; Gouge, Christopher S.; Raje, Hrishikesh S.; Phaedrus, Mark H.; and Lie, Leo Edwin 08726263 Cl. 717-168.
Rajeev, Kallanthottathil G.: See--
Manoharan, Muthiah; Rajeev, Kallanthottathil G.; Jayaraman, Muthusamy; Butler, David; Narayanannair, Jayaprakash K.; and Ciufolini, Marco A. 08722082 Cl. 424-450.
Rajender: See--
Ahmed, Kamal; Gorre, Balakishan; Gadupudi, Ramakrishna; Kokkonda, Sreekanth; and Rajender 08722665 Cl. 514-220.
Rajendran, Gireesh: See--
Ginsburg, Brian Paul; Burra, Gangadhar; Sella, Assaf; Mukherjee, Subhashish; Rajendran, Gireesh; Darwhekar, Yogesh; and Sivadas, Apu 08725088 Cl. 455-83.
Rajendran, Vivek; and Kandhadai, Ananthapadmanabhan A., to QUALCOMM Incorporated Systems, methods, and apparatus for signal change detection 08725499 Cl. 704-210.
Rajski, Janusz; Mukherjee, Nilanjan; Kassab, Mark A; Rinderknecht, Thomas H.; and Dessouky, Mohamed, to Mentor Graphics Corporation Scan test application through high-speed serial input/outputs 08726112 Cl. 714-731.
Rajski, Janusz; Czysz, Dariusz; Mrugalski, Grzegorz; Mukherjee, Nilanjan; and Tyszer, Jerzy, to Mentor Graphics Corporation Selective per-cycle masking of scan chains for system level test 08726113 Cl. 714-732.
Rakestraw, James A.; Letovsky, Stan I.; and Lippow, Shaun, to Celexion, LLC Cell surface display, screening and production of proteins of interest 08722586 Cl. 506-26.
Rakowski, Brian: See--
Murphy, Glen; Rakowski, Brian; Goodger, Ben; and Fisher, Darin 08726182 Cl. 715-772.
Rakshit, Sarbajit K.; to International Business Machines Corporation Video tag sharing method and system 08725758 Cl. 707-769.
Raksi, Ferenc; to Alcon LenSx, Inc. Self starting mode-locked laser oscillator 08724666 Cl. 372-11.
Raleigh, Gregory G.; to Headwater Partners I LLC Open transaction central billing system 08724554 Cl. 370-328.
Raleigh, Gregory G.; Raissinia, Alireza; Sabin, Michael; and Lavine, James, to Headwater Partners I LLC Communications device with secure data path processing agents 08725123 Cl. 455-414.1.
Ralston, Lyle F.: See--
Chappell, Joseph; and Ralston, Lyle F. 08722363 Cl. 435-69.1.
Ramachandra, Muralidhara: See--
Goswami, Rajeev; Vuppala, Anil Kumar; Veludandi, Ramesh; Sistla, Ramesh; Ghadiyaram, Chakshusmathi; and Ramachandra, Muralidhara 08722930 Cl. 564-164.
Ramachandran, Gayatri: See--
Bulusu, Shekher; Sane, Sanjay; Rai, Smita; Ramachandran, Gayatri; and Desai, Ronak 08724517 Cl. 370-256.
Ramahi, Amjad: See--
Gupta, Munish; Munro, Deborah; Lee, Eunice; and Ramahi, Amjad 08721570 Cl. 600-595.
Ramakrishnan, Kadangode K.: See--
Carolan, Sean E.; Garrett, John W.; Kalmanek, Jr., Charles Robert; Nguyen, Han Q.; and Ramakrishnan, Kadangode K. 08724625 Cl. 370-389.
Ramakrishnan, Ramanarayanan: See--
Hong, Bin William; Mehta, Apurva; Ramakrishnan, Ramanarayanan; Sun, Huaxiang; and Kamath, Prakash 08724456 Cl. 370-225.
Ramakrishnan, Terizhandur S.: See--
Ayan, Cosan; Kuchuk, Fikri John; Ramakrishnan, Terizhandur S.; Neville, Thomas J.; Ramamoorthy, Raghu; and Carnegie, Andrew 08720552 Cl. 166-250.15.
Ramamoorthy, Raghu: See--
Ayan, Cosan; Kuchuk, Fikri John; Ramakrishnan, Terizhandur S.; Neville, Thomas J.; Ramamoorthy, Raghu; and Carnegie, Andrew 08720552 Cl. 166-250.15.
Raman, Nivedhitha; Kane, David; Subramanian, Sonia; and Meng, Wilson, to Symantec Corporation Systems and methods for repairing system files 08725702 Cl. 707-691.
Ramanathan, Charulatha; Wodlinger, Harold M.; Jia, Ping; Gasparakis, Harris; Anderson, John E.; and Arless, Steven G., to Cardioinsight Technologies, Inc. Visualization of physiological data for virtual electrodes 08725241 Cl. 600-523.
Ramasubramanian, Saravanakumar: See--
Pamu, Srinivas; Patel, Kant C.; Khan, Feroz Alam; Dadhich, Abhishek; Ramasubramanian, Saravanakumar; and Mathur, Bhaskar 08724693 Cl. 375-240.
Ramdani, Jamal; to National Semiconductor Corporation Stress compensation for large area gallium nitride or other nitride-based structures on semiconductor substrates 08723296 Cl. 257-615.
Ramer, David; and Rains, Jack, to ABL IP Holding LLC Phosphor incorporated in a thermal conductivity and phase transition heat transfer mechanism 08723205 Cl. 257-98.
Ramer, Jorey; Soroca, Adam; and Doughty, Dennis, to Millennial Media, Inc. System for targeting advertising content to a plurality of mobile communication facilities 08725126 Cl. 455-414.1.
Ramer, Sandra W.; Pepsin, Michael J.; and Shaw, Andrew, to Danisco US Inc. Variants of a Bacillus strearothermophilus alpha-amylase and uses thereof 08722381 Cl. 435-202.
Ramesh, Bhashyam; Chimanchode, Jaiprakash G.; and Watzke, Michael W., to Teradata US, Inc. Eliminating inner joins based on a contained predicate and a temporal relationship constraint 08725720 Cl. 707-713.
Ramesh, deceased, Rajaram: See--
Balachandran, Kumar; Chen, Tsao-Tsen; Koorapaty, Havish; and Ramesh, deceased, Rajaram 08726137 Cl. 714-786.
Ramesh, legal representative, Tripura: See--
Balachandran, Kumar; Chen, Tsao-Tsen; Koorapaty, Havish; and Ramesh, deceased, Rajaram 08726137 Cl. 714-786.
Ramezani, Maryam; Vogt, Harald; Graf, Mario; and Braun, Heinrich, to SAP AG Vehicle electric charging schedule selection and evolution based on multiple weighted charging objectives 08725306 Cl. 700-297.
Ramirez, Anibal Diego; to Landis+Gyr, Inc. Utility meter with capacitor charging circuit responsive to a regulated DC voltage 08723506 Cl. 324-142.
Ramirez, Cecille: See--
Lambotte, Paul; Cerrito, Michael; and Ramirez, Cecille 08722426 Cl. 436-514.
Ramirez, David: See--
Scott, Jason S.; Inoue, Shinichiro; Maggioncalda, Jeffrey N.; Ramirez, David; Hu, Wei-Yin; Watson, John G.; Boudreau, David; Stein, Gregory; and Shearer, James W. 08725614 Cl. 705-35.
Ramot at Tel-Aviv University Ltd.: See--
Kiryati, Nahum; Riklin-Raviv, Tamar; Ivanchenko, Yan; Rochel, Shay; Dvir, Igal; and Harari, Daniel 08724891 Cl. 382-160.
Stein, Gideon; Nudelman, Abraham; Rephaeli, Ada; Gil-Ad, Irit; and Weizman, Abraham 08722923 Cl. 560-160.
Rampetzreiter, Stephan: See--
Hoegerl, Juergen; Buchsbaum, Martin; Pueschner, Frank; and Rampetzreiter, Stephan 08724340 Cl. 361-764.
Ramsay, Max Gordon; and Boyd, David, to Tymphany Hong Kong Limited Systems and methods for providing a media playback in a networked environment 08724600 Cl. 370-338.
Ramscor, Inc.: See--
Wong, Vernon G.; and Wood, Louis L. 08722728 Cl. 514-458.
Ramstad, Monte Jerome; to Monte Jerome Ramstad Display of generalized anaglyphs without retinal rivalry 08723932 Cl. 348-51.
Rand, Cynthia L.: See--
Daugs, Edward D.; Flick, Derrick W.; Rand, Cynthia L.; Tulchinsky, Michael L.; and Yu, Wanglin 08722944 Cl. 568-697.
Randall, Craig; and Gruszka, Jerzy, to EMC Corporation Providing access to managed content in rich client application environments 08725797 Cl. 709-203.
Randall, Dov Liam; to IGT Gaming system and method having wager allocation 08721430 Cl. 463-20.
Randall, Jed Richard: See--
Nangeroni, James; and Randall, Jed Richard 08722754 Cl. 521-182.
Randazzo, Michael Thomas; and Secrist, Randy Kent, to General Electric Company Decision support response systems and methods 08725699 Cl. 707-687.
Randolph, Gwendalyn J.: See--
Warren, William L; Fahlenkamp, Heather; Higbee, Russell; Kachurin, Anatoly; Li, Conan; Nguyen, Mike; Parkhill, Robert; Sanchez-Schmitz, Guzman; Irvine, Darrell J.; Randolph, Gwendalyn J.; Harcohen, Nir; and Torbett, Bruce 08722402 Cl. 435-373.
Randolph, Ronnie E.: See--
Dudarenke, Jeffrey J.; and Randolph, Ronnie E. 08725328 Cl. 701-21.
Ranegger, Gerhard; and Geh, Martin, to Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH Gas valve 08720488 Cl. 137-625.33.
Rangadass, Vasudev; to JDA Software Group, Inc. System of centrally managing core reference data associated with an enterprise 08725678 Cl. 707-607.
Ranganathan, Parthasarathy: See--
Hilland, Jeffrey R.; Barron, Dwight L.; Talwar, Vanish; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy; and Luciani, Jr., Luis E. 08725904 Cl. 709-250.
Rangarajan, Anand P.: See--
Beltman, Willem M.; Zanartu, Matias; Raychowdhury, Arijit; Rangarajan, Anand P.; and Deisher, Michael E. 08725506 Cl. 704-233.
Rangarajan, Rajasekaran; Gouge, Christopher S.; Raje, Hrishikesh S.; Phaedrus, Mark H.; and Lie, Leo Edwin, to Microsoft Corporation Detection and installation of software on a per-user basis 08726263 Cl. 717-168.
Rangarajan, Sampath: See--
Prasad, Narayan; Zhang, Honghai; Jiang, Meilong; Yue, Guosen; and Rangarajan, Sampath 08724573 Cl. 370-329.
Zhang, Honghai; Jiang, Yuanxi; and Rangarajan, Sampath 08724605 Cl. 370-338.
Rani Therapeutics, LLC: See--
Imran, Mir 08721620 Cl. 604-503.
Ranish, Joseph M.: See--
Aderhold, Wolfgang R.; Hunter, Aaron Muir; and Ranish, Joseph M. 08724977 Cl. 392-416.
Ranjan, Rajiv Yadav; Malmhall, Roger Klaus; and Keshtbod, Parviz, to Avalanche Technology, Inc. Magnetic memory with a domain wall 08724379 Cl. 365-158.
Ranjan, Rajiv Yadav; Assar, Mahmud; and Keshtbod, Parviz, to Avalanche Technology, Inc. High capacity low cost multi-state magnetic memory 08724413 Cl. 365-209.
Rannard, Steven: See--
Weaver, deceased, Jonathan; Rannard, Steven; Bonzi, Gwenaelle; and Cooper, Andrew 08722830 Cl. 526-323.2.
Ransburg Industrial Finishing K.K.: See--
Kinoshita, Manobu; Mori, Kanji; and Tsushima, Tomio 08720801 Cl. 239-526.
Ranta, Craig S.: See--
Uzelac, Aleksandar; Stevens, David A.; Zhao, Weidong; Shigemitsu, Takahiro; Willoughby, Briggs A.; Pierce, John Graham; Santiago, Pravin Kumar; Ranta, Craig S.; Wright, Timothy Allen; Maier, Jeffrey C.; Perry, Robert T.; and Kirilov, Stanimir Naskov 08725443 Cl. 702-79.
