NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

Raab, Stefan Bernard; to Dish Network Corporation Method and system for using routine driving information in mobile interactive satellite services 08626230 Cl. 455-550.1.
Raab, Stefan Bernard; to Dish Network Corporation Method and system for integrated satellite assistance services 08626231 Cl. 455-550.1.
Rabatic, Bryan M.: See--
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Råbe, Magnus: See--
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Raber, Craig Earl; and Raber, Karen Sue Deck in a drawer 08622459 Cl. 296-162.
Raber, Karen Sue: See--
Raber, Craig Earl; and Raber, Karen Sue 08622459 Cl. 296-162.
Rabinovich, Laura: See--
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Rabinovich, Yuri: See--
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Raboisson, Pierre Jean-Marie Bernard: See--
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Race, Thomas R.: See--
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Rachamadugu, Vinod: See--
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Raciborski, Bohdan W.: See--
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Racine, David M.: See--
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Radar Corporation: See--
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Radewagen, Christian; to Voith Patent GmbH Device for the on-demand sealing of an opening provided in the frontal region of a track-guided vehicle, a front nose module having such a device, and a track-guided vehicle having such a front nose module 08622003 Cl. 105-238.1.
Radhakrishnan, Regunathan; Bauer, Claus; Terry, Kent Bennett; Link, Brian David; Kim, Hyung-Suk; and Gsell, Eric, to Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation Extracting features of audio signal content to provide reliable identification of the signals 08626504 Cl. 704-230.
Radhakrishnan, Sivasankar; and Cheng, Yuchung, to Google Inc. Updating shared keys 08625803 Cl. 380-279.
Radhakrishnan, Suresh: See--
Kadyk, Jeff; and Radhakrishnan, Suresh 08622250 Cl. 222-145.6.
Radhakrishnan, Vinay: See--
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Radier, Benoît; Salaun, Mikaël; Klenk, Andreas; and Kleis, Michael, to France Telecom Technique for controlling access by a client entity to a service 08627505 Cl. 726-29.
Radius Track Corporation: See--
Mears, Charles 08621823 Cl. 52-846.
Radke, William H.; to Micron Technology, Inc. Memory controller ECC 08627180 Cl. 714-769.
Radu, Ionut: See--
Landru, Didier; Radu, Ionut; and Vincent, Sébastien 08623740 Cl. 438-406.
Radut, Dan G.: See--
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Rafferty, Stephen W.: See--
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Ragains, Mark L.: See--
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Raghumandala, Harikrishna: See--
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Raghupathy, Arun: See--
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Raguillat, Fred: See--
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Ragupathi, Govindaswami: See--
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Raguram, Sasisekharan: See--
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Rah, Kyun-Il: See--
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Rahman, Faizur: See--
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Rahman, Shamim Akbar: See--
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Rai, Deveshkumar N.: See--
Vargantwar, Sachin R.; Khanka, Bhagwan; and Rai, Deveshkumar N. 08626224 Cl. 455-522.
Rai, Rutunj; and Sharaf, Nadir, to Lear Corporation Printed circuit board system for automotive power converter 08625284 Cl. 361-721.
Raikin, Shlomo: See--
Sheaffer, Gad; Raikin, Shlomo; Bassin, Vadim; Cohen, Ehud; and Margulis, Oleg 08627014 Cl. 711-141.
Sheaffer, Gad; Raikin, Shlomo; Bassin, Vadim; Sade, Raanan; Cohen, Ehud; and Margulis, Oleg 08627017 Cl. 711-145.
Raimer, George E.: See--
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Raimondo, Bruno: See--
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Raina, Supil: See--
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Rainka, Matthew Paul: See--
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Raissinia, Alireza: See--
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Rajagopal, Ravikiran: See--
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Rajagopal, Ravikiran; to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Method to reduce peak to average power ratio in multi-carrier modulation receivers 08625715 Cl. 375-296.
Rajagopalan, Mohan: See--
Hammer, Matthew; Rajagopalan, Mohan; and Ghuloum, Anwar 08627301 Cl. 717-158.
Rajagopalan, Ramgopal; to BlackBerry Limited Method and system for fast clipping of line segments 08624919 Cl. 345-620.
Rajagopalan, Ramgopal; and McIntyre, Sean Patrick, to Blackberry Limitied Method and system for rendering of labels 08624930 Cl. 345-672.
Rajaiah, Jayanth; Baig, Arif Ali; Leonard, Robert Scott; Wilder, Elizabeth Anne; Medeiros, Franco Silva; Cerda, Luisa Navarro; and Smith, Steven Daryl, to Procter & Gamble Company, The Denture care composition 08623388 Cl. 424-401.
Rajala, Gregory J.; Gehling, Steven C.; and Suke, Paul D., to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Disposable undergarment and related manufacturing equipment and processes 08622984 Cl. 604-385.27.
Rajaram, Gokul: See--
Chung, David; Moonka, Rajas; and Rajaram, Gokul 08626594 Cl. 705-26.1.
Rajaram, Gokul; to Google Inc. Advertising with audio content 08626588 Cl. 705-14.69.
Rajaraman, Anand: See--
Gattani, Abhishek; and Rajaraman, Anand 08626491 Cl. 704-9.
Harinarayan, Venky; and Rajaraman, Anand 08626740 Cl. 707-710.
Harinarayan, Venky; and Rajaraman, Anand 08626775 Cl. 707-749.
Rajaratnam, Kumar; to C-Pod Ergonomics Pty. Ltd. Back support adjustment system 08622472 Cl. 297-284.2.
Rajendran, Saravanakumar; Smith, Michael; Devireddy, Dileep Kumar; Kathail, Pradeep K.; Appanna, Chandrashekhar; Wang, Jeffrey Ym; and Gandhi, Prashant P., to Cisco Technology, Inc. Blade switch with scalable interfaces 08625592 Cl. 370-392.
Rajgarhia, Vineet; Koivuranta, Kari; Penttilä, Merja; Ilmen, Marja; Suominen, Pirkko; Aristidou, Aristos; Miller, Christopher Kenneth; Olson, Stacey; and Ruohonen, Laura, to Cargill Incorporated Genetically modified yeast species, and fermentation processes using genetically modified yeast 08623633 Cl. 435-255.4.
Rajpure, Dattatraya B.: See--
Stritzel, Adam D.; Canter, Adriaan W.; Traut, Eric P.; Sinha, Suyash; Erdogan, Tahsin; Rajpure, Dattatraya B.; and Sheehan, John M. 08627284 Cl. 717-120.
Raju, Venkatesh; to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Apparatus and method for monitoring keyboard input 08624742 Cl. 340-573.1.
Rajwar, Ravi: See--
Akkary, Haitham; Rajwar, Ravi; and Srinivasan, Srikanth T. 08627030 Cl. 711-163.
Raker, Joshua D.: See--
Barnes, Brandon A.; Leyva, Jr., Daniel; and Raker, Joshua D. 08622270 Cl. 225-2.
Rakich, Peter T.; to Sandia Corporation Ultralow loss cavities and waveguides scattering loss cancellation 08625939 Cl. 385-27.
Raleigh, Carl: See--
Xue, Xiaojie; Raleigh, Carl; and Goida, Thomas M. 08624380 Cl. 257-692.
Raleigh, Gregory G.; Raissinia, Alireza; and Lavine, James, to Headwater Partners I LLC Wireless network service interfaces 08626115 Cl. 455-405.
Ralston, Jonathan Carey: See--
Hargrave, Chad Owen; Reid, David Charles; Hainsworth, David William; Ralston, Jonathan Carey; Kelly, Michael Shawn; and McPhee, Ronald John 08622479 Cl. 299-1.1.
Ram, Raghu: See--
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Ramachandran, Bala: See--
An, Lianjun; Ramachandran, Bala; and Sourirajan, Karthik 08626544 Cl. 705-7.12.
Ramachandran, Parthasarathy: See--
Tandriono, Setiono; Ramachandran, Parthasarathy; Varmaraja, Muralidhara; Li, Yong; and Mitra, Sharad 08627344 Cl. 719-328.
Ramachandrapanicker, Somakumar: See--
Kumar, Ajith; Ramachandrapanicker, Somakumar; Flynn, Paul; Banerjee, Arijit; and Mukherjee, Rupam 08626371 Cl. 701-22.
Kumar, Ajith; Ramachandrapanicker, Somakumar; Flynn, Paul; Banerjee, Arijit; and Mukherjee, Rupam 08626372 Cl. 701-22.
Ramahi, Amjad: See--
Schenberger, Deborah; Lee, Somin Eunice; and Ramahi, Amjad 08622936 Cl. 600-587.
Ramaiah, Vinoda; and Krishna, Kiran Gopala, to Honeywell International Inc. Selectable display of aircraft traffic on tracks 08626428 Cl. 701-120.
Ramakrishna, Sudhir: See--
Tsai, Jiann-An; Pi, Zhouyue; and Ramakrishna, Sudhir 08625693 Cl. 375-267.
Ramakrishnan, Vijayan; Foschiano, Marco E.; and Naik, Chickayya G., to Cisco Technology, Inc. Systems and methods for multicast switching in a private VLAN 08625603 Cl. 370-395.3.
Ramalingam, Kondareddiar: See--
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Ramalingam, Paranjothi X.: See--
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Ramamurthy, Anand: See--
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Ramamurthy, Gautham: See--
Malhan, Vishal; Biswas, Gourango; Rana, Narayan Singh; Ramamurthy, Gautham; and Mahadev, Balaji 08626063 Cl. 455-41.1.
Ramamurthy, Harish: See--
Goel, Sandesh; and Ramamurthy, Harish 08627074 Cl. 713-168.
Ramanujam, K. Y.: See--
Taylor, Travis R.; Srinivasan, Mukund; Kadkhodayan, Bobby; Ramanujam, K. Y.; Mikijelj, Biljana; and Wu, Shanghua 08622021 Cl. 118-723R.
Ramaprabhu, Sundara; and Mishra, Ashish Kumar, to Indian Institute of Technology Madras Polyaniline-graphite nanoplatelet materials 08623784 Cl. 502-402.
Ramaswamy, Kumar: See--
Bloom, Jeffrey Adam; and Ramaswamy, Kumar 08627482 Cl. 726-26.
