Why can I only see the first page of some documents?

Web browsers can display only a limited number of file types. Some of the documents displayed by TDR are converted into PDF format in order that they might be viewed from within a web browser.

TDR requires that your PDF Reader/Browser combination be configured to open PDF documents within the browser window. This is the normal default configuration for most PDF viewer/browser combinations. When you select a document that cannot be viewed by default within a browser, TDR converts the document to PDF format, opens a new window containing "Previous" and "Next " buttons, and attempts to display the document in PDF format within this window.

However, if your PDF Reader/Browser combination is not configured to display PDF documents within a browser window, or if the particular browser being used does not contain a PDF plug-in, The browser window will be unable to display the PDF document.

In such a case, your system will open your PDF reader program and display the first page of the document within the PDF reader program.

To View the Entire Document:

To view any subsequent pages of the document use the "Next" button located on the empty browser window (the "next" button of the PDF reader program will not work in this case). Alternatively, you can download the entire document and view it locally from within the PDF reader program.

Correcting Your Browser/Viewer Configuration:

You may be able to configure your system to automatically display PDF documents from within the browser window by changing preferences in your PDF reader program, and/or your browser. Consult the documentation for your particular PDF reader program, and your particular browser. Also consult the web-sites listed below under the heading "More Information."

The PDF plug-in may not work with your particular browser, or may not be installed in your browser's plug-in directory/folder. The PDF reader program does not automatically install the plug-in into every browser on your system. You may have to manually copy the plug-in from the PDF reader's "browser" directory/folder, and drop or drag it into your browser's plug-in directory. Consult the documentation for your particular browser. The plug-in may not work with your browser. In such a case, there may be a third-party plug-in available for your particular browser. An Internet web-search would likely turn up any available third-party plug-in.

Be sure you are using the latest version of your chosen PDF reader, For example, Apple Macintosh Safari users will find that the Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 PDF plug-in does not work with Safari, however, version 7.0 does work.

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USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (02FEB2005)