NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

A&N Corporation: See--
McCoy, Vernon; Owens, Jr., James Loyal; and Davis, Adam Scott 08936231 Cl. 251-214.
AAC Acoustic Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: See--
Zhang, Xiong; and Wu, San-You 08938086 Cl. 381-409.
Aakko-Saksa, Päivi: See--
Rantanen-Kolehmainen, Leena; and Aakko-Saksa, Päivi 08935994 Cl. 123-1A.
AAR Corp.: See--
Islam, Amirul 08936419 Cl. 410-80.
Aaron, Greg: See--
Young, Michael William; Van Egmond, Stephen; and Aaron, Greg 08938801 Cl. 726-22.
AB Enzymes Oy: See--
Juntunen, Kari; Valtakari, Leena; Makinen, Susanna; Kallio, Jarno; Vehmaanpera, Jari; Ojapalo, Pentti; and Paloheimo, Marja 08937170 Cl. 536-23.2.
Abal, Daniel; to Carefusion 303, Inc. IV pump dual piston disposable cassette and system 08936447 Cl. 417-510.
ABB S.p.A.: See--
Bonetti, Luigi; and Ferrari, Michele 08937260 Cl. 200-401.
ABB Technology AG: See--
De Natale, Gabriele Valentino; and Bianco, Andrea 08937795 Cl. 361-62.
Gentsch, Dietmar; Hyrenbach, Maik; and Fink, Harald 08937262 Cl. 218-118.
Hosini, Falah; Jonsson, Tomas; Larsson, Tomas; Monge, Mauro; and Hasler, Jean-Philippe 08937798 Cl. 361-119.
Meyer, Christian; and Bollmeyer, Stefan 08938557 Cl. 710-8.
ABB Technology Ltd.: See--
Paduraru, Sergiu; Kinnunen, Lasse; and Steiner, Paul 08938321 Cl. 700-291.
Abbasfar, Aliazam: See--
Amirkhany, Amir; Kaviani, Kambiz; and Abbasfar, Aliazam 08937994 Cl. 375-232.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.: See--
Jow, Kevin; and Castro, Daniel A. 08936826 Cl. 427-2.24.
Pacetti, Stephen D. 08936827 Cl. 427-2.25.
Webler, William E.; and Yambao, August R. 08936568 Cl. 604-103.07.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.: See--
Fennell, Martin J. 08937540 Cl. 340-511.
Abbvie B.V.: See--
Lange, Josephus H. M.; Van Stuivenberg, Herman H.; and Van Vliet, Bernard J. 08937184 Cl. 548-333.5.
AbbVie Biotherapeutics Inc.: See--
Harding, Fiona A.; Akamatsu, Yoshiko; Dubridge, Robert B.; and Powers, David B. 08937159 Cl. 530-387.1.
AbbVie, Inc.: See--
DeGoey, David A.; Kati, Warren M.; Hutchins, Charles W.; Donner, Pamela L.; Krueger, Allan C.; Randolph, John T.; Motter, Christopher E.; Nelson, Lissa T.; Patel, Sachin V.; Matulenko, Mark A.; Keddy, Ryan G.; Jinkerson, Tammie K.; Gao, Yi; Liu, Dachun; Pratt, John K.; Rockway, Todd W.; Maring, Clarence J.; Hutchinson, Douglas K.; Flentge, Charles A.; Wagner, Rolf; Tufano, Michael D.; Betebenner, David A.; Sarris, Kathy; Woller, Kevin R.; Wagaw, Seble H.; Califano, Jean C.; Li, Wenke; Caspi, Daniel D.; Bellizzi, Mary E.; and Carroll, William A. 08937150 Cl. 530-206.
McDaniel, Keith F.; Chen, Hui-Ju; Yeung, Ming; Middleton, Timothy; Lu, Liangjun; and Kurtz, Kevin 08937041 Cl. 514-4.3.
Abe, Hideki; and Migita, Toshikazu, to Makita Corporation Electric lawn mowers 08935907 Cl. 56-11.9.
Abe, Tetsushi; Miki, Nobuhiko; and Ohwatari, Yusuke, to NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Base station apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus and communication control method 08937929 Cl. 370-336.
Abe, Yoshiaki: See--
Banba, Hironori; Isogai, Hiromichi; Abe, Yoshiaki; Ishikawa, Takashi; Narimatsu, Shingo; Nakao, Jun; Abiko, Hiroyuki; and Ohwa, Michihiro 08936679 Cl. 117-15.
Abe, Yotaro: See--
Nakazawa, Noriyuki; Harada, Masahiko; and Abe, Yotaro 08937117 Cl. 523-415.
Abel, Emma: See--
Goerlich, Patrick; Stefo, Riad; Bauer, Wolfram; Willig, Rainer; Kuhlmann, Burkhard; Reimann, Mathias; Esch, Ermin; Baus, Michael; Wetekam, Gregor; Veith, Michael; Abel, Emma; and Fuerst, Wolfgang 08938364 Cl. 702-116.
Abene, Michael; Arany, Jr., Benjamin G.; and Averell, Michael H. Dental instrument securing system 08936151 Cl. 206-369.
Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.A.: See--
Martí´nez Sanz, Noelia; Oteo Mazo, José Luis; Rubio Alonso, Jaun; Rubio Alonso, Fausto; and Mazo Fernández, Alejandra 08937026 Cl. 501-66.
Nunez Bootello, Juan Pablo; and Gallas Torreira, Manuel 08937983 Cl. 372-50.1.
Abidian, Mohammad Reza: See--
Martin, David C.; and Abidian, Mohammad Reza 08936794 Cl. 424-400.
Abiko, Hiroyuki: See--
Banba, Hironori; Isogai, Hiromichi; Abe, Yoshiaki; Ishikawa, Takashi; Narimatsu, Shingo; Nakao, Jun; Abiko, Hiroyuki; and Ohwa, Michihiro 08936679 Cl. 117-15.
Ableprint Technology Co., Ltd.: See--
Horng, Horng Chih 08936968 Cl. 438-108.
Ablynx N.V.: See--
Descamps, Francis; Pajuelo, Maria Gonzalez; Merchiers, Pascal Gerard; Stortelers, Catelijne; Vanlandschoot, Peter; Van Rompaey, Philippe; Smit, Martine; Leurs, Regorius; and Detaille, David Andre Baptiste Maussang 08937164 Cl. 530-388.22.
Abouzeid, Fady: See--
Giraud, Bastien; Abouzeid, Fady; Clerc, Sylvain; Noel, Jean-Philippe; and Thonnart, Yvain 08937505 Cl. 327-534.
Abowd, Gregory D.: See--
Patel, Shwetak N.; Reynolds, Matthew S.; and Abowd, Gregory D. 08938367 Cl. 702-138.
Abraham, Daniel P.; and Cheng, Gang, to UChicago Argonne, LLC Electrolyte compositions for lithium and lithium-ion batteries 08936882 Cl. 429-332.
Abrahamson, Hans; and Snitting, Tomas, to St. Juse Medical AB Medical transceiver device and method 08938305 Cl. 607-60.
Abrahmsén, Lars; Jonsson, Andreas; Dogan, Jakob; and Nygren, Per-Åke, to Affibody AB Compositions, methods and uses 08937153 Cl. 530-324.
ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.: See--
Giamis, Anthony M. 08937287 Cl. 250-393.
Acacia Communications Inc.: See--
Humblet, Pierre 08938031 Cl. 375-340.
Pellach, Lawrence S.; Truex, Edward H.; and Shah, Bhupen 08938628 Cl. 713-300.
Academia Sinica: See--
Chang, Yia-Chung; and Tang, Li-Chuan 08937767 Cl. 359-466.
Accenture Global Services Limited: See--
Cumby, Chad; and Ghani, Rayid 08938386 Cl. 704-9.
Swaminathan, Kishore; Liongosari, Edy S.; Dempski, Kelly L.; and Kurth, Scott 08938435 Cl. 707-706.
Access Business Group International LLC: See--
Baarman, David W.; Eurich, Sean T.; Stoner, Jr., William T.; Taylor, Joshua B.; Weber, Richard J.; Lord, John J.; Bachman, Wesley J.; Zellers, Kristen J.; and Lord, Shawn C. 08937454 Cl. 320-108.
Dittmer, Jay R.; and Doucet, Joe D. D0721270 Cl. D9-430.
Accu-Labs, Inc.: See--
Tremmel, Peter; Broch, Orville; and Cornwell, Stephen Brent 08936672 Cl. 106-1.22.
Acer Incorporated: See--
Chuang, Ming-Dao 08938235 Cl. 455-435.2.
Logereau, Clement Pierre D0721373 Cl. D14-432.
Acergy France SA: See--
Mille, Romain; and Du Halgouet, Brieuc 08936413 Cl. 405-172.
Acharya, Anish; to Google Inc. Retrieving social network content 08938500 Cl. 709-204.
Achates Power, Inc.: See--
Tebbe, Michael S. 08935998 Cl. 123-51BD.
Achen, Courtney N.: See--
Blomme, Laura B.; and Achen, Courtney N. 08935986 Cl. 111-164.
Achkir, Brice D.; to Cisco Technology, Inc. Variable optical attenuator 08938148 Cl. 385-140.
ACK Ventures Holdings, LLC: See--
Harris, Michelle; Jethanamest, Dan; LeRoux, Thomas; Tripp, Corey; DeLucia, Peter; Hsu, Lin; Boyle, Lee; Liu, Dan; Yi, George; Katsanis, Rocio; Kargman, Harry; and Herbst, Evan 08938724 Cl. 717-136.
Acushnet Company: See--
Ricci, Shawn; Correia, Timothy S.; Michalewich, Michael; and Comeau, Brian 08936519 Cl. 473-371.
Adachi, Ayumu: See--
Urakami, Yasushi; Gunjishima, Itaru; and Adachi, Ayumu 08936682 Cl. 117-106.
Adachi, Keiji; to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Image processing system, image capture apparatus, image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program 08938092 Cl. 382-103.
Adachi, Masakazu: See--
Ogerly, Shannon; and Adachi, Masakazu 08936053 Cl. 141-385.
Adachi, Sakuichiro: See--
Yamazaki, Isao; Ishizawa, Hiroaki; and Adachi, Sakuichiro 08936754 Cl. 422-82.05.
Adachi, Yoshitaka: See--
Morimoto, Kazumitsu; Adachi, Yoshitaka; Saito, Akihisa; Oyaizu, Eiji; and Toyoshima, Masaki 08937286 Cl. 250-370.11.
Adam, Mark; to NOV Downhole Eurasia Limited Under reamer 08936110 Cl. 175-57.
Adams, Alf; to University of Surrey Semiconductor laser 08937978 Cl. 372-29.021.
Adams, Justin: See--
Tremper, Kevin K.; and Adams, Justin 08936555 Cl. 600-508.
