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Electronic Trademark Official Gazette Enhancements

The electronic version of the Trademark Official Gazette was enhanced on or about December 7, 2013 to:

  1. Detect and notify users of missing features on their web browsers that have the potential to negatively impact their use of the TMOG;
  2. Enable the back button to function in all supported web browsers.  We support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari;
  3. Modify the URLs utilized by the USPTO site to make them easier for people to read and understand;
  4. Create a full XML version (with API) of each issue of the TMOG;
  5. Provide tool tips for all user controls (e.g., icons, buttons, and tabs) that are not already so labeled; and
  6. Provide information about all trademarks related to the actual mark appearing in the TMOG, to include transformations and replacements.


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