NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

J. Wagner AG: See--
Volonte, Luigi Carlo Maria; and Von Keudell, Leopold 08967429 Cl. 222-58.
J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd.: See--
Tochi, Akihiro; and Tsujimoto, Masaki 08968013 Cl. 439-131.
Jabbari, Bijan; Dinan, Esmael; and Papneja, Rajiv, to George Mason Intellectual Properties, Inc. Label switched packet transfer device 08971327 Cl. 370-392.
Jablonski, Brian: See--
Victor, Robert James; and Jablonski, Brian 08967130 Cl. 124-36.
Jablonski, Laurent: See--
Boston, Eric Jacques; Bouru, Michel André; Jablonski, Laurent; and Joly, Philippe Gérard Edmond 08967966 Cl. 416-2.
Boston, Eric Jacques; Bouru, Michel André; Jablonski, Laurent; and Joly, Philippe Gérard Edmond 08967969 Cl. 416-174.
Jacak, Corey S.: See--
Zakula, Mirko; and Jacak, Corey S. 08967832 Cl. 362-294.
Jackl, Christian; Krenn, Irmgard; and Lahner, Markus, to Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH LED vehicle headlamp 08967843 Cl. 362-517.
Jackson, Adam D.; to Red Hat, Inc. Updating changes to caches 08972563 Cl. 709-224.
Jackson, James; and Yasrebi, Mehrad, to AT&T Intellectual Property I., L.P. Methods and apparatus to mitigate a denial-of-service attack in a voice over internet protocol network 08973150 Cl. 726-26.
Jackson, Lincoln D.: See--
English, Paul M.; Gebhardt, Travis M.; Harkness, Kristin P.; Jackson, Lincoln D.; Rago, Jeffrey A.; Schwenk, Paul D.; and White, Brenda L. 08972434 Cl. 707-765.
Jackson, Philip J.: See--
Lane, Rodney Jay; Tullock, Fred; and Jackson, Philip J. 08966721 Cl. 24-442.
Jackson, Phillip Bernard; and Antypas, III, John, to Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc. Off net provisioning 08971855 Cl. 455-411.
Jacob, Karl; and Halstead, Mark, to Coveroo, Inc. Automated layout and design for recording text and images in any of disparate three-dimensional objects 08970900 Cl. 358-1.6.
Jacob, Mark Lester; Roy, Ronald Joseph; and Harris, Adam Pierce, to Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC Systems and methods for seamless host migration 08972548 Cl. 709-222.
Jacob, Oren: See--
Jensen, Robert; Jacob, Oren; Gregory, Eric; Holliday, Wilson Taylor; and Butts, Andrew Justin 08970628 Cl. 345-647.
Jacob, Oren M.: See--
Reddy, Martin; Jacob, Oren M.; and Podesta, Robert G. 08972324 Cl. 706-46.
Jacobs, Alexander Thomas: See--
Hermann, Weston Arthur; Kohn, Scott Ira; Kelty, Kurt Russell; Kishiyama, Clay Hajime; Paryani, Anil; Jacobs, Alexander Thomas; Cutler, Grant Dufresne; and Zhou, Peng 08968949 Cl. 429-420.
Jacobs, Gregory F.: See--
Jenkins, Robert L.; Kalkanoglu, Husnu M.; Jacobs, Gregory F.; Shaw, Wayne E.; and Chihlas, Peter 08966850 Cl. 52-518.
Jacobs, Jeffrey W: See--
Bell, Noah; Carreras, Christopher; Charmot, Dominique; Jacobs, Jeffrey W; Leadbetter, Michael Robert; and Navre, Marc 08969377 Cl. 514-307.
Jacobsen, Jacob Pade Ramsoe; and Frøstrup, Brian, to Duke University Pharmaceutical compositions of 5-hydroxytryptophan and serotonin-enhancing compound 08969400 Cl. 514-419.
Jacobsen, Stuart: See--
Guan, Yimin; Jacobsen, Stuart; and Sullivan, Carl Edmond 08968527 Cl. 204-192.21.
Jacobson, Arthur A.: See--
Madonna, Robert P.; Silva, Michael C.; Cipollo, Nicholas J.; Tatzel, David W.; McKinley, David; Avelar, Duarte M.; and Jacobson, Arthur A. 08972858 Cl. 715-705.
Jacobson, Hans M.: See--
Fleischer, Bruce M.; Fox, Thomas W.; Jacobson, Hans M.; Nair, Ravi; and Prener, Daniel A. 08972782 Cl. 714-19.
Jacobson, Lowell D.; and Liu, Gang, to Cognex Corporation System and method for producing synthetic golden template image for vision system inspection of multi-layer patterns 08971663 Cl. 382-284.
Jacques, Robert Lionel; and Kridner, Kenneth R., to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Secondary air injection system and method 08966896 Cl. 60-606.
Jacques, Steve: See--
Gareau, Dan S.; Hennessy, Ricky; and Jacques, Steve 08971609 Cl. 382-133.
Jacquet, Bruno; Rodriguez, Raoul; and Lavalette, Vincent, to Thales Memory device correcting the effect of collision of high-energy particles 08971136 Cl. 365-200.
JAE Oregon, Inc.: See--
Kennedy, Adam; Okuda, Katsumasa; Letourneau, Guy; and Damodharan, Kasthuri Sankar 08968021 Cl. 439-352.
Jaeger, Sonja; and Murr, Wolfram, to Ivoclar Vivadent AG Light curing device 08967819 Cl. 362-23.05.
Jaeschke, Georg; Lindemann, Lothar; Ricci, Antonio; Rueher, Daniel; Stadler, Heinz; and Vieira, Eric, to Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. Ethynyl derivatives 08969338 Cl. 514-228.8.
Jaffe, Claudia B.: See--
Jaffe, Steven M.; Jaffe, Claudia B.; and Tylinski, George S. 08967811 Cl. 353-31.
Jaffe, Steven M.; Jaffe, Claudia B.; and Tylinski, George S. 08967846 Cl. 362-574.
Jaffe, Stephen E.: See--
Benson, Jesse L.; Jaffe, Stephen E.; Smith, John R.; and Trevathan, Matthew B. 08972374 Cl. 707-709.
Dingler, John R.; Jaffe, Stephen E.; Holladay, Christopher E.; Ramanathan, Sri; Terry, Matthew A.; and Trevathan, Matthew B. 08971862 Cl. 455-414.2.
Jaffe, Steven M.; Jaffe, Claudia B.; and Tylinski, George S., to Lumencor, Inc. Solid state continuous white light source 08967811 Cl. 353-31.
Jaffe, Steven M.; Jaffe, Claudia B.; and Tylinski, George S., to Lumencor, Inc. Solid state continuous white light source 08967846 Cl. 362-574.
Jaffin, Frederick: See--
Estakhri, Petro; Abedifard, Ebrahim; Jaffin, Frederick; and Nemazie, Siamack 08971107 Cl. 365-171.
Jagels, Dean P.; to Cisco Technology Inc. Session-reuse in networks 08972583 Cl. 709-227.
Jagger, deceased, Charles E.; Willetts, Mark N.; and Tobia, Micolino, to ISCO International, LLC Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference 08971207 Cl. 370-252.
Jagota, Arun Kumar; to, inc. System and method for mapping source columns to target columns 08972336 Cl. 707-602.
Jaguan, Mauro Rotary arm/leg exerciser 08968162 Cl. 482-57.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited: See--
Greenwood, Jeremy; and Clarke, Chris 08972105 Cl. 701-36.
Whear, Frank Roland; and Boon, David 08967598 Cl. 267-140.12.
Jahagirdhar, Sanjeev S.; Wells, Ryan; and Sodhi, Inder, to Intel Corporation Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including determining an optimal power state of the apparatus based on residency time of non-core domains in a power saving state 08972763 Cl. 713-324.
Jahn, Ingo H. J.; and Rowntree, Gavin M., to Rolls-Royce PLC Intershaft seal 08967627 Cl. 277-352.
Jahnel, Dietmar; Langens, Achim; and Schnitzler, Tim, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft High-voltage bushing with conductive inserts for DC voltage and method for producing the bushing 08969729 Cl. 174-142.
Jahng, Tae-Ahn; to DePuy Synthes Products, LLC Method and apparatus for flexible fixation of a spine 08968366 Cl. 606-263.
Jahnke, Ronny: See--
Baum, Christian; and Jahnke, Ronny 08966961 Cl. 73-65.01.
Jain, Ankur: See--
Doshi, Paras S.; Jain, Ankur; Vadakkanmaruveedu, Unnikrishnan; Mitter, Vinay; Vootukuru, Anil; Alton, Ronald F.; and Anderson, Jon J. 08972759 Cl. 713-320.
Jain, Manoj K.; Grandhi, Srinivasulu; and Sarkar, Ananda, to Microsoft Corporation Enabling routing of data on a network based on a portion of data accessed from a non-network enabled device 08971319 Cl. 370-389.
Jain, Nitin; and Indukuri, Venkata Raju, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Method and devices of communicating physical cell identifier information to mobile stations 08971944 Cl. 455-517.
Jain, Sudhir K.: See--
Shah, Vipul; Gopalasetty, Bhanu; Yadav, Navindra; Jain, Sudhir K.; and Suri, Rohit 08971289 Cl. 370-331.
Jain, Vipul; Ongayi, Owendi; Coley, Suzanne; and Zampini, Anthony Coating compositions for use with an overcoated photoresist 08968981 Cl. 430-270.1.
Jakhete, Sanjeev: See--
McGuire, Dennis; and Jakhete, Sanjeev 08968577 Cl. 210-748.03.
Jakobsson, Bjorn Markus; to eBay Inc. Systems and methods for authenticating a user and device 08973102 Cl. 726-4.
Jaladanki, Malyadri: See--
Levesque, Gilbert; Dey, Debashis; Giri, Prakash; Jaladanki, Malyadri; and Wang, Yi 08972561 Cl. 709-224.
Jalan, Saket: See--
Ganesan, Raghu; and Jalan, Saket 08971455 Cl. 375-327.
Jamal, Shafiq M: See--
Brahma, Kingsuk; Saeedi, Saman; Youn, Sang Y.; Jamal, Shafiq M; and Syed, Taif A. 08970464 Cl. 345-98.
James, Bryan J.; Wood, Jr., Policarpo Bonilla; Fino, Jorge; and Lee, Jeffrey Theodore, to Apple Inc. Using gesture to navigate hierarchically ordered user interface screens 08972903 Cl. 715-863.
James, Chun-Nam Chan; to Primex, Inc. Plate having a back side adapted to be secured to a base and a front side adapted for attaching various items 08967571 Cl. 248-310.
James, Dervin: See--
Schindler, Eric S.; James, Dervin; and Hazenberg, Klaas P. 08968508 Cl. 156-272.8.
James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.: See--
Castillo, Rodolfo; and Carden, Robin A. 08968455 Cl. 106-38.27.
Jamison, Dale E.: See--
Murphy, Robert J.; Jamison, Dale E.; and Miller, Matthew L. 08972235 Cl. 703-10.