Ramberg, Charles E.; Dynan, Stephen A.; and Shindle, Jack A., to Errcive, Inc. Porous bodies and methods 08623287 Cl. 422-211.
Rambod, Edmond: See--
O'Ruanaidh, Joseph J.; Vecchio, Christopher J.; and Rambod, Edmond 08622909 Cl. 600-437.
Rambus Inc.: See--
Ware, Frederick A.; Tsern, Ely K.; Perego, Richard E.; and Hampel, Craig E. 08625371 Cl. 365-194.
Ramdani, Jamal; to National Semiconductor Corporation Enhancement-mode GaN MOSFET with low leakage current and improved reliability 08624260 Cl. 257-76.
Rameau, Guillaume: See--
Bourasseau, Cyril; and Rameau, Guillaume 08622068 Cl. 137-15.04.
Ramella, Juan Miguel Angel; and Farace, Leonardo Franco, to Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH Connector for disposable container to be used in dialysis machines 08622986 Cl. 604-416.
Ramer, Jorey; Soroca, Adam; and Doughty, Dennis, to Millennial Media System for targeting advertising content to a plurality of mobile communication facilities 08626736 Cl. 707-706.
Ramirez, Laura L.: See--
Ranganathan, Parthasarathy; Walker, Bruce J.; Byrne, John L.; and Ramirez, Laura L. 08627143 Cl. 714-19.
Ramones, John Kui Yin; Tsao, Tiffany Ming; and Matheson, Jonathan Alexander, to Netgear, Inc. Method and apparatus for displaying system status with a wide range of viewing angle 08624755 Cl. 340-815.4.
Ramot at Tel-Aviv University Ltd.: See--
Carmeli, Chanoch; Rosenwaks, Yossi; Carmeli, Itai; and Frolov, Ludmila 08624227 Cl. 257-40.
Ramsey, Alec Pocket storable hand towel and case 08622205 Cl. 206-38.
Ramu, Krishnan; Ha, Keunsoo; and Park, Sung-Yeul, to Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. System and method for controlling four-quadrant operation of a switched reluctance motor drive through a single controllable switch 08624541 Cl. 318-701.
Ramunni, Joseph: See--
Votaw, Mark; Laughlin, Dennis; Ramunni, Joseph; Molica, Bill; and Barton, Ken 08621881 Cl. 62-260.
Rana, Narayan Singh: See--
Malhan, Vishal; Biswas, Gourango; Rana, Narayan Singh; Ramamurthy, Gautham; and Mahadev, Balaji 08626063 Cl. 455-41.1.
Randall, Benjamin: See--
Voronin, Georgiy; Belnap, J. Daniel; Yu, Feng; and Randall, Benjamin 08622154 Cl. 175-374.
Randhawa, Satvir: See--
Li, Naizhi; Nasim, Maimoon; Goldberg, Matthew A; Vanturennout, Jeroen; Badh, Ranjib; Samuel, Arimand; Randhawa, Satvir; and Odle, Alex 08627411 Cl. 726-3.
Randolph, Tim R.; to Saint Louis University Sickle confirm modified hemoglobin solubility test 08623659 Cl. 436-66.
Rane, Shantanu; and Sun, Wei, to Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc. Method for privacy-preserving computation of edit distance of symbol sequences 08625782 Cl. 380-28.
Ranganathan, Parthasarathy: See--
Moore, Justin; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy; and Sharma, Ratnesh 08626918 Cl. 709-226.
Ranganathan, Parthasarathy; Walker, Bruce J.; Byrne, John L.; and Ramirez, Laura L., to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Dynamically modeling and selecting a checkpoint scheme based upon an application workload 08627143 Cl. 714-19.
Rangarajan, Madhusudhan: See--
Mohrmann, Vaden; and Rangarajan, Madhusudhan 08627052 Cl. 713-1.
Rangarajan, Sampath: See--
Khojastepour, Mohammad A.; Prasad, Narayan; and Rangarajan, Sampath 08625695 Cl. 375-267.
Rankin, Jed H.: See--
Anderson, Brent A.; Bryant, Andres; Nowak, Edward J.; and Rankin, Jed H. 08623719 Cl. 438-164.
Ransom, Victoria; and Chuard, Alain, to Google Inc. Providing online promotions through social network platforms 08626627 Cl. 705-35.
Rao, Chandra B.: See--
Senkfor, Howard; Hockswender, Thomas R.; Bojkova, Nina; Greigger, Paul P.; McCollum, Gregory J.; Gilmore, John R.; and Rao, Chandra B. 08623989 Cl. 528-61.
Rao, Gajendra: See--
Krishnan, Vivek; Manik, Gaurav; and Rao, Gajendra 08622555 Cl. 359-536.
Rao, Hari M.: See--
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Rao, Miao: See--
Vedantam, Kiran; Ballard, James G.; Rao, Miao; Singh, Guneet; and Singh, Wanyun 08627255 Cl. 716-126.
Rao, Padakandla Krishna: See--
Hossain, Asif; and Rao, Padakandla Krishna 08626233 Cl. 455-551.
Rao, Padmanabha R.: See--
Dham, Vikram; and Rao, Padmanabha R. 08626879 Cl. 709-220.
Rao, R. Bharat; and Sandilya, Sathyakama, to Siemens Medical Soultions USA, Inc. Patient data mining with population-based analysis 08626533 Cl. 705-3.
Rao, Setti Shanmukheswara; and Rachamadugu, Vinod, to LSI Corporation Memory device having memory cells with write assist functionality 08625333 Cl. 365-154.
Rao, Shrisha: See--
Singh, Nidhi; and Rao, Shrisha 08626902 Cl. 709-224.
Raoof, Ali: See--
Madden, James; Hallett, David James; Parkes, Alastair; Raoof, Ali; and Wang, Xiaolu 08623859 Cl. 514-210.2.
Raper, Mark D: See--
Santos, Cipriano A; Lopez Sanchez, Ivan Adrian; Zhang, Xin; Herrick, Glenn W; and Raper, Mark D 08626429 Cl. 701-120.
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.: See--
Morton, Edward James 08625735 Cl. 378-5.
Rapp, Michael: See--
Irmscher, Julia; Rapp, Michael; and Brenner, Rainer 08624737 Cl. 340-568.3.
Rapp, Peter William: See--
Marr, Jason Robert; Leffert, Akiva; Rapp, Peter William; Weeldreyer, Christopher Douglas; and Capela, Jay Christopher 08624933 Cl. 345-684.
Rapp, William C.: See--
Cragun, Brian J.; Erickson, Bradley J.; Fork, Michael J.; and Rapp, William C. 08627233 Cl. 715-834.
Rasmussen, Svend: See--
Iizuka, Koichiro; Ide, Satoshi; Kanemura, Toshikatsu; Nakayama, Yoshihiro; Toshima, Masatake; Okada, Kazuto; Suto, Kunihiko; Kurashige, Kazutaka; Sakuraba, Ichirou; Hayashi, Daisuke; Ikeuchi, Masaki; Shato, Shinji; Moller, Lars Bay; Jensen, Finn; Al-Janabi, Ziad; Rasmussen, Svend; Madsboll, Hans; and Svarregaard-Jensen, Christian 08621882 Cl. 62-305.
Rastegar, Jahangir S; and Spinelli, Thomas, to Omnitek Partners LLC Battery-less emergency distress signal and position indication broadcasting methods and devices 08624726 Cl. 340-539.13.
Rataboul, Franck: See--
Chambon, Flora; Essayem, Nadine; Rataboul, Franck; Pinel, Catherine; Cabiac, Amandine; and Guillon, Emmanuelle 08624058 Cl. 562-515.
Ratasuk, Rapeepat; Filipovich, Igor; Leelahakriengkrai, Rangsan; and Vukovic, Ivan N., to Motorola Mobility LLC Method and apparatus for determining when to use contention-based access for transmitting data in a wireless network 08625442 Cl. 370-252.
Ratha, Nalini Kanta: See--
Aggarwal, Gaurav; Bolle, Rudolf Maarten; Jea, Tsai-Yang; and Ratha, Nalini Kanta 08625861 Cl. 382-125.
Rathore, Krishnaraj Singh: See--
Guo, Feng; Rathore, Krishnaraj Singh; Su, Haiyang; and Zhou, Xiaoniu 08625591 Cl. 370-390.
Ratliff, Emily J: See--
Jones, Daniel H.; Lendacky, Thomas G.; Ratliff, Emily J; and Wilson, George C. 08627494 Cl. 726-27.
Ratterman, Joseph D.: See--
Archer, Charles J.; Blocksome, Michael A.; Miller, Douglas R.; Ratterman, Joseph D.; and Smith, Brian E. 08627334 Cl. 719-312.
Rau, Brien G.; and Lagneaux, Jason M., to Laitram, L.L.C. Apparatus and method for selectively actuating moving conveyor rollers 08622202 Cl. 198-779.
Rau, III, Charles B. Apparatus and method for controlled optimized rapid directional solidification of mold shaped metal castings 08622113 Cl. 164-34.
Rau, Timothy; and Simon, Glenn C., to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Cooling memory modules using cold plate blades coupled to the memory modules via clips 08625280 Cl. 361-699.
Raveendran, Vijayalakshmi R.: See--
Kim, Yong Jin; Shellhammer, Stephen J.; Raveendran, Vijayalakshmi R.; Zhang, Wenyi; Sadek, Ahmed K.; and Wang, Yu A. 08626056 Cl. 455-3.01.
Ravela, Srinivas; Dupree, William J.; Langlois, Timothy R.; Wolfson, Marilyn M.; and Yang, Christopher M., to Massachusetts Institute of Technology Method and apparatus for generating a forecast weather image 08625840 Cl. 382-100.
Ravenhill, Paul Bartholomew; Hoolahan, Richard Matthew; Allen, Jeffrey; and Barraclough, Steven, to Robert Bosch GmbH Fluid injector having a reed valve 08622315 Cl. 239-91.
Ravkin, Mike: See--
O'Donnell, Robert; Ravkin, Mike; and de Larios, John 08623152 Cl. 134-32.
Rawlins, Gregory S.: See--
Sorrells, David F.; Rawlins, Gregory S.; and Rawlins, Michael W. 08626093 Cl. 455-127.1.
