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DOMESTIC PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS FOR FRESH WATER OR WASTE WATER (not connected to either water-supply main or to waste pipe A47K; devices of the kind used in the ground E03B, F) ; SINKS
Domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water; Sinks { (work tops A47B77/02B) }
Definition statement
This subclass/group covers:

Water dispensing devices for bathroom and kitchen; constructional features of wash basins and sinks; draining devices for wash basins and sinks

References relevant to classification in this group
This subclass/group does not cover:
Wash-stands without connection to either water supply or waste pipe
Plugs for wash basins
Constructional features of shower bases and bath tubs
Bathing devices for therapeutic purposes; constructional features of nozzles for whirlpools
Mechanical filtering devices
Disintegrating in general
Nozzles and liquid spraying devices in general
Fountains in general
Shower heads
Cleaning of pipes in general
Beverages on draught with tap
Local water supply pipe systems
De-clogging devices specially adapted for toilets
Devices in the toilet bowl producing upwardly directed sprays
Building parts characterised by incorporated canalisations
Fixing elements in general
Water conduits and pipes in general
Valves, taps and stopcocks in general
Lighting devices
Domestic hot water supply systems
Constructional features of different sensor types used for control of taps
Control of temperature in general
Control of flow rate in general

Examples of places where the subject matter of this group is covered when specially adapted, used for a particular purpose, or incorporated in a larger system:

Sanitary facilities specially adapted for use in ships
Sanitary equipment in rail vehicles
Sanitary equipment in aircrafts
Cleaning or other treatment of water
Hand-held spray heads for washing of buttocks
Informative references
Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:
Anti-splash devices in sinks
Filters mounted on faucet or tap
Combinations of wash basins with toilet bowl or toilet cistern
Odour seals for floor drains or level access showers
Adjusting tools for anchoring of elements in building walls
Special rules of classification within this group

Water monitoring or leakage prevention for domestic plumbing installations are classified in E03C 1/00.

Built-in wall boxes for taps are classified in E03C 1/021.

Combined water inlet and overflow for bathtubs are classified in E03C 1/04 and E03C/24 and given the subgroup E03C 2201/80.

Documents for E03C 1/10 having an air gap device (E03C 1/102) in combination with one or more valves (E03C 1/104, E03C 1/106, E03C 1/108) are to be classified in the two subgroups concerned.

Connecting supplementary waste water sources to waste pipe are classified in E03C 1/184.

Tub boxes for collecting leakage water are classified in E03C 1/20.

E03C 2201/90 applies to documents which are not to be classified in E03C 1/324.

Devices for cleaning domestic waste pipes which can also be used in sewage pipes are classified in E03F 9/00.

Documents for E03C 1/281 concerning urinals are also classified in the corresponding subgroup in E03D 13/00.

The subgroups below E03C 2201/00 are given to documents showing sufficient information of the respective feature to be used for a future search, without this feature forming the invention.

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Last Modified: 10/11/2013