Compliant: July 2012 Wtorkiewicz



Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison

Invention Promoter's Address: RIDC Park 595 Alpha Drive Pittsburgh PA. 15238-2911

Complainant's Name: Valentine Wtorkiewicz, Jr.

Complainant's Address: 267 Alice Road Acme, PA. 15610

Customer's Name: Valentine Wtorkiewicz, Jr.


Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: The Complete Deer Calling System.

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: To contact up to 3 major hunting companies to do a full presentation of my call system.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter:

I paid Davison over $6000.00 dollars to design a small box for my call to make it look professional when presenting it to corporations they also agreed to do a full presentation to 3 major companies that produce hunting calls. That's what I really paid them to do, market my call system. After a year ½ they couldn't even get my call into one company let alone three. It took so long I had to re-file my provisional patent and now I'm filling my utility patent on my own. They lied to me over and over until I got an attorney involved just to get me out of our agreement with Davison. They wouldn't do anything for me and yet they wouldn't let me out of the agreement in hopes to salvage my call and market my call on my own. They been caught before I hope this time employees from Davison will serve jail time then maybe it will end.

Signed: /s/Valentine Wtorkiewicz, Jr. Date: January 9, 2012