NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

O2Micro, Inc.: See--
Li, Guoxing; Zeng, Xiaojun; Xiao, Anquan; and Hou, Xiaohua 08438426 Cl. 714-43.
Oakes, III, Charles Lee: See--
Billman, Bradly Jay; Oakes, III, Charles Lee; Burks, Rickey Dale; and Bueche, Jr., Michael Patrick 08438151 Cl. 707-713.
Oakey, David D.: See--
Scott, Graham A. H.; Oakey, David D.; Bradford, John P.; and Gray, Keith N. 08434282 Cl. 52-506.05.
Oba, Katsuhiko: See--
Kanno, Kazuhiko; Yoshino, Yasufumi; and Oba, Katsuhiko 08437661 Cl. 399-111.
Oba, Shota: See--
Ochi, Takashi; Inaba, Shigeru; and Oba, Shota 08437649 Cl. 399-44.
O'Bannon, Stephen L.: See--
Hamann, Michael L.; Gallina, David N.; Walker, David B.; O'Bannon, Stephen L.; and Pittard, Bruce T. 08435583 Cl. 426-438.
Obata, Susumu; and Ohguro, Tatsuya, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Hollow sealing structure and manufacturing method for hollow sealing structure 08436464 Cl. 257-704.
Obayashi, Keiichiro: See--
Murase, Koichi; Funabiki, Makoto; and Obayashi, Keiichiro 08436944 Cl. 348-723.
Obayashi, Shuichi: See--
Ito, Takayoshi; Tsutsumi, Yukako; Obayashi, Shuichi; and Shoki, Hiroki 08436777 Cl. 343-703.
Ober, Lawrence: See--
Troutman, William B.; Troutman, II, William B.; Kovacevich, Ian D.; Philpott, Thomas James; Hoy, Christopher; and Ober, Lawrence 08434709 Cl. 242-564.1.
Oberboersch, Stefan; Reich, Melanie; Schunk, Stefan; Hees, Sabine; Jostock, Ruth; Engels, Michael Franz-Martin; Kless, Achim; Christoph, Thomas; Schiene, Klaus; Germann, Tieno; and Bijsterveld, Edward, to Gruenenthal GmbH Substituted sulfonamide compounds 08435978 Cl. 514-210.2.
Obiraki, Yoshiko: See--
Oka, Seiji; Obiraki, Yoshiko; and Oi, Takeshi 08436459 Cl. 257-691.
Obitko, Marek; Havel, Ivan; Fortik, Michal; Mavrov, Robert; and Marik, Radek, to Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc. System and method for retrieving and storing industrial data 08438192 Cl. 707-811.
Obrecht, Gregory T.; to General Electric Company Fuel filter D0681772 Cl. D23-209.
O'Brien, Darren Kelly: See--
Lau, Dannie; and O'Brien, Darren Kelly 08438481 Cl. 715-716.
O'Brien, Fergal Joseph; Gleeson, John Patrick; and Plunkett, Niamh, to Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Collagen/hydroxyapatite composite scaffold, and process for the production thereof 08435552 Cl. 424-423.
O'Brien, John Kevin: See--
Gooding, Thomas M.; O'Brien, John Kevin; Wang, Kai-Ting Amy; and Zhuang, Xiaotong 08438571 Cl. 718-102.
O'Brien, Thomas: See--
Ngo, Sang Ton; O'Brien, Thomas; Kotikalapoodi, Sridhar; and Hussain, M Abid 08436936 Cl. 348-357.
O'Bryan, Suresha R.: See--
Brookbank, Earl B.; and O'Bryan, Suresha R. 08435015 Cl. 417-369.
Obweger, Rainer; Pfeuffer, Alexander; Köffler, Martin; and Lippert, Alexander, to Lam Research AG Device and method for wet treating disc-like substrates 08435356 Cl. 134-1.
OC Oerlikon Balzers AG: See--
Kadlec, Stanislav; and Weichart, Jürgen 08435389 Cl. 204-192.12.
O'Callaghan, David J.: See--
Westland, John A.; and O'Callaghan, David J. 08435345 Cl. 106-805.
Océ Printing Systems GmbH: See--
Pohlt, Michael; and Schwarzenbeck, Thomas 08434861 Cl. 347-102.
OCE Technologies B.V.: See--
Waarsing, Berend J. W.; Van Den Bosch, Petrus F. A.; and Hommersom, Aart J. 08437034 Cl. 358-1.5.
OcéPrinting Systems GmbH: See--
Winter, Hans; and Gassner, Günther 08437681 Cl. 399-384.
Ochi, Naoko: See--
Nozue, Yoshinobu; Kawashima, Yasutoyo; Ochi, Naoko; and Ogane, Takuya 08436101 Cl. 525-240.
Ochi, Takashi; Inaba, Shigeru; and Oba, Shota, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Developing device and image forming device 08437649 Cl. 399-44.
Ochiai, Hiroyuki: See--
Era, Kazuki; and Ochiai, Hiroyuki 08434587 Cl. 181-196.
Ochiai, Katsuhiro: See--
Sugiyama, Kaori; and Ochiai, Katsuhiro 08438605 Cl. 725-109.
Ochiai, Sinobu: See--
Takeuchi, Masahiro; and Ochiai, Sinobu 08434455 Cl. 123-406.23.
Ocio, Enrique; Pandiella, Atanasio; San Miguel, Jesús; and Avilés Marín, Pablo Manuel, to Pharma Mar S.A. Multiple myeloma treatments 08435992 Cl. 514-250.
Oclaro Japan, Inc.: See--
Ban, Takuma 08437583 Cl. 385-14.
O'Connell, Shawn: See--
Adler, Jon Elliot; Li, Xiaodong; Staszewski, Lena; O'Connell, Shawn; and Zozulya, Sergey 08436143 Cl. 530-350.
O'Connor, Matthew Christopher: See--
Galbally, David; Sommerville, Daniel Verne; O'Connor, Matthew Christopher; Pappone, Daniel Charles; Mehta, Hardayal; and Wellstein, Leslie 08437445 Cl. 376-252.
Octapharma AG: See--
Schröder, Carola; Casademunt, Elisabeth; Söhlemann, Peter; and Lehnerer, Michael 08436142 Cl. 530-350.
Oculus Info Inc.: See--
Wright, William; Kapler, Thomas; and Senior, Robin 08436872 Cl. 345-633.
Oda, Akemi; Watanabe, Chinatsu; Okabe, Yuuki; and Misawa, Atsushi, to Fujifilm Corporation Electronic camera D0681652 Cl. D14-485.
Oda, Masato: See--
Yasuda, Shinichi; Oda, Masato; Nomura, Kumiko; Abe, Keiko; and Fujita, Shinobu 08437187 Cl. 365-185.05.
Oda, Shingo: See--
Mitsunabe, Atsushi; and Oda, Shingo 08434413 Cl. 102-530.
Oda, Shoichiro; and Hoshida, Takeshi, to Fujitsu Limited Optical network and control method therefor 08437633 Cl. 398-34.
Oda, Toshihiro; to Seiko Epson Corporation Light-emitting element, display device, and electronic apparatus 08436374 Cl. 257-89.
Oda, Toshikane: See--
Sugimoto, Shinta; Kato, Ryoji; and Oda, Toshikane 08437309 Cl. 370-331.
Odaka, Toshiyuki: See--
Urano, Takehiro; Muro, Keiro; Odaka, Toshiyuki; Ogushi, Minoru; and Wakisaka, Yoshihiro 08438249 Cl. 709-220.
Ode, Hiroyuki: See--
Malhotra, Sandra; Chen, Hanhong; Deweerd, Wim; and Ode, Hiroyuki 08435854 Cl. 438-240.