Adamson, George William; Zhou, Hongxia; and Cho, Kyunghee, to ZPower, LLC Cathode active material (higher oxides of silver) 08936775 Cl. 423-604.
Adaptive Materials, Inc.: See--
Crumm, Aaron T.; and LaBreche, Timothy 08936888 Cl. 429-512.
ADC Telecommunications, Inc.: See--
Krampotich, Dennis; and Coan, Jonathan Walter 08938147 Cl. 385-135.
Adcock, Claire; and Leblanc, Catherine, to Novartis AG Substituted pyrrolo[2,3-B]pyrazine compounds and their use 08937069 Cl. 514-249.
Addleman, Mark Jacob: See--
Martin, David Brooke; Gagliardi, Marco; and Addleman, Mark Jacob 08938729 Cl. 717-158.
Adeka Coporation: See--
Hiwatari, Ken-ichiro; and Saiki, Tomoaki 08937122 Cl. 524-99.
Adobe Systems Incorporated: See--
Adolph, Paul; Sletten, Dan; Shanson, Spencer; Shah, Pankaj; and Woodward, Don 08938674 Cl. 715-716.
Smith, Albert Gordon; Ruehle, Glenn Warren; and Greenfield, Eliot 08938693 Cl. 715-853.
Swaminathan, Viswanathan 08938619 Cl. 713-189.
Adolph, Paul; Sletten, Dan; Shanson, Spencer; Shah, Pankaj; and Woodward, Don, to Adobe Systems Incorporated Managing media player sound output 08938674 Cl. 715-716.
Adtran GmbH: See--
Bahls, Thomas; and Duchow, Daniel 08938527 Cl. 709-223.
ADTRAN, Inc.: See--
Dendy, Scott William; and Lamy, Michael F. 08938061 Cl. 379-225.
Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.: See--
Zhang, Gina; DesNoyer, Jessica Renee; Stewart, Gordon; Kezis, Maricela; and Hossainy, Syed Faiyaz Ahmed 08936780 Cl. 424-78.27.
Advanced Charging Technologies, LLC: See--
Freeman, Michael H.; Weaver, Jr., W. J. “Jim”; Milner, II, Roy Matthew; Freeman, Mitchael C.; Dieter, Robert; and Santee, Brian D0721328 Cl. D13-110.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: See--
Searles, Shawn 08937499 Cl. 327-158.
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.: See--
Smith, Galen L.; and Cox, Timothy J. 08938298 Cl. 607-37.
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.: See--
Tu, Po-Min; Huang, Shih-Cheng; and Lin, Ya-Wen 08936955 Cl. 438-26.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.: See--
Huang, Che-Hau; and Ou, Ying-Te 08937387 Cl. 257-737.
Tsai, Fu-Yung 08937376 Cl. 257-670.
Wang, Meng-Jen; and Wu, Chung-Hsi 08937015 Cl. 438-675.
Advantest Corporation: See--
Richter, Klaus; Koehldorfner, Alois; and Heibler, Bernhard 08938370 Cl. 702-187.
Advincula, Rigoberto; Tsai, Rebecca; Katoh, Kazuya; and Pernites, Roderick, to University of Houston System, The Anti-reflection coatings and methods of preparing and using same 08936833 Cl. 427-256.
Aerin Medical Inc.: See--
Wolf, Scott J.; and Frazier, Andrew 08936594 Cl. 606-41.
Aeroscout, Ltd: See--
Tsruya, Shalom; Dalla Torre, Rafi; Aljadeff, Daniel; and Lavi, Amir 08938255 Cl. 455-456.1.
Aerospace Corporation, The: See--
Ionov, Pavel Igorevich; and Beck, Steven M. 08938362 Cl. 702-3.
Aeschlimann, Reto: See--
Rufer, Thomas; Aeschlimann, Reto; and Remde, Axel 08936572 Cl. 604-131.
Aesculap AG: See--
Odermatt, Erich; Berndt, Ingo; König, Silke; Müller, Erhard; Oberhoffner, Sven; and Planck, Heinrich 08936619 Cl. 606-228.
Affibody AB: See--
Abrahmsén, Lars; Jonsson, Andreas; Dogan, Jakob; and Nygren, Per-Åke 08937153 Cl. 530-324.
Affinito, John D.; and Lowe, Gregory K., to Sion Power Corporation Electrode structure and method for making the same 08936870 Cl. 429-207.
Aflash Technology Co., Ltd.: See--
Chu, Tse-Ming; and Ma, Sung-Chuan 08937386 Cl. 257-737.
Agapiou, John S.: See--
Nandwani, Sunil; Ghosh, Ranajit; and Agapiou, John S. 08935954 Cl. 73-115.02.
Agata, Takeshi: See--
Hirose, Hidekazu; Agata, Takeshi; and Sato, Katsuhiro 08936858 Cl. 428-690.
Agati, Inc.: See--
Agati, Joseph Alan; Agati, Joseph Sebastian; and Maher, Peter John D0721245 Cl. D6-709.
Agati, Joseph Alan; Agati, Joseph Sebastian; and Maher, Peter John, to Agati, Inc. Combined table legs and support D0721245 Cl. D6-709.
Agati, Joseph Sebastian: See--
Agati, Joseph Alan; Agati, Joseph Sebastian; and Maher, Peter John D0721245 Cl. D6-709.
Agel, Friederike Elisabeth: See--
Gordon, John Gargano; Ruether, Thomas; Agel, Friederike Elisabeth; and Bösmann, Andreas 08936719 Cl. 208-222.
Aggarwal, Alok: See--
Das, Saumitra Mohan; Aggarwal, Alok; Naguib, Ayman Fawzy; Sridhara, Vinay; and Hardie, Edward Thomas Lingham 08938211 Cl. 455-404.2.
Aggarwal, Ashutosh: See--
Brewer, Beth A.; Bhaskaran, Hamsini; and Aggarwal, Ashutosh 08938498 Cl. 709-204.
Aghaibeik-Lavasani, Shahram: See--
Alenfall, Jan; Berggren, Anna; Rask, Carola; Wold, Agnes; and Aghaibeik-Lavasani, Shahram 08936783 Cl. 424-93.45.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.: See--
Nickerson, Mark A.; Willis, Frank Marsden; and Barber, William 08936723 Cl. 210-198.2.
Agnihotri, Vikrant: See--
Jacobson, Joseph M.; Kong, David; Anant, Vikas; Salomon, Ashley; Griffith, Saul; DelHagen, Will; and Agnihotri, Vikrant 08937001 Cl. 438-478.
Agostinelli, John A.: See--
Marcus, Michael A.; Agostinelli, John A.; and Kowarz, Marek W. 08937766 Cl. 359-466.
Agostinetto, Rita: See--
Samaritani, Fabrizio; Del Rio, Alessandra; and Agostinetto, Rita 08937045 Cl. 514-21.2.
Agoulnik, Sergei; Decosta, Bruce; Du, Hong; Jiang, Yimin; Li, Xiang-Yi; Nomoto, Kenichi; Wang, John (Yuan); and Zhang, Huiming, to Eisai R&D Management Co., Ltd. Multikinase inhibitors for use in the treatment of cancer 08937056 Cl. 514-100.
Agrawal, Arpita Self-locking, self-blunting safety needle system and syringe 08936569 Cl. 604-110.
Agrawal, Gaurav: See--
Chakraborty, Soma; Agrawal, Gaurav; and DiGiovanni, Anthony A. 08936659 Cl. 51-298.
Agrawal, Sheshnarayan; and Mohania, Mukesh K., to International Business Machines Corporation Intelligent data archiving 08938430 Cl. 707-662.
Aharoni, Ehud; and Margalit, Oded, to International Business Machines Corporation Generating a number based on mask and range constraints 08938482 Cl. 708-250.
Ahlers, John: See--
Zimmer, Ronald A.; and Ahlers, John 08936459 Cl. 425-182.
Ahlers, Jürgen: See--
Steinke, Tobias Heinz; Görtz, Hans-Helmut; Ahlers, Jürgen; Gruber, Freddy; and Skupin, Gabriel 08937135 Cl. 525-410.
Ahmad, Sagheer; Warshofsky, Alex S.; and Arbel, Ygal, to Xilinx, Inc. Clock monitor 08937496 Cl. 327-39.
Ahmad, Yazid Bin: See--
Sun Ting Kung, Jeremy; Toh Chong Nam, Michael; Toh Kian Seng, Ryan; Lee, Daze; Chu Wen Hing, Danny; Yong, Sit Wai; Ahmad, Yazid Bin; Kwek, Chin Leong; and Ooi, Tsin Tsung D0721427 Cl. D23-366.
Ahn, Chang-Bum; to Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. Secondary battery 08936863 Cl. 429-94.
Ahn, Eun Seon; Son, Jung Hoon; Lee, Byung Hun; Bak, Su Re; and Lee, Kun Sik, to LG Electronics Inc. Digital television and method of providing graphical user interface using the same 08938687 Cl. 715-782.
Ahn, Ho Kyun: See--
Bae, Sung Bum; Nam, Eun Soo; Mun, Jae Kyoung; Kim, Sung Bock; Kim, Hae Cheon; Ju, Chull Won; Ko, Sang Choon; Lim, Jong-Won; Ahn, Ho Kyun; Chang, Woo Jin; and Park, Young Rak 08937002 Cl. 438-478.
Ahn, Jin-Soo: See--
Do, Mun-Hyun; Lee, Ho-Soon; Ahn, Jin-Soo; and Bae, Won-Jung 08938143 Cl. 385-101.
Ahn, Jung Ho: See--
McLaren, Moray; Ahn, Jung Ho; Binkert, Nathan L.; Davis, Alan L.; and Jouppi, Norman Paul 08938139 Cl. 385-20.
Ahn, Jung Kun: See--
Rim, Yong Soo; and Ahn, Jung Kun D0721394 Cl. D15-146.
Ahn, Jung Ryul; and Kim, Jum Soo, to SK Hynix Inc. Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same 08937344 Cl. 257-296.
Ahn, Min Su: See--
Moon, David; Bae, Yong Cheol; Ahn, Min Su; and Jeon, Young Jin 08937490 Cl. 326-87.
Ahrens, Matthew A.: See--
Moore, William H.; Bonwick, Jeffrey S.; and Ahrens, Matthew A. 08938594 Cl. 711-162.
Ahsanuzzaman, Sheikh Mohammad; and Prodic, Aleksandar Low-volume programmable-output PFC rectifier with dynamic efficiency and transient response optimization 08937818 Cl. 363-17.
Aibara, Takehiro; to Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Satellite radiowave receiving device 08937573 Cl. 342-357.75.
Aikens, John: See--
Rogers, David M.; and Aikens, John D0721217 Cl. D1-125.
Rogers, David M.; and Aikens, John D0721218 Cl. D1-125.