Rawlins, Michael W.: See--
Sorrells, David F.; Rawlins, Gregory S.; and Rawlins, Michael W. 08626093 Cl. 455-127.1.
Rawson, Freeman L.: See--
Bieswanger, Andreas; Geissler, Andrew J.; McCreary, Hye-Young; Rawson, Freeman L.; and Ware, Malcolm S. 08627128 Cl. 713-322.
Ray, Amar Nath; Coppage, Carl M.; and Greene, Lynne T., to CenturyLink Intellectual Property LLC Multi-button emergency message generation 08626112 Cl. 455-404.1.
Ray-Hua Horng: See--
Horng, Ray-Hua; and Wuu, Dong-Sing 08624262 Cl. 257-77.
Raykhman, Mykhaylo; Schlenk, Manfred; and Hoffmann, Hans, to Minebea Co., Ltd. Control circuit for light emitting diode arrangements 08624510 Cl. 315-188.
Raymarine UK Limited: See--
Jales, Richard; Lawrence, Andrew; and Maindrou, Matthieu 08624776 Cl. 342-134.
Raymond, Douglas; Marchek, Connie; Higginbotham, Thomas W.; Carlone, Anthony R.; Herard, Katherine; and Beardsley, Timothy, to DePuy Synthes Products, LLC Surgical methods and surgical kits 08622897 Cl. 600-231.
Raymond, Thomas D.: See--
Farrer, Stephen W.; Raymond, Thomas D.; Xiong, Wei; Dixson, John; and Neal, Daniel R. 08622546 Cl. 351-200.
Raytheon BBN Technologies Corp.: See--
Kastenholtz, Frank; Poplawski Ma, Laura Jane; Milliken, Walter Clark; and Troxel, Gregory Donald 08625605 Cl. 370-395.42.
Raytheon Canada Limited: See--
Reimer, Christopher Jacob 08621759 Cl. 33-275R.
Raytheon Company: See--
Bradley, II, Charles B. 08624577 Cl. 324-66.
Essenwanger, Kenneth A. 08624688 Cl. 333-26.
McDougal, Monty D.; Ford, Bradley T.; Smelser, William P.; Clinton, Jason R.; and Greenwood, Morgan J. 08627404 Cl. 726-1.
Palik, Stephen M. 08625005 Cl. 348-241.
Schmidt, Michael S.; Prativadi, Prakruti S.; Griffin, Shane A.; and Phelps, Ethan J. 08625905 Cl. 382-224.
Silny, John F.; and Skidmore, Mark R. 08626189 Cl. 455-456.1.
Reactive Metals Ltd.: See--
Chuntonov, Konstantin 08623302 Cl. 423-111.
Readshaw, Neil I.: See--
Choi, Christopher Y.; and Readshaw, Neil I. 08627405 Cl. 726-1.
RealD Inc.: See--
McKnight, Douglas J. 08625881 Cl. 382-154.
Realization Technologies, Inc.: See--
Kapoor, Ajai; Painuly, Pankaj P.; Higgins, Travis F.; Murgai, Puneet; Bazgan, Corvin; and Muthu, Subramanian 08626542 Cl. 705-7.11.
Reany, Robert Donald: See--
Tomchek, Brad Michael; Reany, Robert Donald; Koch, Michael William; Seaver, Edward Cletus; and Powell, Jonathan Robert 08626664 Cl. 705-44.
Reaper, Philip Michael: See--
Charrier, Jean-Damien; Pinder, Joanne; Knegtel, Ronald Marcellus Alphonsus; Durrant, Steven John; Fraysse, Damien; MacCormick, Somhairle; Virani, Anisa Nizarali; and Reaper, Philip Michael 08623869 Cl. 514-249.
Rebhuhn, Carrie M.: See--
McLaughlin, James M.; Nguyen, Quan H.; Collier, Christopher D.; Nall, Eileen M.; Marks, Lucas A.; and Rebhuhn, Carrie M. 08623441 Cl. 426-433.
Rechsteiner, Paul; Neely, Shawn; Kesteloot, Lawrence; Malcolm, Michael A.; and Watson, Stephen, to Kaleidescape, Inc. Bookmarks and watchpoints for selection and presentation of media streams 08627193 Cl. 715-206.
Recoval Belgium: See--
Nguyên, Evelyne; Van Mechelen, Dirk; and Descamps, Philippe 08623134 Cl. 106-789.
Red Hat, Inc.: See--
Fisher, Donald; Penington, Havoc; Clark, Bryan; Taylor, Owen; and Walters, Colin 08626837 Cl. 709-204.
Jones, Peter; and Duffy, Maureen Emily 08624900 Cl. 345-471.
Walsh, Daniel J.; and Paris, Eric Lynn 08627451 Cl. 726-16.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.: See--
Tsirkin, Michael S.; and Eidus, Izik 08626824 Cl. 709-203.
Tsirkin, Michael S.; and Natapov, Gleb 08627133 Cl. 713-500.
Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc.: See--
Geer, Kenton Donald; and Swinnerton, David Ralph 08621765 Cl. 36-12., Inc.: See--
Jannard, James H.; Nattress, Graeme; Mathur, Bimal; Mathur, Uday; DaSilva, Deanan; and Land, Peter Jarred 08625013 Cl. 348-296.
Redbox Automated Retail, LLC: See--
Barber, William H.; and Tomasi, Philip J. 08626614 Cl. 705-28.
Reddy, B. Raghava: See--
Eoff, Larry S.; Reddy, B. Raghava; and Dalrymple, Eldon D. 08623793 Cl. 507-219.
Reddy, Suresh: See--
Hendrickson, Matthew; Bailey, Bradley; and Reddy, Suresh 08626368 Cl. 701-22.
Reddy, Venugopal: See--
Joharapurkar, Ashutosh Ravindra; Kodur, Karthikeya; Reddy, Venugopal; and Chan, Patrick 08624870 Cl. 345-174.
Redeker, Fritz C.: See--
Thie, William; Boyd, John M.; Dordi, Yezdi; and Redeker, Fritz C. 08622020 Cl. 118-427.
Yoon, Hyungsuk Alexander; Korolik, Mikhail; Redeker, Fritz C.; Boyd, John M.; and Dordi, Yezdi 08623456 Cl. 427-255.23.
Redfern, Ryan: See--
Wang, Jiansong; and Redfern, Ryan 08625534 Cl. 370-331.
Redford, Liane; Shimko, Bryan; Nguyen, Loc; and Hammad, Ayman, to Visa U.S.A Network centric loyalty system 08626577 Cl. 705-14.1.
ReDigi, Inc.: See--
Rogel, Lawrence S.; Ossenmacher, John M.; Moffie, Micha; and Viks, Amihai 08627500 Cl. 726-28.
Redman, Benjamin W. S.: See--
MacCarthaigh, Colm; Richardson, David R.; and Redman, Benjamin W. S. 08626950 Cl. 709-245.
Redmann, William Gibbens: See--
Outwater, Chris; and Redmann, William Gibbens 08622289 Cl. 235-379.
Redoules, Daniel; Daunes-Marion, Sylvie; and Aries, Marie-Françoise, to Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique Polyunsaturated fatty acid and diol ester as an anti-acne agent 08623916 Cl. 514-549.
Reebok International Limited: See--
Vestuti, Ricardo; Leary, Kevin; Marvin, William; Shinney, Paul; Andrews, Michael; McInnis, William; and Litchfield, Paul E. 08621767 Cl. 36-28.
Reed, David C.: See--
Masser, Joel L.; Reed, David C.; and Smith, Max D. 08627147 Cl. 714-37.
Reed, Jessica Elizabeth: See--
Fakhoury, Stephen Alan; Lee, Helen Tsenwhei; Reed, Jessica Elizabeth; Schlosser, Kevin Matthew; Sexton, Karen Elaine; Tecle, Haile; and Winters, Roy Thomas 08623883 Cl. 514-266.2.
Reed, Lynn Leah; Butt, Muhammad Zeeshan; Nene, Shrikant; Singh, Alok; and Addala, Krishna Raju Venkata, to Oracle International Corporation Reusable business sub-processes and run-time assembly 08627271 Cl. 717-102.
Reedijk, Jan Sebastiaan; ten Oever, Erik; van Gaalen, Joachim Matthijs; van Duijnen, Peter Gerardes; and Stuit, Herke Gerrit, to Koninklijke BAM Groep N.V. Water-retaining element, system and method for forming a temporary water-retaining structure 08621740 Cl. 29-453.
Reekmans, Gunter: See--
Wirix-Speetjens, Roel; Fyen, William; and Reekmans, Gunter 08623668 Cl. 436-526.
Reel, Richard: See--
Oldham, Mark; Norman, Eric; Reel, Richard; and Shigeura, deceased, John 08625094 Cl. 356-344.
Reese, Charles; and Hunt, Mark A., to Production Resource Group, LLC Controls for digital lighting 08624895 Cl. 345-426.
Reese, Dirk A.; and Joyce, JuJu, to Altera Corporation Method and apparatus for securing programming data of a programmable device 08627105 Cl. 713-189.
Reetz, III, Eric F.; to Illinois Tool Works Inc Automatic air-assisted manifold mounted gun 08622319 Cl. 239-296.
Reeves, Raymond Emilio: See--
Peden, Mark Douglas; Koller, Gary Duane; Reeves, Raymond Emilio; and Youngs, Simon 08625753 Cl. 379-88.22.
Peden, Mark Douglas; Koller, Gary Duane; Reeves, Raymond Emilio; and Youngs, Simon 08625760 Cl. 379-142.04.
Refocus Ocular, Inc.: See--
Schachar, Ronald A.; and Cudmore, Donald P. 08623037 Cl. 606-166.
Regan, Joe: See--
Kompella, Vach; Regan, Joe; and Hu, Wenao 08626883 Cl. 709-222.
Rege, Kiran M.: See--
Balachandran, Krishna; Calin, Doru; Kim, Eunyoung; and Rege, Kiran M. 08626943 Cl. 709-232.
Regents of the University of California, The: See--
Di Scalea, Francesco Lanza; Coccia, Stefano; Bartoli, Ivan; Salamone, Salvatore; and Rizzo, Piervincenzo 08626459 Cl. 702-56.