Rantala, Aarne: See--
Asokan, Nadarajah; Ekberg, Jan-Erik; Rantala, Aarne; and Kylänpää, Markku 08724819 Cl. 380-278.
Rantanen, Jussi: See--
Piippo, Antti; Kangas, Jani; and Rantanen, Jussi 08723459 Cl. 318-400.02.
Rantapuska, Olli Antero: See--
Noyranen, Janne Esa Petteri; Rantapuska, Olli Antero; Kokkinen, Heiki Juhani; Matuszewski, Marcin Wieslaw; Kokkonen, Esko Mikael; and Porio, Jyrki Tauno Johannes 08725883 Cl. 709-228.
Rao, Ashwin: See--
Sehgal, Amit; Lara, Cecile; Rao, Ashwin; and Aymes, Charles 08722610 Cl. 510-365.
Rao, Hari M.: See--
Kim, Jung Pill; Kim, Tae Hyun; and Rao, Hari M. 08724414 Cl. 365-210.1.
Rao, Meka Raja: See--
Garg, Madhukar Onkarnath; Nanoti, Shrikant Madhusudan; Nautiyal, Ram Bhagat; Sunil, Kumar; Ghosh, Prasenjit; Nisha; Yadav, Pooja; Jagdish, Kumar; Tiwari, Manish; Rao, Meka Raja; and Murthy, Nagarathinam Shengaga 08722952 Cl. 585-508.
Rao, Niranjan: See--
Mohideen, Mohammed Ibrahim; Swaminathan, Gurumurthy; Rao, Niranjan; Gellaboina, Mahesh Kumar; and J., Lokanatha Reddy 08725178 Cl. 455-456.3.
Rao, Rajesh Nagaraja: See--
Park, Jinyung; Park, Junho; Rao, Rajesh Nagaraja; Park, Junsoo; Park, Sungjong; Fz, Basheerudeen; Kim, Jongcheol; and Park, Jongsoon 08725133 Cl. 455-418.
Rao, Setti S.: See--
Evans, Donald A.; Chary, Rasoju V.; Goel, Ankur; and Rao, Setti S. 08724421 Cl. 365-226.
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.: See--
Langeveld, Willem Gerhardus Johannes 08724774 Cl. 378-53.
Raponi, Pier Giorgio: See--
Andriolli, Nicola; Bogoni, Antonella; Bianchi, Alberto; Castoldi, Piero; Poti, Luca; and Raponi, Pier Giorgio 08724988 Cl. 398-49.
Rapp, Mark Steven: See--
Paulsen-Dziuk, Janelle Denice; Garcia, Rennie; Moczygemba, Michael Anthony; Valdez, Maria Josefina; Lora, Bolivar Cesar; Pacheco, Robert Anthony; Reed, Nora Anderson; Hicks, Eileen Grace; Cooper, Dawn Love; Parker, Stuart Blain; Rapp, Mark Steven; Clayton, Stacy Jo; Potter, Steven Douglas; Farwell, Kelley Kay; and Caudill, Susan James 08725608 Cl. 705-35.
Rappaport, Theodore S. Clearinghouse systems and methods for collecting or providing quality or performance data for enhanced availability of wireless communications 08725700 Cl. 707-688.
Rappette, Antony M.: See--
Beshears, Jr., Paul E.; Karhoff, Jacob R.; and Rappette, Antony M. 08721804 Cl. 134-56D.
Rapt IP Limited: See--
Drumm, Owen 08723839 Cl. 345-175.
Drumm, Owen 08723840 Cl. 345-175.
Raravi, Channabasavaraj; and Mahasenan, Arun V., to Honeywell International Inc. Methods for supporting mobile nodes in industrial control and automation systems and other systems and related apparatus 08725156 Cl. 455-441.
Raravikar, Nachiket R.; and Panat, Rahul, to Intel Corporation Nanolithographic method of manufacturing an embedded passive device for a microelectronic application, and microelectronic device containing same 08724290 Cl. 361-306.2.
Rasa, Mircea V.: See--
Kuznetsov, Evgenij V.; and Rasa, Mircea V. 08721032 Cl. 347-19.
Rasillo, Jorge A: See--
Garcia, Luis A; Lopez, Jose Luis; Rasillo, Jorge A; Alanis, Francisco J; Garza, Maria; and Cantu, Edward O 08723915 Cl. 348-14.08.
Rasmussen, Jesper Rubech: See--
Thorhauge, Morten; Mortensen, Jesper Liltorp; and Rasmussen, Jesper Rubech 08724213 Cl. 359-326.
Rasmussen, Johnny Christian Nygaard: See--
Lindgren, Claes; Lund, Jacob Christian; Larsen, Niels Adelholm; Rasmussen, Johnny Christian Nygaard; Lysemose, Jacob; and Møller, Brent 08720134 Cl. 52-204.1.
Rateze Remote MGMT, L.L.C.: See--
Frank, Charles William; Ludwig, Thomas Earl; Babbitt, Jr., William R.; Adams, Mark; and Witchey, Nicholas James 08726363 Cl. 726-15.
Rathod, Punit: See--
Shetty, Siddharth; Rathod, Punit; and Karandikar, Abhay 08725078 Cl. 455-63.1.
Rathod, Reshma: See--
Glick, Michael; Pusch, Reinhard; Menzies, David; Rathod, Reshma; Pavlovic, Slobodan; and Rahman, Sheikh Habibur 08721374 Cl. 439-752.
Ratron, Yves-Alain; and Ball, Robert J., to Tornier SAS Glenoid component with offset center and associated methods 08721727 Cl. 623-19.13.
Rau, Brien G.: See--
Ragan, Bryant G.; Rau, Brien G.; Lagneaux, Jason; and Pertuit, Jr., Wayne A. 08720668 Cl. 198-449.
Rauleder, Hartwig: See--
Lang, Juergen Erwin; Rauleder, Hartwig; and Mueh, Ekkehard 08722913 Cl. 556-430.
Rausch, Nancy Anne: See--
Zeringue, Donna Evelyn; Robison, Russell Edward; and Rausch, Nancy Anne 08726177 Cl. 715-763.
Rautava, Mika Antero: See--
Arrasvuori, Juha Henrik; Ollila, Elina Maria Inkeri; Rautava, Mika Antero; Immonen, Olli Esa; Berus, Bernard; and Tudor, Michael James 08725706 Cl. 707-700.
Ravagli, Riccardo: See--
Biancalani, Massimo; and Ravagli, Riccardo 08720020 Cl. 28-165.
Ravera, Philippe: See--
Smedberg, Annika; Ravera, Philippe; and Nilsson, Ulf 08722763 Cl. 523-173.
Ravindran, Kaushik; Yang, Guang; Kornerup, Jacob; Wong, Ian C.; Correll, Jeffrey N.; Trimborn, Michael J.; and Andrade, Hugo A., to National Instruments Corporation Developing programs in a graphical specification and constraint language 08726228 Cl. 717-105.
Raw, Lucy: See--
Hutchison, Gordon D.; McAllister, Cameron J.; Raw, Lucy; and Smith, Bruce J. 08725972 Cl. 711-162.
Ray, Devjani: See--
Ehret, Brian Douglas; Clayton, Elizabeth Sanford; Stanley, Karen Ann; Ray, Devjani; and Labrecque, Daniel Arthur 08726174 Cl. 715-760.
Ray, Maitri: See--
Pieper, Chris M.; Gifford, Lisa C.; Fleming, Darcy E.; Boston, Kelly; Turney, Peter Benjamin Bolton; and Ray, Maitri 08725555 Cl. 705-7.38.
Ray, William Johnstone: See--
Lowenthal, Mark David; Ray, William Johnstone; Shotton, Neil O.; Blanchard, Richard A.; and Oraw, Brad 08723408 Cl. 313-498.
Raybuck, Dennis; and Sicard, II, Luke, to Global Fabrication, Inc. Variable-diameter storage tank system 08720737 Cl. 220-693.
Raychowdhury, Arijit: See--
Beltman, Willem M.; Zanartu, Matias; Raychowdhury, Arijit; Rangarajan, Anand P.; and Deisher, Michael E. 08725506 Cl. 704-233.
Rayman, Jason E.; and Brown, Richard W., to Lost Boy Group, LLC, The Masking system for coating aircraft components 08720369 Cl. 118-505.
Raymond, Spanky Allen: See--
Carl, Allen; Winkler, Josef K.; Beisel, Robert Floyd; Raymond, Spanky Allen; Savage, Daniel Stephen; Gromek, Jason John; and Nilsson, Carl Michael 08721647 Cl. 606-80.
Rayner, Josh: See--
Allensworth, David C.; and Rayner, Josh 08720578 Cl. 166-341.
Raynor, Jeffrey; and Laflaquiere, Arnaud, to STMicroelectronics (Research & Development) Limited Pointing devices 08723816 Cl. 345-173.
Raytheon Company: See--
Costas, Carlos R.; and Eck, Christopher R. 08722375 Cl. 435-173.7.
Gan, Zhen-Qi 08725649 Cl. 705-59.
Grobert, Paul H.; and Wallace, William K. 08724760 Cl. 375-356.
Lavedas, Thomas G. 08723649 Cl. 340-10.1.
Morton, Matthew A.; Comeau, Jonathan P.; and Thoenes, Edward W. 08724739 Cl. 375-308.
Peterson, Stephen C.; Petelenz, Tomasz J.; and Jacobsen, Stephen C. 08721559 Cl. 600-526.
Shin, David W.; Kenefic, Richard J.; and Karim, Saad 08726063 Cl. 713-401.
Rayudu, Ranga Cooking device with a cooking surface defined by a plurality of vertically moveable members 08720733 Cl. 220-573.1.
Raz, Ofer: See--
Schory, Omer; Raz, Ofer; and Gonda, Oded 08726008 Cl. 713-153.
Razor USA, LLC: See--
Hadley, Robert; and Calvin, Carlton 08720426 Cl. 124-66.
Razumov, Sergey N. Robotic device movable in three mutually perpendicular directions 08721250 Cl. 414-281.
Razumov, Sergey N. Self-lifting robotic device with movable carriages 08721251 Cl. 414-281.
Readnour, Christine Marie: See--
Woo, Ricky Ah-Man; Alonso, Mario; Hecht, John Philip; Reece, Steven; Kvietok, Frank Andrej; St. Pierre, Eileen Marie; Liu, Zaiyou; Readnour, Christine Marie; Kaiser, Carl Eric; Baillely, Susan Eleanor; and Agami, Sion 08721962 Cl. 422-5.
Ready, Rosa Combination rolling cart and suitcase 08720656 Cl. 190-18A.
Reagan, Joseph Robert: See--
Lint, Kevin Kenneth; and Reagan, Joseph Robert 08725096 Cl. 455-161.2.
Real Sensors, Inc.: See--
Chand, Ramesh 08720794 Cl. 239-34.
RealD Inc.: See--
Curtis, Kevin; Coleman, David A.; and Sharp, Gary D. 08724218 Cl. 359-446.
McKnight, Douglas J.; and Robinson, Michael G. 08724041 Cl. 349-15.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.: See--
Hsu, Ming-Feng; Liu, Kai-Yin; Hsu, Tzu-Han; and Chu, Yuan-Jih 08724680 Cl. 375-219.
Wang, Ting-Hsiung; Lo, Yu-Lan; and Kao, Shu-Yi 08726206 Cl. 716-106.
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation: See--
Lee, Chao-Cheng 08723708 Cl. 341-122.
Realtime Data LLC: See--
Fallon, James J.; Pickel, Paul F.; McErlain, Stephen J.; and Melone, II, Carlton J. 08723701 Cl. 341-51.
Realtime Radiology Inc.: See--
Koff, David; Koff, Nadine; Butler, Greg; Maynard, Ian; Vasylenko, Taras; Pakka, Alex; Pierre, Paul; and Kovalchuk, Oleg 08724867 Cl. 382-128.
Rebholz, Uwe: See--
Maehling, Frank-Olaf; Strittmatter, Jan; Troetsch-Schaller, Irene; Garcia Castro, Ivette; Schroers, Michael; and Rebholz, Uwe 08721744 Cl. 44-393.
Rebstock, Lutz; to Dynamic Micro System Semiconductor Equipment GmbH Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating 08720370 Cl. 118-667.
RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co., KG.: See--
Pilgram, Christian 08720819 Cl. 244-118.6.
Reckelhoff, John R.: See--
Anthony, Joshua C.; Burns, Robert A.; Lee, Yung H.; Chiang, Win-Chin; Khatib, Khaled A.; Euber, John R.; and Reckelhoff, John R. 08722120 Cl. 426-72.
