How do I associate my applications with my customer number?

Download the Customer Number Update Template and after filling out the MS Excel spreadsheet, save it on a USB Memory Stick or CD and mail it to the Patent EBC at

Mail Stop EBC
P.O. Box 1450
Alexandria VA 22313

Using the spreadsheet to change the correspondence address and/or maintenance fee address on applications is a legal record of change. This spreadsheet MUST be accompanied by a cover letter signed by someone who, for each application or patent listed on the attached spreadsheet, is either: (1) the Pro Se applicant definition in new window, or the Sole Inventor, where there is not registered Patent Attorney or Agent of Record, or (2) an Attorney or Agent of Record.

Note, however, a practitioner is not necessarily of record in an application when the practitioner is associated with a customer number and the customer number is associated with an application. A practitioner is only of record in an application when the power of attorney is given to the practitioner or to a list of practitioners associated with a customer number (and the practitioner is associated with the customer number).

see Glossary definitions for:

Attorney definition in new window
Agent definition in new window
Customer Number definition in new window
Practitionerdefinition in new window
Pro Sedefinition in new window

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (12DEC2006)