Jamison, Dale E.; Whitfill, Donald L.; Miller, Matthew L.; and Morris, Kay A., to Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Oil or gas treatment fluid containing a chelate or coordination complex that sets 08969264 Cl. 507-269.
Jammula, Rahul: See--
Yenganti, Pradeep Kumar; Jammula, Rahul; and Miryala, Sriman 08971229 Cl. 370-311.
Jamtvedt, Svein: See--
Anker, Martin; Hagstrand, Per-Ola; Jamtvedt, Svein; and Piel, Tanja 08969445 Cl. 524-110.
Jan, Meei-Ling: See--
Ni, Yu-Ching; Hsu, Shiang-Lin; and Jan, Meei-Ling 08966954 Cl. 73-1.86.
Tseng, Fan-Pin; Jan, Meei-Ling; and Ni, Yu-Ching 08971657 Cl. 382-254.
Janakiraman, Gopalakrishnan: See--
Astete, Nicholas Luis; Brethorst, Aaron Benjamin; Goldberg, Joseph Michael; Hanlon, Matthew; Hutchinson, Jr., Anthony A.; Janakiraman, Gopalakrishnan; Kotelnikov, Alexander; Novodvorskiy, Petr; Richardson, David William; Skelly, Roxanne Camille; Slioussar, Nikolai; and Weeks, Jonathan 08972978 Cl. 718-1.
Janardanannair, Somarajannair: See--
Castro, Alfredo C.; Evans, Catherine A.; Janardanannair, Somarajannair; Lescarbeau, Andre; Liu, Tao; Snyder, Daniel A.; Tremblay, Martin R.; Ren, Pingda; Liu, Yi; Li, Liansheng; and Chan, Katrina 08969363 Cl. 514-264.11.
Janczak, John: See--
Piper, Eric; Rustoni, Alexander K.; Janczak, John; and Lado, Samantha Victoria 08972132 Cl. 701-66.
Janecek, Thomas F; and Cole, Daniel S, to Electric Torque Machines Inc Adjustable hall effect sensor system 08970205 Cl. 324-117H.
Janek, Thomas: See--
Mohrlock, Dominik; Janek, Thomas; Goercke, Andreas; Hudler, Roland; and Winter, Friedrich-Oskar 08967670 Cl. 280-782.
Janeka, Jr., Willie A: See--
Mignucci, Luis Antonio; Oliver, Javier E.; Konya, Kenneth R.; and Janeka, Jr., Willie A 08968325 Cl. 606-99.
Janetzko, Halldor: See--
Hao, Ming C; Dayal, Umeshwar; Marwah, Manish; Keim, Daniel; and Janetzko, Halldor 08972308 Cl. 706-12.
Jang, Bo Yun; Ahn, Young Soo; Kim, Joon Soo; Park, Sang Hyun; Kim, Dong Kook; and Yu, Gwon Jong, to Korea Institute of Energy Research Graphite crucible for silicon electromagnetic induction heating and apparatus for silicon melting and refining using the graphite crucible 08968470 Cl. 117-200.
Jang, Bo-Yun; Lee, Jin-Seok; and Kim, Joon-Soo, to Korea Institute of Energy Research Apparatus for manufacturing silicon substrate for solar cell using continuous casting and having contacting solidification and stress relieving regions 08968471 Cl. 117-223.
Jang, Bor Z.: See--
Zhamu, Aruna; Jang, Bor Z.; and Shi, Jinjun 08968820 Cl. 427-58.
Jang, Chang Su; to Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same 08969959 Cl. 257-341.
Jang, Chul-Yong: See--
Kim, Young Lyong; Kim, Taehoon; Lee, Jongho; and Jang, Chul-Yong 08970046 Cl. 257-774.
Jang, Dae-Hwan; Kim, Min-Uk; An, Moon-Jung; Jo, Gug-Rae; and Kim, Kyu-Young, to Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Printing apparatus for manufacturing a spacer and method of manufacturing a display panel 08967042 Cl. 101-170.
Jang, Gyeong Ja; and Jung, Seok Yoon, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Method, apparatus and computer-readable medium rendering three-dimensional (3D) graphics 08970580 Cl. 345-419.
Jang, Hee Dong: See--
Nikolov, Jonian; Lim, Kok Seng; Chang, Han Kwon; and Jang, Hee Dong 08967492 Cl. 239-8.
Jang, Hye-Young: See--
Hong, Sung-Kil; Cho, Wook-Dong; Bae, Jae-Soon; Kim, Ji-Eun; Nam, Hyun; Jang, Jun-Gi; Jeon, Byung-Sun; Joo, Mun-Kyu; and Jang, Hye-Young 08968884 Cl. 428-690.
Jang, Hyeyoen: See--
Han, Jungsoo; Han, Changsoo; Jang, Hyeyoen; Jang, Jaeho; Lee, Youngsu; and Hong, Sungjoon 08968220 Cl. 601-5.
Jang, Hyung-Uk; Sohn, Min-Ho; Yu, Byung-Chun; and Jang, Jin-Hyuk, to LG Display Co., Ltd. Assembly having display panel and optical sensing frame and display system using the same 08970554 Cl. 345-175.
Jang, Ja Soon: See--
Choo, Sung Ho; and Jang, Ja Soon 08969883 Cl. 257-79.
Jang, Jae Hyuk: See--
Lee, Hee Bum; Yoo, Dong Sik; Cho, Ho Yun; Jang, Jae Hyuk; Hong, Yun Ki; and Chae, Kyoung Soo 08970549 Cl. 345-174.
Jang, Jaeho: See--
Han, Jungsoo; Han, Changsoo; Jang, Hyeyoen; Jang, Jaeho; Lee, Youngsu; and Hong, Sungjoon 08968220 Cl. 601-5.
Jang, Jaehoon: See--
Hwang, Sung-Min; Kim, Hansoo; Cho, Wonseok; and Jang, Jaehoon 08969162 Cl. 438-287.
Jang, Ji Young: See--
Lee, Yong Won; Park, Tae Sang; Shin, Hyo Young; Jang, Ji Young; Moon, Young Jun; and Hong, Soon Min 08971047 Cl. 361-749.
Jang, Jin-Hyuk: See--
Jang, Hyung-Uk; Sohn, Min-Ho; Yu, Byung-Chun; and Jang, Jin-Hyuk 08970554 Cl. 345-175.
Jang, Joo-Nyung; to Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus 08969114 Cl. 438-34.
Jang, Jun-Gi: See--
Hong, Sung-Kil; Cho, Wook-Dong; Bae, Jae-Soon; Kim, Ji-Eun; Nam, Hyun; Jang, Jun-Gi; Jeon, Byung-Sun; Joo, Mun-Kyu; and Jang, Hye-Young 08968884 Cl. 428-690.
Jang, Soobaek: See--
DeJana, Ryan G.; DeLuca, Lisa Seacat; and Jang, Soobaek 08972941 Cl. 717-124.
Jang, Sung Hwan; to Hyundai Motor Company Control system for automatic transmission and method thereof 08972127 Cl. 701-53.
Jang, Sungsoon: See--
Park, Junghoon; Jang, Sungsoon; Kim, Jeonghun; and Han, Nara 08967987 Cl. 418-55.5.
Jang, Woong-Ju; to SK Hynix Inc. Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same 08971142 Cl. 365-208.
Jang, Yongmoon: See--
Yoon, Junho; Kim, Dongchan; Min, Gyungjin; Park, Jaehong; Jang, Yongmoon; and Han, Je-Woo 08969167 Cl. 438-381.
Jang, Youngcheol; to Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. Secondary battery 08968893 Cl. 429-7.
Jangaard, Lars: See--
Nishihara, H. Keith; Hsu, Shi-Ping; Kaehler, Adrian; Ferren, Bran; and Jangaard, Lars 08972902 Cl. 715-863.
Jangle, Jeetendra; Salgia, Umang; and Sapre, Rajendra, to Numera, Inc. Method and system for analyzing breathing of a user 08972197 Cl. 702-19.
Janhunen, Stefan E.: See--
Little, Herbert A.; Adams, Neil P.; Janhunen, Stefan E.; and Dahms, John F. A. 08973148 Cl. 726-26.
Janka, Mesfin Ejerssa; Sumner, Jr., Charles Edwan; Kirk, Shane Kipley; Shaikh, Ashfaq Shahanawaz; and Parker, Kenny Randolph, to Eastman Chemical Company Purifying crude furan 2,5-dicarboxylic acid by hydrogenation 08969404 Cl. 514-448.
Jankowski, Krystof Peter; Kamal, Ehab; and DaDeppo, Lynn, to Magna Closures Inc. Vehicle door latch with motion restriction device prohibiting rapid movement of opening lever 08967682 Cl. 292-216.
Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.: See--
Kongo, Takeshi; and Hosaka, Yukio 08972039 Cl. 700-143.
Janora, Kevin Henry: See--
Liu, Jie Jerry; Sista, Srinivas Prasad; Shi, Xiaolei; Zhao, Ri-An; Chichak, Kelly Scott; Youmans, Jeffrey Michael; Janora, Kevin Henry; and Turner, Larry Gene 08969856 Cl. 257-40.
Janoski, Edward J.: See--
Ware, Richard E.; Janoski, Edward J.; and Schneider, Abraham 08969641 Cl. 585-373.
Janoso, Anthony M.: See--
Nguyen, Duong; Hampton, Michael T.; and Janoso, Anthony M. 08972306 Cl. 706-8.
Janson, David Allen; Goleski, Gregory Daniel; and Maurer, Jeffrey Edward, to Ford Global Technologies, LLC Multi-speed transmission 08968144 Cl. 475-283.
Janssen, Franciscus Johannes Joseph: See--
Nienhuys, Han-Kwang; Janssen, Franciscus Johannes Joseph; Pekelder, Sven; Schmitz, Roger Wilhelmus Antonius Henricus; Huijberts, Alexander Marinus Arnoldus; and Gasseling, Paulus Albertus Maria 08970818 Cl. 355-30.
Janssen, Georg: See--
Hundeloh, Thomas; Janssen, Georg; Ullmann, Bernd; and Kamp, Maril 08966869 Cl. 53-432.
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV: See--
Gelin, Christine F.; Lebold, Terry P.; and Shireman, Brock T. 08969352 Cl. 514-252.11.
Janssen, Robert H. C.: See--
Gijsman, Pieter; Sour, Wilhelmus J. M.; Rulkens, Rudy; and Janssen, Robert H. C. 08969460 Cl. 524-431.
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited: See--
Kuwahara, Takashi; and Matsuo, Seiya 08968007 Cl. 439-66.
Nomiyama, Toru; Nakamura, Keisuke; and Kodera, Masafumi 08968032 Cl. 439-660.
Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.: See--
Tomiyoshi, Tetsuya; Sadahiro, Katsuya; and Akashi, Kengo 08967389 Cl. 209-534.
Japan Display Inc.: See--
Gotoh, Jun; and Nakayama, Takanori 08970816 Cl. 349-152.