Diana, Frederic S.; DenBaars, Steven P.; and Nakamura, Shuji 08624281 Cl. 257-98.
Gervay-Hague, Jacquelyn; Du, Wenjun; Kulkarni, Suvarn S.; and Schombs, Matthew 08624006 Cl. 536-17.9.
Harrison, Michael R.; Kwiat, Dillon A.; and Fechter, Richard J. 08623036 Cl. 606-153.
Joshi, Monali B.; and Goorsky, Mark S. 08624357 Cl. 257-618.
Kwon, Ohyun; and Fenteany, Gabriel 08624032 Cl. 546-141.
Prather, Kimberly A.; and Mayer, Joseph E. 08626449 Cl. 702-22.
Zuker, Charles; Adler, Jon E.; Ryba, Nick; Mueller, Ken; and Hoon, Mark 08624012 Cl. 536-23.5.
Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate, The: See--
Keith, Robert L.; Geraci, Mark W.; and Miller, York E. 08623917 Cl. 514-557.
Regents of The University of Michigan, The: See--
Ma, Peter X.; Liu, Xiaohua; and McCauley, Laurie 08623397 Cl. 424-426.
Regents of the University of Minnesota: See--
Addis, Paul Bradley; Ruan, Rongsheng Roger; Keenan, Joseph M.; and Geleva, Daniela 08623841 Cl. 514-57.
Srienc, Friedrich; Gilbert, Alan; Trinh, Cong; and Unrean, Pornkamol 08623622 Cl. 435-165.
Regents of the University of Oklahoma, The: See--
Harty, Richard F. 08623847 Cl. 514-159.
Reich, Cary J.: See--
de Juan, Jr., Eugene; Alster, Yair; Farinas, Kathleen Cogan; MacFarlane, K. Angela; Reich, Cary J.; and Campbell, Randolph E. 08623395 Cl. 424-422.
Reich, Friedrich; and Muessig, René, to Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Configurable measuring device with display and corresponding methods 08624580 Cl. 324-121R.
Reich, Jens: See--
Seiler, Matthias; Rolker, Jöm; Schneider, Rolf; Glöckler, Bernd; Kobus, Axel; Benesch, Wolfgang; Riethmann, Thomas; Winkler, Hermann; Reich, Jens; and Brüggemann, Helmut 08623123 Cl. 95-236.
Reich, Oliver; and Schork, Michael, to BASF SE Stabilization of body-care and household products 08623946 Cl. 524-111.
Reichel, Lee: See--
Beckman, Andrew T.; Kascak, Noreen; Reichel, Lee; and Ludzack, Michael 08622928 Cl. 600-567.
Reichel, Lee E.: See--
Speeg, Trevor W. V.; Morgan, Peter; Hibner, John A.; Reichel, Lee E.; Garrison, William A.; Monson, Gavin M.; Johnson, Michael E.; Weikel, Jr., Robert F.; and Ludzack, Michael R. 08622924 Cl. 600-564.
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Reichert, III, William A.: See--
Hurek, Thomas; Reichert, III, William A.; Thakkar, Nishant; and Trevathan, Matthew B. 08626720 Cl. 707-674.
Reichmann, Kenneth Charles: See--
Iannone, Patrick Paul; Lee, Han Hyub; Reichmann, Kenneth Charles; and Zhou, Xiang 08625992 Cl. 398-82.
Reichow, Alan W.: See--
Brown, Jonathan I.; Reichow, Alan W.; and Hanif, Umar 08622544 Cl. 351-159.39.
Reid, David Charles: See--
Hargrave, Chad Owen; Reid, David Charles; Hainsworth, David William; Ralston, Jonathan Carey; Kelly, Michael Shawn; and McPhee, Ronald John 08622479 Cl. 299-1.1.
Reid, John: See--
Donald, Ian; and Reid, John 08622138 Cl. 166-344.
Reid, Jonathan D.: See--
Mayer, Steven T; and Reid, Jonathan D. 08623193 Cl. 205-96.
Reid, Lennox; Goodwin, Anthony R. H.; Hegeman, Peter S.; and Woodburn, Charles, to Schlumberger Technology Corporation Obtaining and evaluating downhole samples with a coring tool 08621920 Cl. 73-152.11.
Reigl, Martin; and Parker, Helen Elisabeth, to Alstom Technology Ltd High temperature steam valve 08622083 Cl. 137-549.
Reiherzer, Jesse Colin; Hussell, Christopher P.; Andrews, Peter Scott; and Emerson, David T., to Cree, Inc. Light emitting devices 08624271 Cl. 257-88.
Reilly, Usa; Melnick, Michael; Brown, Matthew F.; Plummer, Mark S.; Montgomery, Justin; Che, Ye; and Price, Loren, to Pfizer Inc. Fluoro-pyridinone derivatives useful as antibacterial agents 08624034 Cl. 546-290.
Reiman, William J.: See--
Krzysik, Duane G.; Gibson, Virginia L.; Reiman, William J.; and Roach, Timothy J. 08623132 Cl. 106-287.26.
Reimer, Christopher Jacob; to Raytheon Canada Limited Method and system for attenuating a wavelength shifting source 08621759 Cl. 33-275R.
Reimers, Jan-Dirk: See--
Klein-Hitpass, Arno; and Reimers, Jan-Dirk 08621940 Cl. 73-862.326.
Reiner, James William: See--
Mosendz, Oleksandr; Pisana, Simone; Reiner, James William; and Rose, Franck Dreyfus 08623670 Cl. 438-3.
Reinhall, Per G.; and Dahl, Peter H., to University of Washington through its Center for Commercialization Pile to minimize noise transmission and method of pile driving 08622658 Cl. 405-228.
Reinhard, Walter Brent: See--
Field, Manning R.; Reinhard, Walter Brent; and Keld, Marcia 08622308 Cl. 235-492.
Reinhardt, Albert H. M.: See--
Jain, Jawahar; Marvit, David Loren; Adler, B. Thomas; Reinhardt, Albert H. M.; and Balakrishnan, Rajalakshmi 08622899 Cl. 600-300.
Reinhold, Michael: See--
Schmid, Konstantin; Reinhold, Michael; and Ohnhaeuser, Frank 08624767 Cl. 341-143.
Reiser, Ulrich: See--
Zahn, Stephan Karl; Bister, Bojan; Boehmelt, Guido; Guertler, Ulrich; Mantoulidis, Andreas; Reiser, Ulrich; Schoop, Andreas; Solca, Flavio; Tontsch-Grunt, Ulrike; and Treu, Matthias 08623887 Cl. 514-275.
Reisner, Yotam: See--
Dagan, Amir; Reisner, Yotam; Glasberg, Offer; Hanani, Nitai; and Ariav, Gal 08626290 Cl. 607-14.
Gross, Yossi; Dagan, Amir; Reisner, Yotam; Glasberg, Offer; Hanani, Nitai; and Ariav, Gal 08626299 Cl. 607-44.
Reiss, Manfred: See--
Koch, Barry; Widmer, Thomas; and Reiss, Manfred 08627393 Cl. 725-111.
Reissig, Erik: See--
Falk, Kelvin; Morris, Collin R.; and Reissig, Erik 08622140 Cl. 166-372.
Reister, John: See--
Benjamim, Shai; Reister, John; Avieli, Gilat; Finkelstein, Modi; and Elad, Asi 08627390 Cl. 725-95.
Reiter, Dennis Patrick: See--
Meyeres, Rian Scot; Reiter, Dennis Patrick; Ernst, Paul; and Scheer, Glenn O. 08621855 Cl. 60-327.
Rekhter, Yakov: See--
Aggarwal, Rahul; and Rekhter, Yakov 08625465 Cl. 370-255.
Rekonen, Petri: See--
Anker, Martin; Fredriksen, Siw Bodil; Bentzrod, Pal Christian; Backman, Mats; Leiden, Leif; Vahteri, Markku; and Rekonen, Petri 08623482 Cl. 428-35.7.
Relievant Medsystems, Inc.: See--
Pellegrino, Richard; Patel, Samit; and Carrison, Harold 08623014 Cl. 606-41.
Relyea, Robert A.: See--
Martinsen, Ronald R.; Massy, David H.; Beda, Joseph S.; Gardner, Richard John; Mohan, Bulusu K.; Zotov, Alexander J.; Harding, John M.; Relyea, Robert A.; Mielke, Markus W.; Cox, Dave; and Markel, Kris 08627198 Cl. 715-234.
Remboski, Donald J.: See--
Versteyhe, Mark R. J.; Wesolowski, Steven J.; Remboski, Donald J.; and Morscheck, Timothy J. 08622860 Cl. 475-1.
Remco Technologies, Inc.: See--
Moreth, III, R. Edward 08624166 Cl. 219-388.
Remiarz, Richard: See--
Montividas, Robert; Remiarz, Richard; Johnson, Brian; and Carideo, Max 08621914 Cl. 73-40.
Remont, Jean: See--
Goeller, Eric; and Remont, Jean 08625395 Cl. 368-267.
Remy Technologies, LLC: See--
Kubes, Larry A. 08624452 Cl. 310-54.
Ren, Jian-Xun; Yang, Kang-Ding; and Chen, Qun, to Tsinghua University Hopper and reduction device using the same 08623269 Cl. 266-171.
Ren, Jie: See--
He, Chengming; Kuo, Yicheng; and Ren, Jie 08625051 Cl. 349-64.
Ren, Jingyi; Dong, Shuqin; and Dong, Jiaqin, to GE Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC Calibration device for location of CT x-ray generator and detector, calibration method using the calibration device, and calibration method for CT system 08622615 Cl. 378-207.
Ren, Liwei: See--
Yang, Xiaohua; Wang, Lin; Li, Jiafen; Qian, Xiaolin; Wang, Xianguang; Li, Sheng; Ren, Liwei; Su, Changming; Wang, Zhifa; Liu, Guichuan; and Shi, Bingzhong 08623791 Cl. 507-121.
Ren, Yi; to Shandong ICD High Performance Fibres Co., Ltd. Process of making colored high strength polyethylene fiber 08623245 Cl. 264-78.
Renaldi, Frank: See--
Quintiliani, Robert; Renaldi, Frank; and Venskytis, Nathan 08621758 Cl. 30-526.
