Edison Visiting Scholar Program

The Thomas Alva Edison Visiting Scholars Program enlists the services of distinguished academic researchers to study intellectual property (IP) issues that further the agency's mission and the public interest. Since the program introduction on Jan 18, 2012, Edison Scholars have studied ways to improve USPTO's efficiency and performance, decrease burdens on applicants, and improve patent quality and clarity, among other topics. Read more about past Edison Scholars.

New Edison Scholars

The USPTO has announced the selection of five new Edison Scholars, including three Edison Research Fellows to study issues that bear on abusive patent litigation.


The White House Task Force on High-Tech Patent Issues announced an expansion of USPTO's Edison Scholar program on June 4, 2013. This effort will bring additional academic experts to the USPTO to develop - and make available to the public - more robust data and research on patent litigation issues.

Edison Scholar Outreach

The Edison Research Scholars held a webinar to share with the public their research topics and methodologies.  The Scholars expect to continue this type of outreach going forward to engage the public and share information and ideas.

More Information

Please direct any questions to edisonscholar@uspto.gov.