Odedairo, Taiwo: See--
Al-Khattaf, Sulaiman S.; and Odedairo, Taiwo 08435909 Cl. 502-67.
Odekirk, Bruce: See--
Sdrulla, Dumitru; Odekirk, Bruce; and Vandenberg, Marc 08436367 Cl. 257-77.
Odenwalder, Joseph P.: See--
Chen, Tao; Odenwalder, Joseph P.; Tiedemann, Jr., Edward G.; and Willenegger, Serge 08438447 Cl. 714-751.
Odinec, Tamara F.: See--
Aloni, Ruth L.; Deen, Rebecca R.; Exelbert, Richard A.; Langwith, Elizabeth; Odinec, Tamara F.; Pate, Joanne R.; Shere, Sheraz; Sunderland, Natalie M.; and Woolley, Ian 08438104 Cl. 705-38.
O'Doherty, George Augustine: See--
Powell, Matthew Jacob; Razunguzwa, Trust Tariro; O'Doherty, George Augustine; and Li, Miaosheng 08435756 Cl. 435-23.
Odorisio, Paul; Andrews, Stephen M.; Thompson, Thomas F.; Wu, Si; Thanki, Paragkumar; Rane, Deepak M.; Joseph, Delina; and Wang, Jianzhao, to BASF SE Solid state polymerization process for polyester with phosphinic acid compounds 08436131 Cl. 528-272.
O'Dwyer, Sean Patrick; to Metal Storm Limited Projectile for use in a barrel with a plurality of stacked projectiles 08434409 Cl. 102-438.
Ofinno Technologies, LLC: See--
Dinan, Esmael Hejazi 08437303 Cl. 370-329.
Ofoli, Robert Y.: See--
Worden, Robert M.; Ofoli, Robert Y.; Hassler, Brian L.; Kohli, Neeraj; and Lee, Ilsoon 08435773 Cl. 435-174.
OFS Fitel, LLC: See--
Olsen, Jorgen Ostgaard 08434330 Cl. 65-419.
Ogane, Takuya: See--
Nozue, Yoshinobu; Kawashima, Yasutoyo; Ochi, Naoko; and Ogane, Takuya 08436101 Cl. 525-240.
Ogasawara, Satoshi; to Intellectual Ventures Holding 56 LLC System and method for providing information, and recording medium RE044208 Cl. 709-217.
Ogata, Hideaki; and Shimizu, Ryoichi, to Seiko Epson Corporation Service providing apparatus for digital processing service, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method 08437278 Cl. 370-254.
Ogata, Takashi: See--
Kurata, Masatomo; Murata, Makoto; Ogata, Takashi; Fukumoto, Yasutaka; and Katsu, Masanori 08438127 Cl. 706-48.
Ogata, Teppei: See--
Sakai, Yoshiki; Nishiura, Akio; and Ogata, Teppei 08436026 Cl. 514-353.
Ogawa, Akio: See--
Yamamuro, Tomofumi; Sano, Michihiro; Horio, Naochika; Kato, Hiroyuki; Ogawa, Akio; and Kotani, Hiroshi 08436351 Cl. 257-43.
Ogawa, Hirofumi: See--
Mori, Kousuke; Ogawa, Hirofumi; and Murakami, Shinya 08434813 Cl. 296-146.2.
Ogawa, Jumpei: See--
Miyata, Koichiro; Wake, Chihiro; and Ogawa, Jumpei 08435686 Cl. 429-432.
Ogawa, Miki: See--
Miyata, Hirokatsu; Otto, Albrecht; Kuriyama, Akira; Ogawa, Miki; Okura, Hiroshi; Fukutani, Kazuhiko; and Den, Tohru 08435899 Cl. 438-694.
Ogawa, Tatsuo: See--
Hirano, Koichi; Nakatani, Seiichi; and Ogawa, Tatsuo 08435842 Cl. 438-158.
Ogawa, Yoshihiro; Kimura, Shinsuke; Koide, Tatsuhiko; Okuchi, Hisashi; and Tomita, Hiroshi, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Semiconductor substrate surface treatment method 08435903 Cl. 438-745.
Ogawa, Yoshimasa; to Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha Clinical laboratory test apparatus 08436988 Cl. 356-246.
Ogawa, Yoshimasa; and Kaneda, Kazuyuki, to Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha Inspection apparatus using a chip 08436989 Cl. 356-246.
Ogawa, Yukio: See--
Kaneda, Yasunori; Kudo, Yutaka; Ogawa, Yukio; Mori, Masakatsu; Sekiguchi, Tomoki; Yamamoto, Masayuki; and Matsunami, Naoto 08438316 Cl. 710-8.
Ogikubo, Junichi; Shibata, Sayoko; and Shigata, Taro, to Sony Corporation Decoding with reference image stored in image memory for random playback 08437408 Cl. 375-240.25.
Ogilvie, Mark; and Vuong, Steve, to Covidien LP Ventilator respiratory gas accumulator with dip tube 08434481 Cl. 128-204.21.
Ogino, Akitoshi: See--
Matsuoka, Jun; Soga, Tadayoshi; Ogino, Akitoshi; and Oinuma, Yuichi 08436688 Cl. 331-66.
Ogle, David M.: See--
Kilmer, Malcolm W.; and Ogle, David M. 08438226 Cl. 709-204.
Ogura, Koji: See--
Serizawa, Mutsumu; Nakajima, Nobuyasu; Ogura, Koji; Namekata, Minoru; Wakutsu, Takashi; and Mukai, Manabu RE044202 Cl. 455-509.
Ogura, Toshihisa: See--
Saikawa, Yoshinori; Ogura, Toshihisa; Yuasa, Eiji; and Okuda, Hiroshi D0681493 Cl. D10-108.
Oguro, Keiichi: See--
Matsumoto, Yasuhide; Watanabe, Yukihiro; Shimada, Kuniaki; and Oguro, Keiichi 08438422 Cl. 714-26.
Ogushi, Minoru: See--
Urano, Takehiro; Muro, Keiro; Odaka, Toshiyuki; Ogushi, Minoru; and Wakisaka, Yoshihiro 08438249 Cl. 709-220.
Oh, Byung-Hun: See--
Kwon, Yo-Han; Kim, Je-Young; and Oh, Byung-Hun 08435662 Cl. 429-99.
Oh, DaeSik; Wingo, Louis Eric; and DeLaet, Michael Cyril, to Sprint Communications Company L.P. Wireless transmit diversity control by location of a wireless communication device 08437713 Cl. 455-101.
Oh, Dong-ho: See--
Kim, Kyung-ho; Oh, Dong-ho; Kim, Ha-yong; Han, Sung-joon; and Jung, Kwang-jo 08437099 Cl. 360-51.
Oh, Eui Jin Data input device by detecting finger's moving and the input process thereof 08436817 Cl. 345-173.
Oh, Hyoung Yun: See--
Seo, Jeong Dae; Lee, Kyung Hoon; Kim, Hee Jung; Park, Chun Gun; and Oh, Hyoung Yun 08436344 Cl. 257-40.
Oh, Ic-Su: See--
Lee, Ji-Wang; Kim, Yong-Ju; Song, Hee-Woong; Oh, Ic-Su; Kim, Hyung-Soo; Hwang, Tae-Jin; Choi, Hae-Rang; Jang, Jae-Min; and Park, Chang-Kun 08436666 Cl. 327-171.
Oh, Jae Young; Jee, Young Seung; Kim, Jeong Oh; and Kim, Soopool, to LG Display Co., Ltd. Method for fabricating a liquid crystal display device and an LCD device thereby 08435814 Cl. 438-30.