Japan Display West Inc.: See--
Noguchi, Koji; and Takeuchi, Takeya 08970505 Cl. 345-173.
Yata, Tatsuya; Tanase, Kenji; Kimura, Susumu; and Suzuki, Takafumi 08970461 Cl. 345-87.
Japan Science and Technology Agency: See--
Makino, Akihiro; Inoue, Akihisa; Zhang, Wei; and Kimura, Hisamichi 08968891 Cl. 428-836.3.
Japan Stent Technology Co., Ltd.: See--
Omura, Ikuo; Jin, Zhen Yu; Yamashita, Shuzo; Iwata, Hiroo; and Mochizuki, Akira 08968392 Cl. 623-1.46.
Jaradi, Dean M.: See--
Faruque, Mohammed Omar; Wu, Fubang; Spahn, Brian Robert; Chen, Yijung; and Jaradi, Dean M. 08967662 Cl. 280-730.2.
Jarllytec Co., Ltd.: See--
Hsu, Yu-Tsun 08967569 Cl. 248-284.1.
Jarmay, Nicholas Charles Leopold; to Quixant PLC Hardware write-protection 08971144 Cl. 365-228.
Jarschel, Maicon: See--
Nazário, Marcelo Christêllo; Jarschel, Maicon; and Junior, Ernani Pautasso Nunes 08966921 Cl. 62-239.
Jarvis, Dwayne; to JTSR, LLC Guide apparatus 08967071 Cl. 116-63R.
Jarvis, Marc: See--
Hanes, Kevin; Cox, Tim W.; Jarvis, Marc; and Kamalanathan, Chandar 08972545 Cl. 709-222.
JATCO Ltd: See--
Akebono, Hiromichi; and Matsui, Hiroki 08972135 Cl. 701-67.
Jayachandran, Praveen; Kothari, Ravi; and Verma, Akshat, to International Business Machines Corporation Image instance mapping 08972971 Cl. 717-170.
Jayakumar, Vinod: See--
Stoops, David; Kim, Min Gyu; and Jayakumar, Vinod 08970414 Cl. 341-143.
Jayashankar, Sethuraman: See--
Cheng, Yuhang; Zhao, Tong; Kautzky, Michael C.; Rejda, Ed F.; Wierman, Kurt W.; Franzen, Scott; Boyne, Andrew J.; Seigler, Michael Allen; and Jayashankar, Sethuraman 08971161 Cl. 369-13.33.
Jazowski, Roy E.: See--
Sivik, Gregory P.; Jazowski, Roy E.; and Painter, David A. 08968018 Cl. 439-271.
JDA Software Group, Inc.: See--
Ye, Jian; and Hartge, Mark 08972304 Cl. 705-338.
Jean, Ming-Feng: See--
Regan, Patrick Conall; Chang, Chih-Chi; and Jean, Ming-Feng 08966775 Cl. 33-6.
Jeansonne, Jeffrey Kevin; Hodges, Richard E.; and Ruch, Mark H., to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Cable lock system and method 08967577 Cl. 248-346.01.
Jeckel, Denis: See--
Arnold, Philippe; Jeckel, Denis; Petitjean, Dominique; Barthelet, Pierre; Severin, Emmanuel; Morand, Nicolas; Bauer, Karl-Heinz; and Groves, Chris 08967956 Cl. 415-158.
Barthelet, Pierre; Severin, Emmanuel; Morand, Nicolas; Jeckel, Denis; Petitjean, Dominique; Arnold, Philippe; and Bauer, Karl-Heinz 08967955 Cl. 415-158.
Jeh, Glen M.: See--
McDonnell, Philip; Jeh, Glen M.; Haveliwala, Taher H.; and Kurzion, Yair 08972391 Cl. 707-727.
Jelinek, Karl; to Audi AG Method for wireless communication between a motor vehicle and at least one other communication partner and motor vehicle 08971287 Cl. 370-330.
Jenewein, Stefan: See--
Baehner, Monika; Jenewein, Stefan; Kubbies, Manfred; Moessner, Ekkehard; and Schlothauer, Tilman 08969526 Cl. 530-387.1.
Jeng, Sheng-Wen: See--
Ye, Zhou; Lu, Ying-Ko; and Jeng, Sheng-Wen 08971574 Cl. 382-103.
Jeng, Tzuan-Ren: See--
Tiao, Golden; Jeng, Tzuan-Ren; Lin, Hsien-Chang; Chen, Chun-Jung; Chen, Wen-Chao; Lin, Chun-Chuan; Tsai, Chao-Hsu; Huang, Kuo-Chung; Lo, Hsin-Hsiang; and Lin, Chu-Hsun 08970692 Cl. 348-135.
Jenkins, Nyrisha Hair styling iron 08967159 Cl. 132-224.
Jenkins, Robert L.; to CertainTeed Corporation Photovoltaic systems, methods for installing photovoltaic systems, and kits for installing photovoltaic systems 08966838 Cl. 52-173.3.
Jenkins, Robert L.; Kalkanoglu, Husnu M.; Jacobs, Gregory F.; Shaw, Wayne E.; and Chihlas, Peter, to CertainTeed Corporation Roofing products, photovoltaic roofing elements and systems using them 08966850 Cl. 52-518.
Jenks, Stephen F.; Kim, Sung-Jin; and Greenberg, Jeff, to Hiperwall, Inc. Systems, methods, and devices for manipulation of images on tiled displays 08970448 Cl. 345-1.3.
Jennings, Douglas Ivan; and Dean, Charles Michael, to Cilag GmbH International Injection device 08968236 Cl. 604-68.
Jenny, Philippe: See--
Chachques, Juan Carlos; Bayes Genis, Antonio; Monleon Pradas, Manuel; Semino, Carlos Eduardo; Zur Nieden, Nicole; and Jenny, Philippe 08968417 Cl. 623-23.72.
Jensen, David Christian; Renowitzky, Alexander; and Radanovic, Vlado, to Logic Exhibit System Ltd. Modular exhibit structure 08967739 Cl. 312-114.
Jensen, Robert; Jacob, Oren; Gregory, Eric; Holliday, Wilson Taylor; and Butts, Andrew Justin, to PIXAR Graphical user interface for performing deformations 08970628 Cl. 345-647.
Jensen, Søren Eschricht: See--
Christensen, Anders Bent; and Jensen, Søren Eschricht 08970698 Cl. 348-143.
Jentzer, Olivier: See--
Guglieri, Massimo; and Jentzer, Olivier 08969621 Cl. 564-201.
Jeon, Bu-Il: See--
Do, Jae-Chul; Jeon, Bu-Il; Song, Myung-Gon; and Lee, Jung-Rak 08968514 Cl. 156-345.45.
Jeon, Byeongmoon: See--
Park, Seungwook; Lim, Jaehyun; Jeon, Yongjoon; Kim, Chulkeun; Kim, Jungsun; Park, Naeri; Hendry, Hendry; Jeon, Byeongmoon; and Park, Joonyoung 08971419 Cl. 375-240.29.
Jeon, Byeungwoo: See--
Kim, Sunyeon; Lim, Jeongyeon; Choi, Jaehoon; Lee, Gyumin; Moon, Joohee; Lee, Yunglyul; Kim, Haekwang; Jeon, Byeungwoo; Han, Jongki; and Kim, Dongwon 08971656 Cl. 382-240.
Jeon, Byung-Sun: See--
Hong, Sung-Kil; Cho, Wook-Dong; Bae, Jae-Soon; Kim, Ji-Eun; Nam, Hyun; Jang, Jun-Gi; Jeon, Byung-Sun; Joo, Mun-Kyu; and Jang, Hye-Young 08968884 Cl. 428-690.
Jeon, Han-Kyung: See--
Sung, Joo-Il; Jeon, Han-Kyung; Ahn, Chan-Su; Oh, Young-Il; and Yoon, Je-Sang 08972176 Cl. 701-438.
Jeon, Jae Hyun: See--
Choi, Jung Muk; Na, Seung Ho; Jeon, Jae Hyun; and Ahn, Sung Guk 08970159 Cl. 318-800.
Jeon, Sang-hun: See--
Park, Sung-ho; Song, I-hun; Kim, Chang-jung; Jeon, Sang-hun; and Ahn, Seung-eon 08970553 Cl. 345-175.
Jeon, Sang Min: See--
Kim, Kang-Min; Kim, Kwan-Ho; Odake, Ryota; Jeon, Sang Min; Kim, Seon Ki; Kim, Jin Hwan; Kim, Tae Hyung; Song, A Ram; Yu, Seung Jun; Jung, Jae Woo; and Cho, Jung-Hyun 08970570 Cl. 345-204.
Jeon, Yongjoon: See--
Park, Seungwook; Lim, Jaehyun; Jeon, Yongjoon; Kim, Chulkeun; Kim, Jungsun; Park, Naeri; Hendry, Hendry; Jeon, Byeongmoon; and Park, Joonyoung 08971419 Cl. 375-240.29.
Jeong, Byung Jang: See--
Ko, Young Jo; Noh, Tae Gyun; Lee, Kyoung Seok; Seo, Bang Won; Jeong, Byung Jang; and Lee, Heesoo 08971168 Cl. 370-208.
Jeong, Chan Yong; to Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. High frequency switch 08970282 Cl. 327-313.
Jeong, Dae Ung: See--
Park, Jung Min; Jeong, Dae Ung; and Lee, Yu Seon 08971941 Cl. 455-509.
Jeong, Hae-won; to Amorepacific Corporation Mascara brush 08967894 Cl. 401-1.
Jeong, Hee-Seong: See--
Park, Soon-Ryong; Jung, Woo-Suk; and Jeong, Hee-Seong 08970108 Cl. 313-512.
Jeong, Hwan-Hee; and Kang, Sung-Ku, to Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Touch screen panel 08970511 Cl. 345-173.
Jeong, Jae-Yong: See--
Park, Sang-Soo; and Jeong, Jae-Yong 08971110 Cl. 365-185.03.
Jeong, Jay-Il: See--
Park, Jun-Seok; Kim, Won-Kyu; Park, Hee-Jeing; Moon, Hee-Seok; Choi, Wong-Chul; Jeong, Jay-Il; Yu, Chi-Man; Jung, Do-Yang; Shin, Yong-Hark; and Park, Jae-Hong 08970341 Cl. 340-4.3.
Jeong, Ji Hoon; Park, Tae Gwan; and Kim, Sun-Hwa, to Bioneer Corporation SiRNA-hydrophilic polymer conjugates for intracellular delivery of siRNA and method thereof 08969543 Cl. 536-24.5.
Jeong, Jiweon: See--
Lee, Kyoungsoo; Shin, Myungjun; and Jeong, Jiweon 08969125 Cl. 438-98.
Jeong, Jong Sool; Kim, Hyun Soo; Choi, Byungseok; Park, Mi-Ran; and Kwon, O-Kyun, to Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Optical line terminal for bidirectional wavelength-division-multiplexing optical network 08971710 Cl. 398-70.