Rogers, David M.; and Aikens, John D0721219 Cl. D1-199.
Rogers, David M.; and Aikens, John D0721220 Cl. D1-199.
Aiko, Satoshi: See--
Arai, Isamu; Hamaguchi, Yosuke; Aiko, Satoshi; and Sugimoto, Kenta 08936132 Cl. 180-444.
Airbus Helicopters: See--
Ameyugo, Gregorio 08936508 Cl. 454-254.
Chairat, Claire; Burel, Olivier; and Berthier, Jean-Marc 08936745 Cl. 264-438.
Airbus Operations GmbH: See--
Woydack, Joerg 08938560 Cl. 710-38.
Airbus Operations Limited: See--
Lam, Joseph K-W; Tichborne, Franklin; Masters, Simon; and Parmenter, David 08936218 Cl. 244-135R.
Airbus Operations (S.A.S): See--
Gallant, Guillaume; and Delahaye, Romain 08936215 Cl. 244-119.
Airbus Operations S.A.S.: See--
Bedoin, Steve; and Bonnaud, Cyril 08936213 Cl. 244-54.
Aires, Gary Dean Dual arm sign 08935869 Cl. 40-603.
AirHop Communications, Inc.: See--
Hui, Yan 08937921 Cl. 370-329.
Airy, Manish: See--
Kherani, Arzad Alam; Chakraborty, Soumen; Stauffer, Erik; Airy, Manish; Ranjan, Rishi; Boddapati, Phani Kiran; and Kumar Reddy, C. Ashok 08938239 Cl. 455-436.
Aisin AW Co., Ltd.: See--
Yamaguchi, Yasuo; Hayashi, Katsuyuki; and Sato, Shigeki 08936211 Cl. 242-434.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha: See--
Kawamura, Tateki; Sakaguchi, Wataru; Yamada, Yukifumi; and Goto, Naoki 08936227 Cl. 248-548.
Akahane, Shinichi; Kaganoi, Teruo; Kohno, Tomohiko; and Sugai, Kazuo, to ALAXALA Networks Corporation Communication device, communication system, and communication fault detection method 08937869 Cl. 370-242.
Akaike, Yukihiko: See--
Suzuki, Hitoshi; and Akaike, Yukihiko 08938742 Cl. 718-107.
Akama, Katsuaki: See--
Kato, Hideyuki; and Akama, Katsuaki 08938360 Cl. 701-538.
Akamatsu, Yoshiko: See--
Harding, Fiona A.; Akamatsu, Yoshiko; Dubridge, Robert B.; and Powers, David B. 08937159 Cl. 530-387.1.
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.: See--
Yoshikawa, Kazuhiro; and Yamadera, Shinichi 08936137 Cl. 188-72.7.
Akhriev, Albert; Bohan, Ronan; Lynch, Karol; and Pasetto, Davide, to International Business Machines Corporation Addition of immersive interaction capabilities to otherwise unmodified 3D graphics applications 08938093 Cl. 382-103.
Akimoto, Kengo: See--
Yamazaki, Shunpei; Akimoto, Kengo; Tsubuku, Masashi; Sasaki, Toshinari; and Kuwabara, Hideaki 08937306 Cl. 257-43.
Akimoto, Yosuke: See--
Tomizawa, Hideyuki; Kojima, Akihiro; Shimada, Miyoko; Akimoto, Yosuke; Sugizaki, Yoshiaki; and Furuyama, Hideto 08937331 Cl. 257-98.
Akino, Hiroshi: See--
Matsui, Noriko; and Akino, Hiroshi 08938085 Cl. 381-356.
Akiwumi-Assani, Samuel O.: See--
Mathews, Robin Montague; Saxena, Tushar; and Akiwumi-Assani, Samuel O. 08938770 Cl. 725-131.
Akiyama, Futoshi: See--
Yamada, Tatsuki; Akiyama, Futoshi; and Horii, Rie 08937653 Cl. 348-79.
Akiyama, Hidenori: See--
Blanchard, Richard A.; Akiyama, Hidenori; and Tworzydlo, Woytek 08937502 Cl. 327-376.
Akiyama, Shoji: See--
Fujimaki, Makoto; Akiyama, Shoji; and Nagata, Kazutoshi 08937721 Cl. 356-445.
Aksu, Emre: See--
Curcio, Igor Danilo Diego; Aksu, Emre; Walsh, Rod; Mehta, Harsh; and Leon, David RE045352 Cl. 709-227.
Aktiebolaget SKF: See--
Re, Paolo; and Knopf, Andreas 08936321 Cl. 301-109.
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.V.: See--
Gorochovceva, Natalija; and Klingberg, Anders 08936159 Cl. 209-166.
Akzo Nobel N.V.: See--
Alexander, Mark 08937033 Cl. 504-358.
Al-Homouz, Dirar: See--
Shehadad Mohammad, Baker; and Al-Homouz, Dirar 08937829 Cl. 365-148.
Al-Mohizea, Saad I.; to King Saud University Punch biopsy device 08936557 Cl. 600-567.
Al-Mufti, Khalid W.: See--
Alles, Martin; Gravely, Thomas B.; and Al-Mufti, Khalid W. 08938259 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alaettinoglu, Cengiz: See--
Kanna, Satish; Taneja, Siddharth; and Alaettinoglu, Cengiz 08937946 Cl. 370-389. Incorporated: See--
Slavin, Alison Jane; McCarthy, Jr., Robert J.; Hutz, David James; Trundle, Stephen Scott; and Martin, Jean-Paul 08937661 Cl. 348-156.
Alaus, Laurent; and Noguet, Dominique, to Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives Processor for processing digital data with butterfly operator for the execution of an FFT/IFFT and telecommunication device 08938034 Cl. 375-341.
Alavi, Seyedhamed; and Kheradvar, Arash, to Regents of the University of California, The Mesh enclosed tissue constructs 08936650 Cl. 623-23.72.
ALAXALA Networks Corporation: See--
Akahane, Shinichi; Kaganoi, Teruo; Kohno, Tomohiko; and Sugai, Kazuo 08937869 Cl. 370-242.
Albatern Limited: See--
Findlay, David 08937396 Cl. 290-53.
Alberola, Carl A.: See--
Gee, Corey; Vinnakota, Bapiraju; Mohammadali, Saleem; and Alberola, Carl A. 08938607 Cl. 712-221.
Albert, Timothy J.: See--
Klimes, Milan; Albert, Timothy J.; Goodzey, Gregory P.; Johnson, Kevin; and Towers, Kenneth S. 08936322 Cl. 303-3.
Alberth, William P.; and Klomsdorf, Armin W., to Google Technology Holdings LLC Pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode lock out for regulators when receive signal quality is low 08937987 Cl. 375-219.
Albessard, Keiko: See--
Mitsuishi, Iwao; Fukuda, Yumi; Okada, Aoi; Matsuda, Naotoshi; Nunoue, Shinya; Albessard, Keiko; and Kato, Masahiro 08937328 Cl. 257-98.
Albin, Brooke A.: See--
Fruchey, Olan S.; Manzer, Leo E.; Dunuwila, Dilum; Keen, Brian T.; Albin, Brooke A.; Clinton, Nye A.; and Dombek, Bernard D. 08937147 Cl. 528-335.
Albinger, Bernd: See--
Surmann, Klemens; Hemmesmann, Andre; and Albinger, Bernd 08935908 Cl. 56-119.
Albo, Dror: See--
Fishgait, Alex; Laufer, Yaron; Albo, Dror; and Garcia-Meza, Jaime 08938517 Cl. 709-217.
Albrecht, Thomas R.; and Schabes, Manfred E., to HGST Netherlands B.V. Magnetic data recording system with improved servo capability for bit patterned recording 08937783 Cl. 360-59.
Alcatel Lucent: See--
Cesar, Bozo; Doll, Mark; Fetscher, Robert; Halbauer, Hardy; and Stanze, Oliver 08938246 Cl. 455-450.
Chen, Long 08938134 Cl. 385-2.
Claisse, Paul; Essiambre, Rene'-Jean; and Lee, Wonsuck 08938145 Cl. 385-123.
Doerr, Christopher 08938137 Cl. 385-14.
Fricker, Jean-Philippe 08937465 Cl. 323-274.
Hughes, Patrick Joseph; Jordan, Grace Marie; and Lyons, Alan Michael 08936404 Cl. 385-90.
Koktan, Toby J.; Poulin, Andre; and Rochon, Michel 08938579 Cl. 711-108.
Kompella, Vachaspathi Peter; Sinha, Satyam; Muley, Praveen; Goyal, Amit; and Murugan, Sundara 08937945 Cl. 370-389.
Mitra, Debasis; Saniee, Iraj; Walid, Anwar I.; and Widjaja, Indra 08937957 Cl. 370-395.5.
Panchal, Jignesh 08937969 Cl. 370-431.
Roullot, Stéphan 08938166 Cl. 398-37.
Alchemia Oncology Pty Limited: See--
Brown, Tracey J. 08937052 Cl. 514-62.
Alcon Research, Ltd.: See--
Artsyukhovich, Alexander N.; Boukhny, Mikhail; and Aslan, Z. Aras 08937769 Cl. 359-618.
Chatterton, Jon E. 08937051 Cl. 514-44.
Papac, Michael James; and Horvath, Christopher 08936377 Cl. 362-231.
Aleardi, Massimo; and Pianezze, Daniele, to ITW Industrial Components S.R.L. Con Unico Socio Device for lighting and controlling a burner in a household appliance 08936018 Cl. 126-39BA.
Alegre, Guilherme Henrique Mayer: See--
Costa, Eduardo Dos Santos; Cavaglieri, Marcelo Renato; Alegre, Guilherme Henrique Mayer; Lopes, Cleber De Jesus; Duduch, Marco Aurelio; and Windlin, Fernando Luiz 08936010 Cl. 123-557.
Alenfall, Jan; Berggren, Anna; Rask, Carola; Wold, Agnes; and Aghaibeik-Lavasani, Shahram, to Probi AB Use of Lactobacillus for treatment of autoimmune diseases 08936783 Cl. 424-93.45.
Alethia Biotherapeutics Inc.: See--
Tremblay, Gilles Bernard; Moraitis, Anna N.; Sulea, Traian; and Filion, Mario 08937163 Cl. 530-387.3.
Alexander, Mark; to Akzo Nobel N.V. Use of phosphated alcanols as dispersants, emulsifiers, hydrotropes, wetting agents and compatability agents in agricultural compositions 08937033 Cl. 504-358.
Alexander, Paul Dean; Gray, Paul Kingsley; Haley, David Victor Lawrie; Buetefuer, John Lawrence; Grant, Alexander James; Pham, Phuc Ngoc; Sutton, Joshua Charles; and Suter, Martin, to Cohda Wireless Pty. Ltd. Improving receiver performance in a communication network 08938040 Cl. 375-350.
