Updating Ownership Information After Assignment is Recorded

Recording an assignment with the Assignment Recordation Branch (Assignment Branch) may automatically update the ownership information for those registrations and applications in the Trademark database. However, an automatic update of ownership information does not always occur.

Circumstances for Automatic Update

An automatic update in the ownership information will occur when the following set of circumstances exist:

  1. The conveyance type selected on the cover sheet is one of the following:
  • Assignment of entire interest and goodwill;
  • Nunc Pro Tunc Assignment;
  • Merger; or
  • Name Change

Any other selection for a conveyance type from the ETAS form or the insertion of any additional wording on the paper form will NOT permit an automatic update;

  1. The execution date of the document to be recorded is later than, and not the same as, the execution date of any other document that has been recorded previously. Recording multiple documents with the Assignment Branch with the same execution date will likely prevent an automatic update of the ownership records;
  1. The application is not in a locked blackout period. The blackout period includes:

(a) the time between approval for publication and issuance of the notice of allowance, and the time between approval of the statement of use and registration for Section 1(b) intent to use applications, and

(b) the time between approval for publication and registration for Section 1(a) use-based applications and Section 44 applications based on foreign registrations; and

  1. The maximum number of changes to ownership has not been reached. The maximum number of ownership changes before publication is nine (9) and between publication and registration of the mark is nine (9).

Requesting Update

If all the conditions outlined above are met and the ownership information is not automatically updated, you can e-mail the Trademark Operation to have the ownership information updated at TMPostPubQuery@USPTO.GOV. In the e-mail please identify the application or registration that was not automatically updated.

If, however, the assignment does not automatically update because the above conditions are not met, you can have ownership information changed by sending a written notice to the Trademark Operation in the following ways:

Applications: If the application has not yet been approved for publication in the Official Gazette, you may submit the request to update ownership by filing a TEAS voluntary amendment. If the application has already published for opposition, you may submit your request to update ownership by filing the TEAS post-publication amendment form.

Registrations: If the mark is registered, ownership information can only be manually updated in the following ways:

  • Submitting a written request as part of your maintenance document (Section 8 affidavit of continued use or Section 9 renewal application) or
  • Filing a Section 7 correction request through the TEAS Section 7 request form. There is a $100 fee associated with filing a Section 7 request as a paralegal specialist in the Post-Registration Division must examine the ownership.

REMINDER re Correspondence Update

Even if your ownership information is automatically updated in the Trademark database, you must ensure that your correspondence information is also updated. To update your correspondence information, please file your request through the TEAS change of correspondence address form.

More Information

For more detailed information on this overall topic, please see TMEP §504.03.