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In accordance with a White House executive action call to strengthen our patent system and foster innovation, the USPTO is expanding its Patent Examiner Technical Training Program (PETTP). The USPTO is requesting voluntary assistance from technologists, scientists, engineers, and other experts from industry and academia to participate as guest lecturers and provide technical training and expertise to patent examiners regarding the state of the art.

Guest lecturers will have relevant, historic and current technical knowledge, including industry practices/standards in technological areas of interest. Guest lecturers must also have relevant technical knowledge, as well as familiarity with prior art and industry practices/standards in areas of technologies where such lectures would be beneficial.

Guest lecturers have the option of presenting a lecture in-person or virtually from their own location. In-person presentations can be made at our Alexandria, Virginia headquarters or at one of our satellite offices in Detroit, Michigan and Denver, Colorado. Training delivered at each location will be broadcast to patent examiners across the entire USPTO.

PETTP is not intended as an opportunity for applicants to discuss pending applications with USPTO employees or to circumvent normal communication between applicants or applicants' representatives and USPTO employees. In addition, PETTP participants are not to provide advice or recommendations to the USPTO. The PETTP is envisioned only as an opportunity to provide patent examiners with necessary training from scientists and experts working directly in the various technologies throughout the USPTO.

For more information you may contact: (link sends e-mail)

or view our brochure: Volunteer - Share Your Expertise with Patent Examiners for PETTP contacts within the Tech Centers

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PETTP Technology Fairs

PETTP is now seeking presenters for several Technology Center Tech Fairs.  If you are interested in participating as a guest presenter, please submit an interest form.   Scheduled Tech Fair dates for each Technology Center are provided below.

Technology Center

Technology Description



Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry

June 10 and 11


Chemical and Materials Engineering

July 7


Computer Architecture and Software

July 15


Networking, Multiplexing, Cable, and Security

June 16



Aug 3-4


Semiconductors, Memory, Optics, Photocopying, Electrical Circuits & Systems, Printing, Measuring & Testing

June 9



April 14


Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, and National Security

May 18-22


Mechanical Technologies

July 14

Medical Device Customer Partnership & Tech Fair

June 2 & 3

Gaming Technologies

August 12

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Operating Procedures for Interested PETTP Participants

Policy Requests to participate in the PETTP are granted depending upon resources, training time available, and appropriateness of the topic suggested. For granted requests, audience size will vary.

View the Standard Operating Procedures for Interested Patent Examiner Technical Training Program Participants.

Invited Speaker Conflict of Interest Policy Statement

Prior to giving a presentation, all PETTP participants must sign the USPTO's Invited Speaker Conflict of Interest Policy Statement. In addition, PETTP presentations are sometimes recorded and made available to employees for viewing or listening at a later time.

View the Invited Speaker Conflict of Interest Policy Statement.

Federal Register Notice

View the September 15, 2010 Federal Register notice (link is external) for the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program.

The Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-579)

View the Privacy Act Statement for information in connection with the submission of your request to participate in the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program.


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Sign Up Now

Sign Up Now to participate in PETTP.

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Thank you PETTP Vounteers!

The USPTO would like to thank the following organizations and their representatives who have participated in the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program. Their contributions ensure that patent examiners keep pace with the latest advancements in the state of the art across all disciplines. Their contributions also serve as a keen reminder that, by working together, we can build a stronger intellectual property system.

Thank you to those who participated in the inaugural USPTO Tech Week which took place December 1-5, 2014.

USPTO Tech Week 2014 - Companies and Presenter(s)

Acushnet Company - Steven Aoyama, Randy Chang, Brian Comeau, Charles Golden, Michael Sullivan 
Baker Hughes - Timothy Donoughue
CorMatrix Cardiovascular, Inc. - Dr. Robert Matheny
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. - Bruce Green 
Google - Dan Sanderson
iRobot -Tonya Drake, Michael Halloran 
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Dr. Roshni Chintalapati, Dr. Eric Swayze
NASA - Ray Taylor
Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council (NAIPEC) - David Petite 
Novartis Pharmaceuticals - Dr. Mary Laughlin 
Qualcomm - Roy Howard Davis, Gavin Horn, Damanjit Singh, Yongbin Wei, George Whitten, Sameer Vermani 
Ricoh Company, Ltd. - Tomoko Suzuki
Seiko Epson - Toshihisa Saruta
Sun Chemical Corporation - Dr. Steve Postle 
Trading Technologies International, Inc. - Joe Flerlage, Leo Murphy, Scott Singer 
Vcodex Limited -Iain Richardson 
Verizon - Michael Ruffini
John Drach 
J. Jane Shyeh