Alfa Laval Corporate AB: See--
Zheng, Jie 08936665 Cl. 75-243.
Alfani, Roberta; to Italcementi S.p.A. Precast cementitious products with photocatalytic activity 08936675 Cl. 106-436.
Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research: See--
Lee, Edward K. F. 08937825 Cl. 363-89.
Schulman, Joseph H.; Gord, John C.; Strojnik, Primoz; Whitmoyer, David I.; and Wolfe, James H. 05938691 Cl. 607-57.
Ali, Shaikh Asrof; and Haladu, Shamsuddeen Abdullahi, to King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Cross-linked polyzwitterion/anion for the removal of strontium from aqueous solutions 08937104 Cl. 521-28.
Alien Technology, LLC: See--
Carrender, Curtis L.; Stewart, Roger G.; Rolin, John H.; and Gilbert, Ronald 08936201 Cl. 235-492.
Align Technology, Inc.: See--
Mason, David; and Kuo, Eric 08936463 Cl. 433-6.
Alihodzic, Elvis: See--
Hahn, Rich; Alihodzic, Elvis; and Fetzer, George 08936047 Cl. 138-121.
Aliseychik, Pavel A.: See--
Sokolov, Andrey P.; Gasanov, Elyar E.; Neznanov, Ilya V.; Aliseychik, Pavel A.; and Panteleev, Pavel A. 08938654 Cl. 714-755.
Aljadeff, Daniel: See--
Tsruya, Shalom; Dalla Torre, Rafi; Aljadeff, Daniel; and Lavi, Amir 08938255 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alkhatib, Yousef F.: See--
Noddin, Richard; Quillin, Dan; Horn, Daniel J.; Xiong, Ying; Goodin, Richard; Tran, The Thomas Trinh; Alkhatib, Yousef F.; Hoff, Steve; Dunn, Richard; Holman, Thomas; and Tegels, Zach 08936567 Cl. 604-103.06.
Alladio, Patrick J.: See--
Nelson, John E.; Sherry, Jeffrey C.; Alladio, Patrick J.; Oberg, Russell F.; Warwick, Brian; and Michalko, Gary W. 08937484 Cl. 324-754.01.
Allegro Microsystems, LLC: See--
Pirchio, Franco Noel Martin; Voisine, Cory; Romero, Hernan D.; and Monreal, Gerardo 08937797 Cl. 361-101.
Allen, Aaron Robert; Griffin, Jason Tyler; and Kyowski, Timothy Herbert, to BlackBerry Limited Handheld electronic device having a slidable keyboard 08937597 Cl. 345-169.
Allen & Heath Limited: See--
Money, Alex; Bell, Andrew; Jackson, Antony Ian; Davies, Carey McNay; Rogers, Glenn Martin; Wrigley, James Ian; Williamson, Michael John; and Clark, Robin John D0721353 Cl. D14-217.
Allen, IV, James D.; to Covidien LP Combined unilateral/bilateral jaws on a surgical instrument 08936614 Cl. 606-205.
Allen, Kurt William; Cherfane, Raymond; Slovencik, Jean-Marc; and Eckel, Thomas George, to Storopack, Inc. Method and machine for making foam cushions 08936061 Cl. 156-583.8.
Allen, Mark: See--
Graham, David; Allen, Mark; Smeltzer, Mike; Watts, Barry; Thayne, Preston; Reid, Doug; and Parkinson, Grant 08938439 Cl. 707-706.
Allen, Robert D.; Carter, William J.; Campbell, Dustin B.; and Knapp, John M., to Baker Hughes Incorporated Systems and methods for downhole power factor correction 08937448 Cl. 318-438.
Allergan, Inc.: See--
Mulvey, Daniel; Shankar, Sai; and Slokovic, Lorens D0721433 Cl. D24-115.
Mulvey, Daniel; Shankar, Sai; and Slokovic, Lorens D0721434 Cl. D24-115.
Turkel, Catherine C.; Aurora, Sheena K.; and Brin, Mitchell F. 08936790 Cl. 424-239.1.
Alles, Martin; Carlson, John; Maher, George; and Mazlum, Selcuk, to Andrew LLC System and method to collect and modify calibration data 08938252 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alles, Martin; Gravely, Thomas B.; and Al-Mufti, Khalid W., to Andrew, LLC System and method for mobile location by dynamic clustering 08938259 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alli, Azaam; Vanderlaan, Douglas G.; Ford, James D.; and Joslin, Scott L., to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Silicone hydrogels having a structure formed via controlled reaction kinetics 08937110 Cl. 522-167.
Alli, Azaam; Ford, James D.; and Joslin, Scott L., to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Silicone hydrogels comprising desirable water content and oxygen permeability 08937111 Cl. 523-107.
Allied Power Products, Inc.: See--
Peterson, Robert L. 08936426 Cl. 414-423.
Allstate Insurance Company: See--
Rossmark, Sharon; Kobori, Larry; and Kerr, Gary 08938432 Cl. 707-700.
Alm, Kersti: See--
Sebesta, Mikael; Alm, Kersti; Långberg, Anders; Mölder, Anna; Persson, Johan; and Gisselsson, Lennart 08937756 Cl. 359-1.
Alocilja, Evangelyn C.; Pal, Sudeshna; and Setterington, Emma B., to Board of Trustees of Michigan State University Biologically enhanced electrically-active magnetic nanoparticles for concentration, separation, and detection applications 08936946 Cl. 436-526.
Aloni, Dan; Brodio, Jacob; Sandler, Kariel; Plisko, Cyril; and Goldberg, Alexander, to Infinidat Ltd. System, method and non-transitory computer readable medium for compressing genetic information 08937564 Cl. 341-106.
Alpha Omega Semiconductor Inc.: See--
Mallikarjunaswamy, Shekar 08937356 Cl. 257-355.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.: See--
Hochschuler, Stephen H.; Greenhalgh, Skott E.; Romano, John Paul; Kiefer, Robert A.; Trexler, Wade Kevin; and Igoe, Michael P. 08936627 Cl. 606-301.
Alps Electric Co. Ltd.: See--
Nishijima, Akio 08937479 Cl. 324-662.
Alrod, Idan; Sharon, Eran; and Litsyn, Simon, to Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd. Error correction decoding by trial and error 08938664 Cl. 714-791.
Alt, Jessie Lynn; and Streit, Leon G., to Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Soybean variety XB31AD13 08937223 Cl. 800-312.
Alta Devices, Inc.: See--
Kizilyalli, Isik C.; Archer, Melissa; Atwater, Harry; Gmitter, Thomas J.; He, Gang; Hegedus, Andreas; and Higashi, Gregg 08937244 Cl. 136-262.
Altberg, Ebbe; Faber, Scott; Hirson, Ron; Vander Linden, Sean; and Manca, Paul G., to YP Interactive LLC Systems and methods to provide communication connections 08937887 Cl. 370-259.
Altera Corporation: See--
Liu, Hui; and Li, Zhe 08937258 Cl. 174-261.
Alvanos, Ioannis; Suciu, Gabriel L.; Dye, Christopher M.; and Levasseur, Glenn, to United Technologies Corporation Hybrid rotor disk assembly with ceramic matrix composites platform for a gas turbine engine 08936440 Cl. 416-193A.
Alvarado, Alberto: See--
Solbak, Arne; Steer, Brian; Dycaico, Mark; Kline, Katie A.; Trefzer, Axel; Todaro, Thomas; El-Farrah, Fatima; Alvarado, Alberto; and Frey, Gerhard 08936924 Cl. 435-155.
ALZA Corporation: See--
Stone, Steven F.; and Geerke, Johan H. 08936810 Cl. 424-473.
Amada Miyachi America, Inc.: See--
Gunning, Kevin; Levy, Stanley; and Humphrey, Glen Holt 08937263 Cl. 219-113.
Amagasaki, Aleksander T.: See--
Liu, Feng Song; Bone, Brian C.; Feng, Feng; Murrells, Nicholas J.; and Amagasaki, Aleksander T. D0721351 Cl. D14-205.
Amann, Mark; Carter, II, James Anthany; Lactuan, Katrina Rosit; Litman, Matthew Jeremy; Rogers, Matthew Lee; and Seaman, Keith, to Lexmark International, Inc. Toner cartridge for an image forming device having a retainer assembly having positioning features for processing circuitry 08938179 Cl. 399-90.
Amann, Patrick: See--
Sommerer, Andreas; and Amann, Patrick 08938349 Cl. 701-103.
Amano, Katsuyuki; Suzuki, Daisuke; and Saito, Katsuhiko, to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation DC power supply apparatus 08937821 Cl. 363-44.
Amano, Takashi; Nagami, Akihisa; Kaneda, Yasunori; and Nakajima, Noriko, to Hitachi, Ltd. Computer system, and method for managing resource pool information 08938528 Cl. 709-223.
Amar, Marcelo J. A.: See--
Remaley, Alan T.; and Amar, Marcelo J. A. 08936787 Cl. 424-192.1.
Amari, Koichi; to Sony Corporation Semiconductor component and manufacturing method thereof 08937349 Cl. 257-330.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.: See--
Baldwin, Leo B. 08937646 Cl. 348-47.
Callaghan, Stephen 08937870 Cl. 370-248.
Cohn, Daniel T.; Brandwine, Eric Jason; and Doane, Andrew J. 08937960 Cl. 370-398.
Cole, Richard J.; and Mock, Alan D. 08938416 Cl. 707-607.
Eddey, Matthew J.; Gabrielson, Jacob; and Baranowki, Matthew Paul 08936198 Cl. 235-492.
Laffon de Mazieres, Emmanuel J M; Walliser, Marc Rene; and Green, Christopher D0721360 Cl. D14-250.
Lynch, Nicholas J. 08938542 Cl. 709-226.
Richardson, David R.; Cormie, John; MacCarthaigh, Colm; and Redman, Benjamin W. S. 08938526 Cl. 709-223.
Roberts, Bradley D.; Hong, Edwin S.; and Dickinson, Andrew B. 08938803 Cl. 726-23.
Roth, Gregory B.; Brandwine, Eric Jason; and Baer, Graeme D. 08938775 Cl. 726-1.
Vincent, Pradeep 08938571 Cl. 711-6.
Vincent, Pradeep 08938572 Cl. 711-6.
Ambegia, Ellen Grace: See--
Heyes, James; MacLachlan, Ian; and Ambegia, Ellen Grace 08936942 Cl. 435-458.
Amdocs Software Systems Limited: See--
Assa, Jackie; and Levy, Nir 08938213 Cl. 455-406.
American Hand Institute, LLC: See--
Cobb, Tyson; Badia, Alejandro; Berner, Stacey; Topper, Stephen; and van Donck, Vincent 08936549 Cl. 600-210.
