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GENERATION OF ELECTRIC POWER BY CONVERSION OF INFRA-RED RADIATION, VISIBLE LIGHT OR ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT, e.g. USING PHOTOVOLTAIC [PV] MODULES (light sensitive inorganic semiconductor devices H01L 31/00; thermoelectric devices H01L 35/00; pyroelectric devices H01L 37/00; light sensitive organic semiconductor devices H01L 51/00; obtaining electrical energy from radioactive sources G21H 1/12; solar heat collectors F24J 2/00)
Subclass H02S corresponds to IPC2014.01. Concordance CPC : IPC for the groups is as follows: - H02S 10/00 : H01L 31/04 - H02S 20/00 : H01L 31/042 - H02S 30/00 : H01L 31/042 - H02S 40/00 : H01L 31/042 - H02S 50/00 : G01R 31/40 - H02S 99/00 : H02N 6/00 ]

PV power plants; Combinations of PV energy systems with other systems for the generation of electric power
Supporting structures for PV modules
Structural details of PV modules not involving light conversion (semiconductor device aspects of inorganic PV modules H01L 31/00, of organic PV modules H01L 51/00, of modules of electrolytic light sensitive devices H01G 9/20)
Components or accessories specially adapted for PV modules, not provided for in groups H02S 10/00-H02S 30/00
Monitoring or testing of PV systems, e.g. load balancing or fault identification
H02S 99/00
Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass
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