What is PAIR?
Is a tutorial available to learn how to use Public PAIR?
How do I - obtain Technical Support for PAIR?
What is a "Patent Term Adjustment?
What is a "Patent Term Extension?

How do I apply for a customer number?
I have my customer number, now what do I do?
How do I associate my applications with my customer number?
How do I view or change the correspondence address and list of individuals associated with my customer number?



How do I - search by Application Number?
How do I - search by Attorney Docket Number?
How do I - search by Control Number?
How do I - search by Customer Number?
How do I - search Employee Information?
How do I - search by Patent Number?
How do I - search by Publication Number?
How do I - search to determine if there is/was a reexamination for a patent?
How can I search other parts of the USPTO web site ?


How do I - view Customer Number details?
How do I - review Image File Wrapper (Private PAIR)?
How do I - view Maintenance Fees?
How do I - view Outgoing Correspondence Notification(s)?
How do I - modify a PDF file downloaded from PAIR IFW?
How do I - display / download references?


How do I - request Data Change for Publication?

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