American Maplan Corporation: See--
Wallen, John Michael; Nixon, James W.; and Eisenbarth, Bradley M. 08936460 Cl. 425-186.
American Megatrends, Inc.: See--
Dhandapani, Kayalvizhi; and Sivertsen, Clas Gerhard 08938566 Cl. 710-300.
American Sugar Refining, Inc.: See--
Dyer, W. Richard; and Krause, II, James T. 08936170 Cl. 220-254.3.
Ameyugo, Gregorio; to Airbus Helicopters Method of avoiding a grid clogging, a grid and an air intake implementing such a method 08936508 Cl. 454-254.
Amezketa, Eneko; to Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft Vehicle wheel D0721316 Cl. D12-209.
Amiel, Pat; Crumblehulme, Alison; Lenz, Ruben; Ndalamba, Pierre W. I.; Peng, Loren; Sathe, Sachin; Troncoso, Enrique; Vaccariello, Tony; and Wang, Yao, to Lorama, Inc. Stabilized drier for alkyd-based compositions 08937119 Cl. 524-48.
Amirkhany, Amir; Kaviani, Kambiz; and Abbasfar, Aliazam, to Rambus Inc. Partial response decision feedback equalizer with selection circuitry having hold state 08937994 Cl. 375-232.
Amkor Technology, Inc.: See--
Dunlap, Brett Arnold; and Copia, Alexander William 08937381 Cl. 257-686.
AMP Therapeutics GmbH: See--
Hoffmann, Ralf; and Knappe, Daniel 08937155 Cl. 530-326.
AMS AG: See--
Trattler, Peter; Waser, Karl Georg; and Teufel, Mario 08937466 Cl. 323-282.
AMS Research Corporation: See--
Beck, Michael T.; Koullick, Edouard A.; Lund, Robert E.; Evans, Douglas L.; Will, Samuel L.; Watson, Stuart F.; Kang, Hyun Wook; Crank, Justin M.; Dy, Somany; and Thorson, Micah D. 08936592 Cl. 606-15.
An, Seungjoo: See--
Oh, Sejin; Park, Byungsun; Moon, Kyoungsoo; Thomas, Gomer; An, Seungjoo; Lee, Jinwon; Kim, Jinpil; Kim, Kyungho; and Ji, Aettie 08938752 Cl. 725-32.
Anai, Tetsuji: See--
Ohtomo, Fumio; Kumagai, Kaoru; Anai, Tetsuji; and Osaragi, Kazuki 08937278 Cl. 250-231.14.
Analog Devices, Inc.: See--
Flanagan, Adrian; Conway, Mel J.; Pratt, Susan Michelle; Moloney, Eoghan; and English, Eoin E. 08937603 Cl. 345-173.
Tobin, David 08937497 Cl. 327-56.
Analog Devices Technology: See--
Qin, Song 08937467 Cl. 323-282.
Analog Integrations Corporation: See--
Wang, Jing-Chyi; Wang, Chang-Yu; and Chen, Wei-Ming 08937433 Cl. 315-193.
Analysis First LLC: See--
Gerber, Peter; and Lasky, Jodi 08938170 Cl. 398-118.
Anant, Shrikant; Houchen, Courtney; Ramalingam, Satish; Ramanujam, Rama; and Subramanlam, Dharmalingam, to Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, The Compositions useful for cancer detection and treatment, a cancer stem cell model, and methods of production and use thereof 08936941 Cl. 435-455.
Anant, Vikas: See--
Jacobson, Joseph M.; Kong, David; Anant, Vikas; Salomon, Ashley; Griffith, Saul; DelHagen, Will; and Agnihotri, Vikrant 08937001 Cl. 438-478.
Anastasijevic, Nikola; Missalla, Michael; Schneider, Guenter; and Orth, Andreas, to Outotec Oyj Process and plant or refining raw materials containing organic constituents 08936657 Cl. 48-197R.
Anastassiades, Michael; to FLOS S.p.A. Wall lamp D0721452 Cl. D26-87.
Anastassiades, Michael; to Flos S.p.A. Ceiling lamp D0721453 Cl. D26-88. Operations Inc.: See--
Graham, David; Allen, Mark; Smeltzer, Mike; Watts, Barry; Thayne, Preston; Reid, Doug; and Parkinson, Grant 08938439 Cl. 707-706.
Ancora, Andrea; Brunel, Dominique; and Noel, Laurent, to ST-Ericsson SA Process for achieving spur mitigation in an integrated circuit including a wide band receiver 08938203 Cl. 455-78.
Anderson, Andrew V.: See--
Neiger, Gilbert; Madukkarumukumana, Rajesh Sankaran; Uhlig, Richard A.; Steinberg, Udo; Schoenberg, Sebastian; Muthrasanallur, Sridhar; Bennett, Steven M.; Anderson, Andrew V.; and Cota-Robles, Erik C. 08938737 Cl. 718-1.
Anderson, Charles; to KLS-Martin, L.P. Suture-retaining sternal clamp assembly 08936628 Cl. 606-324.
Anderson, Jason L.; Bhatia, Nimesh; Boss, Gregory J.; and Murakami, Shaun T., to International Business Machines Corporation Transferring applications and session state to a secondary device 08938518 Cl. 709-217.
Anderson, Kenneth M; and Sommer, John L, to Medtronic, Inc. Single-pass left-sided DDD pacing lead 08938294 Cl. 607-4.
Anderson, Nicholas William; Young, Gordon Peter; and Burbidge, Richard Charles, to BlackBerry Limited Managing communications across a wireless network 08937876 Cl. 370-252.
Anderson, Robert: See--
Esteban, Carlos; and Anderson, Robert 08937643 Cl. 348-46.
Anderson, Roger E.; Pronske, Keith L.; and Propp, Murray, to Clean Energy Systems, Inc. Method of direct steam generation using an oxyfuel combustor 08936080 Cl. 166-272.1.
Anderson, Tracy Scott; and Taylor, Timothy E, to Vivex Biomedical, Inc. Composition of a bone repair mixture 08936816 Cl. 424-725.
Andersson, Bo; and Lundgren, Bertil, to Nordhydraulic AB Method and device for controlling a hydraulic system 08935919 Cl. 60-468.
Ando, Kimiaki; Kikuchi, Hiroshi; and Inoue, Yuji, to Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Inspecting apparatus and inspecting method 08937714 Cl. 356-237.2.
Andoji, Kavitha; Dubasi, Uday Kumar; and Somesula, Ganesh Kumar, to General Electric Company Systems, methods, and apparatus for predicting impact on a pipeline delivery infrastructure 08938379 Cl. 703-9.
Andre, Bartley K.; Gao, Zheng; Hack, Paul Joseph; Hamel, Bradley Joseph; Leggett, William Francis; Milberger, Timothy Roger; and Silvanto, Mikael, to Apple Inc. Electronic device D0721331 Cl. D13-147.
Andre, Bartley K.; Bataillou, Jeremy; Degner, Brett; Dybenko, Jesse Thomas; Leggett, William Francis; Rundle, Nicholas Alan; and Silvanto, Mikael, to Apple Inc. Thermal device D0721338 Cl. D13-179.
Andre, Michael R.; and Traw, C. Brendan S., to Intel Corporation Methods and apparatus to limit transmission of data to a localized area 08937943 Cl. 370-389.
Andrew LLC: See--
Alles, Martin; Carlson, John; Maher, George; and Mazlum, Selcuk 08938252 Cl. 455-456.1.
Alles, Martin; Gravely, Thomas B.; and Al-Mufti, Khalid W. 08938259 Cl. 455-456.1.
Andrie, Matthew J.: See--
Rigsby, Christopher; Andrie, Matthew J.; LaWare, Adam; and Beardsley, Timothy A. 08937544 Cl. 340-539.12.
Andruss, William Dale: See--
Claudatos, Christopher Hercules; Andruss, William Dale; Dutch, Michael John; and Bhat, Vageesha 08938806 Cl. 726-24.
Angarkar, Vithal: See--
Kim, Uniyoung; Jang, Saehun; Lee, Gangseub; Lee, Hyungnam; Angarkar, Vithal; and Rathinavel, Raja 08938768 Cl. 725-109.
Anglo Operations Limited: See--
Padayachee, Diandree; Kunene, Makhosazane Chucky; Burger, Marga Retha; and Phala, Noko Simon 08936667 Cl. 75-722.
Anguelov, Dragomir; and Rivlin, Ehud, to Google Inc. System and method of using images to determine correspondence between locations 08938091 Cl. 382-100.
Anickode, Sathish: See--
McNelley, Julie; Sgambati, Glen; and Anickode, Sathish 08938398 Cl. 705-44.
Anitua Aldecoa, Eduardo; to Biotechnology Institute, I Mas D, S.L. Implant extraction method and trephine drill bit for enabling the extraction 08936467 Cl. 433-152.
Anjan, Gururaj; and Iyer, Harish Sivasubramanian, to Tata Consultancy Services Limited System and method for performance assurance of applications 08938719 Cl. 717-126.
Annaert, Wim: See--
Thimiri Govinda Raj, Deepak Balaji; Lagae, Liesbet; Annaert, Wim; and Borghs, Gustaaf 08936935 Cl. 435-317.1.
Annan, Isaac Billy; Flexner, John Lindsey; Portillo, Hector Eduardo; Lahm, George Philip; Selby, Thomas Paul; and Stevenson, Thomas Martin, to E I du Pont de Nemours and Company Synergistic mixtures of anthranilamide invertebrate pest control agents 08937089 Cl. 514-341.
Annapragada, Mrithyunjaya; Shelley, Douglas A.; Loi, Duk; and Rousseau, Benjamin, to Tesora, Inc. Advancements in data distribution methods and referential integrity 08938472 Cl. 707-770.
Anova Corporation: See--
Ferree, Bret A. 08936642 Cl. 623-17.16.
Anpec Electronics Corporation: See--
Lin, Yung-Fa; Hsu, Shou-Yi; Wu, Meng-Wei; and Chang, Chia-Hao 08936990 Cl. 438-301.
Anschutz, Thomas Arnold; and El Houmaidi, Mounire, to AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing mobile ad hoc cooperative communication systems and related devices 08938199 Cl. 455-41.2.
Ansems, Johannes Petrus Maria: See--
Bukkems, Peter Johannes Martinus; Kadijk, Simon Eme; Ansems, Johannes Petrus Maria; and Rijskamp, Peter D0721447 Cl. D26-2.
Anspaugh, Douglas D.: See--
Le Vezouet, Ronan; Soergel, Sebastian; Defieber, Christian; Gross, Steffen; Koerber, Karsten; Anspaugh, Douglas D.; and Culbertson, Deborah L. 08937177 Cl. 544-238.
Anspaugh, Michael P.: See--
Burns, Kevin M.; Tinnin, Melvin L.; Schulz, John; and Anspaugh, Michael P. 08936274 Cl. 280-775.
