Response 2012 Iati

Invention Promoter's Name: InventHelp

Complainant's Name: Betty Iati

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Mail Stop 24
Commissioner for Patents
Office of Independent Inventor Programs
P.O. Box 1450
Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

Re: Reply to Complaint of Betty Iati dated April 24, 2012

Dear Madam;

In accordance with the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999, we are responding to the complaint of Betty Iati, dated April 24, 2012, which was attached to your letter dated July 10, 2012.

This complaint is unjustified and lacks any merit whatsoever. Ms. Iati claims that while watching television she was surprised to see a date rape kit being advertised, which she contends is the same as her invention which she submitted in InventHelp in 2006. Ms. Iati asserts that she retained InventHelp to do a patent search and that its conclusion was that there is no such product as this on the market at that time.

Ms. Iati's assertion is incorrect on two counts. First, InventHelp did not do a patent search, but referred her to an independent patent attorney who performed the search. Second, the patent attorney in his patent search and opinion indicated that there were other patents which appeared similar, or at least relevant to the functional and/or design features of Ms. Iati's invention.

InventHelp submits inventions to industry in an attempt to obtain a good faith review. Ms. Iati was told that InventHelp does not evaluate inventions and is not responsible for the existence of similar products which may be on the market or which may be introduced at a later time. We understand the discovery of similar products can be frustrating. We did look into the product Ms. Iati saw on television and found it to be not only physically different from hers, it did not even perform the same function.

We provided the service which Ms. Iati contracted for and while we believe her complaint is baseless, we have been trying in good faith to resolve this matter with her. Ms. Iati stated that she is unwilling to do so.

Very Truly Yours,

/s/Nora H. Miller
Nora H. Miller
Compliance Director