NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

O2Micro, Inc.: See--
Zhang, Wei 08723481 Cl. 320-118.
Oak Leaf Outdoors, Inc.: See--
Schlipf, Jared S. 08720646 Cl. 182-187.
Oak, Steven R.; to Bally Gaming, Inc. System for managing IP addresses in a network gaming environment 08721454 Cl. 463-42.
Oare, David A.: See--
Bondy, Steven S.; Oare, David A.; and Puerstinger, Gerhard 08722677 Cl. 514-252.04.
Oashi, Masahiro: See--
Hashimoto, Satoshi; Oashi, Masahiro; and Iwamoto, Hiroaki 08724965 Cl. 386-241.
Oba, Toru; Mizutani, Satoshi; and Kimura, Akihiro, to Unicharm Corporation Liquid-pervious fibrous non-woven fabric 08722173 Cl. 428-167.
Obadal, Martin: See--
Filipe, Susana; Klimke, Katja; Tran, Anh Tuan; Doshev, Petar; Tynys, Antti; Obadal, Martin; Kock, Cornelia; and Friel, David 08722805 Cl. 525-191.
Obaidi, Ahmad Arash: See--
Lau, Kevin; and Obaidi, Ahmad Arash 08723913 Cl. 348-14.02.
Obama, Akihiko: See--
Tanaka, Issei; and Obama, Akihiko 08721094 Cl. 359-601.
Obara, Ryo: See--
Takahashi, Hisashi; Obara, Ryo; and Imazu, Koichi 08723946 Cl. 348-92.
Obata, Kei: See--
Mizuno, Hiroshi; Horii, Akihiro; Hirai, Noriyuki; Ogawa, Masashi; Miura, Yuu; Obata, Kei; and Aoki, Makoto 08721933 Cl. 264-2.7.
Obata, Naohisa: See--
Yamanaka, Kunihito; Owaki, Takuya; and Obata, Naohisa 08723396 Cl. 310-313A.
Obata, Naohisa; and Yamanaka, Kunihito, to Seiko Epson Corporation Surface acoustic wave device, electronic apparatus, and sensor apparatus 08723394 Cl. 310-313A.
Obata, Nobusuke: See--
Sekine, Akihiko; Obata, Nobusuke; and Yamada, Katsuhiro 08724870 Cl. 382-128.
Obata, Tatsuo: See--
Kimura, Hiromichi; Tsuchida, Michitaka; Kitahata, Takeshi; Obata, Tatsuo; Suzuki, Yosuke; and Kuwahara, Takeshi 08720660 Cl. 192-219.5.
Obayashi, Shigeki: See--
Yonezu, Toshiaki; Iwamoto, Takeshi; Obayashi, Shigeki; Arakawa, Masashi; and Kono, Kazushi 08723291 Cl. 257-529.
Oberlin, Allen E.: See--
Gupta, Vineet; Huntzinger, Joseph K.; Coady, Michael G.; Stapert, Curtis Allen; Meyer, Kevin Earl; Garner, Timothy D.; Bell, Jeffrey T.; Vadas, Robert L.; and Oberlin, Allen E. 08724335 Cl. 361-752.
Oberly, III, John R.: See--
Brownlow, Sean T.; and Oberly, III, John R. 08726276 Cl. 718-1.
Oberly, III, John Ronald: See--
Brownlow, Sean Thomas; Lindeman, James Arthur; Nordstrom, Gregory Michael; Oberly, III, John Ronald; O'Quin, II, John Thomas; Thurber, Steven Mark; and Torzewski, Timothy Joseph 08725914 Cl. 710-48.
Obermaier, Karin: See--
Roesicke, Bernd; Obermaier, Karin; Lindegger, Stefan; Menke, Andreas; Scherer, Joerg; Schwind, Karin; Gaa, Otto; Bainczyk, Gregor; Marquant, Michael; Niederhäuser, Sandro; Schoemaker, Michael; and Mueri, Martin 08721544 Cl. 600-365.
Oberwelz, Elger: See--
Endelman, Ken; Savarino, Christopher J.; Masterson, Brian; Oberwelz, Elger; Yurchenco, James R.; Patron, Anthony; Overthun, Thomas Dieter Christian; Student, Joerg; Webster, David; and Davis-Wilson, Jennifer Ellen 08721511 Cl. 482-142.
Obler, Richard: See--
Baruth, Oliver; Bernhardt, Philipp; and Obler, Richard 08724773 Cl. 378-52.
Oblizajek, Kenneth L.; and Sopoci, John D., to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Electric power steering systems and methods 08725354 Cl. 701-41.
Oblong Industries, Inc.: See--
Underkoffler, John S.; and Kramer, Kwindla Hultman 08723795 Cl. 345-158.
O'Brien, Frank; and Haller, Chris, to Shamrock Group Ceramic proppants 08722590 Cl. 507-269.
O'Brien, James N.; Pirogovsky, Peter Y.; and Nashner, Michael S., to Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. Laser machining of fired ceramic and other hard and/or thick materials 08723075 Cl. 219-121.68.
O'Brien, Michael J.: See--
Thomas, James P.; O'Brien, Michael J.; and Pogue, III, William R. 08721282 Cl. 416-24.
O'Brien, Richard J.: See--
Kuhn, Jonathan L.; Roberts, Jonathan P.; Reinke, James D.; O'Brien, Richard J.; Terry, Michael B.; and Mothilal, Kamal Deep 08720276 Cl. 73-700.
O'Brien, Timothy S.; and Camenga, Eric P., to Technologies Holdings Corp. Portable heating system for pest control 08720109 Cl. 43-132.1.
Obu, Yusuke: See--
Miyai, Tomohiro; Obu, Yusuke; Kawai, Kashiko; and Nangou, Shunya 08722193 Cl. 428-424.4.
Obuchi, Kazuhisa: See--
Ohta, Yoshiaki; Tajima, Yoshiharu; Obuchi, Kazuhisa; and Kawasaki, Yoshihiro 08724577 Cl. 370-329.
O'Callaghan, John T.: See--
Boyle, Christopher T.; Taylor, Scott; Sammons, Alexander G.; and O'Callaghan, John T. D0704762 Cl. D16-242.
Oce-Technologies B.V.: See--
Kuznetsov, Evgenij V.; and Rasa, Mircea V. 08721032 Cl. 347-19.
Ocean Power Technologies: See--
Eder, James E.; and Sarokhan, Joseph A. 08723355 Cl. 307-9.1.
Ocean Power Technologies, Inc: See--
Stewart, David B.; and Eder, James E. 08723351 Cl. 290-53.
Oceaneering International, Inc.: See--
Reynolds, deceased, Graeme E.; Johnigan, Robert A.; and Boyle, Greg R. 08720579 Cl. 166-341.
Ochi, Naoya; to Bridgestone Corporation Pneumatic tire 08720506 Cl. 152-209.15.
Ochiai, Yuichi: See--
Yamanoi, Shigeo; Katagiri, Takahiro; Namiki, Hidenori; Hatta, Madoka; Matsumoto, Koji; Takahashi, Kanako; Yoshitomi, Tomomi; and Ochiai, Yuichi 08722711 Cl. 514-364.
O'Connell, Brian M.: See--
Bhogal, Kulvir S.; Gale, Martin J.; Hamilton, II, Rick A.; Jones, Andrew R.; and O'Connell, Brian M. 08725814 Cl. 709-206.
Bhogal, Kulvir Singh; O'Connell, Brian M.; Hamilton, II, Rick A.; Boss, Gregory J.; and Amsterdam, Jeffrey D. 08724964 Cl. 386-241.
Chen, Yen-Fu; Morgan, Fabian F.; O'Connell, Brian M.; Walker, Keith R.; and White Eagle, Sarah V. 08725753 Cl. 707-758.
Hamilton, II, Rick A.; O'Connell, Brian M.; Pavesi, John R.; and Walker, Keith R. 08726347 Cl. 726-3.
O'Connor, James; Nygren, Aaron; Kashem, Anwar; Kruger, Warren Fritz; and Black, Bryan, to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Unified data masking, data poisoning, and data bus inversion signaling 08726139 Cl. 714-799.
O'Connor, Joseph: See--
Menzer, Eric; Danilov, Konstantin; O'Connor, Joseph; Partridge, Paul; Rew, Alasdair; Savva, Nadia; Orlich, Steve; Medina, Steve; Boyda, Bob; Muhina, Irina; and Toomey, Neal 08725618 Cl. 705-36R.
O'Connor, Kevin J.: See--
Merriman, Dwight Allen; and O'Connor, Kevin J. RE044899 Cl. 709-219.
OCV Intellectual Capital, LLC: See--
Font, Dominique; and Veuillen, Gerard 08720233 Cl. 65-536.
Nishimura, Akihiro 08720232 Cl. 65-512.
OCZ Storage Solutions, Inc.: See--
In, Ji-Hyun 08724389 Cl. 365-185.12.
Petersen, Ryan Maurice; and Schuette, Franz Michael 08725946 Cl. 711-117.
Oda, Hiroyuki: See--
Tanimoto, Hideyuki; Oda, Hiroyuki; Nakano, Yoshihiro; and Ueda, Takashi 08720765 Cl. 227-134.
Oda, Masaru: See--
Kikuchi, Hideaki; Oda, Masaru; Suzuki, Masaharu; and Kawagoe, Norimasa 08722219 Cl. 429-38.
Oda, Ryouji; and Hashimoto, Sadaharu, to Zeon Corporation Composition for stretchable film 08722800 Cl. 525-89.
Oda, Takafumi; Otaki, Ryoji; and Masuda, Tsuneaki, to Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. Polyamide compound 08722848 Cl. 528-325.
Oda, Takashi; Kai, Yasuaki; Ito, Tomohiro; Seino, Takashi; and Muramatsu, Hironobu, to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Alumina particle composite, method of manufacturing the alumina particle composite, resin composition and method of manufacturing the resin composition 08722765 Cl. 523-210.
Oda, Yuichi: See--
Yamasaki, Atsuko; Oda, Yuichi; Koga, Hisashi; Matsuda, Haruki; and Kubozono, Yukinori 08720480 Cl. 137-414.
Odagawa, Akihiro; and Matsukawa, Nozomu, to Panasonic Corporation Production method for oxidized carbon thin film, and element having oxidized carbon thin film and production method therefor 08722430 Cl. 438-3.
Oddsen, Jr., Odd N.: See--
Bowman, Stephen J.; Derry, Bradley A.; Oddsen, Jr., Odd N.; and VanDuzer, David 08720838 Cl. 248-292.13.
Ode, Hiroyuki: See--
Deweerd, Wim; and Ode, Hiroyuki 08722504 Cl. 438-393.