Recker, Roger L.: See--
Johannsen, Eric J.; Recker, Roger L.; Sebright, Jason L.; Kiesel, Mark J.; Liang, Guanghui; and Diekevers, Mark 08721213 Cl. 403-288.
Reckitt Benckiser LLC: See--
Burt, Diane Joyce; and Genord, Daniel 08719971 Cl. 4-225.1.
Recksiek, Martin; Heintjes, Mark; and Winkelmann, Christoph, to Airbus Operations GmbH Monitoring device for an actuation system of an aircraft, actuation system and method for reconfiguring the actuation system 08725319 Cl. 701-3.
Red Hat, Inc: See--
Havemose, Allan 08726078 Cl. 714-15.
Red Hat, Inc.: See--
Eidus, Izik; Arcangeli, Andrea; and Wright, Christopher M. 08725956 Cl. 711-148.
Li, Richard Ding; and Blizzard, Christopher 08726267 Cl. 717-173.
Malcolm, David Hugh 08725978 Cl. 711-170.
Pechanec, Jiri; and Vecera, Martin 08725765 Cl. 707-770.
Seago, Scott Wayne; and Guiditta, Jason 08725891 Cl. 709-230.
Strode, Ray; and Clasen, Matthias 08726184 Cl. 715-780.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.: See--
Havivi, Shahar; and Benari, Amos 08726069 Cl. 714-6.1.
Tsirkin, Michael; and Lublin, Uri 08725948 Cl. 711-125.
Redaelli, Andrea; Russo, Ugo; Pirovano, Agostino; and Lavizzari, Simone, to Micron Technology, Inc. Memory cells and integrated devices 08723155 Cl. 257-4.
Reddy, B. Raghava; Patil, Rahul Chandrakant; and Pati, Sandip, to Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Wellbore cementing compositions and methods of making and using same 08720562 Cl. 166-292.
Reddy, Nanda Gopal Kumjula Systems for optimizing wave energy for renewable energy generation 08723352 Cl. 290-53.
Redel, Daniel: See--
MacMillian, Loyal George; Shellhammer, Bradley; Redel, Daniel; and Kuestler, Gerald 08725365 Cl. 701-51.
Redelman, Glenn Allen: See--
Chattaraj, Sarat C.; Redelman, Glenn Allen; and Shaw, Andrew Alan 08722083 Cl. 424-458.
Redmond, Russell J.: See--
White, Geoffrey Hamilton; Redmond, Russell J.; and Plyley, Alan K. 08721705 Cl. 623-1.15.
Redshaw, Jonathan; and Yang, Xile, to Imagination Technologies, Ltd. Methods and systems for generating 3-dimensional computer images 08723860 Cl. 345-419.
Redtenbacher, Christoph; Schnessl, Eduard; Winter, Hubert; Wimmer, Andreas; and Klinkner, Martin, to GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co. OG Reciprocating piston engine 08720411 Cl. 123-286.
Reece, Peter John: See--
Böcking, Till; Gooding, John Justin; Kilian, Kristopher A.; Gal, Michael; Gaus, Katharina; Reece, Peter John; and Hong, Qiao 08722437 Cl. 438-29.
Reece, Steven: See--
Woo, Ricky Ah-Man; Alonso, Mario; Hecht, John Philip; Reece, Steven; Kvietok, Frank Andrej; St. Pierre, Eileen Marie; Liu, Zaiyou; Readnour, Christine Marie; Kaiser, Carl Eric; Baillely, Susan Eleanor; and Agami, Sion 08721962 Cl. 422-5.
Reed, David Charles: See--
Huber, Harold Steven; Reed, David Charles; and Smith, Max Douglas 08725966 Cl. 711-162.
Reed, Fred M.; and Lee, Thomas M., to MAG Aerospace Industries, Inc. Galley cooling heat sink through water system 08720217 Cl. 62-244.
Reed, James: See--
Yeung, Yukee; Fazal, Imtiaz; Daniel, Shane; Reed, James; and Zaid, Sam 08725288 Cl. 700-224.
Reed, John F.: See--
Woo, Edward J.; Angadjivand, Seyed A.; Wang, Wenli; and Reed, John F. 08721402 Cl. 451-453.
Reed Manufacturing Company: See--
Sterner, Robert M. 08720070 Cl. 30-95.
Reed, Nora Anderson: See--
Paulsen-Dziuk, Janelle Denice; Garcia, Rennie; Moczygemba, Michael Anthony; Valdez, Maria Josefina; Lora, Bolivar Cesar; Pacheco, Robert Anthony; Reed, Nora Anderson; Hicks, Eileen Grace; Cooper, Dawn Love; Parker, Stuart Blain; Rapp, Mark Steven; Clayton, Stacy Jo; Potter, Steven Douglas; Farwell, Kelley Kay; and Caudill, Susan James 08725608 Cl. 705-35.
Reed, Steven G.; and Carter, Darrick, to Infectious Disease Research Institute Synthetic glucopyranosyl lipid adjuvants 08722064 Cl. 424-278.1.
Reedhycalog UK Limited: See--
Fuller, John Michael; Caraway, Douglas; and Watson, Graham Richard 08721752 Cl. 51-307.
Reelwell AS: See--
Meling, Morten Olav; and Syse, Harald 08720543 Cl. 166-88.1.
Reese, David Byrne; to, inc. Techniques for providing connections to services in a network environment 08725892 Cl. 709-232.
Reever, Kenneth; to Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc. Methods and apparatus related to a side-fire optical fiber having a robust distal end portion 08724941 Cl. 385-31.
Refine Focus, LLC: See--
Loeb, Jr., Jack; and Blum, Ronald D. 08721070 Cl. 351-55.
Regal Beloit America, Inc.: See--
Mullin, Paul 08723464 Cl. 318-400.34.
Regents of the University of California, The: See--
Bazan, Guillermo C.; Moses, Daniel; Peet, Jeffrey; and Heeger, Alan J. 08723169 Cl. 257-40.
Zhou, Qun-Yong; Li, Jia-Da; and Huang, Qi 08722896 Cl. 546-329.
Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate, The: See--
Olson, Jeffrey; and Mandava, Naresh 08725266 Cl. 607-53.
Regents of the University of Michigan, The: See--
Glick, Gary D.; and Opipari, Anthony W. 08722667 Cl. 514-221.
Mazumder, Jyoti; and Lee, Seung H. 08723078 Cl. 219-121.83.
Regents of the University of Minnesota: See--
Georgopoulos, Apostolos 08725668 Cl. 706-20.
Register, III, James Arthur: See--
Bohler, Gregory Blake; Greenwood, III, Julian Latelle; Greer, Keith Aaron; Nicholson, Wesley Brian; Register, III, James Arthur; and Slan, Kimberly Dawn 08724947 Cl. 385-107.
Regunathan, Shankar; Srinivasan, Sridhar; Sun, Shijun; Sullivan, Gary J.; and Tu, Chengjie, to Microsoft Corporation Reducing DC leakage in HD photo transform 08724916 Cl. 382-248.
Rehbein, Stefan: See--
Schnak, Fred; Rehbein, Stefan; Laschinski, Gerd; Amsel, Klaus Günther; Hübscher, Werner; and Lessiak, Herbert 08723063 Cl. 200-314.
Rehberger, Thomas G.; and Jordan-Parrott, Dorrie S., to DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS Bacillus strains and methods for reducing E. coli disease and enhancing performance 08722058 Cl. 424-200.1.
Rehfuess, Ulrich: See--
Roessel, Sabine; Goldberg, Martin; Frederiksen, Frank; Luo, Jijun; Rehfuess, Ulrich; and Wigard, Jeroen 08724448 Cl. 370-208.
Rehnström, Mattias: See--
Carlsson, Jimmy; Stenberg, Göran; and Rehnström, Mattias 08720613 Cl. 175-426.
Rehrig Pacific Company: See--
Apps, William P. 08720692 Cl. 206-600.
Hassell, Jon P. 08720687 Cl. 206-507.
Hassell, Jon P.; Apps, William P.; and Koefelda, Gerald R. 08720688 Cl. 206-509.
Reibold, Ekkehard: See--
Hodrus, Erhard; Reibold, Ekkehard; Goeppert, George; and Eich, Juergen 08725374 Cl. 701-67.
Reicheneker, Jason K.: See--
Williams, Thomas R.; Martine, Shawn A.; Threlkeld, Timothy; Reicheneker, Jason K.; Stern, Daniel Scott; and Neyra, Manuel Albert 08726272 Cl. 717-178.
Reichert, Fred; Bauer, Keith; and Meyer, Thomas W., to Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. DNA polymerases with increased 3′-mismatch discrimination 08722378 Cl. 435-194.
Reichert, Fred; Bauer, Keith; and Myers, Thomas W., to Roche Medical Systems, Inc. DNA polymerases with increased 3′-mismatch discrimination 08722379 Cl. 435-194.
Reichert, Fred; Bauer, Keith; and Myers, Thomas W., to Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. DNA polymerases with increased 3′-mismatch discrimination 08722380 Cl. 435-194.
Reid, Jonathan D.; Wang, Katie Qun; and Willey, Mark J., to Novellus Systems, Inc. Process for through silicon via filling 08722539 Cl. 438-678.
Reid, Paul James: See--
Grieves, Jason Anthony; Wrem, Nicholas; and Reid, Paul James 08725743 Cl. 707-752.
Reidiboim, Alexander: See--
Bayles, Len Albert; Dainow, Ernest; Galvin, James M.; Reidiboim, Alexander; Wu, David; and Yee, Joseph Chiu Kit 08725815 Cl. 709-206.
Reiger, Bernard D; and Matousek, Robert A., to AGCO Corporation Axial flow disrupter 08721411 Cl. 460-108.
Reijo-Pera, Renee A.: See--
Wong, Connie C.; Loewke, Kevin E.; Baer, Thomas M.; Reijo-Pera, Renee A.; and Behr, Barry 08721521 Cl. 600-33.
Reilingh, James W.: See--
Pawelczyk, Joseph S.; Reilingh, James W.; and Cotton, Robert M. 08725609 Cl. 705-35.
Reilly, Peter T. A.; to UT-Battelle, LLC Mass independent kinetic energy reducing inlet system for vacuum environment 08723105 Cl. 250-281.
Reimann, Ingo; to Ferd. von Hagen Sohne & Koch GmbH & Co. KG External articulation mechanism with a noise-dampening support element 08720847 Cl. 248-503.1.
Reincarnate, Inc.: See--
Bermal, Jay Velitario 08720916 Cl. 280-87.042.
Reiner, David Stephen; Graham, Stephen G.; and Todd, Stephen, to EMC Corporation Classifying situations for system management 08725869 Cl. 709-224.
Reinert, Chris: See--
Abraham, Charles; Reinert, Chris; and Jarels, John E. 08724526 Cl. 370-295.
Reinert, Matthew Joseph Lockout device for manually operated selector valve 08720479 Cl. 137-385.
Reinhard, Walter Brent: See--
Skelding, Dori K.; Reinhard, Walter Brent; and Mann, III, William Frederick 08725589 Cl. 705-26.5.
Reinhardt, Albert H. M.: See--
Jain, Jawahar; Marvit, David Loren; Adler, B. Thomas; Balakrishnan, Rajalakshmi; Gilman, Alexander; Stergiou, Stergios; Braun, Albert C.; and Reinhardt, Albert H. M. 08725462 Cl. 702-187.
Reinhart, Pat; Mix, Richard; Pupkiewcz, Rick; and Rabitsch, Jimmy, to Poly Tech Industries, Inc. Tube liner 08720491 Cl. 138-98.
Reinke, James D.: See--
Kuhn, Jonathan L.; Roberts, Jonathan P.; Reinke, James D.; O'Brien, Richard J.; Terry, Michael B.; and Mothilal, Kamal Deep 08720276 Cl. 73-700.
Reis, Gene; Stahler, Gregory J.; Hirth, Gregory Francis; and Romo, Enrique, to Hansen Medical, Inc. Sterile interface apparatus 08720448 Cl. 128-852.
Reiss, Wanda; to Schneider Electric USA, Inc. Device commissioning and replacement 08725855 Cl. 709-223.
Reiter, Manfred; Mundt, Wolfgang; Dorner, Friedrich; Grillberger, Leopold; and Mitterer, Artur, to Baxter Innovations GmbH Medium for the protein-free and serum-free cultivation of cells 08722406 Cl. 435-404.
Reith, Stefan; and Koerbel, Christian, to Edag GmbH & Co. KGAA Clamping device for holding and clamping components 08720876 Cl. 269-57.