Antesberger, A. Wayne; to United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army, The Radial readout approach to EO imagers 08937671 Cl. 348-294.
Anthony, Neville J.: See--
Guerin, David Joseph; Brubaker, Jason D.; Martinez, Michelle; Jung, Joon O.; Anthony, Neville J.; Scott, Mark E.; Cammarano, Carolyn Michele; Hoffman, Dawn Marie Mampreian; Woo, Hyun Chong; Dinsmore, Christopher J.; and Jones, Philip 08937077 Cl. 514-265.1.
Anthony, Philip: See--
Tipton, David W.; Fischer, Timothy J.; Platt, David K.; Willis, Chantel D.; Naylor, Jennifer Radovich; Matthis, Marjavis J.; Kurth, Mark; Payne, Timothy; and Anthony, Philip D0721441 Cl. D24-217.
Antiebolaget SKF: See--
Fucks, Thomas; Grattler, Jean Pierre; and Benoit, Laurent 08936438 Cl. 416-162.
Antisense Pharma GmbH: See--
Mitsch, Andreas; Schlingensiepen, Karl-Hermann; Betzler, Bernd; Jaschinski, Frank; and Schneider, Anneliese 08936910 Cl. 435-6.1.
Antonov, Vassil: See--
Huang, Tsai-Yu; Bhat, Vishwanath; Antonov, Vassil; Hsieh, Chun-I; and Carlson, Chris 08936991 Cl. 438-386.
Antonyuk, Viktor: See--
Leung, Andrew; McElhinney, Mark; and Antonyuk, Viktor 08938487 Cl. 709-201.
Aoi, Nobuo: See--
Harada, Yoshinao; and Aoi, Nobuo 08937368 Cl. 257-621.
Aono, Tomotake; to Kyocera Corporation Input apparatus 08937599 Cl. 345-173.
Aoyama, Hiroka; Moriguchi, Hideki; Utsumi, Yoshiharu; Fujii, Hidetoshi; and Morisada, Yoshiaki, to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Rotary tool 08936186 Cl. 228-2.1.
Ap, Ngy Srun: See--
Vacca, Frederic; Ap, Ngy Srun; Sigonneau, Jacques; Henner, Manuel; and Demory, Bruno 08936121 Cl. 180-68.1.
Apacible, Johnson T.: See--
Suzue, Yutaka; Apacible, Johnson T.; Encarnación, Mark J.; Huynh, Jamie; and Bernstein, Simon D. 08938653 Cl. 714-746.
Aparin, Vladimir; to Qualcomm Incorporated Analog baseband interface between transceiver and modem 08938023 Cl. 375-295.
Aplix: See--
Picot, Lionel; and Ducauchuis, Jean-Pierre 08935836 Cl. 24-452.
Appcelerator, Inc.: See--
Colton, Paul; Sarid, Uri; and Lindsey, Kevin Edward 08938491 Cl. 709-203.
AppDynamics Inc.: See--
Bansal, Jyoti; and Sunkara, Bhaskar 08938533 Cl. 709-224.
Apple Inc.: See--
Andre, Bartley K.; Bataillou, Jeremy; Degner, Brett; Dybenko, Jesse Thomas; Leggett, William Francis; Rundle, Nicholas Alan; and Silvanto, Mikael D0721338 Cl. D13-179.
Andre, Bartley K.; Gao, Zheng; Hack, Paul Joseph; Hamel, Bradley Joseph; Leggett, William Francis; Milberger, Timothy Roger; and Silvanto, Mikael D0721331 Cl. D13-147.
Chaudhri, Imran 08938692 Cl. 715-830.
Dorogusker, Jesse Lee; Schubert, Emily Clark; Novotney, Donald J.; Fadell, Anthony M.; Hailey, Michael Benjamin; Bell, Chris; Gedikian, Steve Saro; Borchers, Robert Edward; Laefer, Jay; Lydon, Gregory Thomas; Bolton, Lawrence G.; and Oliver, Eric 08938217 Cl. 455-414.1.
Dyke, Kenneth C.; Wright, Christopher; and Jones, Chad E. 08937623 Cl. 345-545.
Gonion, Jeffry E. 08938642 Cl. 714-10.
Haskell, Barin Geoffry; Singer, David William; Dumitras, Adriana; and Puri, Atul 08938008 Cl. 375-240.16.
Haskell, Barin Geoffry; Singer, David William; Pun, Thomas; Wu, Hsi-Jung; and Normile, James Oliver 08937997 Cl. 375-240.
Julian, David P. 08937591 Cl. 345-157.
Li, Jun; and Tee, Lai-King 08937890 Cl. 370-280.
Little, Alec H.; and Manjarrez, Eli T. 08937237 Cl. 84-609.
MacGougan, Glenn Donald; Marti, Lukas M.; Mayor, Robert; Huang, Ronald K.; Dere, Jason; and Grosman, Yefim 08938262 Cl. 455-456.6.
Prest, Christopher; and Zadesky, Stephen Paul 08937689 Cl. 349-12.
Applied Materials, Inc.: See--
Cheshire, Alan; and Detmar, Stanley 08937017 Cl. 438-696.
Cho, Han Soo; Kim, Sang Wook; Han, Joo Won; Cho, Kee Young; and Khan, Anisul H. 08937021 Cl. 438-738.
Lindley, Roger Alan; Liu, Jingbao; Pu, Bryan Y.; and Horioka, Keiji 08936696 Cl. 156-345.46.
Lubomirsky, Dmitry; Sun, Jennifer Y.; Markovsky, Mark; Makhratchev, Konstantin; Buchberger, Jr., Douglas A.; and Banna, Samer 08937800 Cl. 361-234.
Aptar France SAS: See--
Poulard, Fabien 08936177 Cl. 222-36.
Aptina Imaging Corporation: See--
Hynecek, Jaroslav 08937272 Cl. 250-208.1.
Aqua Products, Inc.: See--
Hanan, Ethan; Durvasula, Kamesh; Correa, William Londono; Klebanov, Aleksandr; Zerweck, Jason; and Gatta, Tony D0721460 Cl. D32-21.
Aquamarijn Holding B.V.: See--
Van Rijn, Cornelis Johannes Maria; Wissink, Jeroen Mathijn; and Nijdam, Wietze 08936160 Cl. 210-483.
Arad, Shoshana; Lapidot, Miri; Weinstein, Yacob; and Dagan, Ron, to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Research and Development Authority Red microalgae expressing exogenous polypeptides and methods of generating and utilizing same 08936930 Cl. 435-257.2.
Arai, Akira; to Yamaha Corporation Speaker device, sound source simulation system, and echo cancellation system 08938084 Cl. 381-349.
Arai, Isamu; Hamaguchi, Yosuke; Aiko, Satoshi; and Sugimoto, Kenta, to Showa Corporation Motor driven power steering apparatus 08936132 Cl. 180-444.
Arai, Katsuhiro; to Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha Dual clutch transmission apparatus, motorcycle, and start control method 08935966 Cl. 74-330.
Arai, Kazuhiro: See--
Takasaki, Ryo; Kusumoto, Yoshinori; and Arai, Kazuhiro 08937239 Cl. 84-737.
Arakawa, Takayuki; and Tsujikawa, Masanori, to NEC Corporation Voice activity detector, voice activity detection program, and parameter adjusting method 08938389 Cl. 704-233.
Arakawa, Yutaka; Yamanaka, Naoaki; and Oki, Eiji, to Empire Technology Development LLC Encryption using real-world objects 08938070 Cl. 380-44.
Araki, Yoshitaka: See--
Maeyama, Yusuke; Osawa, Ryohei; Araki, Yoshitaka; and Watanabe, Yoshiyuki 08937319 Cl. 257-77.
Aramaki, Toshiya: See--
Yanagisawa, Kiyoshi; Inagawa, Osamu; and Aramaki, Toshiya 08938039 Cl. 375-346.
Arambepola, Bernard; and Hewavithana, Thushara, to Intel Corporation Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) demodulator with improved cyclic ambiguity resolution 08938015 Cl. 375-260.
Arambepola, Bernard; and Hewavithana, Thushara, to Intel Corporation Techniques for managing interference in multiple channel communications system 08938041 Cl. 375-350.
Arany, Jr., Benjamin G.: See--
Abene, Michael; Arany, Jr., Benjamin G.; and Averell, Michael H. 08936151 Cl. 206-369.
Arbel, Ygal: See--
Ahmad, Sagheer; Warshofsky, Alex S.; and Arbel, Ygal 08937496 Cl. 327-39.
Arbilla, Laura: See--
Dutton, James E.; Arbilla, Laura; and Yoakley, David 08938633 Cl. 713-320.
Arceneaux, Scott Joseph: See--
Bouligny, Jr., Vernon Joseph; and Arceneaux, Scott Joseph 08936288 Cl. 294-102.2.
Archer, Charles J.; Carey, James E.; Sanders, Philip J.; and Smith, Brian E., to International Business Machines Corporation Developing a collective operation for execution in a parallel computer 08938713 Cl. 717-106.
Archer Daniels Midland Company: See--
Howard, Stephen; and Sanborn, Alexandra 08937192 Cl. 549-464.
Archer, Melissa: See--
Kizilyalli, Isik C.; Archer, Melissa; Atwater, Harry; Gmitter, Thomas J.; He, Gang; Hegedus, Andreas; and Higashi, Gregg 08937244 Cl. 136-262.
Architelos: See--
Young, Michael William; Van Egmond, Stephen; and Aaron, Greg 08938801 Cl. 726-22.
Ardalan, Ava Sports bra D0721223 Cl. D2-708.
Ardanese, Michelangelo: See--
Sun, Min; Ardanese, Michelangelo; Grewal, Amanpal S.; Jasinkiewicz, Paul; and Schiavone, Giuseppe 08935953 Cl. 73-114.75.
Arefi, Reza: See--
Srikanteswara, Srikathyayani; Cordeiro, Carlos; Arefi, Reza; Weaver, Geoff O.; Horne, David M.; and Shono, Takashi 08938271 Cl. 455-509.
Arenson, Marty; and Teves, Noel, to Global Sourcing Connection Ltd Hat with protective detasseling screen D0721224 Cl. D2-886.
Ares Trading S.A.: See--
Samaritani, Fabrizio; Del Rio, Alessandra; and Agostinetto, Rita 08937045 Cl. 514-21.2.
Argue, Stuart; and Marcar, Anthony Emile, to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Faulty cart wheel detection 08938098 Cl. 382-104.
Ariel Inventions, LLC: See--
Rothschild, Leigh M 08936190 Cl. 235-375.
Aritome, Seiichi; to SK Hynix Inc. Semiconductor device 08937346 Cl. 257-314.