Oh, Ji-Sung: See--
Kwon, Chang-Yeul; Kim, Seong-Soo; and Oh, Ji-Sung 08437319 Cl. 370-338.
Oh, Joon Hwan: See--
Kim, Young Jin; Lee, Tae Hee; Park, Hong Hee; Lee, Ho Youn; and Oh, Joon Hwan 08434321 Cl. 62-353.
Oh, Jun-Hwan: See--
Kim, Gyou-Hwan; Oh, Jun-Hwan; Kim, Gwang-Eun; Hwang, Seon-Goo; Kim, Yu-Gun; and Kim, Kyung-Jin 08437753 Cl. 455-434.
Oh, Keun Chan: See--
Seok, Min-Goo; Oh, Keun Chan; Seong, Dong-Gi; Kim, Min-Jae; and Kim, Min-Hee 08436970 Cl. 349-124.
Oh, Kyung Seob: See--
Lee, Min Sang; Lee, Joo Sung; and Oh, Kyung Seob 08434918 Cl. 362-431.
Oh, Michael H. -S.; and Jackson, Jeffrey K., to ERICO International Corporation Quick threaded rod locking devices and method 08434725 Cl. 248-214.
Oh, Min Seok: See--
Cho, Ki Hyoung; Oh, Min Seok; Chung, Kyu Hyuk; and Lee, Young Seob 08438459 Cl. 714-781.
Oh, Sechung: See--
Jeong, Junho; Choi, Sukhun; Lee, Jangeun; Kim, Kyunghyun; Oh, Sechung; and Nam, Kyungtae 08435830 Cl. 438-102.
Oh, Seung Hwan: See--
Lee, Wook Yong; Chung, Eui Yeop; Oh, Seung Hwan; Lee, Myung Ryul; Seo, Chang Ho; Kim, Seong Jae; and Chung, Sung Hoon 08434320 Cl. 62-344.
Oh, Tae-Young; Sohn, Young-Soo; Bae, Seung-Jun; and Park, Kwang-Il, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Data write training method and semiconductor device performing the same 08437216 Cl. 365-233.1.
Oh, Won Seok: See--
Han, Kyusang; Lee, Kyoung Hak; and Oh, Won Seok D0681796 Cl. D23-390.
Oh, Yong-Chul: See--
Kim, Kang-Uk; and Oh, Yong-Chul 08435855 Cl. 438-258.
Oh, Young-nam: See--
Moon, Seong-jin; Oh, Young-nam; Chung, Tae-yun; Kang, Jung-suk; and Park, Pan-gie 08437614 Cl. 386-248.
Oh, Young-Soo: See--
Cha, Hye-Yeon; Oh, Young-Soo; Jang, Jae-Hyuk; Jung, Chang-Ryul; and Gil, Jae-Hyoung 08435685 Cl. 429-416.
Oh, YoungHoon; to Custom Spine, Inc. Surgical implant insertion apparatus and method 08435245 Cl. 606-86A.
Oh, Yun-Je: See--
Park, Young-O; Song, Kwan-Woong; Joo, Young-Hun; Choi, Kwang-Pyo; Oh, Yun-Je; Kim, Chang-Su; and Ahn, Jae-Kyun 08437393 Cl. 375-240.12.
Oh, Yun-sang; Jung, Sang-sin; Jung, Kyung-im; and Kwon, Moon-sang, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Host device, portable storage device, and method for updating meta information regarding right objects stored in portable storage device 08438112 Cl. 705-59.
Oh, Yunje; Cyrankowski, Edward; Shan, Zhiwei; and Asif, Syed Amanula Syed, to Hysitron Incorporated Micro/nano-mechanical test system employing tensile test holder with push-to-pull transformer 08434370 Cl. 73-774.
Ohanlon, Kenneth Peter Dynamic multiple server IVR strings 08437453 Cl. 379-76.
Ohara, Hiroki: See--
Ikeda, Hisao; Ohara, Hiroki; Hosoba, Makoto; Sakata, Junichiro; and Ito, Shunichi 08436390 Cl. 257-98.
O'Hare, Dan: See--
DeVincentis, Marc; Hafidi, Abdeslam; Gilliard, Richard; and O'Hare, Dan 08436546 Cl. 315-248.
Ohashi, Kevin L.: See--
Montgomery, Kenneth D.; Fleischman, Sidney D.; Whayne, James G.; Ohashi, Kevin L.; Domingo, Nicanor; Wright, John; Harper, Derek J.; and Crockett, Heber 08435294 Cl. 623-13.14.
Ohashi, Yoshihiko: See--
Tsukamoto, Naoto; Itoh, Hidetake; and Ohashi, Yoshihiko 08435669 Cl. 429-162.
Ohba, Takeshi: See--
Matsubara, Satoshi; Ohba, Takeshi; and Shako, Hideharu 08437425 Cl. 375-297.
Ohdake, Ichiro: See--
Maruyama, Yoji; Iwakura, Takayuki; Ohdake, Ichiro; and Mochizuku, Masafumi 08437102 Cl. 360-125.3.
Ohguro, Tatsuya: See--
Obata, Susumu; and Ohguro, Tatsuya 08436464 Cl. 257-704.
Ohio State University Research Foundation, The: See--
Sastry, Sudhir; Wongsa-Ngasri, Pisit; Gupta, Sarvesh N.; and Heskitt, Brian F. 08435580 Cl. 426-244.
Ohkawa, Jun; and Kamogawa, Yumiko, to SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. Methods for suppressing activity of activated interferon-producing cells 08435530 Cl. 424-184.1.
Ohkohchi, Nobuhiro: See--
Kiyosawa, Hidenori; Yasue, Hiroshi; and Ohkohchi, Nobuhiro 08435734 Cl. 435-6.1.
Ohkoshi, Hideo: See--
Ohuchi, Satoshi; Aizawa, Hiroyuki; Terada, Jiro; Ishida, Takami; Satou, Ichirou; Ohkoshi, Hideo; and Ashimori, Yohei 08434362 Cl. 73-504.04.
Ohkoshi, Naoyuki: See--
Yamamoto, Chisato; and Ohkoshi, Naoyuki D0681521 Cl. D12-173.
Ohkuma, Kenji: See--
Yonemura, Tomoko; Muratani, Hirofumi; Shimbo, Atsushi; Ohkuma, Kenji; Isogai, Taichi; Komano, Yuichi; Furuta, Kenichiro; and Hanatani, Yoshikazu 08438205 Cl. 708-492.
Ohkuma, Takeshi; Arai, Noriyoshi; Akashi, Masaya; Oooka, Hirohito; and Inoue, Tsutomu, to Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. Production process of optically active 3-quinuclidinol derivative 08436181 Cl. 546-137.
Ohmae, Akira; Tokuda, Kota; Arimochi, Masayuki; Suzuki, Nobuhiro; Shiomi, Michinori; Hino, Tomonori; and Yanashima, Katsunori, to Sony Corporation Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device 08435880 Cl. 438-604.
Ohmori, Hiroyuki: See--
Bessho, Kazuhiro; Hosomi, Masanori; Ohmori, Hiroyuki; Higo, Yutaka; Yamane, Kazutaka; and Uchida, Hiroyuki 08436438 Cl. 257-421.
Higo, Yutaka; Hosomi, Masanori; Ikarashi, Minoru; Kano, Hiroshi; Kusunoki, Shinichiro; Ohmori, Hiroyuki; Oishi, Yuki; Yamane, Kazutaka; Yamamoto, Tetsuya; and Bessho, Kazuhiro 08437180 Cl. 365-158.
Ohni, Kensuke: See--
Tara, Fumihiro; Furukawa, Nobuyuki; and Ohni, Kensuke 08434992 Cl. 414-744.3.
