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Video Conferencing and Collaboration

The USPTO is using Cisco WebEx Meeting Server (CWMS) to conduct video conferences with external stakeholders. Below are instructions on how to join a USPTO hosted video conference. Useful information and links are also provided on how to use WebEx collaboration tools including audio/video conferencing and file sharing.

WebEx "How To.." : Short videos describing how to share a file, attend a meeting, connect to the meeting audio and more

Tips on joining a WebEx meeting: Check here if you are having trouble joining a meeting

 Office personnel are reminded that applicable guidance regarding communications with outside parties must be followed when using WebEx.  See, for example, MPEP 713.

How to Join a USPTO WebEx Meeting

Software may need to be downloaded (using Administrative privileges) to participate in an online WebEx Meeting. If Administrative privileges are not available, other options such as Java and running a temporary application are available. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended.

1. Open the email containing the WebEx online meeting invitation and click on the link to join the visual component of the online meeting.

image of the WebEx invitation with a


2. Enter 'Your name' and 'Email address' in the Meeting Center window and click  'Join'.

WebEx Signin box - Enter Your Name; Email Address and a prepopulated Meeting password field



If an Add-On or Plug-In appears and you have administrative privileges to install the application, select 'Allow' or 'Download' to install and launch the WebEx Application. (Depending on which browser you are using, the dialog box may appear different.)

Internet Explorer:

  Internet Explorer popup with instructions on how to run the application


Google Chrome:

Chrome run application screen

Mozilla Firefox run application screenshot

4. If Administrative privileges are not available, users can ‘Use Java’ on Internet Explorer or ‘Run a temporary application’ on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

5. To join the audio component of the online meeting, enter your 10 digit phone number in the Audio Conference Window and click on ‘Call Me’. WebEx will call the entered phone number.

WebEx Audio Conference Window

6. Your phone will ring. Answer it and when prompted, press '1' on the phone dial pad to enter the audio portion of the conference.

7. To display Video, if applicable, when the WebEx Meeting starts click the ‘Start my video’ button next to your name in the participants list.

Participate Video Button


 Disclaimer: The United States Patent and Trademark Office provides these links and this information solely for the convenience of members of the public who may need to access USPTO sponsored web meetings offered using these collaboration tools. The USPTO does not endorse these companies' products nor the accuracy of any information presented on their web sites. All brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective companies. 

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