Renesas Electronics Corporation: See--
Hirota, Takanori 08624683 Cl. 331-117FE.
Iwamoto, Hisashi; Yano, Yuji; and Yamamoto, Koji 08625360 Cl. 365-189.04.
Kawahara, Jun; Hayashi, Yoshihiro; and Kume, Ippei 08624328 Cl. 257-379.
Kogo, Teruyuki; and Umemoto, Kazuhiro 08624852 Cl. 345-173.
Nagano, Hisanori 08623701 Cl. 438-107.
Nakamura, Hiroyuki; Sato, Yukihiro; Fujiki, Atsushi; and Seki, Tatsuhiro 08624379 Cl. 257-691.
Ohtani, Sugako; and Kondo, Hiroyuki 08627046 Cl. 712-221.
Okushima, Mototsugu 08625239 Cl. 361-56.
Usami, Tatsuya 08624399 Cl. 257-773.
Yoshioka, Akihiko; and Suzuki, Shinya 08624403 Cl. 257-780.
Renold, Peter; Zambach, Werner; Maienfisch, Peter; and Muehlebach, Michel, to Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC Insecticidal compounds 08623896 Cl. 514-378.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: See--
Lu, Toh-Ming; Wang, Gwo-Ching; Tang, Fu; and Parker, Thomas 08623491 Cl. 428-119.
Renz, Marc T.: See--
Summers, Gregory E.; and Renz, Marc T. 08622051 Cl. 124-35.2.
Repp, R. Scott: See--
Picken, Alan D.; Beckman, William; Nestell, David E.; Repp, R. Scott; and Schroeder, Kevin J. 08622494 Cl. 312-408.
Resch, Jason K.: See--
Baptist, Andrew; Leggette, Wesley; and Resch, Jason K. 08625636 Cl. 370-474.
Baptist, Andrew; Leggette, Wesley; Resch, Jason K.; Mark, Zachary J.; and Volvovski, Ilya 08625637 Cl. 370-474.
Baptist, Andrew; Leggette, Wesley; Resch, Jason K.; Motwani, Manish; and Quigley, John 08625635 Cl. 370-474.
Clifone, Bart; Resch, Jason K.; and Gladwin, S. Christopher 08627178 Cl. 714-763.
Dhuse, Greg; Resch, Jason K.; and Leggette, Wesley 08627091 Cl. 713-176.
Leggette, Wesley; Resch, Jason K.; and Cilfone, Bart 08627065 Cl. 713-157.
Resch, Jason K.; Grube, Gary W.; and Markison, Timothy W., to Cleversafe, Inc. Accessing a global vault in multiple dispersed storage networks 08626871 Cl. 709-217.
Resch, Jason K.; Leggette, Wesley; and Cilfone, Bart, to Cleversafe, Inc. Processing a dispersed storage network access request utilizing certificate chain validation information 08627066 Cl. 713-157.
Resch, Jason K.; and Leggette, Wesley, to Cleversafe, Inc. Authenticating a data access request to a dispersed storage network 08627114 Cl. 713-193.
Research Foundation of the City University of New York: See--
Shinnar, Reuel 08621868 Cl. 60-659.
Research Products Corporation: See--
Anoszko, Thomas J.; and Genova, John R. 08623109 Cl. 55-497.
Research Triangle Institute: See--
Dausch, David; Carlson, Jim; Sanders, Christopher Brewer; and Goodwin, Scott H. 08624469 Cl. 310-334.
ResMed Ltd: See--
Ujhazy, Anthony John; Wright, Jonathan Caldwell; Drew, Joanne Elizabeth; and Berthon-Jones, Michael 08622057 Cl. 128-204.23.
Respan Products, Inc.: See--
Hacke, Gerhard A.; and Hacke, Cornel C. 08622058 Cl. 128-205.24.
Ressemann, Thomas V.: See--
Keith, Peter T.; Ressemann, Thomas V.; and Truitt, Theodore O. 08623043 Cl. 606-196.
Restive, Mario: See--
Plantz, Jeffrey; and Restive, Mario 08622320 Cl. 239-310.
Reston, Mark: See--
Trepetin, Stan; and Reston, Mark 08626749 Cl. 707-722.
Retz, James M.: See--
Khlat, Nadim; Folkmann, Andrew F.; and Retz, James M. 08626091 Cl. 455-115.1.
Reuβmann, Thomas; Lützkendorf, Renate; and Ortlepp, Gerald, to SGL Carbon SE Method for the continuous production of laid staple fibre fabrics from finitely long reinforcing fibres with aligned fibre orientation 08621722 Cl. 19-302.
Reumerman, Hans-Juergen; Hiertz, Guido Roland; Max, Gustaf Sebastian; and Zang, Yunpeng, to Koninklijke Philips N.V. Distributed medium access protocol for wireless mesh networks 08625546 Cl. 370-337.
Revance Therapeutics, Inc.: See--
Stone, Hongran F.; and Waugh, Jacob M. 08623811 Cl. 514-1.1.
Rexroad, Michael: See--
Joshi, Neil; and Rexroad, Michael 08624953 Cl. 348-14.01.
Reyero, Mike: See--
Kalman, Dean; Sandars, Ken; Dolecheck, Brett; and Reyero, Mike 08627418 Cl. 726-5.
Reyes, Priscilla T.: See--
Iverson, Benjamin J.; Santra, Ashok K.; and Reyes, Priscilla T. 08623792 Cl. 507-219.
Reyes, Ramon: See--
Ortiz, Hector P.; and Reyes, Ramon 08621725 Cl. 24-136L.
Reymond, Jean-Marc; Kerhoas-Cavata, Sophie; and Mangeot, Philippe, to Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives System and method for the continuous extraction of a liquid phase of microsamples, and automated installation for taking them, for carrying out the extraction and taking measurements 08623278 Cl. 422-63.
Reynes, Didier: See--
Sabadie, Lionel; Courtin, Guillaume; Andrieu, Gilles; Tomasi, Marc; Reynes, Didier; Banis, Christian; and Briois, Jean-Claude 08622348 Cl. 244-131.
Reynolds, Matthew: See--
Kim, Suku; Murphy, James; Reynolds, Matthew; Manatad, Romel; Mancelita, Jan; and Gruenhagen, Michael 08624393 Cl. 257-738.
Reynolds, Maureen B: See--
Overholt, Steven D; and Reynolds, Maureen B 08622604 Cl. 366-146.
Reynolds Presto Products, Inc.: See--
Petkovsek, Gregory L. 08622616 Cl. 383-63.
Reynolds, Scott: See--
Sridhar, K. R.; Aaron, Stuart; Ballantine, Arne; Light, Peter; Reynolds, Scott; Srinivasan, Ramesh; and Gurunathan, Ranganathan 08624549 Cl. 320-109.
Reynolds, Shad W.: See--
Allemann, Andrew W.; Reynolds, Shad W.; Hunter, Adam R.; and Petro, Justin B. 08626567 Cl. 705-7.36.
Rez, Mustafa Internal combustion engine with dual-chamber cylinder 08622032 Cl. 123-2.
Reznik, Yuriy: See--
Baheti, Pawan Kumar; Vaddadi, Sundeep; Swaminathan, Ashwin; Reznik, Yuriy; Hamsici, Onur C.; Chari, Murali Ramaswamy; Hong, John H.; and Lee, Chong Uk 08625902 Cl. 382-190.
RF Micro Devices (Cayman Islands), Ltd.: See--
Scott, Baker; Maxim, George; and Franck, Stephen 08624678 Cl. 330-311.
RF Micro Devices, Inc.: See--
Khlat, Nadim; and Colles, Joseph Hubert 08624576 Cl. 323-344.
Khlat, Nadim; Folkmann, Andrew F.; and Retz, James M. 08626091 Cl. 455-115.1.
Nadimpalli, Praveen Varma; and Colles, Joseph Hubert 08624659 Cl. 327-356.
Ngo, Christopher Truong; and Khlat, Nadim 08624760 Cl. 341-61.
RGB Networks, Inc.: See--
Washingon, Richard G.; and Hall, III, Clifford L. 08627509 Cl. 726-32.
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn: See--
Kostenis, Evi; Spinrath, Andreas; Hennen, Stephanie; Peters, Lucas; Muller, Christa E.; Akkari, Rhalid; Baqi, Younis; and Ritter, Kirsten 08623593 Cl. 435-4.
Rhodes, Brian K.: See--
Wilkes, Todd W.; Poole, Lacey L.; Mlinar, Joseph A.; Dins, Marlene R.; Thorson, Russell E.; and Rhodes, Brian K. 08622983 Cl. 604-385.24.
Rhodes, Paul A.; to Evolved Machines, Inc. Invariant object recognition 08626686 Cl. 706-20.
Rhodia Operations: See--
Harle, Virginie; and Mignani, Gérard 08623122 Cl. 95-139.
Verdier, Stephan; Criniere, Guillaume; Ifrah, Simon; and Jorge Coelho Marques, Rui 08623778 Cl. 502-242.
Rhyu, Sung-Ryeul: See--
Xu, Yiling; Rhyu, Sung-Ryeul; Zhang, Guanhua; and Song, Jae-Yeon 08626870 Cl. 709-217.
Ribas-Corbera, Jordi: See--
Srinivasan, Sridhar; Lin, Chih-Lung; Hsu, Pohsiang; Holcomb, Thomas W.; Lee, Ming-Chieh; and Ribas-Corbera, Jordi 08625680 Cl. 375-240.27.
Ribeiro, Cassio Barboza: See--
Roman, Timo; Ribeiro, Cassio Barboza; Koivisto, Tommi Tapani; and Lindh, Lars Erik 08625632 Cl. 370-468.
Ricci, Carlos Alberto: See--
Zhang, Yi; Meyer, Scott A.; Stahmann, Jeffrey E.; Ricci, Carlos Alberto; Brockway, Marina; McCabe, Aaron R.; Yu, Yinghong; and Hopper, Donald L. 08626276 Cl. 600-512.
Rice, Jennifer: See--
Fewell, Jason G.; Matar, Majed; Rice, Jennifer; Lewis, Danny H.; and Anwer, Khursheed 08623837 Cl. 514-44R.
Richard, Monique N.: See--
Luhrs, Claudia; Phillips, Jonathan; and Richard, Monique N. 08623470 Cl. 427-569.