Ariyoshi, Daiki; Gono, Kazuhiro; Yamazaki, Kenji; and Machida, Ryo, to Olympus Medical Systems Corp. Endoscope apparatus and deterioration detection method of polarization element of endoscope 08937652 Cl. 348-68.
Ariza, Ricardo: See--
Boney, Curtis L.; Swaren, Jason; Lassek, John; Ariza, Ricardo; Rees, Desmond E.; Simon, David Ryan; Dardis, Michael A.; and Davis, Darrel P. 08936085 Cl. 166-284.
ARKRAY, Inc.: See--
Oka, Junichi; and Kamekawa, Kazuyoshi D0721437 Cl. D24-169.
Armangau, Philippe; Davenport, William; Bono, Jean-Pierre; and De Souter, Marc A., to EMC Corporation Managing logical views of storage 08938425 Cl. 707-639.
Arnold, Jesse J.; and Moreland, John Calloway, to Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin Heavy vehicle treads/undertread 08936056 Cl. 152-450.
Arnold, John K.: See--
Jain, Naveen K.; Arnold, John K.; Marcus, Kevin R.; and Shah, Niraj Anil 08938434 Cl. 707-706.
Aromando, James: See--
Hicks, III, John Alson; Huslak, Nicholas S.; Aromando, James; Cercena, Michael D.; Connell, Francis John; Mueller, Mark W.; Sharma, Deva-Datta; and Shrewsbury, J. Kirk 08937658 Cl. 348-143.
Arp, Andreas; Hutzl, Guenther; Koch, Michael; and Ringe, Matthias, to International Business Machines Corporation Method and apparatus for detecting rising and falling transitions of internal signals of an integrated circuit 08937494 Cl. 326-104.
Arsenault, David; to Facebook, Inc. Processing browser requests to provide multiple portions of content having a consistent appearance 08938496 Cl. 709-203.
Artika for Living Inc: See--
Couture, Marc D0721238 Cl. D6-368.
Artsyukhovich, Alexander N.; Boukhny, Mikhail; and Aslan, Z. Aras, to Alcon Research, Ltd. Orthogonal light beam splitting for microscopes 08937769 Cl. 359-618.
Arunan, Thenmozhi; to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Method for transmitting and receiving data in NFC RE045346 Cl. 370-471.
Arvia Technology Limited: See--
Brown, Nigel Willis; and Roberts, Edward P. L. 08936726 Cl. 210-661.
Asada, Tetsuo; Hirate, Kensuke; and Washino, Yoshiyuki, to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Image recording device 08937755 Cl. 358-498.
Asak, Marius; Raad, Erik; Haugen, Odd Are; and Henjum, Knut Arne, to Vetco Gray Scandinavia AS Power cable termination arrangement 08936481 Cl. 439-275.
Asano, Masahiko; and Hamaguri, Toshiaki, to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha Cylinder head 08936012 Cl. 123-568.12.
Asano, Mitsuru; to Sony Corporation Display device having shared column lines 08937581 Cl. 345-76.
Asano, Shigehiro; and Hida, Toshikatsu, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Apparatus for generating write data and readout data 08937844 Cl. 365-200.
Asano, Tatsuro: See--
Ito, Hiroyasu; Atsumi, Tomoyuki; Asano, Tatsuro; and Sugimoto, Hiroaki 08937733 Cl. 358-1.15.
Asano, Yoshiro: See--
Matsumiya, Sadayuki; Asano, Yoshiro; Ohtani, Shigeru; Shiraishi, Yoshiaki; and Iwamoto, Kenji D0721291 Cl. D10-80.
Asano, Yuji: See--
Imoto, Yuki; Asano, Yuji; and Maruyama, Tetsunori 08936965 Cl. 438-99.
Asari, Yukio: See--
Mitsuya, Yusuke; and Asari, Yukio 08936239 Cl. 271-125.
Ashbee, Giles; Robertson, James Stuart; and Luetchford, Peter, to Dyson Technology Limited Dirt separator for a vacuum cleaner 08935828 Cl. 15-352.
Ashe, Jeffrey Michael: See--
Potyrailo, Radislav Alexandrovich; Ashe, Jeffrey Michael; Morris, William Guy; and Surman, Cheryl Margaret 08936191 Cl. 235-380.
Ashima Ltd.: See--
Moore, Wayne-Ian D0721309 Cl. D12-180.
Ashtikar, Sachin; to Intel Corporation Method to tag a phone call to communicate purpose of the call 08938223 Cl. 455-415.
Asia Optical Co., Inc.: See--
Cheng, Tung-Yao 08936370 Cl. 359-511.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.: See--
Liu, Wen-Hao; and Yin, Guan-Chen 08936433 Cl. 415-211.2.
Qi, Zheng-Tuan 08937442 Cl. 315-291.
Asipov, Boris: See--
Asipov, Keren; and Asipov, Boris 08938727 Cl. 717-148.
Asipov, Keren; and Asipov, Boris, to Microsoft Corporation Method for preventing software reverse engineering, unauthorized modification, and runtime data interception 08938727 Cl. 717-148.
Aslan, Z. Aras: See--
Artsyukhovich, Alexander N.; Boukhny, Mikhail; and Aslan, Z. Aras 08937769 Cl. 359-618.
ASML Netherlands B.V.: See--
Jansen, Maarten Jozef; and Schreuder, Andre 08937707 Cl. 355-55.
Liu, Peng; Cao, Yu; Chen, Luoqi; and Ye, Jun 08938694 Cl. 716-51.
Mertens, Jeroen Johannes Sophia Maria; Hoogendam, Christiaan Alexander; Jansen, Hans; Tinnemans, Patricius Aloysius Jacobus; Van Den Schoor, Leon Joseph Maria; Donders, Sjoerd Nicolaas Lambertus; and Streefkerk, Bob 08937704 Cl. 355-30.
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Tel, Wim Tjibbo; Van Der Laan, Hans; Owen, Cassandra May; Davis, Todd J.; Hiar, Todd David; and Paxton, Theodore Allen 08937705 Cl. 355-52.
Wong, William S.; Chen, Been-Der; Lu, Yen-Wen; Li, Jiangwei; and Nishibe, Tatsuo 08938699 Cl. 716-55.
Asnis, James: See--
Roberge, Brian A.; Asnis, James; and Medina, David 08938547 Cl. 709-229.
Aso, Hisayuki: See--
Wakui, Michiko; Aso, Hisayuki; and Sekiya, Naohiro 08937883 Cl. 370-252.
Asrar, Jawed: See--
Zhang, Mingfu; Asrar, Jawed; and Guo, Zhihua 08937025 Cl. 442-327.
Assa, Jackie; and Levy, Nir, to Amdocs Software Systems Limited System, method, and computer program for processing a charge for a telecommunication based on billing groups of parties to the telecommunication 08938213 Cl. 455-406.
Astar Biotech LLC: See--
Wang, Zhaoyin; and Yu, Chunrong 08937088 Cl. 514-338.
Astellas Pharma Inc.: See--
Shiraki, Ryota; Tobe, Takahiko; Kawakami, Shimpei; Moritomo, Hiroyuki; and Ohmiya, Makoto 08937087 Cl. 514-325.
Aster Risk Management LLC: See--
Zuckerman, Gal; and Thieberger, Gil 08938549 Cl. 709-231.
Astrachan, Paul; to ViXS Systems, Inc. DC removal from multicarrier signals 08938029 Cl. 375-319.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P.: See--
Anschutz, Thomas Arnold; and El Houmaidi, Mounire 08938199 Cl. 455-41.2.
Bari, Farooq; and Hu, Qingmin 08937903 Cl. 370-328.
Black, Larry A.; and Pierce, Ronald O. 08938744 Cl. 719-330.
Crawford, Dwayne; Khan, Richard L.; and Lu, Min 08938209 Cl. 455-404.1.
Hicks, III, John Alson; Huslak, Nicholas S.; Aromando, James; Cercena, Michael D.; Connell, Francis John; Mueller, Mark W.; Sharma, Deva-Datta; and Shrewsbury, J. Kirk 08937658 Cl. 348-143.
Huffman, James; Jones, Todd W.; and Wilson, Brian 08938747 Cl. 725-9.
Huffman, John Sinclair 08937713 Cl. 356-73.1.
Jana, Rittwik; Murray, John F.; Rice, Christopher W.; and Shacham, Ron 08937972 Cl. 370-467.
Kreiner, Barrett M.; Reeves, Jonathan L.; and Schaub, Ryan 08937534 Cl. 340-12.22.
Ramsden, David 08938066 Cl. 379-406.08.
Taylor, William; Massengill, David; and Hollingsworth, John 08937856 Cl. 370-225.
Yang, Chen-Yui; Bajpay, Paritosh; Li, Zhi; Lu, David; Puli, Balaji; Savoor, Raghvendra; and Srdar, Anthony 08938749 Cl. 725-16.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, LP: See--
Ku, Bernard; Qiu, Chaoxin; and Yasrebi, Mehrad 08937909 Cl. 370-328.
White, Scott 08938761 Cl. 725-53.
Zampiello, Geoffrey R. 08937948 Cl. 370-390.
AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P.: See--
Klein, Reuben; and Sujansky, Daniel 08938064 Cl. 379-265.09.
AT&T Mobility II LLC: See--
Fix, Jeremy; Hume, Andrew G.; and Meredith, Sheldon Kent 08938258 Cl. 455-456.1.
Lewis, John Ervin; McNamara, Justin; Mikan, Jeffrey; and Cenciarelli, Fulvio Arturo 08938548 Cl. 709-231.
Puthenpura, Sarat; Austin, Mark; Pack, Mark Wade; Parker, Sam Houston; Yang, Yuning; and Zhao, Wenjie 08937934 Cl. 370-342.
Zhang, Ming; and Shen, Jun 08937542 Cl. 340-539.11.
Atargis Energy Corporation: See--
Siegel, Stefan G. 08937395 Cl. 290-53.
ATEN International Co., Ltd.: See--
Liu, Yi-Li 08938149 Cl. 386-210.
AtHoc, Inc.: See--
Miasnik, Guy; and Siegel, Aviv 08937548 Cl. 340-540.
Athreya, Anand S.: See--
Kumar, Nitin; Baban, Alex; Nimmagadda, Surya; Khambatkone, Alok; Masilamani, Saravanan; Athreya, Anand S.; and Deokar, Vipul 08937865 Cl. 370-235.
ATI Technologies ULC: See--
Carter, Collis Quinn Troy 08937621 Cl. 345-520.
Atkins, Brian: See--
Thomas, Jeffrey Gerard; and Atkins, Brian 08936114 Cl. 175-420.2.
Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB: See--
Niva, Karl-Erik 08936319 Cl. 298-17R.
Atmel Corporation: See--
Yilmaz, Esat; and Sleeman, Peter 08937611 Cl. 345-174.
ATS Products, Inc.: See--
Williams, Doug 08936280 Cl. 285-197.