Ohnishi, Shinji; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Recording apparatus and method 08437623 Cl. 386-328.
Ohno, Hirotaka; to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Semiconductor device 08436461 Cl. 257-692.
Ohno, Masahiro; to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Sheet conveying apparatus, sheet conveying method, and image forming apparatus 08437654 Cl. 399-94.
Ohr, James P.: See--
Olson, James Robert; Naftel, Timothy M.; Teater, David; Nguyen, Sinh D.; and Ohr, James P. 08438349 Cl. 711-162.
Ohr, James P.; and Stevens, Timothy J., to Symantec Corporation Backup catalog recovery from replicated data 08438136 Cl. 707-661.
Ohshima, Akira: See--
Shimonabe, Tadashi; Ohshima, Akira; Sakamoto, Mitsuru; and Takagi, Yuhsuke 08437787 Cl. 455-507.
Ohta, Kazuhisa: See--
Eagleston, Walker J.; Ohta, Kazuhisa; and Mizuno, Takayuki 08436753 Cl. 341-50.
Ohta, Keizo: See--
Suzuki, Ichiro; and Ohta, Keizo 08437971 Cl. 702-94.
Ohtake, Naotaka: See--
Yokota, Kazuhiko; and Ohtake, Naotaka 08435919 Cl. 502-304.
Ohto, Koichi: See--
Yamamoto, Hironori; Hayashi, Yoshihiro; Kawahara, Jun; Usami, Tatsuya; and Ohto, Koichi 08435828 Cl. 438-99.
Ohtsuka, Keisuke: See--
Okubayashi, Masaki; Okada, Koichi; Takahata, Yusuke; and Ohtsuka, Keisuke 08436078 Cl. 523-216.
Ohtsuka, Kenichiro; Hamada, Masahiro; Niikura, Kouji; and Nishioka, Daizou, to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Optical fiber connector and optical cable 08434948 Cl. 385-65.
Ohtsuka, Masami; Haginoya, Noriyasu; Ichikawa, Masanori; Matsunaga, Hironori; Saito, Hironao; Shibata, Yoshihiro; and Tsunemi, Tomoyuki, to Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited Imidazopyridin-2-one derivatives 08436012 Cl. 514-303.
Ohuchi, Satoshi; Aizawa, Hiroyuki; Terada, Jiro; Ishida, Takami; Satou, Ichirou; Ohkoshi, Hideo; and Ashimori, Yohei, to Panasonic Corporation Inertial force sensor 08434362 Cl. 73-504.04.
Ohue, Kenichi; Ninagawa, Yuji; Takahashi, Kentaro; Kojima, Shin-ichi; Adachi, Jun; and Suzuki, Tomoharu, to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Eye opening detection system and method of detecting eye opening 08435188 Cl. 600-558.
Oi, Takeshi: See--
Oka, Seiji; Obiraki, Yoshiko; and Oi, Takeshi 08436459 Cl. 257-691.
Oikawa, Yasunobu: See--
Shibue, Akira; Kato, Tomohiko; Kakei, Shinichiro; Oikawa, Yasunobu; and Horino, Kenji 08435645 Cl. 428-615.
Oinuma, Yuichi: See--
Matsuoka, Jun; Soga, Tadayoshi; Ogino, Akitoshi; and Oinuma, Yuichi 08436688 Cl. 331-66.
Oisel, Lionel; Chevallier, Louis; Schmouker, Philippe; and Allie, Valerie, to Thomson Licensing Method for creation of an animated series of photographs, and device to implement the method 08436917 Cl. 348-239.
Oishi, Kanji: See--
Kurita, Kouhei; and Oishi, Kanji 08436655 Cl. 326-68.
Oishi, Sadatoshi: See--
Sugiyama, Tomonori; Matsushita, Naohiro; Kato, Masakazu; Oishi, Sadatoshi; Yaginuma, Jun; and Tsuchida, Sunao 08436782 Cl. 343-891.
Oishi, Yuki: See--
Higo, Yutaka; Hosomi, Masanori; Ikarashi, Minoru; Kano, Hiroshi; Kusunoki, Shinichiro; Ohmori, Hiroyuki; Oishi, Yuki; Yamane, Kazutaka; Yamamoto, Tetsuya; and Bessho, Kazuhiro 08437180 Cl. 365-158.
Oja, Mari-Annika; Mattila, Mika; and Cruz-Diaz, Oliverio, to Nokia Corporation Packaging D0681444 Cl. D9-418.
Ojala, Pasi: See--
Vainio, Janne; Mikkola, Hannu; Ojala, Pasi; and Mäkinen, Jari 08438019 Cl. 704-223.
Ojima, Kuniaki; and Sasaki, Minoru, to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Contactor failure detecting apparatus for fuel cell system 08435687 Cl. 429-432.
Ok, Myung Ahn: See--
Jung, Hwan Kyu; Kim, Young Wook; Yim, Byoung Tak; Lee, Ho Seong; Ok, Myung Ahn; Hahn, Jong Sok; and Shin, Dong Cheol 08436113 Cl. 526-160.
Oka, Hiroaki: See--
Ozaki, Nobuhiko; and Oka, Hiroaki 08435393 Cl. 204-403.01.
Oka, Seiji; Obiraki, Yoshiko; and Oi, Takeshi, to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Power semiconductor module 08436459 Cl. 257-691.
Okabe, Masaki; to Izumi Products Company Inner cutter for a rotary shaver and a rotary shaver using the same 08434233 Cl. 30-43.6.
Okabe, Noriaki; to Okamura Corporation Table D0681373 Cl. D6-495.
Okabe, Yuuki: See--
Oda, Akemi; Watanabe, Chinatsu; Okabe, Yuuki; and Misawa, Atsushi D0681652 Cl. D14-485.
Okada, Aoi: See--
Mitsuishi, Iwao; Ishida, Kunio; Fukuda, Yumi; Okada, Aoi; Matsuda, Naotoshi; Albessard, Keiko; and Nunoue, Shinya 08436527 Cl. 313-501.
Okada, Koichi: See--
Okubayashi, Masaki; Okada, Koichi; Takahata, Yusuke; and Ohtsuka, Keisuke 08436078 Cl. 523-216.
Okada, Koji: See--
Aruga, Kenta; Tachibana, Suguru; and Okada, Koji 08436687 Cl. 331-57.
Okada, Masao: See--
Mizoguchi, Kenichi; and Okada, Masao 08435158 Cl. 477-111.
Okada, Norihito: See--
Miyatake, Tsutomu; Okada, Norihito; and Terada, Shinji 08435021 Cl. 425-3.
Okada, Tomoyuki: See--
Ikeda, Wataru; Iwamoto, Hiroaki; and Okada, Tomoyuki 08437625 Cl. 386-353.
Okada, Toru; and Emoto, Satoshi, to Fujitsu Limited Repair apparatus and repair method 08434670 Cl. 228-191.
Okada, Yasushi: See--
Honda, Kensaku; Okada, Yasushi; Sato, Yuji; Hashimoto, Masakazu; and Yamamura, Daisuke 08434784 Cl. 280-743.1.
Okada, Yoshihiro; to FUJIFILM Corporation Electromagnetic wave detecting element 08436442 Cl. 257-443.
Okai, Makoto: See--
Hirooka, Motoyuki; and Okai, Makoto 08438660 Cl. 850-9.
Okamoto Corporation: See--
Hirano, Hideo; and Noguchi, Kousuke 08434332 Cl. 66-105.
Okamoto, Eiji; to Eagle Industry Co. Ltd. Control valve 08434517 Cl. 137-625.68.
Okamoto, Eiji; to Eagle Industry Co. Ltd. Control valve 08434518 Cl. 137-625.69.