Richards, Jonathan Mark; and Williams, Kirsty Jane, to Syngenta Limited Formulations 08623389 Cl. 424-405.
Richards, Mark Ryan: See--
Cabell, David William; Loebker, David Warren; MacKey, Larry Neil; Gordon, Gregory Charles; Richards, Mark Ryan; and Keck, Fred J. 08623246 Cl. 264-103.
Richardson, Andrew Ross: See--
Sarwar, Mushtaq A.; Leung, Omar Sze; Pance, Aleksandar; Bilbrey, Brett; and Richardson, Andrew Ross 08624878 Cl. 345-177.
Richardson, Curtis R.; Johnson, Jamie L.; Morine, Alan V.; Willes, Stephen; and Glanzer, Matthew M., to Otter Products, LLC Protective cushion cover for an electronic device 08623494 Cl. 428-156.
Richardson, David R.: See--
MacCarthaigh, Colm; Richardson, David R.; and Redman, Benjamin W. S. 08626950 Cl. 709-245.
Richardson, Peter; Baughman, Robert A.; Potocka, Elizabeth; Boss, Anders Hasager; and Petrucci, Richard, to Mannkind Corporation Method of treating diabetes type 2 by administering ultrarapid acting insulin 08623817 Cl. 514-5.9.
Richardson, Rudy J.: See--
Kohli, Neeraj; Srivastava, Devesh; Richardson, Rudy J.; Sun, Jun; Lee, Ilsoon; and Worden, Robert M. 08623196 Cl. 205-777.5.
Richie, Jr., Benjamin L.: See--
MacLennan, Grant A.; and Richie, Jr., Benjamin L. 08624702 Cl. 336-210.
Richter, Kristin: See--
Pitarch López, Jesús; Rohr, Ulrike; Richter, Kristin; Ruiz Fernandez, Eusebio; and Baur, Ruediger 08623579 Cl. 430-108.23.
Rickert, Sandra: See--
Kato, Shinichiro; Granger, Steve; Crotty, Shane; Rickert, Sandra; Koriazova, Lilia; and Tahara, Tomoyuki 08623370 Cl. 424-159.1.
Ricoh Co., Ltd.: See--
Boliek, Martin; Wu, Kok G.; Schwartz, Edward L.; and Gormish, Michael J. 08625912 Cl. 382-233.
Hirakawa, Makoto; and Hayashi, Yoshinori 08624951 Cl. 347-244.
Mariotti, Andrea; and Gudan, Kenneth F. 08623467 Cl. 427-511.
Schwartz, Edward L.; and Gudan, Kenneth F. 08622539 Cl. 347-109.
Ricoh Company, Limited: See--
Kaida, Yukiko; Miyazaki, Ryonosuke; Ikkanzaka, Hiroaki; and Negoro, Shigeo 08625148 Cl. 358-1.18.
Kaima, Nobuyoshi 08625149 Cl. 358-1.2.
Nakamura, Masaru 08625449 Cl. 370-252.
Nakamura, Satoshi 08625892 Cl. 382-167.
Sato, Ryuichi 08625143 Cl. 358-1.16.
Yamaguchi, Daichi; Komatsu, Makoto; Hayakawa, Tadashi; Kai, Tsukuru; and Hosokawa, Hiroshi 08626037 Cl. 399-262.
Ricoh Company, Ltd: See--
Keys, Gregory C.; Jennings, Andrew G.; and Kitada, Hiroshi 08625113 Cl. 358-1.11.
Ueda, Naohiro 08624677 Cl. 330-307.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.: See--
Amemiya, Kanae; Ishii, Hiroshi; and Shimada, Toshihiro 08626019 Cl. 399-88.
Aoki, Katsuhiro; Azami, Akira; Yamaguchi, Daichi; and Kawakami, Akihiro 08626039 Cl. 399-270.
Fukao, Tomohiro; Kadota, Takuya; Mikuriya, Yoshihiro; Nozaki, Tsuyoshi; Ishikawa, Yoshimichi; Fuwa, Kazuoki; and Miki, Tomoharu 08623581 Cl. 430-110.3.
Horiuchi, Tamotsu; Nagai, Kazukiyo; Li, Hongguo; Suzuki, Tetsuro; and Tamura, Hiroshi 08623577 Cl. 430-58.35.
Ishigaki, Tomoko; and Kasahara, Ryosuke 08624999 Cl. 348-231.2.
Ito, Takayuki; Hirano, Masanori; Hoshino, Yoshiaki; and Takagi, Yasunobu 08626623 Cl. 705-35.
Jikutani, Naoto; Harasaka, Kazuhiro; Sugawara, Satoru; and Sato, Shunichi 08624950 Cl. 347-238.
Kasai, Tadashi; Kobayashi, Shinya; Tsujita, Akio; Iio, Masato; Shinohara, Katsuhiro; and Terao, Masakazu 08626040 Cl. 399-298.
Koike, Toshio; Fukuda, Yoshiyuki; Hattori, Yoshio; Nakamoto, Atsushi; and Okamoto, Hiroaki 08626034 Cl. 399-254.
Nakajima, Yukiko; Kotsugai, Akihiro; Inoue, Ryota; Sabu, Akiyoshi; Sakashita, Shingo; and Osaka, Keiko 08623580 Cl. 430-109.4.
Ogawa, Tadashi; Ehara, Masanao; Ueno, Satoshi; Seo, Hiroshi; Imada, Takahiro; and Hase, Takamasa 08626018 Cl. 399-67.
Okada, Takashi; Hirano, Shigenobu; and Sato, Tsutomu 08625186 Cl. 359-265.
Sarayama, Seiji; Yamane, Hisanori; Shimada, Masahiko; Kumano, Masafumi; Iwata, Hirokazu; and Araki, Takashi 08623138 Cl. 117-200.
Satoh, Tadashi; and Kudo, Yusuke 08625158 Cl. 358-1.9.
Sohma, Shohtaroh 08624566 Cl. 323-222.
Suzuki, Kazuki 08622511 Cl. 347-30.
Yanase, Norikazu; Kikura, Makoto; Kemma, Tsuguyori; and Masaoka, Shingo 08622515 Cl. 347-34.
Ridley, Brent: See--
Guo, Wenzhuo; Dioumaev, Vladimir K.; Ridley, Brent; Zürcher, Fabio; Rockenberger, Joerg; and Cleeves, James Montague 08624049 Cl. 556-406.
Ridley, Damon Donald: See--
Bisson, Adrian; Davey, Roger Michael; Grant, Alexander; Ridley, Damon Donald; Silverbrook, Kia; and Carter, Steven 08622534 Cl. 347-100.
Ridley, Jeff A.; Compton, Robert; Salit, Mary K.; and Kriz, Jeffrey, to Honeywell International Inc. Vapor cell atomic clock physics package 08624682 Cl. 331-94.1.
Riedl, Reinhold; to SAF-Holland GmbH Height-adjustable support for semitrailers 08622425 Cl. 280-763.1.
Riedl, Reinhold; to SAF-HOLLAND GmbH Height adjustable support for semi-trailers 08622426 Cl. 280-763.1.
Rieger, Remi; and Brooks, Paul D., to Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC Generation, distribution and use of content metadata in a network 08625607 Cl. 370-395.64.
Rieger, Ulrich: See--
Frahm, Lars; Rieger, Ulrich; Hoffjann, Claus; and Schuldzig, Hansgeorg 08623559 Cl. 429-408.
Riehl, Patrick Stanley: See--
da Silva, José Barreiro; Shah, Rajul Ramesh; and Riehl, Patrick Stanley 08624571 Cl. 323-283.
Rieken, Ralf: See--
Frank, Michael; and Rieken, Ralf 08625473 Cl. 370-282.
Ries, Wolfgang; and Notheis, Mathias, to Joimax GmbH Facet joint reamer 08623021 Cl. 606-79.
Riesen, Ingo: See--
Brückner, Uwe; and Riesen, Ingo 08623190 Cl. 204-433.
Riethmann, Thomas: See--
Seiler, Matthias; Rolker, Jöm; Schneider, Rolf; Glöckler, Bernd; Kobus, Axel; Benesch, Wolfgang; Riethmann, Thomas; Winkler, Hermann; Reich, Jens; and Brüggemann, Helmut 08623123 Cl. 95-236.
Rigatti, Roberto: See--
Ost, Tobias William Barr; Smith, Geoffrey Paul; Balasubramanian, Shankar; Rigatti, Roberto; and Sanches, Raquel Maria 08623628 Cl. 435-194.
Riggs, Paul; Walker, Iris; Colussi, Paul A.; Ganatra, Mehul; and Taron, Christopher H., to New England Biolabs, Inc. Solubilization and purification of a target protein fused to a mutant maltose-binding protein 08623615 Cl. 435-69.1.
RIKEN: See--
Hou, Zhaomin; Luo, Yunjie; Li, Xiaofang; and Baldamus, Jens 08623976 Cl. 526-170.
Riley, Scott A.: See--
Chaine, Olivier Antoine; Vatere, Benoit; Ramamurthy, Anand; and Riley, Scott A. 08626697 Cl. 706-50.
Riley, Sean; and Donham, John, to MP 1, Inc. System and method for embedding a view of a virtual space in a banner ad and enabling user interaction with the virtual space within the banner ad 08627212 Cl. 715-757.
Riley, T. Matthew Two-stroke engine 08622034 Cl. 123-65VC.
Rim, Kern: See--
Chang, Paul; Deng, Jie; Hook, Terrence B.; Loo, Sim Y.; Mocuta, Anda C.; Park, Jae-Eun; Rim, Kern; and Yu, Xiaojun 08626480 Cl. 703-14.
Rimai, Donald S.: See--
Aslam, Muhammed; Rimai, Donald S.; and Tyagi, Dinesh 08626015 Cl. 399-53.
Rimai, Donald S.; Schindler, II, Roland R.; and White, Christopher J., to Eastman Kodak Company Making stacked pancake motors using patterned adhesives 08623226 Cl. 216-33.
Rinaldi, Jean-Charles: See--
Liem, Pieter; Fournier, Jean-Robert; and Rinaldi, Jean-Charles 08622099 Cl. 141-59.
