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Definition statement
This subclass/group covers:
  • Vehicles drawn by animals or parts thereof so far as the relevant features are essential for animal-drawn vehicles.
  • Passenger vehicles, load carrying vehicles, and racing vehicles such as sulkies.
  • Connections between the animal and the vehicle and safeguarding appliances to release an animal.
  • Undercarriages or running gear of vehicles and axle supports.
  • Braking mechanism and their control devices specially adapted for such vehicles.
References relevant to classification in this subclass
This subclass/group does not cover:
Hand-propelled vehicles, hand carts, sledges
Without specific features for animal-drawn vehicles they are considered as trailers
Reins or whips per se
Informative references
Attention is drawn to the following places, which may be of interest for search:
Undercarriages for supporting agricultural tools
Traction harness for traction animals
Glossary of terms
In this subclass/group, the following terms (or expressions) are used with the meaning indicated:
Fifth wheel
coupling between front-wheel axle and carriage to allow front-wheel axle to pivot to facilitate turning.
Types of vehicles
Undercarriages or running gear of vehicles; Axle supports (undercarriages for supporting agricultural tools or apparatus A01B 35/30, A01B 39/24; A01B 51/00 )
Draught assemblies (traction harness B68B 3/00 )
Braking mechanisms and brake control devices specially adapted for animal-drawn vehicles (brakes in general F16D)
Carriers or holders for whips; Holders for reins forming part of or attached to vehicles (reins or whips per se B68B)
Safeguarding appliances not otherwise provided for, e.g. for readily releasing unmanageable draught animals
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Last Modified: 10/11/2013