What are some benefits of using the new Portal Private PAIR application?

Some major new features not deployed in the legacy version of Private PAIR include receipt of e-Office Action e-mail notifications, real-time self-administration of Attorney Docket Numbers and Customer Number correspondence contact information. Portal Private PAIR also enables several new features which save both the Office and our Customers time and money by moving forward with several paperless initiatives. These include receipt of e-Office Action e-mail notifications; download of XML formatted text files for bibliographic data for individual applications, lists of applications with status changes and lists of recent outgoing correspondence documents. When Customers ‘opt-in’ to receive e-mail notifications for new Office Actions, they will no longer receive paper copies of correspondence by postal mail from most USPTO offices. Office Actions and reference documents will be available for viewing and download from within the portal version of Private PAIR.

USPTO FAQ - Questions and Answers (07DEC2007)