REJ Enterprises, LLP: See--
Brown, Justin Marc 08720224 Cl. 62-515.
Reliance Controls Corporation: See--
Flegel, David D. 08723361 Cl. 307-64.
Relkin, Norman R; to Baxter International Inc. Use of ventricular enlargement rate in intravenous immunoglobulin treatment of alzheimer's disease 08722042 Cl. 424-130.1.
Relyea, Don: See--
Stallings, Heath; Relyea, Don; and Roberts, Brian 08726159 Cl. 715-719.
Remington, James A.: See--
Axthelm, Karl E.; Remington, James A.; and Voelkerding, Daniel 08720793 Cl. 238-174.
Remmensee, Sebastian: See--
Scheibel, Thomas; Huemmerich, Daniel; Remmensee, Sebastian; Freudiger, Christian; and Bausch, Andreas 08721991 Cl. 422-502.
Remy, John C.; Charnesky, Scott P.; and Price, Tricia, to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Angled active shutter with dual-drive actuation 08720624 Cl. 180-68.1.
Remy Technologies, L.L.C.: See--
Bradfield, Mike; Babb, Eric; and Wright, Todd 08723380 Cl. 310-71.
Remy Technologies, LLC: See--
Meyer, Andrew; Tooley, Phil; and Young, Kevin 08720041 Cl. 29-596.
Ren, Jishi: See--
Hwu, Ruey-Jen; Ren, Jishi; Chern, Jehn-Huar; and Sadwick, Laurence P. 08723137 Cl. 250-396ML.
Ren, Shouxian; and Gordon, Scott R., to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Apparatus and method for onboard performance monitoring of oxidation catalyst 08720189 Cl. 60-286.
Renaud, Marc: See--
Templeton, Ryan; Renaud, Marc; Amellal, Karim; and Farran, Chadl 08720484 Cl. 137-558.
Renault S.A.S.: See--
Dupont, Christophe; Hourdel, Alain; Le Roch, Yannick; Pichaud, Sylvie; and Vasseur, Nicolas 08720982 Cl. 296-193.09.
Vespasien, Jean-Marie 08725334 Cl. 701-22.
Renault Trucks: See--
Justin, Thomas; and Millet, Michael 08725339 Cl. 701-22.
Lombard, Benoit 08720420 Cl. 123-557.
Rencher, Robert John: See--
Patel, Depti; Rencher, Robert John; Rubert, James M.; and Nelson, David Wayne 08726348 Cl. 726-3.
Renesas Electronics Corporation: See--
Baba, Mitsuo 08724683 Cl. 375-224.
Fukui, Yuki; and Katou, Hiroaki 08723295 Cl. 257-592.
Ishibashi, Atsuhiko 08723367 Cl. 307-104.
Maruta, Masanao; and Magane, Mitsuo 08723998 Cl. 348-294.
Matsushita, Rumi 08723576 Cl. 327-291.
Nakahara, Akihiro 08723555 Cl. 327-77.
Oyama, Hidemi; Kawamura, Masanobu; Ikeguchi, Takuya; Matsumoto, Masanori; and Kawajiri, Hiroyuki 08725922 Cl. 710-260.
Saito, Yasuhiko 08726099 Cl. 714-47.2.
Sasaki, Kou 08723301 Cl. 257-676.
Takata, Hirokazu 08725958 Cl. 711-152.
Usami, Tatsuya; and Kitajima, Hiroshi 08722532 Cl. 438-628.
Wada, Eiji 08722449 Cl. 438-65.
Yonezu, Toshiaki; Iwamoto, Takeshi; Obayashi, Shigeki; Arakawa, Masashi; and Kono, Kazushi 08723291 Cl. 257-529.
Renewable Power Conversion, Inc.: See--
West, Richard Travis 08723370 Cl. 307-145.
West, Richard Travis 08724266 Cl. 361-2.
Renton, Joseph: See--
Farley, Rodney; and Renton, Joseph 08723692 Cl. 340-945.
Renz, Thomas: See--
Pyczak, Andreas; Renz, Thomas; and Sticker, Rolf 08723029 Cl. 174-33.
Rephaeli, Ada: See--
Stein, Gideon; Nudelman, Abraham; Rephaeli, Ada; Gil-Ad, Irit; and Weizman, Abraham 08722923 Cl. 560-160.
Resar, Mark Stuart: See--
Behner, Kenneth Joseph; Andulics, Joseph Harry; Resar, Mark Stuart; and Amerla, Stephen Joseph 08720061 Cl. 29-889.4.
Resch, Jason K.: See--
Baptist, Andrew; Volvovski, Ilya; Leggette, Wesley; Dhuse, Greg; and Resch, Jason K. 08726120 Cl. 714-752.
Grube, Gary W.; Markison, Timothy W.; Dhuse, Greg; Resch, Jason K.; Volvovski, Ilya; and Leggette, Wesley 08726127 Cl. 714-763.
Grube, Gary W.; Resch, Jason K.; and Markison, Timothy W. 08725940 Cl. 711-114.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University: See--
Lee, Sukhan; and Bui, Quang Lam 08724121 Cl. 356-625.
Research Foundation for the State University of New York, The: See--
Wong, Stanislaus; and Zhang, Fen 08721923 Cl. 252-301.4P.
Research Foundation Itsuu Laboratory: See--
Fujimaki, Nobuko; Nakagomi, Madoka; and Shudo, Koichi 08722723 Cl. 514-416.
Muratake, Hideaki; Noguchi, Masayuki; and Shudo, Koichi 08722730 Cl. 514-471.
Research Foundation of The City University of New York: See--
Bandosz, Teresa J.; Bahryeyev, Andriy; and Locke, David C. 08722571 Cl. 502-430.
Couzis, Alexander; Morris, Jeffrey; Shah, Ankur D.; and Shete, Vilobh 08721937 Cl. 264-13.
Shinnar, Reuel; and Hirsch, Robert L. 08724768 Cl. 376-322.
Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth: See--
Asano, Shushi; Nobuto, Yoshiki; Fujiwara, Naoki; Duan, Shuhong; and Kazama, Shingo 08721774 Cl. 96-12.
ResMed Limited: See--
Kooij, Michiel; and Maurer, Dimitri Marco 08720443 Cl. 128-207.11.
Ress, Christian: See--
Hochkirchen, Thomas; Eifert, Mark; Rienks, Maurice; Ress, Christian; Etemad, Aria; and Boerger, Marcus 08725408 Cl. 701-410.
Ressing, Mareike: See--
Durance, Timothy D.; Sundaram, Jaya; and Ressing, Mareike 08722749 Cl. 521-64.
Restaino, Sergio R.: See--
Wilcox, Christopher C.; Restaino, Sergio R.; Teare, Scott W.; and Martinez, Ty 08725471 Cl. 703-2.
Retsch GmbH: See--
Mahler, Stefan Reinhold 08720806 Cl. 241-57.
Rettig, Mark Edward: See--
Hubbard, Milton Carter; Hoff, Brian Douglas; Rettig, Mark Edward; and Juricak, Steven James 08725366 Cl. 701-54.
Rettner, Charles T.: See--
Kim, Ho-Cheol; Park, Sang-min; and Rettner, Charles T. 08722174 Cl. 428-172.
Reuter, Christopher J.; and MacKenzie, Steven J., to Osprey Biotechnics, Inc. Compositions for stabilizing Bacillus spores and methods of use thereof 08722386 Cl. 435-252.5.
Reuter, Knud: See--
Loevenich, Wilfried; Kirchmeyer, Stephan; Elschner, Andreas; Reuter, Knud; Müllen, Klaus; Klapper, Markus; and Müller, Kevin 08721929 Cl. 252-500.
Reutiman, Robert J.: See--
Mathur, Priyadarshee Deeptarag; Reutiman, Robert J.; and Mittal, Samir 08726010 Cl. 713-156.
Revell, Kevin D.: See--
Turos, Edward; and Revell, Kevin D. 08722937 Cl. 568-23.
Rew, Alasdair: See--
Menzer, Eric; Danilov, Konstantin; O'Connor, Joseph; Partridge, Paul; Rew, Alasdair; Savva, Nadia; Orlich, Steve; Medina, Steve; Boyda, Bob; Muhina, Irina; and Toomey, Neal 08725618 Cl. 705-36R.
Reyes, Yuliet Mazola; Santiago, Glay Chinea; Cruz, Osmany Guirola; Alvarez, Roberto Vera; Galindo, Vivian Huerta; Salazar, Noralvis Fleitas; and Lasa, Alexis Musacchio, to Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologia Chemical compounds having antiviral activity against Dengue virus and other Flaviviruses 08722742 Cl. 514-602.
Reymann, Steffen; Fiehne, Gerhard; and Eckoldt, Uwe, to X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries AG Production of high alignment marks and such alignment marks on a semiconductor wafer 08722506 Cl. 438-401.
Reynolds, deceased, Graeme E.; Johnigan, Robert A.; Boyle, Greg R.; and Reynolds, legal representative, Shelley, to Oceaneering International, Inc. Emergency blowout preventer (EBOP) control system using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and method of use 08720579 Cl. 166-341.
Reynolds, legal representative, Shelley: See--
Reynolds, deceased, Graeme E.; Johnigan, Robert A.; and Boyle, Greg R. 08720579 Cl. 166-341.
Reynolds, Michael G.: See--
Gonze, Eugene V.; Paratore, Jr., Michael J.; and Reynolds, Michael G. 08720192 Cl. 60-295.
Rezvani, Babak; Kalin, Edward B.; Chen, Jack L.; and Jalili, Reza, to Nest Labs, Inc. Systems and methods for the automatic registration of devices 08723664 Cl. 340-506.
RF Micro Devices, Inc.: See--
Carroll, Michael; Kerr, Daniel Charles; Iversen, Christian Rye; Mason, Philip; Costa, Julio; and Spears, Edward T. 08723260 Cl. 257-347.
Leahy, Donald Joseph; Warren, Jr., Waite R.; and Parker, Stephen 08720051 Cl. 29-846.
Grasset, Yannick 08723744 Cl. 343-742.
RGB Spectrum: See--
Day, Don; and Haycock, David 08723873 Cl. 345-520.
Day, Don; and Haycock, David 08723874 Cl. 345-520.
RGB Systems, Inc.: See--
Stewart, Jr., William C.; Edwards, Andrew C.; Hudson, Michael; and Evans, Andrew 08720640 Cl. 181-148.
Rhee, Sang Dal: See--
Cheon, Hyae Gyeong; Kim, Kwang-Rok; Rhee, Sang Dal; Jung, Won Hoon; Lee, Jong-Cheol; Kim, Sung Wuk; and Jun, Sung Soo 08722674 Cl. 514-245.
Rheinberger, Volker M.; Schweiger, Marcel; Kruse, Robert; and Kerschbaumer, Harald, to Ivoclar Vivadent AG Multi-colored shaped body 08721336 Cl. 433-173.
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Rheonix, Inc.: See--
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Rhinehart, Edward J.: See--
Trocki, Mark; Hitchins, Mark W.; Cowan, Kevin P.; and Rhinehart, Edward J. 08721596 Cl. 604-131.
Rhino Camera Gear, LLC: See--
Hart, Kyle 08721199 Cl. 396-428.
Rho, Soon-Joon: See--
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Rhoda, William S: See--
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Rhode, Douglas Scott: See--
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Rhodes, Michael D.: See--
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Rhodia Operations: See--
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Rhonehouse, Donald E.: See--
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Rhythmia Medical, Inc.: See--
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Riall, James Daniel: See--
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Ribaux, Philippe: See--
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Ribeiro, Fabio Cisne: See--
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Rice, Daniel J.: See--
Campos, Luis Alberto; Williams, Thomas; and Rice, Daniel J. 08725158 Cl. 455-445.
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Rice, Jerry R.; to Agrigenetics Inc. Inbred corn line UTM03 08723006 Cl. 800-320.1.
Rich, Bruce A.; Benjamin, Thomas H.; and Peck, John T., to International Business Machines Corporation Secure management of keys in a key repository 08724817 Cl. 380-277.
Richard, William: See--
Oisel, Lionel; Kijak, Ewa; and Richard, William 08724957 Cl. 386-200.
Richard Wolf GmbH: See--
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Richards, Adam: See--
Foster, Graham; and Richards, Adam 08720302 Cl. 74-502.4.
Richards, Daniel L.: See--
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Richards, Stephen J.: See--
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Richards, Steven: See--
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Richards, William Mark: See--
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Richardson, John: See--
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Richardson, Michael D.: See--
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Richardson, Ronald O.: See--
Martin, Sr., Jeffrey A.; and Richardson, Ronald O. 08720108 Cl. 43-132.1.
