How do I - view Maintenance Fees?

Maintenance Fee data is available Monday - Friday from 5:30 AM to Midnight E.T. and Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM E.T. Information about maintenance fees may also be obtained through PAIR. Patentees and members of the public viewing this data should double check the information with the Maintenance Fee Division, before, for example, assuming that 'no fees to pay' means that all of the fees have been paid. Such a message may also appear if the period for payment of maintenance fee has expired and the patent has now expired.

Maintenance Fees - Retrieve fees to pay provides information about unpaid maintenance fees and allows you to make your payment online by credit card, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or deposit account.

Maintenance Fees - View payment windows provides information regarding maintenance fee due dates.

Maintenance Statement - View ... year payment window provides information regarding maintenance fees previously paid for the payment year selected. When trying to view a statement, if the error message "no fees pending on finance" appears, the fee has not yet been paid . Use the Maintenance Fees – View payment windows search option to display the dates for the most recently due maintenance fee.  If the most recent fee due has not been paid and the 'payment window closing date' has past, the patent is considered expired as of that 'closing date' , with the exception of certain cases where a petition has been filed ( recorded in the File History / Transaction History).   If a petition has been filed and 'granted' , the patent remains in tact but the maintenance fee statement will not be viewable because the fee was paid with the petition fee. Please refer to USPTO Office of Finance On-Line Shopping Page for further information.

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (12DEC2006)