Atsuki, Tsutomu: See--
Honda, Tsunetoshi; Atsuki, Tsutomu; and Sakuraba, Natsumi 08936674 Cl. 106-287.16.
Atsumi, Kinya: See--
Kato, Hisaya; Morishita, Toshiyuki; Atsumi, Kinya; Kurata, Minoru; Inoue, Katsutoshi; Kawakita, Hidetaka; and Ohto, Keisuke 08936666 Cl. 75-300.
Atsumi, Tomoyuki: See--
Ito, Hiroyasu; Atsumi, Tomoyuki; Asano, Tatsuro; and Sugimoto, Hiroaki 08937733 Cl. 358-1.15.
Attaluri, Srinivas: See--
Chaudhury, Rashmi; Attaluri, Srinivas; Liu, Fangge; and Thyagarajan, Lakshmi 08938809 Cl. 726-27.
Atwater, Harry: See--
Kizilyalli, Isik C.; Archer, Melissa; Atwater, Harry; Gmitter, Thomas J.; He, Gang; Hegedus, Andreas; and Higashi, Gregg 08937244 Cl. 136-262.
AU Optronics Corp.: See--
Lin, Chun-Liang; Chen, Chieh-Wei; and Lee, Chung-Chun 08937333 Cl. 257-99.
Tsai, Meng-Chieh; Chen, Chih-Wen; and Shih, Chih-Hung 08937649 Cl. 348-51.
Aubert, Christophe: See--
Gaillard, deceased, Jean Francois; Aubert, Christophe; and Martin, Christian 08938647 Cl. 714-32.
Aubertin, Jean-Pierre; Tessier, Martin; and Noël, Patrick, to Fortin Auto Radio Inc. Synchronous or asynchronous multi layer data link communication between a multi-functional data bus interface and a transponder bypass for automotive aftermarket security system and/or remote car starter 08938565 Cl. 710-100.
Audiofly Pty Ltd: See--
Thompson, David Matthew; Rowett, Matthew; and Finlay, Iain D0721354 Cl. D14-223.
Audubon Machinery Corporation: See--
Roe, Philippe 08936176 Cl. 221-278.
Auer, Thomas; and Rodler, Martin, to MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG Fastening device 08936124 Cl. 180-68.5.
Auerbach, Joshua S.; Bacon, David F.; Cheng, Perry S.; and Rabbah, Rodric, to International Business Machines Corporation Technique for compiling and running high-level programs on heterogeneous computers 08938725 Cl. 717-140.
Auf Der Maur, Adrian; Barberis, Alcide; Urech, David M.; and Lichtlen, Peter, to Esbatech, An Alcon Biomedical Research Unit, LLC scFv antibodies which pass epithelial and/or endothelial layers 08936785 Cl. 424-145.1.
Augustine, Michael W.: See--
Rosenberg, Michael S.; Christianson, Mark R.; Forsberg, Andrew T.; Beeson, Andrew R.; Bormann, Ryan J.; and Augustine, Michael W. 08936576 Cl. 604-174.
Augustine, Nisha Ancy; and Raju, Bhanu, to Tata Consultancy Services Limited Multi-entity test case execution workflow 08938648 Cl. 714-38.1.
Aulbach, Peter; and Niethammer, Matthias, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Method and device for identifying and assigning coronary calcification to a coronary vessel and computer program product 08938106 Cl. 382-131.
Auld, Douglas S.: See--
Thomas, Craig J.; Auld, Douglas S.; Inglese, James; Skoumbourdis, Amanda P.; Jiang, Jian-Kang; and Boxer, Matthew B. 08937067 Cl. 514-248.
Aun, Ong Kok: See--
Kusano, Mieko; Lim, Wai-Loong; Lehnert, Hilmar; Aun, Ong Kok; and Giap, Koh Eng D0721352 Cl. D14-214.
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation: See--
Wen, Ed; Ehrmantraut, Adam Scott; Snider, II, James McDaniel; and Parks, Robert 08937254 Cl. 174-113R.
Aurora, Sheena K.: See--
Turkel, Catherine C.; Aurora, Sheena K.; and Brin, Mitchell F. 08936790 Cl. 424-239.1.
Ausems, Michiel Reinier; Compain, Gerard Jean-Marie Eugene; Mardinian, Gregoire; Fortune, Jean-Pierre; Kahan, Benedict John; and Condemine, Olivier Yves Marie, to GMX SAS System and method for secure management of transactions 08938793 Cl. 726-12.
Ausner, Llja: See--
Wicki, Werner; Duss, Marcus; and Ausner, Llja 08936234 Cl. 261-100.
Austin, Mark: See--
Puthenpura, Sarat; Austin, Mark; Pack, Mark Wade; Parker, Sam Houston; Yang, Yuning; and Zhao, Wenjie 08937934 Cl. 370-342.
Autodesk, Inc.: See--
Hudetz, George 08938371 Cl. 703-1.
AuYoung, Alvin: See--
Lee, Michael Mihn-Jong; Roy, Indrajit; Talwar, Vanish; AuYoung, Alvin; and Ranganathan, Parthasarathy 08938599 Cl. 711-170.
Avadhanam, Phani B.; to QUALCOMM Incorporated Methods and apparatus for priority initialization of a second processor 08938609 Cl. 713-2.
Avago Technologies General IP (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.: See--
Duffner, Barbara Jean; and Linam, David 08937846 Cl. 365-233.13.
McColloch, Laurence R. 08936402 Cl. 385-88.
Sokolov, Andrey P.; Gasanov, Elyar E.; Neznanov, Ilya V.; Aliseychik, Pavel A.; and Panteleev, Pavel A. 08938654 Cl. 714-755.
Su, Chung-Yi; and Wang, Tak Kui 08938136 Cl. 385-14.
Yao, Yufeng; Ong, Chi Boon; and Wong, Chee Heng 08937377 Cl. 257-676.
Availon GmbH: See--
Holling, Jochen; and Mehren, Michael 08936437 Cl. 416-152.
Avaya Inc.: See--
Chen, Fei; Denby, Lorraine; Ju, Wen-Hua; Landwehr, James M.; and Vatter, Holger 08938059 Cl. 379-212.01.
Ely, Richard J. 08938365 Cl. 702-117.
Ezell, Joel; Brunson, Gordon R.; Ravipati, Chandra Mouli; and Mendiratta, Harsh V. 08938545 Cl. 709-228.
Geppert, Birgit; and Roessler, Frank 08938677 Cl. 715-734.
Hackbarth, Kenneth R.; Jenson, Murray; Kiefhaber, Sarah H.; and Kohler, Joylee 08938063 Cl. 379-265.06.
Avent, Inc.: See--
Lipinski, Timothy M.; and Tang, Choong Kheng 08936843 Cl. 428-35.7.
Averell, Michael H.: See--
Abene, Michael; Arany, Jr., Benjamin G.; and Averell, Michael H. 08936151 Cl. 206-369.
Averesch, Jan Johan; to Stork Thermeq B.V. Spray type deaerator 08936670 Cl. 95-244.
Avery Dennison Corporation: See--
Gilbertson, Daniel; Herring, David E.; and Raymond, Jeffrey A. 08936184 Cl. 227-67.
Tiedmann, Heiko; Poggemeier, Dirk; and Hauck, Kai 08936197 Cl. 235-492.
Avery Design Systems, Inc.: See--
Chang, Kai-Hui; Liu, Yen-Ting; Browy, Christopher S.; and Huang, Chi-Lai 08938705 Cl. 716-133.
Aviation Applications Corporation: See--
Edwards, John W.; Edwards, Alexander Christopher; and Jones, Perry Keith 08935987 Cl. 116-28R.
Aviram, Michael; and Dornfeld, Leslie, to POM Wonderful, LLC Compositions and methods using pomegranate extracts 08936818 Cl. 424-777.
Avogy, Inc.: See--
Disney, Donald R.; and Shah, Hemal N. 08937317 Cl. 257-76.
Awakawa, Hirobumi; and Iwamatsu, Sachiko, to Suzuki Motor Corporation Cable routing structure for vehicle 08936303 Cl. 296-208.
Awano, Hiroaki; to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Post-processing device and image forming apparatus 08936237 Cl. 270-58.08.
Awaya, Nobuyoshi: See--
Yamazaki, Shinobu; Hosoi, Yasunari; Awaya, Nobuyoshi; Sato, Shinichi; and Tanaka, Kenichi RE045345 Cl. 365-148.
Axalta Coating Systems IP Co., LLC: See--
Ma, Sheau-Hwa; and Kelly, Renee J. 08937129 Cl. 524-529.
Axcen Photonics Corp.: See--
Chen, Wen-Tzung; and Chang, Chih-Hsien 08936399 Cl. 385-53.
Axelrod, Glen S.; and Gajria, Ajay, to T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Animal chew including interchangeable components 08935992 Cl. 119-709.
Axén, Niklas: See--
Lennernäs, Hans; Lennernäs, Bo; Hugosson, Jonas; and Axén, Niklas 08936809 Cl. 424-468.
Axis AB: See--
Hjelmstrom, Jonas 08937682 Cl. 348-375.
Axure Software Solutions, Inc.: See--
Hsu, Victor; Smith, Martin; and Hashem, Samir 08938679 Cl. 715-751.
Ayadi-Miessen, Amina: See--
Kupferschmidt, Claus; Ayadi-Miessen, Amina; and Zheng, Feng 08937985 Cl. 375-146.
Ayal, Sharon; Vinocur, Basia Judith; Diber, Alex; Karchi, Hagai; and Poraty, Limor, to Evogene Ltd. Polynucleotides and polypeptides for increasing desirable plant qualities 08937215 Cl. 800-278.
Aybay, Gunes: See--
Saulsbury, Ashley; O'Gorman, Michael; and Aybay, Gunes 08937885 Cl. 370-255.
Aybay, Gunes; Sindhu, Pradeep; and Venkatramani, Anjan, to Juniper Networks, Inc. Methods and apparatus for configuring a virtual network switch 08937862 Cl. 370-230.
Ayela, Gérard; and Coatelan, Stéphane, to Sercel System for acquiring seismic data in a marine environment, using seismic streamers coupled to means for detecting and/or locating marine mammals 08937847 Cl. 367-20.
Aykroyd, Craig M.: See--
Shimizu, Ryo; Aykroyd, Craig M.; and Pigott, John M. 08937478 Cl. 324-452.
Ayurvedic-Life International, LLC: See--
Chatterji, Arun K. 08936817 Cl. 424-748.
Azarnasab, Ehsan; and Nilsen, Erik Alfonso, to Blackrock Microsystems, LLC Methods and systems for signal processing of neural data 08938291 Cl. 600-544.
Azmoon, Majid: See--
Moffson, Allen M.; and Azmoon, Majid 08936466 Cl. 433-75.