Richman, Roxanne L.: See--
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Richtek Technology Corp.: See--
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Tseng, Pei-Kai; Tang, Chien-Fu; Chen, Issac Y.; and Ho, Jyun-Che 08723560 Cl. 327-108.
Tseng, Pei-Kai; Tang, Chien-Fu; Li, Kuang-Feng; and Chen, Isaac Y. 08723552 Cl. 326-82.
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Richter, Ralf; Javorka, Peter; and Frohberg, Kai, to GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. Reduced topography in isolation regions of a semiconductor device by applying a deposition/etch sequence prior to forming the interlayer dielectric 08722511 Cl. 438-435.
Richwin, Matthias: See--
Blaesing, Frank; Richwin, Matthias; Boebel, Ralf; Weber, Thomas; and Boehne, Gregor 08723954 Cl. 348-148.
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Rickard, Matthew J. A.; and Sanchez, Jr., Robert Joseph, to Alcon Research, Ltd. Power saving glaucoma drainage device 08721580 Cl. 604-9.
Rickmeyer, Hendrik: See--
Wille, Reinhard; and Rickmeyer, Hendrik 08721143 Cl. 362-524.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.: See--
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Ricoh Company, Limited: See--
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Ricoh Company, Ltd.: See--
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Goto, Hiroshi 08722175 Cl. 428-195.1.
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Jo, Honriku 08721039 Cl. 347-35.
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Yokohama, Yuuki; Gotou, Hiroshi; and Fujii, Hidetoshi 08721034 Cl. 347-20.
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Ricordi, Christian: See--
Cordeiro, Pierre; Jaillet, Guy; and Ricordi, Christian 08721175 Cl. 374-208.
Ridall, Mark: See--
Rock, David; and Ridall, Mark 08722636 Cl. 514-28.
Riddiford, Martin Philip: See--
Griffin, Jason Tyler; and Riddiford, Martin Philip 08724317 Cl. 361-679.56.
Rider, Todd H.; and Bortolin, Laura, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology Optoelectronic sensor 08722347 Cl. 435-7.2.
Ridgeway, Roger D.: See--
Lee, Jeffrey T.; Ridgeway, Roger D.; Austin, Jeffrey W.; and Fitzner, Scott L. 08721772 Cl. 95-279.
Ridgway, Richard W.: See--
Nippa, David W.; and Ridgway, Richard W. 08726317 Cl. 725-67.
Riedel, Bernd: See--
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Rienks, Maurice: See--
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Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc.: See--
Helgeland, Walter 08720900 Cl. 277-410.
Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: See--
Duncton, Matthew; and Singh, Rajinder 08722916 Cl. 558-289.
Riggs-Sauthier, Jennifer; Cheng, Lin; and Martin, David, to Nektar Therapeutics Oligomer-calcimimetic conjugates and related compounds 08722732 Cl. 514-481.
Rigney, Brian P.: See--
Liang, Jiangang; Weerasooriya, Siri S.; and Rigney, Brian P. 08724253 Cl. 360-77.04.
Rijpers, Bartolomeus Petrus: See--
Van Haren, Richard Johannes Franciscus; Rijpers, Bartolomeus Petrus; Singh, Harminder; and Finken, Gerald Arthur 08722179 Cl. 428-213.
Riklin-Raviv, Tamar: See--
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Rinaldo, Jr., John D.: See--
Hyde, Roderick A.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Kare, Jordin T.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Robert W.; Malamud, Mark A.; Rinaldo, Jr., John D.; Sweeney, Elizabeth A.; and Wood, Jr., Lowell L. 08723640 Cl. 340-5.61.
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Rinderknecht, Thomas H.: See--
Rajski, Janusz; Mukherjee, Nilanjan; Kassab, Mark A; Rinderknecht, Thomas H.; and Dessouky, Mohamed 08726112 Cl. 714-731.
Ring, James A.; to Alliant Techsystems Inc. Methods and apparatuses for inductive energy capture for fuzes 08723493 Cl. 323-282.
Ringholz, Martin: See--
Eder, Hanns; Gross, Patrick; Ringholz, Martin; and Schmidt, Markus 08719978 Cl. 5-601.
Ringold, James Morgan; to McKesson Financial Holdings Systems and methods for monitoring controlled substance distribution 08725532 Cl. 705-2.
Rinke, Jordan; to Rackspace US, Inc. Targeted liquid cooling for a system 08724322 Cl. 361-699.
Rinkenbaugh, John: See--
Young, Brian; Rinkenbaugh, John; and Armstrong, Jeremy 08720075 Cl. 33-501.45.
Rinnai Corporation: See--
Ogai, Fumio 08721875 Cl. 210-86.
Rinne, Mika Petri Olavi; Hugl, Klaus; and Roman, Timo Eric, to Nokia Corporation Method and apparatus for providing detection of a compatible network 08724489 Cl. 370-252.
Rinnovatore, Diane M.: See--
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Rinzler, Charles C.: See--
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Ríos Reyes, Alfredo: See--
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Rippel, Wally Ewald: See--
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Ris, Stephane: See--
Wu, Huaigu; Hamdi, Louenas; Goeb, Andreas; Koelsch, Daniel; and Ris, Stephane 08725847 Cl. 709-220.
Rishel, Michael James: See--
Grimmond, Brian James; Rishel, Michael James; Zhang, Rong; and DePuy, Jeannette Christine 08722020 Cl. 424-9.36.
Riso Kagaku Corporation: See--
Ishitoya, Mitsuaki; Oshima, Kenji; and Miyata, Shoichi 08721065 Cl. 347-104.
Ritesafety Products International, LLC: See--
Landwehr, Thomas Jay 08720068 Cl. 30-2.
Ritter, Kurt: See--
Plettenburg, Oliver; Hofmeister, Armin; Kadereit, Dieter; Peukert, Stefan; Ruf, Sven; Ritter, Kurt; Loehn, Matthias; Ivashchenko, Yuri; Monecke, Peter; Dreyer, Matthias; and Kannt, Aimo 08722671 Cl. 514-235.2.
Rivard, Linda M.: See--
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Rivera, Stephanie; Brown, Hilbert; Raghunathan, Smitha; Bates, Gregory; and Gayzik, Caroline, to Cook Medical Technologies LLC Introducer for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy appliance 08721586 Cl. 604-93.01.
Riverbed Technology, Inc.: See--
White, Christopher J.; Vlachos, Dimitri Stratton; and Doyle, David Paul 08725859 Cl. 709-223.
Riverbed Technology, Inc.: See--
Cohen, Alain J.; and Ding, Yiping 08725741 Cl. 707-748.
Uppalli, Raghavendra; Shaw, James Mark; Natarajan, Pradeep; and Cohen, Alain 08724494 Cl. 370-252.
Rizk, Reda: See--
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Rizzi, Enrico: See--
Filippi, Ermanno; Rizzi, Enrico; Tarozzo, Mirco; and Zardi, Federico 08721975 Cl. 422-148.
Rizzo, Frank: See--
Lavoie, Lisa; Merrow, Lucas; Drane, Alexandra; Rizzo, Frank; and Krull, Ivy 08725516 Cl. 704-275.
Roadrunner Promotions, LLC: See--
Romero, Jerome 08720714 Cl. 215-228.
Robbins, III, Edward S.: See--
Robbins, III, Edward S.; Kavanaugh, Susan R.; Black, Bailey J.; Magee, Bryan F.; and White, Ronald R. 08720706 Cl. 211-163.
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Robbins, Timothy George: See--
Hatley, Troy Bryan; Robbins, Timothy George; Wood, Mike; and Varian, Dennis W. 08723450 Cl. 315-312.
Robell, Glenn Method and system of framing components and hangers used in a structural interface 08720155 Cl. 52-702.
Robert Bosch GmbH: See--
Barron, Dan 08720744 Cl. 222-83.
Daemmrich, Uwe; and Kalbas, Guido 08723456 Cl. 318-135.
Doller, Andrew J.; and Daley, Michael J. 08724840 Cl. 381-359.
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Loecht, Heinrich 08720673 Cl. 198-725.
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Wolf, Gerd; and Pfitzke, Norbert 08723386 Cl. 310-179.
Zaiser, Adolf 08720162 Cl. 53-49.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation: See--
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Robert, Dominique; Hufen, Julia; Lüdtke, Kerstin; Ehlers, Jens; Diamond, Gary; Lecrec, Margarete; and Zhu, Guang, to Ticona GmbH Process for producing high molecular weight polyethylene 08722819 Cl. 526-129.
Robert Welch Designs Limited: See--
Welch, Alan Rupert 08721403 Cl. 451-552.
Roberts, Brian: See--
Stallings, Heath; Relyea, Don; and Roberts, Brian 08726159 Cl. 715-719.
Roberts, Brian; and Bold, Gary, to Federal-Mogul World Wide, Inc. Gasket assembly having isolated compression limiting device 08720906 Cl. 277-593.
Roberts, Bruce D.: See--
Macklin, Jon D.; Bonneau, Jr., Walter C.; and Roberts, Bruce D. 08720775 Cl. 235-380.
Roberts, Derek Edward: See--
Mapp, Glenford Ezra; Hodges, Stephen John; Roberts, Derek Edward; and Pope, Steven Leslie 08725903 Cl. 709-248.
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Roberts, James L.: See--
Hamm, Keith; Konop, Chad; and Roberts, James L. 08723346 Cl. 290-1A.
Roberts, Jonathan P.: See--
Kuhn, Jonathan L.; Roberts, Jonathan P.; Reinke, James D.; O'Brien, Richard J.; Terry, Michael B.; and Mothilal, Kamal Deep 08720276 Cl. 73-700.
Roberts, Lawrence: See--
Sercel, Jeffrey P.; Lemmo, Donald J.; Murphy, Jr., Terrence A.; Roberts, Lawrence; Loomis, Tom; and Sokol, Miroslaw 08723074 Cl. 219-121.67.
Roberts, Mark D.: See--
Fullerton, Larry W.; and Roberts, Mark D. 08721843 Cl. 204-157.47.
Roberts, Michael: See--
Johansson, Per Johan Mikael; Chen, Yih-Shen; Hsu, Chia-Chun; and Roberts, Michael 08724497 Cl. 370-252.
Roberts, Ronald; to Advent Aerospace, Inc. Anti-skid braking system for an aircraft 08721009 Cl. 303-116.1.
Roberts, Scott Arthur: See--
Basu, Kohinoor; Chua, Angel Barnachea; Ferry, Matthew M.; and Roberts, Scott Arthur 08725742 Cl. 707-748.
Roberts, Tom J.: See--
Moore, Simon; Roberts, Tom J.; Holroyd, Robert L.; and McEwen, James Alexander 08721268 Cl. 415-158.
Robertson, Alec: See--
Goodwin, Eric Peter; Smith, Daniel Gene; Stamper, Brian L.; Cooper, Alexander; and Robertson, Alec 08724095 Cl. 356-5.01.
Robertson, Jerry: See--
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Robichaux, Terry P.: See--
Robichaux, Kip M.; Caillouet, Kenneth G.; and Robichaux, Terry P. 08720577 Cl. 166-339.
Robinson, Daniel: See--
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Robinson, Ian: See--
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Robinson, Jack D.; Muller, Peter; Noke, Timothy; Lim, Teng Lew; Glausi, Wallace A.; Cluff, James; and Fullerton, Larry, to ADDnClick, Inc. Linking users into live social networking interactions based on the users' actions relative to similar content 08725826 Cl. 709-207.
Robinson, Levi Jacob Utility helmet with integrated lighting system 08721103 Cl. 362-105.
Robinson, Marc E.: See--
McElrea, Simon J. S.; Andrews, Jr., Lawrence Douglas; McGrath, Scott; Caskey, Terrence; Crane, Scott Jay; Robinson, Marc E.; and Cantillep, Loreto 08723332 Cl. 257-777.
Robinson, Mark Lee: See--
Jayne, Jonathan Robert; Robinson, Mark Lee; Harris, Philip; Court, Daniel; and Habbershaw, Andrew Charles 08720080 Cl. 34-352.
Robinson, Michael D.: See--
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Robinson, Michael G.: See--
McKnight, Douglas J.; and Robinson, Michael G. 08724041 Cl. 349-15.
Robison, Russell Edward: See--
Zeringue, Donna Evelyn; Robison, Russell Edward; and Rausch, Nancy Anne 08726177 Cl. 715-763.
Robles-Flores, Eliud; Tabb, Charles H.; and Falvo, John R., to Xerox Corporation Apparatus, method and system for controlling a strip radius in a printing system 08725048 Cl. 399-323.