Companies and Speakers - 2014

3D Systems - Clifford "Buddy" Byrum
Aisan Industry Co., Ltd. - Ryota Fukumoto
Ambri - Donald R. Sadoway
Autodesk - Jesse Harrington Au
Award Solution - Charles Derrick, Dr. Nishith Tripathi
Banner & Witcoff, Ltd - Erik S. Maurer
Baylor College of Medicine - Erez Lieberman Aiden
Bell Laboratories - Sebastian Randel
Boeing Company - Brett Lyons
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard - Feng Zhang, Ph.D, Nir Hacohen
Broadcom - Nihar Jindal
Cameron - Manish Vyas
Canady & Lortz, LLP - Suzannah Sundby
Canon. Inc - Katsushi Sunagawa, Yasuhiro Hayashi
Caribou Bioscience Inc - Rachel Haurwitz, Andrew May
Cellular Research, Inc - Dr. Stephen P.A. Fodor
Check Point - Mike Barkett, Jae Kim, Tim Otis
Cisco System - Keith Griffin, Hugh Barrass
Cree Inc - John Edmond
Crowd Flower - Chris Van Pelt
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. - Toru Maeda
Deep Space Industries - David Gump
Design IP - Damon Neagle
Dolby Laboratories Inc. - Peng Yin; Ajit Ninan; John Carpenter, Gopal Erinjippurath
Dr. Esmael Dinan - Dr. Esmael Dinan
EOS of North America, Inc. - Electro Optical Systems - Andrew Lucibello
Express Scripts - David Tomala, Charlie Eller, Jacob Cedergreen, Robert Nease, Jr, Randy Canis
Federal Employee Defense Services - Sam Swoyer
Finnegan, LLP - Elizabeth Ferrill
Garmin International, Inc. -Sam Korte
GE Transportation - Dr. Pradheepram Ottikkutti, Matthew Malone, Omowoleola (Wole) Akinyemi
Genentech, Inc - Paul Naik - Thomas M. Isaacson
Google - Mike Tsao, Kevin Moore, Mike Pinkerton, Trevor Strohman, Martin Zinkevich
Google - Boyd Fowler
GS Yuasa International, Ltd. - Masaaki Shiomi, K. Yorimitsu, Osamu Kobayashi
Hewlett-Packard Company - Chris Ferguson, Marcia Chang, Walt Karnstein
Honda - Yuichiro Kawamura
Immersion Corp - David Birnbaum, Stephen Rank, Juan Manuel Cruz Hernandez
Isis Pharmaceuticals - Jeffery Tung
John Deere Company - Stephen "Mike" Patton
Knobbe Martens - Joseph Mallon
Korean Intellectural Policy Office - Jihoon Kim, PhD
LG Display Research Center - SooYoung Yoon, J. Kenneth Oh
LG Electronics - Byoung-Hoon Kim
Lincoln Electric - Kevin Dunn, Sarah Evans, Tony Aditjandra
Lippincott IP LLC - Flann Lippincott
MarkLogic - Sara Mazer, Mark Ferneau
Mars Global Chocolate - Colleen Kramer, Dr. John P. Munafo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Feng Zhang
MauroNewMedia - Charles Mauro
Microsoft - Micah Goldsmith, Jeremy Snodgrass
Morrison & Foerster LLP - Michael A. Jacobs
National Cable Telcom Assoc - Matt Tooley
Naval Research Laboratory - Richard W. Fonda
NIKE Inc - Martha Moore,Katie Maksym, Rachael Brown
NIST - Vladmir Aksyuk
NVIDIA - Steven Molnar
Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, LLP - Chris Bullard
Oppedahl Patent Law Firm, LLC - Margaret Polson
Pelican Imaging Corporation - Kartik Venkataraman
Price Heneveld LLP - Michael Hages
Purdue University - Rakesh Agrawal, Ganesan N. Narsimhan
Qualcomm Inc. - Seyfullah Halit Oguz, Ph.D (TC2400); John Hong
Rambus Inc - Ely Tsern
Restek Corporation - Thomas Kane
Saidman Design Law Group - George Raynal
Samsung Display/Display Research Center - Ki Nyeng Kang
Samsung Electronics Digital Solution, System LSI - Eunyoung Lee, Dr. Yong Jin Cho, Nyeongkyu Kwon
Samsung Electronics, Digital Solution, Semiconductor Reasearch and Development - Kyehoon Lee, Younghyun Kim
Samsung Information Systems America - Jianzhong Zhang
Schrodinger - Dr Woody Sherman (TC1600, Detroit); Osamu Kobayashi
SDL - Abdessamad Echihabi, Kevin Knight
SEIKO EPSON Corporation - Toshihiko Kano, Norito Ito
SK Hynix Inc. - Jae Jin Lee, Kyung Hyun Min
Sterne Kessler - Mark Rygiel
Stratasys - Paul Hopkins
Sughrue Mion, PLLC - Fadi N. Kiblawi, Doug E. Agopsowicz, Doug E. Agopsowicz, Christopher J. Bezak, S. Stuart Lee, Ashraf A. Zahr
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP - Linda Saltiel
TE Subsea Communications, LLC - Neal Bergano
Tesla Motors - Scott Kohn
Tetrad Digital Integrity - Rob Innella
The Clearing House Payments Company - Sean Reilly, Rob Hunter, Albert Wood
Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, North America, Inc. - Ryan Daniel Desautels, Takashi Kuzuya, Fuminori Mizuno, Kensuke Takechi, Paul Fanson
Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. - Dr. Tobias Funk
TSMC North America - Lie-Yea Cheng
University of New Hampshire - Virendra K. Mathur
University of Idaho - David McIlroy
University of Illinois - Dr. John A Rogers
University of Western Ontario - Peter K Rogan, Ph.D
UOP, A Honeywell Company - James Paschall
University of Texas Austin - David L. Bourell
Verizon - Glenn A. Wellbrock
Yahoo - John Chen

Inclusion on this list of specific organizations, attorneys, law firms, individuals, or corporations does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the USPTO.

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Site Experience Education (SEE) Program

The Site Experience Education program provides commercial, industrial, and academic institutions, within the continental U.S., the opportunity to voluntarily host patent examiner technical site visits.  The USPTO funds all SEE travel costs for patent examiner visits to host organizations. 

To learn more, visit the Site Experience Education (SEE) Program page.

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