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313    Recording of Licenses, Security Interests, and Other Documents Other Than Assignments [R-11.2013]

In addition to assignments and documents required to be recorded by Executive Order 9424, documents affecting title to a patent or application will be recorded in the Assignment Division of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office). Other documents not affecting title may be recorded at the discretion of the Director. 37 CFR 3.11(a).

Thus, some documents which relate to patents or applications will be recorded, although they do not constitute a transfer or change of title. Typical of these documents which are accepted for recording are license agreements and agreements which convey a security interest. Such documents are recorded in the public interest in order to give third parties notification of equitable interests or other matters relevant to the ownership of a patent or application.

Any document returned unrecorded, which the sender nevertheless believes represents an unusual case which justifies recordation, may be submitted to the Office of Petitions with a petition under 37 CFR 1.181 requesting recordation of the document.

The recordation of a document is not a determination of the effect of the document on the chain of title. The determination of what, if any, effect a document has on title will be made by the Office at such times as ownership must be established to permit action to be taken by the Office in connection with a patent or an application. See MPEP §§ 324 and 325.



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