Rinaldo, Jr., John D.: See--
Cohen, Alexander J.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Robert W.; Malamud, Mark A.; Mangione-Smith, William H.; Rinaldo, Jr., John D.; and Tegreene, Clarence T. 08626848 Cl. 709-206.
Cohen, Alexander J.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Robert W.; Malamud, Mark A.; Mangione-Smith, William Henry; Rinaldo, Jr., John D.; and Tegreene, Clarence T. 08626731 Cl. 707-705.
Cohen, Alexander J.; Jung, Edward K. Y.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Robert W.; Malamud, Mark A.; and Rinaldo, Jr., John D. 08624833 Cl. 345-107.
Rindt, Philipp; and Austinat, Dirk, to Nordex Energy GmbH Wind turbine component having an electrical line embedded in a laminate and method for making the same 08622710 Cl. 416-230.
Ring, Matthew A.; and Prosack, Jr., Henry G., to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Structure and method for post oxidation silicon trench bottom shaping 08624302 Cl. 257-272.
Ring, Sven: See--
Klar, Ulrich; Kuhnke, Joachim; Bohlmann, Rolf; Hübner, Jan; Ring, Sven; Frenzel, Thomas; Menges, Frederik; Borden, Steffen; Muhn, Hans-Peter; and Prelle, Katja 08623850 Cl. 514-170.
Rinman, Johan: See--
Nyström, Marcus; Rinman, Johan; and Eklund, Madelene 08622972 Cl. 604-167.03.
Rinne, Finn: See--
Savage, Padraig; Pellegrini, Gianfranco; Rinne, Finn; Rust, Matthew; and Krivoruchko, Michael 08623079 Cl. 623-2.17.
Rios, Adan; to Photoimmune Biotechnology Inc. Inactivation of reverse transcriptases by azido-diarylpyrimidines 08623595 Cl. 435-5.
Rippl, Christopher Mark; Wagner, Uwe; Nagel, Lukas; Tide, Ralf; Scherer, Sebastian; and Loehr, Andreas, to Maerzhaeuser Wetzlar GmbH & Co. KG Specimen carrier supply and delivery device 08622681 Cl. 414-225.01.
Risch, Brian G.: See--
Lovie, Raymond G.; and Risch, Brian G. 08625947 Cl. 385-113.
Risk Management Technologies, LLC: See--
Kilpatrick, II, Philip A.; Hura, Thomas D.; and Luketic, Daniel A. 08626538 Cl. 705-4.
Risvik, Knut Magne; Hopcroft, Michael; Bennett, John G.; Kalyanaraman, Karthik; Chilimbi, Trishul; and Shen, Hui, to Microsoft Corporation Priority hash index 08626781 Cl. 707-758.
Ritchey, Nicholas S.; and Schwagli, Tobias, to Smith & Nephew, Inc. Targeting an orthopaedic implant landmark 08623023 Cl. 606-86R.
Ritchie, Paul G.: See--
Dunki-Jacobs, Robert J.; Yazdi, Youseph; Weir, Michael P.; Ritchie, Paul G.; Youmans, David C.; and Gill, Robert P. 08626271 Cl. 600-476.
Rite-Hite Holding Corporation: See--
Wiegel, Aaron J.; Anderson, Daniel M.; Grant, Donald P.; Dondlinger, Jason; Korman, Joe; Petri, Mark G.; McNeill, Matthew C.; and Snyder, Ronald P. 08622712 Cl. 417-14.
Windfeld, Helle; Nielsen, Brian B.; Langdahl, Jens Erik; and Brinch, Mogens 08622199 Cl. 198-588.
Ritter, Kirsten: See--
Kostenis, Evi; Spinrath, Andreas; Hennen, Stephanie; Peters, Lucas; Muller, Christa E.; Akkari, Rhalid; Baqi, Younis; and Ritter, Kirsten 08623593 Cl. 435-4.
Ritter, Thomas: See--
Bendakovsky, Amit; Hrle, Namik; and Ritter, Thomas 08626717 Cl. 707-660.
Ritzinger, Georg; to Eaton GmbH Ground-fault circuit interrupter 08625238 Cl. 361-42.
Rival, Olivier; and Morea, Annalisa, to Alcatel Lucent Variable bitrate equipment 08624762 Cl. 341-101.
Rivas, Luis; Kreider, Mark; and Sharp, Alec, to Oracle International Corporation Application generator for data transformation applications 08627208 Cl. 715-746.
Rivera, Adrian Low cost disposable container for use with electronic pest electrocution device 08621777 Cl. 43-98.
Rivera, Adrian Coffee maker 08621981 Cl. 99-286.
Rivera, Victor: See--
Tremaine, III, Burton G.; and Rivera, Victor 08622112 Cl. 160-273.1.
Rizzo, Piervincenzo: See--
Di Scalea, Francesco Lanza; Coccia, Stefano; Bartoli, Ivan; Salamone, Salvatore; and Rizzo, Piervincenzo 08626459 Cl. 702-56.
Roach, Michael T.: See--
Krasheninnik, Nadejda N.; Fabrizius, Martin A.; and Roach, Michael T. 08624089 Cl. 800-312.
Krasheninnik, Nadejda N.; Fabrizius, Martin A.; and Roach, Michael T. 08624091 Cl. 800-312.
Roach, Timothy J.: See--
Krzysik, Duane G.; Gibson, Virginia L.; Reiman, William J.; and Roach, Timothy J. 08623132 Cl. 106-287.26.
Robarts, James O.: See--
Abbott, Kenneth H.; Freedman, Joshua M.; Newell, Dan; and Robarts, James O. 08626712 Cl. 707-631.
Robb, Fraser: See--
Banerjee, Modhurin; Robb, Fraser; and Chan, Pei H. 08624597 Cl. 324-318.
Robbin, Jeffrey L.; and Heller, David, to Apple Inc. Intelligent interaction between media player and host computer 08626952 Cl. 709-248.
Robbins, William Stanley; Wallis, R. Tyler; and Karnalkar, Anup D., to AT&T Intellectual Property I, LP Method and apparatus for managing contact books 08625755 Cl. 379-93.02.
ROBE Lighting s.r.o.: See--
Kubis, Frantisek; and Jurik, Pavel 08622573 Cl. 362-231.
Robert Bosch GmbH: See--
Buck, Thomas 08625823 Cl. 381-174.
Dietrich, Volker; and Schuerer, Martin 08621925 Cl. 73-431.
Fleischer, Matthias; and Seiffert, Thomas 08625103 Cl. 356-497.
Gerundt, Oliver; and Kaefer, Oliver 08622120 Cl. 165-202.
Goetz, Rolf; Schulze, Steffen; Matthie, Daniel; Kny, Markus; and Weishaeutel, Frank 08623254 Cl. 264-272.11.
Groenenboom, Johan 08624975 Cl. 348-143.
Haeberer, Rainer; Horn, Matthias; and Schmeling, Ulf-Peter 08622316 Cl. 239-132.3.
Hannemann, Dirk 08626414 Cl. 701-70.
Ibarra, Javier; McAuliffe, Patrick; Nachtigall, Wade; Flury, Christoph; and Howell, Jon 08622665 Cl. 408-206.
Kaerner, Christof; Kolatschek, Josef; and Hiemer, Marcus 08626397 Cl. 701-46.
Kathan, Nicole; Hermanns, Ludger; and Zimmermann, Marc 08622718 Cl. 417-313.
Koeder, Thilo; Stellmann, Georg; and Platzer, Joachim 08622568 Cl. 362-119.
Lawlor, Michael J.; and Wiker, Juergen 08621970 Cl. 83-468.7.
Lepidis, Polichronis; and Loidreau, Maxime 08621932 Cl. 73-708.
Partridge, Aaron; Lutz, Markus; and Kronmueller, Silvia 08623686 Cl. 438-48.
Pögel, Oliver; Morawski, Dieter; Heinzmann, Jürgen; and Lesk, Hans-Kersten 08622077 Cl. 137-315.03.
Ravenhill, Paul Bartholomew; Hoolahan, Richard Matthew; Allen, Jeffrey; and Barraclough, Steven 08622315 Cl. 239-91.
Sattler, Robert 08624686 Cl. 331-154.
Schmied, Ralf; and Fritz, Tobias 08621825 Cl. 53-281.
Tandler, Juergen; and Weh, Andeas 08622486 Cl. 303-10.
Weiss, Stefan; and Hoechst, Arnim 08621929 Cl. 73-514.32.
Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc.: See--
Brown, Stephen J.; Cherry, Julie C.; Clapp, Geoffrey J.; and Gunabushanam, Gowthaman 08626521 Cl. 705-2.
Robert, Michel: See--
Blais, Alain; Croteau, Julie; Robert, Michel; and Bedard, Christian 08621727 Cl. 24-555.
Roberts, Clark H.; Cook, Michael A.; and Boctor, Victor W. H., to Microsoft Corporation Multi-tenant collaborative review service 08627280 Cl. 717-113.
Roberts, Dave Anthony: See--
Wankmueller, John; Roberts, Dave Anthony; and Evans, Paul Michael 08627080 Cl. 713-169.
Roberts, David A.: See--
Gupta, Yatharth; and Roberts, David A. 08625552 Cl. 370-338.
Roberts, Guy William Welch: See--
Barton, Christopher; Roberts, Guy William Welch; Muttik, Igor G.; and Hinchliffe, Alexander James 08627461 Cl. 726-22.
Roberts, James: See--
Glasco, David B.; Holmqvist, Peter B.; Lynch, George R.; Marchand, Patrick R.; Mehra, Karan; Roberts, James; Everitt, Cass W.; and Molnar, Steven E. 08627041 Cl. 711-208.
Roberts, James P.: See--
Heyworth, Harold; and Roberts, James P. 08624604 Cl. 324-637.
Roberts, Jon L.: See--
Kline, Paul A.; Nitin, Sawant; Weinstein, Allan M.; Weinstein, David J.; and Roberts, Jon L. 08627415 Cl. 726-4.
Roberts, Keith A.; Burban, John Henry; Zia, Majid; and Spearman, Michael R., to Hemostasis, LLC Hemostatic agent and method 08623842 Cl. 514-60.
Roberts, Ken: See--
Roberts, Ken 08625083 Cl. 356-32.