Jeong, Yeon Su: See--
Kim, Jin Kwan; Kim, Chae Wook; Jeong, Yeon Su; Yun, Jun Won; Lim, Kyung Min; Joo, Yung Hyup; Park, Young Ho; and Shin, Hyun Jung 08968802 Cl. 424-757.
Jernigan, Mary Therese: See--
Ekart, Michael Paul; Colhoun, Frederick Leslie; Jernigan, Mary Therese; Weinhold, Stephen; and Armentrout, Rodney Scott 08968615 Cl. 264-211.21.
Jeske, Clifford O.: See--
Rivera, Emily J.; Jeske, Clifford O.; Smith, Murray A.; and Harder, Craig 08967287 Cl. 172-699.
Jespersen, Viggo; to Viggo Jespersen Holding APS Transport system for large items 08967930 Cl. 410-44.
Jessell, Thomas M.: See--
Wichterle, Hynek; Jessell, Thomas M.; and Peljto, Mirza 08969081 Cl. 435-377.
Jessen, Mogens Lift apparatus 08966678 Cl. 5-83.1.
Jessup, Raymond K.; and Dinh, John, to Intel Corporation System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server 08971864 Cl. 455-414.3.
Jethwa, Piyush: See--
Fletcher, Hugh H.; and Jethwa, Piyush 08972605 Cl. 709-245.
Jetpik: See--
Hu, Kun 08967163 Cl. 132-322.
Jeuffe, Gérard: See--
Hamza, Brahim; Issartel, Jean-Michel; Bouguerra, Akim Driss; Emaille, Rodolphe; Broquet, Christophe; and Jeuffe, Gérard 08967495 Cl. 239-284.2.
Jeung, Ji-Hong; Cho, Kyu-Sung; Baek, Sung-Hwan; Cho, Ik-Hwan; and Son, Tae-Hwan, to Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd. Method for providing navigation information, machine-readable storage medium, mobile terminal, and server 08972174 Cl. 701-420.
Jeunink, Andre Bernardus: See--
Kruijt-Stegeman, Yvonne Wendela; Den Boef, Arie Jeffrey; and Jeunink, Andre Bernardus 08968630 Cl. 264-496.
Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd.: See--
Soni, Arvind 08966762 Cl. 29-896.412.
Jewell, Christopher Jon: See--
Thazhathekalam, Krishnan; Ahn, David D.; Burbank, Andrea; Salvetti, Franco; and Jewell, Christopher Jon 08972384 Cl. 707-722.
Jewell, Thomas: See--
Perry, Jeffrey R.; Garrison, Martin; Mac, Dien; Chen, Howard; Gibson, Phil; and Jewell, Thomas 08972751 Cl. 713-300.
Jezequel, Olivier: See--
Soreau, Didier; Jezequel, Olivier; and Jourdan, Michaël 08967067 Cl. 114-259.
Jeziorek, Peter: See--
Pascolini, Mattia; Guterman, Jerzy; Haylock, Jonathan; Zhu, Jiang; and Jeziorek, Peter 08970446 Cl. 343-878.
JFE Steel Corporation: See--
Nagoshi, Masayasu; Sato, Kaoru; Watanabe, Seiichi; and Yoshida, Souki 08968839 Cl. 427-569.
Nakagaito, Tatsuya; Kawasaki, Yoshiyasu; Kaneko, Shinjiro; Matsuoka, Saiji; and Suzuki, Yoshitsugu 08968494 Cl. 148-533.
Jha, Bhavanath: See--
Mody, Kalpana Haresh; Ghosh, Pushpito Kumar; Sana, Barindra; Gnanasekaran, G.; Shukla, Atindra Dinkerray; Eswaran, K.; Brahmbhatt, Harshad Ramanbhai; Shah, Bharatiben Gunavantray; Thampy, Sreekumaran; and Jha, Bhavanath 08969056 Cl. 435-161.
Jhang, Pei-Ci; Ko, Zong-Jie; Lin, Yumin; Shieh, Jung-Yu; and Liao, Jeng Hwa, to Macronix International Co., Ltd. Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing 08969946 Cl. 257-324.
Jhong, Min-Fong: See--
Tung, Yung-Liang; Wu, Jia-Yin; Chen, Jen-An; Hsu, Hsin-Yi; Wu, Chun-Guey; Jhong, Min-Fong; and Tsai, Song-Yeu 08969593 Cl. 549-48.
Ji, Byoung Kyu: See--
Kwon, Young Jin; Gu, Ja Woon; Park, Won Hyung; Shin, Cheol Min; Ji, Byoung Kyu; and Kwon, Doo Hyo 08968695 Cl. 423-448.
Ji, Haijie: See--
Chu, Dingjun; Ji, Haijie; and Hong, Xiangxian 08969547 Cl. 540-114.
Ji, Hyoung Ju: See--
Kim, Young Bum; Cho, Joon Young; Han, Jin Kyu; Choi, Seung Hoon; Kim, Youn Sun; and Ji, Hyoung Ju 08971221 Cl. 370-280.
Ji, Jin-Biao: See--
Zhu, Chao-Jun; Ji, Jin-Biao; and Yao, Zhi-Jiang 08967586 Cl. 248-637.
Ji, Tingfang: See--
Palanki, Ravi; Bhattad, Kapil; Bhushan, Naga; Khandekar, Aamod D.; Ji, Tingfang; and Montojo, Juan 08971241 Cl. 370-328.
Ji, Xiaoming: See--
He, Bingming; Li, Ming; Tang, Zhijun; and Ji, Xiaoming 08969513 Cl. 530-317.
Liu, Shidong; Zhang, Zhaoli; Zhuo, Zhonghao; Ji, Xiaoming; and Gao, Xiaoliang 08969309 Cl. 514-21.1.
Jia, Hongfei; and Sekito, Takeshi, to Toyota Motor Egineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. Water oxidation catalyst 08968534 Cl. 204-290.13.
Jia, Ming: See--
Zhu, Peiying; Tong, Wen; Ma, Jianglei; and Jia, Ming 08971169 Cl. 370-208.
Jia, Qing Wei; Li, Hui; Cao, Shuyu; Guo, Guoxiao; and Yu, Jie, to Western Digital Technologies, Inc. Disk drive determining frequency response of actuator near servo sample frequency 08970979 Cl. 360-55.
Jia, Xiao-Chi: See--
Morrison, Robert Kendall; An, Zili; Morrison, Karen Jane Meyrick; Snyder, Josh; and Jia, Xiao-Chi 08968742 Cl. 424-181.1.
Jia, Zhike: See--
Zhao, Xing; Jia, Zhike; Zhang, Xin; and Yu, Jing 08972180 Cl. 701-468.
Jiang, Cheng-Shun; and Hsu, Jia-Sing, to Automotive Research & Testing Center Battery assembling device 08968911 Cl. 429-159.
Jiang, Chun: See--
Terracciano, Joseph; Damour, Nicole Miller; Jiang, Chun; Fogliato, Giovanni; Donadelli, Giuseppe Alessandro; and Resemini, Dario 08968753 Cl. 424-400.
Jiang Häfner, Ying; to ABB Technology AG Interface arrangement between AC and DC systems for reliable opening of the circuit breaker in time 08971070 Cl. 363-53.
Jiang, Hong: See--
Dai, Zhengyu; Jiang, Hong; Nedorezov, Felix; and Kraska, Marvin Paul 08968151 Cl. 477-5.
Shelton, Matthew John; Jiang, Hong; Nedorezov, Felix; and Huffmaster, Roger Lyle 08968153 Cl. 477-84.
Jiang, Hongping: See--
Jin, Shuqiang; Pang, Lingzhi; Wan, Liguo; Huang, Jiandong; and Jiang, Hongping 08972236 Cl. 703-13.
Jiang, Hongtao: See--
Wang, Zhongfeng; Jiang, Hongtao; and Chen, Chung-Jue 08972829 Cl. 714-776.
Jiang, Wenchun: See--
Fang, Xiaozhi; Xue, Guiying; Lin, Lei; Jiang, Wenchun; Yang, Meiwen; and Gao, Keqiang 08972716 Cl. 713-151.
Jiang, Xuwei: See--
Laredo, Walter R.; and Jiang, Xuwei 08969429 Cl. 523-107.
Jiang, Yadong: See--
Du, Xiaosong; Wu, Ze; Li, Yi; Jiang, Yadong; and Qiu, Dong 08969976 Cl. 257-414.
Jiang, Yongjin; He, Rui; Edge, Stephen William; Burroughs, Kirk Allan; and Fischer, Sven, to QUALCOMM Incorporated Enhanced LTE positioning protocol information transfer procedures for control plane LCS on LTE 08971920 Cl. 455-456.1.
Jianqin, Lin: See--
Morrow, Jonathan P.; Nguyen, Evans H.; Zenghong, Hu; and Jianqin, Lin 08970220 Cl. 324-414.
Jikai Biosciences, Inc.: See--
Ge, Yu 08969584 Cl. 548-214.
Jillings, Steven H.; to TeleSign Corporation Dual code authentication system 08973109 Cl. 726-5.
Jimenez, Juan-Miguel: See--
Charrier, Jean-Damien; Davis, Chris; Durrant, Steven; Fraysse, Damien; Jimenez, Juan-Miguel; Kay, deceased, David; Knegtel, Ronald; O'Donnell, Michael; Pierard, Francoise; Pinder, Joanne; Storck, Pierre-Henri; and Twin, Heather 08969360 Cl. 514-259.31.
Jimenez, Luis Alejandro; and Heath, Peter, to Electronics for Imaging, Inc. Inkjet printer with dot alignment vision system 08967762 Cl. 347-19.
Jimenez, Ruben: See--
Freire, Otavio R.; Zuffoletti, James P.; Jimenez, Ruben; Prentis, Matthew A.; and Carr, Brian C. 08972511 Cl. 709-206.
Jin, Beom-jun; Kim, Byung-seo; and Kim, Sung-Dong, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Methods of forming non-volatile memory devices including vertical NAND strings 08971118 Cl. 365-185.17.
Jin, Gary Q.; to Microsemi Semiconductor Corp. Over-sampled single-sided subband echo cancellation 08971523 Cl. 379-406.14.
Jin, Guang-Hai: See--
Lee, June-Woo; Jung, Kwan-Wook; Jin, Guang-Hai; and Choi, Jae-Beom 08969106 Cl. 438-22.
Jin, Haipeng; Giaretta, Gerardo; Song, Osok; and Mahendran, Arungundram Chandrasekaran, to QUALCOMM Incorporated Method and apparatus for handling policy and charging control rule or quality of service rule modification failures 08972553 Cl. 709-223.
Jin, Ming: See--
Zhang, Fan; Tan, Weijun; Jin, Ming; and Xia, Haitao 08972800 Cl. 714-47.2.
Jin, Shuqiang; Pang, Lingzhi; Wan, Liguo; Huang, Jiandong; and Jiang, Hongping, to Youtech, Inc. Method and apparatus for performing real-time, in-the-field switching-order simulation for an electric power system 08972236 Cl. 703-13.