Odedra, Ashok: See--
Ahlfeld, Charles E.; Gilleland, John Rogers; Hyde, Roderick A.; McAlees, David G.; McWhirter, Jon David; Odedra, Ashok; Tegreene, Clarence T.; Walter, Joshua C.; Weaver, Kevan D.; Whitmer, Charles; Wood, Jr., Lowell L.; and Zimmerman, George B. 08721810 Cl. 148-672.
Odell, Julian J; Chambers, Robert L.; and Scholz, Oliver, to Microsoft Corporation Recognizing multiple semantic items from single utterance 08725492 Cl. 704-9.
Odio, Samuel: See--
Garcia, David Harry; and Odio, Samuel 08725168 Cl. 455-456.1.
Odle, Roy: See--
Gallucci, Robert R.; Odle, Roy; Lowery, Daniel F.; and Peters, Richard 08722187 Cl. 428-395.
Odoi, Keisuke: See--
Kojima, Keisuke; Tanaka, Akihiro; Odoi, Keisuke; Nagashima, Hideo; and Sue, Takashi 08722562 Cl. 502-159.
Odom, Fountain; to MotherVine Nutraceuticals Co. LLC, The Lip balm composition 08722106 Cl. 424-725.
O'Donnell, Mark: See--
Snow, Sean; O'Donnell, Mark; Tezel, Amy; and Borrell, Marcos 08725435 Cl. 702-51.
O'Donnell, Thomas M.: See--
Marynowski, John M.; Voinescu, Catalin D.; Puscasu, Stefan; and O'Donnell, Thomas M. 08725621 Cl. 705-37.
Oeltjenbruns, Mark: See--
Francis, Robert; Gershenovich, Leon; and Oeltjenbruns, Mark 08721205 Cl. 400-521.
Oestreicher, Thomas: See--
Eder, Erich; Oestreicher, Thomas; and Leykamm, Dieter 08720520 Cl. 156-556.
Oetlinger, Frank E.; to Blanking Systems, Inc. Nut D0704544 Cl. D8-397.
Oettle, Matthias: See--
Kretzschmann, Uwe; Schneider, Rico; Schuett, Henry; Luik, Matthias; and Oettle, Matthias 08721235 Cl. 408-231.
OFS Fitel, LLC: See--
Fini, John M.; Taunay, Thierry F.; Yan, Man F.; and Zhu, Benyuan 08725001 Cl. 398-145.
Ogai, Fumio; to Rinnai Corporation Hot-water supply system 08721875 Cl. 210-86.
Ogasahara, Daisaku; and Sakauchi, Masahiro, to NEC Corporation Communication system, node, terminal, program and communication method 08724518 Cl. 370-258.
Ogasawara, Akihiro; to DENSO CORPORATION Navigation apparatus and method of navigation 08725341 Cl. 701-23.
Ogasawara, Hiroshi; Arai, Hitoshi; and Kanie, Homare, to Hitachi, Ltd. Storage system and object management method 08725695 Cl. 707-644.
Ogasawara, Isao: See--
Tanaka, Shinya; Kikuchi, Tetsuo; Shimada, Junya; Yoshida, Masahiro; Ogasawara, Isao; and Horiuchi, Satoshi 08723845 Cl. 345-204.
Ogasawara, Kenji: See--
Manaka, Saburo; Ogasawara, Kenji; Sakumoto, Kazumi; Honmura, Keishi; and Yamamoto, Kosuke 08721170 Cl. 368-200.
Ogasawara, Takeshi: See--
Sasaki, Yasushi; Ogasawara, Takeshi; Katayama, Tsuyoshi; and Sakata, Makoto 08722129 Cl. 426-573.
Ogasawara, Toyoki: See--
Goto, Shigeaki; and Ogasawara, Toyoki 08721979 Cl. 422-180.
Ogata, Atsushi: See--
Kuroda, Akira; and Ogata, Atsushi 08720886 Cl. 271-225.
Ogata, Satoshi: See--
Watanuki, Yoshio; Ogata, Satoshi; and Tsukano, Tetsuyuki 06460386 Cl. 70-456R.
Ogawa, Fumiharu: See--
Yamada, Kazunao; Naito, Takashi; Niwa, Toshiaki; Takahara, Masatoshi; Ogawa, Fumiharu; Suganuma, Hideaki; and Kuraishi, Mamoru 08725332 Cl. 701-22.
Ogawa, Hideki; Tanada, Atsushi; Matsuura, Hitoshi; Tanaka, Kiyoshi; Kishi, Hiroshi; and Kawano, Kenji, to Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. Coil-type electronic component and its manufacturing method 08723634 Cl. 336-233.
Ogawa, Jumpei: See--
Wake, Chihiro; Miyata, Koichiro; and Ogawa, Jumpei 08722268 Cl. 429-443.
Ogawa, Makoto: See--
Kawasaki, Kenichi; Takeuchi, Shunsuke; Motoki, Akihiro; Ogawa, Makoto; and Iwanaga, Toshiyuki 08724291 Cl. 361-308.1.
Ogawa, Masashi: See--
Mizuno, Hiroshi; Horii, Akihiro; Hirai, Noriyuki; Ogawa, Masashi; Miura, Yuu; Obata, Kei; and Aoki, Makoto 08721933 Cl. 264-2.7.
Ogawa, Shigeru: See--
Takahama, Yoshiki; Shiraishi, Toshiyuki; Ogawa, Shigeru; Vanel, Luc; Hauret, Guy; Laugier, Maxime; and Masson, Pascal 08720244 Cl. 72-41.
Ogawa, Shigeru; Ishii, Atsushi; Nakamura, Yoji; and Higashida, Yasuhiro, to Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation Rolling mill for a plate or a sheet and its control technique 08720242 Cl. 72-10.2.
Ogawa, Shunichi; to Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Object detection device with variable sensitivity electric field measurement circuit 08720279 Cl. 73-780.
Ogawa, Soichiro: See--
Sugisaka, Kenichi; Ichikawa, Takashi; Yamada, Eiji; Tsukihara, Atsushi; Sadamatsu, Ryusuke; Imaeda, Katsuyuki; and Ogawa, Soichiro 08722177 Cl. 428-195.1.
Ogawa, Syougo: See--
Chen, Shuangching; Iso, Akira; Hyakutake, Takashi; Ogawa, Syougo; and Miyashita, Syuuji D0704670 Cl. D13-182.
Chen, Shuangching; Iso, Akira; Hyakutake, Takashi; Ogawa, Syougo; and Miyashita, Syuuji D0704671 Cl. D13-182.
Ogawa, Takashi: See--
Miyahara, Takayuki; and Ogawa, Takashi 08724094 Cl. 356-5.01.
Ogihara, Atsushi: See--
Okamoto, Tetsuji; Sato, Masahiro; Ogihara, Atsushi; Suzuki, Wataru; Watanabe, Koichi; Nishide, Shuichi; and Kitamura, Atsuyuki 08725046 Cl. 399-304.
Ogino, Akihito: See--
Hayakawa, Junichi; Kohama, Hiroshi; Ogino, Akihito; and Matsumori, Yasuaki 08722576 Cl. 503-226.
Ogino, Kiyofumi: See--
Egi, Yuji; Nishi, Takeshi; Ogino, Kiyofumi; Sasagawa, Shinya; Kurata, Motomu; and Suzawa, Hideomi 08723768 Cl. 345-84.
Ogiwara, Toshinari: See--
Nishimura, Kazuki; Kawamura, Yuichiro; Ogiwara, Toshinari; Kuma, Hitoshi; Fukuoka, Kenichi; and Hosokawa, Chishio 08723171 Cl. 257-40.
Ogo, Katsunori; Akiyoshi, Ryutaro; and Suzuki, Hirobumi, to Olympus Corporation Firefly luciferase 08722376 Cl. 435-189.
Ogura, Minoru: See--
Furue, Masaaki; Ogura, Minoru; Niizato, Makoto; and Natsume, Kazuaki 08725229 Cl. 600-393.
Ogura, Motohiro: See--
Hotomi, Daigo; Maeda, Akihiro; and Ogura, Motohiro 08725014 Cl. 399-43.
Oguri, Isamu: See--
Nito, Yasuhiro; Kamo, Hisao; Noguchi, Tetsuro; Taguri, Ryo; Oguri, Isamu; and Herlambang, Olivia 08722159 Cl. 428-32.34.
Oguri, Kosuke: See--
Tsutsumi, Masakazu; Yoshitake, Shinsuke; Nakamura, Jun; Oguri, Kosuke; Natsuume, Masahiko; and Kawata, Masao D0704625 Cl. D13-103.
Oguri, Taihei: See--
Kawata, Kohei; Suzuki, Hidekazu; Usui, Kenzo; Oguri, Taihei; and Katsube, Hiroyuki 08723083 Cl. 219-209.
Oguzman, Ismail H.; Loloee, Arash; and Koen, Myron J., to Texas Instruments Incorporated High voltage ultrasound transmitter with symmetrical high and low side drivers comprising stacked transistors and fast discharge 08721550 Cl. 600-459.
Oh, Bong Jin; and Paik, Eui Hyun, to Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding structured data 08723703 Cl. 341-55.
Oh, Chang Gun: See--
Bae, Tae Kyun; Oh, Chang Gun; and Park, Ho Sik 08720049 Cl. 29-831.
Oh, Deock-Gil: See--
Hong, Hyun-Ha; Shin, Min-Su; Park, Man-Kyu; and Oh, Deock-Gil 08726133 Cl. 714-776.
Oh, Hae Seok: See--
Ahn, Kyu Hong; Song, Kyung Guen; Cho, Kang Woo; Ki, Dong-Won; Cho, Jin Woo; Won, Se Yeon; Oh, Hae Seok; and Kim, Ki Pal 08721886 Cl. 210-605.
Oh, Hyen O; and Jung, Yang Won, to LG Electronics Inc. Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal 08725279 Cl. 700-94.
Oh, Hyun-Hwa: See--
Kwon, Jae-Hyun; Oh, Hyun-Hwa; Choe, Won-Hee; Park, Sung-Chan; and Lee, Seong-Deok 08723978 Cl. 348-222.1.
Oh, Hyung Seog: See--
Ahn, Yong Sung; Choi, Jung Min; Cha, Sang Rok; Han, Dae Keun; Oh, Hyung Seog; and Kim, Yong Suk 08723856 Cl. 345-213.
Oh, Jae Hee: See--
Kim, Jin-Young; Song, Ki Whan; Oh, Jae Hee; and Jeong, Ji-Hyun 08724411 Cl. 365-203.
Oh, Jae-one: See--
Lee, Geon-hyoung; Oh, Jae-one; Lee, Chul-woo; Jeong, Jong-hoon; and Lee, Nam-suk 08725519 Cl. 704-500.
Oh, Jun-Seok: See--
Shin, Jae-Hun; Jang, Hyung-Uk; and Oh, Jun-Seok 08723122 Cl. 250-338.1.
