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Resources and Guidance

The following policies, procedures, guides, tools and manuals are associated with the patent process.

NOTE: The information below was correct at the time of original publication. Some information may no longer be applicable. For example, amendments may have been made to the rules of practice since the original date of a publication, there may have been a change in any fees indicated, and certain references to publications may no longer be valid. Wherever there is a reference to a statute or rule, please check carefully whether the statute or rule in force at the date of publication of the advice has since been amended.

Office of Patent Training (OPT) - Training Materials

These computer-based training (CBT) modules are used in the training of entry-level patent examiners and are made available here for use by the general public.  Note that course content applies to patent applications filed under the America Invents Act of 2011.


Some contents linked to on this page require a plug-in for PDF and PPT files

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