Roberts, Ken; to Roberts, Ken Thin film stress measurement 3D anisotropic volume 08625083 Cl. 356-32.
Roberts, Kim B.; and Chiabaut, Jerome, to Ciena Corporation Traffic driven variable bandwidth optical transmission 08625998 Cl. 398-182.
Roberts, Mark D.: See--
Lawson, Lance P.; Miller, Marla; Fullerton, Larry W.; and Roberts, Mark D. 08622300 Cl. 235-454.
Roberts, Mark Stephen: See--
Hazel, Nicholas John; Key, Lesley Ann; Roberts, Mark Stephen; and Sunley, John Glenn 08624054 Cl. 560-232.
Roberts, Phillip Wayne; Tabor, Gregory Arthur; Schwemmer, Kurt Marshall; Adams, John Matthew; and Benavidez, Armando Garza, to Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. SAS expander with non-blocking virtual PHY architecture 08626981 Cl. 710-316.
Roberts, Tyson: See--
Kitts, Brendan; Burdick, Brian; Au, Dyng; and Roberts, Tyson 08627359 Cl. 725-35.
Roberts, Virginia M.: See--
Oldenburg, Paul D.; Bielenberg, James R.; Roberts, Virginia M.; Oumar-Mahamat, Halou; and Domaille, Peter J. 08624070 Cl. 585-240.
Robertson, Alasdair: See--
Tsutsumi, Kazuhisa; Toshihide, Noguchi; Korematsu, Yasuhiro; Shimizu, Masayuki; Robertson, Alasdair; Stein, Uwe; and Karstens, Hauke 08622719 Cl. 417-330.
Robertson, Galen C.: See--
Price, Daniel W.; Robertson, Galen C.; Kimball, Cory G.; Woodruff, Scott A.; Miller, Matthew C.; Rupp, Kip M.; Fihe, Carrie I.; Sheetz, Jane A.; and Draginoff, Jr., Carl J. 08623027 Cl. 606-101.
Robertson, James A.: See--
Greene, William S.; and Robertson, James A. 08626877 Cl. 709-220.
Robertson, Jason Michael; Brown, Ian Trevor; Gastelum, Steven; Doll, Daniel James; and Hawley, John Raymond, to Solar Turbines Inc. Mobile platform system for a gas turbine engine 08621873 Cl. 60-796.
Robertson, Patrick; Angermann, Michael; and Krach, Bernhard, to Deutsches Zentrum für Luft—und Raumfahrt e.V. Method for creating a map relating to location-related data on the probability of future movement of a person 08626443 Cl. 701-532.
Robertson, Ray: See--
Wahal, Sanjay; Clark, Edward J.; Robertson, Ray; and Conley, Jeffrey Scott 08623248 Cl. 264-103.
Robertson Transformer Co.: See--
Beasley, Denny D. 08624519 Cl. 315-246.
Robertson, William R.: See--
McNalley, Brett J.; Robertson, William R.; and Gable, Kenneth G. 08622777 Cl. 440-1.
Robillard, George Thomas: See--
Robillard, Marc Stefan; Robillard, George Thomas; and Kocer, Armagan 08623325 Cl. 424-1.21.
Robillard, Marc Stefan; Robillard, George Thomas; and Kocer, Armagan, to Koninklijke Philips N.V. Azide modified charge sensitive channel proteins 08623325 Cl. 424-1.21.
Robin, Mark L.; and Bartelt, Joan Ellen, to E I du Pont de Nemours and Company Azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, and 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane 08623233 Cl. 252-2.
Robins, Allan J.; and Schulz, Thomas C., to Viacyte, Inc. Methods and compositions for feeder-free pluripotent stem cell media containing human serum 08623650 Cl. 435-392.
Robinson, Allen: See--
Cuervo, Fernando; Robinson, Allen; and Cutler, Kevin Scott 08625612 Cl. 370-401.
Robinson, Bryan S.; Boroson, Don M.; Hamilton, Scott A.; and Savage, Shelby J., to Massachusetts Institute of Technology Modulator for frequency-shift keying of optical signals 08625999 Cl. 398-187.
Robinson, Charles: See--
Kelly, Sean M.; Kromer, Brian R.; Litwin, Michael M.; Rosen, Lee J.; Christie, Gervase Maxwell; Wilson, Jamie R.; Kosowski, Lawrence W.; and Robinson, Charles 08623241 Cl. 252-373.
Robinson, Harriet L.; Smith, James; and Hua, Jian, to Emory University Compositions and methods for generating an immune response 08623379 Cl. 424-199.1.
Robinson, Ian N.; Tan, Kar-Han; and Gelb, Daniel George, to Hewlett-Packard Developement Company, L.P. Methods and systems for sharing content via a collaboration screen 08624954 Cl. 348-14.07.
Robinson, John: See--
Hans, Jeremy; Wallace, Eli M.; Zhao, Qian; Lyssikatos, Joseph P.; Aicher, Thomas D.; Laird, Ellen R; Robinson, John; and Allen, Shelley 08623895 Cl. 514-363.
Uttaro, Raymond; Robinson, John; and Laurin, Michel 08621830 Cl. 53-450.
Robinson, John D.: See--
Blattner, Patrick D.; and Robinson, John D. 08627215 Cl. 715-758.
Robinson, Jr., Douglas K.; and Erickson, John J., to Acushnet Company Golf shoe 08621768 Cl. 36-127.
Robinson, Matthew R.; Van Duren, Jeroen K. J.; and Sager, Brian M., to Nanosolar, Inc. High-throughput printing of semiconductor precursor layer from chalcogenide microflake particles 08623448 Cl. 427-74.
Robinson, Robert: See--
Schmidtke, Jakub; and Robinson, Robert 08625429 Cl. 370-235.
Roche Diagnostics International AG: See--
Heutschi, Ivan 08622956 Cl. 604-89.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.: See--
Chan, Frank A.; and Wong, Daniel 08621828 Cl. 53-426.
Kubista, Michael; Stroembom, Linda; and Zoric, Neven 08623602 Cl. 435-6.12.
Wooldridge, Scott 08622231 Cl. 220-495.01.
Roche, Elizabeth C.; and Whitney, Jason, to Sprint Communications Company L.P. Method and system for linking information from a mobile telephony device with an electronic file 08626197 Cl. 455-456.3.
Roche GlycArt AG: See--
Umaña, Pablo; Jean-Mairet, Joël; and Bailey, deceased, James E. 08623644 Cl. 435-358.
Roche, Michael: See--
Jerrard-Dunne, Stanley Kieran; Millen, David Ryant; and Roche, Michael 08626832 Cl. 709-204.
Rock-Tenn Shared Services, LLC: See--
Brundage, David Joe; Huston, John Robert; and Smith, Kenneth C. 08622282 Cl. 229-157.
Rockenberger, Joerg: See--
Guo, Wenzhuo; Dioumaev, Vladimir K.; Ridley, Brent; Zürcher, Fabio; Rockenberger, Joerg; and Cleeves, James Montague 08624049 Cl. 556-406.
Rockstar Consortium US LP: See--
Saluja, Rajesh 08625414 Cl. 370-228.
Will, Craig Alexander 08625768 Cl. 379-202.01.
Rockwater Resource, LLC: See--
Wiemers, Reginald A. 08623209 Cl. 210-243.
Rockweiler, Holly E.: See--
McCabe, Aaron R.; Rockweiler, Holly E.; and Laughner, Jacob L. 08626292 Cl. 607-20.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.: See--
Chin, Karen; and Wong, Chee Lim 08625261 Cl. 361-679.01.
McGreevy, Robert Joseph; Pantaleano, Micheal John; Fuller, Bruce Gordon; Tooke, Ian Edward; Albert, Kevin John; Baier, John Joseph; and Pingel, Jan 08624921 Cl. 345-629.
Weatherhead, Norman A. 08626319 Cl. 700-22.
Zhang, Yue; and Hong, Kevin Lee Huan 08626960 Cl. 710-8.
Rockwell, James: See--
Young, Kevin L.; and Rockwell, James 08622048 Cl. 123-516.
Roddy, Craig W.; Karcher, Jeffery D.; and Morgan, Rickey L., to Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Weighted elastomers, cement compositions comprising weighted elastomers, and methods of use 08623936 Cl. 523-130.
Rodemer, Yolanda; to Nobera Pharma, S.L. Use of allopurinol for the treatment of hand foot skin reaction 08623878 Cl. 514-262.1.
Roden, Mark: See--
Traeholt, Chresten; Willen, Dag; Roden, Mark; Tolbert, Jerry C.; Lindsay, David; Fisher, Paul W.; and Nielsen, Carsten Thidemann 08624109 Cl. 174-15.5.
Willen, Dag; Traeholt, Chresten; Daumling, Manfred; Tolbert, Jerry C.; Roden, Mark; and Lindsay, David 08623787 Cl. 505-431.
Roden, Robert L.; Gorczynski, Richard J.; and Gerber, Michael J., to AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Therapy for complications of diabetes 08623819 Cl. 514-6.8.
Rodgers, Matthew L.: See--
Mucignat, Andrea; Steele, Oliver; Supramaniam, Senthil; Hardison, Osborne; Schultz, Richard J.; Warren, Daniel A.; Fiennes, Hugo; Dutra, Jonathan A.; Bell, David; Fadell, Anthony M.; Rodgers, Matthew L.; Smith, Ian C.; Erickson, Grant M.; Satterthwaite, Edwin H.; and Palmer, Joseph E. 08627127 Cl. 713-320.
Rodrigo Caballero, Nuria: See--
Morancho Rodrïguez, Josep; and Rodrigo Caballero, Nuria 08626464 Cl. 702-81.
Rodrigues, Paulo C.: See--
Giotto, Angelo; Rodrigues, Paulo C.; and Bisson, Aldo 08621834 Cl. 56-14.6.
Rodriguez, Enrique O.: See--
Stultz, Julie Lynn; Macaluso, Steven; and Rodriguez, Enrique O. 08625818 Cl. 381-94.5.
Rodriguez-Lopez, Victor: See--
Ames, Aaron; Tiedemann, Anthony; Santamaria, Franco; Rodriguez-Lopez, Victor; Saucedo, Rogelio; and Carrillo, Felipe 08621993 Cl. 100-341.
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