Jin, Song-baik; to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Image forming apparatus, license server, terminal apparatus, method for installing application, and method for providing application file 08973103 Cl. 726-4.
Jin, Sung-Yeol: See--
Kim, Cha-Dong; Yun, Sang Hyun; Park, Jung-In; Sim, Su-Yeon; Lee, Hi-Kuk; Kim, Sang-Tae; Kim, Yong-Il; Sung, Shi-Jin; Lee, Eun-Sang; and Jin, Sung-Yeol 08968983 Cl. 430-270.1.
Jin, Sungho; Oh, Seunghan; Brammer, Karla; and Kong, Seong, to Regents of the University of California, The Switchable nano-vehicle delivery systems, and methods for making and using them 08968699 Cl. 424-1.29.
Jin, Young-kyu; Jung, Jong-woo; and Woo, Joo-kyung, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Apparatus and method for providing pictures according to sharing levels 08972847 Cl. 715-229.
Jin, Zhen Yu: See--
Omura, Ikuo; Jin, Zhen Yu; Yamashita, Shuzo; Iwata, Hiroo; and Mochizuki, Akira 08968392 Cl. 623-1.46.
Jin, Zhonghe; Hu, Shichang; Zhang, Xia; and Zhu, Huijie, to Zhejiang University Variable-area capacitor structure, comb grid capacitor accelerometer and comb grid capacitor gyroscope 08971012 Cl. 361-280.
Jing, Naiyong: See--
Shefelbine, Terri A.; Adair, Eric W.; Grootaert, Werner M.; Jing, Naiyong; and Kolb, Brant U. 08969469 Cl. 524-546.
Jing, Yushi; Pasca, Alexandru Marius; and Cai, Wei, to Google Inc. System and method for determining an annotation for an image 08971644 Cl. 382-224.
Jinkerson, Tammie K.: See--
Dart, Michael J.; Kym, Philip R.; Voight, Eric A.; Shrestha, Anurupa; Daanen, Jerome F.; Jinkerson, Tammie K.; Keddy, Ryan G.; Peddi, Sridhar; Gomtsyan, Arthur; Kort, Michael E.; Gfesser, Gregory A.; Woller, Kevin R.; and Nelson, Derek W. 08969325 Cl. 514-105.
Jiron, James Fernando: See--
Dale, Ernest James; Jiron, James Fernando; Desmet, John Patrick; and Rowell, Nathan Andrew 08970893 Cl. 358-1.16.
Jirousek, Jaroslav: See--
Zanone, Jean-Daniel; Jirousek, Jaroslav; Merminod, Baptiste; and Mayor, Vincent 08970519 Cl. 345-173.
Jirousek, Michael R.: See--
Milne, Jill C.; Jirousek, Michael R.; Bemis, Jean E.; and Vu, Chi B. 08969354 Cl. 514-255.01.
JN Biosciences LLC: See--
Tsurushita, Naoya; and Tso, J. Yun 08969539 Cl. 536-23.53.
JNC Corporation: See--
Furusato, Yoshimasa; Kawasaki, Subaru; and Kurihara, Eriko 08968597 Cl. 252-299.6.
Saito, Masayuki; and Matsumura, Yoshinari 08968598 Cl. 252-299.63.
Uchida, Akihiro; Sasaki, Shuji; Shimatani, Akiko; Umebayashi, You; and Ishida, Kazushi 08969522 Cl. 530-356.
Jo, Duk Jun: See--
Lee, Jong Ha; and Jo, Duk Jun 08970616 Cl. 345-593.
Jo, Gug-Rae: See--
Jang, Dae-Hwan; Kim, Min-Uk; An, Moon-Jung; Jo, Gug-Rae; and Kim, Kyu-Young 08967042 Cl. 101-170.
Jo, Guk-Pyo: See--
Yang, Jae-Deuk; Yoo, Yong-Sik; and Jo, Guk-Pyo 08969486 Cl. 525-432.
Jo, Hyunil; to Baker Hughes Incorporated Method for determining fracture spacing and well fracturing using the method 08967262 Cl. 166-308.1.
Jo, Jungwoo; to LG Innotek Co., Ltd. Stator core of rotor 08970086 Cl. 310-216.135.
Jo, Sung Hyun; and Kumar, Tanmay, to Crossbar, Inc. Multi-level cell operation using zinc oxide switching material in non-volatile memory device 08971088 Cl. 365-148.
Joannopoulos, John: See--
Shapira, Ofer; Soljacic, Marin; Zhen, Bo; Chua, Song-Liang; Lee, Jeongwon; and Joannopoulos, John 08969831 Cl. 250-458.1.
Joaquin, Danielle: See--
Ferree, Chris; Brown, Casey; Hacker, Allen; Joaquin, Danielle; Melchiorri, Anthony; and Schreiber, Torsten 08968211 Cl. 600-564.
Joe Santa & Associates Pty Limited: See--
Santa, David Luiz 08967036 Cl. 92-98R.
Joeman, Thomas Nuzhath: See--
Dadasaheb, Yadav Ganapati; Santoshrao, Parhad Prakash; Bhagavan, Nirukhe Ashwini; Damaraju, Parvatalu; Anil, Bhardwaj; Narayana, Prabhu Bantwal; Joeman, Thomas Nuzhath; and Madhusudan, Kale Dilip 08968697 Cl. 423-657.
Joensen, Arnbjorn: See--
Tomas, Julek Romuald; and Joensen, Arnbjorn 08967912 Cl. 405-203.
Joensen, Runi Djurhuus: See--
Wood, Carl Richard; Joensen, Runi Djurhuus; and Senkbeil, George 08967589 Cl. 251-1.2.
Joensuu, Erkki; and Laiho, Keijo Tapio, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) Circuit allocation within a communication core network 08971336 Cl. 370-401.
Joffe, Daniel M.; to ADTRAN, Inc. Optical communication systems and methods with crosstalk cancellation 08971717 Cl. 398-136.
Joffre, Eric Jude: See--
Thomas, Xavier; Caprasse, Virginie; Joffre, Eric Jude; Kollar, Csilla; Gantner, David Clayton; and Raul, Victor A. 08968773 Cl. 424-449.
Jogikalmath, Gangadhar: See--
Soane, David S.; Casado Portilla, Rosa; Mahoney, Robert P.; Jogikalmath, Gangadhar; and Wuthrich, Philip 08967258 Cl. 166-300.
Jogo, Jumpei; Nitta, Masaki; Hayashi, Satoshi; Oikawa, Yuhei; Katsuura, Joji; and Matsushita, Kosuke, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method 08967768 Cl. 347-37.
Johansen, Frode: See--
Boe, Ove; Harbecke, Günter; Johansen, Frode; and Stroemsvik, Torbjoern 08968037 Cl. 439-750.
Johanson, Mats; and Aderum, Tobias, to Autoliv Development AB Adaptive gas generator for airbag 08967664 Cl. 280-736.
Johansson, Niklas: See--
Moberg, Peter; Johansson, Niklas; Mildh, Gunnar; Rácz, András; and Stattin, Magnus 08971233 Cl. 370-315.
Johansson, Niklas; Mildh, Gunnar; and Racz, Andras, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (Publ) QoS management for self-backhauling in LTE 08971263 Cl. 370-329.
Johansson, Oskar; Södergren, Maria; and Roos, Fredrik, to Scania CV AB Method and module for controlling a vehicle's speed 08972138 Cl. 701-70.
Johansson, Panu Marten Jesper; to Nokia Corporation Autostereoscopic rendering and display apparatus 08970478 Cl. 345-156.
Johansson, Robert; to OmniVision Technologies, Inc. Conversion circuitry for reducing pixel array readout time 08969774 Cl. 250-208.1.
Johansson, Stefan: See--
Gustafsson, Mattias; Johansson, Stefan; and Ek, Anders 08970444 Cl. 343-839.
John, George; and Vemula, Praveen, to Research Foundation of the City University of New York Method for preparing hydro/organo gelators from disaccharide sugars by biocatalysis and their use in enzyme-triggered drug delivery 08968784 Cl. 424-488.
John, Joachim: See--
Prajapati, Victor; and John, Joachim 08969216 Cl. 438-745.
John, Peter; to SAP SE Analyzing software-usage information 08972456 Cl. 707-802.
John, Stanley; Mehta, Ashok; Goel, Sandeep Kumar; and Ting, Kai-Yuan, to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. System and method for functional verification of multi-die 3D ICs 08972918 Cl. 716-113.
Johns, David Richard: See--
McMahan, Kevin Weston; Chila, Ronald James; and Johns, David Richard 08966910 Cl. 60-752.
Johns Hopkins University: See--
Halperin, Henry R.; and Berger, Ronald D. 08968224 Cl. 601-41.
Johns Hopkins University, The: See--
Adles, Eric J.; Dennis, Michael L.; Sova, Raymond M.; Sluz, Joseph E.; Taylor, Michael G.; Menyuk, Curtis R.; and Zweck, John W. 08971701 Cl. 398-25.
Byrkit, Mark E.; and Murray, Francis W. 08973138 Cl. 726-23.
Dennis, Michael L.; Torruellas, William E.; and Brown, David M. 08970935 Cl. 359-246.
Goldblatt, Scott B.; DiNello-Fass, Ryan P.; Warren, Jeffery W.; and Conard, Steven J. 08970708 Cl. 348-169.
Kretzer, Ryan M.; Cunningham, Bryan W.; and Gordon, Jeffrey 08968367 Cl. 606-264.
Johnsen, Hanne Jorunn H.; Holmaas, Lars Terje; Kjernli, Trond; and Homestad, Ole Magne, to GE Healthcare AS Synthesis of iodixanol in propyleneglycol 08969619 Cl. 564-153.
Johnson, Alexander Steven; Lamontagne, Marc-Antoine; and Whiffen, Mark, to Verint Systems Inc. System and method for selecting portions of video data for high quality feed while continuing a low quality feed 08970654 Cl. 348-14.07.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.: See--
Pugh, Randall B. 08967488 Cl. 235-494.
Pugh, Randall B.; Kernick, Edward R.; Neeley, William Chester; Abouhalkah, Dwight; and Riall, James Daniel 08969830 Cl. 250-455.11.
Johnson, Angela Jones: See--
Zhou, Jianhui; and Johnson, Angela Jones 08969489 Cl. 525-467.
Johnson, Brad V.: See--
Yuan, Hongxing; Morelli, Michael V.; Cao, Jiangrong; Johnson, Brad V.; and Ikkawi, Rabee M. 08971160 Cl. 369-13.33.
Johnson, Bradley W.; to Multimedia Games, Inc. Wagering game, gaming machine, gaming system and method with a player-interactive bonus feature 08968074 Cl. 463-20.
Johnson, Charles W.; to ABB Technology AG Transformer having a core frame with interlocking members 08970338 Cl. 336-210.
Johnson Controls—SAFT Advanced Power Solutions LLC: See--
Dougherty, Thomas J. 08969756 Cl. 219-121.67.
Johnson, David Alan: See--
Magnuson, Phillip T.; Johnson, David Alan; McNutt, Gordon; and Buttars, Jeff 08971209 Cl. 370-254.