Oh, Jung Hun; to LG Innotek Co., Ltd. Power semiconductor device 08723228 Cl. 257-194.
Oh, Kwang Il; Han, Yun Tack; Kim, Soo Woo; Choi, Jung Hwan; Jeon, Hyun Kyu; and Na, Joon Ho, to Silicon Works Co., Ltd. Method and apparatus for transmitting data between timing controller and source driver, having bit error rate test function 08726105 Cl. 714-704.
Oh, Kyung-Jin: See--
Moon, Sung-Soo; and Oh, Kyung-Jin 08723685 Cl. 340-901.
Oh, Min-ho; Cho, Yoon-Hyeung; Lee, Byoung-duk; Lee, So-young; Lee, Sun-young; Kim, Won-jong; Kim, Yong-tak; Choi, Jin-beak; Lee, Jong-hyuk; and Lee, Seung-han, to Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same 08721381 Cl. 445-25.
Oh, Sechung: See--
Kim, Woojin; Lee, Jangeun; Oh, Sechung; Nam, KyungTae; Kim, Dae Kyom; and Jeong, Junho 08722211 Cl. 428-811.1.
Oh, Sei Ryang: See--
Ahn, Kyung Seop; Kwon, Ok-Kyoung; Oh, Sei Ryang; Kim, Jung Hee; Lee, Hyeong Kyu; Lee, Mee-Young; Son, Hwa-Young; Lee, Kyoung-Youl; Kim, Soo Yong; Tomayo-Castillo, Giselle; Rosales-Ovares, Katia; and Gamez-Lobo, Rodrigo 08722110 Cl. 424-725.
Oh, Sung-Joon: See--
Choi, Dai-Seung; Kim, Heon; Chun, Sung-Ho; Oh, Sung-Joon; Yoo, Dong-Woo; and Kang, Yu-Chan 08722157 Cl. 428-1.2.
Oh, Tae-Wook; Ryu, Soo-Jung; Kim, Yoon-Jin; Seo, Woong; Cho, Young-Chul; and Park, Il-Hyun, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Apparatus and method for simulating a reconfigurable processor 08725486 Cl. 703-21.
Oh, Tae Young: See--
Yoo, Hong Suk; Kim, Chul Ho; Lee, Jung Jae; and Oh, Tae Young 08720337 Cl. 101-424.1.
Oh, Young Sub; Kim, Hyung Gyung; Cha, Dong Eun; Lee, Bock Cheol; Lee, Seung Mok; and Jeong, Phil Jung, to Hyundai Motor Company Intelligent side step apparatus for vehicle 08720925 Cl. 280-166.
Oh, Youngkee: See--
Kim, Pyounghwan; Kim, Hyungyong; Park, Seogkyu; Oh, Youngkee; Lee, Deughee; Park, Eunjin; and Kwon, Taehyok 08719986 Cl. 8-158.
O'Hagan, Brian Robert: See--
Middleton, Scott William; Sinclair, Mark Richard; O'Hagan, Brian Robert; Wnek, Patrick Henry; Lafferty, Terrence Philip; Blaas, Peter Walrave; Hjort, Kevin James; and Smith, Patrick James 08721321 Cl. 425-400.
O'Halloran, Charles Ronald: See--
Hanson, Randall Martin; Ledder, James A.; and O'Halloran, Charles Ronald 08725543 Cl. 705-4.
Ohama, Keiji: See--
Shiga, Kazuyoshi; Tarao, Toshiyuki; and Ohama, Keiji 08721475 Cl. 473-378.
Ohama, Keiji; Nakamura, Hirotaka; and Kamino, Kazuya, to SRI Sports Limited Golf ball 08721474 Cl. 473-376.
Ohama, Nobuyuki; to Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. Firmware update system and information apparatus, and program 08726262 Cl. 717-168.
Ohara, Isao: See--
Kasahara, Toshiharu; Yoshimura, Yukiharu; Ohara, Isao; and Torizawa, Masataka 08726049 Cl. 713-300.
Ohara, Minoru; to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Thermal barrier coating method, masking pin and combustor transition piece 08722144 Cl. 427-282.
Ohara, Ryota: See--
Konishi, Yasuko; Ohara, Ryota; and Noda, Fumio 08722377 Cl. 435-189.
Ohara, Takayasu: See--
Nagai, Takashi; Takahashi, Wataru; Maruo, Kiyohito; Kitayama, Kazuya; Ohara, Takayasu; and Honda, Eiji D0704757 Cl. D15-199.
Ohashi, Isao: See--
Takahashi, Shuichi; Ohashi, Isao; Ooi, Takuya; and Yoshifuji, Kazunari 08723933 Cl. 348-51.
Ohashi, Masaki: See--
Tachibana, Seiichiro; Noda, Kazumi; Ohashi, Masaki; Kinsho, Takeshi; Huang, Wu-Song; Goldfarb, Dario L.; Li, Wai-Kin; and Glodde, Martin 08722307 Cl. 430-270.1.
Ohashi, Noriyuki; to Yamaha Corporation Sound field controller 08724821 Cl. 381-63.
Ohba, Yusuke: See--
Ishichi, Yuji; Yamada, Masami; Kamei, Taku; Fujimori, Ikuo; Nakada, Yoshihisa; Yukawa, Tomoya; Sakauchi, Nobuki; Ohba, Yusuke; and Tsukamoto, Tetsuya 08722662 Cl. 514-211.01.
Ohdoi, Kozo; and Yoshida, Osamu, to Webasto SE Sunroof apparatus 08720987 Cl. 296-224.
Ohio State University, The: See--
Kuppusamy, Periannan; Hideg, Kalman; and Selvendiran, Karuppaiyah 08722707 Cl. 514-336.
Ohishi, Nobuo: See--
Kamiya, Koji; and Ohishi, Nobuo 08723971 Cl. 348-211.1.
Ohishi, Satoru: See--
Watanabe, Koichiro; Ohishi, Satoru; Kobayashi, Masaki; and Ikawa, Katsuie 08721179 Cl. 378-209.
Ohizumi, Katsushi; Kizuki, Hideaki; and Kiyama, Jiro, to Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Information reproducing apparatus, method for controlling information reproducing apparatus, content recording medium, control program, computer-readable recording medium storing control program 08724966 Cl. 386-248.
Ohkado, Akira: See--
Akiyama, Kazuhito; Ohkado, Akira; Sohda, Yukihiko; Tada, Masami; and Tsumura, Tadashi 08726085 Cl. 714-26.
Ohkahara, Makoto: See--
Kano, Yosuke; Fukuda, Nobuo; Ohkahara, Makoto; Ishikawa, Yousuke; and Uehara, Sumio 08723418 Cl. 313-594.
Ohki, Keishi: See--
Matsubara, Tetsuya; Maeda, Shigeru; Takagi, Atsuya; Ooura, Takuya; Nishiguchi, Hajime; Koori, Motoki; Hayabuchi, Masahiro; Kato, Susumu; Ohki, Keishi; Shinohara, Kenji; and Murakami, Akio 08720039 Cl. 29-564.2.
Ohki, Mitsuharu; to Sony Corporation Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program 08723917 Cl. 348-36.
Ohline, Robert M.; Tartaglia, Joseph M.; Belson, Amir; Roth, Alex T.; Keller, Wade A.; Anderson, Scott C.; and Julian, Christopher A., to Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc. Tendon-driven endoscope and methods of use 08721530 Cl. 600-146.
Ohmi, Tadahiro; Shirai, Yasuyuki; Nagase, Masaaki; Yamashita, Satoru; Hidaka, Atsushi; Dohi, Ryousuke; Nishino, Kouji; Ikeda, Nobukazu; and Hirao, Keiji, to Fujikin Incorporated Vaporizer 08724974 Cl. 392-389.
Ohmori, Yutaka: See--
Iida, Toshiyuki; Ohmori, Yutaka; and Kurogi, Miyuki 08722842 Cl. 528-170.
Ohmura, Ken: See--
Kouyama, Mikio; and Ohmura, Ken 08722295 Cl. 430-109.3.
Ohmuro, Hitoshi: See--
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Ohnishi, Jiro: See--
Yokoi, Yasuhiko; Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Nakao, Atsushi; Ohnishi, Jiro; Fukui, Shinji; Iwama, Akifumi; Harada, Masaki; Sugimura, Yoshiaki; and Hirai, Katsuya 08721983 Cl. 422-292.
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Ohnishi, Ryuji: See--
Sakamoto, Rikimaru; Fujitani, Noriaki; Endo, Takafumi; Ohnishi, Ryuji; and Ho, BangChing 08722840 Cl. 528-99.
Ohno, Satoru; to Ricoh Company, Ltd. Method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing image data of plural images to combine for output to a recording medium 08724161 Cl. 358-1.2.
Ohsawa, Nobuharu: See--
Kawakami, Sachiko; Suzuki, Tsunenori; Ohsawa, Nobuharu; Shitagaki, Satoko; and Seo, Satoshi 08722904 Cl. 548-440.
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Ohta, Yoshiaki: See--
Tajima, Yoshiharu; Tanaka, Yoshinori; Kawasaki, Yoshihiro; Ohta, Yoshiaki; Shimizu, Masatsugu; and Sugiyama, Katsumasa 08724589 Cl. 370-331.
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Ohtani, Hisashi: See--
Yamazaki, Shunpei; and Ohtani, Hisashi 08723182 Cl. 257-71.
Ohtsu, Nobuyuki; to Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. Vehicle control apparatus 08725370 Cl. 701-65.
Ohtsu, Shigemi; Matsumoto, Koichi; and Mizoguchi, Satoshi, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Sliding member for fixing device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus 08725050 Cl. 399-329.
Ohtsuka, Masaru; and Kurihara, Susumu, to Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and computer-readable recording medium having program 08724124 Cl. 358-1.1.
Ohtsuka, Shinya: See--
Takasu, Hideki; Fujita, Shigekazu; Ohtsuka, Shinya; Hirose, Toshiyuki; Sato, Yosuke; Yamada, Satoshi; Miyajima, Keisuke; Sakai, Koji; Kojima, Yutaka; Sekiguchi, Kazuo; Yanagihara, Yasuo; Suzuki, Takashi; Tanaka, Hideo; Sugiyama, Kazuhisa; Okuno, Mitsuhiro; and Sumida, Takumi 08722663 Cl. 514-211.08.
Ohyabu, Naoki: See--
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Oi, Kiyoshi: See--
Yamakami, Takatoyo; Kira, Hidehiko; Kubota, Takashi; Oi, Kiyoshi; Iida, Kiyoaki; and Kurihara, Takashi 08720519 Cl. 156-538.
