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FLUID-CIRCUIT ELEMENTS PREDOMINANTLY USED FOR COMPUTING OR CONTROL PURPOSES (transducers F15B 5/00, {F15B 21/00} ; fluid dynamics in general F15D; computer comprising fluid elements G06D, G06G; { electric control by means of electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic amplifiers G05B 7/02} )
Definition statement
This subclass/group covers:

Components for fluidic logic systems (fluidics), i.e. for systems using a fluid to perform analog or digital operations similar to those performed with electronics.

Relationship between large subject matter areas

Devices using the coanda effect for purposes other than for computing are classified in the place of the application.

References relevant to classification in this group
This subclass/group does not cover:
Nozzles for windscreens
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Last Modified: 10/11/2013