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Method and apparatus for creating and distributing real-time interactive media content through wireless communication networks and the internet
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1. A method for using a handheld apparatus having one or more output devices including a rasterized visual display that present output to an operator, one or more input devices including an array of switches that receive input from the operator, a wireless transmitter, and processing circuitry that controls operation of the one or more output devices, the one or more input devices and the wireless transmitter, wherein the method comprises steps that perform the acts of:
presenting information through the rasterized visual display to the operator that assists the operator in controlling the operation of the handheld apparatus;
providing through the one or more output devices to the operator a presentation of a representation of first content;
receiving through the one or more input devices from the operator a second content that overlaps in time the presentation of first content according to a temporal relationship controlled by the operator and an identification of one or more recipients; and
sending through the wireless transmitter a representation of the second content and identification of one or more recipients to a remote server that is separated in space from the handheld apparatus, and causing the remote server to send to the one or more recipients a message representing the first content and the second content arranged according to the temporal relationship.