Oikawa, Yoshihiro; Suzuki, Akifumi; and Yotsumoto, Taichi, to Hitachi, Ltd. Storage system with flash memory, and storage control method 08725936 Cl. 711-103.
Oinuma, Misao: See--
Kodama, Hiroshi; Nishizawa, Kimiyoshi; Tanabe, Hiroshi; Sano, Akio; and Oinuma, Misao 08722572 Cl. 502-439.
Oisel, Lionel; Kijak, Ewa; and Richard, William, to Thomson Licensing Method for selecting parts of an audiovisual program and device therefor 08724957 Cl. 386-200.
Oishi, Akifumi; Hata, Shinichiro; and Murayama, Takuji, to Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha Two-wheeled motor vehicle 08720632 Cl. 180-230.
Oishi, Hiroki: See--
Watano, Satoru; and Oishi, Hiroki 08721167 Cl. 366-288.
Oishi, Kazushi: See--
Hotate, Kazuo; Yari, Takashi; Ishioka, Masahito; Kumagai, Yoshihiro; and Oishi, Kazushi 08724101 Cl. 356-73.1.
Oishi, Taki; Egashira, Masaaki; Suwa, Masaru; and Uehara, Katsuhiko, to Laurel Precision Machines Co., Ltd. Sheet paper storage and dispensing device 08725297 Cl. 700-275.
Oizumi, Yoshifumi: See--
Sakakibara, Hirokazu; Shimizu, Makoto; Naruoka, Takehiko; Nagai, Tomoki; and Oizumi, Yoshifumi 08722306 Cl. 430-270.1.
Ojha, Navdeep; and Morich, Michael, to Koninklijke Philips N.V. Attenuation correction for PET or SPECT nuclear imaging systems using magnetic resonance spectroscopic image data 08724875 Cl. 382-131.
Ojima, Hirotsugu: See--
Jingu, Nobuhisa; Utsumi, Shintaro; Tofukuji, Satoko; Sakai, Kazuhito; Ojima, Hirotsugu; Kumagai, Atsunori; Murata, Hiroki; and Arai, Takanobu 08720621 Cl. 180-65.31.
Oka, Tadashi: See--
Satou, Tadayuki; Oka, Tadashi; and Nakamura, Kyuzo 08724288 Cl. 361-234.
Oka, Takahiro: See--
Fukazawa, Atsuki; and Oka, Takahiro 08722546 Cl. 438-778.
Okabayashi, Kazuhiro: See--
Okamoto, Minoru; Yamanaka, Ryutaro; Okabayashi, Kazuhiro; and Sasagawa, Yukihiro 08723777 Cl. 345-98.
Okabe, Masanori: See--
Taruya, Kenji; Okabe, Masanori; Miyake, Aoi; and Takeuchi, Jun 08721867 Cl. 205-628.
Okabe, Motohiko; Kohno, Shinya; and Shibata, Koji, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Double-ring network system, method for determining transmission priority in double-ring network and transmission station device 08724644 Cl. 370-406.
Okada, Andre: See--
Swanburg, Scott; Okada, Andre; Hanson, Paul; Young, Chris; and Luu, Adrianne 08724520 Cl. 370-259.
Okada, Hidekazu; to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Image reader 08724180 Cl. 358-445.
Okada, Kazuo; to Aruze Gaming America, Inc. Game delivery server, gaming system, and controlling method for game delivery server 08721447 Cl. 463-42.
Okada, Masakazu: See--
Hirao, Yuya; and Okada, Masakazu 08721380 Cl. 445-25.
Okada, Masanori; to Yokogawa Electric Corporation Laser gas analysis apparatus 08724112 Cl. 356-437.
Okada, Mizuho: See--
Nakatani, Goro; Okada, Mizuho; and Yamashita, Nobuhisa 08723279 Cl. 257-416.
Okada, Naoki: See--
Matsuzawa, Takashi; Take, Yukiko; Isaji, Mizuki; Osato, Ken; and Okada, Naoki 08724946 Cl. 385-102.
Okada, Noriaki: See--
Watabe, Nobuya; Mori, Masashi; Okada, Noriaki; and Sekizawa, Takatoshi 08723662 Cl. 340-447.
Okada, Seishi; to Fujitsu Limited Data transfer method, and code conversion circuit and apparatus 08723702 Cl. 341-55.
Okada, Yasuhiro: See--
Kawamura, Hirofumi; and Okada, Yasuhiro 08725069 Cl. 455-41.1.
Okada, Yusuke: See--
Murray, Stephen William; and Okada, Yusuke 08721486 Cl. 475-217.
Okajima, Ichiro: See--
Kobayashi, Motonari; Okajima, Ichiro; and Nagata, Tomohiro 08725554 Cl. 705-7.34.
Okamoto, Katsunori; to Panasonic Corporation Reproducing apparatus, reproducing system and server 08724958 Cl. 386-201.
Okamoto, Katsutoshi: See--
Maeda, Hirohito; Okamoto, Katsutoshi; Yodo, Takaaki; Inazumi, Naoya; and Iwase, Koji 08722302 Cl. 430-114.
Okamoto, Kenji: See--
Bennetts, Christopher Lee; Yasui, Nozomu; Aktinson, Lee; Okamoto, Kenji; Masakazu, Shibata; Tan, Kiow Hong Josephine; and Panditharathne, Chrismal R. 08725994 Cl. 713-1.
Okamoto, Minami: See--
Sato, Minoru; Aihara, Yutaka; Okamoto, Minami; and Ukigai, Kiyotake 08720795 Cl. 239-214.15.
Okamoto, Minoru; Yamanaka, Ryutaro; Okabayashi, Kazuhiro; and Sasagawa, Yukihiro, to Panasonic Corporation Panel control device and panel control system 08723777 Cl. 345-98.
Okamoto, Satoshi: See--
Hosoda, Tomoya; Maeda, Mitsuo; and Okamoto, Satoshi 08722843 Cl. 528-194.
Okamoto, Shinji; and Yamada, Kouji, to Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., The Resin composition and multilayer structure using the same 08722181 Cl. 428-220.
Okamoto, Tetsuji; Sato, Masahiro; Ogihara, Atsushi; Suzuki, Wataru; Watanabe, Koichi; Nishide, Shuichi; and Kitamura, Atsuyuki, to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Transfer device and image forming apparatus 08725046 Cl. 399-304.
Okamoto, Tsuyoshi: See--
Kameda, Yoshihiro; Yamada, Yasuhiro; Yamakawa, Satoru; and Okamoto, Tsuyoshi 08722781 Cl. 524-386.
Okamoto, Yasunori: See--
Omori, Masayoshi; Tanaka, Seishin; and Okamoto, Yasunori 08721617 Cl. 604-416.
Okamura, Shutai: See--
Yomo, Hidekuni; Adachi, Naoki; Kishigami, Takaaki; Nakagawa, Yoichi; and Okamura, Shutai 08724651 Cl. 370-461.
Okano, Jun: See--
Doisaki, Nobushige; Koriyama, Tsuyoshi; Okano, Jun; and Jinno, Shuji 08722104 Cl. 424-725.
Okano, Satoshi: See--
Ikeda, Keisuke; Okano, Satoshi; Hirasawa, Tomoyasu; Saitoh, Masanori; Kenichi, Takehara; and Fujiya, Hiromitsu 08725026 Cl. 399-94.
Okano, Tetsuya: See--
Fukami, Tsunemitsu; and Okano, Tetsuya 08725054 Cl. 399-343.
Okano, Tetsuya; and Hiramatsu, Hiroshige, to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Image forming apparatus 08725030 Cl. 399-101.
Okawa, Ai: See--
Kanda, Kiminori; Okawa, Ai; Narita, Atsushi; and Hirokawa, Mayumi D0704608 Cl. D12-192.
Okazaki, Shoji; Yaneda, Takeshi; Nakamura, Wataru; and Katsui, Hiromitsu, to Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Semiconductor device, active matrix substrate, and display device 08723180 Cl. 257-59.
Okazaki, Yasunao; to Panasonic Corporation Robot, robot control apparatus, robot control method, and robot control program 08725295 Cl. 700-260.
Okerlund, Kawa-She-Quoen Wm.: See--
Anderson, Eric; and Okerlund, Kawa-She-Quoen Wm. 08720865 Cl. 254-342.
Oki Data Corporation: See--
Nagumo, Akira 08723903 Cl. 347-148.
Nakabayashi, Masahiro 08724166 Cl. 358-1.9.
Sato, Toshiki 08725018 Cl. 399-68.
Watanabe, Tetsuya 08724152 Cl. 358-1.15.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.: See--
Sarashina, Masahiro; and Furusawa, Satoshi 08724991 Cl. 398-58.
Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.: See--
Nasu, Hidekazu; and Miyazaki, Satoshi 08723303 Cl. 257-686.
Okita, Nobuo: See--
Sasanuma, Takeshi; Okita, Nobuo; Takahashi, Takeo; Takayanagi, Mikio; Suga, Takeo; Murakami, Yuya; Kiyokuni, Toshihisa; and Kitamura, Hideo 08720203 Cl. 60-653.
Okram, Barun: See--
Che, Jianwei; Ding, Qiang; He, Xiaohui; Liu, Hong; Liu, Yahua; Michellys, Pierre-Yves; Okram, Barun; Wu, Xu; Yang, Kunyong; and Zhu, Xuefeng 08722692 Cl. 514-264.11.
Oku, Hideki; to Fujitsu Limited Digital-to-analog converter 08723709 Cl. 341-136.
Okubo, Naoto: See--
Kiyoshima, Kohei; Ishii, Hiroyuki; and Okubo, Naoto 08724569 Cl. 370-329.
Okubo, Norimichi: See--
Yoshida, Kazushi; Okubo, Norimichi; Sakata, Junichi; and Kanazawa, Hashime 08722094 Cl. 424-489.
Okuchi, Hiroyuki: See--
Iino, Hikaru; Okuchi, Hiroyuki; and Makino, Masato 08725057 Cl. 399-393.
Okuda, Toshihito: See--
Momoi, Shoji; Okuda, Toshihito; and Yamamoto, Hiromasa 08720025 Cl. 29-27C.
Okuda, Yoji: See--
Ueda, Takashi; Nagano, Toshiyuki; and Okuda, Yoji D0704583 Cl. D10-98.
Ueda, Takashi; Nagano, Toshiyuki; and Okuda, Yoji D0704683 Cl. D14-240.
Okude, Hiroshi: See--
Hayashida, Teruhide; Nakashima, Hiroki; Jiang, Meilan; Kudara, Masatsugu; Okude, Hiroshi; and Suzuki, Youta 08725397 Cl. 701-117.
Okumoto, Toshiyuki; to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Front bumper for an automobile D0704604 Cl. D12-169.
Okumura, Akihisa: See--
Ono, Mariko; and Okumura, Akihisa 08722001 Cl. 423-213.5.
