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Complaint: Ebai January 2012



Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Absolutely New Inc.

Invention Promoter’s Address: 650 Townsend Street, Suite 475, San Francisco, CA 94103

Complainant’s Name: Paul Ebai

Complainant’s Address: 957 East West Highway #39, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Customer’s Name: Paul Ebai


Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in:

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Absolutely New Inc. (ANI) offered to produce a prototype, patent my design and then market the product to licensing.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: I paid Absolutely New Inc. $23,830 for services to do just the above, but they failed to do that.  When I called their service soo, Ben Stafford all have basically told me, to go to hell.  Their attorney Tony Flores said ANI have done its job and I deserve a refund; which I think untrue.  They took my money, sent me a 3-D design and 2 monthly reports and that’s it.  Worst they stole my invention idea, even as I have a US patent for it, manufacture it and posted it “for sale” on their website.
I want my money back and $200.00 penalty against ANI, for infringement on my patent right.

Signed: /s/ Paul Ebai                                                                                Date:  9/10/11

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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