PDX - Priority Document Exchange
  p120pdx001 What is “PDX”?
p120pdx012 Is there a limit on how many priority documents I can retrieve for a single application?
p120pdx013 Are there any other restrictions or limits on the PDX program?
p220pdx002 How does PDX work?
p220pdx003 Can PDX also be used to provide certified copies of US applications as-filed to the EPO or other participating Office?
p220pdx007 If my US application claims priority to a European patent application, will I also have to file with the USPTO a paper copy of the priority document claimed?
p220pdx008 Is there any consequence if I were to submit the priority document in paper AND request its electronic retrieval?

p227pdx004 How can I tell whether the requested priority document has been successfully retrieved?
p227pdx005 How soon after I file a request for retrieval of a priority document from the participating office (EPO, JPO, or KIPO) should I see the image in PAIR[link] definition - PAIR?
p227pdx019 How will I know that my request (PTO/SB/38) and/or authorization (PTO/SB/39) have been received by the USPTO?
p227pdx020 Who can sign form PTO/SB/39?
p242pdx011 Is retrieval of my priority document from the participating office automatic? If not, what do I have to do to arrange for its retrieval?
p242pdx015 May I retrieve a copy of an EPO, JPO, or KIPO priority document for placement in a U.S. application if priority to that EPO, JPO, or KIPO application is not claimed in the U.S. application (for example, if the EPO application is cited as relevant prior art)?
p242pdx014 Will the copy of the priority document retrieved from the EPO, JPO, or KIPO be certified?
p242pdx016 May I print and re-use the priority document retrieved from the EPO, JPO, or KIPO to meet my 37 CFR 1.55 requirements in another application?
p242pdx018 What if my US or European patent application contains a sequence listing CRF[link] definition - CRF ?
p480pdx009 Does the USPTO impose any charge for electronic retrieval or electronic transmission of the priority document?
p480pdx010 Is there any change to the fees charged by the USPTO’s Office of Patent and Trademark Copy Sales for preparing a paper (or CD) priority document?

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