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PAIR FAQ - Out of Scope

Corrections That Are NOT Permitted

This screen may NOT be used to change data that is shown in the application's written record. This screen is a mechanism to notify the Office of data entry errors, not a mechanism to correct information that was provided by applicants. For example:

  • addition of an inventor who has not been named in the application papers (executed declaration) or deletion of an inventor named in the application papers (the applicant must submit a request under 37 CFR 1.48 and the appropriate fee);
  • title changes must be made by way of an amendment to the application;
  • assignment changes should be submitted to the Office's Assignment Branch;
  • requests to change the filing date of an application cannot be made with this screen (the applicant must submit a filing date petition, see the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Sections 506.02 and 513 for further information);
  • errors in the correspondence address must be corrected by a change request to the customer number;
  • addition or changes to continuity or foreign priority data (the applicant must submit an amendment, new application data sheet or new declaration);
  • changes to applications that are abandoned, allowed and the issue fee paid, or patented cannot be made with this screen;
  • changes to applications already published, as the data reflected in the patent application publication will not be changed if a change is made to the Office’s electronic records (e.g., PALM) (applicant must submit the fully amended application as a Pre-Grant Publication submission via the Electronic Filing System).
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