Robles, Pavel: See--
Wikaryasz, Megan; Thompson, Rick; Robles, Pavel; and Wright, Cary 08721977 Cl. 422-179.
Rocchi, Palma: See--
Gleave, Martin E.; Rocchi, Palma; Signaevsky, Maxim; and Beraldi, Eliana 08722872 Cl. 536-24.5.
Roche Diagnostics International AG: See--
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Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.: See--
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Roche Medical Systems, Inc.: See--
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Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.: See--
Reichert, Fred; Bauer, Keith; and Meyer, Thomas W. 08722378 Cl. 435-194.
Reichert, Fred; Bauer, Keith; and Myers, Thomas W. 08722380 Cl. 435-194.
Rochel, Shay: See--
Kiryati, Nahum; Riklin-Raviv, Tamar; Ivanchenko, Yan; Rochel, Shay; Dvir, Igal; and Harari, Daniel 08724891 Cl. 382-160.
Rock, Amy: See--
Pavliv, Leo; and Rock, Amy 08722738 Cl. 514-562.
Rock, David; and Ridall, Mark, to New Market Pharmaceuticals, LLC Animal treatments 08722636 Cl. 514-28.
Rock, Fernando: See--
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Rockett, Leonard Richard Buried power grid designs for improved radiation hardness in CMOS technologies 08723269 Cl. 257-369.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.: See--
Guenther, Robert; Zuponcic, Steven A.; and Hall, Kenwood H. 08726091 Cl. 714-38.1.
Rockwell Collins, Inc.: See--
Anderson, David A. 08725400 Cl. 701-213.
Barnidge, Tracy J.; Nemeth, Paul R.; Sampica, James D.; Dudley, Sandra S.; and Prior, Gary N. 08723809 Cl. 345-173.
Cahoon, James D.; Godfrey, Mark B.; Sishtla, Venkata A.; Finley, Jeffery A.; and Smithe, Jason E. 08723693 Cl. 340-968.
Doane, Jonathan P. 08723746 Cl. 343-756.
Engler, Joseph J.; and Jones, Timothy B. 08725676 Cl. 707-603.
Engler, Joseph J.; and Jones, Timothy B. 08725677 Cl. 707-603.
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Young, Charles D.; and Amis, Alan D. 08724516 Cl. 370-255.
Young, Shih-Yih; and Jerome, Kristen M. 08725417 Cl. 701-533.
Rodenrys, John; to Anazyme Test for non-septic hypovolemic shock 08722352 Cl. 435-23.
Rodewald, Ilse; to tesa SE Use of a strip of an adhesive tape to reinforce cardboard packaging particularly in the region of die-cuts, and simultaneously as a tear strip for such packaging 08721814 Cl. 156-60.
Rodger, Bradley Ray; to Transocean Sedco Forex Ventures Limited Telescopic joint mini control panel 08720583 Cl. 166-355.
Rodgers, Gordon; to R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company Multi-ply mailer with multiple detachable elements 08720768 Cl. 229-92.1.
Rodgers, James D.; and Li, Hui-Yin, to Incyte Corporation Salts of the Janus kinase inhibitor (R)-3-(4-(7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-3-cyclopentylpropanenitrile 08722693 Cl. 514-265.1.
Rodin, Sergey: See--
Tryggvason, Karl; Domogatskaya, Anna; and Rodin, Sergey 08722405 Cl. 435-402.
Rodrigues, Ashok E.: See--
Grutter, Peter J.; Perakes, Andreas E.; McCubbin, Nicholas E.; Rodrigues, Ashok E.; and Lippert, Robert S. 08720633 Cl. 180-248.
Rodriguez, Adrian X.: See--
Herring, Dean F.; Johnson, Brad M.; Rodriguez, Adrian X.; Smith, Jeffrey J.; and Steiner, David J. 08723962 Cl. 348-207.1.
Rodriguez, Carlos M.: See--
Garwood, Raymond E.; Santoro, Nicholas F.; and Rodriguez, Carlos M. 08721363 Cl. 439-517.
Rodriguez Gonazález, Luz: See--
Labrot, Michael; Rodriguez Gonazález, Luz; and Breniaux, Marie-Hélène 08722195 Cl. 428-437.
Rodriguez, Harry: See--
Shteynberg, Anatoly; Rodriguez, Harry; Lehman, Bradley M.; and Zhou, Dongsheng 08723766 Cl. 345-82.
Rodriguez, Javier Del Río; Pille, Johan; and Loncke, Lieven, to NV Bekaert SA Crimped flat wire as core of oval cord 08720175 Cl. 57-212.
Rodriguez Sarmiento, Rosa Maria; and Wichmann, Juergen, to Hoffmann LA-Roche Inc. Benzodioxole piperazine compounds 08722683 Cl. 514-254.11.
Roering, Sebastian: See--
Kastell, Dirk; Roering, Sebastian; and Noriega, Wilson Willy Casas 08721406 Cl. 454-76.
Roesch, Alexander: See--
Leinweber, Dirk; Roesch, Alexander; and Feustel, Michael 08722589 Cl. 507-242.
Roesch, Stefan Heinrich: See--
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Roessel, Sabine; Goldberg, Martin; Frederiksen, Frank; Luo, Jijun; Rehfuess, Ulrich; and Wigard, Jeroen, to Nokia Siemens Networks Oy Enhanced physical downlink shared channel coverage 08724448 Cl. 370-208.
Roetker, John Joseph: See--
Beyerle, Michael Thomas; Finch, Michael Francis; Roetker, John Joseph; and Venkatakrishnan, Natarajan 08720388 Cl. 122-20B.
Roettger, Dirk: See--
Brehme, Volker; Neumann, Manfred; Bauer, Frank; Fiebig-Bauer, Elke; Bauer, Franz Rudolf; Bauer, Johanna Elisabeth; and Roettger, Dirk 08722953 Cl. 585-601.
Roffers, Craig R.: See--
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Roffman, Jeffrey H.: See--
Bowers, Angie L.; Roffman, Jeffrey H.; and Michalski, James 08721073 Cl. 351-159.31.
Rofougaran, Ahmadreza; to Broadcom Corporation Graphical authentication for a portable device and methods for use therewith 08723831 Cl. 345-173.
Rofougaran, Ahmadreza (Reza): See--
Darabi, Hooman; and Rofougaran, Ahmadreza (Reza) 08725085 Cl. 455-78.
Rogahn, Aaron: See--
Clingerman, Bruce J.; and Rogahn, Aaron 08722259 Cl. 429-414.
Rogers, Earl Wayne: See--
Whayne, James G.; Fleischman, Sidney D.; Neubert, Rebecca; and Rogers, Earl Wayne 08721597 Cl. 604-164.1.
Rogers, John; Nuzzo, Ralph; Meitl, Matthew; Menard, Etienne; Baca, Alfred J.; Motala, Michael; Ahn, Jong-Hyun; Park, Sang-Il; Yu, Chang-Jae; Ko, Heung Cho; Stoykovich, Mark; and Yoon, Jongseung, to Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, The Optical systems fabricated by printing-based assembly 08722458 Cl. 438-107.
Rogers, Lisa: See--
Labrecque, Roger; Moodie, Geoffrey; Ferraro, Joseph; Rogers, Lisa; Martakos, Paul; Karwoski, Theodore; and Herweck, Steve A. 08722077 Cl. 424-423.
Labrecque, Roger; Moodie, Geoffrey; Ferraro, Joseph; Rogers, Lisa; Martakos, Paul; Karwoski, Theodore; Herweck, Steve A.; Conroy, Suzanne; Sunter, Brian; and Henrich, Georgette 08722132 Cl. 427-2.1.
Rogers, Mark: See--
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Rogers, Tony Russell: See--
Broderick, Joseph Andrew; Platt, David Paul; Frazier, Isaac S.; and Rogers, Tony Russell 08721041 Cl. 347-36.
Rognli, Roger W.: See--
Slingsby, Karl A.; and Rognli, Roger W. 08720791 Cl. 236-49.3.
Roh, Jae Gyun; to Koas Co., Ltd. Bilateral rotation apparatus and furniture including the same 08720348 Cl. 108-50.02.
Roh, Min-shik: See--
Jung, Dong-ha; Hwang, Bo-won; Roh, Min-shik; Park, Byung-yeob; Kim, Se-yoon; Jung, Ji-won; and Ha, Min-seok 08726301 Cl. 720-655.
Roh, Yang Woon; to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Communication operating method for dual standby mobile terminal and dual standby mobile terminal supporting the same 08725200 Cl. 455-552.1.
Rohde, Henning Korsholm; Gavlovski, Avi Samuel; and Neerumalla, Bala, to Microsoft Corporation Embedded annotation and program analysis 08726254 Cl. 717-154.
Rohlfs, Michael B.; to Dearborn Financial, Inc. System for recycling captured agglomerated diesel soot and related method 08722002 Cl. 423-215.5.
Rohm and Haas Company: See--
Bowe, Michael Damian; and Szewczyk, Janah Cecelia 08722149 Cl. 427-393.
Creamer, Marianne Patricia; Manna, Joseph; and Shulman, Jan Edward 08722606 Cl. 510-230.
Van Rheenen, Paul; Lundquist, Eric G.; Clare, Brian H.; and Li, Ling 08722750 Cl. 521-95.
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials LLC: See--
Barr, Robert K.; and Chan, Raymond 08722544 Cl. 438-745.
Wang, Deyan; Wu, Chunyi; Liu, Cong; Pohlers, Gerhard; Xu, Cheng-bai; and Barclay, George G. 08722825 Cl. 526-265.
Rohm Co., Ltd.: See--
Kasai, Masaki; and Miyata, Osamu 08723339 Cl. 257-788.
Kobayakawa, Masahiko 08723215 Cl. 257-99.
Nakatani, Goro; Okada, Mizuho; and Yamashita, Nobuhisa 08723279 Cl. 257-416.
Nate, Satoru 08724346 Cl. 363-21.01.
Omi, Masaki 08723442 Cl. 315-291.
Tanaka, Masahide 08725338 Cl. 701-22.
Yokoyama, Yasutomo 08725280 Cl. 700-94.
RohMax Additives GmbH: See--
Mueller, Michael; Stoehr, Torsten; and Eisenberg, Boris 08722601 Cl. 508-469.
Roif, Felix: See--
Kramer, Joseph; and Roif, Felix 08720657 Cl. 191-12.2R.
Roizin, Yakov: See--
Lisiansky, Michael; Roizin, Yakov; Heiman, Alexey; and Fenigstein, Amos 08722484 Cl. 438-216.
Roizin, Yakov; Pikhay, Evgeny; Heiman, Alexey; and Gutman, Micha, to Tower Semiconductor Ltd. Method for making embedded cost-efficient SONOS non-volatile memory 08722496 Cl. 438-286.
Rojas, Cristian R.: See--
Celka, Christopher J.; and Rojas, Cristian R. 08725613 Cl. 705-35.
Rojas De La Parra, Veronica: See--
Griffioen, Gerard; Rojas De La Parra, Veronica; and Lauwers, Annick 08722681 Cl. 514-253.1.
Rojas, Michael J.; to Empire IP LLC System and method for instant VoIP messaging 08724622 Cl. 370-352.
Roland Corporation: See--
Susami, Ryo 08723014 Cl. 84-723.
Rolex S.A.: See--
Gritti, Dominique; Gyger, Thomas; and Von Niederhausern, Vincent 08720246 Cl. 72-342.5.
Rolfes Meyering, Emily R.; and Anderson, Aron B., to SurModics, Inc. Photochrome- or near IR dye-coupled polymeric matrices for medical articles 08722076 Cl. 424-423.
Rolke, James: See--
Staples, Mark; and Rolke, James 08722107 Cl. 424-725.
Staples, Mark; and Rolke, James 08722111 Cl. 424-725.
Rolland, Herve: See--
Amalric, Chantal; Shen, Juanshu; Guilbot, Jerome; Rolland, Herve; Gorce, Agnes; and Kerverdo, Sebastien 08722069 Cl. 424-401.
Rölleke, Thomas; to Queen Mary & Westfield College Ranking of records in a relational database 08725710 Cl. 707-706.
Roller Bearing Company of America, Inc.: See--
Voisine, James; Smith, Bradley; and Condon, III, Charles E. 08721184 Cl. 384-130.
Roller, Sebastian: See--
Balk, Roelof; Dersch, Rolf; Roller, Sebastian; and Schuler, Bernhard 08722756 Cl. 522-84.