Okamoto, Hiroo: See--
Shiokawa, Junji; and Okamoto, Hiroo 08437615 Cl. 386-248.
Okamoto, Kazushige: See--
Halepatali, Praveen; Bae, Ha-Rok; Okamoto, Kazushige; Ando, Hiroaki; Nakamoto, Yozo; and Ha, Chris 08434787 Cl. 280-759.
Okamoto, Kazuya: See--
Sugaya, Isao; and Okamoto, Kazuya 08436680 Cl. 327-565.
Okamoto, Keishi: See--
Nakatani, Tatsuyuki; Okamoto, Keishi; Yamashita, Shuzo; Komura, Ikuo; and Mori, Koji 08435287 Cl. 623-1.42.
Okamoto, Masaya; and Furuhata, Kota, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Image forming agent storage container, image forming apparatus, method of mounting/detaching image forming agent storage container and method of filling/refilling image forming agent 08437668 Cl. 399-262.
Okamoto, Tadashi: See--
Hashimoto, Hiroyuki; Kuge, Katsuaki; Komatsu, Manabu; Nakamura, Kumi; Ban, Kazuhiro; Imamura, Takeshi; Kobayashi, Shin; and Okamoto, Tadashi 08436535 Cl. 313-564.
Okamoto, Tomoyuki: See--
Tsuboi, Tomo; Okamoto, Tomoyuki; Takeuchi, Yasuji; Kamei, Nobuo; and Shibuta, Yoshiaki 08438232 Cl. 709-206.
Okamoto, Yoshiyuki: See--
Koike, Yasuhiro; Okamoto, Yoshiyuki; and Tagaya, Akihiro 08435610 Cl. 428-1.33.
Okamura Corporation: See--
Nagata, Agato D0681371 Cl. D6-484.
Okabe, Noriaki D0681373 Cl. D6-495.
Okamura, Shinichi; and Arimoto, Tadashi, to Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc. Radiation image conversion panel 08436322 Cl. 250-484.2.
Okano, Akihiko; and Tominaga, Yasuaki, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Liquid ejection head manufacturing method 08434229 Cl. 29-890.1.
Okano, Hideaki: See--
Tatsuta, Shinichi; Shiratsuchi, Masataka; Okano, Hideaki; and Kubota, Yuji 08437236 Cl. 369-103.
Okase, Wataru; Moriya, Shuji; Nakata, Tomohiro; Shinohara, Tsutomu; and Yamaji, Michio, to Tokyo Electron Limited Fluid control apparatus 08434522 Cl. 137-884.
Okawachi, Eiji; and Ishitoya, Tsukuo, to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Fuel cell system with fuel tank liner, method for supplying fuel gas, and mobile body 08435700 Cl. 429-515.
Okayasu, Toshiyuki: See--
Yamamoto, Kazuhiro; and Okayasu, Toshiyuki 08436604 Cl. 324-76.77.
O'Keefe, John: See--
Sidlo, Paul; Kovacs, William; Brock, Philip J.; O'Keefe, John; Humpherys, Jonathan; Whiddett, Andrew; Feltman, Simon; and Kurani, Amar 08438065 Cl. 705-17.
Oki Data Corporation: See--
Imai, Manabu 08434755 Cl. 271-9.13.
Oki, Isamu; to Yandent Co., Ltd. Light bulb 08436517 Cl. 313-46.
Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.: See--
Yamaguchi, Tadashi 08436482 Cl. 257-797.
Yamane, Tae 08436480 Cl. 257-784.
Oki, Toshikazu; Hanafusa, Takashi; and Haruta, Shunji, to Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. Compositons for nasal administration of pharmaceuticals 08435554 Cl. 424-434.
Okina, Chisato: See--
Konishiike, Isamu; Okina, Chisato; Tanabe, Keisuke; Abe, Atsuhiro; Nishiyama, Hidetoshi; Kawase, Kenichi; Kurasawa, Shunsuke; and Matsumoto, Koichi 08435594 Cl. 427-115.
Okita, Kyoko: See--
Nishiguchi, Taro; Sasaki, Makoto; Harada, Shin; Okita, Kyoko; Inoue, Hiroki; Fujiwara, Shinsuke; and Namikawa, Yasuo 08435866 Cl. 438-458.
Okitsu, Katsuhiko; Amei, Toshihiro; and Hatano, Kenji, to SMK Corporation Self-excited switching power supply circuit 08437151 Cl. 363-18.
Okoh, Benedict O.: See--
Haggerty, Kathleen; Okoh, Benedict O.; Williamson, Peter L.; and Yuan, Chao M. 08438105 Cl. 705-38.
Okoshi, Satoru; and Machida, Kenichi, to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Electronic throttle control system and method 08434453 Cl. 123-399.
Okubayashi, Masaki; Okada, Koichi; Takahata, Yusuke; and Ohtsuka, Keisuke, to Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc. Dental composition and composite resin 08436078 Cl. 523-216.
Okubo, Koji: See--
Naka, Yasuhiro; Okubo, Koji; Takaya, Kouetsu; and Suzuki, Kenji 08436702 Cl. 335-202.
Okubo, Trisha Lee: See--
Chong, Choon; and Okubo, Trisha Lee 08438069 Cl. 705-26.1.
Okubora, Akihiko; to Sony Corporation Semiconductor device and communication apparatus 08436699 Cl. 333-205.
Okuchi, Hisashi: See--
Ogawa, Yoshihiro; Kimura, Shinsuke; Koide, Tatsuhiko; Okuchi, Hisashi; and Tomita, Hiroshi 08435903 Cl. 438-745.
Okuda, Daisuke; Sato, Katsuhiro; Mashimo, Kiyokazu; Agata, Takeshi; Ishii, Toru; Imai, Akira; Ozaki, Tadayoshi; Hirose, Hidekazu; Yoneyama, Hirohito; Seki, Mieko; Nishino, Yohei; and Horiba, Koji, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Organic electroluminescent device and display device 08435646 Cl. 428-690.
Okuda, Hiroshi: See--
Saikawa, Yoshinori; Ogura, Toshihisa; Yuasa, Eiji; and Okuda, Hiroshi D0681493 Cl. D10-108.
Okuda, Tatsuya: See--
Yoshizawa, Toshiyuki; Inoue, Masaya; Urakabe, Takahiro; Okuda, Tatsuya; Tanaka, Yuuya; Nagai, Takayoshi; and Harada, Shigeki 08437910 Cl. 701-36.
Okuma, Shinya: See--
Shirataki, Hirobumi; Ando, Tomoharu; Takasu, Yasuhide; and Okuma, Shinya 08434605 Cl. 192-45.016.
Okun, Nelya; Hill, Craig; and Luo, Zhen, to Emory University Compositions, materials incorporating the compositions, and methods of using the compositions and materials 08435923 Cl. 502-439.
Okura, Hiroshi: See--
Miyata, Hirokatsu; Otto, Albrecht; Kuriyama, Akira; Ogawa, Miki; Okura, Hiroshi; Fukutani, Kazuhiko; and Den, Tohru 08435899 Cl. 438-694.
Okuro, Kazumi: See--
Tanaka, Tatsuyoshi; and Okuro, Kazumi 08436196 Cl. 554-37.
Okushita, Daisuke; Hara, Yusuke; Takeuchi, Takao; Futami, Kiyokazu; Nakamura, Satoshi; and Nakano, Fumihiro, to Denso Corporation Stator coil production method using shaping press pairs 08434212 Cl. 29-596.
Okutsu, Munehisa: See--
Nojiri, Naoki; Umehara, Masahiro; Kitsuki, Tomohito; Okutsu, Munehisa; and Tomioka, Keiichiro 08436165 Cl. 536-124.