Johnson, David C.: See--
LaLonde, John; Mass, William R.; Hoyme, Kenneth P.; Johnson, David C.; Bange, Joseph E.; and Gryzwa, Mark 08970392 Cl. 340-870.01.
Johnson, David R.: See--
Davis, Christopher S.; Johnson, David R.; Day, Robert F.; Hoefnageis, Stephan; and McKee, Timothy P. 08972464 Cl. 707-822.
Johnson, Dean; Baker-Johnson, Jennifer; and Rhodes, Robyn M. Cosmetic apparatus and method 08967896 Cl. 401-130.
Johnson Electric S.A.: See--
Zhang, Hong Wei; and Yu, Biao 08970078 Cl. 310-68B.
Johnson, Erik: See--
Booth, Jean-Paul; and Johnson, Erik 08968838 Cl. 427-569.
Johnson, Garrett; Losordo, Michael Louis; and Skujins, Peter, to Covidien LP Delivery of medical devices 08968383 Cl. 623-1.11.
Johnson, Garrett M.: See--
Gatt, Alexis; Johnson, Garrett M.; and Ubillos, Randy 08971623 Cl. 382-167.
Ubillos, Randy; Johnson, Garrett M.; Webb, Russell Y.; and Roberts, Samuel M. 08971617 Cl. 382-163.
Johnson, Gary M.: See--
McGinley, Kimball B.; Kahle, Henry; Taylor, Scott V.; and Johnson, Gary M. 08968250 Cl. 604-167.06.
Johnson, Gerald R.: See--
Schertz, Rex; Johnson, Gerald R.; and Soldan, Daniel 08967239 Cl. 165-247.
Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.: See--
Johnson, Noel 08968159 Cl. 482-52.
Johnson, Jayne F.; and DesJardins, G. Thomas, to Advertising.Com LLC Process for providing targeted user content blended with a media stream 08973030 Cl. 725-32.
Johnson, Jennifer Ellen; Morris, John Keoni; de Brun, Stephen Carl; and Gunther, Nicholas Langdon, to Visible Market, Inc. Dynamic visual statistical data display and method for limited display device 08972295 Cl. 705-36R.
Johnson, Jeremiah D.: See--
Cronk, Erik E.; Johnson, Jeremiah D.; Sienkowski, Bruce A.; and Oltman, William T. 08966817 Cl. 47-81.
Johnson, Jerry B.; to Black Hawk Energy Products Electrical energy saving system 08971007 Cl. 361-118.
Johnson, John: See--
Anderson, Roger; Boulanger, Albert; Gross, Philip; Blick, Bob; Bukhman, Leon; Mastrocinque, Mark; Johnson, John; Seibel, Fred; and Delany, Hubert 08972066 Cl. 700-286.
Johnson, John Michael Recreational vehicle transformer 08971083 Cl. 363-142.
Johnson, Jonathan J.: See--
Comair, Claude; Fam, Sun Tjen; Ghali, Prasanna; and Johnson, Jonathan J. 08972230 Cl. 703-9.
Johnson, Keith: See--
Aberg, A. K. Gunnar; and Johnson, Keith 08969385 Cl. 514-324.
Johnson, Marc: See--
Conaway, Richard; Dykstra, Daniel R.; Johnson, Marc; Thole, Doug; and Freeman, Boyd 08967639 Cl. 280-86.5.
Johnson, Mark E.: See--
Andersen, Daniel A.; Chady, Lance D.; Christianson, Jeffrey J.; Johnson, Mark E.; and Neilsen, James R. 08967436 Cl. 222-402.13.
Johnson, Matthew; Lindsey, Harold; Dunigan, Megan; Lallinger, Justin; and Hammond, Jr., John Kirk, to Parata Systems, LLC Pharmaceutical dispensing systems and graphical user interfaces associated with same 08972047 Cl. 700-236.
Johnson, Matthew; Lindsey, Harold; Dunigan, Megan; Lallinger, Justin; and Hammond, Jr., John Kirk, to Parata Systems, LLC Pharmaceutical dispensing systems and graphical user interfaces associated with same 08972050 Cl. 700-241.
Johnson Matthey PLC: See--
Hetherington, Lucy Jane; and Cousins, Matthew John 08969240 Cl. 502-400.
Johnson, Nicholas P.: See--
Bates, Cary L.; Johnson, Nicholas P.; and King, Justin K. 08972957 Cl. 717-140.
Johnson, Noel; to Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. Folding elliptical exercise machine 08968159 Cl. 482-52.
Johnson, Rayal; and Gerstenhaber, Moshe, to Analog Devices, Inc. Method for low power low noise input bias current compensation 08970301 Cl. 330-257.
Johnson, Robert: See--
Yang, Terris; Johnson, Robert; and Tung, Hsueh Sung 08968693 Cl. 423-259.
Johnson, Robert A.; and Sadhu, Avinash, to Unisys Corporation IPsec connection to private networks 08972555 Cl. 709-223.
Johnson, Simon P.; Savagaonkar, Uday R.; Scarlata, Vincent R.; McKeen, Francis X.; and Rozas, Carlos V., to Intel Corporation Technique for supporting multiple secure enclaves 08972746 Cl. 713-189.
Johnson, Stephen A.; to APCI, LLC Linear friction welder with helical groove 08967216 Cl. 156-367.
Johnson, Stephen C.; to MathWorks, Inc., The Non-literal representation of programming language code 08972933 Cl. 717-110.
Johnson, Timothy P.: See--
Afergan, Michael M.; Leighton, F. Thomson; Johnson, Timothy P.; Mancuso, Brian J.; and Iwamoto, Ken G. 08972530 Cl. 709-219.
Johnston, Bryan Scott: See--
Wolcott, Lawrence D.; Chang, Phillip F.; and Johnston, Bryan Scott 08971394 Cl. 375-232.
Johnston, John Andrew: See--
Kellaway, Mike; and Johnston, John Andrew 08972204 Cl. 702-24.
Johnston, Keith P.; Engstrom, Joshua; and Williams, III, Robert O., to Board of Regents, The University of Texas System Formation of stable submicron peptide or protein particles by thin film freezing 08968786 Cl. 424-489.
Johnston, Leslie: See--
Riina, Howard; Milsom, Jeffrey; Cornhill, J. Frederick; Smith, Kevin Thomas; Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Schneider, Darren; Dillon, Christopher; Greeley, Gabriel; Gupta, Rainuka; Van Hill, Jeremy; Johnston, Leslie; DeNardo, Matthew; and Sathe, Rahul 08968382 Cl. 623-1.11.
Johnston, Raymond P.: See--
Tsuei, Alexander C.; Poch, James F.; Humpal, Paul E.; Mortazavi, Hamid R.; Brott, Robert L.; and Johnston, Raymond P. 08967837 Cl. 362-311.05.
Johnston, Stephen Albert; and Stafford, Phillip, to Arizona Board of Regents, The Compound arrays for sample profiling 08969255 Cl. 506-9.
Johnstone, Joel A: See--
Beck, Christopher Clemmett Macleod; Berke, Jonathan Michael; Johnstone, Joel A; Mitchell, Robin Marie; Powers, James Karl; Sidell, Mark Franklin; and Knuff, Charles Dazler 08971216 Cl. 370-260.
Jolley, Mike: See--
Smith, Kenneth R.; Jolley, Mike; Strid, Eric; Hanaway, Peter; Gleason, K. Reed; and Duckworth, Koby L. 08970240 Cl. 324-755.01.
Joly, Philippe Gérard Edmond: See--
Boston, Eric Jacques; Bouru, Michel André; Jablonski, Laurent; and Joly, Philippe Gérard Edmond 08967966 Cl. 416-2.
Boston, Eric Jacques; Bouru, Michel André; Jablonski, Laurent; and Joly, Philippe Gérard Edmond 08967969 Cl. 416-174.
Jonen, Werner; and Robens, Peter, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Intermediate floor for a radial turbine engine 08967954 Cl. 415-144.
Jones, Alicia C.: See--
Grigg, David M.; Kelly, Patrick B.; Jones, Alicia C.; and Keller, Marc B. 08972286 Cl. 705-26.1.
Jones, Andrew: See--
Morse, Christopher John; Ziegler, Andrew; Gilbert, Jr., Duane; and Jones, Andrew 08966707 Cl. 15-319.
Jones, Carl Evan; Roy, Subhojit; and Fiske, Rahul, to International Business Machines Corporation Enhanced copy-on-write operation for solid state drives 08972681 Cl. 711-165.
Jones, Cheryl Ruth; Hoford, John David; Patz, Tabb Alan; and Benson, Mark Joseph, to General Electric Company System and method for multi-tasking of a medical imaging system 08972748 Cl. 713-189.
Jones, Christopher: See--
Veasey, Robert; Cave, George; Jones, Christopher; Kouyoumjian, Garen; and Macdonald, Catherine Anne 08968259 Cl. 604-224.
Jones, Christopher Robert; Lewis, Stephen Robert; Mahmood, Sana; and Rogers, Eric L., to Caterpillar Inc. Thrust lubrication strategy for roller lifters of a common rail fuel pump 08967037 Cl. 92-129.
Jones, Darrin M.: See--
Bachmeyer, Paul Joseph; Hodgson, Doug; Jones, Darrin M.; and Anderson, Nicholas V. 08967534 Cl. 244-100R.
Jones, James; Maurer, John H.; Ward, Eric J.; and Bursey, Jr., Roger W., to United Technologies Corporation Gas turbine engine duct blocker that includes a duct blocker rotor with a plurality of roller elements 08967952 Cl. 415-127.
Jones, Kirk; and Metzler, Kenneth Wayne, to ProManPTO, LLC Inline cooling fan reverser 08967092 Cl. 123-41.12.
Jones, Michael Blair: See--
Reeves, Jr., Charles Ronald; Melzer, Oren J.; Jones, Michael Blair; Gordon, Ariel N.; and Nanda, Arun K. 08973099 Cl. 726-3.
Jones, Philip: See--
Campbell, John Emmerson; Hewitt, Michael Charles; Jones, Philip; and Xie, Linghong 08969349 Cl. 514-249.
Jones, Richard; to Symantec Corporation Systems and methods for implementing a storage interface specific to an archiving platform 08972677 Cl. 711-161.
Jones, Rick C.: See--
Vawter, Gregory A.; Lilley, Jeff B.; Tauke Pedretti, Anna M.; and Jones, Rick C. 08971714 Cl. 398-116.
Jones, Russel K.: See--
Alizadeh-Shabdiz, Farshid; Brachet, Nicolas; Cavanaugh, Gerald; Dancus, Andrei; Jones, Russel K.; and Steger, Christopher 08971915 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alizadeh-Shabdiz, Farshid; Brachet, Nicolas; Cavanaugh, Gerald; Dancus, Andrei; Jones, Russel K.; and Steger, Christopher 08971923 Cl. 455-456.1.
