Patent Peer Review Pilot
p110peer005 Who can I contact if I have additional questions and/or concerns related to the pilot program?
p110peer007 Who can I send suggestions/comments related to the pilot program?
p110peer001 What is the mailing address for the pilot?
p110peer006 What are the mailing addresses for any Peer Review related communications?
p120peer011 Can pilot applicants submit comments?

p120peer008 Is the application treated as an Accelerated Examination application?

p120peer010 How many applications can one person or company volunteer for this pilot?
p120peer020 Will comments related to non-prior art issues be permitted (e.g., comments regarding non-statutory subject matter)?
p120peer021 How many documents will be submitted?

p120peer002 Does the application have to be published?
p120peer003 What if the application is not published?

p120peer004 How are Applications and/or Applicants chosen to participate in the pilot program (requirements, pre-requisites, etc.)?
p120peer012 Are applications from all technologies eligible to participate?
p120peer013 Are reissue applications and reexamination applications eligible to participate?
p120peer014 Are PCT applications eligible?

p220peer009 I have already filed for Accelerated Examination in my application; can I also volunteer this application for the Peer-to-Patent pilot?

p220peer015 What happens after the submission of the prior art to the USPTO?
p220peer030 What effect/impact will the pilot program have on applications/applicants that chose not to participate in the pilot program?
p220peer031 How is the patent prosecution process different for participants in the pilot program?
p220peer017 How are reviewers/members of the public chosen to participate in the pilot program (requirements, pre-requisites, etc.)?
p220peer018 Does the submission have to be served upon applicant as in a Rule 1.99 submission?
p220peer022 What if an application is accepted in the program and a submission comes in from someone other than the Peer-to-Patent organization?

p227peer024 Will my application be advanced out of turn?
p227peer023 How long after Pre-Grant Publication does the Peer-to-Patent website have to file a submission?

p245peer019 Does the Peer-to-Patent organization or Applicant file the submission with the USPTO?
p245peer025 I want to participate in the pilot. How do I file a request for early Pre-Grant Publication for an application previously filed or filed during the pilot period?
p245peer026 Should foreign references be accompanied with full English translation?
p245peer028 Do I have to send the USPTO an email notification of my intent to file the consent to verify TC 2100 classification?
p245peer029 Do I have to send the USPTO an email notification of the filing of the consent?

p350peer016 How do I opt out - exit from the pilot program after I join in (both before and after prosecution begins)?
p320peer027 What if my consent is initially denied?

p480peer032 Is there a fee to participate?

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