Olausson, Lennart; to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Transmission for a motor vehicle 08434381 Cl. 74-339.
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Inc.: See--
Hathaway, Edwin; Spellich, Ronald J.; and Neri, Mateo 08438071 Cl. 705-26.1.
Oldknow, Andrew G. V.; and Stites, John T., to Nike, Inc. Golf clubs and golf club heads 08435132 Cl. 473-291.
O'Leary, Patrick J.: See--
Whitney, Christopher E.; Mehta, Vivek; Shuler, Barbara A.; O'Leary, Patrick J.; and Lu, Jun 08437938 Cl. 701-93.
Olgiati, Andrea: See--
Price, Neil; and Olgiati, Andrea 08436650 Cl. 326-41.
Oliver, Richard D.; to Michigan Vehicle Solutions Roll bar D0681542 Cl. D12-222.
Olsen, Christopher S.: See--
Tjandra, Agus S.; Olsen, Christopher S.; Swenberg, Johanes F.; and Yokota, Yoshitaka 08435906 Cl. 438-770.
Olsen, Gary E Trailer hitching and tracking steering 08434769 Cl. 280-86.
Olsen, Greg: See--
Dalvi, Cristiano; Lamego, Marcelo; Merritt, Sean; Vo, Hung; Bruinsma, Johannes; Poeze, Jeroen; Lesmana, Ferdyan; Olsen, Greg; and Kiani, Massi Joe E. 08437825 Cl. 600-344.
Olsen, Jorgen Ostgaard; to OFS Fitel, LLC Techniques for manufacturing birefringent optical fiber 08434330 Cl. 65-419.
Olsen, Martin E.: See--
Eason, Martin P.; Hemphill, William K.; Olsen, Martin E.; and Sims, J. Paul 08434292 Cl. 60-39.821.
Olsen, Richard Ian; Sato, Darryl L.; Sun, Feng-Qing; and Gates, James, to Protarius Filo AG, L.L.C. Imager module optical focus and assembly method 08436286 Cl. 250-201.2.
Olson, Bret M.: See--
Lundberg, Philip C.; Olson, Bret M.; Moses, Robert L.; and Dougan, Kevin Michael 08434603 Cl. 192-3.58.
Olson, Christopher H.; Brooks, Jeffrey S.; Golla, Robert T.; and Jordan, Paul J., to Oracle America, Inc. Processor and method for implementing instruction support for multiplication of large operands 08438208 Cl. 708-625.
Olson, Erik; to NetMotion Wireless Holdings, Inc. Network access control 08438619 Cl. 726-6.
Olson, Gregg D.: See--
Ouradnik, Zachary Thomas; Riniker, Martin John; Schoepel, Patrick; Olson, Gregg D.; and Braun, Jason 08434433 Cl. 123-41.29.
Olson, James Robert; Naftel, Timothy M.; Teater, David; Nguyen, Sinh D.; and Ohr, James P., to Symantec Corporation Proxy backup of virtual disk image files on NAS devices 08438349 Cl. 711-162.
Olson, James V.; to Schneider Electric USA, Inc. Occupancy sensor with multi-level signaling 08436541 Cl. 315-149.
Olson, Michael: See--
Wessel, Brent; Guymon, Lance F.; and Olson, Michael 08434414 Cl. 104-98.
Olsson, Magnus; Bleckert, Peter; Buchmayer, Mats; Norefors, Arne; and Vikberg, Jari, to Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) Access network discovery and selection function, ANDSF, node distributing closed subscriber group, CSG, information 08437743 Cl. 455-411.
Olt, Peter Autonomous system for injecting additives into irrigation water 08434697 Cl. 239-310.
Oltikar, Akhil: See--
Fletcher, Tom; Hancock, Ed; Patterson, Payton; Maher, Eoghan; and Oltikar, Akhil D0681649 Cl. D14-485.
Fletcher, Tom; Hancock, Ed; Patterson, Payton; Maher, Eoghan; and Oltikar, Akhil D0681650 Cl. D14-485.
Fletcher, Tom; Hancock, Ed; Patterson, Payton; Maher, Eoghan; and Oltikar, Akhil D0681651 Cl. D14-485.
Fletcher, Tom; Hancock, Ed; Patterson, Payton; Maher, Eoghan; and Oltikar, Akhil D0681662 Cl. D14-488.
Fletcher, Tom; Hancock, Ed; Patterson, Payton; Maher, Eoghan; and Oltikar, Akhil D0681670 Cl. D14-491.
Olubuyide, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemiga: See--
Baldwin, Gregory Charles; Choi, Younsung; and Olubuyide, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemiga 08438526 Cl. 716-136.
Olympus Corporation: See--
Hashimoto, Yukie; and Watanabe, Takamoto 08436756 Cl. 341-118.
Hosaka, Yoichi; Ishigami, Takakazu; and Tanaka, Yasunda 08435173 Cl. 600-178.
Kato, Shuichi; Kawata, Susumu; and Honda, Makoto 08437439 Cl. 375-361.
Sekido, Takanori 08437144 Cl. 361-803.
Suzuki, Takayuki; and Pasricha, Pankaj P. 08435169 Cl. 600-104.
Olympus Endo Technology America Inc.: See--
Frassica, James J.; Ailinger, Robert E.; and Andrews, Richard 08435229 Cl. 604-528.
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.: See--
Nagaeda, Tsuyoshi 08438043 Cl. 705-3.
Omae, Takao: See--
Clark, Richard; Matsuura, Fumiyoshi; Shinoda, Masanobu; Hirota, Shinsuke; Kira, Kazunobu; Azuma, Hiroshi; Takemura, Atsushi; Yasui, So; Kusano, Kazutomi; Mikamoto, Masaki; and Omae, Takao 08436009 Cl. 514-275.
O'Malley, Conor Joseph Container D0681448 Cl. D9-429.
Oman, Andreas; to Packetfront Network Products AB Method of connecting VLAN systems to other networks via a router 08437357 Cl. 370-401.
Omega S.A.: See--
Wyssbrod, Baptist 08434934 Cl. 368-106.
Omelyanchuk, Andrey A.: See--
Koryakin, Alexey B.; Tormasov, Alexander G.; Dobrovolskiy, Nikolay N.; Beloussov, Serguei M.; and Omelyanchuk, Andrey A. 08438363 Cl. 711-207.
Omnitek Partners LLC.: See--
Rastegar, Jahangir S. 08434408 Cl. 102-247.
OMNOVA Solutions Inc.: See--
Kim, Kyung Don; and Gaston, II, James 08436059 Cl. 521-48.
Omori, Takafumi; Nakada, Takayuki; Yamada, Yuusuke; and Kobayashi, Kentaro, to Panasonic Corporation Electrode D0681571 Cl. D13-182.
Omori, Takafumi; Nakada, Takayuki; Yamada, Yuusuke; and Kobayashi, Kentaro, to Panasonic Corporation Electrode D0681572 Cl. D13-182.
Omori, Yosuke: See--
Akiyama, Naoki; Sugiyama, Masahiko; and Omori, Yosuke 08434538 Cl. 156-382.
Omron Corporation: See--
Nogami, Hidekatsu; Kasai, Hirokazu; and Matsui, Shuichi 08436765 Cl. 342-118.
OMS Investments, Inc.: See--
Martel, Laurent; Billion, Pierre; Brouard, Julien; and Leroux, Bruno D0681470 Cl. D9-523.
Omura, Shiro; Hirobe, Hideaki; Omura, Yoshihito; and Imura, Takehiko, to Tosho Inc. Medical resource storage and management apparatus and medical supply management system 08438067 Cl. 705-23.
Omura, Yasuhiro; to Nikon Corporation Optical system, exposure system, and exposure method 08436983 Cl. 355-71.