Okumura, Shuzo: See--
Hashimoto, Takao; Shigeno, Hirotaka; Terawaki, Takaaki; Teratani, Kazuomi; Okumura, Shuzo; Sakata, Yoshihiro; and Suzuki, Takahiro 08723046 Cl. 174-250.
Okumura, Takeshi; and Ito, Tomokazu, to TDK Corporation Coil component and method of manufacturing the same 08723632 Cl. 336-200.
Okuno, Mitsuhiro: See--
Takasu, Hideki; Fujita, Shigekazu; Ohtsuka, Shinya; Hirose, Toshiyuki; Sato, Yosuke; Yamada, Satoshi; Miyajima, Keisuke; Sakai, Koji; Kojima, Yutaka; Sekiguchi, Kazuo; Yanagihara, Yasuo; Suzuki, Takashi; Tanaka, Hideo; Sugiyama, Kazuhisa; Okuno, Mitsuhiro; and Sumida, Takumi 08722663 Cl. 514-211.08.
Okutsu, Toshihiro: See--
Fuda, Munehisa; Satoh, Hideyuki; Kim, Taewon; and Okutsu, Toshihiro 08720882 Cl. 271-97.
Okuyama, Hiroaki: See--
Saito, Daigo; Okuyama, Hiroaki; Musashi, Hideki; Shinjo, Tetsuya; and Hashimoto, Keisuke 08722841 Cl. 528-117.
Olafsson, Sverrir; to Conexant Systems, Inc. Systems and methods for network facsimile transmissions 08724790 Cl. 379-220.01.
Olbrich, Matthias B.: See--
Boecker, Albert J.; Dobmaier, Andreas W.; Ehler, Alex; Grauer, Peter; Olbrich, Matthias B.; and Weber, Bernd 08721956 Cl. 264-510.
Oldsen, John G.; Wu, Yaokun; and Lamothe, Marc W., to FCI Holdings Delaware, Inc. Yielding bolt and assembly 08721227 Cl. 405-259.1.
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Olesen, Tine Kold; Erichsen, Lars; and Cantor, Per, to Ferring International Center S.A. Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of prostate cancer 08722088 Cl. 424-468.
Oleson, Richard A.; and Fizer, Richard W., to Delta T Corporation Ceiling fan with variable blade pitch and variable speed control 08721305 Cl. 417-423.1.
Olhava, Edward James: See--
Chesworth, Richard; Kuntz, Kevin Wayne; Olhava, Edward James; and Patane, Michael A. 08722877 Cl. 536-27.14.
Olien, Neil T.: See--
Grant, Danny A.; Belaus, Gregory M. G.; Olien, Neil T.; da Costa, Henrique; and Cruz-Hernandez, Juan Manuel 08721416 Cl. 463-12.
Olive Tree Financial Group, L.L.C.: See--
Schultz, Gregory R.; and Foy, Nicholas H. 08720103 Cl. 42-127.
Oliveira, Alex R.: See--
Goncalves, Joao Paulo M.; Oliveira, Alex R.; Oliveira, Fernando R.; and Tauzer, Eric G. 08720325 Cl. 99-538.
Oliveira, Fernando R.: See--
Goncalves, Joao Paulo M.; Oliveira, Alex R.; Oliveira, Fernando R.; and Tauzer, Eric G. 08720325 Cl. 99-538.
Oliver, Dana A.; Shadeck, Louis M.; and Spetzler, Robert F., to Medtronic Xomed, Inc. Systems and methods for surgical removal of brain tumors 08721669 Cl. 606-171.
Ollila, Elina Maria Inkeri: See--
Arrasvuori, Juha Henrik; Ollila, Elina Maria Inkeri; Rautava, Mika Antero; Immonen, Olli Esa; Berus, Bernard; and Tudor, Michael James 08725706 Cl. 707-700.
Ollmann, Ian R.: See--
Munshi, Aaftab A.; and Ollmann, Ian R. 08723877 Cl. 345-541.
Olsen, Christopher K.; and Fernandez, Luis, to TEL Epion Inc. Gas cluster ion beam process for opening conformal layer in a high aspect ratio contact via 08722542 Cl. 438-711.
Olsen, Peter Martin: See--
Pryde, Bradley Alan; and Olsen, Peter Martin 08720697 Cl. 209-455.
Olsen, Steven A.; to Tower Solutions, LLC Retractable column and method of forming 08720127 Cl. 52-111.
Olshansky, Ariane Storage case for articles 08720713 Cl. 215-11.6.
Olson, David P.; Phillips, William C.; and Schmeling, Andrew L., to Medtronic, Inc. Inductively rechargeable external energy source, charger, system and method for a transcutaneous inductive charger for an implantable medical device 08725262 Cl. 607-33.
Olson, Erik C.: See--
Choczaj, Barbara G.; Bartelme, Michael J.; Lentsch, Steven E.; Vetter, Katherine O.; Trulsen, Marvin C.; Olson, Erik C.; and Levitt, Mark D. 08722609 Cl. 510-362.
Olson, Jeffrey; and Mandava, Naresh, to Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate, The Method for stimulating retinal response using photoactive devices 08725266 Cl. 607-53.
Olson, Jr., James Russel Key chain fob D0704430 Cl. D3-211.
Olson, Kenneth: See--
Asikainen, Joonas; and Olson, Kenneth 08725766 Cl. 707-780.
Olson, Richard E.: See--
King, Dalton; Olson, Richard E.; Macor, John E.; Islam, Imadul; Thangathirupathy, Srinivasan; and Warrier, Jayakumar Sankara 08722670 Cl. 514-230.5.
Olson, Robert L.; to Medtronic, Inc. Medical device anchor and method of manufacture thereof 08721598 Cl. 604-175.
Olson, Steven R.; and Wishneski, Michael D., to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP Paper product D0704453 Cl. D5-57.
Olympus Corporation: See--
Horie, Gen 08724920 Cl. 382-264.
Ichihashi, Masaki; and Tanaka, Yasundo 08721524 Cl. 600-110.
Kanda, Yamato 08724847 Cl. 382-103.
Kato, Shingo; Matsuo, Keigo; and Goto, Hisashi 08724010 Cl. 348-345.
Kouno, Takashi 08723935 Cl. 348-65.
Nakazono, Keisuke; Tanaka, Yoshinobu; and Ueno, Akira 08724923 Cl. 382-275.
Ogo, Katsunori; Akiyoshi, Ryutaro; and Suzuki, Hirobumi 08722376 Cl. 435-189.
Sambongi, Masao 08724898 Cl. 382-170.
Sasaki, Hiroshi 08723937 Cl. 348-65.
Suzuki, Daisuke 08723974 Cl. 348-218.1.
Takahashi, Koichi 08724229 Cl. 359-669.
Ueda, Hitoshi; Yoneyama, Takashi; and Ishii, Yasuko 08723942 Cl. 348-79.
Yamaki, Masahide 08725525 Cl. 705-2.
Yanagita, Shuta; and Ajito, Takeyuki 08723982 Cl. 348-228.1.
Yoshino, Koichiro 08724015 Cl. 348-353.
Olympus Imaging Corp.: See--
Nonaka, Osamu 08725399 Cl. 701-200.
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.: See--
Hashimoto, Hidenori 08723921 Cl. 348-45.
Ichimura, Hironobu; and Takahashi, Tomohisa 08721531 Cl. 600-169.
Igarashi, Makoto 08723940 Cl. 348-68.
Iwasaki, Seiji; Ishii, Hiroshi; Takahashi, Tomohisa; and Kagawa, Hiroaki 08721533 Cl. 600-181.
Kimura, Megumi; and Suzuki, Keita 08725272 Cl. 607-154.
Kondoh, Nobuko; Dejima, Takumi; and Matsuno, Kiyotaka 08721657 Cl. 606-108.
Morita, Kazuo 08724230 Cl. 359-674.
Sato, Ryoji; and Chiba, Atsushi 08723939 Cl. 348-68.
Takei, Shunji; and Doguchi, Nobuyuki 08721532 Cl. 600-180.
O'Mahony, Donal; Garigapati, Venkat R.; Sun Wai, Adrian; Hess, Brian; and Murphy, Matthew E., to Howmedica Osteonics Corp. Post irradiation shelf-stable dual paste direct injectable bone cement precursor systems and methods of making same 08722073 Cl. 424-422.
O'Mahony, Kieran J.: See--
Arthurs, Brendan; Jerrard-Dunne, Stanley K.; O'Mahony, Kieran J.; and Smith, Charles R. E. 08726167 Cl. 715-742.
O'Malley, Edward J.: See--
Guest, Randall V.; and O'Malley, Edward J. 08720590 Cl. 166-385.
Omernick, Tim: See--
Williamson, Richard; Bolsinga, Gregory Dennis; and Omernick, Tim 08723822 Cl. 345-173.
Omi, Masaki; to Rohm Co., Ltd. Drive unit, smoothing circuit, DC/DC converter 08723442 Cl. 315-291.
Omitsu, Shoji: See--
Tsutsui, Hiroshi; Teraoka, Yutaka; Ichikawa, Masatake; and Omitsu, Shoji 08725373 Cl. 701-67.
OmniVision Technologies, Inc.: See--
Du, Xuanming 08724913 Cl. 382-233.
Massetti, Dominic 08723994 Cl. 348-275.
Omori, Makoto: See--
Kihara, Kazuyoshi; Goto, Oki; Kondou, Yasufumi; Koibuchi, Yukio; and Omori, Makoto 08720376 Cl. 119-200.
Omori, Masayoshi; Tanaka, Seishin; and Okamoto, Yasunori, to JMS Co., Ltd. Liquid component collecting device 08721617 Cl. 604-416.
Omori, Takanori: See--
Wakuta, Naoki; Kato, Yohei; Matsushita, Shinya; Omori, Takanori; and Shiba, Hirokuni 08720212 Cl. 62-193.
Omoto, Keisuke: See--
Yamashita, Junichi; Omoto, Keisuke; and Uchino, Katsuhide 08723847 Cl. 345-207.
Omron Corporation: See--
Sasano, Naoya; and Sato, Makoto D0704666 Cl. D13-154.
Omtool, Ltd.: See--
Bouchard, Thaddeus 08726015 Cl. 713-165.
Omura, Kunio: See--
Yamagata, Yasuhiro; and Omura, Kunio 08721069 Cl. 347-107.
Omya International AG: See--
Buri, Matthias; and Gane, Patrick A. C. 08721838 Cl. 162-164.7.
On-Bright Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: See--
Zhai, Xiangkun; Lin, Yuan; Huang, Xiaomin; and Fang, Lieyi 08723558 Cl. 327-108.
On, Peter; Calo, Bryan; Ross, Chris; Reihman, Eli; and Grubstein, Katherine Yerre, to DexCom, Inc. Charging cradle for medical device D0704632 Cl. D13-108.