Rollinger, Bob: See--
Abhari, Reza; Giovannini, Andrea; Rollinger, Bob; and Bleiner, Davide 08723147 Cl. 250-504R.
Rolls-Royce Corporation: See--
Furrer, David U.; and Helmink, Randolph C. 08721812 Cl. 148-714.
Vetters, Daniel Kent; Cedoz, Robert Wayne; and Eames, David 08720815 Cl. 244-54.
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG: See--
McLaughlan, James; and Ashmead, Roger 08721292 Cl. 416-215.
Negulescu, Dimitrie 08720208 Cl. 60-805.
Rolls-Royce Engine Control Systems Limited: See--
Griffiths, Michael 08720482 Cl. 137-489.5.
Rolls-Royce PLC: See--
Clark, Daniel; and Allen, Jeffrey 08723071 Cl. 219-72.
Hopewell, Paul D. 08723360 Cl. 307-57.
Lewis, Leo V.; and Bacic, Marko 08721257 Cl. 415-1.
Scothern, David P. 08721260 Cl. 415-9.
Swift, Andrew; and Morgan, Antony 08721283 Cl. 416-42.
Wang, Yi; Trumper, Miles T; Wilson, Mark J; Ireland, Peter; and Chambers, Robert C 08721271 Cl. 415-177.
Rolta International, Inc.: See--
Brown, Bradley D.; Petri, Gregg Christopher; and Mendrala, Matthew G. 08725857 Cl. 709-223.
Roman Empire AS: See--
Roman, Oystein 08720147 Cl. 52-506.07.
Roman, Oystein; to Roman Empire AS Method and apparatus for attaching objects on and above a ceiling with unattached ceiling panels and ceiling beams 08720147 Cl. 52-506.07.
Roman, Timo: See--
Schober, Karol; Koivisto, Tommi; Roman, Timo; Enescu, Mihai; and Lunttila, Timo 08724572 Cl. 370-329.
Roman, Timo Eric: See--
Rinne, Mika Petri Olavi; Hugl, Klaus; and Roman, Timo Eric 08724489 Cl. 370-252.
Romano, Carmelo: See--
Kazlauskas, Andrius; Staniszewska, Magdalena; Romano, Carmelo; Landers, Robert; and Bingaman, David P. 08722015 Cl. 424-9.1.
Romano, David C.; and Dinkel, Linda, to Premier Health Care Services Inc. Systems and methods for providing a continuum of care 08725539 Cl. 705-3.
Romero, Francisco Dominguez: See--
De Pasquale, Andrea; Romero, Francisco Dominguez; and Alves, Ricardo José 08724460 Cl. 370-230.
Romero, Jerome; to Roadrunner Promotions, LLC Combined beverage container opener and cover 08720714 Cl. 215-228.
Romesberg, Todd A.: See--
Whittenberger, William A.; Brunson, Gordon W.; Davis, Brian L.; Romesberg, Todd A.; Bartos, Randall J.; and Whittenberger, Joseph W. 08721973 Cl. 422-129.
Romick, Jay D.; Zhang, Qing; Malotky, David L.; Lundgard, Richard A.; and Mecca, Jodi M., to Dow Global Technologies LLC Coating composition and articles made therefrom 08722787 Cl. 524-504.
Romig, Matthew D.: See--
Howard, Gregory E.; Romig, Matthew D.; Milleron, Marie-Solange Anne; and Mukherjee, Souvik 08723337 Cl. 257-784.
Rommers, Adrianus Petrus Johanna Maria: See--
Asjes, Ronald Jan; Rommers, Adrianus Petrus Johanna Maria; Verspaget, Henricus Antonius; Presura, Cristian; and Blom, Antonius Hermanus Maria 08723532 Cl. 324-663.
Romo, Enrique: See--
Reis, Gene; Stahler, Gregory J.; Hirth, Gregory Francis; and Romo, Enrique 08720448 Cl. 128-852.
Romoda, Laszlo O.; and Horvath, Christopher, to AqueSys, Inc. Intraocular shunt deployment devices 08721702 Cl. 623-1.11.
Rönneke, Hans Bertil: See--
Rydnell, Gunnar; and Rönneke, Hans Bertil 08724585 Cl. 370-331.
Ronner, Christian; to Glabete AG Fastening composition and process for fixing an article to a substrate 08721831 Cl. 156-276.
Roome, David G.: See--
Pierre, Joseph; Starr, Rachel; and Roome, David G. 08720220 Cl. 62-296.
Roorda, Wouter Erik: See--
Pacetti, Stephen Dirk; and Roorda, Wouter Erik 08722826 Cl. 526-277.
Roos, Bryan Nathaniel: See--
Gonze, Eugene V.; Santoso, Halim G.; Spohn, Brian L.; and Roos, Bryan Nathaniel 08720193 Cl. 60-303.
Root, Warren N. Portable expandable fire protection chamber 08720593 Cl. 169-48.
Roper, III, John: See--
Huang, Yan; Chen, Hongyu; Roper, III, John; Tucker, Christopher; Vandezande, Gerald; Li, Yanxiang; and Zhang, Yu 08722815 Cl. 525-477.
Roquette Freres: See--
Ladret, Marika; Dobrogoszcz, Edmond; Gombert, Hervé; and Sabre, Philippe 08721839 Cl. 162-165.
Rosales, Jacob J.: See--
Pafumi, James A.; Rosales, Jacob J.; Rosas, Morgan J.; and Vallabhaneni, Vasu 08726274 Cl. 718-1.
Rosales-Ovares, Katia: See--
Ahn, Kyung Seop; Kwon, Ok-Kyoung; Oh, Sei Ryang; Kim, Jung Hee; Lee, Hyeong Kyu; Lee, Mee-Young; Son, Hwa-Young; Lee, Kyoung-Youl; Kim, Soo Yong; Tomayo-Castillo, Giselle; Rosales-Ovares, Katia; and Gamez-Lobo, Rodrigo 08722110 Cl. 424-725.
Rosas, Morgan J.: See--
Pafumi, James A.; Rosales, Jacob J.; Rosas, Morgan J.; and Vallabhaneni, Vasu 08726274 Cl. 718-1.
Roscheisen, Martin R.: See--
Sager, Brian M.; and Roscheisen, Martin R. 08722160 Cl. 428-34.1.
Rose, Bradely A.: See--
Casey, Michael P.; Rose, Bradely A.; and Gilmore, Jason C. 08721422 Cl. 463-20.
Rose, Franck Dreyfus: See--
Bian, Xiaoping; Dai, Qing; Mosendz, Oleksandr; Rose, Franck Dreyfus; and Wang, Run-Han 08721903 Cl. 216-22.
Rose, Gregory Gordon: See--
Paddon, Michael; Rose, Gregory Gordon; Semple, James; and Hawkes, Philip Michael 08726019 Cl. 713-168.
Semple, James; and Rose, Gregory Gordon 08724803 Cl. 380-44.
Rose, John; Brown, Malcolm; Macauley, Nicola; and Hall, Michael, to Smith & Nephew, Inc. Fiber reinforced composite material 08722783 Cl. 524-417.
Rose, R. Kevin; to LinkedIn Corporation Accepting third party content contributions 08725830 Cl. 709-217.
Rose, R. Kevin; to LinkedIn Corporation Audience platform 08726163 Cl. 715-733.
Rosemount Inc.: See--
Norberg, Daniel A.; and Wiater, Nathan L. 08720277 Cl. 73-756.
Rosen, Daniel Subtitling stereographic imagery 08723927 Cl. 348-51.
Rosen, Ira: See--
Eichenberger, Alexandre E.; Flachs, Brian; Nuzman, Dorit; Rosen, Ira; Weigand, Ulrich; and Zaks, Ayal 08726252 Cl. 717-151.
Rosenblatt, David: See--
Van Der Boom, Milko E.; Shukla, Atindra D.; Rosenblatt, David; and Gupta, Tarkeshwar 08722879 Cl. 540-145.
Rosenblatt, Kevin P.: See--
Bryant-Greenwood, Peter; Rosenblatt, Kevin P.; and Yu, Jeffrey N. 08725237 Cl. 600-476.
Rosenblum, Brian; to JAKKS Pacific, Inc. Toy laser gun and laser target system 08721460 Cl. 463-52.
Rosenfeld, Daniel A.: See--
Perlin, Kenneth; Rosenfeld, Daniel A.; and Kollin, Joel S. 08725292 Cl. 700-245.
Rosenman, Dan: See--
De Juan, Jr., Eugene; Boyd, Stephen; Deem, Mark E.; Gifford, III, Hanson S.; and Rosenman, Dan 08721656 Cl. 606-108.
Rosenschein, Sharon: See--
Gazit, Ido; Kalfon, Shai; and Rosenschein, Sharon 08724722 Cl. 375-260.
Rosenstein, Maurice: See--
Moreno, Juan; and Rosenstein, Maurice 08720379 Cl. 119-454.
Rosenthal, Eric: See--
Hoppenstein, Reuben; and Rosenthal, Eric 08723920 Cl. 348-42.
Rosing, Howard S.; to G-Tracking, LLC Virtual activities that incorporate a physical activity 08721453 Cl. 463-42.
Roslak, Jacek: See--
Götz, Micro; Hagedorn, Susanne; Hüster, Christian; Kornek, Alexander; Menk, Wolfgang; Roslak, Jacek; and Giebl, Rafael 08723948 Cl. 348-135.
Rosmann, David: See--
Erceg, Vinko; Behzad, Arya Reza; Rosmann, David; Ibrahim, Brima B.; Karaoguz, Jeyhan; and Walley, John 08725203 Cl. 455-553.1.
Rosmarin, Myron: See--
Fairchild, Granville R.; Frischling, Bill; Keeling, John; Pacheco, Dan; and Rosmarin, Myron 08725769 Cl. 707-783.
Rosner, Ileen: See--
deVirag, Francis Kiss; Wise, Alexander Sterling; Rosner, Ileen; and Rosner, Jonathan 08721211 Cl. 401-175.
Rosner, Jonathan: See--
deVirag, Francis Kiss; Wise, Alexander Sterling; Rosner, Ileen; and Rosner, Jonathan 08721211 Cl. 401-175.
Ross, Erik Stephen: See--
Calman, Matthew A.; and Ross, Erik Stephen 08721337 Cl. 434-93.
Ross, Evan B.: See--
Krampf, Steven; Ross, Evan B.; and Phung, Trung Quoc 08725063 Cl. 455-3.05.
Ross, George H.; and Corder, Jacob E., to Astro Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. Rail gauge leveling tie 08720157 Cl. 52-741.11.
Ross, George Joseph: See--
Anderson, David Greg; and Ross, George Joseph 08721692 Cl. 606-279.
Ross, Peter G.: See--
Corddry, Matthew T.; Ross, Peter G.; and Frink, Darin Lee 08720043 Cl. 29-603.03.
Ross, Richard L.: See--
Beeson, Karl W.; Zimmerman, Scott M.; Livesay, William R.; and Ross, Richard L. 08723184 Cl. 257-72.
Ross, Robert Paul; to SavoirSoft, Inc. Digital rights content services architecture 08725648 Cl. 705-59.
Rossi, Marcello; to Aktiebolaget SKF Static sealing device for wheel hub assemblies connected to constant velocity joints 08720904 Cl. 277-572.
Rossi, Riccardo: See--
Gentili, Roberto; Rossi, Riccardo; and Musu, Ettore 08720396 Cl. 123-70R.
Rosskamp, Heiko; Liebhard, Gernot; and Wichert, René, to Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG Work apparatus having an electric drive motor 08723453 Cl. 318-17.
Rossomando, Anthony; Pepinsky, R. Blake; and Gong, BangJian, to Biogen Idec MA Inc. Refolding transforming growth factor beta family proteins 08722862 Cl. 530-427.
Rost, John M.: See--
Deshpande, Girish Nilkanth; Govindarajan, Venkat; Rost, John M.; and Silverman, Alan 08721920 Cl. 252-188.28.
Rostampour, Arad; Kindler, Noah Benjamin Suojanen; Fradin, Russell Douglas; and Heyman, Steven Cary, to Avira B.V. Method for detecting suspicious individuals in a friend list 08725672 Cl. 706-45.
Rotari, Eugeniu: See--
Andrusyak, Oleksiy; Galvanauskas, Almantas; Glebov, Leonid B.; Glebova, Larissa; Lumeau, Julien; Mokhov, Sergiy; Rotari, Eugeniu; Smirnov, Vadim I.; and Zeldovich, Boris Ya 08724207 Cl. 359-264.
Roteliuk, Luchy; to Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Arterial pressure-based, automatic determination of a cardiovascular parameter 08721556 Cl. 600-485.