Jones, Spencer Brian: See--
Beauchamp, Thomas James; Dao, Yen; Jones, Spencer Brian; Norman, Bryan Hurst; and Pfeifer, Lance Allen 08969555 Cl. 544-253.
Jones, Steve; to Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited Near field communication apparatus 08971802 Cl. 455-41.1.
Jones, Timothy: See--
Brownworth, L. Anders; Kashimba, Jared; and Jones, Timothy 08971205 Cl. 370-252.
Jones, Zachary H.; Quirk, Aaron J.; and Sun, Lin, to International Business Machines Corporation Text prediction using environment hints 08972245 Cl. 704-10.
Jong, Sung-Jeng: See--
Chung, Pao-Tang; Jong, Sung-Jeng; Chen, Jer-Young; Chang, Yih-Her; Fu, Huai-Kuang; and Xiao, Ting-Ting 08969458 Cl. 524-406.
Jons, Steven D.: See--
Roy, Abhishek; Jons, Steven D.; Koob, Joseph D.; Paul, Mou; Qiu, XiaoHua Sam; and Rosenberg, Steven 08968828 Cl. 427-244.
Jonsson, Jimmy: See--
Molander, Sören; and Jonsson, Jimmy 08970401 Cl. 340-961.
Joo, Jae Hyun; and Hong, Sung Wan, to Nanobrick Co., Ltd. Composite film for preventing forgery, and composite method for preventing forgery 08970943 Cl. 359-296.
Joo, Mun-Kyu: See--
Hong, Sung-Kil; Cho, Wook-Dong; Bae, Jae-Soon; Kim, Ji-Eun; Nam, Hyun; Jang, Jun-Gi; Jeon, Byung-Sun; Joo, Mun-Kyu; and Jang, Hye-Young 08968884 Cl. 428-690.
Joo, Young-Cheol: See--
Song, Seung-Yong; Choi, Young-Seo; Kwon, Oh-June; Ryu, Ji-Hun; Jung, Sun-Young; and Joo, Young-Cheol 08970102 Cl. 313-504.
Joo, Yung Hyup: See--
Kim, Jin Kwan; Kim, Chae Wook; Jeong, Yeon Su; Yun, Jun Won; Lim, Kyung Min; Joo, Yung Hyup; Park, Young Ho; and Shin, Hyun Jung 08968802 Cl. 424-757.
Jordan, Alfred: See--
Yaluris, George; Albin, Lenny; and Jordan, Alfred 08967919 Cl. 406-50.
Jordan, Jude J.: See--
Williams, Ben; and Jordan, Jude J. 08967134 Cl. 126-50.
Jordan, Michael J.; Nunez Mencias, Angel; Schmidbauer, Joerg; and Werner, Klaus, to International Business Machines Corporation Secure data handling in a computer system 08972745 Cl. 713-189.
Jorgensen, Lars: See--
Gandhi, Hardik Prakash; Yang, Zigang; Jorgensen, Lars; and Chivakula, Prasad 08971464 Cl. 375-346.
Jornet Vidal, Jordi: See--
Prat Terrades, Jaume; Jornet Vidal, Jordi; and Planas Girona, Albert 08967018 Cl. 74-501.5R.
Jose, Jubin; Subramanian, Sundar; Wu, Xinzhou; Li, Junyi; and Richardson, Thomas Joseph, to QUALCOMM Incorporated Hybrid interference alignment for mixed macro-FEMTO base station downlink 08971906 Cl. 455-450.
Joseph, Daniel A.: See--
Garrison, David M.; Allen, IV, James D.; Unger, Jeffrey R.; Kerr, Duane E.; O'Neill, Sean T.; Mueller, Peter M.; Brandt, Kim V.; Cunningham, James S.; Hart, Keir; Joseph, Daniel A.; Sanders, Jason T.; and Sharp, Robert M. 08968360 Cl. 606-208.
Joseph, Lior; Menashe, Avihay; and Kent, Itzik, to Hewlett-Packard Indigo B.V. Initiating an alignment correction cycle 08967611 Cl. 270-58.07.
Joseph, Matthew: See--
DeSanzo, David Joseph; Schroeck, David; Goodermuth, Todd; Mudiam, Veni; Joseph, Matthew; Madhavan, Sethu; and Torres, Enrique David 08972143 Cl. 701-70.
Josephs, Michael A.: See--
Brinkman, Mark J.; Dragonuk, Michael; Eichelberger, Kevin D.; Eichhorn, Chris; Eller, Megan Starr; Gehlhar, Sarah; Holland, Gregory J.; Josephs, Michael A.; Lubich, Daniel J.; McElroy, Jeffrey L.; Ochs, Brett A.; Peters, Laron L.; Potrzeba, Duane A.; and Souder, Christopher L. 08969682 Cl. 800-320.1.
Joshi, Avdhut S.; to Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. Lane-based localization 08972093 Cl. 701-23.
Joshi, Mahendra: See--
Kift, Julian; Joshi, Mahendra; Hoffman, Cherish M.; and Thompson, Whip C. 08968556 Cl. 208-390.
Joshi, Nina S.; Squier, Aaron H.; and Stevens, Andrew G., to Leeo, Inc. Electronic device for determining external temperature 08967855 Cl. 374-112.
Joshi, Prakash B.; Preda, Dorin V.; Skyler, David A.; Tsinberg, Anait; Green, B. David; and Marinelli, William J., to Physical Sciences, Inc. Recovery of rare earth elements and compounds from coal ash 08968688 Cl. 423-21.5.
Jost, Thomas High accuracy 1588 timestamping over high speed multi lane distribution physical code sublayers 08971352 Cl. 370-465.
Jouini, Anis: See--
Kirscht, Fritz; Walerysiak, Marcin; Heuer, Matthias; Jouini, Anis; and Ounadjela, Kamel 08968467 Cl. 117-13.
Joung, Yoon-Ki: See--
Park, Ki-Dong; Joung, Yoon-Ki; Park, Kyung-Min; and Lih, Eu-Gene 08968716 Cl. 424-78.3.
Jourdan, Michaël: See--
Soreau, Didier; Jezequel, Olivier; and Jourdan, Michaël 08967067 Cl. 114-259.
Journade, Jerome: See--
Picaut, Stephane; Journade, Jerome; Morin, Remi; and Lignee, Robert 08972141 Cl. 701-70.
Joussot-Dubien, Christophe: See--
Lambertin, David; Cau Dit Coumes, Celine; Frizon, Fabien; and Joussot-Dubien, Christophe 08968463 Cl. 106-692.
Jovanovic, Milan: See--
Huber, Laszlo; Jovanovic, Milan; and Chang, Chien-Chung 08970198 Cl. 323-284.
Joy MM Delaware, Inc.: See--
Stryffeler, David; McDaniel, Don; and McCormick, Chris 08967728 Cl. 299-1.4.
Joyce, Scott E.; and Rabe, Bruce R., to EMC Corporation Locating a data storage system 08971916 Cl. 455-456.1.
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.: See--
Mitchell, Brian 08972906 Cl. 715-867.
JSR Corporation: See--
Konno, Keiji; Tanaka, Masato; Ishii, Momoko; Takahashi, Junichi; and Nagai, Tomoki 08968458 Cl. 106-287.12.
Maruyama, Ken; Nishino, Kota; Kasahara, Kazuki; and Sakakibara, Hirokazu 08968980 Cl. 430-270.1.
Namai, Hayato 08968586 Cl. 216-41.
Jtekt Corporation: See--
Fujii, Noriyuki; Takuno, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Kunihiko; and Tsuzuki, Yuji 08967350 Cl. 192-35.
Toda, Takuya; Onizuka, Takaaki; and Harada, Katsuyuki 08967733 Cl. 301-105.1.
JTSR, LLC: See--
Jarvis, Dwayne 08967071 Cl. 116-63R.
Ju, Wei-De; to Apple Inc. Lock-free object recycling 08972682 Cl. 711-165.
Juang, Kai-Cheung; Yang, Tzu-Yi; Tseng, Chung-Lin; Tsai, Hsuan-Yu; and Chang, Yung-Hsi, to Industrial Technology Research Institute System for providing an alternating current, and control apparatus and method thereof 08971065 Cl. 363-37.
Judd, Mano D.; Lovinggood, Breck W.; Tennant, David T.; Maca, Gregory A.; Kuiper, William P.; Alford, James L.; Thomas, Michael D.; and Veihl, Jonathon C., to Andrew LLC Repeaters for wireless communication systems 08971796 Cl. 455-11.1.
Judge, Alan M.; McGaugh, David J.; Hamilton, James R.; Pietsch, Justin O.; and O'Meara, David J., to Amazon Technologies, Inc. Distributed routing architecture 08971328 Cl. 370-392.
Judge, Caren A.: See--
Zawierucha, Joseph; Judge, Caren A.; and Horton, Christopher Todd 08969247 Cl. 504-156.
Judkins, James G.: See--
Han, Liang; Mow, Matthew A.; Judkins, James G.; Biedka, Thomas E.; Tsai, Ming-Ju; and Schlub, Robert W. 08971874 Cl. 455-425.
Judson, Jared Alden: See--
Beale, Jeff; Taylor, Harold; Chapin, Jeffrey R.; and Judson, Jared Alden 08968420 Cl. 623-65.
Juergens, Jutta: See--
Helmke, Elisabeth; Gerdes, Birte; Juergens, Jutta; and Reuter, Kristine 08968718 Cl. 424-93.1.
Juhlin-Dannfelt, Peter; Swartling, Fredrik; and Asplund, Peter, to Scania CV AB Method and system for control of a gearbox 08972126 Cl. 701-52.
Juhlin, Lars-Erik; to ABB Technology AG Line fault detector 08970222 Cl. 324-523.
Jujare, Arvind: See--
Driscoll, James Joshua; Jujare, Arvind; Herold, Shawn; Hudgens, Jason; and Deshmukh, Sachin S. 08966965 Cl. 73-114.71.
Julia, Luc E.; Henriot, Boris; and Serghine, Maklouf, to QUALCOMM Connected Experiences, Inc. System and method for programmatic link generation with media delivery 08973072 Cl. 725-112.
Julius Blum GmbH: See--
Raich, Oskar; and Nagel, Thomas 08967902 Cl. 403-322.4.
Julius Sämann Ltd.: See--
Fischer, Albert Michael; Kuhn, Matthew Thomas; Ziek, Jr., Robert Richard; and Donovan, Robert St Clair 08968647 Cl. 422-5.
Jun, Hae-Young: See--
Kim, Joo-Young; Kim, Wuk; and Jun, Hae-Young 08971918 Cl. 455-456.1.
Jun, Jerry: See--
Li, Yunpeng; Chen, Wenge; and Jun, Jerry 08971893 Cl. 455-437.
Jun Li, Ming: See--
Chen, Xin; Jun Li, Ming; and Powers, Dale Robert 08971683 Cl. 385-124.
Jung, Changho; Vattikonda, Rakesh; Desai, Nishith; and Yoon, Sei Seung, to QUALCOMM Incorporated Wide range multiport bitcell 08971096 Cl. 365-154.