On, Peter M: See--
Ashcraft, Britt C; On, Peter M; and Delpier, Michael 08724306 Cl. 361-679.27.
On, Robert: See--
Krishnamurthy, Swaminathan; On, Robert; Lee, Elissa; Kelkar, Shrikant; and Varian, Hal R. 08726357 Cl. 726-7.
Oncimmune Ltd.: See--
Robertson, John Forsyth Russell; Barnes, Anthony; Murray, Andrea; and Chapman, Caroline 08722339 Cl. 435-7.1.
Onda, Masahiko: See--
Mega, Masahiko; Osawa, Kei; and Onda, Masahiko 08720056 Cl. 29-889.1.
O'Neil, John; to Attivio, Inc. Signal processing approach to sentiment analysis for entities in documents 08725494 Cl. 704-9.
O'Neil, Karyn: See--
Jacobs, Steven; O'Neil, Karyn; Baumann, Michael; and Sennhauser, Gaby 08722618 Cl. 514-1.7.
O'Neil, Michael J.: See--
Hawkins, John Riley; and O'Neil, Michael J. 08721652 Cl. 606-102.
O'Neill, Jason C.: See--
Towne, Jennifer E.; Cheng, Janet D.; O'Neill, Jason C.; Zhang, Yu; Sun, Yu; Cerne, Heather; Piper, Derek E.; and Ketchem, Randal R. 08722033 Cl. 424-85.2.
O'Neill, Kevin Ross: See--
Roth, Gregory B.; O'Neill, Kevin Ross; and Fitch, Nathan R. 08724815 Cl. 380-270.
O'Neill LLC: See--
O'Neill, Michael 08719964 Cl. 2-161.8.
O'Neill, Michael; to O'Neill LLC Thin-wall polymer coated articles and gloves and a method therefor 08719964 Cl. 2-161.8.
Oney, Jr., Jack Lee: See--
Smith, Scott Edward; and Oney, Jr., Jack Lee 08720104 Cl. 43-42.22.
Oneyama, Naotake: See--
Zhang, Huping; Senoo, Mitsuru; and Oneyama, Naotake 08725475 Cl. 703-9.
Ong, Adrian E.; and Apalkov, Dmytro, to Grandis, Inc. Multi-supply symmetric driver circuit and timing method 08723557 Cl. 327-108.
Ong, Lyndon Y.; to Ciena Corporation Flexible mechanism for supporting virtual private network services based on source-independent distributed advertisements 08724505 Cl. 370-254.
Onggosanusi, Eko N.; Chen, Runhua; and Muharemovic, Tarik, to Texas Instruments Incorporated CQI feedback structure 08724684 Cl. 375-228.
Onnela, Markus: See--
Lyytikäinen, Sami; Onnela, Markus; Vänttilä, Olli-Pekka; and Masalin, Petteri D0704520 Cl. D8-5.
Ono, Akiyoshi: See--
Shimomura, Takashi; Kuwae, Junta; and Ono, Akiyoshi D0704749 Cl. D15-28.
Ono, Kazuo: See--
Harano, Hiroyuki; Yamagata, Hiroshi; Ono, Kazuo; and Nakanishi, Kensuke 08724839 Cl. 381-357.
Ono, Mariko; and Okumura, Akihisa, to Umicore Shokubai Japan Co., Ltd. Catalyst for purification of exhaust gas and method for purification using the same 08722001 Cl. 423-213.5.
Ono, Masatoshi; and Meyerhoff, Christoph, to Seiko Epson Corporation Production system general-purpose cell 08720046 Cl. 29-799.
Ono, Tomio; Enomoto, Shintaro; Takasu, Isao; Mizuno, Yukitami; and Uchikoga, Shuichi, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Organic light-emitting diode 08722206 Cl. 428-690.
Ono, Toshihiko: See--
Suzuki, Shigeru; Yamane, Kazuyuki; Ono, Toshihiko; and Sunagawa, Kazuhiko 08722907 Cl. 549-274.
Onoda, Junji: See--
Nishimura, Shin-Ichiro; Hinou, Hiroshi; Numata, Yoshito; Onoda, Junji; Naito, Shoichi; and Ohyabu, Naoki 08722856 Cl. 530-387.1.
Onodera, Atsushi; Suzuki, Koei; Miura, Hiroshi; and Tano, Takanori, to Ricoh Company, Ltd. Multi-layer wiring substrate, active matrix substrate, image display apparatus using the same, and multi-layer wiring substrate manufacturing method 08723193 Cl. 257-88.
Onodera, Yoshitaka: See--
Ishibashi, Eiji; Mukaino, Masayuki; Yamamoto, Shigeru; Onodera, Yoshitaka; and Ishihara, Takao 08725364 Cl. 701-51.
Onodi, Tamas; to Woertz AG Flat cable deflection device and installation kit for an electrical installation with circuit integrity in case of fire 08723044 Cl. 174-117F.
Onohara, Keisuke; to Takata Corporation Steering wheel 08720942 Cl. 280-731.
Onozawa, Yuki: See--
Matsushima, Yoshihiro; and Onozawa, Yuki 08726192 Cl. 715-835.
Onuma, Seiji: See--
Heishi, Toshio; and Onuma, Seiji D0704579 Cl. D10-78.
Onushkin, Grigory; Ledyaev, Oleg; Lim, Jong Hoon; Son, Joong Kon; and Choi, Pun Jae, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Semiconductor light emitting device with contact hole passing through active layer 08723206 Cl. 257-98.
Oohama, Kenichi: See--
Nakasaka, Akira; Noda, Satoshi; and Oohama, Kenichi 08724313 Cl. 361-679.46.
Ooi, Ee Mei; Au, Kin Hong; Sia, Ket Chiew; Chong, Yan; and Huang, Joseph, to Altera Corporation Configurable delay circuitry with compensated delay 08723575 Cl. 327-262.
Ooi, Takuya: See--
Takahashi, Shuichi; Ohashi, Isao; Ooi, Takuya; and Yoshifuji, Kazunari 08723933 Cl. 348-51.
Ooi, Wai Keong: See--
Ng, How Yong; Lefebvre, Olivier Patrick; and Ooi, Wai Keong 08722216 Cl. 429-2.
Ooishi, Mutsuhiko: See--
Baba, Masanori; Yamaguchi, Tsuyoshi; Tokunaga, Yoshimi; and Ooishi, Mutsuhiko 08724277 Cl. 361-91.1.
Ooishi, Yasufumi; and Irita, Kiyoshi, to FUJIFILM Corporation Image forming method 08721035 Cl. 347-21.
Ooki, Yasuomi; to NEC Infrontia Corporation Exchange system connecting terminals in different systems 08725825 Cl. 709-207.
Oorja Protonics Inc.: See--
Kwok, Derek; Knauer, Paul; and Sanchez-Chopit, Sergio 08722275 Cl. 429-467.
Oota, Hidetoshi: See--
Yamazumi, Shigemasa; Yonekura, Masahiro; and Oota, Hidetoshi 08721982 Cl. 422-202.
Ootorii, Hiizu; to Sony Corporation Semiconductor laser device, photoelectric converter, and optical information processing unit 08724670 Cl. 372-50.124.
Ootsuka, Takeshi: See--
Yamashita, Hideaki; and Ootsuka, Takeshi 08725930 Cl. 711-103.
Ooura, Takuya: See--
Matsubara, Tetsuya; Maeda, Shigeru; Takagi, Atsuya; Ooura, Takuya; Nishiguchi, Hajime; Koori, Motoki; Hayabuchi, Masahiro; Kato, Susumu; Ohki, Keishi; Shinohara, Kenji; and Murakami, Akio 08720039 Cl. 29-564.2.
Oowaki, Naoki; and Teshima, Fumiaki, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Security management system, medical device and method for managing security 08726368 Cl. 726-17.
Ooyabu, Yasunari: See--
Sato, Satoshi; Ito, Hisataka; Ooyabu, Yasunari; and Shinbori, Yuki 08723167 Cl. 257-40.
Open Invention Network, LLC: See--
Feeser, Colin Lee 08726282 Cl. 718-102.
Khafizova, Margarita 08724154 Cl. 358-1.15.
Open Text S.A.: See--
Gilley, Thomas S. 08724969 Cl. 386-278.
Openet Telecom Ltd.: See--
McNamee, Alan; Dunne, Cameron Ross; McCann, Fergus; O'Sullivan, Michael; Byrne, Niall; and Hogan, Joe 08725820 Cl. 709-206.
McNamee, Alan; Dunne, Cameron Ross; McCann, Fergus; O'Sullivan, Michael; Byrne, Niall; and Hogan, Joe 08725896 Cl. 709-238.
Rieschick, Gary; Dunne, Cameron Ross; McNamee, Alan; and Hogan, Joe 08726376 Cl. 726-22.
Openshaw, William A.: See--
Dow, James W.; Rhodes, Michael D.; Openshaw, William A.; Dow, W. Scott; and Page, Alan R. 08724900 Cl. 382-173.
Opipari, Anthony W.: See--
Glick, Gary D.; and Opipari, Anthony W. 08722667 Cl. 514-221.
Opisso Salleras, Eloy: See--
Soler Fernandez, Maria Dolors; Kumru Kan, Hatice; Pelayo Vergara, Raul; Vidal Samso, Joan; Tormos Munoz, Jose Maria; Fregni, Felipe; Navarro Acebes, Xavier; Pascual-Leone Garcia, Alvaro; and Opisso Salleras, Eloy 08725264 Cl. 607-45.
Oppenheimer, Leonard; to Golden Box, Inc., The Box partition set 08720770 Cl. 229-120.36.
OPTiM Corporation: See--
Sugaya, Shunji 08726098 Cl. 714-46.
Optimetrics, Inc.: See--
Mitchell, Brian T. 08721341 Cl. 434-247.
Optis Cellular Technology, LLC: See--
Hallenstål, Magnus; and Rune, Göran 08724586 Cl. 370-331.
Siomina, Iana; and Kazmi, Muhammad 08725167 Cl. 455-456.1.
Optis Wireless Technology, LLC: See--
Velev, Genadi; Weniger, Kilian; Hirano, Jun; and Ikeda, Shinkichi 08724528 Cl. 370-310.
O'Quin, II, John Thomas: See--
Brownlow, Sean Thomas; Lindeman, James Arthur; Nordstrom, Gregory Michael; Oberly, III, John Ronald; O'Quin, II, John Thomas; Thurber, Steven Mark; and Torzewski, Timothy Joseph 08725914 Cl. 710-48.
Or, David T.: See--
Deehan, Martin; Tsai, Matt Cheng-Hsiung; Lu, Nan; Or, David T.; and Chang, Mei 08721796 Cl. 134-1.1.