Rotem, Efraim: See--
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Roth, Alex T.: See--
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Roth, Brian K.: See--
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Roth, Henry: See--
Roth, Donna; and Roth, Henry 08720223 Cl. 62-457.6.
Roth, Martin: See--
Bastian, Klaus; and Roth, Martin 08721500 Cl. 477-187.
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Rottenberg, Xavier: See--
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Rouaux, Anthony: See--
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Roudier, Yves: See--
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Rousseaux, Olivier: See--
Port, Marc; and Rousseaux, Olivier 08722018 Cl. 424-9.32.
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Routerank Ltd.: See--
Mundinger, Jochen; and Waibel, Markus 08725612 Cl. 705-35.
Rovi Technologies Corporation: See--
Asikainen, Joonas; and Olson, Kenneth 08725766 Cl. 707-780.
Roviello, Antonio: See--
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Roy, Jarrod A.: See--
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Roy, Philippe Vincent: See--
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Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning/McGill University, The: See--
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Roychoudhry, Anil: See--
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Rozenberg, Allan: See--
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Rozenboim, Leonid Tamper-resistant video surveillance network 08723952 Cl. 348-143.
Rozenfeld, Vladimir P.: See--
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Rozensztejn, Diego S.: See--
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RPX Corporation: See--
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RTI International Metals, Inc.: See--
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Ruan, Xiaoyu: See--
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Rubert, James M.: See--
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Rubin, Owen: See--
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Rucker, Erik Jon: See--
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Ruckus Wireless, Inc.: See--
Shtrom, Victor; Baron, Bernard; and Kish, William S. 08723741 Cl. 343-702.
Ruckwied, Jens: See--
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Rueger, Roderich; and Zoz, Juergen, to LFK-Lenkflugkoerpersystem GmbH Infrared seeker head 08723091 Cl. 244-3.16.
Ruehl, Phillip C. Auxiliary step and hand hold system 08720924 Cl. 280-164.1.
Ruf, Christopher J.: See--
Stout, Jeffrey T.; Lipoma, Michael V.; and Ruf, Christopher J. 08721672 Cl. 606-181.
Ruf, Sven: See--
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Ruffini, Nicholas Paul: See--
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Ruffo, Michael O.: See--
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Rufli, Martin: See--
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Rufli, Martin M.: See--
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Ruggiero, Gaetano Francesco Musical pizza box 08720690 Cl. 206-551.
Rui, Tong: See--
You, Jianjie; and Rui, Tong 08725867 Cl. 709-224.
Rukmani, Sandhya Jayaraman: See--
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Rumpl, Werner: See--
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Rune, Göran: See--
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Rupp, Craig E.: See--
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Rupp, Jeffrey Dan: See--
Lu, Jianbo; Filev, Dimitar Petrov; Stevens, Greg Blaisdell; Rupp, Jeffrey Dan; Rhode, Douglas Scott; and Pilutti, Thomas Edward 08725353 Cl. 701-41.
Rupp, William D.: See--
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Ruppel, Wilhelm: See--
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Rush, Scott Lyle: See--
Boucher, Donald D.; Dugery, Michael; Johnson, Kirk L.; Khan, Isaac John; Majercak, David C.; and Rush, Scott Lyle 08721707 Cl. 623-1.15.
Rush University Medical Center: See--
Luborsky, Judith; and Edassery, Seby 08722351 Cl. 435-7.23.
Rushing, Alan: See--
Browder, John; Kowalec, Matthew; Rushing, Alan; and Moody, Brett 08724975 Cl. 392-390.
Rusitschka, Sebnem: See--
Gerdes, Christoph; Kern, Claus; Kleegrewe, Christian; Rusitschka, Sebnem; and Southall, Alan 08724640 Cl. 370-401.
Russ, Detlef: See--
Knezevic, Jovan; Uebel, Wolfgang; Fuchs, Thorsten; Russ, Detlef; and Diestler, Stefan 08725440 Cl. 702-65.
Russ, William; to William Russ Fan and canopy assembly for riding vehicle 08720971 Cl. 296-102.
Russell, Alden C.: See--
Kantzes, Christopher; Mathiowetz, Brad N.; and Russell, Alden C. 08725081 Cl. 455-66.1.
Russell, Ed T.: See--
Tucholski, Gary R.; Russell, Ed T.; and McComsey, Dennis W. 08722235 Cl. 429-176.
Russell L. Hinckley, Sr.: See--
Toti, deceased, Andrew J. 08720525 Cl. 160-170.
Russell, Meghan: See--
Anthonavage, Michael; Russell, Meghan; and Tucker-Samaras, Samantha 08722113 Cl. 424-740.
Russell, Nicholas James; to BlackBerry Limited Character enablement in short message service 08725184 Cl. 455-466.
Russert, Hubertus; and Sklarek, Werner, to Schott AG Method for terminating light-guide fiber bundles 08724948 Cl. 385-119.
Russo, Frank; Bentzoni, Robert; Dowling, Lawrence; and Karner, Stephen, to Tellus Underground Technologies, Inc. Process for accessing underground pressurized gas main 08720466 Cl. 137-15.14.
Russo, Matteo: See--
Querci, Cecilia; Russo, Matteo; Po′, Riccardo; and Cardaci, Maria Anna 08722824 Cl. 526-263.
Russo, Ugo: See--
Redaelli, Andrea; Russo, Ugo; Pirovano, Agostino; and Lavizzari, Simone 08723155 Cl. 257-4.
Rustagi, Sunesh: See--
Goli, Sri; Rustagi, Sunesh; and Shukla, Pankaj 08724629 Cl. 370-392.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: See--
Gennaro, Maria Laura 08722061 Cl. 424-248.1.
Johnson, William G.; and Stenroos, Edward S. 08722333 Cl. 435-6.12.
Mainelis, Gediminas; Han, Taewon; and Seshadri, Satyanarayanan 08721767 Cl. 95-79.
Riman, Richard E.; and Atakan, Vahit 08721784 Cl. 106-713.
Rutkowski, Matthew F.: See--
Bellwood, Thomas A.; Chumbley, Robert B.; Rutkowski, Matthew F.; and Tarpinian, Alexander 08724811 Cl. 380-255.
Rutsch, Michael J.: See--
Duesel, Jr., Bernard F.; Rutsch, Michael J.; and Clerkin, Craig 08721771 Cl. 95-272.
Ruusu, Riku Petteri; to Almaco Group Oy Wall element for repairing a cabin wall structure 08720124 Cl. 52-34.
Ruy, Jae Hong: See--
Shin, Chang Sub; Joo, Seong Soon; Chae, Jong Suk; Jeong, Wun Cheol; Ruy, Jae Hong; Lee, Myung Jong; and Park, Tae Rim 08724557 Cl. 370-329.
RW Truland, I, LLC: See--
Moulton, Reynolds E. 08720459 Cl. 135-77.
RWE AG: See--
Gaul, Armin; and Diefenbach, Ingo 08723477 Cl. 320-109.
Ryall, Robert P.; to Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. Multivalent meningococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine 08722062 Cl. 424-250.1.
Ryan, Chad A.: See--
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Ryan, James; to Kyoger, LLC Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments from the p15 region of isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments from the p15 region of chromosome 11 encoding human tumor suppressing subtransferable candidate 4 (TSSC4) 08722865 Cl. 536-23.1.
Ryan, Mark; to Communications Enhancement Products, Inc. Computing device with removable processing unit 08725205 Cl. 455-556.1.
Ryan, Stuart: See--
Jones, Andrew Michael; and Ryan, Stuart 08725987 Cl. 711-213.
Ryan, Thomas A.; to Amazon Technologies, Inc. Expedited acquisition of a digital item following a sample presentation of the item 08725565 Cl. 705-14.4.
Ryan, Vivian W.: See--
Zhang, Xunyuan; Kim, Hoon; and Ryan, Vivian W. 08722534 Cl. 438-653.
Ryba, Tyrone: See--
Gilbert, David M.; and Ryba, Tyrone 08725423 Cl. 702-19.
Rydenhag, Daniel Tobias; and Lindsay, Donald James, to BlackBerry Limited Electronic device and method of controlling a display 08726198 Cl. 715-863.
Ryding, Geoffrey; Richards, Steven; Eide, Paul; Smick, Theodore H.; and Barnett, Malcolm, to GTAT Corporation D.C. charged particle accelerator and a method of accelerating charged particles 08723452 Cl. 315-506.
Rydnell, Gunnar; and Rönneke, Hans Bertil, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (Publ) GRE user-plane 08724585 Cl. 370-331.
Ryltsev, Vladimir: See--
Filatov, Vladimir N.; Ryltsev, Vladimir; and Simenhaus, Zidkiyahu 08722081 Cl. 424-445.
Ryman, Maurice Universal cover assembly for commercial and residential propane tanks 08720738 Cl. 220-724.
Ryner, Gerald T.; to Sansay, Inc. Securely establishing ice relay connections 08725885 Cl. 709-228.
Ryshavy, James: See--
Ryshavy, John; Ryshavy, James; and Miller, Shawn Christopher 08720923 Cl. 280-124.175.
Ryshavy, John; Ryshavy, James; and Miller, Shawn Christopher, to Stempf Automotive Industries, Inc. Automotive suspension adjustment apparatus 08720923 Cl. 280-124.175.
Ryskamp, Robert Allen: See--
Prada Gomez, Luis Ricardo; Chi, Liang-Yu (Tom); and Ryskamp, Robert Allen 08724853 Cl. 382-103.
Ryu, Doo Young: See--
Kim, Hyun Bae; Ryu, Doo Young; Lee, Sung Mo; Choi, Kyo Soon; and Kim, Seung Hoon 08721800 Cl. 134-23.
Ryu, Gunmun; to Kyocera Mita Corporation Image forming apparatus with speed control function 08725040 Cl. 399-167.
Ryu, Hye-Young: See--
Yun, Pil-Sang; Kim, Ki-Won; Ryu, Hye-Young; Lee, Woo-Geun; Choi, Seung-Ha; Youn, Jae-Hyoung; Chung, Kyoung-Jae; Lee, Young-Wook; Lee, Je-Hun; Yoon, Kap-Soo; Kim, Do-Hyun; Yang, Dong-Ju; and Choi, Young-Joo 08723179 Cl. 257-59.
Ryu, Jae-kyung; and Kim, Kwang-young, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Synchronization method 08723970 Cl. 348-211.1.
Ryu, Je-Hyok: See--
Lim, Hun; Lee, Gene-Moo; Lee, Jin-Wook; Ryu, Je-Hyok; Park, Woo-Jin; Kim, Jin-Hyoung; and Kang, Shin-Il 08725209 Cl. 455-557.
Ryu, Je Il: See--
Yoo, Pil Seon; Ryu, Je Il; and Kim, Duck Ju 08724412 Cl. 365-203.
Ryu, Ki-Seon: See--
Cho, Hee Jeong; Ryu, Ki Seon; Kim, Su Nam; Kim, Yong Ho; and Yuk, Young Soo 08724566 Cl. 370-329.
Kim, Yong-Ho; Ryu, Ki-Seon; Yuk, Young-Soo; and Kim, Jeong-Ki 08724565 Cl. 370-329.
Lee, Eun Jong; Yuk, Young Soo; Kim, Yong Ho; and Ryu, Ki Seon 08724570 Cl. 370-329.
Ryu, Kwang-Yuel; to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Apparatus and method for motion estimation and image processing apparatus 08724704 Cl. 375-240.16.
Ryu, So-Jin: See--
Yoon, Sang-Hyuck; Kim, Hee-Tae; Lee, Tae-Il; and Ryu, So-Jin 08723782 Cl. 345-102.
Ryu, Soo-Jung: See--
Oh, Tae-Wook; Ryu, Soo-Jung; Kim, Yoon-Jin; Seo, Woong; Cho, Young-Chul; and Park, Il-Hyun 08725486 Cl. 703-21.
Ryu, Sungyup; and Lee, Byungchul, to Hyundai Motor Company Balance shaft assembly for vehicle 08720404 Cl. 123-192.2.
Ryu, Won: See--
Kang, Jung Won; Shin, Il Hong; Yoo, Jeong Ju; Ryu, Won; Ha, Jeongseok; Kang, Donghyub; and Azzouzi, Kais 08726119 Cl. 714-752.
Ryznic, John E: See--
Brostmeyer, Joseph D; and Ryznic, John E 08721265 Cl. 415-115.
Rzadca, Mark C.: See--
Chen, Samuel; and Rzadca, Mark C. 08721030 Cl. 347-19.