Omura, Yoshihito: See--
Omura, Shiro; Hirobe, Hideaki; Omura, Yoshihito; and Imura, Takehiko 08438067 Cl. 705-23.
ON Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.: See--
Kaneda, Yoshinobu; and Ishida, Koji 08436352 Cl. 257-48.
Onai, Takahiro: See--
Saito, Shinichi; Hisamoto, Digh; Arai, Tadashi; and Onai, Takahiro 08436333 Cl. 257-13.
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: See--
Gurney, Austin L.; Hoey, Timothy; Bruhns, Maureen Fitch; and Axelrod, Fumiko Takada 08435513 Cl. 424-130.1.
Oncotherapy Science, Inc.: See--
Togashi, Akira; Katsu, Masakazu; Takayanagi, Megumi; Yoshioka, Hiroki; Ng, Pohsing; Shiba, Yasuhiro; Nakamura, Yusuke; and Endo, Keigo 08435749 Cl. 435-7.1.
O'Neill, Brian: See--
Chen, Samson; Slyz, Marko; McGhee, LaShawn; Motta, Giovanni; O'Neill, Brian; Liu, Bill; Wen, Li; and Sun, Ben-Tong 08438351 Cl. 711-162.
Önell, Annica; Wall, Kerstin; Forsgren, Peter; and Kober, Anita Method, computer program product and system for enabling clinical decision support 08437963 Cl. 702-19.
Ong, Huy; Chemtob, Sylvain; Lubell, William; Sennlaub, Florian; Boeglin, Damien; Proulx, Caroline; Sajjadi, Zohreh; and Sabatino, David, to Valorisation-Recherche, Limited Partnership Azapeptides as CD36 binding compounds 08435954 Cl. 514-21.8.
Ong, James: See--
Fulayter, Roy David; and Ong, James 08435006 Cl. 416-193A.
Ono, Eiichiro; Umezawa, Toshiaki; Hattori, Takefumi; and Suzuki, Shiro, to Suntory Holdings Limited Gene encoding lignan methyltransferase and use thereof 08435778 Cl. 435-195.
Ono, Goichoro: See--
Lee, Barry Tsai Lung; Chang, Chu-Jyh; and Ono, Goichoro 08437641 Cl. 398-155.
Ono, Kozo: See--
Yamamoto, Takuji; Hiruma, Nobuo; Takada, Motoo; Ono, Kozo; Yoshimatsu, Masahiro; and Takahashi, Takehiro 08437097 Cl. 359-885.
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: See--
Sakai, Yoshiki; Nishiura, Akio; and Ogata, Teppei 08436026 Cl. 514-353.
Ono, Satoshi; and Takeguchi, Mitsuhiro, to Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Display device lighting unit RE044197 Cl. 362-634.
Ono, Shinya; Nishiyama, Seiji; and Yoshida, Hidehiro, to Panasonic Corporation Organic EL display panel, organic EL display device having the same, and method for manufacturing organic EL display panel 08436348 Cl. 257-40.
Ono, Takeshi: See--
Hashimoto, Yakobu; Kondo, Jun; Dohi, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Mikio; Chiba, Daisuke; Nammoku, Masahiro; Akashi, Yasutomo; Tanaka, Kiyofumi; Kaji, Hideyuki; Ono, Takeshi; and Konishi, Yoshiharu 08434275 Cl. 52-126.6.
Onoda, Akira: See--
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; and Senda, Tamotsu D0681823 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; and Senda, Tamotsu D0681827 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; Senda, Tamotsu; and Takano, Hiroshi D0681820 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; Takano, Hiroshi; and Senda, Tamotsu D0681821 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; Takano, Hiroshi; and Senda, Tamotsu D0681829 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; and Tani, Ryosuke D0681824 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Onoda, Akira; and Tani, Ryosuke D0681826 Cl. D24-186.
Shinohara, Noriyuki; Tani, Ryosuke; and Onoda, Akira D0681822 Cl. D24-186.
Onoda, Yuichi: See--
Bando, Seiji; Kanda, Hisaaki; Onoda, Yuichi; and Miyada, Masayoshi 08436193 Cl. 549-87.
Onoe, Hisakazu: See--
Abe, Takashi; Tada, Michio; Takaishi, Yoshiyuki; Hasegawa, Yousuke; Yamakawa, Yoichi; Onoe, Hisakazu; Uehara, Makio; and Gotoh, Yasunobu 08434759 Cl. 271-243.
Onomatsu, Takehiro; to Funai Electric Co., Ltd. Television broadcast receiving/recording device 08437600 Cl. 386-215.
Onoyama, Ayumu: See--
Nakata, Kazunari; Motonami, Kaoru; Narazaki, Atsushi; Onoyama, Ayumu; Honda, Shigeto; Fujii, Ryoichi; and Hirata, Tomoya 08435417 Cl. 216-52.
Ooba, Hirokazu; Yoshida, Kazuhiko; and Sone, Keisuke, to NTN Corporation Power transmission shaft, drive shaft, and propeller shaft 08435125 Cl. 464-179.
Oohashi, Tsutomu; Kawai, Norie; Nishina, Emi; Yagi, Reiko; Honda, Manabu; Nakamura, deceased, Satoshi; Nakamura, legal representative, Susumu; Nakamura, legal representative, Michiko; Morimoto, Masako; and Maekawa, Tadao, to Action Research Co., Ltd. Method and apparatus for environmental setting and information for environmental setting 08435167 Cl. 600-27.
Oohashi, Yasushi; to Denso Corporation Coil winding machine for rotor 08434708 Cl. 242-439.1.
Ookubo, Yoshihiro: See--
Fukano, Toru; Ookubo, Yoshihiro; and Nishii, Junya 08436514 Cl. 310-344.
Oomaki, Kouji; to Panasonic Corporation Electric epilator D0681878 Cl. D28-54.
Oomori, Hiroyuki; to Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. Connector 08435068 Cl. 439-465.
Oooka, Hirohito: See--
Ohkuma, Takeshi; Arai, Noriyoshi; Akashi, Masaya; Oooka, Hirohito; and Inoue, Tsutomu 08436181 Cl. 546-137.
Oota, Shigeto: See--
Kidoh, Masaru; Katsumata, Ryota; Kito, Masaru; Fukuzumi, Yoshiaki; Tanaka, Hiroyasu; Komori, Yosuke; Ishiduki, Megumi; Fujiwara, Tomoko; Aochi, Hideaki; Kirisawa, Ryouhei; Mikajiri, Yoshimasa; and Oota, Shigeto 08436415 Cl. 257-324.
Oota, Tadao: See--
Iwasaki, Yoshio; Nakagawa, Yukio; Oota, Tadao; and Ichise, Naoji 08435613 Cl. 428-35.2.
Ootsuka, Michihiko: See--
Ueda, Hiroshi; Shibuno, Kouji; and Ootsuka, Michihiko 08436935 Cl. 348-353.
Opal Producers Australia Limited: See--
Hornabrook, Graham Alfred; Marchant, Stuart Norman; Lummis, Rodney Herbert; Primmer, Kathryn Elizabeth; Sutton, Peter Bruce; Hornabrook, Angus Nelson; Bischof, Leanne; Lagerstrom, Ryan; Hilsenstein, Volker; and Imrie, Robert George 08436986 Cl. 356-30.
Opcon International Holdings, L.P.: See--
Nixon, Angelo 08434266 Cl. 49-333.
Nixon, Angelo 08434268 Cl. 49-506.
Open Text S.A.: See--
Fung, Kin-Chung; and Scheevel, Mark R. 08438336 Cl. 711-118.
