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Office of Policy and International Affairs – China Team

The China Team of Policy and International Affairs consists of attorneys and staff members in Alexandria and IP attachés on the ground in China who are located in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Each team member brings extensive knowledge of and experience with China’s intellectual property (IP) system. Along with IP attachés, the USPTO China Mission in China has five local attorneys who specialize in Chinese IP law.

Working with one of the principal strategic goals of the USPTO - to improve IP rights protection and enforcement domestically and abroad, the China Team works to establish strong relationships with China’s IP agencies. As U.S. companies seek to do more business in China, it is increasingly important that USPTO effectively collaborates with the relevant national and sub-national authorities to improve the IP environment and address the significant challenges faced by companies in China.

The USPTO China Team collaborates closely with its U.S. government colleagues on a variety of China matters. For example, the USPTO is co-partner with the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in leading the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Working Group of the U.S. – China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT).  The JCCT is the main bilateral vehicle for addressing trade and investment related challenges, including those related to IPR, between the two countries. The China Team also works closely with U.S. rights holders, academics and foreign government officials to gather and assess information to effectively inform policy priorities. To assist U.S. rights holders, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises, the China Team provides information and assistance regarding challenges in China’s IP environment, including through China Road Shows which brings the China Team’s expertise to rights holders throughout the United States.

USPTO Comments to China's Patent Law Amendments

Letter from Mr. Kappos to Tian Lipu on the Proposed Amendments to the Chinese Patent Law

Commissioner Tian's letter to Mr. Kappos

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Request for Comments on Intellectual Property Enforcement in China, 76 FR 64075


China Road Shows

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