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Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium | Topics

Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium. May 30-31, University of Denver.

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Friday sessions:

The Importance of Patents and Trademarks in Starting, Building and Growing a Business
Most people understand concepts of real property and personal property, but intellectual property can be more confusing. We come into contact with intellectual property every single day, but we are rarely aware if we are misusing those pieces of IP. Businesses large and small use IP protection to create jobs and wealth. Individuals, nonprofits, and universities rely on IP protection to bring new products to market, generate much-needed income, and create a revenue stream so that additional research can be done. This session will put the IP discussion into context.

IP Inspiration: Entrepreneurs who have put their IP to work
Having seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners share stories of their successes and journeys is a powerful and meaningful way to give back to others with like-minded aspirations. In this session, each panel member will share the lessons they have learned bringing their products to life.

Networking Reception
This is a great opportunity to absorb and reflect on the information of the day in a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll be able to meet others with the same goals in mind and ask questions of the USPTO representatives.


Saturday Sessions

Learning, Lending and Coaching
This panel will educate attendees about funding and financial resources in the Denver area, particularly microfinancing. These nonprofit lending institutions help aspiring entrepreneurs launch and sustain their businesses through lending and providing  financial education and planning. Presenters include representatives from the Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institution, the Colorado Enterprise Fund, and Accion. These organizations have helped many small businesses and start-ups acquire funding when traditional financing was not an option. Loans can range from as little as $200 to up to $300,000. Learn about the philosophy of nonprofit microfinance and the services and resources offered by these institutions.

Licensing can be an option when bringing your product to the marketplace. Whether you license your product outright or as an exclusive license to a particular manufacturer, the practice can be effective under the right circumstances. This session will help you understand more about licensing and when it might be a viable option (for example, when you do not have the resources to bring a product to market on your own) and show you how to recognize the benefits but also potential pitfalls of licensing.

Marketing for Results
Up to 80 percent of an inventor or business owner’s success depends on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  At the same time, commercializing new products or starting a business today is drastically different than it was just 5 to 10 years ago. This presentation will focus on marketing best practices, the many marketing options available and there pros and cons, as well as how to leverage them to your advantage.   

Do U.S. Product Safety Laws Apply to Your New Product?
Safety regulations are designed to shield consumers from harm and ensure scientifically determined standards are adhered to, but for producers it can be a complicated task to determine which, if any, safety laws need to be followed. This presentation will help you understand different regulations and provide you with information on resources for answering your questions regarding product safety laws.

Exporting Your Products: Must-Have Information
The world is growing smaller and more connected by the hour. Even entrepreneurs just starting out should already be thinking about how and when to expand to foreign markets. The problem is that many do not understand the way IP laws change across international borders (for example, your U.S. patent will not protect you in Europe and your trademark may already be taken in China). IP protection is even more important at the international level, but it is also much more complicated. This panel will provide some basic guidelines and key points you need to know about exporting your products.

State and Local Resource Panel
We’ve brought together an all-star team of experts on local resources. These panelists, drawn from local, state, and national organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies will discuss the resources they offer in their respective fields and answer questions from the attendees.



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United States Patent and Trademark Office
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