Oracle America, Inc.: See--
Dice, David; and Printezis, Antonios 08725974 Cl. 711-163.
Droux, Nicolas G.; and Tripathi, Sunay 08726093 Cl. 714-43.
Ehret, Brian Douglas; Clayton, Elizabeth Sanford; Stanley, Karen Ann; Ray, Devjani; and Labrecque, Daniel Arthur 08726174 Cl. 715-760.
Vick, Christopher A.; and Wright, Gregory M. 08726248 Cl. 717-147.
Wookey, Michael J.; and Gionfriddo, Michael J. 08725610 Cl. 705-35.
Oracle International Corporation: See--
Agarwal, Amit; Tirumalai, Srikant Krishnapuram; and Sriramadhesikan, Krishnakumar 08726342 Cl. 726-1.
Clark, Jr., John; Kumar, Shailesh; Spencer, Chuck; and Toukhanian, Peter 08725747 Cl. 707-754.
Droux, Nicolas G.; Chew, Jonathan; and Kunhappan, Rajagopal 08725913 Cl. 710-38.
Droux, Nicolas G.; and Maybee, Stuart J. 08725912 Cl. 710-33.
Kalogeropulos, Spiros; and Tirumalai, Partha Pal 08726251 Cl. 717-150.
Kavantzas, Nickolas; and Gupta, Pratibha 08726349 Cl. 726-3.
Koide, Hiroshi; Ture, Mark; Krishnaprasad, Muralidhar; Davis, Mark; Hsin, Cindy; Bhavsar, Meeten; Yang, Steve; Nimani, Visar; Ouyang, Hui; Bhatkar, Sachin; Chang, Thomas; Baby, Thomas; and Liao, David 08725770 Cl. 707-783.
Lee, Steven Taihung; Kyathappala, Sadhana; and Garin, Jr., Benedicto Elmo 08725693 Cl. 707-640.
Leitch, Matthew; Spillane, Robert; and Guru, M J 08725548 Cl. 705-7.26.
Manes, Joseph Paul; and Manes, Donald Robert 08724332 Cl. 361-729.
Neel, Kevin S.; Colrain, Carol L.; Surber, Douglas N.; Ikeda, Nancy R.; Roesch, Stefan Heinrich; Zhou, Tong; and De Lavarene, Jean 08725882 Cl. 709-227.
Pamu, Srinivas; Patel, Kant C.; Khan, Feroz Alam; Dadhich, Abhishek; Ramasubramanian, Saravanakumar; and Mathur, Bhaskar 08724693 Cl. 375-240.
Parkes, Alastair; Hasegawa, Mari; and Manjunatha, Ravi 08725701 Cl. 707-690.
Vahidsafa, Ali; Anandakumar, Sriram; and Agarwal, Gaurav 08726114 Cl. 714-733.
Williams, Thomas R.; Martine, Shawn A.; Threlkeld, Timothy; Reicheneker, Jason K.; Stern, Daniel Scott; and Neyra, Manuel Albert 08726272 Cl. 717-178.
Oratel Diagnostics, LLC: See--
Goldman, Dorothee 08722349 Cl. 435-7.21.
Oraw, Brad: See--
Lowenthal, Mark David; Ray, William Johnstone; Shotton, Neil O.; Blanchard, Richard A.; and Oraw, Brad 08723408 Cl. 313-498.
Orbis Technologies, Inc.: See--
Crochet, Larry; and Niv, Michael 08725771 Cl. 707-790.
Orco Block Co., Inc.: See--
Gleason, Dwayne A. D0704859 Cl. D25-113.
O'Rear, Dennis John: See--
Yean, Sujin; Gallup, Darrell Lynn; Young, Lyman; and O'Rear, Dennis John 08721873 Cl. 208-251R.
O'Rear, Dennis John; Gallup, Darrell Lynn; Yean, Sujin; and Young, Lyman, to Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Process, method, and system for removing heavy metals from fluids 08721874 Cl. 208-251R.
Oregon Health & Science University: See--
Hanson, Stephen R. 08721711 Cl. 623-1.42.
Oregon Precision Industries, Inc.: See--
Borg, Zakary James; and Mellor, Jr., Ronald Lee D0704571 Cl. D9-752.
Borg, Zakary James; and Mellor, Jr., Ronald Lee D0704572 Cl. D9-752.
O'Reilly, Daniel F. Xavier; Akhnoukh, Nader; Fawcett, Jr., John; and Dias, Daniel, to Advent Software, Inc. Systems and methods for information categorization 08725711 Cl. 707-706.
O'Reilly, Una-May: See--
Budynek, Julien; O'Reilly, Una-May; Buchsbaum, Daphna; Funes, Pablo; Bonabeau, Eric; and Martens, Siegfried 08725755 Cl. 707-766.
Oreper, Boris: See--
Ziskin, Vitaliy; and Oreper, Boris 08724872 Cl. 382-131.
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.: See--
McKinney, Anthony; Tollefson, Gary; Weber, Eckard; and Soltero, Rick 08722085 Cl. 424-464.
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.: See--
Colman, Joshua Lewis; Botesazan, Zion; and Itzhak, Gal 08720772 Cl. 235-375.
Oriel Therapeutics, Inc.: See--
Meckstroth, James R.; and Hickey, Anthony James 08720497 Cl. 141-72.
Orihashi, Masayuki: See--
Murakami, Yutaka; Kobayashi, Kiyotaka; Orihashi, Masayuki; Matsuoka, Akihiko; Imamura, Daichi; and Malik, Rahul 08724729 Cl. 375-267.
Orihuela, Carlos J.: See--
El Kasmi, Karim C.; Jordan, Brad; Kriwacki, Richard; Mann, Beth; Orihuela, Carlos J.; and Tuomanen, Elaine 08722055 Cl. 424-190.1.
Orion Corporation: See--
Goswami, Rajeev; Vuppala, Anil Kumar; Veludandi, Ramesh; Sistla, Ramesh; Ghadiyaram, Chakshusmathi; and Ramachandra, Muralidhara 08722930 Cl. 564-164.
Orito, Kohichi: See--
Kato, Hitoshi; Honma, Manabu; Orito, Kohichi; Takeuchi, Yasushi; and Kikuchi, Hiroyuki 08721790 Cl. 118-715.
Orlandini, Folco; and Radice, Andrea, to Domitalia S.p.A. Seat D0704462 Cl. D6-349.
Orlich, Steve: See--
Menzer, Eric; Danilov, Konstantin; O'Connor, Joseph; Partridge, Paul; Rew, Alasdair; Savva, Nadia; Orlich, Steve; Medina, Steve; Boyda, Bob; Muhina, Irina; and Toomey, Neal 08725618 Cl. 705-36R.
Ormerod, Dominic John: See--
Horvath, Andras; Depre, Dominique Paul Michel; and Ormerod, Dominic John 08722892 Cl. 546-156.
Ormond, James M.: See--
Hughes, William Scott; Varney, James Russell; Hotaling, Bryan Robert; Leclerc, Scott A.; and Ormond, James M. D0704910 Cl. D32-40.
Ornder, Ronald: See--
Kliegl, Robert S.; Cameron, James Y.; Travers, Cameron M.; McFarlane, Bruce; Leonard, Gary R.; and Ornder, Ronald 08721134 Cl. 362-368.
O'Rourke, John; to Aurora Office Equipment Co., Ltd. Cooled motor 08723468 Cl. 318-473.
Ortega Munoz, Alberto; Castro-Palomino Laria, Julio; and Fyfe, Matthew Colin Thor, to Oryzon Genomics S.A. Lysine specific demethylase-1 inhibitors and their use 08722743 Cl. 514-619.
Ortega Rodríguez, Alejandro: See--
Zamudio Rivera, Luis Silvestre; López Ramírez, Simón; Durán Valencia, Cecilia de los Ángeles; Hernández Altamirano, Raül; Mena Cervantes, Violeta Yasmín; García Muñoz, Norma Araceli; Ríos Reyes, Alfredo; Ortega Rodríguez, Alejandro; Mendoza De La Cruz, JoséLuis; Lozada Y Cassou, Marcelo; and Buenrostro González, Eduardo 08722588 Cl. 507-213.
Ortho Sensor Inc.: See--
Stein, Marc; Chase, Andrew U.; Henson, Philip; Burkhard, Natalie Tran; Keggi, John Graham; and Bonnheim, Noah Byron 08720270 Cl. 73-379.01.
Orthodyne Electronics Corporation: See--
Byars, Jonathan; and Copperthite, Theodore J. 08720767 Cl. 228-4.5.
Orthofix S.r.l.: See--
Ottoboni, Andrea; and Venturini, Daniele 08721641 Cl. 606-59.
Ortiz, Mark S.; Shelton, IV, Frederick E.; and Spivey, James T., to Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Methods and devices for controlling articulation 08721630 Cl. 606-1.
Ortmann, Walter Joseph: See--
Nefcy, Bernard D.; Colvin, Daniel Scott; Kraska, Marvin Paul; Ortmann, Walter Joseph; Yamazaki, Mark Steven; and Syed, Fazal Urrahman 08721496 Cl. 477-15.
Ortwine, Daniel Fred: See--
Crawford, James John; Ortwine, Daniel Fred; and Young, Wendy B. 08722676 Cl. 514-248.
Oryzon Genomics S.A.: See--
Ortega Munoz, Alberto; Castro-Palomino Laria, Julio; and Fyfe, Matthew Colin Thor 08722743 Cl. 514-619.
Osada, Atsushi; Asamizu, Kenichi; and Kimura, Hirofumi, to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Work aligning system and method of moving work 08721252 Cl. 414-331.01.
Osaka, Masashi; and Suzuki, Shouji, to Kyocera Corporation Portable electronic device 08724021 Cl. 348-376.
Osame, Mitsuaki; Anzai, Aya; Koyama, Jun; Udagawa, Makoto; Hayakawa, Masahiko; and Yamazaki, Shunpei, to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Light-emitting device 08723760 Cl. 345-76.
Osato, Ken: See--
Matsuzawa, Takashi; Take, Yukiko; Isaji, Mizuki; Osato, Ken; and Okada, Naoki 08724946 Cl. 385-102.
Osawa, Kei: See--
Mega, Masahiko; Osawa, Kei; and Onda, Masahiko 08720056 Cl. 29-889.1.
Osbahr, Sven: See--
Koch, Jörg; Osbahr, Sven; and Herden, Marc-Oliver 08720263 Cl. 73-121.
Osborne, Robert: See--
Casbon, James; Brenner, Sydney; Osborne, Robert; Lichtenstein, Conrad; and Claas, Andreas 08722368 Cl. 435-91.2.
Ose, Kenji: See--
Watarai, Etsuyoshi; Kirimoto, Kanji; Ose, Kenji; Fukao, Kazutaka; and Miki, Yoshimitsu 08720300 Cl. 74-502.2.