Ranalli, Douglas J.; Huebner, Robert; Johns, Valerie Louise; Ranalli, Shelley J.; Baumgartner, Lori; and Li, Diana 08437030 Cl. 358-1.15.
OpenTV, Inc.: See--
Haber, Darrell; Zdepski, Joel; Furuichi, Kevin; and Lehartel, Thierry 08438483 Cl. 715-719.
Opnext Subsystems, Inc.: See--
Ibragimov, Edem; and Schmidt, Theodore J. 08437632 Cl. 398-16.
Oppenheimer, Alan A.: See--
Erickson, Braden J.; Seibold, Jon D.; and Oppenheimer, Alan A. 08435592 Cl. 426-607.
Oppert, Andreas: See--
Bostanjoglo, Georg; Melzer-Jokisch, Torsten; Oppert, Andreas; and Thomaidis, Dimitrios 08437010 Cl. 356-602.
Opterna Technology Limited: See--
Nair, K. R. Suresh; Chandran, Kizakkekuttu Parameswaran; Iqbal, Muhammed; Mathew, Biji; Anjilivelil Thomas, Mathew; and Muhammad, Aniz 08437596 Cl. 385-135.
Optoenergy, Inc: See--
Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi; Yamada, Yumi; Yamagata, Yuji; Saitoh, Tsuyoshi; and Katahira, Manabu 08437375 Cl. 372-45.01.
Oracle America, Inc.: See--
Buckley, Alexander R.; and Darcy, Joseph D. 08438536 Cl. 717-114.
Naslavsky, Ilan; and Fitoussi, Michael 08438559 Cl. 717-174.
Olson, Christopher H.; Brooks, Jeffrey S.; Golla, Robert T.; and Jordan, Paul J. 08438208 Cl. 708-625.
Stelting, Stephen 08438304 Cl. 709-238.
Twilleager, Douglas Clay 08436857 Cl. 345-428.
Oracle International Corporation: See--
Ahmed, Rafi 08438152 Cl. 707-714.
Ashraff, Mohammed H; and Gopalswamy, Sriram 08438418 Cl. 714-4.1.
Colle, Romain; Dias, Karl; Galanis, Leonidas; Buranawatanachoke, Supiti; Giloni, Jonathan; Papadomanolakis, Efstratios; and Wang, Yujun 08438144 Cl. 707-705.
Gusev, Andrey; Kakarla, Sarat B.; Tellez, Juan; and Creighton, Jonathan 08438573 Cl. 718-104.
Helfman, Jonathan; and Goldberg, Joseph H. 08434867 Cl. 351-209.
Helfman, Jonathan I.; and Goldberg, Joseph H. 08436859 Cl. 345-443.
Hu, Wei; Li, Yunrui; Srihari, Vinay; and Yemeni, Ramana 08438169 Cl. 707-745.
Lee, Frank 08438186 Cl. 707-792.
Masleid, Robert P.; and Hart, Jason M. 08436668 Cl. 327-208.
Rathi, Unmesh; Hamilton, Rex Rilen; and Shoens, Kurt Alan 08438138 Cl. 707-665.
Sero, Pascal; Dangeard, Marc; and Walsh, Kevin 08438562 Cl. 717-177.
Trent, Jeffrey 08438251 Cl. 709-220.
Oraxcell: See--
Pachot, Jean; and Dini, Christophe 08436192 Cl. 548-570.
Orbus/P3: See--
Alkas, Dean; and Carrow, Michael 08434963 Cl. 403-306.
Ordentlich, Erik: See--
Seroussi, Gadiel; Ordentlich, Erik; and Weinberger, Marcelo 08437571 Cl. 382-261.
Ording, Bas: See--
Akana, Jody; Andre, Bartley K.; Anzures, Freddy; Chaudhri, Imran; Coster, Daniel J.; De Iuliis, Daniele; Hankey, Evans; Howarth, Richard P.; Ive, Jonathan P.; Jobs, Steve; Kerr, Duncan Robert; Nishibori, Shin; Ording, Bas; Rohrbach, Matthew Dean; Russell-Clarke, Peter; Sepulveda, Raymond; Stringer, Christopher J.; van Os, Marcel; Whang, Eugene Antony; and Zorkendorfer, Rico D0681630 Cl. D14-341.
Akana, Jody; Andre, Bartley K.; Coster, Daniel J.; De Iuliis, Daniele; Hankey, M. Evans; Howarth, Richard P.; Ive, Jonathan P.; Jobs, Steve; Kerr, Duncan Robert; Nishibori, Shin; Ording, Bas; Rohrbach, Matthew Dean; Russell-Clarke, Peter; Stringer, Christopher J.; Whang, Eugene Antony; and Zörkendörfer, Rico D0681631 Cl. D14-341.
O'Reilly, Rónán Pádraig Seán: See--
McAvoy, Gregory John; Kerr, Emma Rose; O'Reilly, Rónán Pádraig Seán; Lawlor, Vincent Patrick; and Bagnat, Misty 08434844 Cl. 347-12.
O'Reilly, Terence: See--
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Orlina, Joel: See--
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Orso, Jochen: See--
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Orthovita, Inc.: See--
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Ortiz, Jose L.: See--
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Ortloff Engineers, Ltd.: See--
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Ortrando, Brian Henri: See--
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Osada, Takeshi: See--
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Osame, Mitsuaki: See--
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Osawa, Muneaki: See--
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Osborne, Chris: See--
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Oser, Rafael: See--
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Osman, Karim: See--
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OSRAM Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung: See--
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Osram GmbH: See--
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH: See--
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Otaki, Hirotaka: See--
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Otanez, Paul G.: See--
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Oticon A/S: See--
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Otis Elevator Company: See--
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Otis Industries, LLC: See--
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Oto, Hidetaka: See--
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Otsuka, Hiroshi: See--
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Otsuka, Sumio: See--
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Otsuki, Koichi: See--
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Otter Products, LLC: See--
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Otterstedt, Jan: See--
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Otto, Albrecht: See--
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Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH: See--
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Outotec Oyj: See--
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Xia, Jiliang; Hirsi, Tuomas; and Tylli, Niclas D0681690 Cl. D15-29.
Ouyang, Wen: See--
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Ovseenko, Alexei: See--
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Ovsiannikov, Michael: See--
Plamondon, Robert; Ovsiannikov, Michael; and Samuels, Allen 08437284 Cl. 370-293.
Owechko, Yuri: See--
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Owen, Jonathan: See--
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Owen, Roger D.: See--
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Oyamada, Kazufumi: See--
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Oyster, Gottlieb: See--
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Ozaki, Akio: See--
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Ozaki, Hajime; to Tsubakimoto Chain Co. Chain conveyor system 08434613 Cl. 198-853.
Ozaki, Keigo: See--
Nagasaka, Satoshi; Ozaki, Keigo; and Kitada, Tatsuya D0681798 Cl. D23-393.
Ozaki, Nobuhiko; and Oka, Hiroaki, to Panasonic Corporation Instrument and system for pharmacologic measurement and well vessel used therein 08435393 Cl. 204-403.01.
Ozaki, Tadayoshi: See--
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Ozaki, Takayoshi: See--
Isobe, Hiroshi; Takahashi, Toru; and Ozaki, Takayoshi 08434947 Cl. 384-448.
Ozawa, Jun: See--
Inoue, Tsuyoshi; and Ozawa, Jun 08438479 Cl. 715-708.
Ozawa, Toshiyuki; Numada, Shigehiro; and Kodera, Toshihiko, to Sysmex Corporation Noninvasive living body measurement apparatus and noninvasive living body measurement method 08437823 Cl. 600-322.
Ozenne, Patrick A. Y.: See--
Fahs, Bassem; and Ozenne, Patrick A. Y. 08436693 Cl. 333-17.1.