Jung, Deuk-Soo: See--
Chun, Ki-Chul; Kim, Hwan; and Jung, Deuk-Soo 08969876 Cl. 257-59.
Jung, Do-Yang: See--
Park, Jun-Seok; Kim, Won-Kyu; Park, Hee-Jeing; Moon, Hee-Seok; Choi, Wong-Chul; Jeong, Jay-Il; Yu, Chi-Man; Jung, Do-Yang; Shin, Yong-Hark; and Park, Jae-Hong 08970341 Cl. 340-4.3.
Jung, Edward K. Y.: See--
Boyden, Edward S.; Hyde, Roderick A.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Leuthardt, Eric C.; Malaska, Stephen L.; Sweeney, Elizabeth A.; and Wood, Jr., Lowell L. 08968377 Cl. 607-96.
Deane, Geoffrey F.; Ferren, Bran; Gates, William; Hillis, W. Daniel; Hyde, Roderick A.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Kare, Jordin T.; Myhrvold, Nathan P.; Tegreene, Clarence T.; Tuckerman, David B.; Weaver, Thomas A.; Whitmer, Charles; Wood, Jr., Lowell L.; and Wood, Victoria Y. H. 08968903 Cl. 429-105.
Hood, Leroy E.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Langer, Robert; Tegreene, Clarence T.; Wood, Jr., Lowell L.; and Wood, Victoria Y. H. 08968274 Cl. 604-890.1.
Jung, Gang-Seob; Hwang, Sang-Soo; Yi, Young-Jin; and Lee, Jung-Hyun, to LG Display Co., Ltd. Touch panel and liquid crystal display device including the same 08970509 Cl. 345-173.
Jung, Gangseob: See--
An, Suchang; Kang, Heekwang; Hwang, Sangsoo; and Jung, Gangseob 08970508 Cl. 345-173.
Jung, Hae-kyung: See--
Cheon, Min-su; Han, Woo-jin; Jung, Hae-kyung; Kim, Il-koo; Lee, Tammy; and Chen, Jianle 08971653 Cl. 382-238.
Cheon, Min-su; Han, Woo-jin; Jung, Hae-kyung; Kim, Il-koo; Lee, Tammy; and Chen, Jianle 08971654 Cl. 382-238.
Lee, Tammy; Han, Woo-jin; Chen, Jianle; and Jung, Hae-kyung 08971649 Cl. 382-232.
Lee, Tammy; Han, Woo-jin; Chen, Jianle; and Jung, Hae-kyung 08971650 Cl. 382-233.
Jung, Han Su: See--
Cho, In Ho; Kim, Hyung Yong; Park, Eun Jin; Kwon, Ig Geun; Hwang, Sang Il; Jung, Han Su; Woo, Kyung Chul; Choi, Byung Keol; Im, Myong Hun; Oh, Soo Young; Hong, Moon Hee; Kim, Woo Young; and Lee, Sang Heon 08966944 Cl. 68-12.19.
Jung, Hoon: See--
Song, Jae Gwan; Kim, Dong Ho; Kim, Hyongook; Choi, Yong Hoon; Jung, Hoon; and Park, Jong Heung 08970899 Cl. 358-1.6.
Jung, Hoyoung: See--
Son, Hyeonho; Lim, Moojong; and Jung, Hoyoung 08970681 Cl. 348-51.
Jung, Hoyoung; to LG Display Co., Ltd. Liquid crystal display with brightness extractor and driving method thereof for modulating image brightness by controlling the average picture level to reduce glare and eye fatigue 08970635 Cl. 345-690.
Jung, Hye-Kyung: See--
Park, Jin-Ho; Choi, Gil-Heyun; Park, Byung-Lyul; Lee, Jong-Myeong; Choi, Zung-Sun; and Jung, Hye-Kyung 08969196 Cl. 438-653.
Jung, Hyun Kwang: See--
Ahn, Byung Du; Lim, Ji Hun; Lim, Jun Hyung; Kim, Dae Hwan; Kim, Jae Hyeong; Lee, Je Hun; and Jung, Hyun Kwang 08969872 Cl. 257-57.
Jung, Hyung-Suk: See--
Lim, Ha-jin; Jung, Hyung-Suk; and Choi, Yun-Ki 08970014 Cl. 257-635.
Jung, In Uk: See--
Yuk, Young Soo; Kim, Yong Ho; and Jung, In Uk 08971354 Cl. 370-482.
Jung, In Uk; Kim, Yong Ho; Chun, Jin Young; Lee, Jin; Ihm, Bin Chul; and Ryu, Ki Seon, to LG Electronics Inc. Method and apparatus for handover by calculating the distance between a mobile user equipment and an intermediate access point in a wireless communication system 08971889 Cl. 455-436.
Jung, Jae-han; Koo, Dong-soo; and Kim, Sung-hee, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Image quality improvement device and method thereof 08970787 Cl. 348-607.
Jung, Jae Ho: See--
Ko, Min Jin; Jung, Jae Ho; Moon, Myung Sun; Choi, Bum Gyu; Kang, Dae Ho; Kim, Min Kyoun; and Cho, Byung Kyu 08969478 Cl. 525-100.
Jung, Jae Sun: See--
Moon, Dong Ju; Lee, Yun Ju; Jung, Jae Sun; Lee, Jin Hee; Lee, Seung Hwan; Kim, Bang Hee; Kim, Hyun Jin; and Yang, Eun Hyeok 08968601 Cl. 252-373.
Jung, Jae Woo: See--
Kim, Kang-Min; Kim, Kwan-Ho; Odake, Ryota; Jeon, Sang Min; Kim, Seon Ki; Kim, Jin Hwan; Kim, Tae Hyung; Song, A Ram; Yu, Seung Jun; Jung, Jae Woo; and Cho, Jung-Hyun 08970570 Cl. 345-204.
Jung, Jong-woo: See--
Jin, Young-kyu; Jung, Jong-woo; and Woo, Joo-kyung 08972847 Cl. 715-229.
Jung, Kwan-Wook: See--
Lee, June-Woo; Jung, Kwan-Wook; Jin, Guang-Hai; and Choi, Jae-Beom 08969106 Cl. 438-22.
Jung, Patrick: See--
Reut, Mario; and Jung, Patrick 08968056 Cl. 451-72.
Jung, Peter: See--
Kohlschmidt, Peter; Scholz, Frank; Jung, Peter; and Bruck, Guido 08970168 Cl. 320-108.
Jung, Sang Sok: See--
Lee, Dong Sub; Kim, Dong-Myung; Chang, Jae Dong; Moon, Jun Ho; and Jung, Sang Sok 08968898 Cl. 429-82.
Jung, Seok Yoon: See--
Jang, Gyeong Ja; and Jung, Seok Yoon 08970580 Cl. 345-419.
Jung, Seung-Jae: See--
Oh, Min-Seok; Kim, Jung-Tae; Song, Nam-Kyu; Park, Min; Lee, Yun-Seok; Lee, Czang-Ho; Shin, Myung-Hun; Lee, Byoung-Kyu; Nam, Yuk-Hyun; Jung, Seung-Jae; Lim, Mi-Hwa; Seo, Joon-Young; Choi, Dong-Uk; Kim, Dong-Seop; and Kim, Byoung-June 08969713 Cl. 136-256.
Jung, Soon-wook: See--
Kuh, Bong-jin; Yang, Sang-ryol; Jung, Soon-wook; You, Young-sub; Chung, Byung-hong; Choi, Han-mei; and Lim, Jong-sung 08970039 Cl. 257-758.
Jung, Sun-Young: See--
Song, Seung-Yong; Choi, Young-Seo; Kwon, Oh-June; Ryu, Ji-Hun; Jung, Sun-Young; and Joo, Young-Cheol 08970102 Cl. 313-504.
Jung, Tae Ho; and Lee, Jung Woo, to Sensonia Inc. Overvoltage protection circuit 08971001 Cl. 361-91.1.
Jung, Wonjoon: See--
Dimitrov, Dimitar Velikov; Song, Dian; Jung, Wonjoon; Covington, Mark William; and Kief, Mark Thomas 08970991 Cl. 360-313.
Jung, Woo-Suk: See--
Park, Soon-Ryong; Jung, Woo-Suk; and Jeong, Hee-Seong 08970108 Cl. 313-512.
Jung, Yang Won: See--
Oh, Hyen-O; Lee, Chang Heon; Song, Jeongook; Jung, Yang Won; and Kang, Hong Goo 08972270 Cl. 704-500.
Jung, Yong-Bae: See--
Yue, Seong-Hoon; Jung, Yong-Bae; Lee, Min-Hee; Kim, Won-Kook; and Kwon, Dong-Joo 08968605 Cl. 252-511.
Jungen, Markus: See--
Frikart, Marcel; and Jungen, Markus 08971958 Cl. 455-556.1.
Junior, Ernani Pautasso Nunes: See--
Nazário, Marcelo Christêllo; Jarschel, Maicon; and Junior, Ernani Pautasso Nunes 08966921 Cl. 62-239.
Juniper Networks, Inc.: See--
Choudhury, Abhijit; Murphy, James; Pogde, Pranay; Wang, Shine-Chu; Sivaramakrishnan, Rajagopalan; Mallya, Raghavendra; Membreno, Ileana; Shah, Sandip; and Tseng, Yung-Ching 08971173 Cl. 370-216.
Jurkiewicz, Tad: See--
Djunaedi, Ferdie Josef; and Jurkiewicz, Tad 08972020 Cl. 607-57.
Jurkowski, Olaf: See--
Kraft, Andre; Kuhn, Christian; and Jurkowski, Olaf 08967047 Cl. 102-202.9.
Jurng, Jong Soo: See--
Kim, Byoung Chan; Kim, Yeon Seok; and Jurng, Jong Soo 08969537 Cl. 536-23.1.
Just, Andrew B.; Weber, Trent; and Honjo, Shigefumi, to Apple Inc. Printed circuit board radio-frequency shielding structures 08969737 Cl. 174-350.
Just, Brian; to Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc. Pepper hybrid PS 16375253 08969669 Cl. 800-317.1.
Just, Dale E.: See--
Kauphusman, James V.; Fuentes, Allan M.; Tegg, Troy T.; and Just, Dale E. 08968299 Cl. 606-41.
Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.: See--
Do, Jae-Chul; Jeon, Bu-Il; Song, Myung-Gon; and Lee, Jung-Rak 08968514 Cl. 156-345.45.
Lim, Kun-Young; Kim, Do-Hyung; and Lee, Ju-Ill 08968474 Cl. 118-715.
JVC Kenwood Corporation: See--
Chiba, Wakana 08971454 Cl. 375-316.
Shirakawa, Ryuji; Shioyama, Tetsuya; and Machida, Yusuke 08970719 Cl. 348-221.1.
Shishido, Ichiro; and Matsushita, Konosuke 08972419 Cl. 707-751.
Takeshita, Hiroshi; Mori, Toshifumi; Ishikawa, Masaki; Ishizaka, Satoshi; Ryu, Hiroyuki; and Nishi, Yuji 08971611 Cl. 382-154.