O'Shea, Matthew James: See--
Plummer, John B.; O'Shea, Matthew James; and Denley, Joseph Gene 08722151 Cl. 427-407.1.
Oshiki, Toshiyuki; and Muranaka, Makoto, to National University Corporation Okayama University Metal complex compound and process for producing amides utilizing the metal complex compound 08722912 Cl. 556-20.
Oshima, Kazuhiro: See--
Nakajima, Gosuke; Goto, Yoshitsugu; Oshima, Kazuhiro; and Watanabe, Jun 08723537 Cl. 324-750.03.
Oshima, Kenji: See--
Ishitoya, Mitsuaki; Oshima, Kenji; and Miyata, Shoichi 08721065 Cl. 347-104.
Oshime, Haruyoshi; Yakura, Chiemi; and Tamai, Naoyuki, to Kyocera Corporation Mobile communication terminal connectable to wireless LAN, communication control method performed in mobile communication terminal, and communication control program recorded on computer readable recording medium 08725166 Cl. 455-456.1.
Oshinsky, David Alan; Ignatius, Paul; Prahlad, Anand; and May, Andreas, to CommVault Systems, Inc. Systems and methods for retrieving data in a computer network 08725731 Cl. 707-736.
Osisek, Damian L.: See--
Craddock, David; Farrell, Mark S.; Gregg, Thomas A.; Greiner, Dan F.; Osisek, Damian L.; and Sittmann, III, Gustav E. 08726373 Cl. 726-20.
Osko, Michael T.: See--
Conrardy, N. William; Heinz, Christopher D.; Osko, Michael T.; and Fechalos, William 08721010 Cl. 312-223.1.
Osland, David: See--
Thomas, Jonathan; Beveridge, Keith; and Osland, David 08721311 Cl. 425-12.
Osman, Farhat: See--
Banai, Menachem; Strada, Valeria; Bardenstein, Svetlana; Ben-Asouli, Itzhak; and Osman, Farhat 08722411 Cl. 435-471.
Osmose, Inc.: See--
Richardson, H. Wayne; and Hodge, Robert L. 08722198 Cl. 428-537.1.
Osora, Hiroyuki: See--
Yukumoto, Atsuhiro; Osora, Hiroyuki; Seiki, Yoshio; Hirayama, Haruaki; Kobayashi, Kazuto; and Tanaka, Yukio 08721890 Cl. 210-640.
Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.: See--
Reuter, Christopher J.; and MacKenzie, Steven J. 08722386 Cl. 435-252.5.
Osram GmbH: See--
Jacob, Ulrich; Kräuter, Gertrud; and Plössl, Andreas 08723207 Cl. 257-98.
Osram Opto Semiconductor GmbH: See--
Eberhard, Franz; Windisch, Reiner; Walter, Robert; Schmal, Michael; and Ahlstedt, Magnus 08723199 Cl. 257-98.
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH: See--
Brunner, Herbert; and Höhn, Klaus 08723198 Cl. 257-98.
Kirsch, Markus; Bluemel, Simon; Gallmeier, Hans-Christoph; and Zeiler, Thomas 08723211 Cl. 257-99.
Schmid, Guenter; Krause, Ralf; Seidel, Stefan; Weiss, Oliver; Gaerditz, Christoph; Suhonen, Riikka; Niedermeier, Ulrich; and Kozlowski, Fryderyk 08723164 Cl. 257-40.
Weidner, Karl; Wirth, Ralph; Kaltenbacher, Axel; Wegleiter, Walter; Barchmann, Bernd; Wutz, Oliver; and Marfeld, Jan 08723192 Cl. 257-88.
Ossur HF: See--
Gramnäs, Finn 08721736 Cl. 623-43.
OsteoMed LLC: See--
Gordon, Charles; Yap, Marc; Triplett, Daniel J.; Ewer, Darin; Nelson, Nathan; Fauth, Andrew; and Sinnott, M. Mary 08721686 Cl. 606-248.
Osterhaus, Albertus Dominicus Marcellinus Erasmus: See--
Fouchier, Ronaldus Adrianus Maria; Van Den Hoogen, Bernadetta Gerarda; Osterhaus, Albertus Dominicus Marcellinus Erasmus; Haller, Aurelia; and Tang, Roderick 08722341 Cl. 435-7.1.
Osterloh, Martin: See--
Girsig, Stefan; Biedenstein, Stefan; Nos, Karl-Peter; Seyfried, Juergen Alfred; and Osterloh, Martin 08726336 Cl. 726-1.
Ostertag, Eric M.; and Crawford, John Stuart, to Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Genetically engineered or transgenic rats exhibiting a cancer phenotype due to a disruption of germline tumor suppressor genes 08722964 Cl. 800-10.
Ostrom, Carl D.: See--
St. Laurent, Darren M.; Miner, Daniel M.; Boltz, David T.; Ostrom, Carl D.; and Wasden, Mitchell B. 08724635 Cl. 370-395.1.
Osugi, Moritomo; to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Station side device and optical communication system 08724993 Cl. 398-70.
O'Sullivan, III, Thomas M.: See--
Kiest, Jr., Larry W.; Bartlett, Jason; O'Sullivan, III, Thomas M.; Greek, Raymond L.; Back, Timothy L.; and Betzold, Donald L. 08721216 Cl. 404-75.
O'Sullivan, Michael: See--
McNamee, Alan; Dunne, Cameron Ross; McCann, Fergus; O'Sullivan, Michael; Byrne, Niall; and Hogan, Joe 08725820 Cl. 709-206.
McNamee, Alan; Dunne, Cameron Ross; McCann, Fergus; O'Sullivan, Michael; Byrne, Niall; and Hogan, Joe 08725896 Cl. 709-238.
O'Sullivan, Patrick Joseph: See--
Bank, Judith Helen; Harpur, Liam; Lyle, Ruthie D; O'Sullivan, Patrick Joseph; and Sun, Lin 08726350 Cl. 726-3.
Oswall, Michael John: See--
Petry, Scott M.; Akamine, Shinya; Lund, Peter Kevin; Cox, Fred; and Oswall, Michael John 08725889 Cl. 709-230.
Otaguro, Sora: See--
Sakimura, Ritsuo; and Otaguro, Sora 08724091 Cl. 356-4.01.
Otaki, Ryoji: See--
Oda, Takafumi; Otaki, Ryoji; and Masuda, Tsuneaki 08722848 Cl. 528-325.
Oteri, Oghenekome; van Rensburg, Cornelius; and Soong, Anthony C. K., to Futurewei Technologies, Inc. System and method for outer loop link adaptation for a wireless communications system 08724727 Cl. 375-267.
Otero-Millan, Jorge: See--
Martinez-Conde, Susana; Macknik, Stephen L.; Troncoso, Xoana; and Otero-Millan, Jorge 08721081 Cl. 351-209.
Othenin, Peter: See--
Sandoz, Frédéric; Pedrido, Carlos; Ribaux, Philippe; Hamel, Philippe; Othenin, Peter; Roy, Philippe Vincent; and Devautour, Methiew 08720230 Cl. 65-399.
Othman, Rashid M.: See--
Vaidya, Milind M.; Khawajah, Anwar H.; Othman, Rashid M.; and Lewandowski, Laurand 08722771 Cl. 524-2.
OTICO: See--
Piou, Denis; and Martin Cabanas, Daniel 08720597 Cl. 172-572.
Oticon A/S: See--
Larsen, Martin 08724836 Cl. 381-322.
Otis Elevator Company: See--
Wesson, John P.; Milton-Benoit, John M.; Guo, Changsheng; Irish, James R.; Rajagopalan, Gopalakrishna; Yu, Xiaomei; Ma, Jun; Lamm, Foster P.; and Hawkes, Justin R. 08721949 Cl. 264-279.
Otoguro, Yasuaki; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Optical scanning apparatus including mechanism for shielding lens from air flow 08724199 Cl. 359-216.1.
Otohata, Makihiro: See--
Mizuta, Masatomo; Utsumi, Kazuaki; Otohata, Makihiro; and Yageta, Hiroshi 08722241 Cl. 429-185.
Otsubo, Hideaki: See--
Tokura, Takaaki; Otsubo, Hideaki; and Kimura, Motonori 08725367 Cl. 701-55.
Otsubo, Hidemasa; Mitsukawa, Kazuhiro; and Shiomi, Tomohiro, to Denso Corporation Method for bending process and processing machine 08720247 Cl. 72-379.6.
Otsuka, Naoki; to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Image forming device creating a preview image 08724193 Cl. 358-505.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: See--
Jordan, Shaun; Kikuchi, Tetsuro; Tottori, Katsura; Hirose, Tsuyoshi; and Uwahodo, Yasufumi 08722680 Cl. 514-253.07.
Kostanski, Janusz W.; Matsuda, Takakuni; Nerurkar, Manoj; and Naringrekar, Vijay H. 08722679 Cl. 514-253.07.
Takasu, Hideki; Fujita, Shigekazu; Ohtsuka, Shinya; Hirose, Toshiyuki; Sato, Yosuke; Yamada, Satoshi; Miyajima, Keisuke; Sakai, Koji; Kojima, Yutaka; Sekiguchi, Kazuo; Yanagihara, Yasuo; Suzuki, Takashi; Tanaka, Hideo; Sugiyama, Kazuhisa; Okuno, Mitsuhiro; and Sumida, Takumi 08722663 Cl. 514-211.08.
Otsuka, Shuji; and Sugimoto, Fumitaka, to Seiko Epson Corporation Discharge amount calculating device and fluid ejecting apparatus 08721027 Cl. 347-19.
Otsuki, Nobuaki; Akiyama, Manabu; Minegishi, Shouji; and Arima, Masao, to Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. Solder resist, dry film thereof, cured product, and printed wiring board 08722816 Cl. 525-488.
Ott-Jakob Spanntechnik GmbH: See--
Gast, Stephan; Bonerz, Stefan; and Bechteler, Wolfgang 08721238 Cl. 409-232.
Otter Products, LLC: See--
Northrup, Nathan; and Havens, Adam D0704687 Cl. D14-250.
Otto, Charles A.: See--
Fujiki, Yuichi; Haas, Norman; Li, Ying; Otto, Charles A.; Paluri, Balamanohar; and Pankanti, Sharathchandra 08724904 Cl. 382-195.
Otto, Ina Elfriede: See--
Klokkers, Karin; Otto, Ina Elfriede; and Meyer, Heidemarie Edith Elfriede 08722090 Cl. 424-489.
Ottoboni, Andrea; and Venturini, Daniele, to Orthofix S.r.l. External orthopaedic fixator for the elbow joint 08721641 Cl. 606-59.
Otts, Daniel B.: See--
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Oval Corporation: See--
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